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Effective October 21 New Rules Will Govern the
Serving of Food at Public Eating Houses
Order Will be Strictly Enforced*
A new procram tor all public eat
lnc places, effective October 21. la an
nounced throuch R. F. Bicknell, fed
eral food administrator for Idaho, by
the United State« food administration.
The new rules apply to all places
throuchout the United States where
cooked food is sold to be eaten on the
premises and affect nine million reg
ular or occasional patrons,
public's co-operation ia requested in
enabling full compliance by our eat
ing places," says Idaho's administra
These new regulations carry Into
effect the recent announcement of
the food administration that In ful
filling the American promise to the
Allies to send them seventeen and a
half million ton. of food this year the
public eating places would be called
upon to undertake in many particu
lars a more strict program than last
The general plan of the food ad
ministration with regard to the con
duct of public eating places has been
reduced to twelve definite "General
nlsh the specific measures by which
the food administration plans to carry
out, so far a »public eating places are
concerned, the announced plan that
for next year the American pro
gram will be a direct reduction in the
consumption of all food, particularly
the staples, rather than a series of
emergency regulations such as meat
less and wheatless days and meals,
and the substitution of one food for
Concerning theae twelve general
orders the food administration ln a
circular to the proprietors of public
eating places says: "It has not been
deemed advisable or necessary at the
present time actually to license the
operation of public eating places, but
in cases where the patriotic co-opera
ton of such public eating places can-'he
not be secured by other means the
United State« food administration
will not hesitate to secure compliance
with its orders throi^gn lta control of
the distribution of sugar, flour and
other food supplies. A failure to con
form to any of the following orders
will be regarded as a wasteful prac
tee forbidden by 8ectlon Four of the
Food Control Act of August 10,1917."
These general orders prohibit the
serving of any bread that does not
contain at least the 20 per cent of
wheat flour aubatltutee. and of thi.
Victory bread no more than two
ounces may be served to a patron at
one meal; if no Victory bread ia
served four ounce, of other breads!
such as corn bread, muffins, Boston
Brown bread, etc., may be served.
The limits named apply to any one
^ Lieut. Lloyd Lehrba. of the avia
tion section in writing the Examiner
from Dallas, Texas, says:
By the kind fortunes of war I am
once more in the wonderful city of
Dallas. You don't know how much
that means—but Dallas is an oasis in
this desert called Texas. The people
treat you like the King's own, nothing
ia too good for you. and there's a
sure-enough-city to spend your liberty
—Pi was transferred-heea two weeks
ago, but have been in quarantine un
til yesterday. We only had about a
half in Dallas itMlf Tnd^n other paru
of the state. There are now over
1200 cases in the city, with many
deaths and all the shows, dances.
churches and public gatherings of any
kind are closed The Kaiser found a
good ally in the old "flooxy" because
ft haa undoubtedly cased a falling
off in bond sale« as no gatherings
are being held
The Instructor's job at Wichita got
too much for me and I was all ready
to°crack! 1 Tve never woTked m» hard
in my life as since I've been In this
man's armv and six and seven hours
tying Td&y piled on what came be
fore it was getting too much for me.
■« t— «•
I'm firing verr little here now
the achool Is t^rlbly crowded, and
have time for a little journalistic
•using. I'm aasociaw sdiior of
These twelve rules fur
person at any one meal. Bread serv
ed at boarding camps excepted as
is bread containing at least one-half
rye flour. No bread is to be served
until after the first course is on the:
table and no bread or toast may be
served as a garniture.
Bacon la also barred as s garniture
and only ^ne meat may be served to
a patron at a meal. Included in the
definition of meat are beef, mutton,
pork and poultry. Not more than a
half-ounce of better la to be served
to one person at a meal, and Cheddar;
(American) cheese is limited to the'
same amount. "Double" cream Is
No sugar bowls will be on the ta
bles. . teaapoonful is the limit for
« me al. and then only when asked
Two pounds is the allowance
to be observed for each ninety meals
served, including cooking.
No waste food may be burned but
all must be saved to feed animale or
reduced to obtain fats.
The food admints
trat Ion desires as few fried dishes as
possible. I
The new regulations affect hotels,!
restaurants, dniing cars, steamships,
clubs, and other places where food Is
sold to be consumed on the premises. '
In a message to the managers of auch
establishments the Food Administra
tor fully explains the food situation
with reference to the war, and tells
what the people of the United States
must <fo in the way of saving food In
order to make good the pledge
which, authorized by the President,
gave to the Allies at the recent j
conference of food controllers.
The Food Administration point«:
out that this accomplishment In 1919
will save a host of American lives
that, will have to be sacrificed If the
war continues until 1»20. To strike
the final blow ln 1919 means that we
must not find the men, shipping and
equipment for this gigantic army,j
but that our army, the Allied armlea
and the civil population of the
countries must, ln the meantime, have
ample food If their strength Is to be
maintained. "We can do all thew
things,^" he declares, and I believe we
can bring this business to an end If i
every man, woman and child In the
United State, teat, every action every
day and hour by the one touchstone
—Does this or that cnotrlbate to win
nlng the war?" i
Love Field Loops, one of the peppiest
little paper, you ever saw published
an army camp, and writing the tea
tUre gtuff and attemptlnB to wrlte ,
so-called humorous column for it af
1 er the style of B. L. T. I'm sending
( v £||, a copy 80 you CBn J° d *« tbe paper
Beside« that, I'm assistant general
manager and officer in charge of pub
licity for a big show we are to pull off
here on the first two days of Novem
ber to raise funds for recreational
purposes. If. going to be the biggest
?hing in the way of flying ever pulled
y° n ln Texas, and Texas is the cep ter.
of the aviation game just at present.
In fact the only thing we'll take a
back seat to is the great war itself.
«loud, between Hun and Eagle, bomb
'"g raids, night flying, parachute
Jump from an aeroplane and forma
Don flylng-.ll for four bit. of them»
Texan farmers money. We will
have a midway a half mile long with
twenty-five side-shows, including a
free airplane exhibit, minstrel show,
days of '49 dance. Mmdrl Gras
masque, and other carnival features,
The advertising la to be done with all
methods and featured by airplane ad
vertlslng. I have ten «Up. for my
use and they will visit every town
within a radius of 100 miles of the
city, dropping dodgers and telling the
people about the big show. I have a
»;«ä'sä " « "■ - »'•
as- : -
Fortunate is the mani who doemn't
»viel fault because he doesn't know
ths^where to look for it.
Attention is specially directed to- :
wards the conservation of bread and
butter, cereals, meats, fata, sugar,;
coffee, cheese and ice, to fresh vega-!
table» and fruits which should be'
served when possible, and to unnhc- ;
esaary suppers, teas, luncheons and
banquets, which are condemned as
"fourth" meals.
Poison Gas

€> À

0 i
!' r ÿi Ar ,
■ it
. «
i i
James C. Shorrod. a former well
known young man of Montpelier, but
for the past year a member of the
J, ** 8HEKROI> K,, , Kn »»
Pocatello police force, was shot and
killed by an unknown negro last Mon
day night while In tbs performance
of his duties.
a year aao ho ro«i*nort hi.
wlth the short Lino to go on the Po
iCate |io police force
A year ago lailt June Mr 8herrod
was united in marri«« «» mi.. v„„
na smith, daughter of Dr end Mr.'
0eo . T smith, formerly of this city,
but now of Salt Lake. Mrs Sherrodr
waa j n a matron it v hospital In Salt
Lake at the time, and Wednesday
morning gave birth to a son Word
from Salt Lake yesterday morning
a tated that the mother and babe were
doing nicely
At the prlmary election last Sep
tember Mr. Sherrod received the nom
| na t| on for sheriff of Bannock countv
on the democratic ticket Th.* he ...
a popuUr young man I. evidenced b |,
t |! e f act t h at he won the nomination*
OTer aeV eral other aspirants who
were old-time residents of that coun-i
ity> while he had been a resident of
the county less than two year.
The bullet which caused his death
waa flrod from a 3 8 . ca | )bre raV0 lver
andenterpdthe , owerpartofhll|ab ;
allied^omen. He lived about two hours
after being shot. He stated that af- ;
ter being wounded he fired two „hm.
rt the fl Jinrn^ and fÖrorettv;
g Ure that one of the bullets had hit'
its Intended mark.
Mr Sherrod s oarenta r„mn.«,rt
Balt Lakl . few month. ago al
though his father was working with
a 8hort Line bridge gang and was at
Sage when apprised of his .on'. ...
timely death A .".ter ^ .Z
teaching achool at Bennington.
The remains were taken to Salt
Lake Tuesday for burial Mr Bher
rod had intended going to Salt Zke
that day to remain for several h
w|th h several days
M Ç a ; et f r «auck received a letter
of ,'rom her eon.
Cleve, »ho l, at Camp Fremont. He
wa * recently advanced from private
to corpora' From his letter we pub
'W» the following:
We *r« now taking training with
the gas masks and they are sure mis
H»e hills today to work out an enemy
problem It was to show us how to
make a charge on tbe enemy, only we
used traget, for the enemy They
*»ave 'hem fixed so that they can pull
® bunch of targets up at once and
' b «r ■«•«* abB P ed " ke * man from the
knee, up When we get to where they
call the danger xone" we have to
keep watch for no one knows where
tbe targets are until they come up.
We ran Into two bunches and put
hole, through all of the. a, . dim
lance of 900 yards. The Major was
well pleased with our work We
have another parade tomorrow and
our company is to head the division.
üïîiî'ur* srjsrjssrzi
tomorrow we will keep It. After theZ
oarade I think Pet« and I will go
over to t risco, if nothings la* shows
The Sherrod family came to Mont
peiler about eight years ago from
Twin Falls where they resided for a
short time, after arriving from Ala
batna, their native state. "Jim," as
be was familiarly called, secured a
position with the Sidney Stevens Im
piement Co..
whlch he held until
about four years ago, when he ac
cepted the position of special officer
for the Oregon Short Line, under
Special Agent Joe Jones. A little
X*be Examiner Is pleased to be mbïl i
fro state that Bear Lake will go ove3;
|tka top in the Fourth Liberty Load
Idrlvs. which Co... .„morrow nlghf
unable to give tKi TôSli
amount subscribed In this Issue, but;
Chairman Hoff Informed us yesterday!
that report, from the various towns.
Including Montpelier, showed that the
total subscriptions received to dato. I
with other, that were to come In.
wouid place the county several thou.
and dollars above Its quota of 1240 - 1
ooo. ;
Elsewhere In this Issue is published
the "*"«• of the candidat««, to be
YO '"? f ° r 00 , Nov 6 ln 'h® ,nrm ,n
whlch thay wl " nPP e * r <>» the official
ballo ' O'" readers will notice that
there la a material change In the
form ° f th ® ba "°' ' hl * y ® ar " «»"i™®
p,r6d wlth thal ot ,ormer y * ara ,n
tead of the "• me * of th * r «P ub,,c «''
" nd democr * t,c candidate« appearing
ln »«Parate columns the names are-all
*" ° n ® column ' under tb ® b «* d *»« of !
' h * offlce for wblcb tb *F seeking.,
Tbe ,>ol,tlc ■ °f e,cb candidate la daa-;
ignated to the right of his name, and
lho voter wUI pUoe * croM ,n tbo
' ,quare to thfl rl * ht of tb * n * me ,,f
,b ® candidate for whom he wishes to
vote - 11 will be Impossible tbls year
to ' * P«™°» t0 » ote B "«'«'tht tlek- (
1 bj p,acln * * crOM ln » circle at
tb ® top of bl * p « rty '* cb «'- Voterai
mu,t p, * ce * crw " oppo «"« th " nBB,e
of each candld,te ,or whom be w,ah « a i
I*"'«* _
Be careful not to place a cross after
,he name 0f botb cand,date « ,or ' be
same offlce For Instance, If you
" hould plac * a croa " aft * r tb * •»■»«•
of R W ' 1>av,a and F - Ntmuali,
the candidates for governor.your vote
' 00,d not COun, ® d ' " th * l" 4 *" of
p,ect,on would have no meani of de
elding which of the two men yon In
.„Mended to vote for. This rnls will
npp,y ,or ®»® ry ""c. «xc.pt for dl ..
tr1ct Jud * e - In lhla 5,0,1 • bo, »l d
Vote tor tWO ' M tlïer,ï * r6 lwo
to be «I 6 « 1 « 4 . "" d 'hers are four can-,
dldat * a t0T tb,a offlc « !
Re * d ,h ® ballot OYsr carefully so
' h *' y ° U wnl ^ abl * to Tot * '* a ' rkl *
"" d lnt#,ll ^' ,,,,t,5, whcn you «° "> «»•
P °' U ° n Noy 5
Bear *" n,l,,d tbBl yoB cannot vote
un , ( , M y ou arB re|tli t e r«d. Ton esn
not "«wear In" your vote on Nov. 6.
Tb * registration books will be open
until * o'clock Saturday night, Nov.
2. If you registered prior to the prl
mar y election you will not need to'
.„„Zr again ^
r ««'«'« r «ffaln
October 27th timepieces will be eel
■- «»»«.
° f ^ ° 8
... , k »head «•>.
« midnight March 31. and life thro
out tbe United States since that time
has been regulated by this time
had ,
yZ *. ... „„„„ - . nr
E*»ctlr 210 hoars of daylight, or
eight and three-quarters days* time
will have been saved since (he day-,
,,- h , -, v(n - _
' h * Mghfïf M." h
1 "•* '"k 1 " "areh.
One more hour of sleep will he en
joyed by everyone in the country Oe
t tM , r 27 fo wh , h h . . (h
SS SS. ïî r
will beset back to 1 o'clock
_ ;
Better be a tramp In the woods
Despite the Drastic Measures Which are Being
Used the Disease Numbers Its Victims by
Hundreds-Local Condition Still Good.
The Spanish Influents atilt baa a!
»iron g grip on this country, despite
the hard fight that la being made
against It. However. In some sections
of the country, where the disease first
appeared, the conditions are much
improved, but It is continuing to
spread throughout the land and there
are but few places In the United
States where It has not made Its ap
In Utah the disease has spread rap
Idly the past week, but the per cent
of deaths has been light. The
uuh **•*• boa «' d aBd «•• »•" Uk.
C , b °* r<t of h ** Uh * r * "orktng In
conjunction to keep the situation as
,y ,Ul#d T ""* day ,bB '
cording to all Indications, the disease
had just »traicd in Utah and a long
. .... „ .. ...
"«»" « !OB ' d «P*«*« 4
w « dB *s«lsy the Idaho stats board
° f 48 "* ,d „ that thar * wara **•"
,W °® n 400 aud 800 °"* of
,Ut *' "»»* 2 . with
140 caaea ' baYlB * lba ** r * BB * number
of «"y county that had reported to
the state board. The stats board has
directed the county and city hoards
of * hf «**•<••*•
At this writing, Thursday «fier
n °°"' th " , ' ,ua "° n ""»'I" 1 '« *•
no«*, which I. due largely to the
stringent orders that have been put
.Into effect by the clly board of health,
« r "' *™ bl ® '» k ~ p « B « "»« d «
T OUt ' U ,h * hand,,nB of P"*P'"
?, "T"" ' nl ° * h * C " ï, ' r ° m ,nf * c "' d
dlatrlcta. So far this phase of mat
tor s b«en well handled.
A quarantine has bean placed
■•«ainsi Ihe paople of IlUr Valley, In
which there were two deaths up to
Wednesday and a large number of
,b , * Ct ' * '«'«Phone m«MS«s
WB " r « , elv * d hero from Arton Wed
nescisy evening, asking if nurses or
h *'P ■««*»• kind could be sent
T"* 4 "
lown no nurses and rsry limited
B, « d,r *' saalatanc«.
T" 1 *!.* T*" c ®- op,rBl * w1th
* ° f *•[? ".*
PoaalMe that anything Ilka an spl
deln ' c of t 1 h * «•" h* **•«•<>
in Mnntpeller
ur w,K,da Hutchinson, tbs noter
American authority on health and
sanitation, was In Balt Lake Tuesday,
hBY ' n,! COB, ° ,r ° m Bo,1 °" W "* r " b *
wen ' through the epidemic of Inffoen^
Ia ,B * hat clty "« * aT « ° B * some
statements relstiva to the disease and !
IU sctlon, w hl ch sr. of Intsr-t Prob
" bly ,h * • t f yt ' ba * BBn#BBeB ".
roenl vr Hutchinson was to
,h " * bal ' D * d ' cal t'aatment
WO " * Pr "* n ' ° r CUr * * h * mm ** y H *
«' at * d lhal no "" d ' c '"* baa
wh "_''.'Teotbl.Trlm.ski^Z"
was .u^eptlbls from uhlng the
IT**' T Z"* "fT** « a
lB « wouud not cura him after he got
Mrs M. J. Dsvis, chairman of the
toea| Red Cross chanter has decided
, «uklah mI> riratm..
to «•'• bll « b 00 ,y 'wo Christmas par
«•»* «Allons in the county one et
Parla and the other one in Montpelier
The Parle station will be at Red
«« «..,»««. ..... «i*.
bloc,, • aBd U « Montpelier eUilon will
h ,n tb * tor * # r£>OB, •" tb * Oro ° *
Toomer garage where e Red Cross
wlll IrLZ .Td wr7 0
i * P ®V"v' l * ' ""•*•** a " d wrap
th ® Chrl * tn,M Put««*«. *»ch sttsrnoon
from Nov. 7 lo 14th It Is expected
that the carton. In which to send
rhrtatma . w. _
a P " U be reeelved
wttb ° tb * ^
_sending of Christmas pressais, sader
* b * dl '~"°" - « b * Cro^ ap.
aoldiera who are ovor.
p y ar * °
**** T* 4- * h** 1 *« b «* k *ru °»
sweetheart« at any of the canton
■■ ■" *"•- « -
. .
° f h ®* lth "* a,rary Ba *" a ff°*l b »*
to stamp out snd prsvent the spread
"It Is true tbnt n vaccine baa boen
have to secure the cartons la which
to ship pr-eenta Bear In mind, how
* Y * r ,hat P«*" 0 »***™ «en not accept
paresis for shlpaseat ove rs eas unless
developed »hieb baa been found to
rive fairly good results In prevention
and has been quite effective In reduc
ing fatalities, but this Is so limited In
quantity, and the possibilities of Its
manufacture are so limited that it
cannot be gotten In quantities suffi
cient to be of material use in this epi
demic." said Dr, Hutchinson.
"Hence the only thing to do Is to
take every possible precaution to pro
<"<■< yourself from Infection. Using
medicines for this purpose Is useises.
Nothing has been found that Is effec
five The only thing that Is at all ef
Active la the gau*e mask and people
who want to protect themselves
should wear them, even In street esra,
on the streets and other places whers
Ihey are likely to come late contact
with the disease
"It you got the disease you don't
need a hospital, a physician and n
trained nurse They cannot do any
thing more for you than any other
person who will watt upon you and
see that you bsva whal you want. No
medicine has been found which has
any effect upon the aliases, so you
don't need medicine If you get the
disease In the pneumonia stags, what
you need Is not a hospital with doe
tors and nurses, but a lent out In the
fresh sir with someone, protected by
drink and nour'shlng > food ' , *H IhVrv^
«tetenoe powers of your constitution
Joû "îî «rt *wÜîl '"if Th«
wl „ h , d î,' d houtihraTday? &
you st.nd far hatter chance« for re
«»very out In the fresh air than In a
^onTrlStoftfeldfÄ MT
ment ih.l .««ms to hV«
•» »«* exp.rtenc. has dsnumstrat
«S lh«\ freah air la effeellva, there
«xien l l t "** ,0tt * < * *** 8 ** d 10 ^ b *
' a (uampd),!« p „ raot , . aU „ l T „ t
0 f the germs In his no««," seid the
doctor, "he Is going to gat the disease
,n •****• °f eve«thlng... Whet her he
Tcpand^TnilrTly °up<Tn whMh^*hla
constitutional resistance la aufficieat
to overcome the poison,"
• bBr *, nr - Hutchinson ears that
w««"aVuae'»iV. aXWTSTÄ
dlmiN, go to bad In th# fresh air and
stay there.
,hutV ntuSka'lSTShwtaÄ «S22
nnd robust just as quicktrind ^T/
fact, It seem «to bit tb «strong more
i««m to sU.ik chlldr.l. and^ s^
t „ any wl , Bn , t , „ fro»
25 to 15 or 40 among whom It stsma
io spread moat."
of ]hT d^l'. P ve',"hV™ SeM
disappearing from the nose u4
mouth of the Infected person In light
*«••• wlthin two or three days and
lion that is highly fatal The baelll
marsly move from th# month and
w ... . y|IM .
«»«ring the mcath ef «epternhs»
Thrift Rtampe end War ffavingn
Mtampe wer« purchased In Rear Lake
;r » » ■».
The report of tbe vertons preetaets In
■ b °wn by the following report enh
milled by Cb.trmss Ed C Rich
W g g T B Vale.
Bennlagton IS is' a V s«ss
« - ** *
Bloomington »7 lia «ai Ti
Din*. I " , 1
'rut. Hsvsa «7 lie til as
' * »*• *JJ ••
u*org«towa "1«7 ~ig !! Ss
i tbertv * ta !« .1 !?
sTZ* M "
Ovig gT ,«
plfia ,!! *" **• *•
fagram , 4 *t *ïî ÎÎ
Raymond * '*
nose to Ihe lungs, he explained, and
I here gather force for the Infection
which is so quick snd so fatal.
Pathological tests that have boon
made, the doctor stated, have ahovrn
that the lung infection in fatal
was neither pn«umoccns nor stropo*
cocus pneumonia, hut pur# influents.
Ha says lhal ihe Inlluenu bectjtt are
found In pure cultare and without
mixed Infection
they are la the regulation carton«
end beer Ihe Bed Croon sent.
*95 5#
9*1 124« 14*11 79
Montpelier and
Ward bore.-, 1SS5 145» 4 * 21.19
Total-1999 tat* 17*4.19

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