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Member Associated Press.
Daily Except Sunday.
Phone Main 261.
Entered at the Lewiston Postofflee
as second class matter.
One week .......................$ .IS
One month .......................60
Three months .................. 1.35
Hx months ...................... Z.SO
One year ........................ 5.00
One year .......................$1.60
Six months .......................75
Four months '....................50
Forecase for Lewiston and iclnlty
tor tonight and tomorrow:
Fair tonight with light frosts;
Thursday fair.
Following data recorded at local of
fice, United States weather bureau at
3:30 o'clock this afternoon:
Maximum temperature, 68; mini
mum temperature, 41; mean tempera
ture, 54; precipitation, .00.
Official in Charge.
Nothing has been more wonderful, in
this age when electricity is working
■wonders, that the development made
in transportation by means of the in
terurban railways. They have come
at a time and to localities where the
transportation problems seemed to
have been settled and have amply
demonstrated the fact that under the
pressure of civilization we hate only
begun on the questions of supplying
adequate transportation facilities.
One of the Chicago Trlbufte's cor
respondents writes his paper about the
marvelous growth of the interurban
trolley service that has Indianapolis as
H» center. Nowhere else has the In
terurban idea been developed to such
*n extent. The trolley lines have a
great depot in Indianapolis and the
roads which run out of it tap every
corner of the state and bring passen
gers and freight from the farthest por
*tions of Indiana.
At the Indianapolis station one may
take cars for Dayton, O., on the east,
or for Fort Wayne, Ind., on, the north.
On the other tracks are cars for Mun
de, Anderson, Kokomo, Logansport
Marion, Richmond, Lafayette and other
thriving towns. By a transfer or two
one may reach Louisville, Ky., Colum
bus, O., or Cincinnati.
The people of Indianapolis give un
bounded credit to the interurban serv
ice for the growth of their city. There
are eleven interurban lines. Every
hour of the day there are ten or a
dozen cars leaving for the outlying
portions of the state. The Interurban
passenger rates are from 1 to 2 cents a
mile, and packages are carried cutting
ftito the freight and express business.
What has been true of Indianapolis
has been true in less measure of other
cities of the Middle West and the de
velopment of thi» form of traffic is Just
beginning. The far West has taken up
the trolley and finds that it meets a
very urgent need. It is easy to predict
that the Western country will be more
and more brought into communication
by means of the trolley systems. The
country with its comparatively cheap
water power is especially adapted to
the operation of Interurban roads.
Bradstreet'a reports an improved
money market and says, "Considerable
success seems to have attended the in
itiation of Secretary of the Treasury
■Cortelyou's plana for aiding the mon
ey market during the crop-moving
The secretary's plan was to add
The Light
That's Bright
Under the gllttertnw
light of the electric
lamp every thing li
wen at its beet à
poorly furnished house
becomes bright and
cheerful In appearance
With the introduction of
electric light
The dark and dingy
•tore once avoided by
•hopper* quickly chan
gw its character and
becomes a busy mart of
trade under the radiant
brilliance of Electric
Call at Electric
Light Office
$5,000,000 per weeks to the deposits In
the national banks.
What provokes the Western man is
all'this'talk about a stringency in New
York because of the needed money to
move Western crops. The impression
is carried that the West lives j?rom
hand to mouth, and never has any
money, but when it comes time to
move the crops the benevolent bankers
of New York go down In their pockets
and supply them. The truth, is that all
the bankers in the West have heavy
deposits In Chicago, New York and
other Eastern cities to draw against,
and when it comes time to move the
crops they have to draw heavily, of
course, but it Is their own money they
are drawing.
Supposing a mining company should
have $150,000 on deposit in a local
bank, that it should decide: to build
a mill to cost $100,000, how would It
sound for that bank to have the news
papers announce that there was a
stringency of money in the bank sim
ply because it was helping a mining
company build a mill?
There would be Just as much sense
in It and Just as much honesty In It
as there Is for New York to tell that
It Is hard up for money because It has
had to put out so much to move West
ern crops.—Salt Lake Telegram.
The School ma'am$ are especially
pleaSed to See School begin.
• • •
The enforcement of the death penal
ty for grafters would make fat grave
• • •
Artist Earle's wife says she is happy
and he will soon be happy. So what's
the odds.
• • *
Many a man who is making a stren
uous protest about importing foreign
labor arrived in the country himself
via Castle Garden and still rolls the
brogue on his tongue.
• • •
In being stricken blind Mrs. Cassie
Chadwick is following in the habits of
all of her victims.
• • •
A Missouri man who started to write
a love letter to another man's wife whs
surprised by the husband who after
editing the letter wrote the postscript
with a shot gun.
♦ September 18. ♦
♦ « ♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦
1638—John Harvatd, founder of Har
vard college, died. Bom 1607.
1675—Bloody Brook massacre at Deer
field, Mass.
1710—Expedition against the French
sailed from Boston for Port Royal.
1714—George I. landed in England.
1747—Marquis de Beauharnals ended
his 21-year term as governor of
1759—Quebec capitulated to the Brit
1777—Continental congress left Phila
delphia on the approach of the
1793—George Washington laid the
cornerstone of the national capitol
at Washington. '
1838—Anti-Corn Law league formed at
Manchester, England.
1850—President FlHmore signed the
fugitive slave law.
1857—Massacre at Mountain Meadow,
1861— New Orleans bank« suspended
specie payment«
1862— Gen. J. K. F. Mansfield killed at
Antietam. Bom tn Connecticut,
Dec. 22, 1803.
1868—Revolution in Spain commenced.
1873—Financial panic precipitated by
the suspension of Jay Cooke & Co.
♦ Beekman Winthrop. ♦
Beekman Winthrop, who some time
ago relinquished the post of governor
Spend a week at
Green River
Hot Springs
in the heart of the Cascade Range
Natural hot springs—of proven medical value for many
ailments—1,532 fest above sea level—excellent hotel accom
Tourists on the coast will enjoy two or thrss days, at
least, hers. *# • .f ' t*. f ' * ] ii Cl
For full information writs Dr. J. 8. Kloeber, proprietor,
Green River Hot Springs, Wash. R*
W. J. JORDAN, General Agent, Lewiston, Idaho.
Northern Pacific Railway
Portland, Oregon. *
of Porto Rico to become assistant sec
retary of the treasury, was born in
Orange, N. J., Sept. 18, 1874, and is a
graduate of Harvard.
Several years ago Mr. Winthrop
went to the Philippines to be secre
tary to William H. Taft, who was
gpvemor of the islands at that time.
He made a fine record there for effi
ciency. Later he served for a time as
Judge of the court of first instance in
the Philippines. In this capacity he
was exceedingly popular with the
Americans and natives alike, whose
confidence and respect he completely
In 1904 he returned to the United
States to accept the post of governor
of Porto Rico, which place he, held
nearly three years. Mr. Winthrop is
a direct descendant of Governor John
Winthrop of Massachusetts.
Music Lovers Prepare to Enjoy Pro
gram by the Matters.
Lewiston people are preparing to en
joy the rich musical treat that is in
store for them at the coming of the
celebrated artists that are booked to
appear here on the 27th at the opera
house. Bernstein, Glasovsky and Deis
sel are name to conjure with In the
realm of modem music and the ad
vantage of listening to them all at one
sitting is not to be overlooked.
For the encouragement of the move
ment inaugurated by Miss Horner the
ladles of Lewiston from'musical circles
have consented to act as patronesses
for the occasion. The following llstjs
named today:
Mrs. J. P. Vollmer, Mrs. W. P. Hurl
but, Mrs. C. E. Montelth, Mrs. fï. K.
Barnett, Mrs. Arthur Clark, Mrs. Wal
ter Seeley, Mrs. W. F. Kettenbach, Mrs.
Arthur Stacey, Mrs. H. W. Newtfen,
Mrs. Dr. Hurlbut, Mrs. Dr. Phillips,
Mrs. Frank Thompson, Mrs. Dr. Morris,
Mrs. Dr. Shaff, Mrs. George H. Black,
Mrs, J. M. Fix, Mrs. O. A. KJos, Mrs.
S. Salsberg, Mrs. F. M. Hinkly, Mrs.
E. H. Libby, Mrs. B. T. Schermerhorn,
Mrs. Dr. Hinkley, Mrs. James Babb.
Mrs. Frank Kettenbach, Mrs. E. W.
Eaves, Mrs. F. J. Boston, Mrs. Leslie
Thompson, Mrs. W. C. Mallory, Mrs.
E. O'Neill, Miss Aurelia Henry, Miss
Bessie Eggeman, Miss Eveline Butler.
In a contest case before the register
of the local land office today, Wm.
Dwyer Is the contestant and Mrs.
Grace Ford Rogers the contestée. The
grounds on which the case is brought
n insufficient residence and abandon
ment of claim. Morgan & Morgan, of
Moscow are the attorneys for Mr.
Dwyer, and P. E. Stookey the attorney
for the contestée.
♦ We have opened our shop at 666 -»
♦ Main street, next door to the Busy ♦
♦ Bee, and are ready again'to do all ♦
♦ kinds of repairing. Will be glad ♦
•- to have you call and see us. ♦
♦ V. A. Bilderback, Prop. ■»
There is more Catarrh in this sec
tion of tne country than all other dis
eases put together, and until the last
few years was supposed to be incur
able. For a great many years doctors
pronounced it a local disease and pre
scribed local remedies, ^nd by con
stantly falling to cure with local treat
ment, pronounced It incurable. Science
has proven catarrh to be a constitu
tional disease and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Halls Ca
tarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is the
only constitutional cure on the mar
ket. It Is taken Internally In doses
from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It acts
directly on the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system. They offer one
hundred dollars for any case it falls to
cure. Send for circulars and testi
Address: F. J. CHENEY & CO.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for consti
Your Attention,
They have arrived 1 A large con
signment of the justly cslebra
ted Gsrthsrtt Brand of Work
ing Clothing and Gloves. Mads
in an honorable way. A little
better than all other brands and
sold on their merit. Worn by
honorable men. We invito your
* r n to
for Mçi
Watson Clothing
Company ,
Than a
Bank Account
That Is better than a surplus
lying Idle In the bank. A 6
to 10 acre tract on Clarkston
Heights will enhance in value
10 to 20 per cent yearly. An
orchard or vineyard well cared
for will earn-an average of
$200 to $500 per acre, year
after, year for many years.
Pressure water service on
every tract. Many of the
tracts on Clarkston Heights
are In the most sightly, pic
turesque, beautiful location In
the valley, by many thought
the most beautiful home sites
In the northwest.
Take a trip with lis In the
automobile through the or
chards and over the scenic
Lewiston, Idaho, and Clarks
ton, Washington.
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
' # ♦
Ladie's and Gent's *
Baldeck & Ransburg *
153-154 ♦

Means Block
Records in Probate Court 8how Ad
vance of Transactions.
That the business of the probate
court of Nez Perce county is rapidly
growing is shown by the records of
that office, which disclose the fa at that
since January 11, 1905, there has been
filed 887 documents.
This is about twice the number of
filings that were made from October
8, 1884. to January 11, 1805, covering
a period of 21 years. The records
show that the business of the entire 21
years amounted to but 495 filings.
This is a large increase and indicates
that the county is rapidly developing.
It means that a vast amount of clerical
work must be done ^glly to keep cor
rect and intelligent the records of the
Field Representative Manning Left
Today to Visit Oroflno.
Major G. A. Manning, field represen
tative of the Lewtaton-Clarkston fair
for Ne* Perce county, left this after
noon for Oroflno* where he will visit
the fair now being conducted there.
Major Manning will meet with the
exhibitors and urge that a largo ex
hi.blt from that section be brought to
the Lew iston - Clarks ton exhibition.
Secretary Newton is now In Walla
Walla In the interests of the fair and
attending he carnival being conducted
there. ,
Now open, The Kettenbach, finest.
furnished rooms in the city. New fur-!
niture, steam, gas, electricy; hot wa-l
ter in every room; porcelain baths.
Main street. Phone Red 41.
Century Printing Co. Phono Blaok
001. Basement Lswisto«- N*K Ben*
He names the following witnesses ^
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, Land Office
at Lewiston, Idaho, Sept. 6, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that Aaron
F. Westling, of Waha, Idaho, baa filed
notice of his Intention to make final
five year proof in support of his claim,
viz: Homestead Entry No. 9347, made
August 22, 1902, for the W 1-2 SW
1-4, SW 1-4 NW 1-4. Section 35, and
SE 1-4 NE 1-4, Section 34, Township
33 N., Range 4 W., B. M., and that
said proof will' be made before Regis
ter and Receiver, at Lewiston, Idaho,
on October 16, 1907.
to prove his continuous residence up
on, and cultivation of, the-land, vis:
Adolph Westling, Frank Williams,
Marvin C. Williams, Bryant Crews, all
of Waha, Idaho.
T. H. BARTLETT, Register.
Daily Sept. 7-Oct. 16.
— — me m.»w„.g witnesses
to prove her continuous residence up
on, and cultivation of, the land, vis:
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, Land Office
at Lewiston, Idaho, August 12, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that Carrie
Void, widow of Ole Void, of Webb,
Idaho, has filed notice of her Intention
to make final five-year proof .in sup
port of her claim, viz Homestead En
try No. 9371, made September 10, 1902,
for the SE 1-4 NE 1 •*, N 1-2 SE 1-4,
and SW 1-4 SE 1-4, Section 9. Town
ship 34 N., Range 4 W., B. M., and that
said proof will be made before Register
and Receiver, at Lewiston, Idaho, on
November 7, 1907. .
She names the following witnesses
David J. Wyatt, Ole Eide, Charles
■ C. Miles, Joshua. G. Marquis, all of
Webb, Idaho.
T. H. BARTLETT, Receiver.
Dally Sept. 7-Nov. 7. .,
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, Larid Office
at Lewiston, Idaho, August 12, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that Ole Eide,
of Webb, Idaho, has filed notice of hf6
intention to make final five-year proof
in support of his .claim, viz: Home
stead Entry No. 8687. made October
kw w f °y h T e Vn'l NE 1 ' 4 ; SE 1 - 4
NW 1-4, and LoflO, Section 3, Town
ship 34 N.. Range 4 W., B. M„ and
thàt said proof will be made before
Register and Receiver, at Lewiston.
Idaho, on November 7. 1907.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon,
and cultivation of, the land, viz:
Philmon V. Crawford, Charles C.
Miles, Joshua G. Marquis, Isaac H.
Malone, all of Webb, Idaho.
T. H. BARTLETT, Register.
Dally Sept. 7-Nov. 7.
Notios for Publication.
Department of the Interior, Land Of
lce at Lewiston, Idaho, September 8,
Notice is hereby given that La Fa
yette Mounce of Forest, Idaho, has
filed notice of his lntdntlon to make
final five year proof In support of hls
claim, viz.: Homestead Entry No.
12,401, made Sept. 3, 1907, for the swt
K Section 2, Township 32 N., Range 4
W., B. M., and that said proof will be
made before Register and Receiver, At
Lewiston, Idaho, on October 21, 1907.
He names the following witnesses to
prove hls continuous residence upcnfl
and cultivation of the land, via.:
Bryant Crews, Henry L. Benton,
Isaac Des Champs, Noel Mundon, all of
Forest, Idaho.
Notice foe Publication, y
Department of the Interior, Land Of
fice at Lewiston, Idaho, September 3,
Notice is hereby given that Isaac
Mounce of Lewiston, Idaho, has filed
notice of hls intention to make final
commutation proof in support of his
claim, viz. : Homestead Entry No.
12898, made Sept. 3, 1907, for'the NE
% NE % Sec. 10, E H SE 14, and SE I
14 NE 14 Section 3, Township 33 N., I
range 4 W., B. M., and that said proof ;
will be made before Register and Re
ceiver at Lewiston, Idaho, on October:
H* nam«« »»,* * n « . I
Drl u cn!. following witnesses to,
prove his continuous residence upon. I
"*,gyr, »'• «»* ■"* ;
Gsorae B. Clark, Owen 8 . Mounce,
Guy Mounce, Wayne Mounce, all of
Lewiston, Idaho.
, * Register.
___Daily Sept. 4-Oct. 18.
Notice of Publteation. '
Notice is hereby given that at 10 a.
m., on the 28th day of September, 1987,
at Ft Lapwai, County of Nes Perce,
State of Idahô, before C. J. McGrath,
proof will be submitted of the comple
tion of works for the diversion of 1 i-S
cubic feet per second of the waters of
Soldiers Cannon Creek, Nez Perce
County, in accordance with th** terms
and conditions of a certain permit
heretofore issued oy th
portion hoIdlV'.al!"
Jamin Cloud. 1 Perml '
1 The P^tofflce addre
ls B«o.
person or the place k
corporation is County
ess of
esa of _
Ne* p (
State of Idaho.
3. The n amber of .
2345, and the date s ,. t ." Cb Per ®lt
tionof sueh wor k <
*• Said water to h er 1107
tlon and domestic e u »ed f 0r lr , '
S. Said works of" 1 P0Se *- ***"
fully completed aiver 8i°B Wi „ ^
128{such completion ? ne d * te ««t
' Water which '«aid** **
of conducting to the place of
use, in accordance with the ^**0
companylng the application > ««■
is 1 x-3 cubi( , * ° n «or 3Uch
"• The amount o, !£ a J? ^
«aid water is avale. b lf
particularly described L * ****•.
Parts of Lots io, u 12 . ®, 8 f °Ho» 8:
2. Township 35 North Rani !' S< * Uo »
Boise Meridian. ee 4 West of
__ Dfl T>y Aug. 27-gept* J***'
r ^' as Summons. ~
In the district court of u. e
diclal District of the " * Second Ju
» "I 'or .he Co u „; r S 0 , [ a " M >
Commercial Trim " p *"*
^ P°ratlon, plaintiff, V s George & CW "
Horsman, Daniel O'M.uiev 7,'"
O'Malley, hi« wife, a. Sem^ to
You are hereby summoned and - '
quired to appear in an action hr T
*r,:7 ,h ' "»«>2
tiff in the above entitled District Court
and to answer the complaint of th
«aid plaintiff, med therein, wit £
twenty day* exclusive 0 f the day ,
service, If served within the Secon
Judicial District in which thi. act
is brought, and within forty day, Ù
served elsewhere.
This action i s brought to obtain a
decree of this court for the foreclose
of that certain mortgage described in
the said complaint and executed by the
Z*'** R Ho1 ™, On the
ln th ° ece ™ be r. 1902, convey.
Thlrtv nul ° f . S ' E ^ of 9ectlon
intrty-one (31) and W. % 0 f s. W. «
of Section Thirty-two (32) of Town
ship Thirty-three (33) and lot Four
(4) of Section Five (5) of Township
Thirty-two (32) North, Range 2 W. B.
M., to Holland Bank, a corporation to
secure the payment of a certain prom
issory note for Seven Hundred Dollar«
payable in Five Years with interest at
the rate of 8 per cent per annum,
man, Daniel O'Malley. u 25 5^"'
hls w,fe > A. Sempert, sol a"' %
and Eugene Hoch. lum &uer
The state of Idaho to George
payable annually, executed by the sa$l
George E. Horsman, and payable to
said Holland Bank, and providing that
In default of the payment of Interest
entire principal
j when due. that'the ...... . ulluululll
4 i and lnte ™' become immédiat
j due and collectable at the option of the
) holder; and further providing that If
suit or action be brought upon said
| note, for the payment of a reasonable
j attorney's fee. which said note and
j mortgage has been duly assigned .o
j plaintiff. U being alleged that no part
I of the principal ot interest of said note
bas been paid, and that plaintiff, a*
ney 8 fee8 ' and th « co «t8 of thls ault
holder of said note and mortgage de
clares the whole amount, due under the
said option therein provided.
Plaintiff prays that each of the de
fendants and nil other persons claim
ing under them prior to and subse
quent to the commencement of this ac
tion, be foreclosed of all equity of re
demption, or other interest in the said
rea^estate; and that the same may be
sold and the proceeds thereof be ap
plied to the payment of the amount due
on the said note and mortgage, with
interest together with *125.00 attor
and that if there be any deficiency the
defendant George E. Horsman pay the
same, and that the plaintiff have such
other and further relief that may be
equitable and Just., as which more fully
appears by said complaint, on file in
this action a true copy of which i»
herewith served.
You are hereby notified that if y° u
fail 'to appear and answer the said
complaint as above required, the plain
tiff will apply o the court for the re
lief demanded in said complaint.
Attest my hand and the seal of the
District Court of the Second Judicial
District of the State of Idaho, in and
for the County of Nez Porce, this 24th
day of August. 1907.
Clerk of the District Court
Deputy Clerk.
I Attorneys for Plaintiff. Residence
I Lewiston, Idaho.
; Dally Aug. 27-Sapt. 37.
_ —
Notice for Publication.
I Department of the Interior, land Oflw
ftt LewUton> Idaho> July 10 . 1*07.
I Notlca lg hereby given that Fred
; Rb- «W ■ -
tlc# ot h ls,lntentlon to make final five
year proof In support of his claim, rUj
Homestead Entry No. 9244, made Jiw
1, 1902, tor the E. % SW. U
82, Township 2« N., Range 3 W~ ■
and that said proof will be roade
tore Register and Receiver st
ton, Idaho, on October 9, 190/.
He names the following cities»«*
prove hls continuous residence **
and cultivation of, the land, Tl8 " .
John J. Phllllpl of Lewiston. M'
Jerry Taylor, William Palmer, BO*»*"*
Willla.__ all of Lafiwai, IdaP ° '
>a!ly Aug. 27-Oct »•

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