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It Wilt
To examine the waists we will have
on sale tomorrow, before buy
ing elsewhere. Our show
ing of shirt waists "
Nets and
Is the swellest line in Lewiston today
$1.25, $1.40, $1.65 waists....................................98c
$1.75, $1.90, $2.00 waists.................................... $1.24
$2.25, $2.40, $2.50 waists................................... $1.48
$2.75, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00 waists ....................... $2.48
See them. They will save
you money.
Hot water
For the Bath,
Kitchen and
The Star Heater
furnishes plenty of hot water for batk
and all domestic purposes. On* thou
sand foot of gas given with even
heater. _ ^. j [ *!''*'
The price $15.00 installed.
Lewiston Gat Co.
488 Main Bt
Phone Maks 8*
- ■wBr u 'î' t> tVv, ~ .' : ;
ATTC-MD J/ - r
tfÄt business
® VQäIEGE/ pimmc
0.V n# \lew/Ston'I
' r V ^ C/-»
School Opens September 23.
Rockford riot
SPOKANE, July 6.—A special to the
Spokesman-Review from Rockford,
Wash., says:
E. S. Nance, of Freeman, lies In the
Palace hotel here tonight with a bullet
hole through his body; Walter Liver
more is badly cut about the shoulder j
and Peter Jensen, of Fairfield, is stab- |
bed in both arms. One of the Marlowe
boys of Freeman Is In Jail and others
of the warring crowd are at large.
The fight started over a livery bill.
Marshal Machette and deputies at
tempted to arrest the gang who were
retreating toward the depot, terror
izing the people of the town. They re
fused to halt and Deputy Rider shot
Nance through the back. It is thought
the wound Is fatal. A brother of
Nance escaped after threatening to
kill any one who interfered.
Twenty-five citizens, many of them
armed, surrounded the desperate man,
but he fought his way through and
escaped. Two sisters of Nance mixed
In the melee, helping their brother to
escape. One of them grabbed the mar
shal and In the struggle her face was
cut and her clothing was stripped from
her waist down.
Contractor J. A. Clarke, of the Lew
iston down-town sewer system, ar
rived in the city this afternoon and
stated he expected to resume work on
the sewer as early as next Monday.
All of the equiment necessary to the
construction work is now on the
ground and all that remains before
work is inaugurated is the gathering
of a crew of men.
Mr. Clarke is now in the city for the
purpose of securing men and expects
to have the work under way by the
first of the week.
LINCOLN, Neb., July 5.—-In ac
cordance with the requirements of the
new maximum freight rate law, the
Minneapolis and Omaha railroad to
day put into effect its new schedule
of freight rates for Nebraska, reducing
all tariffs 16 per cent.
The rates are also made to apply to
and from 8ioux City, Council Bluffs
and the Missouri valley in Iowa.
Attorney J. L. Harn left this after
noon for a business visit to Peck.
J. H. Jones left this afternoon for a
visit to the Middle Fork of the Clear
water river.
A. J. Showalter, of the Pring-Par
sons company, left today for a busi
ness trip to the prairie country.
Martin Meuli is a business visitor
today from Uniontown.
F. C. Hoeppner wire chief of the lo
cal telephone exchange, left this morn
ing for Pullman, where he will repair
damage to the exchange system by the
recent storm.
S. D. White left this morning for a
business visit to the Potlatch coun
Mrs. J. H. Jones left this morning
for a visit with relatives at Pullman.
William Dew, farmer at -Sweetwater,
was a business visit In the city this
Miss Beatrice Cochran has returned
from Livingston, Mont., and will re
sume her old position with White Bros.
St Crum. •WP
Have You Seen Them?
A 7-Piece
French Porcelain
Berry or Fruit Set
Handsomely decorated in heavy
Gold Coin border (with natural
color of strawberries in center.
This Is How You Get
You pay one dollar down and
5o cente per month until the
sum of $3 ha$ been paid—which
is the subscription price of The
Teller for six months—which en
titles you to
This Handsome Premium Free
and The Teller delivered u>
your address for six months.
This premium delivered on the
payment of
One Dollar
State House at Payette Lakes Still
Open for Business Despite Reports.
LARDO, Idaho, July 5.—Editor
Evening Teller: Notwithstanding the
article copied from the Lardo Advo
cate and published in the Lewiston
Morning Tribune of June 20 in regard
to the State House and its financial
condition we wish it known that we
are still doing business at the same
place and will be pleased at any time
to meet any of our friends and pa
trons from the Lewiston country. The
article in question is a total misrep
resentation and does an injustice to
the present managers of the hotel in
The letter was received from Louis
Baird, who, with his father, is the
lessee of the State House and owners
and managers of the stage route from
the Meadows in Washington county to
Warren. The hotel is on Payette
lakes and is one of the best known
summer resorts in Idaho. Many south
Idaho people spend their summers at
the lakes and the resort is attracting
tourists from out the state.
8plsndid Program Prepared for Meet
ing at Band 8tand Friday Evening.
Professor Baumgaertel and his effi
cient musicians have prepared an ex
cellent program for the regular con
cert at the bandsUnd in the park Fri
day evening, and in case the weather
will not permit the program will be
given next Sunday evening at o'clock.
March. "Western QirT ____Harbridge
Overture, "Emperor" .........Kiesler
Walts, "Espna" ...........Waldtenfel
Selection, "Marltana" ....... Wallace
"American Patrol'* ..........Mecham
"Ceyus Antmam," from "Stabot
Mater'' ..................Rossini
Trombone boIo by Mr. F. Haner.
Spanish serenade, "La Paloma" Tradier
Fantasia, "Dream Pictures'' ....Lumby
Medley* march, "Bonnie Jean," Snyder
Century Printing Co. Phone Blaok
801. Baeement Legitton Natl. Bank
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— I
BUGGT ROBE LOST.—A plush buggy
robe was lost on the evening of the
Fourth of July at some point on
Fourth street, Fourth avenue. Sixth
street or Main. The finder will con
fer a favor by returning it to Haw
kins & Hill, of the Riverside livery
Clarkston Citizens Report
Pleasant Outing at
Several Celebrations
population of Clarkston
Clarkston Bureau Evening Teller,
CLARKSTON. Wash., July
Most of the
has returned from the various towns
where they spent the Fourth. The ma
jority of the Clarkston people went to
Asotin, and they were well represent
ed in the sporting events that took
place yesterday, as several Clarkston
boys captured first and second prise
money in a majority of the events.
Others returned late last night and
early this morning from Waha, where
they spent the day. They report the
weather to be very cool at that place,
and if it had been a few degrees cold
er last night ice would have frosen on
the lake.
W. P. Cope, who was injured recent
ly at Asotin by falling from a scaffold
ing 16 feet high, is able to be around,
but is still very weak. He had no
bones broken, but his injuries seem
to be of an internal nature. Mr. Cope
was working on the Christian church,
now under construction at that place,
now under construction at that place,
at the time of the accident.
Clarkston Nows Notos.
Miss Mary Leonard came in from
Milievlle, Minn., this morning to visit
Mrs. John McAssey for a short time.
C. Murdock and wife and Ira Rooker
and wife, spent yesterday at Anatone.
They report a fine time, and that the
celebration was well attended. The
automobile, which was hoped to be in
readines to run for the Fourth, for
some reason was not able to run, and
the people drove up in buggies. Mr.
Murdock says that a large delegation
from Clarkston celebrated at Anatone.
Professor Morley and wife, who have
been visiting Rev. Hood for the past
three days, departed this morning for
Mrs. C. O. Butts, of Motor, Mont.,
arrived in the city to visit W. M. Van
A. E. Ransom arrived yesterday from
Sumpter, Oregon, where he has been
most of the winter.
Mrs. L. E. Bryant will leave tonight
for Elgin, Minnesota, where she ex
pects to visit for the next two months,
Miss lone Anderson will leave to
Don't You Want Them?
A Hanging Hardwood
Mission Plate Rack
and Three 9-Inch Porcelain
handsomely decorated in colors
Has four brass hooks for cups,
and a top shelf 4 1-2 inches
wide. 1
This Is How You Get
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5o cents a month until the sum
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Teller for one year—which en
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your address for one year. ([This
premium delivered on the pay
ment of v
Two Dollars
night on the Owl train. She is book.
keeper at the J. W. Billups' store.
New potatoes and new home grown
cabbage fresh every morning, r. ^
Beach Co.
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Notice for Publication.
187 «.
Lewi s
Timber Land, Act June 3,
United SUtes Land Office,
ton, Idaho, May 11, 1907.
Notice 1s hereby given that in com.
pliance with the provisions of the »-t
of congress^of June 3, 1878, entiled
"An act for' the sale of timber lana,
in the States of California. Oregon,
Nevada and Washington Territory»
M exte " ded to *» Public und
State " ** act of August 4. 1892.
of Uniontown. county of Whitman,
State of Washington, bas this li>y
filed in this office his sworn sutemna
No. 2965, for the purchase of the ». ^
ne. 14. nw. 14 ne. 14 and ne. 14 nw. \
of Section No. 19, In Township y..
92 N. Range No 3 W„ a M.. and will,
offer proof to show that the land
sought la more valuable for U* timber
or etone than for agricultural put.
poses, and to eetabllsh his claim to
said land before Register and Re
ceiver at Lewiston, Idaho on Tuesday,,
the 6th day of August. 1907.
He namee as witnesses: Bert a.
Farley of Forest Idaho; Mallory Fhr
ley of Ferest Idaho; Benjamin F.
Aytch of Forest Idaho; Clifford W.
Staples of Forest Idaho.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above-described lands ar«
requested to file their claims In this
office on or hfbre said 6th day or
August 1997.
T. H. BARTLETT. Register.
Department of the Interior, Land
Office at Lewiston. Idaho, May 4. 1147.
Notice is hereby given that
of Lapwal, Idaho, has tiled notice of
his Intention te make final five year
proof in support of his claim, via:
Homestead Entry No. 7*10. made Aug.
27. 1990. for the \j > ta 2. 9, ani 4
Sec. 1, Lots 1 and 2, See. 2, Townahly
26 N.. Range 4. W. B. M„ a»d that
-Ud proof will be made before Regia
.er and Receiver at Lewlstea. Idaka,
on June 20, 1007.
He names the following witnesses t*
prove bis continuous residence upoa
and cultivation of said land, viz:
Jerry Taylor, Thomas, D. Bartoa,
Joseph Zlver. Ira F. King, all of lap
wal, Idaho.
T. H. BARTLETT, Register
Wkly May 9 to June 1*.
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