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Montpelier examiner. [volume] (Montpelier, Idaho) 1895-1937, December 13, 1901, Image 3

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will be along on schedule time this
year, and he has sent a fine line of
what he expects to use for
already to the Golden Rule, where
they can be seen any day now.
Though a little early, we want you
to come and look the display over.
There will be presents for young
and old, bright, new and novel
things for all.
A Picture Given away
Come and ask us how.
In the District Court of the Fifth
Judicial District, of the state of Idaho,
in and for the county of Bear Lake.
Elsie H. Bresee, plaintiff,
Peter L. Bresee, defendant.
State of Idaho to Peter L, Bresee,
In the name of the People of the state
of Idaho:
You are hereby no lified that there is
now on file in the office of the Clerk of
the District Court of the Fifth Judicial
District of the State of Idaho, in and
for the County of Bear Lake, the com
plaint of Elsie H. Bresee in which she
seeks to obtain a decree of this court
dissolving the bonds of matrimony be
tween her and yourself on the grounds
of desertion, alleging that you wilfully
and without cause abandoned her on or
about the 15th of September, 1900, and
continue to so abandon her. She also
seeks to have awarded her the care and
custody of the two children, the issue
of said marriage, namely Elouise, aged
five years and Calvin aged nineteen
The particulars more fully appearing
in plaintiffs complaint, a copy of which
is served herewith and made a part
hereof; and that unless you appear aud
answer 'to said complaint witnin ten
days after the service thereof, if served
within Bear Lake Conntv, and within
twenty days if served out of said county,
but within said Judicial district, and
within forty days if served out of said
district [exclusive of the day of service]
judgment will oe taken aga'nst you by
default, and the plaintiff will apply to
the court for the relief demanded.
In Testimony whereof I, James E.
Hart, Clerk of said district Court, have
hereunto set my hand, and affixed the
Seal of said Court at Paris, Idaho, this
21st day of November A. D. 1901.
James E. Hart, Clerk.
Glenn A Gough, Att'ys for plaintiff.
Another Big Cut.
We are selling Ladies, Misses and
children's shoes at cost and below, to
close out a big line «e haye. Call and
investigate. Ellen Douglas.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of the
digestants and digests all kinds of
food, it gives instant relief and never
failstocure. It allows you to eat^all
the food you want. The most sensitive
stomachs can take it. By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything else failed. It
prevents formation of gas on the stom* i
ach, relieving all distress after eating,
Dieting unnecessary. Pleasant to take.*
tft can't help
__ b"* do yon good
Préparai only by E. O. De W itt & Oo. , Chlca«»
TbeSL bottfe rannim t*
Cburcb Services.
Sunday Services, December 15th.
Sabbath School at 10 o'clock,
Morning Worship at 11 o'clock, Sub
ject:—''Born of God." John 1: 13.
Evening Worship at 7:30 o'clock Sub
ject :-'There hath not risen a greater."
Matt. 11; 11.
Rev. Charles O- Mudge. Pastor.
Dec. 15, the third Sunday of Advent
sermon on text: "What you went to
see? A reed shaken by the wind." Matt
11, 8. Subject The creed preached by
Jesus Christ 1900 years ago, can never
be revised by man, no more than he
can revise the laws of gravity govern
ing the stars.
Mass and sermon at 10:30.
Ember days, Wednesday 18, Friday
20 and Saturday 21.
Catechism at 2:30 p. m.
Rey. W. J. A. Uendrickx.
Parish Priest.
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church.
December 15th third Sunday in Ad
11 a. in, Morning Prayer.
Children's service at 2 o,clock p. m.
Evening Prayer and sermon at 7.30
p. m.
Choir will sing at evening services.
R. Ashton Curtis.
Superb Chinaware*
Our elegant new stock of chinaware,
glassware and china novelties, is the
wonder and admiration of all. Just the
thing for elegant Christmas presents.
Call and see for yourself. W. W.
Very Important.
The Fair store at Montpelier have
ceived one of the most complete stocks
of clothing and dry goods in the state.
Prices to defy competition. It will pay
you to inspect these stocks.
Montpelier Hide Market.
The Bear Lake Hide and Junk Co,
quote the following prices on hides,
until further notice: Flint dry butchers
cattle hides 12J cents pound.
Murrain hideji 10 cents pound .
*:Green" butchers cattle hides $2.75
to $3 each,
Dry horse hides $1 to $1.25 each.
Green horse hides $1:25 to $1:75
Dry full wool pelts 6}£ cents pound
Green full wool pelts 25 to 50 cents
All hides bought by us paid for in,
Bear Lake Hide and Junk Co.
New Passenger Engines.
The Short Line is receiving a new
class of passenger engines. They
are of the 450 lot and have fo
drive wheels. These
engines are
built on the model ot the famous
999 locomotive of the New York
Central railway. Engineers say the
new engine is a dandy and
make 100 miles an hour easily The
Short Line has ordered several of
this class of locomotives for its
Supreme Coi rt Decision.
The supreme court of Idaho have
decided, in substance, that
who works for a county on the order
of a commissioner, cannot receive
pay for the same unless the said
a man
commissioner was expressiv author
a . u- .
lze< * l ^ e board to hire the work
done. The caae came from Ban
„„„i, „„a t a , ,
noc * c coun ty, and Judge Rich hav
ing held differently,"was reversed
- - -:
JXtange in Track Foremen,
/ a d„,„„ , ,
y mrron hag been transferred
to McCammon from this city, where
he relieves Foreman O'Grady, who
goes to Lava. Foreman Pat Moan
, , muau
goes trum Lava to this city.
V* V
iSam L. Lewis.
IDAHOAè/lM/Ü/ fr
announcement, f&ÜMEêK
Our Stock has now arrived and is complete in every department^
Clothing, Boots
and Shoes,
Dry Goods,
Capes, Jackets.
4 -
500 choice Suits for men
at $2.50 to $IO a suit.
This will be a drive. Clothing was never so cheap as
this season. Prices of materials are much lower
this enables us to sell chaper than
Mens Overcoats, Dress Coats, Ulsters
and Fur Coats.
A large assortment of Boys Suits at as-!
tonishingly Low Prices.
We will make Special Inducements to large Cash Buyers.i
Dry Goods, Dress Goods, 200 pieces cassimere, choicest
. goods well worth 25 cents yard our price I2£ cents.
A very good selection in silks for dress patterns and

100 pieces Outing Flannel 5 cents per yard.
100 Dieces Calico 5 cents per yard.
50 pieces Gingham 5 cents per yard.
L L Factory 5 cents per yard.
Underwear; weean save you 50 to 100 per cent on
underwear. Think of it heayy wool fleeced shirts and
drawers at 40c each.
In this department we have gained the confidence of
the people. In footwear we notice our sales is doubled
and trebled,
Bradley <fc Metcolf giant brand for
Bros Ladies shoes.
It accounts lor the well known makes
C. M. Hendersons famous school house shoe.

******* ******** *********
It generally pays for the majority to buy hats from our
store you can buy a fine hat fnr $2, we are satisfied you would
pay elswhere $5 for the saine hat.
**************************** ******+.. *ß*P*rm*{
We have bought a large assortment of Novelties for Christmas
and Holiday trade, no doubt you will be able to select a fine
Christmas prêtent for your friend. Solid gold Jewelry we
guarantee as represented or your money hack.
We wish to stote to our patronage ar.d public not to wait
until the last day for Christinas goods to do your trading as the
rush is generally large and yon may not get as good a selec
tion as you might wish, although we are well prepared for a
large business
Onr stock this season can not be excelled in the state of Idaho
in quality aud price.
We also sell groceries, but we care not to make bates 25 lbs.
of sugar for $1. This is not creditable to the wise but merly a
circus bluff. But heed to the wise as it is a snare to the buyer.
Yours for business,

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