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I elow is tlie time
par m e < f
ot arrival and de
là ssenger trains at Mont*
West bound No. 1. 1 :55 p. m
West bound No. 11 4:20
East bound No, 2. 3:50 p. m.
East bound No. (5. 7:15 a. m
2:00 p. m.
4:25 a. in.
3:55 p. m.
7:20 a. m.
M. E. King, Agent.
Montpelier, Idaho.
a. m.
E. Burley,
G. P. & T. A.
D. S. Spencer,
A. G. P. & T. A.
Salt Lake City, Utah.
Montpelier, Idaho, Apnl 22, 1904.
Local News
Jack Reeves went to Afton yesterday:
Frantz Nielsen does exeelent work/8
t . I
All kinds of syrup. Onr price Ids
rieht. IL'. v
George Miltenberger is very sick at
V. eiser, Idaho.
l p St 8t ° re ° f Montpolier ' The
o den tu e. 8
A ward of the L. D. S. church has
been organized at Inkom.
Garden Seeds and Flower Seeds and
Onion Sets at H. B. Whitmans. 5
Plowing is getting into full blast
over the valley.
The commissioners met in adjourned
session Monday.
Andrew Larsen came in from Novene
Saturday on real estate business.
Store of Montpelier,
The Clothin,
The Golden Rule.
.iudge Gougn nas inoveu into new
offices over Riter Bros. Drug Co.'s store.
We have a full new stock of groceries
and our prices are the lowest. IT. 39
Ben Bergman was in Soda Springs
Wednesday. -,
The Millinery Store of Montpelier,
The Gulden Rule. <—&
Mose and Ed Lewis arrived home
from their trip to the east th is wee k. ^
Embroiders, Laces, Ribbon and Trim
ings in many styles at 11. B. Whitmans,
The Dry Goods Store of Montpelier,
The Golden Rule. g
^ has Barclav is moving his photo
gallery into the building next door to
Lyman's drug store. "
A swell line of Boys Spring Suits Hats
& Caps extra pants at 11. B. Whit -1
My new spring samples are in. Call
and ee them at, Chas. Schmid's, the!
For Sale—One-sea ted pharton for sale
cheap. Apply to Dad's
, T . .•
About, eight vears ago branrz Nielsen
, " T * , . . .
painted the Jones residence up-town.;
1 . . _ Q
It is in good shape yet. 8
Frantz Nielsen bas returned and will
do all kinds of painting* paperhanging
at lowest prices.
I have good clean oats seed for sale,
Parties wanting same call on Parley
Peterson, Ovid, Idaho.
Latest Novelties in Waisfe Sets, Hair
Pins, Large Military Buttons at II. B.
Call and see our line of sample Hois
ladies and childrens values
H . B. Whitman. 5
ery in mens,
unheard of.
Get your order in fora new spring
suit, selected from my new spring sam
ples. Fit guaranteed.
the tailor. .*
Frantz knows how.
The county ;;ssessor is about thc land
taking note of the people's belo:
All work guaranteed by
u gs
Fr ntz Ni cl
It dont come off when Frantz Nielsen
puts paper tin.
Paper hanging by Frantz is anti-come
in quality, quantity.
style * prices, Th** Golden Rule.
Childrens ready made dresses. The
Golden Rule.
When your wall paper comes off hav
Frantz Nielsen put it on to stay,
The Famous Elgin Shirts in tkemitest
patterns, The Golden Rule. 3
Frantz Nielsen is here again. Does
good work and does it reasonable to. 8
Fishing tackle of all kinds,
line at right prices- Riter Bros. Drug
Always First
' s
Fine new
ATtrrrm '. 1 f i 'j* 1 r i TTliud Mrs. Bagley
carne up trom Boise tins week for a JMw
^ays visit ^
' ^J^-** 0 *
>ee our line of mens hats and caps
childrens caps and etc. AtH.B.Whit
man .
The Presbyterian church congrega
£i 01J are eX p ec ting a new minister about
the middle of May.
All kinds of bar for sale. Horses feg
by the month. Enquire at H. B. Whitf
The wet weather bas temporarily de
laved operations on the many new
bmldmgs going np around town.
Try the cigar "IT,' y ' Made especially
for Montpelier trade. Best 5 cent smoke
in town.
. 52
F. C. Stanford, general manager of
the Eastern Idaho division R. M. T
Co., was in Montpelier a few days ago
All those wishing Kemmerer coal can
leave orders at Hunter House,
Wilcox,- agent.
A Beautiful Line of summer waists
Corsets Covers, Under skirts in the
Latest Patterns at H. B. Whitman.
You can't tell where you can do the
Best until you try.
ies, cigars, tobacco and candy.
Trv im for umcpy.
us roi giocti
Andrew Larsen has sold his city prop
erty in Montpelier to Mrs. Teuscher.
^ le deal was made by the Bear Lake
Realty Co.
A beautiful line of ladies waists We
w ^b save you 15 to —> per cent on then^^~J
an( * £3 ve y° u lattest patterns at. H. It
Whitmans. 15
At the last meeting of Idanha lodgL
K. of P., Dr. Holbrook resigned as AB,
of F., and C. N- Sweet w-as elected to
fill the vacancy.
Have several very tine pieces of city
rea ^- v t * lat vv e <5an 8e ^ ver - v Gieap. Call
arul let us shovv y° u - Joe Fuller, of
Bear Lake Realty Co.
Shoes we, can give ytou the best values
. , 2 r ,
von have ever had. Remember we
guarantee our shoes to give perfect,
„ .. „ n
satisfaction. H B, Whitman
Now is the time to pick up a few
snaps in real estate before the spring
boom. We have some fine places in
the city that can be had for very little
money. See our list; Bear Lake Realty
Co. Joe Fuller, manager.
Mrs. H. R' Harris, wife of the Short
Line's night operator, and daughter
caaie in from Laramie, ' Wyoming, last
Satuiday morning, expecting to remain
here this summer, but they were hardly
located when Mr. Harris was transfer
red on Monday to Montpelier. The peo
plo of our sister city will find Mr. Har
ris all right in eyerv respect — Chief
The Shoe Ston* of Montpelier. Too
, Golden Rule,
D- M. .Austin
U. S. Commissioner
roofs and filings
; A'?s land business.
iuontpelier. idnbo.
Take your Land Proofs and filings to
S. Commissioner,
! D. M.
Austin, F
Montpelier. Idaho.
The Catholic church has been wired
for electric light, and now all tlio
! church edifices are thus illuminated.
J Mose Lewis lias removed the Hoff
I Bankrupt stock to his store, where he
1 will close out what is left regardless of
Siim Lewis returned from the east
.this week, where he had been purchas -■/
trig liis summer stock of good s.
We have some choice residences for
sale cheap. Call and we will show you
I the property. Bear Lake Realty Co.
I Joe Fullejr, manager
The Royal Tailors will givp away 10
automobile to their customers this sum
Do you want one Y Ask us, Th<
Golden Itnle.
Attorney Longfellow and the Mont
pelier Irrigation District will soon oo
cupy new offices in the Riter block.
Several showers fell this week, which
! has retarded farming operations some
j what in the vaLUxvr--_
The Bur troy ne Mer. Co., are laying a
sidewalk along their property on the
west side of 8th avenue, from Washings
Aon to Lincoln streets. ■
^r,,, Tillli lli. ..1.l~Tr Native
j Herbs on hanrt K „„, b]ood p nrm „
| ^ s|jrin „ Ule( i idne .
j at. Burgoyne
Can get same
Merc. Co, or at Arnold
Z u in um br u m r esi d en ce .
Headstones and monuments as cheap
as the cueapest in price, and as good as
the best in workmanship. Call and see
samples one door west of Brennan *
Davis store. All work guaranteed,
| Stones bought of me set up free in
; cemetery. J. If. Brown.
W. IT. Ross, who was hurt, some time
j ago at Ogden, is reported to lie getting
! along splendidly. Mr. Ross is well
known in this city.
The Odd Fellows dance on the 20th
- n , , , . , . ,
î W j|] be the best ever given by this order
. The committee in charge are working to !
make it a record breaker for attendance, i
L/'Hoboes are corningTInck and fast andl
/r looks as though the city would have
y to provide a chain gang or some other
1 remedy for this nusiance.
n dge Rich and Chas. Robison leave
to-day for Canada, where they go to
testify before a Canadian court concern -
ing a fellow named Caldwell, wbowns/
: once aruested in this county. /
\ The hour of Sunday evening fmyvioes
in the Episcopal church waschanged to
8 o'clock. The Subject of the Sermon
next Sunday will be "St Pauls discourse I
before Felix."
Mrs Martha Mickelsen who has been
in Gentile Valley,
visiting her aunt
brought her little two-year old daughter
to town, Monday night, in a very criti
cal condition. The little one got hold of
some concentrated lve water and drank
it,. Di*. Anderson did all he could to re
lieve tho '-hild's sufferings and it was
some better when they left Tuesday
morning for Montpelier, but there are
small hopes of its entire recovery.—
have a contract to buy a
hundred thousand DOUIlds
WOOl, and Will pay the
highest market price for
same. Bear Lake Hide &
Junk Co.
jj Right now wivui every ihr. - in
j| nature i,s turning brown and sear
A little
paint wfll no a 1 u.g
way towards brightening up tin*
many old tilings around the plant*.
Porch, chairs and seats, lawn
mowers, and dozens of things in
side the house need a little touch
ing up.
We've paint all ready to use
for any purpose.
Put up in any size can you may
wish. Any color you may fancy.
Drop in and get a color card, and
we'll tell you more about it.
Of course we've brushes to put
the paint on wit h—10c and up
I v

! T% * i ^ T'y
j .KltCI* jOl^OS IwiO*
Franklin, Pieston and Montpelier,
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church.
Divine services are held every .Sun
day as follows:
Morning prayer and sermon at 11 a. m.
Sunday School nj 2 p. m.
Bible Glass for grown people at 3 p. m.
Evening prayer and sermon at 8;00
Subject of S'*nnan, "St. Pauls dis- .
course before Felix."
The public is cordially invited to at
tend anj' or all services.
Epi set ) pa 1 Mi ssi< m a ry
Death of L. H. Lubben.
To-day at. noon Lublne II. Lub
engincer of tiio
pneinnon la, af
an illness of only five days,
j Mr Lubben was taken sick last Sun
day evening, having conn* in on the
; ben, a well known
Short Line, died of
passenger run m the morning
1 . ° °
! RÜuient rapidly developed
i pneumonia, 1 le was a member of
the B. of L. K., ami this
a g°*
order lent
j every assistance possible, while
'j three physicians worked unceasing] v
j to save his life.
\ It will be remembered that Mr.
i Jhubben's wife died about, one year
Three boys, who are at pres
| ent in the east, with relatives,
: now left orphans,
carried $ 1500 in the Brotherhood,
which will go to the boys.
No arrangements will be
until Mr. Lubbcti's father,
now on the road to this city, lias
arrived for the funeral.
who is
Millinery at Cost,
I will close out mv eptire line of
for the next ten days, at
in Montpelier for the money; some
$1.50 Hats 75
at $3.00.
Everything in trimmings at
Childrens Leghorns
Also a fine line ot childrens hats
at 50c, 75c and $1.00
Mrs. S. J. Kalfenbe
d'lie best values ever
$5.00 hats
at 25 cents
Montpelier, Idaho.

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