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Result of Last Year's Work Very Gratifying -
Officers Elected for Ensuing Year and Pro
gram for This Year Rapped Out.
ttnioHT in EVRRV
- — AQA i ffRT TH E. H<\
An unique and m<& interesting
■' slighted from passenger train
afl'USÄ'Ä 122
sssa-rai& us
him for untiring nnd unceating duty
in England and France from*the ml
ent the gredt Vortd war broke upon
the peoples Europe up tithe sign
i„g artniatice on the 1 lth of
November. He also posaeaeed dla
charge papers, subject to being called
a£ta tT^cross the pond," and he is
as ready to rïspond a. he did when
tojeUaUtAAp Jaropea ^tltiaUAwa.-
There In not a great general In the
allied armies that Mr. Glover has not
personally conversed with, even onr
own General Pershing. He wss as
signed to an ammunition wagon corps
when mitering the fray and remained
la that work up to the day the a mils
tice was slgawd. He wss only out of
activa participation three weeks, snd
then only because of receiving s se
KHU*t bo.pH.l Ib Pimm wl l»w
SSÄ75S , «Ä,!Ä%*~ , S:
|7:m y°,T,T"w:l! Wri
nv£«r .<2 «ke h*? hm^ ln thir
«ttar »alley eonntry.
bnd words of a second
-»late the war as It ia told
•f arred
Vlgtum and Franc*
to be
The Bear Lake County Farm Bu
reau held its annual meeting In Paris
March ltth. The purpose of the
eeting was to hear reporta of last
year's work, adopt s program of work
for thia year, elect the new officers
who will adopt a new constitution
snd by-laws and to have the farm bu
reau plan dismissed and explained.
The program of the morning meet
ing constated of an address of wel
come by President Findlay. He ex
pressed ad appreciation of the officers
of the bureau to the people tor the
suppon they had given the organisa
ob during the past year and in turn
ing out So trait to the meeting, there
being about 11* men and women
present. He stated that there had
been much good come through the or
ganisation and that much more good
would come if only the people will
continue to support the bureau. He
said: "The Farm Bureau will he Just
what you people make it, and we will
get out of it Just what we put Into it
—no more, no leas.
Reports were called tor from the
fifteen communities which are organ
ised; nine responded snd stated that
in the* recent drivé for membership
very favorable results were secured.
With the exception of Geneva and
Ovid there were several mjre mem
bers for this year than for 1918.
Raymond, Nounan and St. Charles
have twice as many members as last
year; Pegra
have about
last year's enrollment. There have
been no memberships reported from
Dingle and Montpelier. Leaving these
two towns out there la about 100 per
cent Increase in the Farm Bureau
membership thia year over last year.
A. C. Hymas and Joseph Stuck!, lo
halrman tor Liberty and Paris,
saed the Farm Burean from the
point of vl*w of the farmers. They
stated that the people are looking
attaw «nd more to the Farm Bureau
aa ffcelr organization and the means
of bringing tö them much assistance.
Men. women and children were all In
terested add supporting the Bureau.
Mr. R. Ht Musser. assistant county
agent lead# then gave an excellent
talk oa how the Farm Bureau la fi
nanced, explaining that the U. S. De
partment of Agriculture and the Uni
versity of Idaho were back of the
Farm Bureau and were putting into
the county $1320 a year to support
the work. He also explained to the
•ntlre satisfaction of all present the
purpose nnd expenditure of the mem
bership fee.
The financial report of the organ
isation was then read, discussed snd
approved by the meeting,
• The following committees
tl one, committee on program of work,
committee on constitution and by
laws and committee on resolutions.
Following this meeting was adjourn
ed until 1:30 p. m.
During the Intermission free lunch
no, Wardboro and Liberty
three times as many as
Committee on nomlna
poisonous gas. He was taken to an
was served by the Academy girls un
der the direction of Mias Briuton. The
girls had prepared a very tasty lunch
and they served It In such a way that
all were tempted to discover their ca
pacities. Much credit is due Misa
Brinton for the manner in which
this part of the program succeeded.
At 1:30 the meerng was again
called to order by President Findlay,
Mr. Musse, opened the meeting with
a graphic, concise and forceful ex
planation of the Farm Bureau plan.
The various essentials of the organi
sation were pointed out and explain
ed very interestingly.
Following Mr. Musser's address.
Mr. Sargent, county agent, presented
to the meeting with the aid of charts
the 1919 program of work as outltn
ed and suggested by the executive
commlttee, advisory council and pro
gram of work committee. After
some little discussion of the work to
be carried on this year the program
of work was approved and adopted
by the meeting as being worthy of
endorsements and united support 91
all the people in the county.
Mrs. Roy A. Welker gave a very
brilliant and satisfying report of the
work already accomplished by the
Bureau for the women. She cited
many direct and indirect benefits the
Bear Lakecounty women had reeelv
ed through the specialists who were
brought to the women last summer
through the efTorts of the Bureau,
flt 16 a hi^. P th nte,l omen t w»l K h^ab b le n fö
flts whifflt the women will be able to;
get as the Farm Bureau carries out
its adopted program of work. Mrs.
Welker commended very highly the
work done by the canning clubs last
year, and expressed a hope that more
work will be done this year, not only ;
eirls o*fVn d and K twelve'vears WUh th<>
* Mr. R. P. Nelson then gave a hrlef
and concise report of last year s
work. He gave figures to show that
the project alone resulted in a net
saving to the farmers, according to
their own figures, of *150,760.00 for ;
squirrel work and $3,655.00 for
grasshopper work. This was only one
of the seven projects in which work
was accomplished. Twenty-four hun-1
dred head of cattle have been vaccin- i
ated for black-leg and many other
very commendable blta of work were !
The nominating committee then
presented the nominees for the varl
ous offices and an eleclon was had
with the following results:
President—A. C. Hymas, Liberty.
Vice President— S. L. Wright,<Ben- ;
Secretary—W. B Hodge. Paris. i
Treasurer—Jos. Stuckl, Paris.
Pest Controller— R. P. Nelson,
Live Stock Committeemen—Alma
Findlay, Bloomington. f
Crops—J. W. Cook. Pegram.
Dairying—Frank Brown, Liberty. ;
Home Betterment—Mrs. F. Athay,
Paris, and Mrs. S. Holmes, Montpelier
t ,.... ....
\ Deep sorrow"^Trought to every I
home in Paris shortly after 11 o'clock
f>rnia He was ill at the time »mi
nmedUtely TÔÔk to hm bld fiTm
h he neve? arol^ '
n.. ■!Germany
' be ' 0B of Pre>Iden t
3!?. J p. R „, ah /PÎ ,t ' rd H ® wa \?
abo " 1 8 ®
«" L«*. *« e : Jl® »",• 5 H,mber , of
^ G« - haTl "«

Haig and hi. tenacious English army
were forced to make the wonderful
«•««»t they did especially, beggars
of description. We In America knew
comparatlyely little as to the real
reason why Oeneral Haig acted as be
did, but now know when it is revealed
that this retrest paved the way for
the beginning of the ending of the
BPdtn, th-n,w.W M Id ■ pook.t ,-r
,ho.-"nl Twï ^*,""«1."^ jetrMi"«!
a, "hluit /n—snd^hev lwlae^i-^
i mrest wh?< h brought «h^«r .
<mreat *h Ich brought tonrM
alternative Mr Olov/r u
*« ' ®* b «r alterastlv« Mr Olover l,
to fiah[ [nr hia and r»#
, * [ .ntb
rf^rou^ will gladly welcome h m
mlrtt?*confl1ci LrLs ?he^ba f <h
imtgnty conflict serosa the seaa.
that hasn't utterly lout all
-There's hope for a hoy or girl of
Cor hie parents' w te d u se.
Lion or Lambt
s .^
we take the following Information
relative to the l«6th artillery regl
ment, of which a dosen or more Mont
peller boys are members. The infor
«nation was supplied by Major Duval,
commander of the 2nd battalion, nnd
•* therefore authentic,
The l!6th F. A. Brigade is corn
posed of the 146th and 14Sth Keg I
ments. formerly fo the 41st or 8un
set Division and the only organisation
of that Division not spilt up and used
for replacements upon arrival in
Tho H6lh Reg , ment „, |ed f
New York j>e Cember 24t h. 1917, and
, anded L | Terpoo , j anuary *Si
i 918 d , France Januar/ lïth'
Wen .' "„.J" Ilne Vulv iT IL ...
COnt,UOU * ly ,n " ct,on un,l > th * «rtnU
t | ce waa S | gned November 11 Was
thpn W | thdrawn . and r _ n .. ed
HlgnP( , t0 , h ™ 3 " t Army .
f u h Into Germany wS
2nd a""vïn* a? II.
^0." R h,ne J P .n 31 1^1.
T ", rerlmeni ront'.ln! .,.^ ù/ A?
' Supply Co ■ Companies A Tssnd
^„V)' and' d"(T win Falli?""*/.h
„Id 2nd Idaho '* * ' '
Headquarters and Supply Co, ware
organized after the calling out of the
with men from all parts of
ttle al Camp Qreene. Co. D.
I*"* disbanded and Its members trans
[erred to these two companies to
bring them up to the new strength
authorized for war. Co. B. was
transferred Into Battery B , Co A. ln
to . Ba [ terv c . and Co. C. disbanded
,and Its members used for replace
me »>ls In the three batteries of th"
reçlment. The majority of the m«q
* 0, | 1 K t0 Batteries B. and C. Battery
„• •* « Ne * Mexico organization and
Batteries D.. E. and F. are from the
'" tate Wdshlngton, The Field offl
jcera of the regiment are as f ollowi;
Çol. P. H. Worcester. C. A. C. IT. S
i 1 ' 9? 1 ', P ' , H 'J V t? r * 0 ® h ' Wa * h -
• Major JH. HamlltonNew
Mexico, commanding 1st Bn.; Major
„■ Duval. Idaho, commanding 2nd
Bn.; Major D. D. Drain, Washington,
commanding 3rd Bn.
T|»e 148th Regiment Is composed
!of National Guard organizations from
Oregon, Wyoming, and Colorado. The I
Brigade is at present commanded by
Brig- General Johnson Hsgood. C A.
C . u. 8. A.
The 146th and 14*th Field Artlll^
17 wander up and down the
ar ® enabled to lay In a large
Btock of be » u,lful P'P®» which, after
«H. «re some of the thing, for which
I. noted. And the best part
of „ „ that th , y don t .. m M ttch
aa a helmet or a luger or even an
«ton Cross, snd they make the best
souvenir. In the world.
• _1
F A. Brigade during the war
with Germany.
2. This Brigade waa always to be
depended upon. When In the region
of the Marne and Aisne rivers. In th*
Saint Mihiel battle and Menae-Argon
ne offensive. It supported our gallant
Infantry In many a pitched,battle.
3. This duty so well jfcrformed
will slways be s source of pride to ,
each snd every member of the Brig- i
"" "''ZiJ.iFV'Z.,
B„l,ir«il»n boob, tor tb, «ttr
ejeefon to be held en April 22. will
ope« tomorrow. Under the law gov
emlng dty elections, thorn» who voted
** the laal «lection, and still re
„ dft th „ une ward> wl „ „<* haTe
to register for the coming election.
All registrations will be made by City
ricrk Barrett at the dty hall
UcrtIflcaies of nomination for offl
ccr s must be filed with the dty clerk
not lea* than ten days prior to the
This makes Friday. April
it. th" lest day on which
papers may be fllsd.
From the Nampa Leader-Herald
The meeting which srss held at
th« city hall last Tuesday night for
ths purpose of perfecting the organl
aation of the Boosters club. was at
tended by about flfty of the emerprls
°«Vlargt!r tskws^ns^ls VrsdInr and
,*^ y . U * •" T* and
faw?'which W^e iubmuted hv St
committal thaï hTdto? anMimad* to
J" 1 " d tM ' e ' »OPPOI luted ba
r * f * the "
The only change of Importsnce
egads In the constitution, es lents
lively adopted two sreeks ago. srss
n removing the limit oh the number
if voting members In the club. This
proposition brought forth considers
Me dlacuaslon, bnt the sentiment was
largely opposed lo the idea of haring
i Hmlted number of voting member,
The membership Is therefore now
open to any one who may wish
join the elub. I
The club starts out with a member
ship of SO who have paid their ad- !
mission, and It Is believed th.. th.
number will be Increased to 100
within a very short time. Several of
the progrealve farmers In the vicinity
of Montpelier have already enrolled
as members and several others have
«xpressed a desire to com# In.
The club starts out with a spirit of
harmony and enthusiasm prevailing ;
among the members, and It Is belle»- j
•d that Montpelier nt last has a club
«hieb Is organised on a solid foun
dation and It wilt accomplish good)to
and lasting results. i
As the membership Is unlimited,
applications will still be received by
the membership committee, which la
composed of W. O. Staley. Oart
8 pong berg and R L Nicholson Any
cltlxen of Montpelier or the county.
who feels that be would like to have .
a voice and vote In the club will he
welcome to its fold.
The club will meet nt the city hall
untll such time as suitable club rooms
can be secured and furnished.
While the constitution provides for
regular meet lugs on the first Tuesday
,,i g j,l of each month, the club will I
lo |d weekly meetings until It gets
everything la running order. The
, lext me( ,ung will be held at the etty
'iall Tuesday night, March 26. at i
which time President Wlll'sms will
name the board of directors and
members of the standing committees
provided In the by-laws. (
Any one desiring to Join tbs club
i a cordially Invited to attend this
. . „
Mr*. Jacob Jensen of heart trouble
and other complications Two weeks
ago she gave birth to a baby boy who
'Red March 10. At that time .be was
»ufferln« with leakage of the heart,
to which she succumbed March 16.
Mrs. Schmid wss born January 20,
1*91. at Bern. She ws. U>. daughter
of the late Bishop John Runs and
* ir i^m' a î
£2LnThif*iiTiL m t 7.' Vù d
"n^g ' toSthei^Mrs"
Î, utAh^ïS?' a**« -
Herriman uJlh" A »*™
c tah ,»,* _ Luc*
w*,' j jm-T '" ,, P U
. b< , 1 r H eh I r c rw-jl m
Klini lY. R , r _ 'ïJÎ? Oeorge 8
. '
krtl.T,'wT 0 °;'J,,T n r :
ggas-» Sî" 1
*n lÆf. PfwMbbt H. H Hoir. Pr. »
ld*nt Edward C. Rieh. Edward Bisch
off. Herman Hoff and J, Peter Alle
man. nil paying glowing tribales
the exemplary Ilf* of th* d«ees*~d.
Opening prayer was offered by El ler
James Dunn The <■ loan g prayer w*v
by Eldar P. Barfnse Interment took
place at th. Bern cemetery «here
both mother snd babe were burled lo
geher. The grave wss dedicated by
Bishop Robert Schmid
Ton can't even fool some ef the
Red Cross Urges Bear Lake People to Donate Old
Clothing Next Week--Warm Clothes Needed
Worse Than Food.
\\ Th* Bear Lake Chapter of the
t aerlcan Red Crons Is making an
nt appeal to the people of the ruan-J».r
for donation» of old clotblnc
rmen ta of a ll kind, fur thereûrto?
>£fcrtrsggd_ of Kwroy. f tMmw (Io
iToIIb araru Iiii nadu during lb*
wr'^ehîfrmê'e *of l ^ h i* 4 l> *'
»la. chairman of the local chapter,
has arranged with the merchants of
j Montpelier te reoelve donations Bos
1 _w? r °'L 4 j. " ** ch . ,l " r *' •"
, the city where handles may be depoa
ded llher slly In the past and It Is to
.*££ U ' 1 ,U do "
ism urn*.
That clothing Is needed more than
, food by hundreds of thousands of
refugees In Prance and Belgium. Is
the gist of a rspon )uat issued by flf
ty special Investigators for tbs Rod
! "Most of ths rsfuges ismlllss msn
sge to nourish themselves on the gov
«•••*» allowance and their email
"**••• b "' **»«P are by no roenna able
,° pioth, themselves." any. the re
port. -Aa the prices of clothing In
Prance sre prohibitive, the need for
this hind of assistance is obvions Ac
Icordlngly, ws decided to give food
only when special nourishment was
ordered by n physician, but to contln
U e to look altar the clothing nasd as
„ , —tlmnted that th. ium.„
invaaton * rSum* and
mada wanderers of I Ift^l OS# former*
to"" h.ppy eountrr iionis ofuEE
I «mutila« P
Th , ___
! for tbe Fre?ch .nd Betolalï hehfnd
° * rrfPc n ,nd B«l«iana behind
President William Budge died nt
bis home In Logan last Tuesday eveo
tng. His death had beeu expected for
; two weeks or more and moat of his
j children were at his bedside when the
end came. Mr. Budge was born It.
Scotland on May I, lilt He came
the United Butes In lt<0 end to
i Bsnr Lake valley In 1170. Here he
resided until ebout seven yps
*»ben ha was called to go to
10 J**« charge of the temple,
His funeral was held at Logan
'^•terday, afternoon, bni owlug to
th * Prevalence of the Influenaa there
. «»I* «bon eervlcea were held In the
_ \ * h " *«d
President Badge will bo pub
■•»bed ln hext week a Examiner,
*-**' Saturday Commissioners P«.
l«rson and Wright, together with J
* O'Connor and Joe Davia. met will
i "*« eommlsakmera of Caribou count)
*' *•**• Bprlngs to is Ik over the prop
«••Hon of Ihs Utter county helping id
*«»««• the construction of the Mont-i
peller-Afton road Division Bngln
•»■■ Martin of the forest servies, wes
l*Mo p r ess n t. The proposition was ax-1
fmh ^.nd ^p'irml 'muhmST --
called to the*tact that several mil»'«
- r"
The Caribou romtuiaetonara es* ;
tbsmsrtvea sa being In fsvor
of helping to finance the construction
of ths road, bst they said that jsat at
Uls time they woald not b# .bU to
make an appropriation aa,the count»
»« 1«« ««ting organised They ^
Ibslr assurance, however, that
county would make s Just appro
muta iSSâSlmn hTZJmïwt?
n. if ««»'lrtiM ia.
hl*hl?ay f?^ the Be?r lïhl rosm?
line Into Sods Springs was also die
■ -*— J and the Caribou commission
érs ^ro^l^d that .bi. w" b."on.
«• >ha earliest dale possible
l * ** rll T * h 0 "*** 1 *_
two <vu-pi ui nosonmi
' AT U A1jT U M
"( JT*J;Ti,* r T , V' w' r .V«'Trl.,W

morola, al ibo tell Ub. ToMpbr. mod
in compliment to Mi# Mllred Morgan
and Earl Nye. whone marriage wss
live* and friends of the couple« were
the invited guests Mr sad Mr. Nye
«111 make their käme la Liberty.
Idaho, and Mr. and Mrs Allred have
toft for their residence I« Ogden
Salt lake Tribune
bn h
also an event of Wednesday
Earl Ny* I* s nephew and Miss
Delta Nys Is a .toes of W« C My*
nt this city.
I The Examiner is esty fl.fifi • year
,iho German line.
s!l the distressed
etrteken people of
central powert
Ever, kind of garment, for all
tu« and both me««, ta «neatly
ncfiini in addition, plaça goods.
,lckln *. •>»•••»*. blanket, and wool
en good, of every kind are needed,
Light warm canton flannel and other
kinds of cloth from which to make'
garments for new born babes is one
of the moat urgent needs Shoes of
everr slie are needed
Rince the clothes will he aubject
** «" 'be hesvleet kind of wear only
garments of strong nnd durable ma
lerlsl ahould be sent.
to oiler to theee afflicted people gar
menta of flimsy material W* sre oa
peclslly requested not to send ball
dresses, high hats, straw hats, trim
min* for hats, feathers, umbrellas,
"'• Ur *T***' '''Tf 1 "*' ■ la " war »* cmr '
P* Ul '"J" 1 - «*■>•«. neckties, ahos
\ r * m ' ««***. canes, p* Moots, ptl
ru »» or ,oa * •*•*» •*
'bla coltoctlon.
***** «•"»•"'J • h<M,ld ^ •*
•* ro "« •»<> durable material, they*
nm *»• perfect condition "
n ° l m * nd »••'men«*, se there are
,h * ,u f«"da of wunmn la Rnrope who
» arn * •»•H™«t self rmpectlag
"••• b r mandlng them or by making
'hem over Into garments mors Salted
lo thtlr own countries In prêtions
Chapter, h.v. toitawd
L° MBd »•«ding la this collection
**• »«re lo .end then, garment. If the
material la durable, and spend the
wo " ,d otherwise be given
« "I"?.'"* c, *"*" cUn « add
• By Dugan j
newly organised Outing Clsb
Montpelier look their first trip sp
Montpelisr ennyon Inst Sunday This
«««b w made up of twelve young men
I®*«, «nd wss organised about
: Th « members such bave
* ' Llaucy, Guetan. Ds
ff«* Orogsn, Dlnty, Doc. Cicero
Monshnn, Hank, Teddy end He tale
1»«^^^ tn?• V. J". *!
1 1 1 » »I T l f |g0 gg* -
Ba ^ gj bl„ ^ „ J,M
ms„" l, * U,U
^ do «'». «umphone nnd n mouth ^
«»fore leavlee r«. • -
conned" „hide * ho«*«
• b, i'* d
m.r DrL|7r?i ^?!ü 1 .» 2*î*f
*" «Heplayed lo ihs «ookio,
m * n( that it was decided ( « UaVc ihLa
"»«» open until • later date
u P**«n#d lo hold meetings
ÜÜ.** *" ,b * ,or " of
a " d b «»«»t P«rtt*e
«»*• *•• faithfally pledged our
«■•*•» to uphold our motto, "Jfotb
log Stronger Thaa Llm berger " asd
ws hope lo make ibis organiaatMsi
one of the Uvllrm of th* comm«"l,
This collect Ina la
•nd suffering
Europe . except
The Sneddon inter*«, have per
chased from C. K. Harris tb* tract of
land adjoining Mrs. Caddis Shaps's
property on th* sa«, «are is some
-hing libs sight lots In th* tmet, and
H is ihs Intention of th* Sneddons to
offsr tbs lots for sal* snd finlld boas#*
•*»*• erteilen of one rsaHtonee.
snd R. N. Sneddon says b* teals sers
that within two ysors lh*rs will be n
modern *»»»• on mrnry lot Mi II«
They ere also figuring os purchaa
-ttg another tract wlthta tb* ally with
th* view of selling th* lots end erect
ing homo* for p*opl# on the monthly
installment plan.
a tiling.
Another sign of spring fe that ev
ery slock la Idaho will he tsrn-d
«Mîl Ben day.
Marsh I*, haowa aa the daylight
saving so providing that every um«
Ptoe* ia the United Ststee he advene
ed on* hour on the In« hand» y to
■isrrh snd retarded
* • » '•» M« S u ade » to
Oct eher
This set was nm n war
"fferiits every year until
'Speele the law
9 MÜHrito
ad* ef lie
raped public ettentton.

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