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Commissioners' Proceedings.
The commissioners met at 10 o'clock
a m. this Ilth day of Jan., 1915; pres
ent Ezra J Howell, chairman and com
missioner-elect, John T Peterson and
John F Qnayle, commissioners; G C
Gray and Ezra T Badge, 'commissiou
ers-elect: H H Broomhead, clerk and
Thomas L Glenn, prosecuting attorney
Under the direction of the chairman,
the clerk administered the oath of of
fice to the incoming board as follows:
Ezra J Howell, of the First district,
Ezra T Badge of the Second district
and G C Gray of the Third district,
whereupon the said commissioners pro
ceeded by electing G C Gray, chairman.
The following official bonds were ex
amined, passed upon and approved,
and ordered filed and recorded.
Bonds of Ezra J Howell, Ezra T
Badge and G C Gray, as commissioners
for $6,000 each.
H H Broomhead, clerk of the district
court, $5,000 and Auditor aud Recorder
$ 12 , 000 .
Thos L Glenn, prosecuting attorney,
$ 2 , 000 .
Ed J Haddock, probate judge, 15,000.
Standley H Rich, treasurer aud tax
collector, $40,000.
Asa Athay, sheriff, $10,000.
James Dnnn, assesor, $6,000.
Alfred A Hart, superintendent of
schools, $2,000.
Geo F Ashley, coroner $1,000.
R A Birch, surveyor, $600.
Whereupon the said several oonnty
officers, excepting commissioners, were
duly sworn in by the chairman of the
board of county commissioners.
Id the matter of appointing a justice
of the peace for the Ovid precinct, it
appearing to the board that the person
elected at the last general election as
jnstioe of the peace for Ovid precinct,
to-wit : Win L Jensen, has moved from
the said precinct and is not now a resi
dent thereof; and it further appearing
that a petition signed by several elec
tors of said precinct, has been filed
with the clerk of this board praying
fur the appointment of Martin Sorensen
as justice of the peace of said precinct,
■ it is therefore ordered tbat the said
Martin Sorensen be and he is hereby
appointed jnstioe of the peace of Ovid
precinct, Bear Lake connty, to act dnr
ing the ensuing two years, and until
his successor is elected and qualifies.
In the matter of appointing a con
stable for Sharon precinct; It appear
ing to the board that the person elected
at the last general election as canstable
for Sharon preoinct has refused and
doea refuse to qualify, Und it further
appearing that a petition signed by
several electors of said precinct has
been filed with the clerk of this board
praying for the appointment of John
Gertech as constable for said precinct,
it is therefore, ordered that the said
John Gertsch be and he is hereby ap
pointed constable of Sharon precinct
Bear Lake connty, Idaho, to act during
the ensning two years, and until his
successor is elected and qualifies.
In the matter of fixing the amonnt
of bonds for precinct officere. It ap
pearing to the board that 8500 is a suffi
cient amonnt of surety for bonds of
justices of the peace aDd constables; it
lajordered that official bonds of justices
of the peace and constables jn and for
Bear Lake oonnty, Idaho be and the
same an hereby fixed in the penal sum
of $500.00, each.
The official bonds of the following
precinct officers were examined, passed
upon, approved and ordered filed and
recorded, and the oath of office was
duly administered to the respective
office*» by the clerk :
Jnstioee of the Peace
David J Ktmz, -Bern.
Stephen B Staley, Montpelier.
J W Langford, Ward boro.
Hyrnm A Dayton, Dingle.
John Gambling. 8haron.
Joseph Denio, Paris.
Orson S Rich, St Charles.
John A Sutton, Fish Haven.
John A Blade, St Charles.
Heth Knnz, Bern.
Sam R Hall, Bennington.
John 8 Heggle, Montpelier.
Adolph Hnnzeker, Paris.
Henry W Nate, Dingle.
John Gertsch, Sharon.
Alfred C Hymas, Liberty.
Ernest W Allred, St Charles. *
Archie E Bee, Bloomington.
Thos McCann, Fish Haven.
In the matter of the application of
E B Broomhead, clerk of the district
conn and ex-officio auditor and record
er for authority to appoint a deputy to
serve during his term of offlee; to per
form such duties as may be required ; it
appearing to the board that the services
of a deputy are necessary in the audi
tor's office, and it further appearing
that due notice for the appointment of
a deputy has been published according
to law.
It is ordered that the clerk and audi
tor and recorder be and be hereby is
authorized and empowered to appoint a
deputy according to law, said deputy
to receive a salary of $<15 per month, to
be paid as other salaries of county offi
Quarterly reports of the sheriff and
probate judge were submitted, examin
ed and approved and ordered filed.
Ordered that this board do now stand
adjourned until tomorrow morning at
ten o'clock.
G. C. Gray, Chairman.
. Attest: H. H. Broomhead, Clerk,
Tuesday, Jan. 12th the commissioners
met pursuant to adjonnment, all mem
bers present as of the preceding day,
and the following proceedings were
had, to wit:
In the matter of redemption of tax
sale certificate No. 86, issued July 6,
1910, against property assessed to Hen
ry Dayton, it appearing th the board
that said certificate No. 36 was issued
in error, the delinquent tax on property
described in said certificate having
been paid on July 6, 1910, as shown by
the Delinquent Roll of Bear Lake county
for said year 1910, and it farther ap
pearing that said tax sale certificate no.
36 was redeemed by Miller & Viele,
September 16, 1911, for the asm of
$43.52, it is therefore ordered that the
sum of $48.52 be refunded to said
Miller & Viele and the auditor Is here
by directed to draw his warrant for
said amount in favor of Miller & Viele,
and charge the same agrinst the tax
redemption fnnd.
In the matter of the application of
Asa Athay for a deputy:
It appearing to the board that a
deputy is a necessary assistance to the
sheriff of Bear Lake connty, and it far
ther appearing that legal notioe of said
application has been published accord
ing to law, it is therefore, ordered that
Asa Athay, sheriff, be and he hereby is
authorized and empowered to appoint
a deputy to serve during his term of of
fice according to law ; said deputy to re
ceive a salary of $75 per month, to be
paid as the salary of other county offi
In the application of James Dunn,,
assessor, for deputies to assist him
when needed, it is ordered that said ap
plication be filed and that it be farther
considered at the adjourned meeting of
thie board.
The names of Adelia Gheen and
James Eborn are hereby ordered strick
en from the list of indigents receiving
quarterly allowance or any allowance
from Bear Lake oonnty.
In the matter of the application of
Mrs. Ethel Gardner for an allowance,
it appearing to the board tbat the said
Ethel Gardner is in destitute circum
stances by reason of her husband desert
ing her and it appearing that she has a
family of small children and Isa worthy
applicant, it is therefore ordered that
the name of Mrs. Ethel Gardner be
placed on the Indigent list and that she
be allowed $16 per quarter until farther
order of this board, said allowance to
be paid as other indigent allowances
are paid.
In the matter of the application of
Jacob Michael for an allowance, it ap
pearing to the board that the said Jacob
Michael is blind, and thus unable to
earn sufficient to care for his family at
this time, and it further appearing that
by reason of having hia home and be
longings burned reoently, the said Jacob
Michael and his family were rendered
destitute, it is therefore ordered that
the sum of $20 be appropriated to the
said Jacob Michael and the auditor is
hereby directed to draw a warrant on
the current expense fond for the anm of
$20 in favor of said Jacob Michael.
Bills were allowed and warrants or
dered drawn on the Current Expense
Fnnd as follows:
Caxton Printers Co., re-binding
plat book
Childrens' Home Society, appro
Caxton Printers, supplies .145 50
Capital Ifews Pub. Co., election
gyms-York Go., supplies fortress. 77 90
Syms-York Go., supplies foraatee
$ 20 00
. 83 50
169 25
53 10
9 9
6 6
A Picture Play In A Acta
AT the
Montpelier Theatre
(Friday, January 22)
, f
Patience, Kindness, Tenderness, Love and Forgiveness
are All Combined in the Noble Word Mother
Syms-York Co., supplies for coun
ty superintendent.
Syuie-York Co., supplies for audi
72 15
33 80
The Arrow Press, supplies . 14 29
Ezra J. Howell, salary and ex
penses .
John T. Peterson, salary and ex
penses ..
John F. Qnayle, salary and ex
108 50
102 75
94 00
25 00
12 50
81 30
31 60
penses .
E. V. Bacher, salary.
Wm. A. Painter, salary. ;.
Jesse P. Rich, expenses.
Asa Athay, expenses.
George Perrett, laundry, etc.
Montpelier Livery Co., livery for
sheriff, etc.:.
Henry W. Nate, quarantine ... 61 50
Montpelier Examiner, printing.. 64 50
Paris Post, printing..
City of Paris, water service.
Thos. R Ward, registration officer 1 50
Tboe Barrett, jnstioe of the peace 24 50
Alice Tont, transcript . 4 40
Mrs F E Reed, lador for tax col
6 50
26 25
79 75
10 00
27 60
John Messerlie, juror certificate 18 00
Charles Weller juror certificate 16 80
Ola Tranetrnm, house for elect'n 5 00
S H Rich, labor for treasurer.... 60 00
Joe Pendry, livery for sheriff .... 8 00
Mrs. A B Neil, Jr board prison's 66 30
ShepheM Mer Co, supplies & ooal 73 67
Ordered that this board do now stand
adjourned until Janaary 26th, 1915, at
ten o'clock a. m., to consider unfinished
G. C. Gray, Chairman.
Attest: H. H. Broomhead, Clerk.
cations for permits to graze cattle,
horses and sheep within the CARIBOU
NATÏONALFORE Jduringtheseason
of 191:», mast be filed in my office st
Montpelier, Idaho, on or before Feb
ruary 16, 1915. Fall information In re- j
gard to the grazing fees to be charged
and blank forms to be used in making j
applications will be furnished upon re- ;
quest. G. G. Bentz, Supervisor.
Estray Notice.
I have in my possession one black
yearling heifer, white 'belly, all four
feet white, end of tail white and star
in forehead; no marks or brands visible.
Unless sooner claimed by the owner,
I will sell the above descibed animal at
pnblic auction at my place in Raymond
Idaho, on Jan. 30, 1915 at 1 o'clock p.m.
J. F. Poulsen,
Applications for Grazing Permits.
Notice, is hereby given that all appli
Estray Notice.
I have In my possession one light red
yearling heifer, small hole in right ear
and small swallow fork in the left ear,
no brands visible.
Unless sooner claimed by the owner,
will sell tne above described animal
st public auction at my home in Ward
boro on Saturday, Maroh 6, 11)15 at 10
o'clock a. m.
A. S Dimick, Constable.
Biliousness and Constipation Cured
If yonr are tronbled with biliousness
or oonsipation yon will be interested in
the statement of R. F. Erwin, Peru, Ind.
"A year ago last winter I had an attack
of indigestion followed by bilioneneas
and constipation. Seeing Chamber
lain's Tablets so highly recommended,
bought a bottle of them and they
helped me right away" For sale by all
Hundreds of readers of this paper
have already taken advantage of the
generous offer by which Dr. Miles'
Medical Guide can be obtained en
tirely free of cost.
As has been stated before this
offer is only for a limited time and
all those who want to avail them
selves of it should hasten to send
in their names.
This book is filled with sound ad
vice given in a clear, readable form.
Read it over and over again until
you know its contents thoroughly.
Do not wait for the emergency to
occur and then look up the necessary
treatment, but in your leisure
.ments carefully read and absorb the
knowledge contained therein.
Do not make the mistake that
this book is just an advertisement
for Dr. Miles' Restorative Remedies.
It is true that in the particular cases
where any of the Miles' Remedies
are indicated their use is advised.
This is because it is believed that
they are the best remedies of their
kind. But Dr. Miles' Medical Guide
is an honest endeavor to give the
general public a practical insight in
to household medicine and in all
cases the treatment recommended
is that which is considered to be the
, , ,
To yomself
send your name and address on a
post card or in a letter addressed
deafly to
... Guide,
**ues Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.,
menUomn ® t * le nMne of this paper,
Montpelier Readers Most Come to
That Conclusion.
It it not the telling of ■ single cate in
Montpelier, bat a number
testify. Endorsement by
know been the stamp of truth. The
following is one of the public state
ments made in this locality
Doan's Kidney Pills:
Mrs. Samuel Irving, Washington St.,
Montpelier, says: "I have given
Doan's Kidney Pills a good trial and
have found that they are all that is
clsimed for them. I snffe
deal with my back and it sc
would never get relief. Doan's Kid
ney Pills had done another pf the fam
ily a great deal of good and I decided
to try them. They acted on my system
slmoit at once, driving sway the pain
and weakness and improving my
le yon
ed a great
>med tbat I
Price 60c. at all dealers. Don't simp
ly ask for a kidney remedy)—get Doan's
Kidney Pills, the same that Mrs. Irving
Foster-Milburn Co.,
b ad
Buffalo, N. Y.
Ancient Gates In Britain.
In Great Britain there are splendid
gates, and some badly restored walls,
telling of the amazing Roiinan invasion.
York, with its cathedral! has one of
the finest of the old Roman gates.
There was the Roman capital of the
daya when Rome "eat bn her Seven
hills and from her throve of beauty
ruled the world." The city of Ches
ter has a fine wall (rjestored) and
gates where at one tin|ie there was
tremendous fighting with bowguns and:
all sorts of weapons that would be
laughed at in these days. Splendid;
bits of architecture they are, but not
one monument of that sort Is left in
what are called the "walls of Paris,"
and the ''gates" of PaHs is a word
which means less to that city than the
Perrysville road means to Pittsburgh.'
Dangers of a Cold
Do yon know that of all the minor
ailments colds are by far the most
dangerous? It is not tjhe colds them
selves that yon need to fear, but the
serious diseases that they so often lead
to. For that reason every cold should
be gotten rid of with the least possible
delay. To accomplish this you will
find Chamberlain's Cough Remedy of
great help to yon. It loosens the cold,
relieves the lungs, aids expectoration
and enables the system
cold. For sale by all d
to throw off the
One 2-year-old blown mare with
white hind feet and star in forehead;
one 2-year-old Iron grey mare, bald
face, left hind foot white; one yearling
dark grey horse, with large star in
forehead. Each animal branded with
lazy J and B combined on right thigh.
Finder phone Ohas. Bartsch i at Noonan
and receive reward.
A brown 3-year-old gelding, star in
forehead, branded Zj with bar over it
on right thigh. Party knowing the
whereabouts of the animal will please
notify Junius Freeman at Georgetown.
A red, brcckled faded steer, 2 years
old, branded 78 on left hip, square crop
off left ear and underslope in right ear.
Person knowing the whereabouts of the
steer will be rewarded by notifying
E. J. Phelps.
Excellent for Stomach Tronble
"Chamberlain's Tablets are jnet fine
for stomache trouble," writes Mrs. G.
'a. "I was bothered
C. Dunn, Arnold, P
with this complaint for some time and
frequently had billons attacks. Chamb
erlain's Tablets afiorded me great relief
from the first, and since taking one
bottle of them I feel like a different
person." For sale by all dealers.
Notice for Publication.
Department the Interior.
U. S. Land Office at Black loot, Idaho, Jan
uary 16, 1816.
Notioe 1» hereby glvli* that Mtlando P. Rich
of Part», Idaho, who on March 24,1910 and Oct
ober 28,1912, made Homestead Entry and Addi
tional Entries. No's. WSI8 and 018004, for Lot 4
andàWW SW* Section 2, and NW«; NW1*
NEti; NEM SWX Section 11, Township 16
South, Range 45 East. Boise Meridian, has Bled
notice of Intention u! make final three year
proof to establish claim to the land above de
scribed, before Smith j
mlssioner. at Paris, I<
March, 1915.
Claimant names as witnesses: Standley H,
Rich, Wilford W. Richards and Earl Innés, all
of Parts
1 - 22-6
oge. United States Com
aho, on the first day of
.Idaho, and George D. Murphy, of
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior.
U. S, Land office til Blackfoot, Idaho, Jan
uary 9,1915.
Notice It hereby Riven that John A. Aland,
of Pegram. Idaho, who on Deo. »th, 190». made
Homestead Application Serial, No. 07211, for
SW', SEW; SEI, SW)g Section IS. hfwg
NE!,; NE* NW*: Section 24. Township 1 «
South, Range 45 East,, Boise Meridian, has filed
notice of Intention to make final five year proof
to establish elslm to the land above described,
before Smith Hoge. United States Commission
er. at Parts, Idaho, oil the 23rd day of February,
Cl'ulmant names its witnesses: Stanley H.
Rich, Parla Idaho: Fred Jacobson. Levi W.
Aland and Ernest Payne, all three of Blooming
ton. Idaho.
1 15
D'Orr Poynter, M. D.
Physician and Surgeon
All Galls Promptly Atttended
Offlee hours : 10 to 12 n and 2 to 4 p m
Offices over Modern Pharmacy in
Brennan Block
Drs. Smith & Chambers
Dentist s
Parlors over Riter Bros' Store
The Point?
Do You See
Invest your savings in
a safe institution (we are
pround to say this is one)
backed by ample secur
ity (as this is). Reliabil
ity, honest methods, fair
rates of interest and con
servative pro t e c t i o n
make this bank rank
high. Glad to tell you
more if you will ask any
one here.
Incorporated in 1891
G. C. GRAY. President
4 .
Ed. C. Rich
City Orders promptly Delivered-Phooc No. 6
The Full Scuttle
of coal is just as import*
ant in its way as the full
dinner pail, but it is best
to have a full bin in the
celler. We have the best
grades of Diamond Lump
for the household, fur
nace, stove or range.
Thoroughly screened and
clean. — — — —
Williams & Hess
Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed
Hogs and Veal
Seneca Stock and Poultry Food
Office 129
Warehouse 99
V Wi
Undertaking & Embalming a Specialty
Licensed Embalmer
Phone 58
House Phone 8s
Dr. Geo. F. Ashley
Office hours— 10 to 12: 2 to 4; 7 to 9
Office at Montpelier Hospital
Phones 169 and 63
All calls given prompt attention
Golden Gate
Better, but cost housewives
no more than ordinary spices
i Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
ipmat notice, without charge, in the
Scientific American.
âêjgssiasùse !
Surgeon O. S. L. Rv.
Office over First National Bank
Offlee Phone 109
Residence Phone 115
Dr* Lv T. A* Hottendorf
Office: Next to Speijcer's Store
Diseases of the Stomach and
Abdomen a Specialty
Phone: Paris Numb«* 12
• •
• •
Let cleanest cleaners clean
Our spotter spots each spot $!»»»
Oft suited suitor's /j
Call us to call and yOu
/ *
Montpelier SI
dry & Dry C
East Elin Si.

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