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A* on g the Southern teams this
season the Sewanee eleven made the
best record, «coring 23*. points to
their opponents 10.
Since taking up footeall again
the University of Wiseonsln has
played a great game. Holding the
crack Minnesota eleven u,- a 17-1 <
tie was going anime.
Harvard loses Starr *nd Newhall
and Yale loses Jraes and Pm -s. Both.
Plow R*ady for Selection
E. H. LIBBY, Owners A$»t.
G- A.
. 4 :
H. W.
I F you had your morvey invested in a Growing Or
* chard you would be independent BUY NOW.
Lands $275.00 up to $500.00. Purest water piped
from the Blue mountains onto each lot.
Call Main 6
We Will Show You in Our Aulo.
First National Bank
Capital, $50,000. Surplus and Undivided Profits, $250,000 ^
Deposits July 1st, 1907, $1,184,277.39
1 he Strongest Bank In Idaho
JOHN P. VOLLMER, Präsident- A E. CLARKE. Caaht<*<
No. 11 upon the Roll of Honor of all National Banks
California Wine House
Wholesale and retail wines, liquors and cigars,
your wines and liquors for family or medicinal use.
The place to get
Agents for
Val Blatz Milwaukee Beer
All goods delivered to any part of the city or Clarkston.
No. 423 East Main St. Phone Main 81
W. P. HURLBUT, President. M. W. BARNETT, Treeeurer.
E. D. THOMAS, Vice President. JAMES ASPOAS, Secretary.
H. K. BARNETT. Supervisor Abstract DepsrtmsnL
Commercial Trust
Capital - - $1,000,000.00
General Banking and 1 rust Business Abstracting And
Fire Insurance. Four Per Cent Interest
Paid on Savings Accounts.
twuiis will be up against it tor quar
tWiiacks next season.
ThJ Jones will retain to Yale an
otber year for post-graduate work
atm .will no doubt He available for
j warning duty for the football squad.
Michigan leads the Western foot
ball teams with a total of 107 points
to 6 for their opponents. Among the
20% ami
big Him>tern eolleges Yale and Dart
mouth were eacli scored on for 10
points. Wale finished the season with
Dartmouth 15C points. -r
George Gardner, who held his
own with some of ttie best of them
In his day, has announced his per
manent retirement from the ring.
An Oakland ciub has arranged for
a bout this month between Jim
Flynn, the Pueblo heavyweight, and
Bob Ward, the former amateur
heavyweight champion of California.
The present month Is to he a busy
one in automobile circles. In addi
tion to the big Chicago show now
on there will he exhibitions during
the month in Detroit. San Francisco
and St. Louis, with the importers'
salon show of foreign cars to open
in Madison Square garden near the
end of the month.
Pat O'Keefe, the English middle
weight, and RÎT] Papke, the Illinois
wonder, are to play a return engage
ment in Philadelphia shortly. In
their first Vmt in the same city the
Englishman was badly beaten.
I LONDON, Dec. 4.—Well-dressed
I women are full of alarm at the re
| appearance of Jack the Inkman,"
tile miscreant who caused such a
seiu-ation in London a year ago by
I ruining the costumes of women with
ink as they passed along the streets,
j On the former occasion "the Ink
I man" (committed most of his out
rages it the Tottenham Court road,
now he haunts the neighborhood of
Bond streel, Oxford strpet and Re
jgent street.
! In these busy thoroughfares near
' ly a dozen outrages have been re
ported within the past few days,
women suddenly discovering that
: their dresses haye been ruined by
ja shower of ink.
I Neither the police nor the victims
jseern able to catch sight of the mys
jterious scoundrel, the only clew to
his Whereabouts being the sudden
discovery of some costume splashed
land dripping
thrown from ;
with ink.
_ _ j
"The people here do not drink
ienough water to keep healthy." ex
! claimed a well-known authority. 1
; "The numerous cases
I trouble, kidney and
leases and rheumatism
of stomach
bladder dis
are mainly
due to the fact that the drinking of
water, nature's greatest medicine,!
has been neglected. * I
Stop loading yotu system with'
patent InedicinèS and cure-alls; but
'get on the water wagon. If you are
really sick, why. of course, take the
proper medicines—plain common
vegetable treatment, which will not
shatter the nerves or ruin the stom
When requested for such a pre
scription for the cure of rheumatism
and kidney trouble the answer was:
"You must have the kidneys do their
work; they are the filters of the
blood. They must be made to strain
out of the blood the waste matter
and acids that cause rheumatism;
the urine must be neutralized so it
will no longer be a source of irrita
tion to the bladder, and, most of all,
you must keep these acids from
forming in the stomach. This is the
cause of stomach trouble and poor
digestion. For these conditions
would suggest the following pre
scription; Fluid Extract Dandelion,
one-half ounce; Compound Kargon,
one ounce; Compound Syrup Sarsa
parilla, three ounces. Mix by shak
ing well in bottle and take In tea
spoonful doses after each meal and
at bedtime, but don't forget the wa
ter. Drink plenty and often."
This valuable information and
simple prescription should be posted
up in each household and used at
j j
th*» first sign of an ataok of rheuma
tism, backache or urinary trouble,
no matter how slight.
Fight-car train« are to he run on
the Boston elevated line in the en
deavor to eone with the problem of
handling the traffic offered.
Contains no
other harmful
Opium or
O C . JS, Croup and Whooping Cougs
.ON DON, 1».
I received from
rms of fortune
(■hing the diamond
Taft delegation and that In his opin
According to
>ther advices
Cape Town,
hunters are
fields whi<g
have been opened tu alluvial diggers
at Pniel, on the Yaal river, not far
from the rock diamond mines of
K unberley.
V man recently arrived from Can
ada was lucky enough in his first
morning's work to find a stone of
eleven carats, which he hold for
S t»00. In his first week he cleared
î 1.2 .hi, and was able to show nine
diamonds obtained as the result of
three days' "washing "
1 1 is now reported that former
Governor Heyward of South Caro
lina has decided not to he a candi
date for the seat of United States
Senator Latimer.
Major G. V. Menzies. who is being
urged by his friends to become a
< mlidate for the democratic nomi
n iion for governor of Indiana, is a
son-in-law of the late Governor Ho
v of that state.
\ movement against sending a
1 ayaii delegation to the democratic
national convention is said to be
gaining much strength in Alabama,
it is headed by Walter Percy, a
prominent lawyer of Birmingham.
Senator Kittredge of South Dako
ta says that if the republican na
tional convention was to be held
now his state would send a solid
ion the secretary of war would un
doubtedly be nominated.
L. A. Vorys, Secretary Taft's po
litical manager in Ohio, has issued'
a statement to the efTect that he is !
for an early state convention of the
republican party in Ohio to select
delegates to the national convention.
Nine cities will submit bids for
the democratic national convention
when the national committee meets
in Washington next week. They
are Chicago, St. Louis, Cincl'inal,
Denver, St. Paul, Louisville, Atlantic
City and Long Branch.
Daniel Sinclair, who died recently
at his home in Winona, was ehnir
man of the Minnesota delegation in
the national republican convention
'of 1880, and as such gained proroi
nence by pushing the candidacy of
B]a , ns ;jnd
William Windom. Mr. Sincktir's
persistence was one of the factors
contributing to the
the nomination of Gnr
jTysy»* j ,i .
defeat of.
I Few
new members of the senate
attracted more attention at the
opening of congress this week than
Jeff Davis, the successor of Senator
Berry of Arkansas, and former gov
ernor of that state. Senator Davis
is a younger man than his prede
cessor a fluent talker and rather
handsome in appearance. He enjoys
the reputation of being a champion
of the "plain people," and is count
ed upon to contribute to the liveli
ness of the senate proceedings as
s °on as he becomes familiar with
his surroundings.
There are indications that Sena
tor Hansbrough of North Dakota is
to have a fight for re-election. He
is being opposed by an element In
the state including some of the
younger blood in polities and which
is taking advantage of a new pri
mary law to make trouble for Sena
tor Hansbrough, who has held the
j office for 18 years. The new law
! provides for the naming of United
j States senators by primary elections,
j and Senator Hansbrough will have
i to go to the polls next year under
its provisions.
General Leon .Testremski, candi
date for the nomination of governor!
of Louisiana, and who recently suf
i fered a stroke of paralysis, is about
65 years of age and a native of
I France. Tie Is the son of an omi
I nent French physician who settled
in Louisiana nearly 75 years ago.
Though horn in France, he I
Polish origin, his father having ml-1
grated to the United States follow
ing his participation in the Polish
insurrection of 1830-32.
To the oldtlmer at the opening of
congress this week one of the most
conspicuous things was the absence
from the floor of the house of Gen
eral Orosvenor of Ohio, whose patri
archal and venerable appearance for
years focused the attention of the
galleries, and whose wit and dispo
sition to banter many a time made
the hall ring with laughter when
the situation was so Intense as to
seem as if nothing hut hitter pas
sion could find expression.
Germany has nearly one-half
the breweries of the world.
The electric post is to be tried In
Cascade—34 tfcc.
Butterfat—32 Vic.
Vegetables and Fruits.
Bananas—Per pound, 6 Vic.
Lemons—Per case, $7.25.
Cocoa nuts—Per dozen, $1.
Dry Onions—Per 100 lbs., $2.25.
Carrots—Per lbO lbs., $1.50.
Turnips -Per hundredweight, $1.
Apples—Per box, $1.50.
Grapes—Per crate, $1.00 @1.25.
Poultry and Produce.
I i »• il s—Per pound, 12e.
Kggs Per dozen, 30c.
Walnuts—Per lb., [email protected]
Almonds—Pound, 22c.
Pecans—-Pound, 23c.
Pine Nuts—Pound, ISc.
Brazils—Found, 17c.
Filberts—Pound, 17c.
Roasted Peanuts—Pound, [email protected]
Raw Peanuts—Pound, 9c. j
Figs -Pound, 7c.
Dates—Pound, 1 4c.
Maple Sugar—Pound, 15c.
Comb Honey—Case, 7 5c.
Steers—Pound, 3Vèc.
Cows—Pound, 2V£c.
Lambs—Pound, 5%c.
Hogs—Pound, 7c.
Veal—Pound. 7c.
Timothy—Ton. $18.
Wheat—Ton, $14.
Alfalfa— Ton, $'4. - v
Clearwater—$ 1.10.
Bran—Per ton, $16.
Shorts—Per ton, $18.
Millrun—Per ton, $17.
Rolled Barley—Per ton, $28.
Rolled Wheat—Per ton, $25.
Chicken Feed—Per sack, $1.75.
Poultry and Produce.
Hens— Pound, 17 %c.
Kggs—Dozen. 35c.
Fresh Meat.
Sirloin Steak—Pound, 15c.
Boiling—-Pound, [email protected]
> eal—Pound, [email protected]
T-bone Steak—Pound 1 2 V6 c @ 15c
Porterhouse Steak—Pound, 15c.
Round Steak—Pound, 12V£c.
Chuck Steak—Pound, 8c.
Prime Rib Roast—Pound, 12Vfce.
Mutton—Pound, 8c to 17c.
Mutton Stew—Pound, 10c.
Pork—Pound, 12*4 @15c.
Sausage—Pound, 12Vfcc.
Lard—Five pounds, 75c;
pounds, $1,45. «I S Wlüfißll
Hams—Pound, 18c.
Pickled Pigs' Feet—Pound, 10c.
Bacon—Pound, [email protected]
Hamburg Steak—Pound, 10c.
Wood and Coal
Dry Wood—Cord, ic-inch, $9, de
Cord wood—$8.50, delivered.
Slab Wood—$5.00, delivered,
i.unip Coal—Ton, $8.50 to $11.
Hides, Pelts and Wool.
Buying prices are as follows:
Pelts—Sheep, 65c.
Full Wool Pelts—Pound, 9c.
Hides—Calf, green, 6c; dry, 16c.
Bull and Stag—11c.
Coyote Skins—Each, [email protected] 75c.
Badger—Each, [email protected]
Bear Skins—$ 1.50 @ $ 10.00.
Coon—[email protected] 50c.
Haulers are receiving the follow
ing prices for loose forage:
Straw—Load, $6.
Timothy—Ton, $22.
Alfalfa—Ton, $15.
Wheat—Ton, $15.
s and Nuts.
und, [email protected]
Alinonds—Pound, 25c.
Bananas—Dozen, 35c.
Dates—Pound, 15c.
Figs—Pound, 10c.
Dried Fruits.
Peaches—Pound, 20c.
Prunes—Pound. 10c.
Currants—Pound, 15c.
Orange Peel—Pound, 35c.
Lemon Peel—Pound, 40c.
Raisins—Pound, 15c.
Dried Apricots—Pound, 20c.
Citron—Pound, 40c.
Fruit—Hundredweight, $6.55
Beet—Hundredweight. $6.45.
Cane—Hundredweight, $6.50.
Kxtra—Plundredweight. $6.50.
Retail prices of groceries are
Butter—Cascade, 40c.
Country—Pound, 35c.
Onions—Pound, 5c.
Garlic—Pound, 20c.
Cocoanuts—Each, 15c.
Honey—Box, 20c.
Lemons— Dosen, 35c04Oc.
Mincemeat—Package, 15c.
Apples—Pound, 5e.
Egg Plant—Each, 10c.
Halibut—Pound, 12 Vic.
Crabs—Each, 25c.
Codfish—Two pounds, 25c.
Fresh Herring—Pound, 12Vic.
Shad—Pound, 15c.
Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!
We are ready to supply fresh eggo
in any quantity at the regular mar
ket price. We guarantee them to bg
fresh. Call at our ranch on Hol
brook island or drop us a postal.
Carrington & Thompson, Proprietor«,
Requisition for Adams Made.
"BOISE, Ida., Dec. 4.—Governor
Beuehtel of Colorado has issued a
requisition on Governor Gooding for
Steve Adams, whom it is desired to
take back to Colorado for trial for
the murder of Arthur Collins, super
intendent of the Smuggler Union
mine at Telluride. An officer from
Colorado with the papers is expected
to arrive here tomorrow.
j _________________ 1 —
The total annual capacity for
the production of pig iron hy th«
j United States Steel company at th«
j present time is about 25,000,000
j tons.
Often The Kidneys Are
Weakened by Over-Work.
Unhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
It used to lie considered that only
urinary and bladder trouilles were to be
traced to the kidneys,
but now modern
I science proves that
nearly all diseases
have their beginning
in the disorder of
these most important
The kidneys filter
and purify the blood—
that is their work.
Therefore, when your kidneysare weak
or out of order, you can understand how
quickly your entire body is affected and
how every organ seems to fail to do its
If you are sick or " feel badly," begin
taking the great kidney remedy, Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root, because as soon
as your kidneys are well they will help
all the other organs to health. A trial
will convince anyone.
if you are sick you can make no mis
take by first doctoring your kidneys.
The mild and the extraordinary effect of
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the great
kidney remedy, is soon realized. It
stands the highest for its wonderful cures
of the most distressing cases, and is sold
on its merits by all
druggists in fifty-ceiit.
ami oue-dollar si/.e|
bottles. You may
have a sample bottle Home ot Swamp-Root,
by mail free, also a pamphlet telling yon
how to find out if you have kidney or
bladder trouble. Mention this paper
when writing to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Biug
lia niton, N. Y. Don't make any mistake,
hut remember the name, Swamp-Root,
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the ad
dress, Binghamton, N. Y., on every bottle.
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending a sketrh and description may
quickly »«certain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably pntentable. Communica
tions strictly eonlidentlul. HANDBOOK on Patent#
sent free. Oldest aaency for securing patents.
Patents taken through Mutin A Co. receive
tpecial notice , without c harg e. In the
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest cir
culation of any sclent iflo Journal. Terms, $3 a
year; four months, $L Bold by all newsdealers.
MUNN&Co. 3e,B ' oad "'» New York
Branch Office, 625 F Ht., Washington. D. C
Trunks and Baggage Transferred.
Daily Except Sunday.
Leave Clarkston: 7 a. m., 8:1$ a
m„ 10 a. m , 1:10 p. m., 2:40 p. m., 4:4i
p. m.
Leave Lewiston. 7:30 a. tn., 9 a. he,
10:45 a. m., 1:50 p. m., 3:25 p. m., $:$•
p. m.
Leave Clarkston: 7 a. m., 2:80 p. m.
Leave Lewiston: 7:80 a. m.. 1:0$
p. m.
Will meet all night trains and boats
on special calls.
Leaves Clarkston from Ramsey Ho
tel. Leaves Lewiston from Bollinger
Leave all orders at the Ramsey Ho
tel, Sycamore Street. Phone Main ISO.
H. E. BUNDY, Proprietor.
City and country property for
Second-hand Furniture bought
and sold.
First door south of Evans,
Hooper A Burrows.

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