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Pnbliahed Every Friday
O. ». WRIGHT. Editor and Manager
Montpelier, Friday, June 21, 1918
"Either German principles of right,
freedom, honor nad morality must be
upheld, or Anglo-Saxon principles,
with their idolatry of Mammon, must
be victorious," says the Hohenzollern
The world has had an opportunity
during the last four years to learn
the principles of right, freedom, hon
or and morality preached by the kais
— .er jtnd practiced by the Germans.
The German idea is that might
makes right, that anything is right
which is necessary to extend German
sway over the other peoples of the
earth and win special privileges for
the Germans. It has nothing In com
mon with the morality of the Chris
tian God to whom the kaiser so of
ten , and always sacrilegiously, ap
If it will help Germany to obtain
her place In the sun it is right to kill
non-combatants, to commit rape and
robbery, to blow up the ships and
factories of neutrals, to slaughter
the wounded—in fact to break any
and all of the ten commandments.
And, strange to say, the men of all
religions in Germany seem to agree
that it is right to abrogate the ten
commandments if it will obtain victo
ry for Germany. Among themselves
they still adhere to the theory of
Christian morality, and perhaps they
practice that morality one toward
thee other, but for all outside th
fold of the fatherland there is to be
neither mercy nor Justice until they
submit to the German despotism.
When Cardinal Mercier called down
the punishment of heaven
those who had massacred his priests
and people, who had stolen the treas
ures of his land and burned and rap
ed, some of his co-religionists in Ger
many cooly suggested that he
un-Chritian because he did not for
give these acts. Thus is the Chris
tian religion perverted by the adher
ents of all sects in Germany to
hold every injustice inicted
and morality.
And we are quite as familiar with
German honor.
on non
And that is German right
It was that honor
which violated Germany's pledged
word to preserve the neutrality of
Belgium. It was that honor which,
through an ambassador, proposed
that the ships of a friendly nation
should be sunk without leaving a
trace. It was that honor which has
permitted Germans to break
rule of international law, to seize
sink ships which they had specifical
ly promised to protect, to bomb hos
pitals and kill nurses, to poison wells
in West Africa and to fill the world
with spies, many of them prostitutes
«•d^riminals and degenerates of va
rious descriptions. The men and
The Cool Summer Car
Is The Franklin
During the heat of summer the motor car is a favorite method of finding the
coolest places. Even the car's movement results in the creation of a breeze.
With the water cooled engine on these summer days the engine quickly heats the
v car to an unusual degree, with accompanying discomfort to the driver and whoever
may be on the front scat.
With the use of the Franklin Car all this annoyance and discomfort is avoided.
The Franklin driver and his company get no engine heat, but are permitted to enjoy
the cool breeze created by rapid movement.
It is one of the smaller comforts, but life after all is made up of many small
things, not the least of these being comfort.
With the Franklin, however, there are so many other points of distinctive excel*
mce that their statement is only a cataloguing of deficiencies in other makes of
The Franklin rides easily over rough roads—it uses the minimum of gas, oil,
and tires to secure a maximum of comfort, safety and satisfaction.
The Yellowstone Motor Company is having difficulty In securing even half as
many Franklins as it can easily sell. But we keep trying.
Just now we have a few.
Come in, see and ride in one—buy it and be happy
er after.
Y ellowstone Motor Co.
Pocatello, Idaho
men that Germany punished at home
»he sent out into the world even be
fore the war to wait« secret warfare
ugatnst friendly nations. That is
German honor.
The Anglo-Saxon, said the emperor,
aimed at making the peoples of the
world work as slaves for the Anglo
Saxon ruling race. We will not at
tempt to speak for the British, but
certainly the people of Canada and
Australia would not echo the senti
ments of the kaiser. But a plainer
argument to set down his Imperial
najesty is before the whole world.
The Teutonic race already has its
«laves by the mllions in Gemany and
iustria-Huugary, in Belgium and Ser
na and even in countries such as
.lussia and Rumania, with which Ger
many is nominally at peace.
The kaiser admits that Germany
seeks to rule the world but sugar
oats the admission with the sugges
ion that when Germany rules there
vill be freedom, Justice, honor and
•ight for all. If any other race seeks
o rule, its purpose is to make slaves
>f mankind. The argument might
lave had a chance of convincing a
few ignorant minds if the proofs
against it had not been put before
the world daily since Germany pre
cipitated the war.
When the emperor speaks of the
Anglo-Saxon regime he is, or course,
trying to include the United States
within his condemnation. He would
have it that the United States is try
ing to make slaves of subject races.
Once we shed rivers of blood so that
a nation which was committed to the
doctrine that all men are free and
equal should no longer be cursed with
human slavery. We saved Cuba, Por
to Rico and the Philippines from an
intolerable tyranny, and now we are
sending our soldiers into Europe to
rescue mankind from an even more
hideous despotism.
So much for German right, honor,
morality and freedom.—Salt Lake
Yesterday morning County Agent
Sargent received the following tele
gram from Boise:
"Stories by floating laborers of
higher wages elesewhere in Idaho
largely false. Urge farmers and bus
iness men not to pay over $3.00 ex
cept for special help, such as stack
ers. If farmers hold now last year's
difficulty will be avoided. Report all
idle laborers, who refuse to work at
going wages, to Allred at Boise.
County Agent Leader."
The state engineer will be here
next Monday to set the grade stakes
on the highway north of Montpelier,
and grading will start Tuesday morn
ing. Men with four horse teams and
scrapers are wanted; rate $1.00 per
hour. Apply to Byron Nelson.
If you are in need of books in the
line of Mormon church publications,
send your orders to C. W. Bartschi,
Nounan, Idaho, agent for the Deseret
News Book store of Salt Lake.
During the storm last Sunday af
ternoon Arvilla Sorensen of Ovid, ;
aged 15, was stunned by lightning,
which struck near her house. She
was standing in the yard at the time, ;
and the shock threw her to the!
ground and rendered her unconscious!
for about five minutes. The ground j
where the lightning struck looked as
though a German shell had struck
The same afternoon John Boehme
of Geneva, was also badly stunned
by lightning.
During yesterday afternoon's storm
lightning killed three cows and two
yearling heifers on the Arthur Budge
ranch near Paris. The animals were
in the pasture at the time. Two oth
er cows were so badly stunned that
t is doubtful If they will recover
from the effects. The animals were
all thoroughbred Holsteins. The two
heifers and one of the cows killed
were prize winners at the Utah state
fair last fall. At that time Mr. Budge
refused $700 for the cow. He esti
mates his loss at $3,000 or more,
which is covered by insurance to the
amount of only $250.
Be at the "repeater dance" at the
pavilion Wednesday night, June 26.
3A Autographic
Kodak Jr.
—A now Kodak in the 3-A
—It's a thinner camera, yet
makes the best card size
—Prices $17.50 with M. A.
—$20.00 with R. R. lens.
—$26.00 with Anastigmat
—At your dealers, the Ko
dak Store.
Rinehart Studio.
Montpelier, Idaho
are Lending
YOU Lending?
Thousands of our boys are going down into the trenches today—clean-faced, deter
mined, splendid young men. Many are soon to join the army of the lame, the blind or
the dead.
You can at least go down in your pockets for them.
Think it over—be ready on
JUNE 28 th
There's an army. Yes, a dozen armies—of stalwart, wind-bronzed, young men stand
ing between you and the grizzly Hun. These *young fellows are giving their ease,
their comfort, their friends and homes, their bodies, the hope of life—giving for you—
for you.
You can at least loan your dollars for them.
National War Savings Committee
This space contributed for
the Winning of the War by
Alton—Samuel W. Hart.
Bennington—John Black, J. W.
Bern—Joseph S. Robison, David A.
Cokeville—Milford Williams, J. M.
Dingle—Wilford W. Clark, Alma
Geneva—David C. Kunz, Charles
R. Pearce.
Georgetown—Samuel Humphreys,
Charles G. Keetch.
Montpelier First—Hyrum Oakey,
Christian Kunz.
Montpelier Second—Francis M.
Winters, Delmar O. Stephens.
Montpelier Third—Edgar M. Lind
say, Ole Swensen.
Nounan—Wilber Bacon, Walter
Pegram—George T. Smith, Charles
L. French.
Raymond—Silas Wright, William
Wardboro—Frederick W. Boehme,
Arnold Hirschi.
The Doctor Away From Home When
Most Needed.
People are often very much dlsap
olnted to find that their family phy
sician Is away from home when they
most need his services. Diseases like
rain in the stomach and bowels, colic
ji iid diarrhoea require prompt treat
i.ient, an dhave In many instances
i roven fatal before medicine could
be procured or a physician summon
ed. The right way Is to keep at hand
a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic and
Liarahoea Remedy. No physician can
prescribe a better medicine for these
diseases. By having it in the house
you escape much pain and suffering
and all risk. Buy It now; it may save
The Examiner $2.00 a year.
Quick Action
Lincoln Connty Oil
Idaho-Wyoming Oil Co.
This stock will advance
Only a small block left at
No. 1 well down 860 feet;
and this stock will go up
than July first.
Get in now and take
Wood Oil & Development
The best buy in Lincoln
company has four rigs
within 300 feet of the
put the Cretaceous Co.
are drilling in the famous
and Water Fall; they
fields. This stock can
time only. Get busy and
If you are interested in
at once and if you cannot
tage of the installment
one-fourth each month
golden opportunity.
Samples of Fossil Oil in
Restaurant. Call in and
Green River Oil Shale &
per share. We have samples
An ordinance requiring the clos
ipg of all business houses in the city
of Montpelier, Bear Lake county, Ida
ho, except places of amusement, ice
cream parlors, cigar stores, pool
halls, billiard halls, drug stores, gar
ages, hotels, restaurants and barber
shops; also fixing time of closing and
penalty for violation of this ordi
Be it ordained by the mayor and
council of the city of Montpelier,
Bear Lake County, Idaho.
Sec. 1. That it shall be unlawful
for any person, persons, partner
ship, association, or corporation, ex
cept persons conducting places of
amusement, ice cream parlors, cigar
stands, pool halls, billiard halls, drug
stores, garages, hotels, restaurants
ahd barber shops, to keep opened
alter the hour of 6 o'clock p. m. of
ariy day except Saturday.
'Sec. 2. That all places of busi
ness except those excepted by sec
tion 1 of this ordinance shall be
closed promptly at 6 o'clock p. m. of
each day, except Saturdays.
Sec. 3 . That any person, persons,
partnership, association, or corpora
tion violating this ordinance shall be
fined in any sum not exceeding one
hundred dollars ($100.00) or im
prisoned in the city Jail of the city of
Montpelier, Idaho, not exceeding thir
ty (30) days, or be both fined and
imprisoned, in the discretion of the
Sec. 4. An emergency existing
therefor this ordinance shall be in
full force and effect from and after
its passage and approval and publi
Passed and approved this 19th day
of June, 1918.
R. N. SNEDDON, Mayor
The Examiner $2.00 a year.
on Your
Fields, Wyoming
has five producing wells.
as soon as No. 6 comes in.
50c a share.
this well is on the cap rock,
to 50c a share not later
advantage of a quick advance.
Co. stock 25c.
County at present. This
drilling at present and one
famous Cretaceous well that
up to $1.50 a share. They
Fossil field, Slate Creek
have a rig in each of these
be had for 15c for a short
get in.
Lincoln County Oil see me
pay all at once take advan
plan—one-fourth down and
until paid out. This is your
the window at the People's
get Prospectus.
Refining Co. Stock 5c per
in the window.
Not In Vain.
Did you ever hear of a man who
bad striven all Ills life faithfully and
singly toward an object and In no
measure obtained it? If a men con
stantly aspires, is he not elevated?
Did ever a man try heroism, mag
nanimity, truth, sincerity, and find
that there was no advantage In them
—that it was a vuin endeavor?—
First Scribe—"So the editor took
one of your poems and then asked
you out to lunch?" Second Scribe—
"Yes—and the luuch only cost $1 more
than I got for the poeiu !"—Life.
Shelltex Shur-on
at the front
The Pocatello Optical Co. is fully
equipped to render an unsurpassed
service to all who need the aid of
glasses. Our long experience enables
us to secure the most satisfactory
results in every case. As we grind
our own lenses, we can Bupply glasses
to our patients in the shortest possi
ble time.
Dr. A. L. Chilton, manager, will be
In Montpelier on the following dates:
June 17, 18, 19, 20 and 22, office at
Goodman & Christman's Jewelry
store. At the Stucki home in Paris
June 21 from 10 a. m. until 4 p. m.
' vie Guarantee^
j ITS PUR1TV » 1
- .. V
» »
We have promised the public
that we would sell nothing but
the best grade of meat-stuffs,
anw everyone who patronizes
this shop knows we have kept
word. For safety's sake
shop here.
Lame Back Relieved.
, < F . or »^ lame back *PPly Chamber
lain b Liniment twice a day and mas
sage the muscles of the back over the
seat of pain thoroughly at- each

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