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'S i
Make Safe .
m The protection of princi- M
B pie should be the first consider* ■
•tion of every investor. But it'« not
always an easy matter for the ordinary * H
■ investor to determine the safety of the ■
M issues offered him. M
The character of an invest
ment, however, is usually
reflected in the concern
which offerc Invest*
ments offered through
this institution war- wW
rant your confidence,
I Safety—Honesty—Courtesy—Service
jThe First National Bank
Member Regional Reserve Bank
Local Newa
Montpelier, Friday, Nov. 22, 1918.
Bob Gordon was in from George
town Tuesday. He bad Just recover
ed from a light attack of the "flu."
New styles in ladies' shoes arriv
ing nearly every week. You will al
ways And the new ones at Whitman's.
Mrs. B. Olson and daughters wish
to thank all who rendered assistance
at the burial of their son and brother.
A Diamond Edison or M&gnola, no
needles to change, best tone; on easy
terms at Nielsen's music store.
Engineer Frank Hutchens has tak
en his usual winter's lay-off and went
to Salt Lake yesterday to remain
with his family.
Our large prints in folders and
frames are Just right for a choice
gift.—Rinehart Studio.
"Bud" Dlmick bas sold his band of
sheep to Joe Banks and is figuring
on going, to California to spend the
Mall orders promptly and carefully
attended to at the Nielsen music
and Jewelry store.
C. Lee French, son of Chas. L.
French of this city, was elected au
ditor and recorder of Power county
at the recent election. •
Order vour holiday books now !
from C. W. Bartschl, Nounan, agent
for the Deseret News book store.
If you subscribed for a Fourth Lib
erty bond with the Bank of Montpel- ^
1er, call at the bank for it as the a
bonds have arrived. ■
Ask about the ten beautiful dolls ■
that are to be given away on Christ- ■
mas Day at Riter Bros, drug store. ■
A new son registered at the home ■
of J. W. Howard of this city, last ■
Tuesday. Mr. Howard says that he
now holds a pretty good band, as he
has three Jacks and one queen at his
A big line of children's coats In all
of the nobbiest styles at a special sale
price at the Fair Store, Sam L. Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Colliprleat recelv
ed a card last Saturday announcing
that their son, Harry, had arrived
safely overseas.
Remember the hoys over there
with a Christmas greeting card;
complete line at Riter Broe. drug
Mrs. W. J. Patten was called to
Salt Lake Wednesday by the illn
of her mother, Mrs. Langford.
for that Christmas
A kodak .,
stocking. The supply la limited this
season but we have a fair supply on
hand.—Rinehart Studio.
A player piano bargain or will ex
change; also a good organ cheap at
Nielsen's music store.
A telegram was received Wednes
day evening front Dallas, Texas, stat
ine that Lloyd LAhrbas was 111 with
pneumonia. Anther mesage was re- ,
celved yesterday afternoon saying ,
that his condition was mach iraprov- ;
One dollar's worth for SO «eats at
Nielsen's maslc store daring Novem
John Black half sold his second
hand business to Allen Koflord, who
•book charge laat Tueaday. Mr. Black
rethins the. agency for the Singer
aewlag machine and will continue to
keep <rn hand a supply of machines
and accessories.
The dear, sweet toned MmgnoU la
One hundred and
in big demand,
fifty of these machines have been
•old by the Nielsen mmsie store; no
Eeedles to change; sold on easy
terms, get one for Christmas.
Holiday gifts In -any thing your
heart could wtoh at Wbltmaa-a.
The holiday trade, Judging by the
displays being made by the various
merchants, is here.
Buy your wife a Great Majestic
range for Christmas. Nothing will
make her work of cooking easier—
Nielsen Furniture Co

Mark Napper, a former Short Line
brakëman and well known in Mont
pelier, died of Influenxa at Malad on
Oct. 16. He had recently quit rail
roading and engaged In the drug
business at Malad.
A civil service examination for
postmaster at Pegram will be held
in Montpelier on Dec. 14. The com
pensation of the postmaster at this
office tor the last fiscal year was
The beautiful hand painted pic
tures, shown iu the Nielsen music
store windows, make good Christ
mas presents.
We are glad to know that Mrs.
McClave, who haa been with her son
In Wyoming for the past two or
three months, ia in fairly good health
and la only awaiting the raising of
the quarantine here to return home.
We have a complete line of sta
tionery and Ivory ware; nice gifts
for young ladies; make your selec
tion while the line Is complete.—Ri
ter Bros. Drug Co.
Mrs. S. C. Everingham and little
son arrived Tueaday from Hammon
ton, N. J., for an extended visit at the
home of her mother, Mrs. McIntosh.
She reports that the Influenza had
subsided there, but it was fierce
while It lasted.
■ I

^ |



A full carload of new goods just
put on our sales floors. In this
shipment were many pieces of
furniture suitable for
B !
a I
B ,
, ■
, m
; —

Wc arc sole agents for Hoosier
Cabinets* Sealey Mattresses and
Universal Ranges and Heaters.
" The
Vincent Furniture



The body of Ancel Maudlola. who
died in New York City on Oct IS,
was brought here for barte I, arriving
last Saturday. The deceased was a
brother of Mrs. D. Etacheverry of !
Place a Columbia Oratonola In
your home this Christmas; prices
ranee from Iti up; Riter Bros
Drue Co., exclusive agents.
Tennyson Bate#, nephew of Clar
ence Anderson, died of influenaa at
the Mare Island. Cal., hospital on
Nov. 14. He enlisted In the mar.n
corps early In October and had been
at Mare Ialand only two weeks, lie
was 20 years old. e
_ . ^ „ . ,
Our over draft Howard heaters ar
winter beaters and fuel savers. You
beter get one and keep down your fu
el bill.—Nielsen Furniture Co.
Should health conditions permit,
Thanksgiving service will be held In ;
the Methodist church Thursday morn
ing, Nov. 28 nt 11 o'clock. The ser-'htg.
vices will be undenominational and
everybody Is cordially invited to at- !
tend as a religious and patriotic duty,
Beautiful line of cut glass, china
picture* display
Austin Herrick, a ton of the late
••Dad" Herrick, died at La Grande, ;
Ore., on Nov. i& of influenxa. De
ceased was a former resident of this :
city. The body was brought here j
for burial, arriving last Saturday
night. >
Fay Austin came In from Pegram
Tueaday to attend the funeral of
rhos. L. Glenn. Fay has been hold
ng down a Job with the Pegram Min- |
iug Co. for the past month or more,
I He aaya that the rough and rugged j
! life is agreeing with him, and he i
I 'ooka it.
Watch repairing at Nlslaen'a; all
I work guaranteed.
1 * We are In receipt of a copy of j
; The Bugle, a live weekly paper pub
( lished by the soldiers at Camp Lew
is. J. O. Phelps of this city, is now |
managing editor. The Issue recelv- j
ed also contained a cartoon from his
pen, entitled "the flu ban lifted." It
was a clever piece of work.
Last Sunday W. K. Martin received
a telegram from the war department
conveying the aad news of the death
of his only aon, Donald, who was In
France. Death was caused from
bronchial pneumonia. He was In the
infantry and went overseas last Au
gust. He spent sometime with his
father here two years ago.
Mrs. Michael Kelly died at Grand
Island, Neb., laat Sunday. She will
be remembered by the old time cltl
sens of Montpelier, as Mr. and Mrs.
Kelly were among the early settlers
, . .
« f the town She was the mother of
Mrs. Ed Brady and Mrs. Peter Layng
of Pocatello. Her remains were tak
CaU and see our immense stock of
. „„
holiday goods now on exhibition
You will And book*. Rames, iron and
wooden toya, rock inn horses and all
of the large and small toys on the
Mlss Mabel Foss was taken to the
city hall emergency hospital Sunday
afternoon with an aggravated case of
influenza and up to yesterday she was
apparently rapidly recovering, when
a change for the worse cqme and her
condition this morning Is said to be
critical. We hope for her speedy re
covery. All other patients at the city
hall are holding their own at this
E. L. McClave think* the ban the
Paris officials have put against Mont
pel 1er la at least stringent. If not
extreme. He went to the county seat
Wednesday on a business of consid
erable Importance and was notified
by the city marshal that no Montpel
1er people need apply, whether on
business matters or otherwise owing
to the ridiculous reports of the prev
alence of Influenxa here. Paris has
had but a single case of the "flu" so
far, and from her stringent quaran
ttne against Montpelier does not care
to have the epidemic In her midst.
en to Balt Lake for burial.
market.— H. B. Whitman.
"Fla" AhMlic end l^unuitiar WIU
r ' r iR •»"> b better than it was a week
* i >* The doctors this moraine re
h'- rl *h-t there are fewer casea iu the
city than there have been at any time
1U M** P " !U thr,,t ' «»v ka. j
, Vt'a ' _OUIU i ."".'L C .' ty ,.
bo *V* **• •chçüaled to hold a Jo.nt
"«».'"f '^s atu rnoon to fix the date
,or * Ihe qua rant ine and for the I
'>1»»"»* ' s,;huols amt public rath
"£**»• U J fba-rman ->f the
city board of health, is In favor of
r , 1K!nK llle bau ncxt M u>..,y, autl it
Situation imp ro vino.
lk< Raised la ■ Few I bags.
Th« iiiflui-BSa situation in M«»ntjH*l
is likely the health board will lie that
date at their meeting th s attorn oa.
At any rate, the s tuation ia set tm- ;
proved that the people Item the caun- '
try need no longer have any fear of
coming to Moutpd.cr t» do th r trad
While M,>ntpo!U-r Ins boon h t
pretty hard, at no time has the con
dition here been as bad aa it hat in
many towns *" tbe state.
,to the fact that the vict ma d d not
take the necessary pr eaut -n when
.at first attacked. They cont uuod to
be about and expose themselves un |
til the disease had secured such a '
strong hold on them that medicine
end care was of no avail.
It Is likely that a case of th# "flu"
will show up now and then for the
next mouth, hut with the precaution !
that will coutinue to be taken by the
health board, there la absolutely no
danger of the situation again becom
ng serious.
it Is a great relief to the doctors, i
»«raes and the public In general to
know that the ecourge is practically
Dr* I. W. and J. H. Lynn have re
moved to Pocatello, where they will ;
engage In the practice of medicine
and surgery. Dr. I. W. has been in
Pocatello for the paat month and J.
H. Joined him there this week. Dur
ing the three years they were located
|ln Montpelier they built up quite an
extensive practice, and their decision
to give up this field was a surprise
to their friends.
: . . .
| About two months ago one A. B
iQudmundsen arrived from Truck»#.
Cal., to accept a position with the
.Short Line at this place as switch- j
: man In the local yards. He was as
I "short" of finances as he afterwards j
proved to be "long" fingered, with
i tbo re,# JJ J* 1 * 1 th ® * her )*f °* Nevada ;
county, Cal., has taken him into cub- !
^ gherl(r MhBy wlu uoon b .
; | n poi«eflilon of another boarder at
the county Jail, The fellow not only
left between two suns with house
hold goods not of his belongings, but
he borrowed money from other ratl
.road men, forgetting he had done so
when receiving hts check for more
than a month's employment. How
' ard Durham la among the fleeced
j victims, und was ao enraged when«
! learning of the "vamtnoose" of the j
jTruckee individual UmU he boarded |
\ the next train bent on the mtsalon ;
of overtaking the fugitive at Poca- j
! tello and giving him lessons In the !
prlxe ring, but the fellow bad left
'30 minutes before Durham's arrival,
To the credit of the railroad employ
ea not one of them but who would
i contribute their efforts to sending
the fellow to the penitentiary, where
, ho will land. He perhaps imagined
! ho was ante from the law's scope by
getting out of the state, but he will
; learn better before serving out a
penitentiary sentence at Bolae.
, Rev. J. G. A. Martin arrived In the
j city last Friday to enter upon his
1 pastorate for the ensuing year of the
Methodist church and was served by
I the regulation quarantine which kept
him In seclusion until Wednesday.
when he was permitted his freedom.
He bad been stopping for sometime
past at Boise with a married daugb
ter, where Mrs. Martin la «till atop-I
ping, expecting to arriva here about
the first of the New Year. Rev. Mar-1
(tin come here from Oregon and Is a
man well advanced In years and with
)a reputation of being an able pulpit
man. He has two sons and one
daughter, all married. He was due
here a month ago but was deterred
from coming on account of the epl
demie of influenxa.
! The longest line of Christmas
I Rockers ever shown In Montpelier,
g Coma In early and make your choice.
B We'll deliver them at your home oa
B , Xmas Eve.
oft" r
■ in the medicine cabinet like ah
H Horbcnt cotton, gauze handag*
■ adhesive plaster, liniment, io
■ «line, etc., nhould be hh careful
■ iv purchased as the moat pow
■ crful merticinea. II you buy
■ them here you need have no
5 fear« a« to the Duality of these
■ ''First Aid" things. They are
■ the beet we can get.
Modern Drug Co,
When you plant com
you $ro w corn
money 1
in Our Bank
and 4row
When you plant something, yon get something.
When yon plant nothing, you know what yon get.
If yon should sow a few JMlar* you'd get a crop in
proportion to any other crop. You can spare a few dollars
now and then—why not fix for your old age with the
money you will hardly miss now.
Bank of Montpelier
iNtxmroiUTKt) umm
O. C. GRAT, Presidest
IU( HARD OROO, Oaehls*

a i
to Ten Little Girle on Znui
Day. Girls, come and see
the Doll« and let ui tell
you how yon may be able
to get one of them.
Riter Bros. Drug Co,
The Rexa*l Store
Present Indications
point toward« the largest Christmas run
for Photographs that we have ever had, yet
we want to make delivery on all our orders
so those who come early will get sure deliv
ery and better results while those who come
late might be In doubt. Remember it re
quires time to complete good work.
The Rinehart Studio
We wish to express oar
cere thanks to our friends, i
i- ally the Lady MaccabeeS,
slated ns at the death of oar beloved
wife, daughter and •'•Ur.
who a»
jc o
We are prepared to furnish it ini
1 ' * w.hir €»o**m* ~ l i
Words can only feebly express ike
rratitade we hold for u»o** who so !

,f,oee who rendered assistance after
her death We thank one and all
BlUfl „
roN and family.
During November we wilt give t* ;
per cent off o. silverware, ea, «Mm
H**l iS YMt L/=
wticone (»w«R
Bftvx- THAT •
ALL routs Love ,V tt
ItoHBAR, —*—*■ * **
V .
oiijo«« wtion there g a euoie*.
savory, full Havured roast or
steak awaiting you» Or
hap« you're fond of
il nice
thick chop? In any avant you
should make thin market your
'meat hendquarter*.
.. ______ ___ . _ _ _

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