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KO. 21
Commissioners Proceedings. !
Regular session of the Board of Coun- i
ty Commissioners. The board met pur- i
suant to law July 11th, 1964, at 10
o'clock a. m. Present, J. R. Shepherd,
chairman, W. W. Richards and T. A.
Greenhalgh, commissioners, and J E.
Hart, clerk, when the following pro
ceedings were had to-wit:
In the master of the petition of John
R. Brennan, et. al., praying for the or
ganization of an irrigation district on
the East and North of Bear River in T.
Bear Lake County, Idaho, under and
by virtue of an act of the Legislature of
the State of Idaho entitled: "An Act
Relating to Irrigation Districts and to
provide for the organization thereof
and to provide for the acquisition of
water and other property and for the
distribution of water thereby for irri
gation purposes, and for other and sim
ilar purposes," approved March 9, 1903.
The following witness was sworn and
examined on behalf of the petitioners
tow it: Robert A. Birch, and from the
evidence the board finds that said peti
tion is signed by more than fifty of the
holders of title and evidence of title to
land within the boundaries described
in said petition: that the lands included
within said boundaries are susceptible
of one mode of irrigation from a com
mon source and by the same system of
works; that said signers are the holders
of title or evidences of title to more
than one-fourth part of the total area
of the land in the proposed district
which will be assessed for the purpose
of said district under the operation of
said act. The said petition contains a
particular description of the proposed
boundaries of said District. The said
petitioners accompanying the petition
with a map of the proposed district,
showing the location and the water
supply of the proposed canal and all
other canals situated within the bound
aries of said proposed district and the
flow for and the length, of the period of
extreme low water in Bear River, the
said source of supply* and the cross-sec-'
tionsof the proposed canals and all ex- 1
isting canals within the boundaries of j
said proposed district sufficient in num
ber to show the contemplated mode of j
construetion and the capacity in cubic I
feet per second of the proposed and j
said existing canals, said cross-sections
being drawn to the scale of ten feet to j
the inch and said map and cross-sec-1
tions together with an estimate of the
cost being certified to by Washington I
Jenkins a well known and competent :
Irrigation Engineer. And the petition- j
ers acoomuanying the petition with a
ol and sufficient bond in the sum of !
five hundred dollars, being double the
amount of the probable cost of organiz
ing said district, conditioned that the
bondsmen will pay all costs in case said
organization be not affected, which
bond was ordered approved by said
board. Acd it appearing that said pe
tition together with a notice stating
the time ol the meeting at which the
same wonkl be presented has been pub- i
lished for at least three weeks before !
the time set for the presentation there
of in the Paris Post and Montpelier
.Examiner printed and published in
Bear Lake County, within which coun
ty said proposed district is situated.
Now, therefore, it is ordered that
estimate, affidavit
said petition, map,
lof publication and bond be placed on •
It is further ordered that the hearing
upon said petition shall bq and is here
by set for August lôthj 1904 at 10 o'clock
a. m., and that a notice of the time
of said hearing be published at least
fifteen days before the said time of hear
ing in the Paris Post and the Mont
pelier Examiner, newspapers published
in Bear Lake County, Idaho.
Reports of the following named road
overseers are hereby accepted, viz: H.
T. Oakey, H. £ Skinner, H. S. Poulsen,
Albert Lindsay, F. W. Sleight, John
Mattson and Rudolph Ashlimon.
Upon application of road overseer of
Road Districts No. 17 and 19 (Star val
ley road) respectfully the sum of $75.00
is hereby appropriated out of the Road
and Bridge Fund to be expended under
the direction of the road overseer of
said districts to make needed repairs
on the county road.
In the matter of the petition of John
A. Quayie et. al., for a change of a cer
tain road, after duly considering the
said petition the same is laid over for
the reason that it is not accompanied
by a bond as required by law and
further that Thomas Lauridsen and
James Hanson whose names appear on
said petition, object to said petition
claiming that their names were placed
tnere through misrepresentation and
fraud on the part of some of the pe
Upon the application of William N.
Clayton for the creation of a road dis
trict in Paris canyon, the board after
j due consideration hereby orders that
said application be granted. This road
district shall be known as road district
. , , , . . .
1 n ght enjoyed by the wives o the
j homesteaders,
No. 20.
These Can Vote.
Attorney General Bagley, iu re
sponse to a request for bis ruling on
the subject, has delivered an ppin
to the effect that homesteads,
within a school district, have, if
j electors, a right to vote on proposals
I to bond the district.
The same
Heretofore, it appears, this right,
j j n many instances, has been with
j tions unless he had proviouslv prov
ed up and obtained title to his
tor may vote at a bond election,
! provided he is residing on his home
stead with his family.
It was claimed that a home
steader could not vote in bond elec
Attorney General Bug
ley declares that under the state
law any homesteader who is an elec
^ a
i Jud g e Dunbar 8 oourt Tuesday and
! paid a fine of $25 and costs,
j The case illustrates the necessity
; f or an examination ot labels on
j ^
niond Packing company for pure
Should Examine the Labels!
Dan McFadden, arrested on com
plaint of Food Inspector McPherson
for selling adultrated lard as the
j pure product, pleaded guilty m
Mr. McFadden said he
knew he was guilty. He purchased
the lard in a tierce from the Ham
lard and put it up in cans himself.
He had thought it did not seem

right but did not realize it was not
pure until the inspector pointed it
Mr. McFadden said he had
not observed how the tierce was
Hearst Sore on Idaho.
Edward H. Hamilton, the famous
Hearst newspaper correspondent
describing the struggle for the pres
idential nomination at St. Louis, is
very bitter over the action of the
Idaho delegation, which he accuses
» I
of betraying his leader. Hamilton i
treats the incident as follows in hi,s !
report to the Hearst syndicate of ;
Outside of the Parker matter the
day has been spent m telling how
the fight was won and lost. There
seemed to be but one real sore spot
left before the Parker manifesto.
Idaho represents that sore, and the
Idaho delegation has not come off
! with honor. Men are shaking their
heads over it, and the whispered
innuendoes are not good to hear.
When the roll was called and the
vote on the nomination of Parker
was a tew shy of the necessary two
thirds, everybody felt that the thing
was over; in fact', everybody but the
dreamers had known for days that
Parker would be the nominee when
ever the thing got to a vote, but 1»
fore the result could be announced,
Idaho had instructed for Hearst.
The change was a direct breach of
political faith among politicians.
Such a thing is a refusal to pav a
debt of honor among gentlemen' or
welching among gamblers.
& & ®
Great Plans Mapped Out.
The Moscow Star is informed up
on the very best authority that on
Friday, July 1st, there was a secret
meetinfi held in the governor's room
at the State House m Boise which
was attended by the governor; Judge
Stewart, of that judicial district;
Calvin Cobb, proprietor of the
Statesman; aud Edgar Wilson, who
left the Republican party in 1896
and is still out, is in fact a Dubois
man. Max Mayfield would have
been present but was absent from
the city. He was there in spirit,
This is the coterie that is to man
age the governor's campaing for a
renomination, and if successful their
rewards are to be as follow«: Ste
wart, who is now judge of that
judicial district, is to he notniuated
to fill Judge Sullivan'« seat on the
supreme bench; Edgar Wilson is to
be appointed by Governor Morrison
to fill Judge Stewart's present posi
tion, and when Judge Stocklager's
term on the supreme benck expires,
W ilson is slated to succed him. At
the end of his second term, two
years hence, Morrison, with the
help of his henchmen, is to have a
political machine strong enough to
send him to the senate, while Cobb
h in leash with the
seat, for
is to bold B
promise of IÏÊyburn'g
which service the Statesman is to
haye the printing of the state, county
and city. Part of the program is
for the Statesman to stop its war on
the Mormons until it. will pay again
it, because to continue it
now would endanger the
governor's chances of renomination,
and if renominated imperil his
chances of election. Hence it. is to
be held in suspense for the present.
to renew
The Vote on President.
The first and only ballot on presi
dent at the democratic convention
Parker 658.
Hearst, 200.
Cock well, 42.
Olney. 44.
* Wall, 27.
Gray, 8.
Miles, 8.
McLennan, 3.
Scattering, 15.
Before the vote was announced,
however, Idaho, Nevada and some
others, changed to Parker thus giv
ing him the necessary number to
Episcopal Convocation at Pocatello.
The hmsoopal Convocation, dis
t ! lct of Bo.se conyened at Tmmv
?>>urch Pocatello, Wednesday morn
'"«• I . h<! ">°rn.n g **»<>» w»» <!-■
v , ol 1 ed , *.° ""' nm,tte ? wurk - At 8
° clook 1,1 th . e , eve "'."K •» «ddre«
" a " ^«"vered by B.shop Funston.
Among those presem were, Bishop
Fanston of Boise, Arcbdeaeou Jen
" ln P 9 of £»".»*- Kev. Henry G.
Taylor or Weiser, Rev. H Story of
g" 1 ** , Ml " s Red * a ?
g ev ' and ^ dw "' f,n , k " a {
I Boise, Miss Caroline Wheeler of
i Ross Fork and Rev. A. Chatnber
laine of Montpelier.—Tribune.
Lands Open to Settlement.
The Five-mile limit lands, adja
cent to Pocatello, will bo opened
f or settlement on the 6th day of
September, 1904, at 9 o'clock on the
morning ot said day and may then
be taken under the homestead,
townsite, stone and timber and
mining laws of the United State«
and in accordance with instructions
which may later be secured at the
l an d office at Blackfoot.
1 The statement made by Hon.
George Ë- Roberts, director ot the
United States mint, in an interview
a few day« ago, that "there will
never be anotehr silver dollar coined
in this country*" will be a surprise
1 to thousands of people in the coun
try, who supposed that the coining
of silver dollars is going right
It may not prove to he true, either,
—Mountainhome Republican.
Frank Oakley is fixing up the
bowling alley room, and will put in
b lU j ar) j and pool tables
^ . „ * 1 ,
to the alle y* He to be ready
for business about August 1st.
He May Die Some Day.
New Pool Room.
m addition

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