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Eastern Washington
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Work Commences on New Hotel—
Brick Store Planned.
Garfield. Wash.. April 24.—There will
be more building done in Garfield this
year than at any time in the town's
bistory. Exravating has been com
menced on the big hotel to be erected
by Ed. Carter on California street.
This building will contain about 70
rooms and will be tip to date in every
A large brick store Is to be built
on the corner of California and Second
streets for Garnett & l.undy, general
merchants, proprietors of the Farmers'
store. In the rear of this building there
will be a rest room for farmers and
their families who come from a dis
tance to do their trading.
Mr. Wright, a prosperous farmer, i8
building a commodious residence oppo
site, the Methodist church, corner of
Union and First streets. Mr. Wright
has rented his farm and will hereafter
reside in town.
Mr. McKinney, a retired farmer, has
bought property in MrCrosky's addi
tion, and has carpenters at work on a
92 ,000 residence.
Ed. Disney has purchased from the
Garfield Lund company three lots in
the south part of town and will prob
ably build In the near future.
Mr. Howard, of Moscow, has pur
chased a five acre tract near Garfield
and will build at once. *
G. W. Nye. cashier of the bank of
Garfield, has carpenters at woyk on
his residence.
Nathan Fishar Paya 15 Cants for 5,000
Pound Clip.
Colfax. Wash., April 24.—The first
wool sale of the season was made
here by H. S. Hollingsworth, who sold
5,000 pounds to Nathan and Fred Fish
er, representing Theodore Fisher of
Spoknne for 15 cents per pound. This
was the clip of Mr. Hollingsworth's
bucks, which he has on his farm near
Colfax. His main herd is on his win
Ter range and he has gone there to
superintend the shearing of them. Mr.
Hollingsworth has a fine herd of Ox
fordown sheep and crosses these with
French merinos, making a fine mutton
and wool sheep which is said to be pe
culiarly adapted to this section. The
price of wool is considered quite sat
isfactory to growers and the prospects
of the sheep industry are said to be un
usually bright. Sheep wintered well
and there has been a good crop of
lambs, with little loss. The wool clip
Is also said to be above the average In
quantitl and quality. With pleasant
weather following the present rains,
aheep shearing will begin throughout
the Palouse country In a few days.
Father Accused of Crirpe—Mother Is
Republic, Wash., April 24.—Judge D.
H. Carey and wife from Colville and
Assistant Attorney General E. C. Mac
donald arrived here last week from
Bpokane. The Judge and Mr. Macdon
ald came at the instance of Gover
nor Mead, who was petitioned by a
number of residents of Kettle Falls to
take the custody of the daughter of
Lewis A. Donaldson from her father
By order of the court the child was
•tven Into the charge and custody of
the commissioners of Ferry county.
Two Informations have been filed
against the father, charging his with
incest and criminal assault. It Is re
ported that Donaldson has gone to
British Columbia.
Th» child will probably be sent to
a children's home. Her mother if an
unfortunate Inmate of the state in
sane asylum. .
The Two Rivers Project.
R Is now expected thuf the water
will be turned into the Irrigation
ditches in the Two Rivers district
about the first of June, when a large
area of fine agrlctiltural land will be
Irrigated and made to bear fruitfully.
Two Rivers Is located six miles north
of Wallula and 10 miles south of Pasco
on the Colubia river, directly oppos'te
Kennewick and on the main line of
the Northern Pacific and O. R. & N.
When the Snake River. Irrigation com
pany made its headquarters there in
December. 1S04. It Is sa d there was
ndthlng bbut one ranch house and
Now. it is stated, there are six resi
dences. two stores, a livery stable and
a large hotel completed, and numer
ous other buildings in process of con
! Valley Lumber & Mfg. Co.
General Mill Work. Clearwater Lime, Ce
ment ' Lumber in Quarter Sawed Oak, Maple,
Fir, Pine, Tamarac and California Red Wood
The.most complete stock and the :
Best Equipped Factory in the Inland Empire
Will Enlarge the "Pen."
The board of control of the state
penitentiary has decided to erect an
other wing to accommodate the in
crease In the number of plrisonera
The new structure will be made to ac
commodate between 150 and 200 con
victs. Work is to be commenced as
soon as the brick can be manufactur
ed in the prison yard.
Governor Mead's Proclamation.
Governor Mead has decided to de
clare June 1 a public holiday in this
state in honor of the opening of the
Lewis and Clark fair at Portland. The
proclamation was requested by Presi
dent Goode, of the exposition. Gover
nor Mead has been an enthusiastic
and consistent friend of the exposi
tion ami Is glad to take this means of
assisting In what is to prove of great
benefit to this state as well as to Ore
The law allows the governor to des
ignate any day a public holiday. The
formal proclamation will be issued
M. J. Shields of Moscow Offers to In
stall System.
Uniontown, Wash.. April 24.—M. J.
Shields, of Moscow. Idaho, was here
last week interviewing business men
irl regard to putting In an electric
plant. He met with much encourage
ment and will return again in the near
future when a'mass meeting will be
ailed for the purpose of discussing the
proposition of Mr. Shields.
The power for the lights will be tak
en from the line from Lewiston to
Moscow, which passes about two miles
east of Uniontown. Citizens are gen
erally In favor of putting in the lights.
Whitman Academy Also Arranges De
clamation Conteet.
Walla Walla, Wash., April 24.—Prep
arations are being made by Whitman
academy to hold the ^xth annual in
terscholastic truck meet and declama
tion contest some time in May. The
date was set at first for Friday, May
12, but as the state college meet Is on
the same day und might conflict In
some respects a date one-week earlier
ore one week later will probably be
The rules and regulations for this
meet are:
That only bonnflde members of acad
emies and high schools of the Inland
empire will be allowed to compete.
Name of contestant must be reported
ns early as May 1, accompanied by a
statement from the head of the insti
tution that contestants are eligible.
Whitman academy will entertain the
contestants during the meet.
The declamation contest, open to
young men and young women, will oc
cur on the evening of the date of the
meet at the college chapel. The win
ner of the first place will receive a
gold medal; of the second place a sil
ver medal.
The athletic events nre:
One hundred yard dash.
Two hundred and twenty yard dash.
Four hund and forty yard dash.
Half mile run.
Mile run.
Running broad jump.
Running high jump.
pole vault.
One hundred and twenty yard high
hurdles, 3 1-2 feet.
Two hundred and twenty yard low
hordle, 2 1-2 feet.
Shot put, 12 pound.
Hammer throw, 12 pound, and 7 foot
Discus throwing.
Mile relay nice, four men from each
Points to count, 5, 3 and 1.
In the relay race a silver cup ha*
lieen provided which remains in the
possession of the school last winning
the race until It shall have been won
three times by the same school, whefi
it shall become the property of the
winning whool. For the athletic events
silver and bronze medals will be pro
I vided for the first and second prize*
j and a ribbon for third prizes.
1 It is also provided that any school
intending u> enter the track meet can,
upon request, be visited by a member
of the Whitman college track team,
who is qualified to give suggestions
and instructions as to the best methods
of training for ouch contests.
The schools who have entered for the
meet Hre: The Weston Normal school.
Whitman academy, Pendleton and Ra
ker City high schools, with the Pen
dleton academy In the dedumation
Mil* Potter Leaves for California—
Others Return.
j Colfax. Wash.. April 24.—Miss Jes
sie Potter left Friday morning for Los
i Angeles. Cal., after a brief visit with
! her mother. Mrs. J. G. Potter, of Col
: fax. Miss Potter Is an elocutionist and
! dramatic reader, and has been In the
eastern states and Europe during the
past two years. She recently closed
her season in the east and goes to
Los Angeles to begin a season with
the Blanchard & Venter Lyceum bu
reau. She will return to Colfax next
fall and expects to give a series of
entertainments in eastern Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hamilton have
returned from California where they
spent the winter. They were absent
five months and spent all of the time in
San Francisco, where Mr. Hamilton
was under the case of a physician.
His health is much improved. A family
reunion was held at their home Friday.
Mrs. S. Benton returned Friday from
California where she spent the winter.
"Colfax colony." as she termed the
tourist from this place, have all re
turned from California.
William Smith, son of E. B. Smith
of the Royal bakery, has returned from
Whitman college, at Walla Walla, to
spend the Easter vacation at home.
The Chinese houses on the west side
of the South Palouse river, beside the
O. R. & N. tracks, are to be torn down
and the space occupied as a public
park. The Chinese have been notified
to vacate at once and will move to the
east side of North Main street, north
if the courthouse. Henry Meany is
erecting some small houses to be oc
cupied by the Chinese as homes. Con
siderable protest has been made
against the location selected for this
purpose and the Colfax Gazette scolds
Mr. Meany for erecting these unsightly
buildings In such a'promlnent place for
such a purpose.
W. G. Busse today began clearing
ground for his new furniture store, and
the work of erecting the building will
begin at once. The building will be
erected on Mluin street, just south of
the Hotel Whitman. It will be of
frame, covered with sheet steel, and
will be 56x100 feet, two stories high.
Mr. Busse was burned out in January
and not wishing to erect a brick build
ing on his lots where his old building
stood, has secured lots outside of the
fire limits and will erect a building
ivs Stock Shipped From That Point
to Alaska.
Pomeroy, April 24.—Mr. Cox »he cat
tle buyer loaded out for Alaska last
Saturday 70 head of heavy steers
which he purchased here some weeks
ago and left in charge of W. J. Rum
mens, for feeding. The estimated
weight of a number of these steers
was l.SOrt to 2,000 pounds each, and
a big fellow over whose weight some
discussion arose, was put on the scales
and tipped the beam at 2.100. At the
present market price for heavy fat
steers. 4 cents, this animal was ns
good as $84 cash. He came from the
herd of the Palmer brothers.
J. M. Robinson, accompanied by his
i daughter. Miss Josie, visited Pull
man last week.
Campbell and Weller have Just com
pleted a 30.000 gallon reservoir on the
McBride ranch which is Intended to in
crease the supply of water for the live
stock on the ranch during this sum
Henry Hitchcock and Mrs. Hitch
cock have returned from an extended
visit In California.
Senator Russell was in Walle Walla
Inst week on business.
Mrs. C. G. Black has returned from
a short visit to Spokane.
Mrs. A. J. Buckett visited her son
in Pullman last week.
The Building at Palouse Will Coat
Palouse. Wash., April 24—C. J. Deits.
president of the board of éducation,
has revised the original plan for the
new schoolhouse and Increased the
number of rooms from four to six. The
enlarging of the building was deemed
necessary because of the rapid growth
of the town.
The newly planned building will be
of veneered brick, two stories and 72x
68 feet. The building will front to the
south on Bluff street. A double stair
way will run up from the front. A
whole block on top of the hill has been
purchased for grounds. W. H. Moser
has the contract for $8.550. Work
will start In a few days. The building
will be ready for occupancy next fall.
It is probable that the lower grades
will use this building.
First Shearing Comptât«.
Dayton, Wash.. April 24.—Report*
coming in from the sheep camps on the
Tucannot are that the first shearing
of the bucks and wethers has been
completed, and that lambing Is Veil
under way. The Increase is heavy, and
the lambs are large and healthy. The
rains of the pa^t few days have not
been cold enough to cause death
among the new arrivals, but have ben
efited the'pasture.
M. A. Johnson. Edward GlanwelJ and
John Hubbard, farmers of this vicinity,
are preparing to leave for Alberta with
a view of locating there. A number
<>f others wUl follow in a short time
should the first visitors be satisfied
with the country.
To Core a Cola m One Day
Tdc Laxative Bromo Quinine T.uet*. ___,
Seven »Btto ft boxes *oM fft post 13 month*. TW» Signature,
For Fine Shoe Repairing
Bring your work to
Out of Town Orders Executed Promptly
Basement Lewiston National Bank
Contractor »0 Builder
Idaho Tea Company
The best coffees and tear
and finest line of C rocken
in the city.
The Mint
BAKER A SMITH, Proprietors
Choice liquors, wines, brandies and
cigars. A club room in connection.
Clark Building, Main street.
He Makes and Sells
232 Main St.
Lewiston Abstract Company
Bonded Abstractors for Nez Perce County
Dray and Express
W. E. MATHEWS, Proprietor.
Orders Promptly Attended to
Call and lave orders at
Toi. 111.
First class Rigs and careful drivers
at all hours of the day or night. Corner
C and Fourth streets.
Bam Phon« 171 Hack oHicc Phon« 2*71
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Lewiston Grocery & Bakerv
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