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Get the Habit
Rugs—Special Prices for Christmas
Have gone over our stock of room-size Bugs and find we have
Just twenty-four Rugs 'ranging In size from\6x9, 7-3x10-6, 8-3x
10-6 to 9x12; Brussels, Velvets, Axmlnsters and Ingrain, every
one new this Fall and of good designs and quality. Our inventory
commences right after the Holidays and we will close out all we
can before such time if a big reduction will have any drawing
power we'll sell some Rugs in the next few days.
Arlington Axminsters
Extra, heavy Axminster Rug, In a very choice quality design,
Oriental; size 9x12 feet; quality that usually retails at
$60.00, our regular price was $48.00, ChriMinas Special..$36.90
Ardahan Axminsters
Another very choice Rug in an Oriental design, size of Rug
9x12 feet; rich dark colors; the usual price of this grade
Is $42.50, and regular price is $40.00, Christmas Special $32.05
Amsterdam Brussels
Genuine body Brussells Rug, full 9x12 feet; the very best
quality designs on the tan order, with small, choice
figures, very pretty toned border; regular selling price
Is $35.00, but the special Christmas Price will be.......$24.90
Domestic Oriental
Have one in the Domestic Oriental make, if we did not
know It could be sold for the real Oriental hand-made
article; very dark in color and designs, but exceedingly
rich; size of Rug is 9x12 feet; regular retail price of such
a Rug is $35.00; Our Christmas Special is........ ......$22.65
Amsterdam Brussels
Beat body Brussell, size 8-3x10-6; tan body shade, with
very pretty border and corner design; quality the very
beat; regular selling price $30.00. Our Christmas
S P® cl * 1 ................ ..........................$22.45
Radnor Velvet Rug
Beat grade of Radnor Velvet, tan and red body color,
extra thick pile and a rug that will stand hard usage
for many years; size 9x12 feet; regular price $30.00;
Our Christmas Special .............................. $23.60
Radnor Velvet
Same grade aa above with a slight damage one corner in
ahlpment, no particular defect,' but for that reason it
was marked $28.00;, sis# of Rtffc 9x12; Our Christmas
Special on this will I*....... ................. $2180
Smyrna Rug
Extra heavy, double-fir *d, room-size Rug; 9x12 feet; red
body color, .with au Oriental design—Just the thing for
a living room where it will have hard usage. . Regular *
Prtce $28.50; Christmas Special ............% .'1.. . . ..$22.45 V
Body Brussels
Beat Rokbury Mills green ground shade, with small de
signs—a Rug that will last for many years and keep its
color; extra heavy; regular price $28.50; Christmas
S *"*** 1 • • ...... ,.....,.,....» 21 .
Another same grade in blue.
Kordo Velvet
Three very fine Velvet Rugs, full room size, 9x12 feet; one
in tan or red and one green body color; splendid value
this at $25.00 regular price, but at our special It is
certainly litte finding money—Sale Price.............$18.70
Fahrkagen Brussels
Red body color, Grecian border in black; sample Rug, size
9x12. Any one who wants a rich red Rug can have a
big bargain. Regular price $25.00, for quick selling it
»o at ................-........... ....... . .$14.90
Empire Brussels
Two-piece Brussel Rug, extra heavy pile; full size 9x12;
splendid colors and good design; regular selling price
$25.00. As a Christmas special will go at .............$18.70
Next quality Empire Brumes, size 0x12; beautiful designs
and colors In tan and fed. Regular selling price $22.50.
For a Rug that will stand hard wear this Is one we can
recommend. Christmas Special .....................810.85
Two vei*y choice Rugs, 8-3x10-6; colors green and tan.
Regular selling price $20.00, for quick selling they will
go in the Christmas special at.......................814.05
Bedroom aise, that is 6x9; ground color dark re-1; designs
small, conservative figures. Regular selling price $10.50,
Special Christ alas Price ..............................80.85
Another like the above in tan.
Tapestry Rugs
One small figured Tapestry Rug, Site 8-3x10-6; regular sell
ing price $15.00. This Is a rug that is exceedingly well
suited for bedroom or small _ parlor. Quality unques
tioned. Special in the Christmas Sale at..............811,30
Cordova FiBre
Fibre Rug, else 9x12; colors tan and briwo. This is a re
versible Rug and would be exceptionally good for a din
ing room. Regular selling price $15.00; Christmas
Ingrain Square
All Wuol Ingrain Rug, size 3x2-2 yards; fringed on two
sides; good pattern and absolutely fast color. Regular
selling price $11.50; Chyistmus Special .................88.85
A good Ingrain Square, 3x2-2 yards; regular selling price
$7.50. A good durable Rug for a small bedroom; Regu- ,
lar selling prise $7.50; Christmas Special ...........'...84.85
C. C. Ingrain
One only 3x3 yards; fringed on two sides, reversible Rug;
suitable for bedroom. Regular selling price $8.75;
Christmas Special ............................. ....85.50
Afghan rug, Oriental
Size 8-9x7-9, extra long fringe on one end and short fringe'
on the other; colors guaranteed. This is a hand made
article of the very best wool fibre; very best Oriental
, dyes in red and black; Oriental designs; no two alike.
Regular price on this Rug is $1.25 per square foot;
Christinas Special, square, foot........'•............... 81.05
On all Oriental hand-made Rugs on hand at this time we will
allow a special discount of 20 per cent.
All small Rugs and Mats appelai discount of 25 per cent.
Attend our special sale Tonight
How a President and a King Will Pats'
the Holiday.«
President Roosevelt goes in for a
merry Christmas in the true spirit of
his Dutch ancestors. On that one day
in the year it is "business tomorrow"
with him, Secretary Loeb having order
to lay nothing before him short of an
open rebellion or a foreign invasion.
All official communications go to the
president's secretary, and the presi
dent will open nothing except person
al mail. The president observes the
religious side of Christmas, but on the
Sunday nearest the feast day. On
Christmas itself he has regard rather
for such homely joys as lie in the ma
terial aspect of the feast. From poep
o' day he is at the disposal of his
I children. Breakfast over, chaos reigns
I All save close friends are excluded.
I Ethel Roosevelt and her brothers take
j possession of the whole house. Me
chanical toys are strewn about' the
state drawing rooms and through the
j corridors. And the president himself
j heads the merry tribe bent on having
! a forenoon of fun with the tokens of
j Kris Kringle's esteem.
! On Christmas day the Roosevelts,
like all good Duteh folk, have the fam
ily dinner in the middle of the day.
of course, at 8 in the evening the ardi
tions of the White House are main
tained in the 8 o'clock banquet, to
which guests are invited formally.
But the real feast is served at 2
o'clock, when the turkey is borne on
whole, stuffed with oysters, and a
goose stuffed with potatoes Is set at
the other end of the table. This year
Senator and Mrs. Knox have supplied
both flowls from their farm near Val
le Forge. Mrs. Knox always send a
crate of Christmas good things to the
Roosevelts—home cured hams, nuts foy
the boys and the most delicate of
home-made butter. Neighbors of the
president at Oyster Bay forward mince
pies. All these gifts are used for the
children's feast, the event of the day.
This year all the children except
Archie and Quentin will be promoted
to seats at the 8 o'clock dinner, but thq
2 o'clock feast will be none the less
brilliant. Generally Admiral and Mr$.
William S. Cowles and their son. Wil
liam Sheffield Cowles, Jr., are at the
afternoon meal. Then there comes a
driver or horseback ride, with a visit
to Mrs. Cowles on the rteum trip.
The gifts the Roosevelts exchange
are stored in the library. For a weejjt
preceding Christmas the room. i$ V 'S^
Santa Claus headquarters, and the key
Is held by the faithful housekeeper,
Mrs. Leftwlch. The' key Is deliWWd
to the president on Christmas eve. and
It Is a ceremony when, accompanied
by all the family, he opens the treas
ure room on Christmas morning. This
year the gifts of Mrs. Longworth will
be sent to her home In Eighteenth
street, but she and her husband will
spend the greater part of the day In
the White House.
The king and queen of England will
spend the Yuletlde at Sandringham
and the ChriBtmas dinner will be
served with most of the traditional in
cidents. In the first week of January
the king and queên will be guests of
the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire
at Chatsworth. Several days will be
devoted to shooting and some theatri
cal performances are in preparation.
These will take the form of a bur
lesque and extravaganza, in which
Mrs. Willie James, Miss Muriel Wil
son, Lady Alington. Lord Duncannon
and probably Princess Henry of Pless
will join. In addition several variety
artists will be engaged to contribute to
the program.
At Chatsworth the old customs as
sociated with Christmas will be ob
served and the season made an occa
sion of a family reunion. The Christ
mas gifts form a gorgeous display not
soon forgotten. Not only is every
guest favored but the house staff and
the servants also are' pleasantly re
membered. The servants' hall Is cheer
ily decorated and a very jovial party of
wéll over, one hundred servants, keep
ers, stablemen, gardenerers, etc., sit
down to a dinner for workmen on the
estate. In the villages for several
miles around Chatsworth there are few
homes . that are not more or less de
pendent upon the duke for their means
of livelihood. These share in the ducal
bounty, while the poor also are able to
look forward* to a god Chistmas din
ner. The children of the villages are
Invited from each village In turn to
the great house.
Monday, December 24.
I will have a special sale at my
place fbr the benefit of the M. E.
Church fund.
Fevenl of the ladles of the 'congre
gation vylll be in the store with In
i ptructiona to cut one-third off the
j price of everything and 20 per cent of
the day's cash sales will go to the
building fund.
This is a good chance for late buy
ers to help the church work aiong.
Come In and give, it a boost.
, 418 Main Street. Porter Block
BOISE, Dec. 21.—Two Interesting re- !
ports have been compiled by the office
force of the forest service at Boise
which were forwarded today to the
department at Washington—the fire
report for the season of 1906 and the
report of free use permits granted by
the rangers on duty, to the settlers.
In making up the first report the
fires were divided Into three classes—
A, B and C. The first are Incipient
camp fires which are easily subdued
by rangers patrolling the reserves;
the second, a larger fire, extinguished
without calling for help; the third,
serious fires requiring the employment
of help outside of tho service.
In the Payette reserve there were 36
fires of class A, 7 B, and 6 C. Causes
—Lightning, 17; unknown, 10; earless
ness and camp fires, 24. The total
area burned over, 2,664 acres; estima
ted timber destroyed, 4,876.000 feet;
approximate value, $3,725; cost of la
bor In extinguishing. $713.50; supplies
to firemen, $206.67. Total cost, includ
ing value of lumber destroyed, $4,
645.17. /
In the Sawtooth reserve there were
29 fires of class A; class B, 1; class
C, 5. Causes—Lightning 10, unknown
18, carelessness and camp fires 7. To
tal area burned over, 717 acres; esti
mated timber destroyed, 125,000 feet;
approximate value, $250; cost of labor
in extinguishing, $376.25; supplies to
firemen, $115.58. Total cost, including
vhlue of timber destroyed, $741.83. All
of the serious fires were caused by
Major Fenn recomlnends that a
larger force bo maintained on patrol
duty during the season, which would
result in materially reducing the de
struction of fires, enabling the service
to get to work before much territory
became Involved.
The report commends the efficient
service given by permit holders In the
reserves In assisting to extinguish fires
and refers to the fact that since the
reserves were created the destruction
from fires has been but a small per
centage of that obtaining when there
was no systematic protection.
Nearly all of the destruction was
caused by ground fires, which were
successfully combatted by back firing.
A few crown firs occurred In lodge
pole pine and Alpine fir, In the higher
Special Correspondence.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 21.—It will be
remembered that Congresman French
Introduced a bill in the house during
the last session of congress providing
for an appropriation of $25,000 for a
fish hatchery In Idaho. He received a
favorable report on his bill from the
committee on Merchant Marine and
Fisheries, to which it was referred,
but the rush of work in congress dur
ing the last session on account of the
many important matters, prevented
the bill from being considered.
However, as this is a part of the
same session of congress, the previous
report secured by Mr. Frefich is still
before the house, and it will not be
necessary for another bill to be In
troduced or another report secured to
entitle the bill to consideration at this
session of congress. Mr. French will
make an effort to have his bill passed
soon after the holidays, and says he
has good hopes of succeeding. The
people of Idaho are greatly interested
in stocking the rivers, streams and
lakes of the state with fish, says Mr.
French, and he has received a great
many requests for fish with which to
stock these streams. In all cases they
have been secured.
Gateway Club Wi'l Meet Wednesday 1
Night at Court House.
A meeting of the Gateway club will
be held at the court house Wednesday
night, December 26, at 8 o'clock. At
this meeting a thorough discussion of
the sewer question will be had. Every {
,_ ''rr~sted one in the city is Invited, j
This meeting would have been called
for the mission church, but it la be- j
lieved that there is such an Interest :
taken in this subject, that the house j
would not hold all who may come. j
Some definite action will be taken in !
the matter, and ways and means will j
be provided to carry them out.
Make Special Trips Only.
H. E. Bundy o'f the Lewiston-Clarks- j
ten stave line, announces that he will !
e-\iy make the regular train trip and !
enswer special calls for patrons on
Christmas and New Tear's - days.
Eilers Piano
Our properties are located in the Colunabia Valley between
Wallula and Pasco—the lowest elevation of any irrigated lands in
the State of Washington and are especially adapted to raising al
falfa, vegetables, fruits of all kinds, berries, grapes and figs. They
produce the earliest berries and vegetables in the Northwest. These
properties are now abundantly watered and lands with perpetual
water rights are on sale at reasonable prices and liberal terms to
induce eariy settlers.
The new town of Attalia lies in the center of this moat
fertile district and is at the junction of three railroads, the N. P.,
the Washington & Columbia River, and the O. R. & N. Besides
these unexcelled railroad shipping facilities, the Columbia River,
lies at our door. Attalia is most beautifully situated and splendid
business opportunities are offered.
The Company will sell choice lots at very low prices to per
sons who will erect homes and business houses in this thriving,
coming town.
For detailed particulars and descriptive literature address
the food
you eat
Adds to the WMifrflnm
of all risen flour -foods,
'while it makes the food
fighter, sweeter, finer
flavored, more delicto«*»
Exercise care in pur
chasing baking powder
to see that you get Dr*
Price's, which makes the
food more wholesome
and at the same time
more palatable«
Noth—T here are many mixtures, made in imitat ion
°* ?5 od J?* kin S powders, which the prudent will
avoid. They may be known by their price, being
aold for ten to twenty-five cents a pound, or a cent
an ounce 'Hiey are made with alum, interfere with
the healthfulness of the food.
The News While it is News
»*nS!rs& ® assrsarjs
" produe« Um
TEOlTAUn ln Uu stet«, which, taken together with the fact that them
*** ***** rail r oads over which to market this produce, »»w«» it mdRh
" T P- "• •*< have the shipments arrive la Portland,
»tile- e~>v»— Tacoma and intermediate points in the «S Sl»— .
**• *Wht, means that the largest income from prod nee in
b received from th ews lands. It being possible to clear
attic, ________
in the cool of the
the Vorthwoe
from 860« to____
tho balnno# due on
ment has beer
Owing to
cores will be
od, then to
Tor farther particulars.
year; therefore with ordinary ~'Hriaa>
be earned from them after the Bret an.
.. . --------- of these lands not over m
sold to any one person at th e low figures mentioned, and
those who will pot the land tnrsxx CVimMIOI at
609-510 Marlon Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
iimoni tiiu com
er Attalia, Walla Walla Oa, '

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