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NO. a
4 H. H. Maguire Invents Hot Blast
Door for Use on Locomotives.
Door Will be Given a Thorough Test by
the Short Line-Make Big Saving
in Fuel.
About two months ago Engineer
11- H. Maguire of this city, filed
with the patent office at Washington
an application for a patent on a hot
blast furnace door and frame. The
application was accompanied with a
model. A few days ago Mr. Ma
guire received a letter from the pat
ent office stating that there waa
nothing along the principle of his
model on file m the office and that
his application would be considered
in due time. This ia practically an
assurance that a patent will be
The door can be used on all loco
motives and stationary boilers and
Mr. Maguire is confident its use
will result in a saving of from 30 to
25 per cent of fuel. It has been
proveu that the hot blast draft in
heating stoves, where soft coal is
used, saves fuel by converting the
gas arising from the coal into heat.
£ome months ago Mr. Maguire came
to the conclusion that if the hot
blast draft would save fuel in heat
ing stoves it would certainly save
fuel on locomotives and other boil
lie accordingly set to work
devising a furnace door that would
operate on that principle. He was
not long in perfecting the model,
which he immediately forwarded to
the patent office.
Mr. Maguire exhibited his model
and explained its principle to Mr.
Dunn, superintendent of
for the Short Line, and that

,-entleman was so favorably ini
i,v8sed with it that he gave itistruc
„ Aions to have it thoroughly tested
bv having a door made and placed
"It will be a
on a locoomotive.
saver if it does only
great money
half what you claim for it," said
Mr. Dunn in conversation with Mr.
Master Mechanic Garrick and all
to whom Mr. Maguire
the engineers
has shown a model have expressed
the belief that the door was con
structed on scientific principles and
that it was certain to quickly come
into general use on locomotives.
If it does, Mr. Maguire will real
fortune from his inven
ize a sng
Modifies His Order.
Under date of January 25 Presi
an order to
,1 eut Rooseyelt issued
the secretary of the interior direet
that "hereafter no final certifi
cate, patent or other evidence of
title shall be issued under the pub
lie land laws until
ination has been made on the ground
bv an authorized officer of the
This order brought
actual exam
January w
torth a vigorous protest from Sena
Hevburn, who ma»ie a long
the senate, in which he
speech in
criticised the administration of the
administered bv the
The Sen
land laws as
•retarv of the interior,
ator showed that tbe order of the
President would result in withhold
ing the issuance of patents on lands
indefinite period of time and
would «-ause great
for an
in consequence
inconvenience to settlers in
western states. The objection of
Senator Heyburn being brought to
R,e notice of the President, he i»sued
another o-der under date of F*b. 12
in which the provisions of bis prev
largely modifie«!,
second order to the
all tbe
io „s order were
The President's
of the interior is
deuce of title under the public land
list. 1 re issue the order in the follow
iua more specific form :
To facilitate the final disposition of
proper applications for pateut and to
prevent the fraud now practiced in the
acquisition of public lands of the United
States. I have to direct that hereafter
no final certificate, patent, or other evi
dence of title shall lie issued until an
officer authorised to make field examin
ation has made snch examination or has
obtained information of equivalent
vaine. This order, however, shall not
lie taken to affect or modify the follow
1. Final five year homestead entries
heretofore made where the proof is sat
isfactory and complete.
3. Final certificates and receipts in
final five-year homestead proofs hereto
fore or hereafter made when the proof
is satisfactory and complete
8. Homestead entries commuted on
ceded Indian lands in which aunnal
payments are required.
4. Entries where claimant's compli
ance with law has 'been established by
contest or other regul e adverse pro
5. Entries confirmed which may
have been confirmed by virtue of any
act of Congress.
6. Selections and entries in which
no residence or improvement is required
by law when the lands embraced there
in are situated in non-mineral localities.
shown by the records of the Geolog
ical Survey, or when their character
has been fixed by investigation and
classification made in accordance with
7. Reiaaunnce of patents 1-eoause of
some clerical error occurring in patents
heretofore issued.
8. Military bounty land warranta
and other similar warranta when the
reqniaite proof has been made.
Thia order is to replace my order
January 35, 1907
By Vote of 42 to 28 the Senate Re
fuses to Unseat Senator Smoot.
After a spirited contest extending
period of nearly four years
over a
the Un ited States Senate on Wed
nesday at 4 o'clock decided that
Senator Reed Smoot of l tah, is en
titled to his seat in that august
body of law makers. That hour
having previously been fixed as the
time when the senate would vote on
the question, the gallaries
packed with spectators eager to
learn the result. The closing pro
ceedings were devoted to short but
lively speeches for and against the
Sena .or Carmack offered a substi
tute resolution providing that Sena
Smoot be expelled from the
This resolution was <le
feated by a vote of 27 yeas to 43
A vote was then taken on the
reaolulion declaring that the scat of
Senator Smoot be delared vacant.
The vote on this was 28 yeas and
Thus the long delayed
settled and the muchly ad
42 nays,
case was
vertised Senator will now serve tbe
remainder of his term in jn-ace and
Springs officers by finding among !
|ib,„ u «„„1 am. ,1 -lo,«
• U i r v,.,r»r e.^mi.anv
the t aliforn.a Copper I .
which they took from Mr. Enos
•l° re - ,
" . w . 1 , q
wbile en route to <»c K '
Sheriff Wright communicated bj
phone with the officers in the latter
citv an! they told him the prisoners
U, h,r, boogbllb. -nifi
C.n S.,J„ ,r ««.„
Men Who Robbed Enos' Hardware
Store Arrested at Rock Springs.
Sheriff Wright arrived from Rock
Springs Monday morning, having
in charge Gus Petersen aud Louie
Sievert, the two men who broke in
to the Enos Hardware Go's, store
The men
the night of Feb. 9„b.
arrested in Kock Springs last
Thursday night while in the a«*t of
robbing a store there,
that they were the men wanted here
made known to the Rock
The fact
River. A diligent aearcli was made
there but Sheriff Wright was unable
locate Carl Snyder or any one
who knew a man by that name.
On arriving at Rock Springs Mr.
Wright dowdy questioned the men
but they deni«! having been in
Montpelier. They were put through
the "sweat box" several times on
Sunday, but not until about 40
miuutea before No. 5 left there
Sunday night did they 'feaa up.
One of the men then went with th,
officers and secured about three
doxen of the knives they had cached
away in Rock Springs. They stated
that they had «old a doxen of the
heat knives for 03 at Diamondville.
These Mr. Knoa will be able to re
hia losa will bo nominal.
gain, so
When taken before Justice Bar
rett Monday afternoon the men
waived examination ami were bound
over to the district court.
Two Hen Landed In "Pen" in Less
Than Two Weeks After Com
mitting Crime.
Once in a while justice gets a
wiggle on herself ami promptly
meter out lo criminals the penalty
oommenauiate with uie degree of
An instance of thia
their crime,
kind has just happened in Rear
Lake and the criminal career of two
suddenly nipped in the hud.
On the night of Fell. 9th Ou«
Petersen and Louie Sievert broke
into the Enos hardware store and
stole therefrom goods to the value
of nearly 9100.
men will each begin nerving a year's
term in the penitentiary at Boiae aa
men waa
Tonight the two
a penalty for the crime.
The men having waivad prelimm
bound over
ary examination, were
to district court.
Sheriff Wright starteil to Paris
with the prisoners,
Budge, who just happened to
in on No. 6, rode to Paris with the
Tuesday morning
wheti Juilg
Arriving ai
sheriff and his men.
the seat of government, Ilia Honor
convened court in chambers, the
prisoners pleaded guilty to the
charge of grand larceny and wen
given the sentence aliove stated.
Yesterday a guard arriv«-d from
the penitentiary after the men and
returned with them on No. 5 this
Tonight, less than two
weeks from the time they committed
the crime, they will occupy
W ard«*n
partments in
grey stone hostelry.
Marder and Suicide.
Mrs. Maud 1^-slie, daughter of J.
W. Ke«-ney, a prominent ran«*her
residing two miles tiorili of Black
foot, was shot and instantly killed
last Saturday night by Roy Merrill,
of Mr. Keeney's farm hands,
who, after killing Mrs. I«»slic, shot
himself through the heart,
tragedy occurred in the parlor of
the Keeney home about 10 o'cl«H;k.
To another of the farm hands Mer
rill had a few weeks ago exprt-s«e«l
himself as being deeply in love wilb
Mrs. Leslie ami tbe only motive for
the crime of which the family can
conceive is, that Mrs. I^-slie bad re
fused to marry Merrill.
Mr. Keeney is one of the pioneers
of Houtbern Idaho and was <»ne of
the first sheriffs of old Oneida conn- ■
ty when it embraced 1 be territory I
included in Bannock and Bing
! Keeney, formerly a resident of
i b "' — *" '*"*»•
t|># Grov#
^ M - ffl -a.-w.. a.
t-ert wail. oil.ixeaaia. S.r.,rrtau*a»«»si
Bitters,! M Uke one rW»« fir«** the.
' aravs. 14 y troubleb dtssaae,In
bj j pmbrt«. ^age. I fstty hrtleveB reuV
bitters w»U rum me per manta tlj .lor »
.iMrantMd « Rlur »...
■ »
ham counties.
Mrs. Italie was a cousin ot Dave
An Interesting BudSet of News
from the County Seat.
There ia evidently an apology due , *
the editor thia week owing to the j
negligence of the Paris correspond- !
ent for not reporting the new« from j
the Capitol 1'ity taal week
tell the truth, your correspondent
waa so interested in the coasting in
dulged in bv Academy aUidenla lhal
the day for reporting came , h d
went before we re.li.ed it.
. , ;
Siuce laat we wrote, the cilisena
of Paria have awakened "from their
long alien, aluralier." ami have lari..
doing all aorta of »hing«. I he first
to be chronicled waa a maas meeting
,, , I
held in the Second ward ball where,
. i
after considerable oratory, moatly
by parties from the First ward, the
Forçai Reserve Act waa repealed
and notice waa «ent to Washington
Rut to
Who is nearing hie ninety fifth birth -
day, was greeted with loud applaure
when he entered the ball, but "he
heeded not, nor heard them,
lhal, "we, the undersigned citiseiisj
The most interesting Tenture «f|
last week's happening* waa an old j
folks'party held in the First
Irai Fridav. The day was beautiful, !
being on* of the warm sunshiny ;
day* »n winter, when evoryliody |
lo la- in the best of apirila.
of Pari#, have no us»- for foreat re
aerve," or something lo that effect.
There wa* not a hitch in ih«- pro
gram from start to finish. Every
body, from thirty year« of ag«-up lo
ninety-five, waa there and all en
joyed the feast of good thinga aa
well aa the games and dancing.
There were several prises award«*«!
* ... ...
as follows: Mr. Jas- Pollings, Sr.
very hard of hearing. It goes with
out saying lhal he carried away the
prixe for l*»*ing the ohleat man.
Mr. Marvin Allred and Mr«. France*
Colling« were awarded the prixe for
being the most graceful dancer» in
the hall, while John Scheidigger
was given a new hnl for being the
Itesl looking man. Morgan J. Rich
wa» award«»! the prixe for lieing the
ino»t conspieuou« old bachelor and
Mi»» Rudd, of the Academy faculty,
attracted our attention aa a fair rep
resenlative of the opposite »ex.
Dancing wa» indulged in until a
very late hour.
Wednesday evening a huh meet,
ing waa held in the court house to
discus« city water works,
was a good turn out and all seem
Hart, assisted by ('baa. Untor.1 of
Liberty, rnd Roy \\ elker of Mont.
pelier, is bolding a tea. her.' «**»{»• ;
illation at the court house.
There was a very interesting d«- <«»f
bate at the academv thia wii-k lie.
tween the First year student, ami '•
3 , .
the Winter Cours«- students. I be
"Revived, I hat „
cd to favor a water system.
Raperin tendent *«f Schools Miss

question wa»:
ele«*trieity is of more us<- to man
kind than »team " After tiw- que»
lion was ably discussed by llie »tu
dents on both sides a decision was
rendered in lavor of the *«r»alive.j
joining over their victory.
Mr. Wshlin, manager of ihr Port,
has been quite sick this week.
Ezn Budge and family are in
Salt I.ake on s visit.
We have just re«*eivc»l wor«l from
I ^t, Charles that Kdward Williamson
is brother of Nepbi and William
S Williamson, «lied Wednesday mon«
lie has le-en sick for some
A new baby came to ibe home of
ta» «'«**, .i,kl
Arthur Budge is tbe proud father
of Bn(>t ber ten jmund b«,y who ar
rived in the city Tuesday Iasi.
u.o«ir«t «0 swSkah.
At s meeting of the directors of
lb# Bonneville Mining companv.
j M Monday night the contrml-t
WM UH to Thomas si*d W illiams for
.inking the shaft lo tbe 200 foot
l "' L Tk -~ ',*«*" *? ,k
>**'" **r — ,k " -
Tbe winter course students are re.
reach the 300 foot level
pect to
»itkin *0 dnys, at which lime the
directors think they will I* able to
ship two car* of ore a week. By
neat October Manager Kaatman ia
fidenl that the shipments will be
increased to live or fix cara a week.
«riler. with a aplend,d enteruinm.nl
<n Strung', ball. he members
with their famille, to the number
^ f||n wUh
^ being the game.
... ._. L .... \i,.
I I went? table« look part. Mr»,
. .
i llcis* won the hrat priae for the
K. of P. Anniversary.
tin Tuesday evening laat the
Knights of Pythias of this city cele
brated the forty-fourth anniversary
of the founding of the 1'ythian
of one hundred and forty, aaaemblcd
at the halt at H.»u,
ladies, an elegant jewel caae. Riley
Rarkdutl won the gentlemen'« first
Mr. Redel
prixe, a «el of brushes,
and Miss donner took the booby
Then came a fine musical
ami literary program. This was
followed by a splendid banquet
KoUl » n (l| , liy Mr. and Mys Roae.
j tho t | 1( , fi„ or was cleared
! ^ m w ben all left for their home«
; fw .|i„ g tbal another night'« enjoy
| raelll M th« pythlan. are fhm
the order till 4
» I »
our for had been enjoyed by all
the enterprise!, located. Takaour
w| , „„„ for ln , U nc*. We
do||bi ^ ^ ^ lU e people „f lh(ll
M fu „ y the »„neflU ,,„
in , l|ll|Uon j. lo our oily and hem,
county. The first and most im- 0 f
portant result I«. lhal the mill ia
keeping in circulation in Rear luike
county thousands of dollar, annual
ly. that would of nee «-sally have lo
lie «ent toother sections of Idaho ***
Help-Home Enterprises.
The value of a manufacturing en.
terpris* to a city is oft-lime# not
..fully appreclatud by many of the
, . ... .. _ - _. ■ »
citiaens of the community in which
and to Utah, if we bad no mill,
The fa«*t that the proprietors ««f tbe
mill have denionetraled lhal they
can manufacture from Rear l*abe
wheal aa good flour aa can be found
in tbe western market, is also rapid
ly enenbiagiug wheat growing
among our farmers, and with each
■iicceadilig year we expect lo ee*
the wheat a*r*age incrcfssd, ee
pecisily on land where wheat can
tie grown utuler the «Iry land pro
In talking with a representative
of the Examiner the other day «»li
the subject of dry farming, Mr,
JonM of , b „ Mo ,Uw
Uul ., lh( . r „ |b ef , 0 „ gll bJU .
; |s|M j (R ,j^ r U ke valley U> g.uw
«uffh-iriit wheal to supply four mill*
<«»f the capacity of our mir»." We
are inclined to think that Mr. Jonas
'• • *»." ,b »' H-J;
but granting that it is only half
.true, what an immense ««utpul ««f
„ tl 1 ère woe hl I- in Mont, -I, er.
,fth.a land was w>»do I«
The repulaiio* of the Montpelier
mill for making g<H.d fl«»ur is not
mntmed to Rear lake county but >
f>iU||di tbo||f of |
Itannock and to Hur Valley Last
w»-*k two farmers residing in (tenue |
' alley hauled wheal I*. Montpelier.
* ot " " iU ? 1
month ago six b#a«ip of wheat sr
frf "* , hs| tn ont d . y
Reside# the monev that is
among ihe farmers by reason of our ;
mill, it sie« affords quite a paj roll
and this money is put iaio cireala ;
tion among the merchants of Mont- |
Recently a repr«-srntative of a
of ni»H •» * neigblmring town visited
hie flour her* at 10 cents a nomirr-j
''»an the merehanU were nay mg
<«r «>«r b««me product, but Ww»
t«.ld by thrmemeobants *****
of went away without getting an
order. This ie rertainlf a com
memiahi. spirit on tha pan of oar
for merchanU. It ia the kind of a spirit
that builds ep er.tmrpmee in «msn
, •»«.»!•••»» Wl, lb.,.
- " r--«—"
Review of the Week's Happenings
in Idaho
Taks from HooaUiB and Vak Briefly
Told for Benefit of the Esamtn
cr's Readers.
Live «took and produce \o the
number of t ?» car load« bave I «een
•hipped front Mot am mon since the
tirât of last September.
It rt»|tnree eignt operators to
handle the telephone buaioeee at
Nampa, there being over SU© phone«
on the local exchange.
Thd Portia club of Payeltfl
»•tuned the task of erecting 1
at each street corner, on wbivfl
lie placed the name« of the «■
A farmer near ►endrlck ti«l
a little extra money loaded Ittl
month« old pig« in a wagoj
hauled them to market. Hal
home with l3.in.Ut In bis pocl
Oakley citiiena will soon fl
aided to enjoy "the splendor I
glorious electric light," one I
progressive cltiaens having ini
outside capitalists to erect a in
trie plant there.
The Idaho Ih-velopmeut j
pan y was organised in Idaho]
last week with a capital of 9*1
The company will buy and sei
estate and endeavor to prouoU
MUrprl«« »• *Bfl» «Hf.
1m1 .„k , Republican
lh(ll th# ^ .un.uo« ,n Mo*
,,„ ll|r ,«. t .. bad a. it ba<
hem, Than there waa not a .
0 f ,-,>*! in the town for salt
many famihea were entirely 04
1 *•*"*
tn Urmm *
*** b ino-acr* homa
and will join together kt lbs
chase of machinery and loota
•ary to put the entire tract of
acres into wheat.
Curia County Will soon hat
emu more acres added lo its l
ed area. It will be called the
Creek project, weet of the Ü
river. Iowa people bave raie
capital to construct
voir on Cedar creek where su
water can lie stored to irrigai
rut area.
t Tom Davit of Pocatello, d
his old boms in Kentucky or
14. Deceased had been a n
ol the Gate lily for II yewn
served ttfo years aa city « le» I
waa a member of Company «*
Volunteers and «arved in the
pines with honor, being m
out a sergeant
John A. Hearts, a miner,
bur M
éM M Urw
M »Ml
"f age
> Idaho •ounty »ist« I*. 4.
| lmb wf j B## j| r>
L fU ,.Ubr*tsd their si^H
••**»»§ MalfWMfJ.
1 It will be two years th. firrt^
next month since water wae first
keptjtarned into the great Twin Falla
; canal,
»boat a half do**n fana bruises
; 1)m |rM| |W | M tb#ff M
| ' 7 7
[*000. Is» MMt »M Ml ) f
a «»bool houaa os the tract, todijf
ibers are U, including the 9*0,000
taibl,,., i. T..« K.IU
A eivie league wae organised by
jiWM ,( t)M rll Woe of Idaho
! FslU last week. The ohjarls of th«»
-*» -
an the city elect ton; maintain th* prm
cipie of nsa«i«ipel ownerahip **<
oar atilit»«, prooNrt.eeoMmy m
At that umo there ware
all b reach — A city government, s«v
courage nrorelily ami tho stmt
fovut»«ia of the city
#, a

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