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Who Benefits By
High Prices?
You feel that retail
meat prices are too high.
Your retailer says he
has to pay higher prices
to the packers.
Swift & Company prove
that out of every dollar
the retailer pays to the
packers for meat, 2 cents
is for packers' profit, 13
cents is for operating
expenses, and 85 cents
goes to the stock raiser;
and that the prices of live
stock and meat move up
and down together.
The live-stock raiser * points
to rising costs of raising live stock.
Labor reminds us that higher
wages must go hand in hand
with the new cost of living.
No one, apparently, is
responsible. No one, apparently,
is benefited by higher prices and
higher income.
We are all living on a high
priced scale. One trouble is,
that the number of dollars has
multiplied faster than the quan
tity of goods, so that each dollar
buys less than formerly.

Swift Sc Company, U. S. A.
No Tightwad, Anyhow,
"I shouldn't marry a young man
•f his type. If I were you."
"Why notr
"They say he's gone through twj
fortunes already."
"What of timt? I should think It
very nice to be married to a man who
li such a liberal spender."
at laaat ooca a week,
Ptavea'a Plcaaaat PelleU. Adr.
determine moral action; and moral
action leads to necessary law.
Slander gains no love.
it can't
get you. if you uae "DR. HIL
They quickly .relieve coughs, colds, all
throat and lung trouble«, reduce fever,
attack if token hi time mid ore
drugs Or opiates. Areallife
whk* should he twed in every home.
Trial package of 2 tubes, $1.00. Tali pack
age. 10 tubes $5.00. Co m plete directions
free from
Seite 423 Ceeeolideted Realty Bldg.
Loa Angel««. California
Heal Itching Skins
With Cuticura
Steg I
— ■■ "'"■I
Heat* BolU, PoU
Evil. Quittor, Fistula and
as h to a poritivs eati«ptic ;
•"--ÄS fÆSS
No Posing for JMh.
"Your boy has proved a wonderfully
Industrious chap."
"Yea," replied Farmer CorntoaaeL
"He never would let us have our own
way. Now that his mother would bo
perfectly willing to have him do noth
ing but visit an' tell stories, he Insist«
on bein' out where the real work la
goin' on."
Why use ordinary cough remedies
when Boschee's Syrup baa been used
so successfully for fifty-one years la
all parta of the United States for
coughs, bronchitis, colds settled In the
throat, especially lung troubles? It
gives the patient a good night's rest,
free from coughing, with easy expec
toration hi the morning, gives nature
a chance to soothe the Inflamed parts,
throw off the disease, helping the pa
tient ta regain hla health. Made la
America and sold for more then half
a cuatury,—Adv.
F o resighted.
"Jack. dear, before our wedding, I
wish you would see a doctor."
"Why should 17 I am well, except
for a touch of dyspepsia."
"Thafs Just It. Td like you to get a
certificate from him which would show
that yonr dyspepsia antedated
marriage.'*—Boston Transcript.
To half p at of water odd 1 ee. Bey Rom
* t
«P or you can ithx it at aoma at very lit
tie cost Tall directions for making aad
use come in esch box of Berbo Componnd
It Wtfl gradually darken et reeked, faded
gray hair, end make it soft oad glossy. It
win not color the eealp. to not sticky er
greasy, oad doe, not rub off.—Adv.
There Is no rhyme for »fiver, but It
Jingles with gold very nicely.
~ • - —
■ VMi
Eyes inflamed by eqs
u Hi tssantag,
Cmafin . At
Architects have submitted plans for
llinv iibusiness structures on Main
street at l*aul.
A r»»-civer has I won asked for the
B»>lsv Hallway Company by the Boise
Tl'U' A Trust company, pending a
foreclosure suit which the trust com
pany Is bringing.
A local board to find employment
for returned soldiers, sailors and
rines has heen organised at Nampa
with offices in the city hall at the
city clerk's office.
Tiu* I. O. O. F. orphans' home, which
is to he built at Caldwell in the spring,
»III cost In the neighborhood of $40.
00O. It will be two stories high, and
of brick and cement construction.
The steer feeding and silo excur
sion planned by members of the Can
yon county form bureau which waa to
be held March 12 and 13, has beeu
postponed until March 20 and 21.
Actlug for a group of Idaho rails
capitalists. AI B. Hager, local pro
moter, telegrapher Tex Rickard an of
fer of $1(I8,U00 and SO per cent of mov
ing picture privileges for the Willard
Dempsey fight.
Two members of the recently or
ganised Boise Valley Jersey club, who
were selected by that organisation,
will make a trip to Prlnevtlle, Ore.,
shortly, where they will purchase a
carload of pure-bred Jersey cows and
Petitions are being circulated at
Twin Fnlls, asking for the convening
of the first grand Jury ever assembled
in Twin Tails county to Investigate
"open, notorious and public disregard
and violation of the prohibition laws
of the state."
James Slone, of Soda Springs', Is
charged with shooting John Bussy at
lliat place. lluxr.y was stint through
the left arm, the bullet entering Ills
side. He Is In u serious condition with
little hope for recovery,
were neighbors.
The state of Idaho made a wonder
ful record in 1Ü18 in the production
of wheat, as shown In records of ship
ments just completed. The general In
crease during the war year 1918 In
carloads was ÖÖ50, the percentage In
crease being 1315.
It Is repotted that a silo manufac
turing firm from eastern Idaho will
construct a factory Ht Nampa this
spring, and will probably be here to
make preliminary arrangements In a
few days. The conipuny deals In con
crete stave silos.
The governor lias recommended that
the people of Idaho observe April II
to 20 as Western Consumers' week,
and urges the people of the state to
support the movement In a practical
way by the use of all products made In
Idaho or in the western states.
The Ud went on In Moscow last
week, tighter than ever since Influ
enza made its first appearance last
fall. With between 30 und 40
In town, there will be no public
private schools, no picture shows, no
church services or public meetings for
a time.
Parents of James B. Hlghiey have
Just been officially notified of his
death In Trance, but the date and
manner of his death are so far unde
termined. He enlisted from Boise In
the summer of 1917 with II company
of the 2nd Idaho, and lunded In t rance
In December of 1917.
More Ilian 1800 auto licenses liave
heen taken out by Ada county car
owners since these became due, and
during the month of February the Of
fice of the county assessor collected
more than $18,000 In revenues from
this source. There are still due and
unpaid some 1900 license fees.
Boxing and wrestling bouts In Ida
ho will hereafter be csrrled on under
strict rules and regulations, designed
to enforce a high code of ethics in this
branch of the amusement profession,
the legislature having passed a bill
creating a boxing commission.
Bthel Felsted. 10 years old, Is In the
Pocatello hospital suffering with a»
vere burns sustained when an oil can
exploded- while she was pouring oil
on the fire In the kitchen range. Her
clothing wm burned from her body
when she was found rolling In the
snow outside the bouse by a passerby.
The advance of from $3 to 18 a
gallon on whiskey In Wyoming over
the previous high prices has checked
the inflow of lienor to Pocatello, and
few arrests have been noted since the
extra raise, which. It Is said, was made
by the government ns war tax on
Louis James. Greek, holding an im
portant iMMltion In the Oregon short
Une shops at Pocatello. Is (lend as the
result of Injuries suffered In the yard»
when some boiler fines dropped from a
considerable height upon him as he
was standing talking to a friend.
The flue* were being handled by a
huge crane, and sllpiicd.
The first Injury to a Pocatello mao
to be reported from the Itnasian setiv
•ties of the allied nations, Is Informs
tion of the wounding of Private Jacob
Jensen, who lias been confined in a
hospital in China for some time suf |
fering from wounds caused In action, i
Tb« men
Chartes Flood of Halrooa, while In- i
toxica tel, came Inane with an ax and la !
a few moments miMsbed most of hi,
household furniture, inrinding taWes
Chair*, chiffoniere*. etc., lato kindling
He was locked up and the court finer
hlm SW» and sentenced him to fit) days
In Jail.
Apply fear drops then lift core,
touchy corns off with
10 JJ
Doesn't hurt • bit I Drop a little
Treeaone on an aching corn. Instantly
that com atop» hurting, then yon lift
It right out. Tea, magic I
A tiny bottle of Treeaone coeta but a
few cents at any drug store, but is suffi
cient to remove every hard corn, soft
corn, or corn between the toe«, and the
calluses, without soreness or Irritation.
Freexon# la the sensational discovery
of a Cincinnati genius. It 1* wonderful.
A Meek and Lowly Follower.
Much to ber chagrin, the Indy
speaker had inadvertently and con
ttnually used the expreaslm "Do you
follow tue?" A meek little man In the
front row added to her annoyance by
signifying each time that he did.
The lady speaker was exceedingly
annoyed—exceedingly, Finally she '
beckoned to the house policeman. ;
"Officer," -he ordered, "I wish you
would take this offensive male brute
Into custody. He lia» persisted In fol
lowing tue all evening."
A How To Oat Relief When Hoad
▼ and Nooo are Stuffed Up.
County fifty! Tour cold In head nr
catarrh disappears. Your clogged no*
trlls will open, the air pnsMg«« of your
head will clear and yon can breathe
freely. No more snuffling, hawking,
mucous discharge, drynesa or head
ache ; no struggling for breath at night.
Get a
Balm from your druggist and apply a
little of thla fragrant antiseptic cream
In your nostrils. It penetrates through
every air passage of the head, soothing
and healing the swollen or Inflamed
mucous membrane, giving you Instant
relief. Read eolda and catarrh yield
tike magic. Don't stay stuffed-up and
■steerable. Relief I» sure.—Adv.
II bottle of K!y*« Crram
Or Oeing Therefrom.
"Brethren and sitter»," remarked
the visiting presiding elder, 'looking
at the evolution that has taken place
among us. considering the social up
heaval that we mi on every aide.
Inking note of the turmoil Hint exists
on every hand, I ask, brethren mid
■latent, what I* this world comlog to?"
"I don't
rog'lor minister, "but a large part of
It Is not coming to this church."
know," r expended the
_ carefully every bottle of
CABTORIa, that famous old reroadjr
lor Infanta and children, and aaa that It
In Dee for oVTTw Vro
Children Cry for Fletcher'* Cos tori*
Kaeleet Way,
"How Can you tell it dogwood truer*
"Baslly. By Its bark."
Proof that Some Women,
do Avoid Operations
Mrs. Etta Dorion, of Ogdonsburg, Wk, mjtsi
*1 suffered from female troubloe which caused piercing pete«
like * knife through my back and side. 1 finally lost slimy
strength sol had to go to bed. The doctor advised an opurauTm
Lydia E. Pinkhaa * Vegetable Componnd." 7
. How Mr*. Boyd Avoided an Operation.
Canton. Ohio.—"I suffered from » female trouble which
caused me much suffering, and two doctor* decided that .
1 would have to go through an operation before I couid /
tan submitting to an operation. It relieved me from i
my troubles so l can do my house work without any J
difficulty. I advise any woman who Is a filleted with /
female troubles to give Lydia E. PI rUthom'aVe*»./
pound a triai and it will do aa much /
for them '—Mrs. Mabw Boyd, 1421 *th 8t., /
3». E., Canton, Ohio. /
table Com
Every Sick Woman S
Before Submitting To An Operation
Instant relief! Rub this nsrvs torturs
"St. Jacobs Uniment.*
Rub this soothing, penetrating Hnt
ment right Into the »ore, inflamed
nerves, and like magic—-neuralgia dla
appears. "St. Jacobs Uniment" con
quers pain. It la a harmless "neuralgia
relief" which doesn't burn or discuter
the skin.
Don't suffer! It's so needless. Get
a small trial bottle from any drug
Store and gently nib the "aching
nerves" and In Just a moment you
will be abeoiutely free from pain and
No difference whether your pain or
neuralgia la In the face, head or any
port of the body, you get I notant relief j
with thla old-time, hottest pain de- j
atroyet—-It ean not Injure.—Adv.
The Way of It.
"Madam, your haalmnd footed the
I knew he'd kick
bill." "There !
about It."
n,« _.w„ ., i
I ne man w ho cottxldora hla own
faults has hut little to any concerning j
the faults of others.
body begin« to
body begin« to
mors slow and deliher*U"**7*0* m yoma
s* 1 used to be" I* a fnoueat sad us»»*
1 J c î rt ^ i Ç '"'I' 1 * bowl was
spot is generally the bladder I'oplesnant
symptoms show themselves. Painful ami
KT^rrtSSSLfi S?*?
derly people. l/yourady *knuw how.Nhto
trouble can b* obviated.
Vor over *00 years GOLD MTIUl.
Haarlem Oil has been relieving the in
convenience end pain du« to adeancing
yaara. It la a standard, old time hone
remedy, and needs no introduction. It is
now put up in odorless, tasteless capsules
These are easier and more pleasant In lake
than tha oil in bot I lea
Rich en peril* contains about one does of
■niey soak into the system aad throw off
tho poisons which arc making you old be
loro your time. They wiU quickly relieve
thr«?.k » ,?r .V (hi* loathsome disease from running
Il ïîfî^/^ U k*i? bl . # k* nd ' ur ® *" «bn soil, suffering with
■Mssav/<%>M£. n »wm '/•*'"•••» No eisller h«w i ■>».,«,
'* ** fm *® "*• •« «nr «oit. H *
th «" c«fro '«» "iT - ' r , *»* n ** «II distemper« no matter trow
IÎ mm' V yn5? r drä*Vt.t"' r •""»**
POMV MSI trie At. CO, Sole Mfr«., tue S rs , tu«.
"Out of Torment and Misery to Comfort"
Stiff Neck
. Joint P»M>k
Proved safe by millions"
Adulte— Take on« or two "Bayer Tablett of Aspirin" wlih
water, If necessary, repeat dose three times a day, after meals.
Holds the Faith of Medical Leader*!
*0 «Mt Bayer packages—aim larger Bayer pue fcs g« *.
Buy Boyar package« only—(M original pack ago.
Datier -Tablttts
^Aspirin _
Tha Bayar Gmtson Ganuina Tablais
A»N«lalaae>a|*aM«vk M jayeyMemdeettae ef Mr«m«itHii<*.ro»> ef
Spanish Influenza can
be prevented easier tha n
it can be cured.
At the first sign of à
shiver or sneeze, take
| S s ade n j n M«i ambktl|mm m
D.4L __ a u«i,
DO 10 OC 6 I 0 I 1 Q PINK
-gj'T'Ht mm hre-l um
4 asasle la both bt
oad uriik la Um g) .,rv
iwelatidMmiO , .
I»!», making Uw kick.
r ÎJ
Aad Ihtwtham
bars tank roronl. <>f
I haibibaalUt.
sad ea*S kasi 11 m
i ft« 17,000 lbs. par yaar
havtag ..*■ mai saakR
W. N. U., »alt Laka City, No. tt-ttt«.
those etiffeaed totals, that baekaahe.
4 for ftit dMNNtMM of
btftiUkr* ktffovjr, t«vtr, «iaumck and
GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Ca
cleanse the kidneys and purity
They frequently wsrd off sttaeks of the
dangerous and fnUl diseases of the kid
neys. They Have a beneficial effect, end
"»ten completely eure the diseases ..f the
biHlily organe, allied with the bladder and
If von us troubled with soreness across
the buns or arith "Simple" a-bee end psene
in the heck take warms«. it may be the
preliminary Imitent uma of some dreadful
malady which can be warded off or cured
if taken in time
Go to emir druggist today and gel a box
of GOLD Mklhix tlaariem Oil t'apsuln.
Money refunded if they do m.t Help you.
Three sues flfll.il MF DAL are tha pure.
Original Imported Haarlem (hi Capsule«.
Accept No hubatltute*.—Adv.

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