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NO. Jo
i ■ y
ibration in Montpelier Will
be a Hummer.
1 be in the Parade -A Fine List of
ports for tbe Afternoon-Grand
Ball at Night.
tThe various committees report
ht they have all arrangements
lout completed for the Fourth of
ily celebration and that the
im will be successfully carried
ft The committee on floats an
nounces that about 'JO merchants
/•rill be in the parade with floats.
IgfBesides these there will be the fol
. f lowing floats: One bearing the
# Goddess of Liberty, attended by
,1 little girls representing the various
I states, territories and insular pos
elonging to Uncle Sam,
ing tbe Queen of Idaho
idants, a Montpelier float,
i,ake float and a pioneer
ie latter will be a typical
ttion of one of the many
it crossed the plains in the
'8, and its occupants will
T dozen or more of the
it the valley.
Sam has promised to he
lead the procession, which
at 10 o'clock sharp, in
;o the floats there will lie a
if young men and young
horseback, decorated with
colors, plug uglies and
'active features,
be parade is over exercises
îld in the pavilion. These
tort hut appropriate,
n a mulligan stew will lie
ee to all as long as it lasts
i who have this in chargel
that there will be enough
ling at 1:80 o'clock. tby
ill hegi-. Each event will
hr all /and the prizes wi)l
a full as advertised. Fol
| the list of sports:
1st Prize 2nd Prifce
«1 80
.. #2 5«
», 75 yds 2 50
I, 100 yds 6 00
i race, 50
1 00
2 50
1 00
.... 2 60
>. nnder
1 00
2 00
under 15
1 00
2 00
>g nice,
11,100 yd 3 00
ling long
1 50
1 oo
2 03
ing long
1 oo
.. 2,00
and ladle
;ards ... 1 50
,11 wheel
ace 100 yd 2 00
all sack
1 00
1 00
2 00
, free for
. 10 00
free for
5 00
8 00
5 00
l, trotting
g . 10 00
Lfree for
5 00
. 2 50
i greased
2 00
o'clock a beauty contest
will be held in tbe pavil
I contest will be free to all
the county between tjie
knd 12 month». Corope
L will preside at tljiis con
tree prizes will be given,
nivities of the d|ay will
a g grand ball in the
I Dancing Will Continue
■ daylight in tbe ilnorning.
L will be only #lf
(pie of the coilmty are
(nvited to participate in
Come and enjoy
k a young inan from
valley paase^l through
>D hia way to Soda
iho, on
a sad| and pe
haps hopeless mission,
errand recalls the numberlesa trag
edie« eff the desert enacted by the
pioneers who came to the west half
a century ago.
In his pocket he carried a faded
scrap of paper torn once from a
note Wok and upon this paper was
scrawled a chart showing in a crude
manner, the location of a grays
which was made in July, 185?, in
the middle of the immigrant road
near Soda Springs.
There in the desert 50 years ago
this Rummer his . grandmother was
buried on the westward trek and to
present the desecration of the grave
it was made in the duat of the road
that the multitude of wheel* rolling
ovejr it might obliterate it and hide
it filom the keen sight of the savages.
'^he old pioneer mother was laid
awhy without coffin, box or shroud,
bu^ was wrapped in blankets and
coVered with the dust of tbe desert.
H^r husband and hia little brood
oaine on west, the boys aud girls
have grown up to become useful men
and women in this empire, and now
th|e grandson of the deart pioneer
cornea back to seek tae grave and
t4ke the handful of dust to Oregon.
"Close to a cliff of rocks where
the point of a bill comes down to
t|ie river, and aWiit 1000 feet from
the big soda spring.''
This is the direction written by
heartbroken husband 50 years ago a*
(ic turned his face to tbe west, leay
jng half his heart buried in the
Time has effaced and changed the
landmarks, winds and floods have
ravaged tbe hillsides, civilization
has marred the landscape and half a
oentury of erosion has made deep
scars upon the cliff sand mountains,
but every pioneer heart prays that
this boy will find the handful of
sacred dust and rescue it from its
desert tomb; every pioneer heart
goes back tenderly to the lonely
grave and hopes that the tew words
of direction may lead the loving
hands to discover it.—Pocatello
But his
Tl)* Magic No. 3.
Number three Ie a wonderful mascot
lor Uto. H. Parris, of Ctidar ilrove, Me.
according to a letter which reads: "Altar
suffering much with liver aud fctduejr
trouble, and becoming greatly discour
aged by tbe tallure to Ond rellel. I tried
Electric Bitters, and as a result I am a
well man today. The first bottle re
lieved and three bottles completed the
cura." Guaranteed l*»t on earth lor
stomach, liver and kidney troubles hy
Klter Bros. Drug Co. 50c.
Farmers of Bannock County to
Test Law Taxing Certain
Ilbn. Theodore Turner of Ban
croft, Bannock county, is spending
the day in the city on business,
says Monday's Capital News.
Turner filled tbe office of state aud
itor under Morrison's administra
tion, but since retiring from that
office he bas been living on a farm
Bancroft which he has greatlv
proved until he has one of the
finest farms and farm homes in the
i in
Mr. Turner »täte» that the farm
er» of hi» »ec-tion arc g«»ing to con
test in the coart» tbe enforcement
of the law, House Bill No. 128,
passed by tbe last session of the
legislature providing for the pay
ment of an annual license tax by all
few wbicb
corporations except a
were exempted by tbe law.
He says that many small irriga
tion companies had to be formed in
bis part of the state for tbe purpose
of getting water on the land. The
stock in theae companies is all
owned by the farmers who, for tbe
most part, paid tbe amount of the
stock hy way of work on tbe eanala.
The «reams in that section are
small and are so located that a few
ranch owners by going in together,
could get water upon tbe land, while!
_never would be uaed, the individual
without such organisation the water
rancher being too poor to take the
water out, build the eanala and cut
tivate his soil and .the projects are
small to warrant any men of
capital to take hold of them.
Theae poor men, in «rder to make
their land productive and in order
build up homes for themselves,
forme«! small Block companies.
They were formed to pay a large
incorporation fee at the time, and
they have to pay taxes on the lamt
which is made valuable only Un-atise
their own efforts in this directum,
and now they think it a decided
hardship that the slate should a»k
them to pay an annual license la*
"The various rich insurance com
panies are exempted from tbe tax.
are the rich bonding companies
who were fortunate enough to have
agents in tbe legislature," said Mr.
Turner, "and the mining companies
were able to have their interest«
looked after ao that corporations of
that kind do not bave to to pay the
tax unless they have productive
The injustice of the law was also
pointed out in tbe case of fair asso
ciations, which are slock companies,
organized for public benefit, but
which never expect to make any
profit to the holders of stoc k. They
will have to pay on the full author
ized capital whether it has ever
been subscribed or not.
Mr. Turner say« the farmers of
Bannock county are very hitter on
account of the law. lie says they
cannot sec why the farmers of the
north, upon whose land Go«! lets
tbe rain fall, should be more favored
by the legislature in the matter of
taxation than the farmer of the
aouth, who lias reclaimed a hone
from the desert and has made acres
of land fertile, which without h s
effort, would never have been pr -
They do not believe tbe law is
constitutional and a test case will be
made to bave it set aside.
Colic and Diarrhoea.
I'atus In tbe stoinaeh. colic aud «llar
rhosa are quickly relieved by tbs use «I
Chamberlain's Colic Cbolara aud IHar
rhoea Itemeiljr. Koraale'by inter Hr««#.
Drug Store.
Hit by Moral Wave.
Acting upon order* issued by
County Attorney Gray of Bannock
county, tbe sheriff of that county on
Tuesday gave notice to all of the
inmates of the walled city that they
must close their houses of prostitu
tion and depart from Pocatello on
or before .Monday, July I. The
sheriff waa instructed to enfor«* the
order to the letter. The county at
tomey's order came as somewhat of
surprise to the city autboritiea,
but the Tribune stales that the order
will not be reaiste«l by tbe city ad
ministration. Tbe closing of thc
red light district will deprive the
city of revenue to the amount of
about #000 per month, but tbe ifiiy
attorney favors substituting there
for a higher license all down tin
tine and a higher (ax levy.
larger cities have tried driving
Ibia class of women out by closing
tbe houaes in the districts in which
they resided, but it baa always re
suited in the women scattering to
rooming bouses in various parts <»M
the towns and tbe element waa thu»
much harder to control than when
confined to one certain district.
Whether ibu will be the result in
Pocatello remains to be seen, but
the county attorney thinks that the
police will be able to prevent it.
New Mexico, Utah, Nevada ami
Haay indictments Returned.
As a result of the work of th«
special grand jury, which closed it*
ion in Denver last Saturday and
reported to Judge Lewis, about 70
indictment* against men prominent
Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska,
eastern «tat«* including Wisconsin J'
and Missouri wen* returned prin-1present.
«-ipally for coal and limber land j
fraud., although a Ce* alleged min
ing faker« aud a couple of ca«e« of |
poatolfice roWierie« wer« al*o includ j
ed in the list.
Judge Lewis absolutely refueed
give out any of the name« of tboee j
indicted until arrest« are made, but
it i« known that several lumber men, j
high in social, political ami financial
affair« of Denver, have been indict .
ed for alleged theft* ot timber Und«, j
while their inlerni'MÜarie«, tome of!
whom are ac.rvely lea» prominent,
are alao in the dragnet.
A* a reault of the Kouil count)
coal fraud*, a coal mining company
of WUconain will have to answer
for alleged theft* on a wholesale I
ba«K and a St. I. oui« corporation
i» «aid to lie indicted for coal opera
lion» in Colorado. Other «taie,
also are represented in the lint of
Another Land Opening.
It ha« been decided to open for
settlement the balance of the 150,
000 acres comprising the North Side
1 win balls project, October I. T he .
land is conceded tola* the «neat I
body of deaerl land in the state
Several thousand people will attend
the opening. 1 be new lown that ■
is to bo tbe metropolis of the tract
located about eight mile* north of
Shoshone Falls in the «-enter of a
splendid section.
electric road trom Milner to ('amas
has lM*«n name«! Jerome.
„ .... .

prairie, and promises to become
«pule a city. Work on a big hotel
lias already start«*d.
City Council Orders Capitol Saloon
Building Moved Back onto the
Street Line.
The city council met last night
with the mayor and all councilnien
present except Jones.
Jas. Re linaii, Mrs. F- Hutchins
and Mrs. O. II. Groo appear«*«! as a
committee fr«im llm Village I in -
provciuçnl Sorte .y and asked the
council lo take some action in re.
gard to selling the block of ground
now owne«l by the city ami assist
the so« iety in pill-chasing a larger
aud more suitable sight for a park.
The (pjcsiion was dtseussed pro
and eon for soino lim», after wbieli
it was moved that the mailer lie
referred to the general tmproye
ment committee to ascertain what
could lie done toward baaing
the prop«MM'd site.
There was only one seal«*«! bid
filed for fire hose, that of L Zilz
man, and the motion that tbe bul
be openrd and contract let was lost
by a vote of three to two.
Bids to furnish the eily with ad
dilional arc lights were read as fol.
The Mont|*elier KU-ctrie Light
«-ompany offered lo furnish the city
with three additional light«, same
capacity as tb«»«e now in use for
$7.50 per month, per lamp.
The Near Isike Valley Railway
A Electric company offered to fur.
tiisb six lights like those now in
use for the sum of $8 per month,
per lamp.
On motion tbe bid of tbe Motit.
waa ac
i-eptcd and the placing of the lights
was left to the improvement com
Assessor Floyd reporte-1 that ths
attrtffH valuation of real estate in
Montpelier for the year MK*8 wea
$50,6M, improvements on
$ev, ISO, personal property #133,
^Uer Electric Light Co.,
A communication was read from
Franklin à Haye*, of Pocatello,
staying that they intended to replace
be boil ling now oecepted by the'
Capitol ailoon with a new brick ml
the near lui are, and they naked per
to leave the present baild
mg standing where II i* for the
On motion the itHptest
wa* ref «wed and the clerk wa» in-1
»trusted to notify Franklin A Haje» j
lo move the building off the »ireel I
and lay the cement sidewalk along
the property on Main «treet in a«'- [
toleordance with the provisions of the,
the council might eipeot the water j
system lo be completed. Mr. Zita
man «aid that he would go ahead ;
with the headwork« just u toon a«.
the water in the creek got low.
enough to perm:- him lo work, lie
thought it would require three! 'J
week» to complete the headwork«|
{after work ia »tarted,
I day night at which time the annual |
appropriation ordinance will hr.
paaard, and the ordinance filing lh.|
chargea for water will be considered, j
_ _ j
Jone* asked Mr. Ztuman when
The council adjouriuHl until Mon- 1
Kemmerer and Diamond ville Com- .
panics Raise the Price 25 Per
Cent at the Mines.
. price of Kemmerer and Dia
I mond ville w»*l ha* gone up. llic
k K ,*| dealer* having icorived nolifi
, llâl |irirr ,,f | uni|> , H ,.|
■ al ,|„, |, M liecii raised i!5 per '
w 1« i.-l> means an increase of 50
reula |>er ton to the consumer. Tbe
1^, alao innntmv that
1°^« at the mine prior l«L
I'° ll,r * v * , * S ' n ««••IW. j
Hun of mine c«»at and slack has Iwcn
raised 35 «enta |*-r Ion.
In it« circular letter to dealer« the
Kemmerer company says.
"Coat of production ha. so great
ly increased recently hy an advance!
in wages made on the let of June,
and hy the gradual increase tu the
cost of materials, and other cause«, j
making this new ««'hrdiilc nliaidute* 1
ly necessary. ,
"All order, on our Imok. will bel
cancelled on the date mentioned.
June mb. except partie, mwitr tog
above notice have accepted same hy 1
mail or wire.
The Haywood Case.
The defenm in the llaywoo.1
case licgan ihc introduction ol evid-j
rn«-c last Tuestlay. ami aoms llfieeii
witntwacs lud I wen on tbe aland up
to last night. The effort «. 1er ha*
lawn to imp«Mh the teslirnony of|
Orchs'd and show that he mur«lere«i
Mtenneiiherg through personal
Ed îîoyre, formerly president of
the Western
was on the slaml mosl of the time
yesterday. He told of the organix- love
ation <>f the Federation, ila objects
am! purpose# and what i*. bad ac
Under the gunlance of Attorney
Harrow, Mr Ib.yre am*.«! ^L
audiriM* as be told with rra«ly Irish j
wit how in I uns, Jaa. II. Hawley,
now leading counsel against Hay.
w«.od. Irnt then retained as counsel j
for the miners, suggested to ttoyr*
while the latter wa« in Borne, th. *
organisation of the Western Fe*ler.| '*
«ration of Miners as an offset to the|
Mine Owners' Aaam-iation.
The delenae will be at Iraat an
other week getting .U testimony in |„
___ _ ———
For Goddess of Liberty.
Tbe vote on Goddea» of Liberty
this morning «und« as follows:
Minnie Hidd, 18,
Z«!la Brown, 80.
KfBe Perkins, *3. * »
June Hull, 17.
KtU Jones, 10.
Tl»* contest doses tom&rmw
night at « o'clock, ao if you hay»
Ml y favorite in (be lurt and wish her
t*.f of w the boar elated.
- - ——
Three men were hanged at the
; Miaanuri penitentiary yesterday for
i killing a prison guard last November
to win yon muet get your votes in
Review ûf th( Week's Happening*
|» u u>i« «tarted on hi» lee
^ |#||r
The pioneers of W *.h.ugton eotiu
** " *'~ r
jM, y 4,, '
neit year.
jkl MnW laal week Judge llndge
Ant| ^ w J ah naou to 30
(ur «utempl of
in Idaho
Tales fit« Mountain And Vik Briefly
Told for Rendit of the Examan
er' * luden.
Payette baa the assurance that a
sugar factory will lie erected liter*
Grain in Ihr I.ewist* 1 *» country is
saitl lo he looking fine with proa*
pect« for a logger yield tin« year
than usual.
il *NI re.|uire #«3,450 to run that
'ly Ibis year.
baa approved the application for the
establish ment of a national tsxnk at
(American Falla,
The finance committee ol the
1-ocaletlu council has eetimate«l that
The «-omptroller of the currency
Almut »tl.ooo act«* in Hbothuge
oulll . with ,| r .„ n f.. r foreatry
p| ,rpnar., will become subject to
settlement in -vptember.
The vitiuna of Grangcvllle are
|"° l«* 1 of l«"rioU.m 'b»t they will
»**«*" ■•«•«tiug on July 3rd ami
continue until the night of the 5th.
On the first of July the Twin
Falls posioflh* will In* advanced to
the second class ami the salary of
the postmaster will he #3,000 a year,
At t ,| t | HV in Salmon the other
#iftll ^ RM> ft(1 „ lt decidedly
M|1|llrIl ,. l(l ,, y Hmborger
K, prtlmlMUOH<l J y „ ottW | lfc .
dance hall.
The last spike on the eleetrte
r«>a>l liciwecn lloisr and i'lhlatll
waa driven W«*«lnr*if*f, and lbs
ri|Rt , , w frAt|y fwr in
,l **' * ,,ömU fur ,b#
F"' 4b#
foun«t it neemaary lo fix the sjieinal
levy at 15 mill*.
a month.
In onlcr lo meet the e i [«c n a w s of
Fred Ifsrrop, of Boisa, ha«
brought suit against J. M Halley
! of that oily, for •iO.Obb on the
ground <d alienation of hia wife's
love and affection,
In a breach of prombw aalt at
j Handpoiul last week the jary re
! turned a verdict in favor of il>*
, plaintiff, a fair ami bo tom widow,
WAf( | illR h« r
Home of the prominent ritisens
of Blackfoot are talking ol organ•
j '*"•* * ««"*l***y tm the purpose of
light pU-t
* n •*» r *h*»»t p.,wer .»I« I« bw«ud
'* 1 ,nm 'he t«»wn.
The Commercial Clulfc of Pus-»«
tello, tendered Hen slot Dubois a
public recepti«m Monday night m
|„ of sppreciation of hi«
services in promrtng aw appropria
; (ion for irrigating the bad amend
for » preparing to hatch wad rear lot*»
S«hick#as a month
The hello girls of the tlsilry tel
: «-phone exchange weal on a »trike
' last wswk. They naked for a rale»
j <>f »In a month, which waa refused,
snd four lady opera!or» wer« went
from Boise to lake the pleon mad«
vacant by tbe »inker».
Th« Hanitary Poultry company
UM been organised at Mountain
Horn« for th* purpose of hatching
and raising rhickm»« for market and
supply I reek eggs. The

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