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All Are Capable Men and Are Deserving of the
United Support of the Party-Republicans
Should Go and Vote Next Tuesday.
The republicans of Bear Lake coun
ty present to the voters this year a
ticket composed of men who are well
worthy the support of every republi
can in the county.
On the legislative ticket are two
men who have served the people well
and faithfully—Alfred A. Hart for
state senator and Fred C. Evans tor
Mr. Hart has never had any legisla
tive experience, but he has held the
office of county superintendent of
schools tor six years. His experience
in school work will give him a good
insight into the needs of legislation
along educational lines, and if elected
to the senate he can be relied upon to
stand for the enactment of conserva
tive laws only. Mr. Hart is a man of
few words but he is a student and
thinker, and no measure would ever
receive his support that smacked of
socialism. Buch men as Mr. Hart
are needed in the legislature to act aa
balance wheels against the radical el
ement which is always represented to
a more or lesa extent In the legisla
Fred C. Evans represented the peo
ple or Bear Lake In the Twelfth legis
lature and he was looked upon as
one of the solid men of the house
during that session. He is now serv
ing the people as commissioner from
the Third district and his record in
this office has fully demonstrated that
he is clean, honest and upright in
dealing with his fellow men. We be
speak for Fred Evans the unanimous
support of the Bear Lake republicans
next Tuesday, which means that he
will have a voice in framing the lawa
to be enacted by the legislature next
For the important office of clerk,
auditor and recorder the republicans
have a most capable man In the per
son of Francis M. Winters, who has
been a resident of the county for
many years. He served one term as
assessor some years ago, and held the
office of postmaster in Montpelier for
eight years, in which he gave the pat
rons excellent service. The records
were at all times In good shape and
when he turned the office over to Mr.
Robison, the present Incumbent, hia
books balanced to a cent. The office
which he Is seeking Is one that re
quires careful and efficient work and
Mr. Winters is capable of giving the
county Just that kind of service. He
is geniaf and obliging and the patrons
of that, office will find him always
ready to reapond to their requests.
It has been a number of years since
a Montpelier man has held the office
of sheriff and now that the republi
cans have a capable and popular can
didate for that office, in the person of
John J. Jones, we believe that the
people will honor him with election
by a good majority. Mr. Jones has
been a resident of the county for over
30 years. For the past 12 years he
has been manager of the Jones-Rob
Ison clothing and gent's furnishing
establishment in Montpelier. Hia gen
eral experience in public affairs make
him especially well qualified to dis
charge the duties of sheriff. If elect
ed he will enforce all laws without
fear or favor.
That Jim Dunn, the present asses
sor, will be re-elected by his usual big
majority, no one questions. Jim has
given the people most excellent ser
vice and ia the most popular official
I- ISout^hr^^TwiaV^k.
aco While ^ta^e are ^>£bTv s
few more case, than thee were at
tlms have it in mild form. The
health officers are doing everything
possible to prevent iu spread and It
is believed that by another week the
situation will be much Improved,
However, this depends to a large ex
tent upon the people themselves. If
they will continue to observe closely
the board of health rules, it will ma
terially aid in stamping out the dis
ease. We believe that everybody has
come to fully realize that it is a
■ /matter that is not to be treaed lightly,
and are gladly submitting to all rules
in an effort to stamp out the disease.
J,., »...
been only three deaths from the dla
ease—Mrs. John A. Bagley, Ezra Vere
Phelps and Fred A Ournlg.
Vere Phelps, as be was familiarly
known, died at 6 o'clock last Monday
norning. He was the son of Mr. and
Ära. Ezra J. Phelps, and was 24 years
of age. A week ago laat Sunday be
went to Salt Lake to take tha examin -1
atlon for promotion from fireman to
thia county has had for many y «ara.
Everybody knows and likes Jim Dunn 1
ind they Just can't keep from vot
inc for him.
Arthur 1*. Pendrey, candidate for
treasurer, is one of Bear Lake coun
ty's most estimable young men. For:
several years past he has held a po
sition in the Bear Lake State bank at
Paris. He is a good accountant and
in every way qualified to keep the fl-i
nancial records of the county in such
shape that he can tell at a glance the ;
exact condition of the various funds.
John Orimmett. candidate for pro
bate Judge, needs no introduction to
the people of the county. He has held
that office for four years and-is fa-.
miliar with the probate lawa of the
state. If elected he will always be
found at the office ready to reapond
to he requests of those requiring hia
D. C. Kun*. who is a candidate tor ;
re-election as prosecuting attorney,
like Jim Dunn, has always bean » 1
vote getter, and we predict that he
will keep up hla past record next !
Tueaday. Judge Kuns t record as j
prosecuting attorney has been a good !
one. and he ia deserving of a second i c
term. There la nothing that we could i
say that would add to his strength In
the county. The only doubtful quea
tlon Is, which will receive the largeat
majority, he or Jim Dunn. ;
Î' ^ un J ord - <»"<lid a te for super-,
!. « lrt f tIm^f,u 0 J? Jî!îi*« < î^eh*
r,VlÄÄ u, H"K. a ,*Ä!»~'
alve Ideas on educational linesi and If,
SSTt-T? 22£ïï£STS
111 'Ära«. wijje»«
no opposition itnd nia election la
therefore esaured. _
ni, hll^»n« U hIv« C ? ^en Ed
publicans have liree gtwd men, Ed
s; paras
term a in°the P ler| e iatuTe the H? > l» n a^ con*
£? JtlJLnZZt
servatlve man and can he depended
upon to gnard well the Interests of
, ha
„ cha "'.. Na *®; «•«»'»Wkte trom thgi
He h^n.«!
office *lnd h îî he r^
lôê ^,i«it
^' .o ofnel.l for m.rî
baa ° l a h „ a H d hù f I fee| 0 th«rit ia
years, he and hla friends feel that It is
only Juat that he anouldI be^^o}®«*®^
espec ially wh en^ It ia P?fJJ dd ®. yad tba J
b ®. P°* b m mVAVoner *
„anHiHntc district *»he
candidate fro m th e Third district, the
republicans present one of the pro
gresslve young men of the county. He .
is a native of the county and knows 1
well the conditions of the people.
That he stands high with the people la
evidenced by the fact that when
Montpelier stake was created he was
called to serve as second counselor to
President Rich. Being young and
active he can be depended upon to
look well after the affairs of tne coun
alt „, „„ „..«I
rri n n»rrrn.fiil «xfminfftne
fttuTcame'on to Monger tÄm
^ ^ " ^«^hl
ct o? care and hl. c"dftto" w«
urday night, when pneumonia took
such a strong hold on him that hia
system could not combat it and the
end came Monday morning. Open air
funeral services were held at the
cemetery that afternoon. Besdea hia
pa rents, he Is survived by hla wife, :
two small children, one sister and :
four brothers, one now being In ser
vice in France.
_ _ —-- ^ .
Th ® 'bird victim of the Influenza
'** a * Fred A., the son of Mrs. Fred
f» run *g. who died Tuesday morning
< rom pneumonia following the Influ
ris, , Vs u a,"'
w «. re i, e i d ,w e «emeterv lat« Tue*
' ( j gy afternoon '
I -I-.
j Berne, Oct. 2*.—"The world war
will not last longer than a few days;
we must arres tthe war flow of
blood." declares the Socialist newspa
per Vorwaarts, which ia now regarded,
-1 u virtually a German government or
As a final word, we ask the republi
cans of the county to weigh well the
qualifications of all candidates and It
after mature consideration they con
clude that the republican nominees
are aa capable and loyal citizens as
their opponents, then give them your
votes as fellow republicans. If you
believe In the principles of the repub-j
lican party, the candidate tor the low
est office is Just as deserving of your
vote as the one seeking the highest
office tn the land.
Owing to the peculiar political sit
uatlon In Idaho thia year, no one la
even attempting to mane a gueaa aa to
the results of the election next Tues
J ,r ® 07 P.b®"® complete returns from
B« ar Lake county at the earliest
hour ffoaalble. We therefore aak that
80 ™ e one of the election officer» In
oacb precinct make a special effort
J® * ,T ® "» l *>e result at soon as posai
bl ® a , rt ® 7 the count of the votes is
c ° m pleted. We will pay the toll
Ranges on all telephone messages
f7 ° m those not on the Montpelier ex
change. We w *J l he 'on deck' Tues
day ®**ht until the wee hours of
Morning, and if you can reach ua by
from y 0ur prec | nc t. If you don't gel
ua Tu ® aday night, call ua as early aa
w « w — *«
58i_"> «s-«®]
u,, P 1SLlS"ui»rtr an., .now
tb „ t Bear x^ake county over-aubscrib
ed , u „|| otme nt »10,000. Exclusive
°* th ® ° re * on Short Line employes,
m# p„ r „ on „ , n the county subscribed
Çhmittlng ita final report to Chair
Hoff, give Bear Lake county
credu , , n addition to the above,
j 660 from tb<5 continental Oil Co..
l01Y5O from the 8tate Land Board
nd Idmho 8utn Mfe i„„ ur „ nc c Co..
and $U ' ,0 ° trom tho railroad em
P' 0 *®»- a total of •»•.»00. This, ad
d ® d to »hove amount, makes a to
,al of *26* 000 for the county. In
Proportion to wealth and population,
thlg prob „bly aa good a showing aa
m „de by any county In the state It
will make the Bear Lake boya over
86aa f ®* 1 * ood ,or H "hows them that
th ® '' fo, h■ hack home" are standing
behind them, and they can tell their
comr „ dB „ fronl other sections that
thb , connty la doing Its duty by her
. " ' J J
1 7
Urgent requests have been
sent to the Examiner from Boise to
complete reports from
The end of the season has come for
the girls' canning clubs, and their fi
nal reports and stories of their sum
mer's work are now being sent in.
These are the government reports,
and are the more important part of
the summer's work. On account of
the Influenza quarantine, no meetings
have been held for several weeks.
With reports In from only tour out of
the »en clubs In the county, the
amount of canning bids fair to far
exceed the estimates which had been
1 made. The amounts from the four
clubs which have reported aggregate
(about 5.600 quarts of fruit, vegeta
bles,, pteklea. Jelly and Jam.
As soon as the quarantine permits.
and schools are in aeaalon again the
winter clubs for both boya and girla
will be organised. One of the prlncl
W 1 faU Projects is to be a large calf
tU pToJect for il. adïï«. .n3 l"u
«xpect®d Umt many boys will take ad
'" ta *® thU '"' 7 «**'n« c ,u b
.... .. .A* , "
and handicraft for the boys
: vised summer work conducted by the
Fielding Academy for the first time
thl * year ' u w ® 11 " the P*» 7 «"« of
the school, felt much satisfaction at
, . . . k taken and the
lallon of ' h ® work ™ takeD and the
term had been exceptionally aucceas
ful, and that next year would wltneaa
the approval and hearty support of
everyone. -
The high quality of the work has
'»»on recognised by Supcriiitend^iit
race H. Cummings of the Church
ichool system. Recently, quite a sum
f money was (Ivan to the school be
; cause the results of tha supervised
Thoae who had charge of the super
the do»* of tha term when a recapitu
That the work of Senator Wm. ■. i
. .... .. ,
Boruh la appreciated by hla demo
cratic colleaguea is evtdanced by the,
following letter written by Henator
Lee B. Overmen of North Csrollna. in
. __ „ . _
which he expresses to Senator Borah ,
his appreciation of the latter's efforts
in helping to secure the passage of an
important war measure, recommend
...I .... n. .M , .. ..
ed by PresidentWilaon, We might add
that this la only one of many instan
ces in which Senator Borah's Influ- 1
ence has been felt In the senate In be
"hanging in the balance" because
leadlng democratic senators ware op
posed to them
democrat In the senate who rccox
llxee Benator Borah's worth and »bill
When the reorganisation of the
executive departments was under con
sidération In the senate on April 24th
ar this year. Senator John Sharp Wll-^
llama of Mississippi, In commenting
upon the remark, of Senator Borah.
paid him the folwlolng high compll
half of war measures which were
Senator Overman la not the only
"Mr. Williams:
Mr, President, ev
ery patriotic American who love# the
American Republic, who lovea the
cause of liberty and democracy and
the free pursuit of happiness through
out the world lovea to listen to the
voice of the senator from Idaho (Mr.
Borah) whenever he talks In this
chamber. 1 wish that every democrat
and every republican In this chamber
wish that every democrat
nnhiiran in tht. «h.mh.«
Including myself, were a mere dupll-j
ration of th« senator from Idaho, who
has kept his head level, himself lai®
poise, his soul In loyslty and hla Inter
esta undisturbed by war passion."
.__ , .. , ,,
MV dMr slneTor Bnlth* wi-TïL.
My dear Senator Borah. Now that
the great fight I» over and a signal
W nm *7«. ' ° f th ?
Overman Bill (8 37711 by the great
majority of 63 to 13. In which the
Presldeni w ft s so deeply Interested..
which will do much to bring order outUj
of chaos and allow him to coordinate
find consolidate the different depart -
m«nti and agencies of the govern-'
ment for the purpose of greater effl-:
rlency, I desire to express to you, my j
dear sir, my sincere appreciation of i
and democrats of the necessity for)
such legislation. No senator has done
more to aid In the passage of Impor
'ant war legislation than yon.
will say to you that . know the P^
dent appréciés your help In this {
ffranl ■»® aa * 7 ® - and { >«* bean so
j» r f,ZtZV "pp,i™
1 * 1 grateful appreciation of,
communities. However, It has not
been a waste of time, altogether, be
, cause the students have become Im
l preened with the Importance and ns
ceaslty of school so that when work
la rosam«d. as much or more can he
accomplished in leas time.
— -.
If adversity does not crush a mas,
posterity will not «wash him.
the great aid you gave me and the ad ;
ministration In securing the passage
of this bill I feel *atlsfled my deer
Senator, that If it had not been for
your valuable aid I would not have
succeeded in getting It out of the
Your valuable suggest ons and aid
in the committee, and able speech for
the bill on the floor of the Senate, and
the part you took In the debate, mate
rially aided In convincing republicans!
l?our valuable help In securing the
1 placed In my charge by the admin Is
Loch Ormendous* ôâAt, ÎVm
Cordially and sincerely yours.
(Signed I LEE 8 OVERMAN.
Senator William K Borah, United
8tales Senate. _iderstand
Gave Greater Support to War Measures Than
Did Democrats-Can Republicans Anything
Except Fight. Die and Pay Taxes?
Washington, D C.—In answer »o
ueal for
Preald.nl Wilson's public reqi
the «lection of a Democratic C
upon the ground the safety of the na
tion demanded the defeat of the Re
publican candidates for Congress, the
following statement la Issued by the
Republican leaders In Congress
Sometime ago the President
politics Is adjourned,' Now, m the
closing days of ths campaign- , delay
ed by the united efforts of alt parties
for the Liberty Loan— now, when all
public meetings have been given up.
owing to the influents epidemic, the
i'reeldent eenda out a direct party ap
peal. calling upon hla countrymen to
vote for Democrats, because they are
""bout any r \ f ® r ®°~ "»
whether such Democrats have been
or , n f .» 0 r of w „ r measure», and
ha vs a war record which deserves
, "T h * ToU,r T ° f Uk V
single example, are called upon to
„apport Mr. Henry Ford—notorious
for his advocacy of paaca at any
pr*e®. for hla contemptuous allusions
*° ,h ? "*«' •***« ,Uon °* J»*
son from military aarvtea—on tbs
, ola Bround lh „, b «, will blindly aup
port the President.
'"The Präsident Is quite ready to
"»mil that Republican» are loyal
»■tough to fight and dla. as they are
doing by the thousands; loyal enough
to take up great loana and pay enor
mou» taxas; loyal enough to furnish
Important men. at no aoUry.Mi tom«
of the great war boards In Washing
ton. Hut they are not loyal enough
n the President's opinion, to be l runt
»d with a share In the government
of .*?• country or laglalatlon for It.
th „ houm. we can^oInTout wi'm«°of
the thing» they will do. They will ro
plkce Mr. Dont of Alabama, at the
h " ad ®* tk ®
, 1 "' waa obUged "
turn for aastatance, to take charge of
and carry the first draft hill against
.'Mr Dent'» oppoaltlon.
"They will put a republican at tbs
^ . - . ... . ___ _
h ® ad of ,h ® ^ ,0 f?'
Mitte», a* leader of *•*» Houae, In
at * ad ** r - NBchin. of North Caro
vo *S d a * a n *^* b ® wa7
_ . . ..... ... .
Hpeaker who did not "PP®*®; a " d
wou J d never oppose, a d7a J* ***". aad
wo . u * d . n ®Y® r ■*?' *•*•*'*? Ctorh
"They will give the country a
wou ' d "* Y ® r °PP"®®- a fcUI A a * d
would never aay. 4» Speaker Clark
dld - thet 'there la precloua little dlf
*•*••}*• k«twa*n • conscript ana a
0 *™?' w «».„
Although tha Republlcani of th
House sre In the ° " 7 ' 'IV?.
more set us I votes on seven greet war
Mosuarei than th# Democratic major
i.y ^g| a t)le to do.
lh „ word of the senate?
"° n AttJM»® rollcall# on war meaa
urM Apf ,| «, j#i7, and May
Up ipig, the votes caat by Kepubli
f „, or ot „ch measure» ware
r C „ B , whU * „«ly *7 per cant of
the \ f)t es caat on the Democratic aide
WBr „ f „, or of , U ch meaauraa.
not-Ulves and friends braved the chilling
^noon to pay th.tr Uat raap«t. to
{ a young man who went at tha call of
b ia country for the freedom of the
... __ _ „ .. »...
•;» ,»,• ~ m , k
Hoff fallowed briefly In a like toeeb
glu tribute, after which the choir r«n
,i Rr «d "Nearer Mr Ood to Thee "
! _ k .... ,, „
*•»»# ü Hooyif. Colo., wh«r* m
spent hia childhood days. On the 4th
. . Anrtl 1*11 ha came with hla
"Those wars the Prealdent*» own
"Do»« that record look ns If wa had
h *.® T P hi1t^blic»n party In Cougr
h „„ „ pport ,. d th e Administration poll
^ ncu lh „ w „ r wllh „ unanimity
nd >n ab „ei,ce of critlclam unpreae
,. nt , d p „ rty history,
, * nlea ,n Tht>i Differ,
"There are »orne «omeatic que»
, w „ , hott | d undoubtedly
A larga number of frlenda, rete
I (or the scene of action and dévasta
Tbs funeral cortege started
from the Vincent Undertaking Pnr-,
'« d * a rt and
" a »"Um* •* th ® cemetery a previous
!|y arranged for choir anng The Star
HpHD,,ed *"
! b ®">« l ® W « 7 * d J® "*
' P**«®- Martin Winter# offered a tan
! der and touching prayer, and the
cholr ren-lered Home Day We ll Un
** Prealdent Rieb waa the
main speaker and won tha praise of
Mr. McDonald was bora February
differ from iho coursa punund by til*
"W «should not. for ezampla. fix *
prtr. on tho farmer'» wheat and loava
the planter a cotton untouched
"Another domestic question In
wh'ch the Hepubllcan party ball.vaa
thorouahly la economic preparation
for the comlna of peace, and It la
clearly of the opiuton that the Con
areas of the United Hutes should not
be earluded from that crest task.
"This la not the President'» person
al ear
"This Is not the war of Congress.
"It Is not the war of the Democral
lo or the Republican party.
"It la the war of the A mar loan peo
"it Is more. It la the war of the
United Htatea, of tha Allied power«,
of the civilised world against the bar
barism of Oermany.
"In this great burden and respons
ibility the Republican party, repre
senting more than half the eltlaen
ship of the country, demanda Ita
rightful share.
"If tha Hepubcliaa party la Intrust
ed with power In althar, or both
llouaea, they will do everything poaal
ble to drive forward tha war and has
ten the day of victory.
"The Présidait speaks of tha
alty of telling the plain truth. That
tha Republican
Congre»» would
frlenda to ahteld. And they wilt do
more, they will give all the money to
the laat dollar necessary to sustain
our armlea and our fleeta; but thay
will check the waate now going on of
tha money given by the most gaaar
ttua people on the face of ths earth.
"The Prealdent apeaka of tha affect
of ike election abroad, lie aaya that
there thay understand the meaning of
elect Iona.
"They do and thay will know that
If the Republicans have a majority la
Congrnaa the war will he p re aaad
with greater vigor than ever before.
"Thay are quite awara that tha
power of the Senate la equal to that
of the Prealdent In the consumma
tion of peace by treaty.
"They will know that the Republi
can party stands for a victorious peace
and the overthrow of Pruaalan milita
rism That knowledge will not de
press the spirit of Alllee or encour
age the Government of Oermany.
"The Republican party belleyea that
the question of surrender should b*
laft to Marshal Pod), to the generals
and to the armlea In the field.
"When they report that Oermany
has laid down her arma tha United
States and the Allies shoald than
impose their terms. Will that knowl
edge cause dejection to thoae wko are
fighting with ua?
"All tha world knows that th# Re
publican party la opposed to negotia
tions and dlacuaalon carried on in dip
lomatic notes addressed to th* Ger
man government. The Republican
party stands for 'Unconditional Sur
render.* Thera la so Rspablicnn
creed so short that there la a at room
In It for those two word*
"(Signed I
party In control of
do. for thay have no
"Chairman Republican Senatorial
"Chairman Republican Congress! oeal
since made hla home,
wherever ha went far hla sunny and
congenial disposition and m ade fast
and Arm frlenda with alt whom be
became acquainted, and tbuea who*»
good fortune R was to become know*
He waa known
to him he made an lmpr » a| low that
will always Itve and leave 6 memory
that will ever be cherished. He waa
the only aon In tha fnaally and waa
idolised by hia parents and three ate
He wee a home hev and a
U> bln father Z ,h. f.rm bui
»hen sa country needed and sailed
h|in b „ rbMrfa || r W „ B , lo
that call, and left perenui. slaters end
borne on A.g»., 11th Mag. only a IU
tie over two months age. In hin let
ters to hla parants and frlenda since
arrtvtag at hia camp he always man
ifested cheerfulness ahd was wall
contented with hla surroundings, and
was beert and soul In the discharge
of bis duties
Ha waa stricken with
pneumonie and died at Ceap Ft*
moat. Cal.. October SS. Ifltl. after an
illeesa of alee days
Two can play tha gams of love, but
three make It hard worh.
Whet a grant

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