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This great Amer
ican statesman, who
stood with George
Washington in the
Revolutionary war, was
the son of a poor Boston soapmaker. He started
the printing business for himself in early manhood,
worked hard, lived frugally and saved his money. He
had plenty to live on when old
Take your cue from Franklin. Join the
legion of people whose savings are growing in our
bank. Enjoy the satisfaction of watching the pennies
become dollars and the dollars hundreds.
See your fortress rise against the possible
attacks of sickness or misfortune. Lay the foundation
with a part of this week's earnings.
age came.
Multiply your money in our care,
The First National Bank
Member Regional Reserve Bank
Local News
Montpelier, Idaho, March 10, 1916
Vaudeville at the Montpelier the
atre tomorrow night.
Old furniture repaired at the Niel
aeu Furniture Co.
Miss Pernecia Bag ley visited
friends in Pocatello this week.
„ . , .
For rent, 6-room modern bungalow „
Inquire of John J. Wells. Far
' your
R. W. Gee visited several days this
week with his sou "Dent" in Poca- wag
* 6 *' 0,
D. M. Ferry's garden and flower
seeds now on sale at Whitman's. to
For sale, six or eight good milk
cows. Call on Chris Seewer, Mont- sale
C. O. Behymer was called to Fair
field, 111., ten days ago by the death
of a niece.
„ . .u w « . .. line
Get the Majestic if you want the
best range on earth.—Nielsen Furni
ture Co.
_ „ , . of
George Bent, and family left last L ,
Sunday morning for their future ,
home at Whlteblrd, Idaho. #
All the new styles In ladies' shoe.
for sping at very low prices. Call th
and see tnem at Whitman's. .
Watch for the Parcel Post Bazarr on
to be given by the Women of Wood
craft on March 17th. I»
For rent, on and after May 27th,
the Metzger house, furnished. Apply
to A. Metzer, Jr. the
W.J. Hunter is around again after old
a three week's seige with erysipelas
and inflammatory rheumatism.
Home-bred White Leghorn chicks
for sale, 10 cent. each.-Mm. Neplii
Skinner, Nounan.
Jnst received a new line of fancy
work in new designs; call and see
these new things at Whitman's.
All ladies attending the Montpelier
theatre tonight and tomorrow night
will receive a nice present from the
A baby's crib bed for sale; call on
Mrs. J. C, Moore, just east of the
Catholic church.
The Montpelier band will give a
short concert on the street, tomorrow
at noon, and another one on St. Pat
rick's Day at noon.
A Urge assortment of the Célébrât
ed Fulton baby carriages, roadster.
and sulkies just arrived. Priee. the
lowest.—Nielsen Furniture Co. *
The Methodist Ladies' aid will be
entertained by Mesdames Lucas and
Rinehart at the home of the latter
Thursday afternoon, March 1«.
Call and see the beautiful line of f
silks for dress patterns and waists
new good, and pretty deMgas at
After a month's visit with hi. par
ente, Forrest Stuart feturued to Provo
Ust Sunday to resume bte work in
the Ü. 8. recUmation service.
The Montpelier Milling Co. ha. on
hand the Defiance Spring seed wheat.
Place your order, promptly as It U
going fast.
J. H. Wood of Salt Lake^ agency
manager for the Continental Life In
su ranee Co., spent a couple of dass
here this week in the interests of the
company. .
A. L. Chilton, the eye specialite,
will be in Montpelier on Mardi 20, 21
22, 23, 26 and 26. Office over Modern
Drug Co. In Paris March 24 at the
Stuck! home,
E. A. Burrell will go to Boise this
afternoon to attend a meeting of the
republican state central committee,
to be held there tomorrow.
Wanted, elderly lady for house
keeper, apply to Albert Beutler,
Sharon, phone 79-f-5.
The date of the operetta to be given
by Georgetown'« local talent has
been changed from Tuesday night,,
March 14 to Thursday night, March
No time like the present, so buy
some harness oil from the Bear Lake
„ .-ci. .
Far " er8 8ooiety of Equlty and oil
your harness.
a. J. Lyles, the colored boot-black,
wag made happy last Sunday by the
arrival of his wife and two little
daughters from Denver. They expect
to make their home here in the future.
A good second-hand blower tor
sale cheap at Gns Johansen's black
smith shop next to the Examiner
office. Pdone 258-w.
Children's dresses from 46 cents up
—these are splendid values. New
line of ladies' dresses iu light aud
dark fn8 at Whltnian , g .
Owen Buckley, a former resident
of Montpelier and au old-time Short
L , ne dled recently at Baw .
, W yo„ where he ha. lived for a
„umber of years.
The LewU rooml houge hag been
th hI re n„v a ted, the beds furn
. . , ... „„
isned with new mattresses, new rugs
on the floors and everything is as
clean as a pin. The public patronage
I» solicited.—Ed French,' proprietor.
The Hoff Meat Co. is out with a
new Ford delivery, and Ed Rich,
the grocer, will replace his faithful
old team with a Ford car as soon as
thestreets get In a little better con
of °* lio ° »* » cents a yard ; 12
yard, of Hops muslin for $1 ; regular
cenU ohevoU for 10 cenU at
Whitman's. •
Mf H , Cokavne of Denver and
Migg McDermott of this city,
ware nnlted in marriage in Pari, on
Wednesday, March 1st. They left
the same day for Denver, where they
will reside.
Mrs. John Lantry gave a surprise
party last night on her daughter,
Ida, in honor of her 16th birthday.
The guests enjoyed themselves at
,or 8ev « ral ho " n *' when re '
'rest,menu were served,
The Chieftain says that Sods
Springs U going to have the fastest
*■» '» Southeastern Idaho this
*» d U «uggesU that the Urn
«hould grt busy and secure ne*
* roundl "«* erect * new 8tl * nd
Ve "? B * rkd "»' who ha. been
»pending the wmtor with hi. parents.
Mr and f' , B ^ kdU "' WeD , t »
American Fall, last Monday to look
after things on his homestead for a
f ew weekg .
_ _ _ . „
W ' C - ^ and Mr
w,d Mr8 - He »ry Spldeil went to
"DavUville," near Soda Springs.
Wedne8day u, attend the KO , deI1 wed .
d , >DD tveraary of Mr. and Mrs.
8iino n Dyke, the latter being a sister
Tbe )adle . of the M ward w ,„
» W(? in lhe meeting
U houieon M , rch ggand 28. '.b y wil.
have for sale lots of wearing appar
for biys and girls, and apt on. and
artie es for the Isdies. Tue proceeds
will be used in furnishing the meet
ing bouse.
*>a price for Folly." a picture pro
dneed by the Vita graph compauy I
21 five parte, will be the feature at the
Montpelier theatre next Monday
night. Edith Storey and Antonio
Moreno play the leading part*.
Improvements at the Pavilion
Last week the pavilion directors
let the wm tract to A. V. Peterson for
calcimining the walls aud painting
the interior wood work of the build
ing. The work was begun Monday
morning and as it will take ten days
or more to complete it, there will be
ns dance tomorrow night. However,
the pavilion will be in tip-top shape
for the band dance on the night of
the 17th. The directors have also
decided to later on this year make
some improvements in the banquet
room and purchase dishes enough to
meet the requirements when it is
desired to give a banquet in couneo
tion with a dance.
Mrs. W. E. Chrisman entertained
at "500" Wednesday afternoon. The
prise for the high wore went to Mrs.
E. A. Brough and the guest prise to
Mrs. Chas. E. Reese.
Mrs. Wui. B. Pendrey was treated
to a pleasant surprise last Monday
afternoon by the young ladies of the
Second ward mutual, who called at
her home and spent the time in
social chat. The ladles took refresh
ments with then:, which were served
about 5:30. Mrs. Pendrey was pre
sented with three elegant pieces of
cut glass.
The Farmers' Society of Equity
sells "Lion" Rock Springs, Kemmer
er and I'tah lump coal. Phone or
ders promptly delivered to any part
of the city.
With the fourteen months ending
Feb. 29. there were shipped from
Montpelier 6S car loads of horses.
Of this nnmber fully 55 cars were
bought from the farmers of Bear
Lake oounty and the balanoe came
from Star valley and other adjacent
points. Figuring 24 to the car, it
makes 1660 head of horses. The
prices paid ranged from $100 to $200.
Fixing the average price at $140 a
head It makes $21,840 that has been
distributed among the horse raisers
of this section. Of the 66 carloads,
D. H. Vance has bought about 26
When buying an article that is
-supposed to last a life time, It pays
to examine it carefully and be sure.
An experPfrom the factory will be at
our store for one week commencing
March 13 to show you why you need
buy but once if you buy a Majestic
range.- Nielsen Furniture Co.
Never buy anything unless they
know they are going to get good
value for their money. All the
"smart" people who try our store
once become regular patrons.
he Modern Drug Co.
The recital given by some of Joseph
B. Tueller's pupils at the opera house
last Saturday night, was a decided
success. The pupils did splendid
work and showed excellent training.
They all played their selections from
memory, except the four hand pieces.
The concerto in G minor by Mendels
shon, played by Miss Lilias Crane
and accompanied by the string quar
>ette, was ably rendered. The mem
orizing and playing of such a com
position shows rare training. The
class of music was of a high standard
and was appreciated by the large
audience that greeted the pupils.
At the instance of City Attorney
Glenn the council, at its last meeting
passed a resolution directing tlie
•dty treasurer to make a demand
upon the county auditor that he pay
to tb© city treasurer 75 per cent of
the bridge tax which has been col
lected within the city of Montpelier
for the years 1912, 1913, 1914 and 1915.
In stating bis reasons for request
ing the passage of this resolution,
Mr Glenn said that at recent meet
ing of the county attorneys, which
was held'in Boise, this matter was
gone into thoroughly and It was the
unanimous opinion of tlie attorneys
iresent that it was the intent of the
aw tiiat cities should receive 75 per
cent of the bridge tax. as well as tlie
road tax, collected within the cities,
since tlie law in question went into
effect in 1812
There is a Real Difference
Cream of tartar, derived from grapes,
is used in Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
beca u se it is the best and most healthful in
gredient known for the purpose.
Phosphate and alum, wfrich are de
rived from mineral sources, are used in
some baking powders, instead of cream of
tartar, because they are cheaper.
If you have been induced to use baking
powders made from alum or phosphate,
use Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder in
stead. You will be pleased with the results
and the difference in the quality of the food.
On the evening of March 17. the
high school will give a carnival iu
the high school building. The pur
pose of the fete is to raise money to
pay off the debt accrued last year in
athletics and for the school paper.
The school activities this year are
all on a paying basis, and once the
burden of this past debt is out of
the way the student body look for
ward to a prosperous future in tills
phase of high school training.
Each class in the high school will
have oharge of one number of the
evening's entertainment, and is vying
with the others to make its special
attraction the most popular, and
thereby raise the most money for the
school debt. It is hoped that the
townspeople will co-operate heartily
with the students in this matter.
A nnmber of the "live wires" In
Montpelier have been talking up an -
other commercial club for the city,
and the proposition has met with
such favor that there will be a
meeting held this. Friday, evening
at the office of E. L. McClave at 7:20
o'clock for the purpose of discussing
plans of the organisation. Every
business man and every other citisen
who is Interested in seeing a com
mercial olub organised is cordially
invited to attend the meeting this
Second Ward Choir to
Give an Etertainment
On Monday evening, March 18 the
Second ward choir will give an enter
tainment at the ward hall, consisting
of a program, refreshments and a
dance. The program will begin
promptly at 8 o'clock and will consist
of vocal and instrumental muslo and
After the program there will be a
good old-time dance, consisting of
lively quadrilles, Virginia reels,
waltzes and two steps.
Ice ereanÄnd cake will be served
during the evening at 26 cents a cou
ple. Price of admission 26 cents.
The proceeds will tie used to help
finish the church. Everybody invit
ed—come and iiave a real good time.
Will H. Young Goes to Burley
Will H. Young has resigned his po
sition as state bank examiner, which
he has held for the past three years,
to accept tlie position as cashier of
the Burley State bank at Burley,
Idaho. He will assume his new
duties next Wednesday and his fam-1
lly will join him as soon as they oan
secure a house. Prior to becoming
connected with the state bank ex
aminer's department, Mr. Young was
cashier of the Bear Lake State hank,
having taken that position at the
time when the bank first began bus- 1
iness. During his residence in Paris
Mr. Young proved himself to be a
substantial cstisen and was ever
ready to do what he could to advance
the interests of that community in
particular and the oounty in general.
In securing Mr. Young as cashier,
the directors of the Burley bank will
find that they have made no mistake
and the people of that city will And
"Bill" aud his wife to be mighty
good citizene.
Lynn Hospital Notes
Mrs. McCammon was sufficiently
recovered from her operation of last
week to be able to return home Mon
day. .
Mrs. Anna Hager, who has been a
nurse at the hospital for the past
year, will leave next Sunday to take
charge of the Grand rooming house.
Her place will be filled by Miss
Crawford, a trained nurse, who form
erly worked under Dr. Lynn for two
years. She will be qnite an addition
to ttie hospital force.
Wallace Henderson was operated
on yesterday for appendicitis.
Mrs. Jake Jensen, who had been a
patient at the hospital, returned to
her home last week.
Among others who underwent op
erations the past week were Mrs.
Cbas. Schmid, Maud Nelson, Melvin
Peterson and ''Dad" Bryan.
of fine cooking utensils absolutely
. _ _, ...
wi, ' ^ our *' or * ***** week will
tell you how.—Nielsen Furniture Co.
For one week commencing March
13 yon can secure eight dollar's worth
free. The Majestic range man who
* »
-ordtr from
•refer ïrnnln<\&3Ralfin^€a
, 4 ti ^
Our Population is Increasing
During tlie past week the stork has
left new sons at the following homes
in the county;
John Jacobsen of Ovid.
diaries Derrioott of Liberty.
A. A. Crans of Heiinlitatou.
Smith Hoge of Paris.
Joa Ilyinas of Liberty.
Royal Clark of Montpelier.
Fred Barfos of Bern.
Daughters have also been left at
the homes of W'alter and Solon My
mas, both of Liberty.
Just received, a large assortment
of linoleum, prices right, at the Niel
sen Furniture Co.
Where We Kill
Building Cost.
UBet it would
surprise you if
you Knew how
much saving of
materials is
made by the use
of our "Custom
ers-Aid" plans.
We are studying
your problems all
the time —studying
the uses for which
different Kinds of
lumber are best
And that's why we have
no many satisfied cus
Let's plan tog«ther—
then you will best appre
ciate the servie« of th «— m
». .. r v t. B 8 . vv
R. J. BUCK, Manager
Montpelier Yard *
Mulligan Club" Holds
Its Annual Feast
Th» "Mulligan Club" held Its an
tinal feed up Montpelier canyon Iasi
Sunday. The day was not a prnpl ,
tious one for an out-door gathering,
out as the flret Sunday in Mardi i»
the day on which the elub— regard
less of weather conditions—journeys
to its s<*quested nook up tlie esnyon
for the purpose of enjoying a mul
ligan, the members were nut the
leaet daunted by the deep enow aud
blustery weather. Equipped with
all tlie articles which are required In
the making of this delirious dish,
sbout s dozen of the club members,
with a few Invited gueete, hied them
eelvee to the usual spot Sands)
Arriving thsre sbout fl o'clock,
they fooud something like 42 Inches
of snow covering the ground. Will
ing bauds witli shovels soon cleared
a place for s kitchen and dining
room. A fire ,wsa then started ami
Chefs O'Connor and Cherry eooo ha"
the mulligan a cooking. In due Um'
ali hand gathered around tbs boil
ing pot and were eerved togeneron
pointful of ttiis rare and appetising
dish. Was it good? Well, there ar
no words in the Kiiglieh languag
with which to property describe ho«
good s mulligan doss taste on or
casions of that kind.
Just before the charge was mad
upon the mulligan, letters of regre 1
#ere read from several members of
the elub and others who had baen in
vit«d to participate in the feetivitle*
at the day. All then joined band«
and sung "Auki Lang Hayne." after
which every one proceeded to satisfy
hie inner man and the only regrets
beard were in regards to the apparau t
ly limited capacity of the men.
Gathering clouds, with an unex
H-cted peal of thunder which Indi
•«ted an approaching storm, neces
• I ta ted the breaking up of camp soon
•r than was desired
oo, tpat an early start was made for
home for the teams had not gone far
vhen they encountered a real, live
i .Hazard However, all reached home
safely, and the 1916 meeting of th*
club will long be pieaeantly remem
bered by all who wore present.
It *t• well
• (0
OU Should »uns in and taka a muscle
exercise on our DeZang's Phorometer,
if your ayes are weak and easily fatigued.
Kveti though you ha va tha violon corrected,
still the muscles may be weak aud need
Mr. Strother hat* had over 15 yean* exper
ience and is in charge of our optical de
lta rt nient.
Goodman & Christman
Th« Busy JeweUrs
Montpelier, Idaho
Quality counts in toi 1st soaps And if you
nr« purticnlar about tl»« soap you nse,
wh ar« sur« that from our «xt«nsiv«
stock that w« can supply your wants.
W« hav« glyo«rin« soaps, mould«*! soaps
tar soai>s, in fact ali*kinds.
C— K—Wind»*w display.
Th. Rautt Sion"
Baby Carriages
And Go-Carts
A large and complete
line to select from.
Elegant In design and
r Brown reed, blue and
j! black enamel, brown
i and French grey finish.
Pullman and sleeper-back bodies
with reversable gears.
The famous Whitney baby carriages
are now on display at our store.
Com« in. W« are pleased to show our good*.
K MARCH 6 to 11
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