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State Administralon is Now Controlled by Nine
Commissioners-Many Departments Abol
ished^ the New Law*
These are the men who tad the
ans# commissions created by ;he last
legislature to supervise the evil ad
ministration of the state goTenment
under a centralisation of povfss here
tofore scattered between 48 sate dl
Mlles Cannon, Welser, comniasion
er of sericulture.
i*r Gibson, Coeur d'Alene com
miss loner of commerce and bnustry.
Guy Bowerman, St. Anthocu com
mis ion er of finance.
C. A. Elmer, Gooding, commission
er of public investments.
J. K. White, Boise, coinmisioner
of publlo welfare.
William J. Hall. Wallace, scnmls
sinoner of public works. ' Ï
Commissioner of law enfonçaient,
ana the commissioner of iRnlgra- 1
tion, labor and statistics are et to |
be appointed.
Nine new officials with vyt au
thorities over civil admlntytatlve
offices of the state assumed tier du
ties at the statehouse last pmday
tration measure, known as innate
bill No. 19, passed by the reci x leg
islature. Forty-eight state fi.arde,
offices end departments whicj have,
heretofore, been conducted a i sepa
r»te ^iftd independent branched if the
•tat# *oveniment, are conac liiated
under the commissioners.
Collectlvely, and with elected state
officials, the commissioners arm a
governor's cabinet, bringing < liectly
undfr Control of Governor D. V. Da
vis the entire state govern nmtal
machinery. Because of this aurait
satlon responsibility for admi nstra
tlon of the state's business is paced
directly upon the governor. i [
Under the nine commisstoji-4»
partments are arranged
to be known as bureaus and pfices
Heads of these subdivisions wfll be,
in most cases, employes alredcy in
the offices. They will simply sLuire
the new title which goes with the
office, but Instead ot carrying oh heir
office work independently will b» dl
rectly responsible for results fe the
head of ths department, or the :om
mlssiotter under which the offlet has
been placed.
The public utilities commissitksnd
the industrial, accident boa"l a l not
represented In the governor's tabi
net. Nolthmr is the departm« it of
education. These three departments
will continue to function as b core,
making It divisions into which the
stats government is divided.
The nine new departments and the
offices under them are as follows
Department of Agriculture in chirge
of: Bureau of markets, continMng
present duties of state farm mantets
bureau; bureau of animal induitry,
succeeding to functions of llveaock
They are the net > com
provled for in the atninia
I loners
Last Friday the Buldlng and
Grounds committee of the boart of
education visited the high school and
looked over the grounds which the
students were cleaning up at the
time. They decided that the time
had arrived when some improvemtota
were necessary and suggested that
the faculty determine upon acme
plan tor improvement.
Accordingly, the faculty drew out
a plan for walks, lawns, tennis courts,
base ball diamond and basket kail
courts. This plan was presented to
the committee and approved by thym.
A number of the students have xlao
volunteered to furnish teams and to
do manual labor for the improve
ment of the grounds.
The first thing that will be dont ia
the leveling off of the south side for
lawns and a tennis court, after which
shale will be hauled for tbe purpose
of making walks. When the grounds
are leveled the Boosters' club has
agreed to see that the courts are pre
pared. The school certainly extends
to tbe club sincere thanks slid appre
ciation for their proffered generosity.

pocateldo April is
Pocatello, April 1.—Ths date of
the flying circus was further fixed to-
day I» a wire confirming die report
that cams from Major Baldhger Sat-
urday. Today's message w8i to May-
or A. B. Bean, and was frofii Senator
( lohn F. Nugent, and says:]
r "Am pleased to advise ycj
' have been successful in »
and that the flying circus ii
for Pocatello on April 18th
An error by the local W
Ion office, citing the 8th i
the date, was corrected, ai
Is officially the 18th. Thfi
Ing contingent of seven!
traveling by spacial trail!
that we
11 as
tare* of the Victory 1
sands of people will be
»uea th* vraut.
jsauitary board and state veterinari
an; buerau of plant industry, per
forming work of horticultural ami
be* Inspectors; bureau of fairs to be
in charge of state fair director; office
of weights and measures, formerly
a part of duties of puro food inspec
tor; office of registration for regis
trat ion of cattle brands; board of
nine agricultural advisers,
Law enforcement—office of state
constabulary, in direct charge of
commissioner °f department; bureau
of ®nd game, which will be pre
sided over by present state game war
den, who will be under supervision!
of department commissioner; office
'ot registration of motor licenses.
Fubltc investments—This deps.-t
meat will be the same as the office
of «täte land board in connection with
investment of state funds.
Public welfare—Succeeding boards
of directors of North Idaho sanltari
rum and Soldiers' Home; the
bo^rd of health and the state sanlta
subdVfïiorfJ]T5^4ftfbector. Division of public
heeltU service, medical adviser in
charge of bacteriological laboratory;
vital statistics bureau, office of pub
iod health adviser, division of charit
ible institutions, and the division of
child welfare work are also under
this department.
Department of public works—Sue
seeding state highway commissioner,
and trustees of capitol building. Un
der departments will be Bureau of]
highways, offioe of public parks, bu
reau of supplies in charge of a state
purchasing agent, and the office of
public buildings to have charge of
the capitol building.
Department of reclamation—Sue
ceeding to powers of state land board
on Carey act matters, and taking over
duties of state engineer. Subdivis-,
ions are: Office of water rights;
reau of water distribution; office of
safety inspection to have charge of
inspection of dams and structures
used in irrigation; and office of Carey
act administration
Mrs. J. C. Nielsen died at Long
Beach, Cal., Friday afternoon, March
28. She had been in pooor health
for years, but had endured her suf
fering with remarkable patience. Her
deatir came as a gentle slumber.
She was born In Denmark on Sept,
26, 1838, and was 80 years and six
months of age at the time of her
death. In 1871 she came to America
with her husband and for 47 years
was a resident of this county. Three
times she visited the home of her
childhood—the Island of Bornholm
in the Baltic sea. She was a real
dent of Montpelier for 16 years,
for the last seven year, she lived ln
8 Uh H® . „j »11 Of her five
Hhe husband and all of her live!
children survive her. They are. Mrs.
Lydia N. McCart and Mrs. Sejma N.
Rice of Salt Lake; Mrs. Iris N. Hen-i
dricks and Thor C. Nielsen of Mont
pelier, and Frantz F. Nielsen of
Wyan, Idaho. Her husband and all
of the children except Frantz were at
her bedside when the end came. Her
entire life was lovingly devoted to
her family.
Her funeral services were held last
Monday and her remains were laid to
re* in Sunny Side cemeten at Long
( ommcrcB and industry—Office of
banking, in charge of director of
banking; bureau of insurance, contln-1
uing duties of present office of com
mtsloner of insurance; bureau of
state industrial insurance continuing
present office; office of supervision
of investment, for enforcement of
blue aky law.
Flnance—Office of budget and tax
atlou; office of public auditor, with
same duties as present deputy state
examiner; office of state deposits, to
be in charge of one of employes.
Immigration, labor and statistic»-^-!
Office of labor, which will include du -
ties of safety inspector; office of im
migration; office of statistics, which
will gather statistical data for all
other state offices.
George Jester, recently d'seharged
from the Canadian army, is visiting
with "Butch" Grunig. Young Chee
tar enlisted In 1917. He landed in
England in January, 1918, and the
following April his compsny was
sent to the front whpre they rffla'n
ed until October, partie pating in sev
ere I of the hardest drives of last
ysar. Jester carries three piece* of
shrapnel in his body, but was not se
riously wounded. He will return to
Canada In a short time and take up
a homestead He says the Canadian
government ia offering returned sol
diers very liberal inducements to se
curs land and provide homes for
//er New Spring Bonnet
. -

r -.
, •<> 7 »
ÎW*y ^
CosK8 ( ntf
WW 4
•ntfrest on deferred installment*,
N °*® m 5 er J* 1 * 1
t he fourth loan payments were re
< I ulr f" to be completed In four
|months, as against six months in the
v ict oty campaign. Prior to the
ourtb ,oal,> the treasury required
ful * paymentt from the banks of sub
scription. The banks, therefore, had
t0 carr > ttl1 installment payments
which they permitted.
Returned soldiers in a number of !
the counties In the state are organic
ing under the title of World War Vet
erans' association. In Bannock tbs
organization was recently perfected
and the association adopted résolu
tions pledging tbelr support to the
Victory loan drive. The returned
soldiers in Canyon county have done
Thero are enough of the Bear Lake
county boys at home to perfect an
organization, and if they have a de
sire to assist in the coming Liberty
loan drive they could do more effec
live work if organized than by single
effort. If there are any of the palrl
otic boys ln the county who would
Uke to see the veterans organized
could obtain all necessary In
formation by writing to Major C. M.
Booth. Pocatellu, president of the
Bannock County World War Veter
an »' asociation. Bear Lake should
lje 1,1 Une with the other counties In
this matter as there is to be a state
and national organization of these
Following are the resolutions
adopted by the Bannock county aaao
"Whereas, the victory liberty loan
campaign in this state will require
the untiring efforts of all good citl
zens in order that the state of Idabo
shall raise her quota in record time.
"Now, therefore, be It resolved, by
the World War Veterans' association
of Bannock county, that we pledge
to the victory liberty loan committee
of this state our very best efforts and
our unstinted real to carry Idabo
over the top in the big drive for the
good old American dollar."
,k .r^T" . o . r,
While tbs attendance at Red Croat
work rooms was fairly good for thi
pM j month, there is still a crying
Dee( i 0 f r more workers who will do
lbe WO rk on children's garments.
There is a considerable amount of
a n supplies necessary for t&is work
on hand, but the shipment of needed
|g.rm.nr. to Europe has been greatly
cur taiiod by the lack of workers to
do the necessary sewing. Those who
. not able l0 go t0 workrooBl , ara
Driv no*bd to take the work home
p Qn T Ak^-, ud Saturday after
noons material can be se
cured in the city
hall bv^^Bkl.h to do the
wnrk f
i.irkral TKRMH OV
Washington, March 3» — Install
tnent privileges for the Liberty Vic
tory loan will be the moat liberal of
any government war loan. Secretary
Glass announced yesterday. Pay
ment will be permitted in six Install
ury allowed four installment!.
Tb» installment dates and amounts
»» announced by Mr. Glass are:
Ten per cent on or before May 10.
Ten per cent July 10th.
Ten per cent August 12th.
Twenty per cent September 9th.
Twenty per cent October 7th.
And the remainder with accrued
meuts. In the fourth loan the treaa
3V 2
4 * air *
dr ®jJ*
( Ma
J * 1
* k
. _|:he
47 1
Considerable enthusiasm was de
veloped among ths chairmen durln
the course of ths meeting end
went away confident that the stats
would raise its quota,
It was expected that much debat
tng raau | t ovor county appor
t tournants, but early In the day it was
agreed to leave them In the hands of
the stela committee. Until the fed
oral government announce# the eum
of money be be raised in April the
apportionments cannot bs fixed, but
! the baele from which the committee
will work will be the asms this spring
as last autunl'u.
To the end that ths Victory loss '
camnslan mav be aurreufullv earned
out, the committee on resolutions
submitted ths following reDurt
which was unanimously sdonted'
''That ths Quota systam with vol- 1
unteer day be adopted In each county
''That ths county commissioners *
In each county be asked to defray the >''
expenses of the Victory loan county
'Whereas, ths state and county 1
councils of defense have been of in ne
tunable value in carrying the other
loans over the top we therefor» re
spectfully ask for the support of tbs
state snd county councils of defens»
in this campaign.
"Whereas, the state speakers' bu
reau has also rendered very valuable
service In all of these campaigns we
go on record as asking for the hearty
and continued co-operstlon of that.
organization, snd we urge each chair- 1
man to list with this bureau all
speakers available for state speaking 1
"Recognizing the valuable support
which the churches of Idaho have
gladly rendered In ail patriotic enter- '
prise# we solicit their continued aup
port In this campaign and rsspectrul
ly suggest that Easter Sunday. April
20tb, should be observed In all the
ehurchea of the state as a day of
thanksgiving and gratitude for the
victory which hae been won
"We recommend uniform action In ,
all the banks In the matter of Interest
rates margin of deposits, and taking '
of collateral notes for unpaid balanc
es and we recommend that interest
charges on unpaid balances be a'x
J''"» 4 '»;«" «»'"»•f ^ res
Htton. ° lOC * 1 bo,,n ®» ««■
"We recommend that »he services
{ our »«Idiers be utilized to the full
n ® T *»T county to stimulate Interest
nd further patriotic optimism
" We recognlzo the Invaluable ser
rendered by the newspapers of
daho; we cannot succeesfully put
this enterprise without their
d®*nl*tous^support, and wa asV them,
.*1*"°* **?** 'i*. ** m * seif-sacri- ,
^triotle manner, that has
rbaracterlzed all their actions slnee
* *_ * ® n ' ;
*!*?*'"* a " d **?*
« n '*y ot e<mtn\ and the ut
raont harmony of action, wa there
fora raepactfelly call anon all the al
by county chairmen of the
Loan committee who met
A volaulser day will bs designated
and effnru wlU be mad. to put »he I
piled lieu of individuals in their
counties and they will mall letters to
every individual conuinlag ilguree
showtag quous fixed by a committee
which the recipient Is expected to
Bolas, April 8.—Individual appor
tionments will be used in the forth
coming Victory loan campaign aa In
the Fourth Liberty loan drive, it wu
boro Saturday tor a conference with
the state chairman.
state over the top in a few hours
The county chairmen have oom
lied organisations to work in the el~a
"*t co-operation and good will w»tb
_|:he mate snd county V*ctorv ioen nr.
1 ~an Ha tlon*. We apprecist* th» msr
oitude of tha work which the n»*r*o»
omen ot Tdsho h«v« ecr~fn »f»tt~c
M" feel the* th»a drive won'd h'
without their aae'atanee. i
lore desire ta ask for their
d mo* loyal eo-operation
f chairmen wa pledge >
ark our «tat# chairman
»Ittee with our atme«
«mort »Signed t :f>'l
a. » B Termer*« W F
Boosters' Gab Takes Initial Steps Towards Ar
ranging for a Big Time on Nation's Natal
Day-Favors New Road to Cemetery.
»favor Hneddoi. hu
Examiner «ta-« ih.i
meetîa* of Ui.^nuM at
w»ll ul i.» *1. ."L J!. - i
«Iaht AnrU V ii a r^H
nurnoee of nominatin.
"ho wloim cite om«i! ah omîïïu«it
.i-m™ in u. «ii. i..it2o.Vr
' tend the meetlas y ' *° **'
' 1
1 . . "
AI1 ,ÄW * P aaB * d b y "»• dRsenth
* 0,u,,un of lh# I««iele'ure. sontalnlug
>'' murB<,ncy Mavs been pub
ln bowk rurm now
,or distribution, says the Cspi
1 *** N * w *
4 ho book contain# 180 pages, all
11,0 *hl»roprlslion laws, the ffah and
!*»•. eeoale bill No. IP. thssd
'»'«'•ir*» 1 "«» measure which Govsrnur
1, * vl » hM 1°» 4 P ul lD '° torem and ef
loci, besides numerous other bmss
ur * 11 - wh,ch c««|ulr»d that so einer
Benc y «*»"•• »"ached
1 hfl bo011 *• oul »h»»* 1 of
tlm< ' wl)lcb »l»'»»» th *' Idaho la »p
,,r »" n « «ndsr s business sdmlaistrs
1 l,on wblch '■ hultkly attended to all
m " Uer » P 1 »«*«* *" "• hands for con
1 »Wurstion.
„» rhir.™ He d.feeteH n„t,
lü? 5 »/ Hw.iiur 1
V m'.., bv 1 7 ouo .»tie X
u* i,; iinvn«. in ri» »Indent
, h miiL iii zso .«ta. LhtnS
lamr *
' tL««, re .lartad for hi. »<•
»i 7Z 2 *m U1 III
„..in.t 240 1kg tor Hn.lt ur,,
j'.:„ niiD.trlek c.unWl.t. of the
new Ubüf Vrtf rece.vti 64.467
vote, and John M Collins, socialist,
-, Adonlh nrm aoeialtat la
»...1 r - 0 -lv«d 71 716
öf the total vote _— sag ill
Thom neon received as ner sent*
Sweitser 34 oar cent llovne 16
t-itzastrlck 8 and Collins * The res
•t erM i TO >. amounted to 7PP PP7
Kmbty-nlM per cent of the register
-ota was cast
The liquor question went to the
, b J47.338 votes
' ;
_ _
Montpelier is going to have a biff
Fourth of July calobratlon this year
That fad was determined upon at the
the regular monthly meeting of the
Boosters' club at ths city hall last
Tuesday aight. and the amueem.nl
commltieo was instructed to work on
an outline of s program to present
and a apeclal meeting of the club to
be held neat Tuesday night. At that
time the various committees will he
appointed and ths ball started to roll
ing for s rlproarlug celebration, to
which the people of the entire count«
will be invited to attend. 7
YI. question of tmtMtwg * ne«
road from ths county highway to the
cemetery was dtsrusae.l The arntl
mem was unanimously in favor of the
proposition and s committee, com
posed ot Messrs. Thiel. Iluff and dta
ley, was appointed lo secure informa
tlon as to tbs coat of obtaining s
r.ght-of-wsy for s road running dl
roctly west from the cemetery to the
cuu °ty road atid the probable cost of
I «». and report to
The secretary of the club was In -1
structsd to confer with the proper
officials of ths Short Line Railroad
company with lbs view of hav.ng pas ,
senger train No. IS stop at I'egrsm
A. u is now. the people of I'egr.m
*ho have basineas at the county seat
and Montpelier hsve to remain here
over night. That la, they have come
here on either Noe. 18 or 17 and eau
not get back until the following
Chicago. April 3.—William Hale
] Thompson, republican, was tbe victor
; today in bla race for rr-slectloo aa
Tb# "dryo"
had made no fight, ashing why ''a
dead Issue" shoe id have been revived
Bonds of 8Il,80fi.fifi0 for city its
prove« enta wars voted by eomforta
bble majorities.
Msdiaon, Wta., April t —Wata to
'«r regained ground loot la p revise *
•iectlcma ia Wlaeoaatn towns sad
In yeetevdny's vote am th!
'** M ea
i ouporlor. the second city . and
Beloit, Exert on. »toaghton
t wot.
Madison. Baperlar, Ashland and
> Edgerton bad previoualy voted day.
The majority for the liquor furs#*
hers wee 819. Th# dry* curried th
"'tv a year ago by
*•"**" matortty * Ashland waa el»'
m K i
vote Th
( Jortty
. . _
.n7 h ,* d , r ** ,or D ' d «•'»'A*« «©* 'he
*. U I*'."*."®* *" K " ro,w ' **»irh wu
«nuduounl last week, was not very
»Uwseetul. as not mers I has 109
,,0 1 U ^ , °LV* ,U * *efi
Ü*'Vf? "■* *»»• *•»••** »•
"e»l'h conditions throughout ths
»»« «» hsd roads, as vary tew
ÄTi?*." 'O** •••M*
■*>[ T " iSg. WhUU wa sauf
aider that Bear Labs Chapter of Iho
**•* Lruss was asked to supply
pounds of old cloththg. Hou....,
**••<' Lake made about as good a
»bowing as many of tbs other sous
l *eeln «he stale
1,1 "»• hope that the sosnty will
com " »hers near supply tug lbs
amount ot clothing asked for, Mrs.
" J - "»vie. chairmen of the chapter,
r «hue#U the Examiner to aaMouse#
*h«t the drive will he continue j uMtl
»■turday night. April It. Thera is
» crying need in fiance und Bela!
clothing and people should .
•« liberally as possible IP this
dunailoue la sent
them at say store la
day oa Ns. f. as It is the oaly train
which stops there. If arrangements
«an he made for No 18 to atop there
it would be of greet Con «en tance to
the people of that seel ton. They coaM
then come to Montpelier la the mera
Eg on No. 18 and return home tbs
faute afternoon on No. 18. Under
,|h# present train schedule most of the
,1'egrani people are compelled to gn
Vs OohoeiHwto-do «ho ir t i M Bg. .
The question st the club aaaiatidg \
in beautifytug the high aahoot \
grwuuds was discussed pro snd soa
H was stated that the %»% qqI hoard
. f •J'* * '
** **r f* 1 . 1 * m
Ton Thl » i
nuances. Ths question of
^lat (ia tho^orh^wu *° y * **," *•
, !?!**.t*
r se .lèctded*thm r*?. '2
, L" 7^' . •»« »A« «Inh
1 ï° U i d , ** °*î* ****** the
by rffrawra t ?^a ■**■**??*
-1 •T*I*eta* t "nn\
nliht for the --^
cusalag and maniûs . »n 'ÜT.
, for the Fourth of July •miahr.iuZ
.„u everybody inter este.) iu .hu
movement^ taïa.lîîTu» a "end th!
meeting The clab will need the
moral as well ns financial suooort of
every business man sad ever* other
patriotic clttssn in helping to make
the celebration a hum diamy.
udmtinvb another
From a letter received yesterday
from Itoy Jones, whs ia a number el
the 146tb field artillery. Bow at Nau
ort. Germany, the Indlaatloas ara that
Battery 11 will sot be Beat home for
some time oa March 18th Gear rat
Pershing reviewed the army of san
itation at Coblents. Roy says that af
ter all had passed In review, Gee
I '« rebin g atood la an aato sad
lo tho soldiers Roy says. •*_
he thanked us for our es rrises oa the
•ront Theo earns the hard Blew
lie Mid; Toa all kaow that yea wars
'hoeea for the army of occupât km
Vou ara men that ware chosen_!
out of fifty snd yoa know that yoa
will be kept hare as long as there ia
an army of occupât loa. Wbaa your
■*"**•• ,r * *» loogar Seeded you
eilt b« sent bom# ta the order la
which you cam» over." This doeea'i
look to me Ilk« a vary early ratura
lo the stale#
„ L '"" n _ n rh »x*. BOO of Mr. sad
Mrs D, It f'hugg of Nueaaa. arrived
in Mnntpeher m March It from over- -
•* »*• •«''•'I*»
section In 1817, sad waa sent to
France shortly afterwards Thar# ha
was assigned to the 48SU ax so
squadron nad was eleven months oa
the frost. It wee just 18 maatSs as«
.» days from the day he sailed fro«
Hoboken dnt 11 he again set feet on
rood, old 17. K soil. To ear that ha .
*?* *« W home bat IseMy ex
ficte Fpv.ngi la very much as the
nay eine, lia dee!* net loa as ike aast
( gsvaramawt cf tha a*w eaaaty of
Be««ral tun, aad »pteca
•tructurea will
- he uader war.
■od wHbtn another rear the
to ha ap-tu-dau rowrt haua%
It »a pretty tough whan the "roll of

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