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yeQr ...................$1.60
months .......................75
, Member Associated Press.
Daily Exoept Sunday.
Phone Main 261.
Bntered at the Lewiston Postoffice
M second class matter.
One week .......................* - 16
One month ................. 50
E%ree months .................. 1.55
■lx months ...................... 2.60
One year ........................ 5.00
_ ]
roar months .................... 50
« »»**♦♦ •
» » » * - * • -
Forecast for Lewiston and vicini
ty for tonight and tomorrow: I
Fair and cooler tonight; Wednes
day fair. |
Following data recorded at local
•ttnee United States weather bureau]
at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon:
Maximum temperature, 46; mini- '
mum temperature, 30; mean tem
perature, 38; precipitation, none
As an
Official ln Charge.
..... . * ■ " I
RE ' (
Illustration of tbe rapid
trend of the country toward proht
bltion may be cited the new move
ment being made by the saloon men ;
themselves to perfect a model ,11-'
cense law which will more nearly
meet the demands of public senti
ment and protect them as w'ell.
The question of the good and bad
saloon will be the factor uppermost
in this projected reform, and an at
tempt will be made to eradicate the
low grogery and the dive along with
other objectionab'e features that are
meeting with strong public disap
The question of what is good and
what is bad in the liquor traffic
may or may not be a matter of
high and low license, but the fact
that the liquor Interests themselves
are becoming factors In their own
reform ls worthy of note as a ten
dency for public betterment.
T f
L'L, tf /I,,«*.
hink It Uver
Whatever sentence is given i and
Banker Walsh, he will probably J
bave time to think it over and may ;
discover the difference between high !
finance and h'gh crime.
Evelyn Thaw's story ls
told tale, but the American public]ton.
twice- i
has given evidence that it ls partial ; he
to encores. jw.
• • • j ed
This is leap year and the ladles b
should remember that a faint heart! in
never won a happy home. ]
French honor assessed at 20 cents
seems to be a little
.. „v -- ------
. . . , r
high for the
* * • I
ln these latter days of degenerate
wons of worthv s'res. It Is considered
ouite a fnmllv asset to have one or
more Insane ancestors in the familv
- I
Ralph art's Ti-dive-Hon Very
Strong and Pleasing.
■Ralph Stuart's lpternretat'on of
tbecharacter "Strongheart" was
•witnessed by a large and apprecia
tive audience at tbe Temple theatre
last night. It has been many days
einee so larve an audience bas
graced tbe theat-e as that of last
r'gbt and tbe entire eomnnny can]
compliment themselves upon their f
drawing power.
The chief Interest of tbe plav
centers around "Strongheart" 'and
from (The first annearance of Mr.
Ftnart unon the stage the audience
Is treated to a study of Indian char
acter seldom seen unon the stage.
There Is none of the cooper stain
ror wild Big Iniun to the artist's
work; it is purely a delineat'on ot
the real Indian under the effects of
civilization. The play shows the
prejudice of the white man to the
Indian when it comes to a comtng
eling of the races, and while por
traying the h'gh ideal of frtendsMn
which sometimes exists between
tnen of tbe two races, when it comes
to an amalgamation of the Tnrian
and thd whites custom unsbeatres
♦be blade of orehidice and severs a'l
tope that the Poor Lo may enjoy
for a speedy union of hlii people
with ours.
Mr. Stuart's acting fullly sub
stantiates all that has been claimed
for him. The entire company en
ters into the spirit of the play and
bring to the star a splendid and
well balanced support.
Even with so successful a play
'as "Strongheart" and adulations
sufficient to turn, a very Well bal
anced head, Ralph Stuart has his
trials. One of them is the Indian
make-up which requires a good
hour to put on a"nd nearly i^s long to
remove, and even then he is not
sure of being entirely freen! from the
colored grease pbint. He
I am like an infant after it
is on. I not only have to put a
towel over my head to put my
shirt on, but I have to wlsar ready
] says, '
made dress ties because toy
mitue umart neo umusc hands
i are helpless with the paiht. Luck
ily, I do not have to touph anyone
, . . . Qn
the play except to grasp
Vaughan around the wrist in the
nl villain if
last act. I appear to be al villain if j
the two brown marks s)ie carries
away on her arm mean anything." i
I ---- ;
J _ _ „ i
| * * * * * i
* L0CAL BRIEF8 ' -,
_ A A. A. A. A, .m :
The board of trustees of the Lew
' lston stRte Normal met at the
Norma i bu nding yesterijlay after
noon ln regular monthly session,
agd in connection with * the usual
r0 ytine business began to* frame
" I plans for the dedication of the new
dormitory building, noW nearing
normnorv duhuuik uuw
' ( completion. It will be accepted
ifrom tbe builders now Within tbe
present^ montto but
* a * will probably occur some time
* n A P r, l.
, ,
M,ss Day - 8ecretary «f the Normal
board and of the president, ha. been
retained for another y^ar with an
Increase of salary from *840 to
*™0 with a midsummer vacation
stipulation. Her services have
Proven of exceptional value in the
conduct of »he business affairs of
tbe Institution,
1 Near,v two lnrheB of ra,n
laut night In Ran Francisco and
half an inch at Portland, but thN
dld not affftot conditions <T1 T cwls
ton vaUev. where it still warrn and
the prediction. Highe- tempera
tures prevail east of tbp Rockies
w w WrHo' Uf the Meth_
h ch of rilirkston* wll
1st church ° f , n lr ^ " n
Lewiston miss on to
preach at the
night. The work of
grows In
the mission
. . nnf , Runnort Is
Krowa ln ,nterest - a \ d aun f° r ,
coming ln freely f0r cartel „""5
of the cause. Rev. CArrick reports
that he is extending aid to many
i and that the need and place for the
J mission Is now realized. j
; -
! A real estate deal was consum
mated today for the transfer of five
(acres of Clarkston serpage from Mr.
i Dearborn to W. G. See-'ey of Lewis
The consideration is said to i
; he *2500, and was 'closed by W.
jw. Morrison. John Ringer, a retir
j ed farmer from the Pelouse country,
b as also recently purchased a hqpie
in Clatkston, buying the Watson
] property.
State Auditor B. F. Carroll of
r . „
Iowa has announced his erfd dacy
for tbe republican nomination for
I governor. He ls the second candl
date in the field, Lieutenant Gover
nor Warren Garst having already
announced himself. Garst repre
sents the progressive element in the
party and Carroll the stand-patters.
The Light
That's Bright
Under the glittering
light of th« electric
lamp every thing U
seen at its best. A
poorly-furnished house
becomes bright and
cheerful in appearance
with the introduction
of electric l^ght.
The dark and dingy
store once avoided
by shoppers, quickly
changes its character
and becomes a buay
mart of trade under
the radiant brilliance
of Electric Illumina
Call at Electric
Light Office
A contract involving close to $1,
000,0000, betwen Judge H. H. Ro- &
lapp, David Eccles and M.JJ. Brown
iug, and the government, William R
Logan, superintendent in charge of
the Fort Belknap (reservation in
Montana, and a number of Indians,
has been slgned ' * « agreement
local men will bull da sugar
factor y on the reservation and the
.. , th beetg
j rhla contract was brought about
after nearly three years o nvest ga
i t,on ' and was ai<ted by a spec ' aI
; of congre8B designed to teach the
i aborigines industry and thrift. T e
i contract provides for the lease of
10,000 . acres of tribal lands in the
: Dnllrnnn KAOnrVQf Ion frtr 1 (l
Fort Belknap reservation for .10
years for the erection of
p ] ant ju8 ^ out ® ide ^ he **
1 ..........------ x i ° n- ^
also provides for the construction of
three miles of railroad and the es
tablishing of a system of irrigation
from the Milk river, which runs
through the land.
14 ls Btated that work on
tory « wn"™ foruee i n
£ flrgt crop
D f sugar beets will be harvested by
RALEIGH, N. C„ Jan. 21.—Pur
suant to the call Issued by Governor
Glenn two weeks ago the general
extra 8esg i on today to consider and
take actlon on the railroad passen
ger rate , aw pagge3 at the lagt 8es .
assembly of North Carolina met^ ^
^ ThIS 1&W flXed & flat , , ; ate ot
- - ------
two and a quarter cents a mile.
It ls the view of the governor and :
b * a counse1 > after a thiorough n !
vestlgatlon of tbe co ndit I° n8 - 1 ^ ;
it would be more equitable to all *
c<mcerQeû - ^ ralse this rate to twol^^
8nd & rents a m 'I e - re turn
fQr this modification of the law the
ra,,road8 are expected 10 make de
gireable concessions in the w*y °f
{nter8ta t e ra telB and Interchange
abl(j mlleaage boboks.
j *----
Money ^ Thompson vs. Burns, et
^ Nee ^ jj ot jj ow j
i Tb e arguments relative to the J
fl nd i ng8 an d the decree in the case i
G w Thompson vs. F. B. Waite,]
B urn8> e t al., was argued before the I
fUstrict court today. The defend- j
ant held that tho plaintiff should be
compelled to pay the money Into the ;
„ r ,, r t at this time to be "held until
tb j dec j s i on ( s secured. The
. . .
court he]d tbe money ne€d not be
paid until the defendants are ready
to -'eliver th° property in question.
The findings and decree of tho
court w ui be fl] ed within
Joseph Alexander, Jr., is a busi
ness visitor from ullaetta.
No NeeC To.
'You don't see many authors rfd
ing in automobiles?"
"No; they get to oblivion fast
enough without."
not reach the diseased portiem of the
There is only one way to cure
Deafness Cannot be Cured
, » an .
by local app.i^aiiouo, us uie^ can
lion of the
tional remedies
jy an inhumed condition of the mu
deafness, and that Is by constitu
Deafness Is caused
ous lining (jf the Eustachian Tube,
Vhen this tube is inflamed you have
a rumbling sound or imperfect hear-1
ing, and when It is entirely closed.!
Ueafness ls the result, and unless
the inflammation can be taken out
and this tube restored to Its normal
•ondltion, hearing will be destroyed
forever; nine cases out of ten are 1
caused by Catarrh, which ls nothing
nut an Inflamed condition of
mucous surfaces. ,
We will give One Hundred Dollars
»01 any case of Deafness (caused by •
-atarrh) that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for clr-'tke
Toledo, O.
Sold bv Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Fam'ly Pills for con
ATorthwest In
* * land Notes
Wallace.—Because the city fire
a,arm is out °* commission, the Wal
lace te'ephone system was allowed to
remain open last Sunday, but it has
been impossible to ascertain whether
the concession would be permanent.
The local telephone manager said he
1 was open because the fire alarm sys
tem was was not working and the
telephone system could be utlllzed as
& protectlon to tbe clty . He gald he
wou , d anBwer a „ calta becau8e he
cou'd not tell until he answered but
what ca „ WM a flre alarm, and
he gald fae wou , d transact bu8lness
lnto gpo^^ because the patrol
mlght want t0 order flre ap p ara tus.
Wal i aC e.—A secret session of the
Wallace and Mullan saloonkeepers
hag been be]d aad u , g under stood
tbe meet j ng was f or the purpose of
organising to fight the Sunday rest
, aw> and , t has been int imated that
tbe organization is being perfected
ln a „ partg of the 8tate There l9
another rumor , Q clrcu , atton t0 the
are organizing for the purpose of in- j
effect that the saloon men will not
çarry { be fls-ht into the courts, but
are organizing for the purpose of in-j
glgtlng upon a r?gtd enforcement of
thg , aw wlth the hope that t he re
gult wll , cauge ltB repeal
1 North Yakima.—The hopmen are
holding meetings in different parts
° f the VR,,ey 4 ° d,8 ° USS the adVl,a .'
A conglderable acreage has be en
j signed with the association, and an
other meeting will be held the'utter
part of this week, at which t'me it
is expected growers from California
! will be in attendance.
Kennewick.—The steamer Moun
tain Gem, built a few years ago for
. . v ,
th« opber Snak« rtver tram« ab«v<
Lewiston, is now making th^ee trips
each week between Kennewick and
upper river po'nts. The boat is well
constructed for the rapid currents
of the upper river, and has a suffi
ient carrvlng capac ity to make the
traffic profitable.
Toppenlsh.—A renewed activity In
the "hay market' has'restored prices
to the quotations posted befo-e the
slump and it is not improbable that
the top price is yet to be reached.
Alfalfa has been restored to *12 per
wh . la $13 la offere d for the best
twol^^ of prqln hay Feederg hava
been heavy bnvers during the past
oni co-sf
1>pen neavy Olivers aurinn
" q fr ,
'!-'-fs has boosted the prices ln good
Pend'eton.—The grocery men and
meat dealers are now ccmsiderlng|
the nasoRge of a resolution that will
nrohlhit tbe chewing or smoking of
tobacco aho t tb r es. on ^
grounds of contaminating the food*
«•tuffs. The rule will anply to eus
tomera as well as clerks, and pro-]
nr'etors and persons who come to
tbe offv to sit about tbe grocery a e^
exne-torate at tbe =tove will be
asked to stay at home.
.... „ . , . . .
bonds, the spell has been broken and
_ ... .....^ ........ .
asked to stay at home.
Pendleton.—After waiting for
three weeks for a bid on tbe water 1
bid received for the entire Issue of
*125,000. The offer was received
from Ro'llns & Co.. Chicago, which !
comoanv recently purchased tbe
*1 00,000 bopd issue at Walla Walla
rangements preparatory
It is said that Rotl'ns & Co.'s repre
pentafive will visit other cities of
tbe Inland Empire where municipal :
bonds are offered for sal'e. i
deal- i
North Yaktmo.—The retail
era are making the preliminary ar
to Join'ng
the state retailers' association The|
movemeut has been started with the
view of protecting their Interests j
br,n « ,nto the a «h'pmfnt of ln
ferior goods pud offer t b e same for|I°t
, . .
aealn o t price cutters. This m e Is to
pn ® 1v to both the outsider who may
at ,ow prices and tbe resident •
merchant who would cut below a le
gltlmate profit on a Une of goods to)
secure a sale for other wares.
Walla Walla—Nearlv 500
farmers have signed tbe club ore«n
l*ed to buv sacks, and while no bids
were opened at the last meeting he'd
there were a number of ren~mta
1 tivs of t^e largest bouses and the
farmers have he«n given to under-,
theistand that a liberal reduction ln the,NE
, P r I-e of »rain bags would be made. ]
'»'be market last year reached about.
• 12 cents, and a local grain buyer
Is responsible for the statement that
clr-'tke opening price on sacks this sea-j^4>
ison will not exceed 8 cents.
I j --I
j Admirers of Governor Fort of New
ersev have launched a hmm In favor
io« bis election to the United 8tates,
senate, to succeed John Kane.
For Exacting Dressers
20 per cent. Discount
. During our Annual Clearance Sale.
W. R. Crosby of Grangevil'e was
an arrival in the city last night.
E. F. Grünewald is a business vis-]
itor in the city from Koosgla.
, vesterdav after
_ ' N york where he will
noon for ^ "/he sPrine trade
(purchase stock for the sp.ing .
.Clarence Robnett left yesterday
afternoon for a business visit to Spo
! Mrs. Story Buck left yesterday for
a vls't with friends in Spokane.
I George Poler was a business vis
itor in the city yesterday from Peck.
^^earwater points.
„ .
G w - Thompson returned yester
day afternoon from a business visit
J. J. Hogaboam ls a business visi
tor ln the city toda^r from the > Tom
Bfeal creek sect'on.
Ralph S. Loring left this morning
for a business visit to Moscow.
, c. H. Oirby thl. mornlns for
_ busln ,„ v „ lt t0 „„ home h , th .
. .
Pot atch country. I
. .. , . ,
John Hicks left this morning for
. . , „ n_ I
a bus'ness visit to Pullman. '
_ , . , "xxt t t.
General Agent W. J. Jordan or
.. .. _ ____ ___ toff
the Northern Pacific company left
• , , . ,
this morning for a business visit to
_ , ... j
] Pa louse points. !
] T. M. Bedell left tHs morning for
a business visit to Pullman,
j Len Mag'll returned this morning
rto bis home at Peck.
J. C. Dehaven was an arrival last
* y c^c- 1 ", hi ess vlsirm
elt t^av from Gra^vTto
|in the city today from Grang«vl le.
william Dew Va buslne^ visftor
'n tbe cltv todnv from Sweetwater.
George K. Force is a visitor to
day from Pepk.
day from Pepk.
George Rundle was a visitor yes
terdav afternoon from Kamlah.
Ell Newcomb was an arriver yes
terday afternoon from the Clearwa
ter country.
j Frank Hubbard was a Lewiston
j visitor yesterday from the Tom Beal ]
j creek section.
George LaPoint« returned yester
dav pfte— onn to Snokflne.
J. J. Jennings returned th's aft
ernoon Pom a business trip to Pa
louse points.
Attorney C. L. McDonald return
ed this rDc— mui from a business
visit to Wallace.
! Commercial Trust Co.)
Jan. ^0. 1SO®—
Wm. A Wh'te to Marv V. Thomns.
lot 1 and r0 ft - N ' 5lde lot 2 - bw * 2
of Holcombs 1st subdiv. Lot 10
: Ac1PS - *3 >00.
i " Tn - Chandler to Marv
Sbrlver, SF V* SE V, 14; NE
i NK v ' 33-36-1 E„ *1000.
ac8888SO-54 .Itbe
L. G. h'r'ns et al to Frank D.
The| ,prader - V< T . 14« lots 5, 6, block 1, Klp
Pen. *55.
Pen. *55.
j Frank B. Trader to Lou M. Poore,
6, block 1,
Kippen, '
— __ "
Mnllie Steele to Kittle E. Dwyer,
for|I°t 10, block 29, Lewiston, *t.
«r it iota
w **• lo ts
* zt,nu -
_ Ä , ____
• D. Thomas to Wm. A. White,
l°t 4, block B. Vollmer, *6500.
L. G. Phillips to E. J. Bailev, et
al - lot 10 block 4 and strip ?0v280
adjacent to same, ln L. G. Phillips'
addtt'on to Kippen, *30.85. (
F"",] P-çîut»
U S. to Albert p Freeman, E
SB % 15; W % SW 14 14-35-5 E„ •
P«»«nts |
^ U. S. to ames «. Crawford, S 14
the,NE 14 3; 8 *4 NW 14 2-39-4 E.
] U. S. to Charles Ring, S 14 NW
'%« SW 14 NE 14, NW 14 SW 14
8-37-6 E.
U. 9. to David F. Rae, W 14 SW
sea-j^4> SW 14 NW 14 20; SE 14 NE
1 % 19-38-7 E.
U. S to Jennie Rae. NW 14 NE
14. NE 14 NW' 14 28: SE 14 SW 14.
SW' 14 SE 14 21-28-7 E.
U. S. to Alta R. Cole, NE 14 7
39-3 E.
OF THE PROPOSED $50,000.000
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Jan. 21 —
WUh the object ln ylew of lmprov .
Jng the r , verg and waterways of the
state, delegations from all the cities
and towns Interested met today in
purpose of forming a state branch
of the national rivers and harbors
congress. The organization wi'l be
»" a plm * w111
be »Ef'e a won for tnausurattaj ,
concerted campaign for waterway
I .
improvements. The new body will
I see that the claims of Indiana are a
' „ , ,
proportionate share of whatever ap.
1 v
propriatlons may be made by con
K v
gress for the Improvement of rivers
B . , ,
j will be properly presented and
P u8hed -
Try for Oxford Honors.
VERMILLION. S. D.. Jan. 21
In order to fill a vacancy in the
|in oraer io nu a vacancy m mo
8outR Dakota delegation at Oxford
• Rhodea scholarship ls being held et
the ?tate aT1,vprs ' fy toda ^ , Many
ambitious Roi'th Dakota students are
contesting for the honor.
contesting for the honor.
The Ladies' Aid society of the
Lutheran church of Lewiston will
serve a chicken pie -snpper and hold
its annual sale at the home of Mrs.
Berg, 1101 Main street, on Wed' Is
day, January 22. Supper at 5 until
all are served.
Ç ^oming Events
Every afternoon at 3 o'c.lock aci
every evening, commencing at " 30.
there will be entertainments at th»
Pastime family theater ln the Weis*
gerber block. Entrance on Fifth
i There wi'l be a lecture at th»
J Normal auditorium Friday evenlnS
by Prof. R. Bishop. The lecture
will be illustrated by stereopttcM
. , Dg of ' the
There will be an adjourned mfft*
city council Tuesdal
There wi'l be a tea given Fri
' day afternoon at the home of Mr«
C. W. Shuff for the benefit of the U*
brary .
The Ladles' Guild of the Episco
pal church will meet at the home °
_ _______
Mr8- F x . rugger on the corner M
Ninth avenue and Seventh street,
2 o'clocfl Wednesday afternoon
. . .
The revival services of the
lston mission will continue nigl> tlT
• throiwhout the week at the ml 8Sl0#
headquarters ln the Damas block
| • • • .
The unior Aid society will & ^
Wednesday afternoon at !: p
o'clock at the home of Mrs. A
Myers, on Miller street.
! • • •
The city council meets 1,1
Journed session tonight,
| • • •
The lodge of Scottish ***** ^
sons will meet at the Tempi«
Try The Teller Went *«■

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