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A Weak, Nervous Sufferer
Restored to Health by Ly
dia E. Pinkh&m's Veg
etable Compound.
K ago ta, Minn. — "I am glad to say
that Lydia E. Pink ham 's Vegetable
Compound has done
f|H more for me than
HU anything else, and I
had the best physi
cian here. I was so
weak and nervous
that I could not do
my work and suf
fered with pains low
down in my right
side for a year or
more. I took Lydia
E. Pink ham 's Vege
table Compound, and now I feel like a
different person,
nothing like Lydia E. Pinkbam's Vege
table Compound for weak women and
young girls, and I would be glad if I
could influence anyone to try the medi
cine, for I know it will do all and much
more than it is claimed to do." — Mrs.
Clara Franks, R. F. D. No. 1, Maple
crest Farm, Kasota, Minn.
Women who suffer from those dis
tressing ills peculiar to their sex should
be convinced of the ability of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to
store their health by the many genuine
and truthful testimonials we are
•tantly publishing in the newspapers.
If yon have the slightest doubt
that Lydia E. Piokham's Vegeta
ble Compound will help you,write
to Lydia E.PinkhamMedicIneCo.
(confidential) Lynn, Mass., for ad
vice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman,
and held in strict confidence.
I believe there is
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief—Permanent Cure
fail. Purely végéta- j
ble — act surely A
but gently on
the liver.
stop after Æ&m 7
dinner dis
Improve the complexion, brighten the eyes.
Genuine must bear Signature
pills. Lon
proftrrsd by
Sc Cottar's ■ task lac
10 * 4 «
HlMklBf Fill« $ 1.00
- s w-.- HlMklBf Fill« 4.00
ÜM »ay Injector, but Cutter'« best
i «upBrtorlty of Cutter product« la du« to over 15
•PMtellBlnt to vmrIrw and «Brum« enly.
• J ,VL9*i tU . r '*'- JS o»^teln*bl«. order direct.
THE CUTTER LABORATORY. 3«riu!«y. California
A toilet preparation of merit.
Helps to eradicate dandruff.
For Restoring Color aad
laeut, to Grar or Faded Hnir.
top- and SLOP at Drugging
The Only Alternative.
The young woman sat before her
glass and gazed long and earnestly at
the reflection there. She screwed up
her face in many ways. She fluffed
ap her hair and then smoothed It
down again; she raised her eyes and
lowered them; she showed her teeth
and she pressed her lips tightly to
gether. At last she got up, with a
weary sigh, and said:
"It's no use. I'll' be some kind of
Mediocrity expresses Itself In vari
ous ways, but the favorite way of
those who possess it Is to write a
popular song.
They say of Sim Heckle that he
sever tells a lie the same way twice In
Backache Is aWarning
Thoumsds suffer kidney ill« unaware*—
not knowing that tbe backache, headaches
and dull, nervoua, dizzy, all tired condi
tion are often due to kidney weakness
alone. Anybody who suffers constantly
from hackache should suspect the kidneys.
Some Irregularity of the secretions may
give Just the needed proof. Doan's Kid
ney Flits have been curing backache and
stek kidneys for over fifty years.
An Idaho Case
Mrs. H. Price. 221 " EwnrU d we
W. First SL. Mos- Wlaeltay;
cow. Idaho, says:
"I was In a bad
way with sharp,
cutting pains In
my back. My kid
neys were sluggish
and I was so mis
erable I could
hardly do my
housework. I felt
tired and worn out.
Doan's Kidney
Pills cured me and
t haven't suffered
Go* Daw^o at Aar Stata. SOs a Bau
A Soluble Antiseptic Powder to
be dissolved In water as needed
For Doaclics
Ta Qi« local tnakmett of woman's fils,
leucorrboea snd inflammation, bat
at Partins are very efficacious.
douches Win bdl to appreciate the cl«an and
ThJs is because Partins
who has
relief from
follow* its
■*■****« superior cleansi n g, diatnfeet»
off heeling
Tor ten years the Lydia JE.
Pinkham Medicine Co. ha*
emmended Paxtine in their fa
private correspondence with wo- ff
which proves its superi
ority. Women who have been
relieved my it is *' worth IM
The Pax too Toilet Co., Boston, Hug
Ona of Symptoms of Certain Subacute
Forma of Indigestion—Care
fully Examine Teeth.
"Dropping the cud" takea place in
certain diseases and conditions of the
mouth, where mastication Is painful,
but it is also one of the symptoms of
certain subacute forms of indigestion
dependent on bulky and lnnutrlttous
In some cases the animal ia un
thrifty, with Irregular boweU and de
praved appetite; but these are not so
pronounced when the trouble is due to
pain in mastication owing to disease
of the tongue or mouth, or to dental
In young bovines, "dropping the cud"
Is very often due to the persistence of
the crowns of deciduous molars.
The animal eats tolerably welt, be
cause the food, in the first place, is
nipped off by the incisors, twisted
around by the tongue and hastily trans
ferred to the first stomach.
It is after chewing the cud that the
food is subjected to the reduction to
minute particles by the molars, the
process causing pain, and the ball of
food or cud is dropped out of the
mouth instead of being laboriously
masticated and swallowed.
The first thing to do in these cases
is to carefully examine the mouth with
the aid of a gag and to remove the per
sisting molar crowns if it is these tem
porary teeth causing the painful masti
Siphon Invented for Removing Cream
When Deeired—Doee Ite Work
Without Any Lots.
The sight of a quantity of rich cream
on top of the milk bottle Is a sight
which few housewives can resist, and
they are tempted to remove It and make
use of it for one purpose or another.
It Is almost Impossible to pour the
cream off, and usually any effort made
to Insert a spoon or other implement
of this character has the effect of stir
ring up the crown of cream so that
it is lost. The device shown herewith
has been recently patented and will
drain off all the cream of the bottle
without any loss by agitation of the

To 8yphon Off Cream.
contents of the bottle during the op
eration, aa with a spoon or pouring.
The siphon is of glass principally, but
the lower end is a tube of rubber with
one end thrust up Into the glass. The
bell-shaped end of glass is lowered
carefully Into the cream, and when In
place will about reach the lower part
of the stratum of cream. The rubber
tube Is then closed by pinching and
drawn slowly from the glass tube.
This draws the cream up and starts
the flow, which continues until all the
cream has been drawn off.
Many Fine Appearlnq Animals Found
. to Be Quite Unprofitable by
Work of Testing.
The work of testing the dairy herd
is most Interesting and produces
many surprises. Many of the finest
appearing cattle will be found to be
the poorest producers, while some of
the animals thought to be scrubs will
be worthy of a place In the construct
ed herd.
No time should be lost in disposing
of the unproductive cows. A market
can readily be had for those In good
condition, while the money received
for their sale can be most wisely ex
pended by purchasing a sire and two
or more dams of a dairy breed. These
new animals should not be purchased
without first knowing their record of
Dairy Profit and Lots.
People are not careful enough about
feeding their stock. They take It for
granted that when they have thrown
an allowance of grata In front of the
cows their dnttes are finished. On the
other hand, the cow that is rightly fed
1 fc Carefully studied with each ration.
She Is watched to see if she will re
spond to a little more feed or if she
Is getting more than she can use.
These little wastes are what make the
profit and loss in dairying.
. _ , ... !
A farmer and dairyman should keep j
only as many cows as he can house
and feed properly.
Number of Cows te Keep.
Important Factor.
Next to the keeping of cows of the
type end breeding, the selection
of feeds and the proportions In which
they are fed constitute the most im
portant factor in profitable dairying, j
, .
! The harder^a*cow°wortn'the more
grain and lens roughage the should
! Macht -
I ""V"
, cow * " TwaT
Dont Swear.
What a loan-vain Ufa tit« paw»
broker mast lead!
Drink Denlaoa'a Coffee.
Always pure and delicious.
And many a slow man Is fast
When a man la through he la
through. But a woman still has a plia
of dirty dishes to wash.
mr Marina Wva BaaM4y tor Bad. Wank, Wawrr
■/•a and Oiwanlawd arène«; No Kmanjna
lust Bra oomtort. Write foe Book of ike kt.
hr wan Tree. Marisa Bje Hemdy Co.. Cklcoga
Some Shy.
Patience—Was she shy on her birth
Patrice—Oh, yes; she was shy about
ten candles on her birthday cake.
Mr. James McDaniel, Oakley, Ky„
writes: "I overworked and strained
myself, which brought on Kidney and
Bladder Diseaae. My aymptoms were
Backache and burning
In the stem of the Blad
der, ' which was sore
and had a constant
hurting all the time
broken sleep, tired feel
% tag, nervousness, puff
' ed and swollen eyes,
shortnessof breath and
J. McDaniel. Rheumatic pains. I suf
fered ten months. I was treated by a
physician, but found no relief until 1
started to use Dodd's Kidney Pills, I
now feel that I am permanently cured
by ihe use of Dodd's Kidney Pills.''
Dodd's Kidney pills, 60c. per box at
your dealer or Dodd's Medicine Co,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Hints, also music of National Anthem
(English and German words) and re
cipes for dainty dishea. All 3 sent
Writ© for Household
Without Hurry. •
Hurry is a great thief of time. It
prevents the full and efficient use of
the present moment. It steals from
the present, for the Bake of the future,
because of some failure In the past.
A great man Is quoted as saying that
he was too buBy ever to be in a hurry.
One who lived for some months in
the home of a widely known Christian
leader and prolific worker said that
she had never known him to hurry ex
cept when someone else had caused
the delay. And even In those cases
there was no "hurried feeling." The
efficient life in Christ may be lived
without the strata of the wrong sort
of haste. Our Lord himself often
urged an eager and immediate
"haste." But there was no sense of
hurry In his life. Let us live in the
present, though not for the present,
using to the full, In burry-free spirit,
"the eternal now."
Lived Long In One County.
An old woman of eighty-seven, who
died recently in her home in Mus
kegon, had not been outside the coun
ty since she came there 65 years ago.
When she located at Muskegon there
were only six white residents, the
other inhabitants being Indians. A
thrilling Incident In her life followed
the birth of her child 64 years ago.
The baby weighed about two pounds,
and its diminutive size was so much
of a curiosity to the Indians that
they stole the midget and took it to
their colony for exhibition. In about
three days the redskins returned the
babe to the frantic parents, the In
fant being none the worse for Its ex
The Difference.
"Those two brothers represent the
difference between romance and real
"How so?"
"When their father died and his
will divided his money, one Invested
hls Inheritance In castles In Spain,
while the other went to Milwaukee
and bought a brewery."
Had 8een It Done.
"Let us play we are married," said
little Edith, "and I will bring my
dolly and say, 'See baby, gapa!'"
"Yes," replied Johnny; "and I will
tay, 'Don't bother me now, I want to
look through the paper!'"
But a young man lovea an heiress
for himself alone.
Tea Drinker Feared Paralysis.
Steady use of either tee or coffee
often produces alarming symptoms,
as the poison (caffeine) contained In
these beverages acta with more po
tency In some persons than In others.
"I was never a coffee drinker,"
writes an 111. woman, "but a tea drink
er. I was very nervoua. had frequent
spells of alck headache and heart
trouble, and was subject at times to
severe attacks of bilious colic.
"No end of sleepier nights—would
have spells at night when my right
side would get nnmb and tingle like a
thousand needles were pricking my
flesh. At times I could hardly put my
tongue out of my mouth and my right
eye and ear were affected.
"The doctors told me U> quit using
tea. but 1 thought I could not live with
out It—that It was my only stay. I
had been a tee drink« r for twenty-five
years; was under the doctor's care for
"About six months ago. I finally quit
tea and commenced to drink Postum.
"1 have never had one spell of stek
headaches since and only one light
attack of bilious colic Have quit hav
lne those numb spells ut night, sleep
well and my heart la getting stronger
all the time."
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Read "The Road to
WeUvtlle," in pkgs.
Postum comes in two forms:
Postum Cereal—the original form—
must be well boiled. 15c and 25c pack
Instant Postum —e soluble powder-
t S tSMt/R to * " P 01 ** ~
n delicious beverage Instantly, 30c and
Both kinds are equally delicious and
per cap.
poet about the
"There's a Reason" for Postum
If Man Proves Sobriety to Court
in 1917 Estate Will Be Re
turned to Him.
New York —If on March 8, 1917, Os
win Jerome O'tlrien. who lives at the
Fatrmount hotel In Jersey City, ia able
to convince thd supreme court of New
York county that he has been sober
for two years he can recover a for
tune be voluntarily placed In trust for
the benefit of his wife, htmselt and
their son.
Early In February Mrs, Ethel I)
O'Brien caused a commission to be
appointed to Inquire Into her hus
band's sanity. The evidence ahowed
he drank heavily, and during these
periods was so liberal with his money
that Mrs. O'Brien feared she would
be Impoverished.
She therefore appeared before Jus
tlce Page and asked that she be ap
V ß
Ha Dare Not Drink.
pointed conservator of her husband's
property and person.
O'Brien agreed to place his entire
estate In the hands of the Empire
Trust company. He said this con
sisted of a bungalow at take Hopat
cong, N. J., and securities valued at
upward of (125,000.
He offered to Instruct the trust com
pany to pay to Mrs. O'Brien for the
support of herself and son (4,600 a
year, and to himself (3,000 a year. He
suggested that If at the end of two
years he proves he has given up drink
he Is to get the property back If he
fails to submit proof he cau make a
second attempt In 1919.
Justice Page thought the arrange
ment a good one.
Held Before Machine and Forced to
Litton to Muole, Animal Dioa
From Fright.
Hagerstown, Md.—Held before a
canned music machine, a big collie be
longing to Miss Jano Detrick of New
Market was called to dog heaven. The
dog died in an hour after being forced
to listen to the music. Miss Detrlck
had just purchased the machine, and
was trying it ont. She wanted her pet
to hear the music, and held the ani
mal before the instrument, and finally
wriggled from the arms of his mis
After getting loose the collie raced
through the house, chewing its paws.
Thinking that the dog had gone mad.
Miss Detrlck aent for a veterinarian,
who announced that the dog, which
wan a high-strung animal, had died
from excitement and fright.
Two Big Razorbaeks Killed, One
With Ten Shots, In
Mountain View, Ark.—An exciting
wild bog hunt was made In the Round
Bottom hills recently, and after an all
day chase two of the largest wild bogs
seen In that section this year were
killed. The hogs were the property of
Newt Wade and had been In the woods
for nearly three years. After shooting
one of the beasts seven times with
shotguns it turned and fought, forcing
Fred Lancaster and Grant Lawson,
two of the hunters, to climb a tree
Ewing Lancaster crept up and killed It
only after shooting It three times be
hind the shoulder with a rifle.
The other hog was killed while be
tag held at bay by a pack of dog*
One of tbe hogs weighed 242 pounds
and tbe other 250 pounds
Sleigh, With Child as Only Occu
pant, Barely Misses Long
Island Train.
Rlverbeed, L. I.—The two-year-old
son of Harold Young of Baiting Hoi
low narrowly escaped colliding with
a Long Island railroad train while on
a wild ride In a sleigh bfhlnd a run
away horse.
The horse had been hitched In
front of a store, snd the child's father
had just untied tbe strap w hen tbe ani
mal, frightened by a passing auto
mobile. bolted.
With the baby alone In the sletgh
the horse ran down the road, across
the tracks, barely missing a train.
The baby seemed to enjoy the ride,
which terminated when William A.
Terry stopped the horse after It bed
run a mile.
One-Armed Man a Fighter.
Rush villa. Ind.—That a one-armed
sun not, pot us a fight was dla
proved here when Haye Stafford'* leg
wan broken In n fight with Edward
Bowen, who has only on* arm When j
the men fought over the payment of
* s'ove Powep •acccedol In rc'Mn*
tha best of *tt-,*frv-d
▲ reasonable woman la oaa who
(ant unreasonable all the time.
Drink Denleon's Coffee.
Always pure and delicious.
Considering wt<at It gives In return,
a legislature probably Is the most ex
pensive thing.
Others Turnad Him Down.
She—Am I the only v ornan you ever
He—Well, yes—successfully.
In Both Ways.
"Mrs. Daddy is a very authorita
tive person lu her gossip."
"Yes, and »hat she aayw. goea."
"Sarcasm. pure sarcasm," said Den.
T. Coleman du Pont apropos of a
«tory about gunpowder
"It reminds me of ihe sarcastic ad
vertisement In Ihe New York theatri
cal paper that read:
"'Wanted Tall, handsome juvenile
lead for drama lour. Must be under
seventy.' "
Heaven on Earth.
Heaven consists In nothing Mse
than walking, abiding, resting in the
Divine presence. There are souls who
enter Into this heaven before leaving
the body, if ihou beltevest that thy
God. round, felt ami rested In. is
heaven, why not. under the gracious
help which he vouchsafes lo ihee in
his son. begin at once to dlactpltne
and qualify thy soul for this heaven?
If this be thy chief good, why turn
away from it, aa though it were a
thing not to be desired? if It be the
very end of thy being, the only right,
good and blessed end, why postpone
thy qualification for It. as though it
were a bitter necessity? Nutter thy
soul, so noble in 1U crista, to be with
drawn from dust, noise, multitudes,
vain treasures and vain pleasures, to
find its sweetness and fullness In God.
—John Pulsford.
a* IrttllM,
MEN'S *2.50 *3 *3.50 *4.00 *4.50 *5 *5.50 SHOES f
WOMEN'S *2.00 *2.00 *3.00 *3.00 & *4.00 SHOES f
BOYS' *1.75 *2 *2.00 *3.00 MISSES' *2.00 & *2.00 I
•M UM high (Mb
iMIk.M «ni tom
wwwM thaw
W. I» DmiIm ih
laathor*. on In.
..part but wad pwlt.rn mak.n lw (hi. aoawtry. Na otte.r malt,
of »quäl prlM., saa NffiMtc with W. I .. Douala, ali«.* lor «lyla,
workmanship wwd quality. Aa coiulurtatal«, May walking
•Ium thar are uuaurpaassd.
Tha *3.00. B.- 1 .M and I4.M ahne. wIM give es good iirv l »»
•a othar mnkaa mating B4.00 ta BS.OO. T he B4.S0.ga.no and
MAI ahoae compara ta, ..ratal, with ^remammisrieemgnr
othar makas casting M W to fcn.ua. /Wharavar yaw live
ilisrsars many man and woman waarf lag Wl.ltamgla*
chocs. Consult t ham and thsy will lall I you that W. L ,
Douglas si...as eaaaot ha saaailsd for I (ha prisa. J
*H0l F
stamped oa tha hot lota. Mtoss I kits Wap
north tss crlea paM for t haut Pur 11 mars V
tuaraatssd ibstr valus amt pratstitsd ifcsosi
prices tor tolar lor shoos by Savina hii NAM
■tamped on tha bottom briars tbsr tsars Dial
ba psrwiadsd te taka soma othar ssska data
good. You dra paytna W*ur moasr sad ars am
try. pt mm
U» bD ju« M
4 ID iImUm.
If your Hotter cannot you. write for III
•t«Kt CMBlof »bowing bow to *mUr by mall.
WJwlhHiflM, »10 Mpark At.. Brock ton. Maaa,
Dramatic Criticism.
The final curtain had fallen and the
audience was fluttering and filing out :
of the playhouse. In the lobby was J
a picture of the author of the piece, !
a personage with an abundant beard
and a pair of Hashing eyes under
beetling brows—In short, the well
known Mephlstophellan mask of
George Bernard Shaw.
"He has a clever face," said one
fluttering lady to another fluttering
lady as they went out Into the night.
Are Usually Fresh and Clear, Boft and
Velvety. Try One.
The Soap to cleanse and purify, tha
Ointment to soothe and heal. Thug
these supercreamy emollients promote
and maintain the natural purity and
beauty of the skin, scalp, hair and
hands under conditions which U neg
lected might disfigure them.
Sample each free by mall with Book.
Address postcard, Cuttcura, Dept. XY.
Boston. Bold everywhere.—Adv.
Of Course.
"1 see the sheriff Is still after those
"How Is It those Indians can gal
lop all over the country without be
ing stopped ?"
"Naturally everybody thinks they
are doing a stunt for tbe movies.''
Importent to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and eure remedy for
Infants and children, and aee that It
In Use For Over 90 Team.
Children Cry tot Hatch«'« Caatoria
Even lb* human peach Is hard to
digest when taken green.
There are lota of dogs that are bet
1er bred than their owners.
Why send
dEtyi «way for
' "bargain
roofing" when you can
gat the be«« roofing at a na*
eooabla price of your own local
d eale r whom you know?
Buy materials that !«»■«
1-ply, 10 years for 2-ply, and IS years
antee. Its quality is Die highest and
* • fc?
• •
• •
Baking Powder
I „ T^ C Patronsofour first class hotels and restaurants are exact' I
lng—they demand the best Women go where the pastry and cake*
are noted for their excellence. Men are attracted by hot bread .md
biscuits—when fresh and moist and light
The pastry cook with a reputation uses K C Baking Powder
because he knows that results are certain; every time everythin«
is as good as his best y *
, Then, too, with K Ç Baking Powder he can mix the varfouff
kinds of batter before the rush of the meal begins and bake bb
needed so th.;t every order goes to the table fresh and hot. yet thm
last he bakes are just as good os the first
The reasons behind these reasons Is that K C to
really a biend of two haking powders. One commence*
to give off leavening gas as soon as moistened. Th«
other requires both moisture and heat to make to
active. Dough or batter will remain In a partially
leavened condition for hours, and when put In the oven,
will come up as light as If mixed a moment before.
For cookies, pancakes, doughnuts and the f
which cannot all be baked at once, K C is indispensa
ble. t* or all baking thedoublc raise makes doubly certain.
Mb» fA* rxamplt
m coo* and your baking
"Wormy", Dial's what's the matter >.f 'em.
««Dual wortae Mrarlr aa 1*4 aa Olat. mpg, cwt yoa taw
to fee.I 'gm. took had are hod
Kpohna f ur*
to»« 'em Bp all tano.1, and don't "ytiysle "
Poll olreotlona with säen tatoue, and wild tay ait
■POIIN MvaticM. CO .Chemists,
Dm« ! pby»i# 'mr to
Wise Writer Qlvee Some Advice That
All Women Would Do Woll to
If he Is auspicious don't lake him
too seriously.
And why? Ilecsuse, If you do, there
le always a-great probability that be
will Imagine that there Is i good foun
dation for lilt foolish want of trust.
A lover Is Inclined, perhaps nalur
ally, to be a trifle Jealous of tbe be
loved one; but even this usually barm
leaa characteristic should no! be en
coursgt'd overmuch.
Aa for suspicion, it should never
raise Its ugly head In the paradise of
love; If It doee, it wilt spoil everything
and cast a gloom over what should be
undiluted happiness.
A 'vie« girl will therefore always try
gently to laugh her sweetheart out of
such unpleasant fancies; of course,
•he will be careful not to give him
reason to begin them, but If they do
unluckily crop up. then she will do her
utmost to banish them.
Kindly laughter will often do more
to make a man see that he has been
foolish and wrong than any amount of
the best liftentioned scolding or re
The latter are apt to leave a sore
neea and resentment behind them,
whereas a good-natured laugh leaven
«>■«<"« of any sort
The very fact of smiting over a mat
l * r «ogether makes s bond of union
""d harmony Pittsburgh Dispatch.
It «as at a point U> point meeting. A
man with an eye lo business put up a
marquee and was ready to garage cars
—for a consideration.
A big touring car came up. "How
much for putting up ihe car?" asked
tbe owner
"Five dollars for the day," waa ihe
reply, and the car went on. Other
expensive cars were brought up, and
the same sum demanded
At last up came a small ear of a
make about whtab It is the fashion to
make good humored jokes
"How much?" Inquired tbe motorist
"Five dollars."
It's yours." replied tbs ear owner,
Doge end Children.
"Tee. at first I didn't east n do« la !
the bouee. but now I've become much
attached to him."
Ti that so?"
"Yea; all my friends who keep dogs
*ey the same thing. — —— ■ „h™
people who have children really feel
the same about them, too."
"What a beautiful complexion Mrs
Mixer hen!"
Baue« fer the Qantlsr.
The game had been called a*
count of darknsee el Ibe end of Dm
slxioanth Inning, and convqaeat l y
hubby was very late for dinner
Hie wife greeted him with a
but not tbe kind she tnrna on who«
sh* wants a new gown.
There are
smiles end smiles, as you may baver
"I'm sfYeld you'll have lo ba
fled with cold steab and poUIoeo." eh*
remarked, aa be headed for the dining
room. "Tbe rook positively refuse« Me
play eztra Innings ''
Kill Die FI lee New ne« FrevewT
. AlldeüMM
K lila tk n waaa J a l.aaiaall
ï praaa paki lor gt, |.
I». Brookl-a, N. Y,
nr all
Uo Us Kalb
"I write for posterity."
Uood Idea. Posterity soul threw
bricks st you M It doesn't like
Whan a man le willing to
ridiculous spectacle ef hUneuH la «gfi
notice, be is apt to find I bel tbe tee fib
Is not profitable.
! j n
s Ashamed of herJT
j |bad completion^ .
« pimply, biutohy, unsightly
will clear it
just try Kcstoul Soap and Rem
Inul Ointment regularly lot n week
and see il they do nut make tMmm
cd différente in your sinn.
also help make red.
■oh and white.
*,,■■■■ IM g ■—- m. . - , _ —
g*naî r J e»e*i-e viMBnBiKC*

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