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Arrival of New Spring Coats
and Suits.
Wc now have on display in our ready
to-wear department some of the new
Spring Suits and Coats in the late styles
and materials. They are very nobby
designs and the prices are moderate.*
We are also showing spring styles
in Men's Suits and Furnishings.
, Mr. Lewis is now in tne east personal
ly selecting a complete line of strictly
up-to-date merchandise for this store,
and new goods will arrive most every
day from now one. Come and see them
The hove of Hart Schaffner A Marx clothe»
Washington',—To answer propa
ganda speechdh delivered through
the west by former President Taft In
support of the league of nations, Sen
ator Borah of Idaho will leave Wash
ington about March 10 to follow
Taft's trail, and wherever the ex
presldent spoke in advocacy of the
league, Senator Borah will speak
in opposition,
elded to make this tour after receiv
ing many appeals from mtdwestern
cities to visit them and set forth his
reasons for fighting the league, but he
has also decided to couple with his
talk on the league of nations, bitter
denunciation of Bolshevism, along
the line of his late speech In the sen
The senator de
Friday, ln bis most remarkable
public adddress, Senator Borah out
lined his stand against league of na
The republican side of the cham
Prepare for March
Make yourself comfortable with a sweater
coat We offer you
25 per cent off
on Men's. Ladies' and Children's Sweaters up
to March 10th.
Boys' one-buckle. Ball Band Overshoes, sizes
11% to 51/2 *
75 cts. Per Pair
Ladies' Goth Rubbers, sizes 4 to 5
75 çts. per pair
We are Sole Agents for Holeproof Hosiery.
Jones-Robison Co.
ber had no empty seats and most of
the democrats heaqjl his entire
Crowded Into the rear of the sen
ate was a large portion of the house
membership which came over to hear
the leading opponent of the league of
nations. When he concluded, Sena
ator Borah wqp surrounded by a
crowd of senators who forced tempo
rary suspension of senate business
while they extended congratulations.
Congratulations came from demo
crats as well sa from republicans
and from old republican leaders
beaded by Lodge, as well as from
newer and progressive senators like
Johnson of California.
Even Vice President Marshall,
who has n ever before been known to
do such thing, went to Senator Bor
ah with his congratulations and Sen
ator Smoot of Utah, who took the
floor after Borah bad concluded,
passed to pay tribute to the Idaho
senator's effort.
The Examiner 1» glad to see the
farmers of Bear Lake county taking
steps towards improving the standard
of their cattle. The latest importa
tion of a pure bred sire was made by
Albert J. Ashley of Paris, who re
cently received by express a young
Holstein from the Pine Grove Farms
at Elmira, N. Y. The animal ls cer
tainly a beauty &nd he comes from
a strain of Holsteins that have world
records. His sire Is said to be the
best Holstein bull In the world and
his dam, at four years old, produced
74 pounds of milk per day on a teat.
He has four sisters that produced an
average of 20 pounds of batter each
In seven days, as two-year-old heifers.
Mr. Ashley is justly -proud of the
young animal and he believes that he
has got the best Holstein sire ever
brought to Bear Lake county.
James K. Lynch of San Francisco,
governor of the Twelfth federal re
serve district, has issued a greeting
to all war savers, from which we pub
lish the following:
You made Germany quit. The dol
lars yon loaned «be United Sûtes
Treasury through War Savings and
Liberty Bonds brought about the
signing of the armistice on Novem
ber 11th, 1818. Realixe the magni
tude of these plans for a spring cam
paign in 1919. Foot million men in
France and a like number in train
ing camps at borne! Sixteen million
rifles with adequate ammunition!
Five hundred thousand eannofi with
shiploads of shells! A steel armored
tank for every seventy-five yards of
our line! Ten tons of mustard gas
for every one Germany could pro
duce! Complete mastery of the atr
with sufficient bombing planes to
wipe out entire regiments and raze
cities to the dust! Sixteen million
tons of shipping to transport men and
Kupplies to France! A huge assém
blage of other war material on an '
equally grand scale, ' We were pro- '
pared to cat a swathe one hunded I
miles wide through to Berlin. We!
would have blasted Germany off the!
face of the earth. Thank you. War*
Savers, your money made all this pos- !
slble. Your prompt response to the
call of your government saved half a,
million precious American lives. Like
Belshazzar, the King *of Babylon,
Germany saw thé handwriting of
Fate on the wall. This time lt wrote:
Disaster! Defeat! Death!
Periodlr Billows Attalks.
Persons subject to periodic bilious
«tucks will observe that their appe
tite falls them just before an attack.,
That Is, they do not really crave
food but eat beaauae lt ia meal time.
If they will eat only a light meal and
no meat, then take two,of Chamber
lain's Tablets the attack may be
A new erase is sweeping over the
country—as aillÿ. as pestilential as
the daftcirfg madness that seised the
world Just before the war. Every
body wants to reform everybody else
and settle everything that Is wrong
with anything. Our malls are chok
ed with Impassioned letters, our
wastébackèts are overflowing with
"thoughtful" pamphlets—all tout
ing panaceas.
Everythlng, from pap to dynamite,
Is being recommended for what ails
the world and the other fellow. Ev
' i
is being advocated. Some favor '
choking him with taxes as an «W j
cure; others, treating him with
Piece of lead pipe as being quicker
and more merciful. Some pear-head
■d professors rfnd members of the al
lied trades of mental shut-ins are
working in shifts turning out their
celebrated Socialist Soothing Syrup,
guaranteeing to cure financial corpu
lence and the black curse of the
bourgeois home life. Bright young
men who make a living shaking up
bright young thoughts In bright
: : n bright young papers ard offering
their snappy"-tasting Bolshevik Sarsa
... , .. , ,, ._ _ _
rnriila for those dull aches. One
group of ladies is brewing over bond
fires a cure-all for everything, while
another group denies that there is
any efficacy in that medicine and
. , ; ..
wants to cheer up the old problems
ants ti cheer up the old problems
by running them with baby ribbons,
This is the créaient era of oan
This is the greatest ere of pap,
piffle and poison the world has ever
I teen. The old family doctor hasn't
ja chance; nobody but a quack canjm.
I prescribe nowadays. But sensible
1 , , . , ,, , ,
j people learned long ago that there is
no health in the nostrum, no way to
a sound body except through living
janely, simple exercise and hard
. _. . , ..
work. Throw the bottles out of the
window—It won't hurt If you throw
out a few quacks with them—and
let's all go back to work.
„ , _ . .
Meantime. young Professor This
and old Doctor That should not be
Glowed to offer, as safe and pleasant
tonics, compounds that create a de
proved hppetite in credulous takers.
ery method of relieving him of his i
pocketbook—for that is always the
seat of the other fellow's disease—»
Yes indeed, this Sale is MOVING ON
Never before ha* such an unusual buying opportunity
been presented to our customers, and they are taking
advantage of it. At the rate goods are MOVING ON
it's just a question of a few days until stock is exhaus
ted, so you had better come at once, if you would get
your share. The following are just a few sample bar
gains, which bid you Stop, Stop Examine, Stop and
Save, Stop and Buy..
Men's all Rubber 4-Buckle Overshoes
One lot of Ladies' Coats, wo rth $15.00
to $18.00,
$ 2.98
Men's Red all Rubber 4-Buckle Over
One lot of Ladies' Shoes, worth from
$4.00 to $6.00,
$ 3.48
$ 2.76
Ladies' Derby Ribbed Unions
Men's 9-oz. Overalls, worth $2.25
$ 1.49
Men's Striped Overalls, worth $1.75
$ 1.29
Men's Grey Wool Shirts, worth $3.00
Men's Tan Kahki Wool Shirts, worth
$ .58
Ladies' Velastic Unions, worth $2.00,
$ .98
Cotton Blankets, worth $3,5 and $4.00,
Wool Nap Plaids Blanket, worth $6.00
Mens Unions, Fleeced, worth $1.50,
$ .98
Dress Ginghams, Fast Colors,
25c to 33c
$ 3.50
Men's all Wool Wright's Unions
Boys' non-shrinkable Wool Unions
And any one can always know that
the habit for the stuff has been form
ed when the patient begins to bab
ble about "the revolution."
The final atm of every revolution—
the only lasting result that can be
gained from one—is the ballot.
Americans have not the simple com
mon sense to use It wisely and to
elect honest leader# who will pass
honest laws—not for one class but
for all classes—how can they ekpect
anything good to come from the self
ei^ed leaders who selfishly seize
power for themselves and a small
group 0 f followers?
I The a fis wer Is that the men who
advocate the sort of practical Bolshe
i vism that is at work in Russia today,
' they gre a , mogt a „ unnaturallited
j (ttreigMrt> „o not want honest lead
a^ or hone8t lawa _ they want to
, oot Anything except mirac ies that
th# maJorlty want8 it can have at the
neJt elet , tion But B0WS imagine
fh>t the , lmple fundamental
, awg of ,, te and health b( , re _
pfiaUjd even at the poU8 ._. Editorial
from Saturday Evening Po .e.
, . , __
Order Appointing Time and Place for
Probate of Will, and Directing
Publication of Notice.
In tj* e Probata Court of the Coun
ty of Bear Lake, State of Idaho:
j n lbe ma y er c f the 'estate of Eliz
abeth Knutti, deceased,
A document purporting to be the
last will and testament of Elizabeth
ha Y i J'. E 0 on th€ 2 pth day of
February. 1919, came into the pos
geg8ion gatd pröb ate court, and a
petition for the probate thereof, and
for the issuance of letters testamen
tar y to Michael Knutti having been
fl , ed by the ga|d Mlchael Knutti> lt ls
hereby ordered that Monday, the 10th
day of March, 1919, at 11 o'clock a.
canjm. of said day, at the court room of
coart in fc Cou ? ty of , B f" r
Lake, State of Idaho, be and the
same j B hereby appointed the time
and place for proving said will, and
hearing said application, when and
w *« re any P« rano Interested ip said
estate may appear and contest said
wl!1 and may flle objections in writ
ing to the granting of letters testa
mentary to said petition. And it is
f" rthe ^ ordered that notice be given
thereof by the Clerk thereof by publi
ca t{ on 0 { a copy of this order In the
Montpelier Examiner, a newspaper
printed and published in said county
not leB * than tfar j e ''orxmmETT
2-28-3t Probate Judge

Sealed bids for lease of the CRY
park for the year 181* wUl he »«liv
ed at my office up to 8 o'clock p. IB.
on the 5th day of March. 1*18- Bids
to be marked "Bid» for »ease of C t^
City Clerk.
Dollars sad Cents.
Counting U only In dollars and
cents, how much did that last cold
cost you? A msn may not alwaya
stop work when he has a. cold, but
perhaps it would be better If he did
It takes about ten days to get com
pletely rid of a cold under the usual
treatment. That time can be much
shortened by taking Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy and proper care of
yourself. In fact, a bottle of thU rem
edy in the. house is s mighty good In
vestment dlring the winter and spring
KSTRAY notice.
I have in my possession the follow
ing described animals: One Holstein
cow branded E on left ribs and two
V'g inverted on left hip; swallow fork
in left ear. under and upper bit in
right ear. This animal is at the Theo.
Dayton ranch in Dingle; also one
roan 2-year-old heifer branded 17 on
left hip; ears are frozen; small wad
dle under the chin. This animal is
at Henry Cook's ranch In Dingle. Un
less sooner claimed by the owners. I
will sell the aforesaid animals at pub
lic sale on Monday, March 31, 1919,
at 2 o'clock p. m.
BERT SPARKS, Constable.
I have in my possession »one bay
mare, 2years old; white star in fore
head; branded 7H, combined, on left
side. Unless sooner claimed by the
owner, I will sell the said animal at
public austion at the Ike Stephens
ranch on Monday, March 31, 1919, at
2 o'clock p. m.
F. EVANS WEAVER. Constable.
Successor to Ur. George T. Smith.
Better Dentistry.
The Painless Way
Pyorrhea Treated Succeeefully. Mod
er Equipment and Modern Methods.
Hours 9-Ig, 1-5
Phone 10«- W

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