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Trr" Tin 1 '.... ■"• ■ , J Mp— ------------- ; —
Member Ailoclated Pres«.
Daily Except Sunday.
Phon« Main 281.
Entered at the Lewiston Poatofflei
a# second class matter.
One week
One mouth ................
Ctare* month« ............
Due year ..................
; ' *.
ön* year ..................
Forecast for Lewiston and vicini
ty for tonight and tomorrow:
Rain tonight or Thursday.
Following datr recorded at local
•IHce United States weather bureau
nt 3:30 o'clock this afternoon:
Maximum temperature, 58; mini
mum temperature. 44; mean tem
perature. 51; precipitation, none.
Official in Charge
For every bank that failed an
other has been organized to take its
place, or the crippled institution has
been reorganized with new capital
and new management, which prom
ises to evade the pitfalls which led
to the recent panic and the wreck
ing of weakened institutions. This
shows that there is capital in plenty
and real need for such forms of in
vestment. The country was not
overstocked with banks any more
than it was overstocked with prod
ucts from its factories and mills.
This has been cited as the saving
clause in the survey of revival con
ditions. ,
Business is moving on conserva
tively, but it is moving on. and the
progress is gradually removing all
bad effects of the recent flurry, and
further, it is emphasizing the good
effects in the way of safety in hank
ing methods. The wildcat banker
With his get-rich-Quick methods
wll! not he countenanced in the
near future.
If the fight next November for
the presidency shall actually sim
mer down to Bryan and Taft, what
•will the great corporations, the
great trusts, the great capitalists
and combined money powers do?
They well know, of course, that
Taft will carry on the policy of
President Roosevelt—and tha,t poli
cy is antagonistic to every interest
named. On the other hand, they
know that if Mr. Bryan be success
ful he has already committed him
•eif to many of the most pronounced
doctrines of President Roosevelt—
although Bryan claims that Roose
velt has "adopted" them bodily from
Bryanism. Under such circum
stances, the powers that have
usually controlled presidential elec
tions in the past will likely take to
the woods and let Taft and Bryan
tight it out before the people.—Se
attle Times.
Having received the hoodie. It
will he ensv fr ... Schmitz and Ruef to
furnish the hail.
The Light
That's Bright
Under the glittering
light of the electric
lamp every thing Is
seen at its best. A
poorly-furnished house
becomes bright and
cheerful In appearance
with the introduction
of electric light.
The dark and dingy
store once avoided
by shoppers, quickly
changes its character
and becomes a busy
mart of trade under
the radiant brilliance
of Electric Illumina
Call at Electric
Light Office
Tl** * Over
The Brownsville affair now seems
to ue a uiostu incident, especially so
to Senator Joseph Foraker of Ohio,
»hose standing on the question con
sists chiefly in his sitting down.
• • •
Nature is a great banker. Al
though she has failed not uniy oucb
but many times, the investor never
hesitates to lane another risk.
• • •
Getting back to democratic prin
cipled in Idaho would take the party
so far Grover Cleveland-ward that
it could not be in the Bryan column.
• • •
The busy bee is not in it with the
official bee when it comes to work
ing overtime.
Program at Rink Tomorrow Night.
March—"The Gray Champion"
, Rolliusou
Waltz—"Two Sweethearts of
Mine" ............... Engel
Two-step—"Azaleas" . . .Hawthorne
Waltz—"Down Where the Weis
gerber Flows" .........Tiizer
Two-step—"Old H/eidelberg". .Mills
Waltz— "Valse Bleu".......Margis
Two-step—"Bedelia" .....Schwartz
Waltz—"Imperial" ...... Eilenborg
Two-step—"The Time, the
Place and the Girl"... Howard
Waltz—"Mary and John".. De Ville
Two-step—"Cinderella" . . . .Pow,ell
Waltz—"I'm Trying So Hard
to Forget You" .......Harris
The Ideal Education.
The Methodist church was well
filled last evening when Dr. L. W.
Riley, president of the McMinnville
college, spoke on "The Ideal Educa
tion." The idea! education consid
ers a threefold development, physi
cal, mental and spiritual. Our pub
lic and state educational institu
tions are well equipped to provide
for the first two, physical and men
tal, but unfortunately our educa
tional laws will not permit of any
emphasis on the religious or spirit
ual development. Dr. Riley dwelt
on the Importance of this latter as
pect. nf an Ideal education, and
made a strong plea for the support
of denominational colleges.
Mr. .Tames Edmunds will preach
tonight, using as his subject, "Why
Did Eve Eat the Apple?"
Call for Bidi.
The council of the City of Lew
iston, Idaho, will receive sealed bids
up to 8 o'clock p. m., March 17,
1908, for furnishing two vertical
shaft centrifugal pumps, belt driven
by electric motors, the capacity of
each pump to be not less than 1200
gallons per minute against an 18
foot lift, four elbows and about 50
feet of discharge pipe to be 7 inches
in diameter; together with all nec
essary appurtenances for compfete
Two 14 H. P. 60 cycle Induction
440 volt motors, equal to General
electric motors, with starting boxes.
Successful bidder shall furnish com
plete plans for installation.
A certified check Tor 5 per cent
of the amount bid, payable to the
City of Lewiston, must accompany
each bid.
The right to reject any and all
bids is reserved.
Dated March 11. 1908.
D Mr.h ll-5t
Ç ^oming Events
Every afternoon ax 3 o'clock and
every evening, commencing at 7:30,
there will be entertainments at the
Pastime family theater in the Weis
gerber block. Entrance on Fifth
• • •
Every evening commencing at
7:30 o'clock, there will be enter
tainments at the Pastime family
theater. Matinees every Saturday
at 2:30.
• • •
A meeting of the Commandry will
be held at the Temple lodge rooms
Thursday evening.
• • •
The Ladies' guild of the Episco
pal church will meet Wednesday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. V.
Truscott, 320 Fourth street.
• • •
The Lutheran Ladies' Aid society
will meet with Mrs. Berg Thursday
afternoon at 1011 Main street.
• • •
The "Buster Brown" musical
comedy will be the next attraction
at the Temple theater. It is booked
for Tuesday. March 17.
• • •
There will be a meeting of the
Blue lodge at the Temple lodge
rooms tonight.
For first-class launflry work
G«r Fountain. Phone Black 34$
Colfax.—William Maxwell, for
merly auditor for the Potlatch Lum
ber company at Potlatch, Idaho, was
today arraigned before Judge Chad
wick and pleaded guilty to the
charge of obtaining money under
false pretenses, lie sentenced
to sei ve not less than one nor more
than five years in the penitentiary.
Pullman.—The Washington State
college experiment station has be
gun early this Beason the war on the
ground squirrels, one of the worst
pests the wheat growers of the
Northwest have to contend with.
Dr. W. E. Ralston, assistant profes
sor of bacteriology and pathology, Is
in charge of the work, and it is
thought, the United States govern
ment, which has been working in
co-operation with the college for the
last several years, will again send
S. E. Piper of the department of
agriculture from Washington to
Pullman to assist in the work.
North Yakima.—The executive
j committee of the Wesley L. Jones
club of North Yakima today launch
ed a statewide campaign for the
congressman. The committee open
ed the headquarters of the club here
in a downtown building, S. J. Cam
eron is chairman of the committee
and I,, o. Meigs is secretary. Addi
tions to the office staff will be made
in a short time. In all sections of
the state supporters of Congressman
Jones have been secured to co-oper
ate with the club.
Walla Walla.—The first Eastern
men coming West on the colonist
rates are beginning to arrive here.
Several have come to the city, look
ed around, and in most cases gone
to s(me of the nearby irrigated dls
| tricts to look over the situation be
! fore inesvtlng. Prospects are that a
) large number of men will come to
! this section during the next two
j months. Secretary Moore of the
i Commercial club has carried on a
I large correspondence for months
with people who expect to come
! West.
Walla Walla.—W'ith about 2,
000,000 grain bags to sell this year
the state board of control will meet
April 1 to fix the price on the prod
uct of the penitentiary jute mill.
The mill is running full time and
with a full complement of men, and
the best season's run in its history
will certainly result. The season
closes about October 1, when all the
districts of the Inland Empire will
have about completed harvesting
the crop.
North Yakima.—Alfalfa hay is a
drug on the market just now. One
man who had fed stock 700 tons of
alfalfa by this time last year says
he has only used about 75 tons up
to date because of the mild winter.
Alfalfa Is now retailing at $9 a ton
In North Yakima, as against $16 at
this time last year.
Grain and feed stuffs are higher
than at the same time last year.
Wheat is $1.50 per 100 pounds, or
about the same as last year. Barley
Low Taxes
No Saloons
No Alkali
Low Water Rates
Good Roads
Easy Grades
Pure Mountain Water, continuous flow
under pressure
Water Piped all the way from its source
delivered on every tract
Irrigation Service same system as a
city water works
Successful scientific horticulturists pronounce Clarkston
Heights practically perfect in scil, in elevation, in air drainage,
in safety from frosts, in slope of ground, in freedom from
Alkali, in length of season, to produce highly profitable crops
of choicest fruits.
Home sites on Clarkston Heights command by far the finest
outlook over this most beautiful valley. Snowy mountains,
miles of sparkling blue rivers, thousands of acres of pictur
esque orchards and vineyards, nestling homes and a busy city
comprise the view. As home sites alone these choice lots will
be worth in a few years many times the present prices.
The March CENTURY magazine describes the now-famous
"One Acre Ranch" of Clarkston, where a thrifty couple make
a good living and save money every year.
Nowhere else can you find such favorable conditions for
home making.
E. H. LIBBY, Owner's Agent
Offices: 412 Main St., Lewiston*
Sixth and Main Sts., Clarkston
is a little cheaper and oats, $31, or
about the same, at retail. Shorts
are $39.50, which is higher, and
bran is going at $27.50, which is an
Nezperce.—The farmers of Nez
perce met Saturday night to diseust
the grain sack question and, after
an 'nieresting discussion, they voted
to call for bids for 400,000 grain
bags for use during the coming
In order to secure competition
they will invite bids from ail
sources. The old grain companies,
the merchants the independent buy
ers and any responsible concern will
be invited to submit bids, and from
this spirited rivalry the farmers ex
pect to secure 1 their sacks for less
than 8 cents each.
Wallace.—At a meeting of the
city council held last night Çity At- j
torney A. H. Conner introduced an j
ordinance regulating the saloons in j
the city. There are now 33 saloons i
in Wallace, and the ordinance pro
vides (hat. all saloons in the city
must have a municipal permit and
that no more than 33 saloons shall
be permitted until there are more j
than 3300 votes cast at a general
Walla Walla.—A campaign for
good road?, or for much better h'gh
ways, at least, Is being inaugurated
in Walla Walla county and results
will be seen yet this year. A num
ber of prominent men have purchas- ;
ed automobiles within the last year,
land each man becomes a booster for
good roads as soon as he starts to ;
travel over hills and hollows at the
rate of 30 miles an hour. The auto- |
mobile owners have assisted greatly
ir. urging better highways and in
educaCng public sentiment up to the
necessity for improvement all over
the country, as well as in the near
vicinity of this city.
Walla Walla.—C. E. Dimmitt, un
til recently proprietor of the Golden
Rule department store, has been ar
rested on the Instigation of Spencer
E. Carr on the charge of obtaining
money under false pretenses. The
transaction Involves a loan of $2000
made just before Mr. Dimmltt's fail
ure. A bond of $500 was given.
Garfield.—Garfield retains its rep
utation, gained several years ago, as
the greatest apple shipping point in
Whitman county. The shipments
from this point of apples of the crop
of 1907 exceed 100 carloads, which
is in excess of its nearest competi
tor. J. E. Trimble's orchard of 100
acres furnished 30 carloads last
fall. Mr. Trimble sold his apples on
the trees to the Blalock Fruit com
pany of Walla Walla. His personal
shipments were 40 carloads, and
those from his orchard make a total
of 70, besides those shipped by other
Walla Walla.—The Washington
grand lodge. Independent Order of
Odd Fellows, will convene in this
city in June and the city, as well as
the 800 Odd Fellows who reside
here, has begun to prepare for the
meeting. Three Odd Fellows' lodges !
are located here, as well as the Odd
fi'ellows' home, a statewide institu
tion, which is now caring for about
Purple and Gold
L. H. S.
Purple and White
L. S. N.
White and Orange
Crimson and Gray
W. S. C.
We have in our window display Pennants made of the highest
quality felt the market produc 's. These Pennants are of "Quali
ty," not "cheapness."
Prices 75c to $1.25
Another shipment of New Spring patterns in Suits received
Watson Clothing Co.
26 children
and aged men and
! st, P atlon
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as they can
uot reach the diseased portion of tha
ear. There is only one way to cure
deafness, and that is by constitu
tional remedies. Deafness is caused
by an Inflamed condition of the mu
cous lining of the Eustachian Tube.
W'hen this tube is inflamed you have
a rumbling sound or imperfect hear
ing, and when it is entirely closed,
Deafness Is the result, and unless
the inflammation can be taken out
and this tube restored to its normal
condition, hearing will be destroyed
forever; nine cases out of ten are
caused by Catarrh, which is nothing
but an inflamed condition of the
mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any ease of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for cir
culars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
Alias Summons.
in the District Court of the Second
Judicial District of the State of
Idaho, in and for Nez Perce
Leatha Raines, plaintiff, va Har
ry Raines, defendant.
The people of the State of Idaho
send greetings to Harry Raines, the
j defendant.
You are hereby notified that
there Is on file in the oflice of the
! clerk of the above named court a
complaint of the said plaintiff in an
action brought against you to obtain
I a decree absolutely dissolving the
j bonds of matrimony now existing
between the plaintiff and defendant
herein and for general relief.
The grounds upon which said
judgment and decree are claimed are
that for more than one year last past
the defendant has wilfully failed
and neglected to provide for the
plaintiff the common necessaries of
life, and that for more than one
year last past the defendant has de
serted the plaintiff and lived sepa
rate and apart from her, as further
appears from the complaint filed
herein, which is hereby referred to
j for mbre particularity.
And you are directed to appear
and answe- »aid complaint within
! fwsEtv if this summons is serv
! -. district within which
j lhls action brought, and within
j fort y days if served elsewhere.
And you are further notified that
unless you so appear and answer,
the plaintiff will appeal to the court
j for the relief demanded in said com
Given under my hand and seal
j this 11th day of February. 1908.
(Seal) W. L. GIFFORD. Clerk.
By C. E. MONTEITH, Deputy.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Residence at Lewlatno, Idaho.
Without clinkers. We are
handling |a high grade,
mine run coal for
$9.50 per ton
delivered to any part of
the city. Send us a'trial
order for a FULL ton.
Lewiston Gas Co.
Phone Main 38
Pollard & Co.
Wildenthaler Blk, Mein St
Phon* R«d 11t
Short line
Union Pacific
When going East or South
Travel via the O. R. & N,
visiting Salt Lake, Denver
and other points of interest
enroute. The direct line to
all California points. Sleep
ing car berths reserved and
full information ' cheerfully
given. Let us assist you in
planning your trip.
General A gen
305 Main St Lewiston, Idaho

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