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Per Annum
No. 3^
The present season is proving a splendid one for
Bear Lake, people in more ways than one.
In the first place business has been good and
money plentiful.
In the next place, while the crops are notas heavy
as in some other years, the demand for what has been
raised is brisk with good prices being offered. Pota
toes will be especially high this year compared with
former seasons and $1 per hundred is freely offered for
marketable spuds; other garden truck is in good de
mand at higher prices than usual.
Eggs and poultry are scarce, and the price for the
former ranges from 17£ to 20 cents a dozen. Butter
has been scarce in Montpelier market all summer.
Hay is going at from $7.50 to $9.50 per ton on
board the ears. There is much lueern in the valley,
and more swamp hay has been cut this year than ever
Oats are selling for $1 per hundred in Montpelier
and the price will probably stay close to that figure.
Not much wheat was raised this year, but there is
good demand for the marketable product.
Cattle are off in price and the demand is only for
beef critters..- Shi
- Good horses are bringing a big price while all
kinds of horseflesh is,higher than formerly.
Thus it will be seen, that generally, what the
farmer has to sell this year will bring him a good prjce.
The coal camps are already calling on this valley for
all sorts of products from the farms and ranches, while
the local merchants are offering as big a price as the
market outside will justify.
Surely this is a great year for old Bear Lake and
many is the mortgage and debt that ouggt to be paid
off this year.
vëà *■
As if Montpelier, with its mining excitement didn't
have about all it could attend to, a,n oil excitement has
cropped out. The white shale up Montpelier canyon
is said to show evidences of oil and a location stampede
has taken place, for a long while it has been known
that indications of oil existed up there, but no one has j
had the temerity to take hold of the proposition and
make any developments. , What will come of the pres
ent excitement remains to be seen.
Last Monday evening a man by the name of Chas.
Sherwood from Iowa, attempted to board a freight
train at Lava. He missed his footing and was thrown
under the cars and killed. The body was horribly
mangfocL ^Pfte 'deceasecT was^â^yearà bid
'dféMëcT and bad some $80 in his pockets, yet he was
trying to beat his way. The coroner's jury returned a
verdict exonerating the company from any blame.
In the closest and most soul-stirring race ever
sailed for the American cup, the ^hite flyer Columbia
Saturday beat the British challenger over a windward
and leeward course of 30 neutieal miles by the narrow
heart-breaking margin of 37 seconds. As Lipton's
latest aspirant for cup honors must allow the defender
43 seconds on account of the extra 833 square feet of
canvas in her sail area, the official record, under the
rules, gives her the victory by 1 minute and 20 sec
The trial Tuesday was declared off on account of
there being no wind. The Shamrock was ahead. As
is well known, if the yachts do not finish within a
specified time the race is declared off. The yachts
have now started three,times, but only one race has
resulted so far. They started again yesterday.
President Ricks, Dead.
President Thomas E. Ricks, of
Fremont stake died Saturday morn
ing at 6:30 o'clock, at Rexburg.
He had been confined to his home
front sickness -for several months.
He was of the few who lived beyond
the three score years and ten.
President Ricks was a 1 strong
man in his church and a respected
citizen. At the time of his death
he was president of the board of
Asylum directors. He was bom in
Kentucky in 1828, moved to Nauvoo,
111,, and came thence to Salt Lake
City. In his long life time he had
many varied experiences, many ups
and downs, and at the time of h1s
death at a ripe old age he had the
respect and esteem of those who
knew him. The funeral took place
Tuesday and was largely attended,
many from Salt Lake being pres
, , , , ... .
the orchard from this time on. The
Before winter
^ •. . ;
to give the orchard a watering.—j
Gem State Rural.
' wm,A»k for P
Hy Andersbu and>George Will
iams, who were snwt up from Paris
last winter, wiU/ask\tbe board of
pardons at th/ir comihg meeting,
toi a paid Win order to be restored
to citizenship. The boysSyill be
out in^January, .their sentence ex?
\ piring at that time.
for Trees.
/ Uab
wster sparingly, if at all,
trees need s chance to mature the
season's growth,
sets in it 19 ordinarily a good plan
Dubois, Take Notice.
The Democratic party as a party
is broad in its principles and policies.
It is a party of the people and for
the people. No collection of alleged
members can run it in their own in- .
terest or to further their own jn
diyidual schemes. They may gain
a point today but they will be over
thrown tomorrow. This is as true
as the rising and setting of the sun.
He who attempts it will run his
race quickly. The history ot the
party tells that its pathway is strewn
with carcasses of such schemers.
They fall after a short race and
perish by the roadside. The paj-ty
loves and is always willing to honor
its frank, open, fair-minded' and
honest members.—Blaekfoot News.
An Odd Paper.
Mr. LeBailey a few days ago gave
the Examiner scribe a copy of the
Jersey Times and British Press"
published on the Island of Jersey,
The quaint way of set
ting ads and arranging the paper
looked odd and old fashioned to tw.
But the wording of some of the ads
was what amused us. For instance
wpriotieed that a young lady adver
tized to give lessons in painting,
eUy, and also in "poker w ork,
/ Opening Port Hall Reserve.
Plans for opening the Fort Hall,
Idaho, Indian resernation are being
rapidly completed JJiÄjüPterior
departments The date for opening
has not been fixed, but it is believed
th3t lt occur the later j»art ol
j October, or early in November.
; QuinauIt reservation m Washing! o »
will probablv **

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