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NUMB** 7
Eleven Graduate from the High School -Bacca
laureate Address Next Sunday Night-Other
Events of the
f*y Supt. Cummings)
This year the high school com
mencement exercises will be held in!
f the stake tabernacle, due to the gen
erosity of the Stake Presidency.
Heretofore there has been no place
large enough t,o accommodate all
those who desired to witness these
exercises. This year an invitation
is extended to all the patrons and
friends of education in the entire val
ley to attend these exercises. Thp
following will be the program torjne
week of school : _—
undo*-. May 11,, at 8 p. m., the
baccalaureate sermon will be deliver
in the tabernac)« by W. M. McHen
drick of Salt Lake. There will also
be an appropriate musical program.
Mr. McHendrick is one of the most
popular speakers in this section of
the country and never fails to inter
est the audience. No one should miss
the opportunity of attending this ex
ceptional treat.
Monday, Tuesday Mind Wednesday
will be devoted to examinations.
Tuesday evening. May 13, at 8
o'clock, Mr. J. B. Tueller will give a
musical demonstration In the assem
bly room of the high school building.
Here Mr. Tueller will show to the
patrons and friends how he conducts
the music study la the schools. His
success in this work has been phe
nomenal. The children ha4fe made
wonderful progress under his direc
tion. This demonstration will be
free and we can, promise those who
attend a moat exceptional treat. You
will certainly say it Is the best thing
of the kind yon have ever seen. An
ed In the tabernacle by W. M. McHen
invitation la extended to all the pat
rons and friends.
Wednesday afternoon, May 14, at
2 o'clock the seniors will hold their
Class Day exercises in the assembly
room. This is always an ^interesting
program to whieh the public is In
There will be no regular school In
any of the buildings Thursday, but
the time will be spent in correcting
examination papers and preparing pa
pits' report card«.
Friday Corning at 10 o'clock pu
pils will be given their report cards
In all the bnlldlnge.
Commencement exercises will be
held In thf etake tabernacle, Friday,
May 18, at 8 p. m., where the follow
ing program will be carried out:
March by the Junior Orchestra.
Chorus by pupils of the Sixth
Vocal duet—Mrs. 3. W. and Mies
Tina Arnold.
Salutatory—Fern Welker.
Music by the Junior Orchestra.
to the graduates—Jesse It.
8. Budge.
Violin solo—A..C. Tueller.
Valedictory—Vent Dunn. »
Plano solo—Mrs. J. W. Jones.
Presentation of diplomas.
Chorus by pupils of the Sixth
Vollowing are the prospective grad
Among the questions discussed at
the Boosters' clpb last Tuesday
night was Abat of forming a base
ball league -with tne towns of Kem
merer, Diai^ondviUe. Cokeville, Soda
Springs. Grace and Bancroft, snd
having games on Wednesday after
noon. As the committee which was
previously appointed to correspond
with the towns mentioned, had re
ceived a reply from only one town,
Chairman Williams was authorised
to appoint a committee of three to
visit these towns and ascertain if
there is any probability of organls
ing a league. *
The committee appointed on new
road to the cemetery reported that
this matter was well In hand and
that road would be constructed thi.
The Fourth of July committee re
ported that deuil, wens grad-ally
being worked out for the célébra
tlon, and that a general meeting of
all the committees would be held
B s«,to°„ U,k ° Ter PUl " * th * "*■
The chair appointed a committee
of live to look over the slogans that
had been submitted and to select
therefrom three and from these three
the dub members to select the one
to be used. After carefully eone'd
Wednesday President Wilson ea
bled a call for a special seasion of
. congress to convene Monday, May
19. but the pres'dent will not be to
Washington on the opening day.
ertoc the thirty or more slogans, the
committee decided none were an »ta
ble, and recommended that the con
test be left open another month.
The committee's recommendation
waa adopted, so there is still an op
portunity for some one to win the
*10 prize. ,
uates: Fern Welker, Frances E. Ste
phens. Ella Quayle, Cornelia Mum
ford, Rulon Pearce, Ruth Perkins.
«Kathryn Stephens, A. Van Lindsay,
Rtewart Barkdull. Rozlna Schmidt.
«Ha Murphy.
; BeetJes'Lbese sllidenta two others. ;
Ross Murphy and Helen Beckstron{i, i
are expecting to do work this summe*
to Complete the requirements for
/graduation. If this is done they will
be given diplomas this fall.
Most of the students have worked
diligently during the short time they
have been permitted to attend
school this year. This is especially
true of the two upper classes. When
opportunity was granted them to do
home work during the quarantine.
they took advantage of it and worked i
faithfully. Many of them have com- !
pleted a full year's work in spite of
being in actual-attendance but half I
a year, and we feel to commend them
for their exceptional diligence. i
ü _ , . ^ . ... ... I
Some few have an idea that thi. ;ed
school year has been a complete fall
ure This is by no means true Mo.
of the pupils have received at least
one full semesters work, and we feel
t ^° Se , pa # en ,! 8 W u°. k .! pt i
children oat. feeling that it was of
f C fc d a d i e i
elded mistake. Their children could t
Zîfthnîi 'Lmf th *
same as those who did come.
The schools have not bees entirely
lacking In the matter of school actlv
ity and school ipirit, as some have
Imagined. On registration day last
fall all the schoble united In a patrl
otic parade where they sang songs,
waved flags and banners sad other
wise demonstrated the fact thpt they
were true American dtisens. . They
have subscribed one hundred per cent
membership to the Junior Red Cross
In every Instance and have done two
or more "clean up" days daring the i
year where the pupils have done ;
much toward bettering appearance of
the grounds. In the high school the
atudents have indulged somewhat In
athletics though thin has been quite
limited. They have had several class
and inter-class debates, put on a very j
creditable school play, had two very
successful dances, several social par- i r
ties In the school building, furnished '
the local paper with school notes j
nearly every week, Indulged inf sevqy-1
al essay and speaking contests aad
have had several excellent student
body programs. In view of these
things and many others not mention
ed, we feel that criticism along these
lines is without foundation. We be
lieve in this reaped that we rank fk
vqyabiy with other schools of the
same size. Right here let us urge
that all the patrons and friends boost
for the schools, boost for education
in general and especially for educa-j
tien in our own community. Always :
tive a good word for the schools
and make It very unpopular for the I
knocker. Ton have a right to the ■
best; you have the best and all you '
need to do is think so and act ac- i
- •
Emma Elizabeth Barkdull, better
known as Grandma Barkdull. dlad i
suddenly st the home of her son Riley I
last Monday afternoon at 2 o'closk. I
Death was caused from a stroke of
apoplexy, which came while she was
assisting shout the house work. j
Mrs. Bsrkdull's maiden name was |
Hess. She was born in Missouri 77 .
years ago. At the age of nine years
her parents, with other followers of.,
the Mormon faith, were driven from
Missouri. The colony then started
for Utah, and while en route her :
father died. The mother continued
the Journey and with her family «et
tied in Weber valley, later moving to,
Farmington. Here the deceased was ;
united in marriage to Nicholas Bark
d»* •
In the fall of 1871 they moved to
Georgetown and some 15 years after
^Barkdull met death
; ™ ' b . h 1 ",^7!"
«te« - Mis. Barkdull moved to
Montpelier, where she has since re- ,
n d Lto w r
Seven children were born to Mr.
■»<> Mrs Barkdull. but only three,,
• u '7 i I e . her The y J» 1 »». .
Rü ?y sb « *■ survived by one t
** ai , f :
I £ [other. 82. Both reside In ttih.
8h ® *>»» 26 «urviving grandchildren
and 28 great grandchildren. -k
Her funeral service« wer« held In v*
th* »econd w ** d m*®t'n* house ye^ ,
terday afternoon at 2 o'clock, and
the remsins were con.'gnedto their
* V th8 0 * 0r ** t0W "
r - '
The M. I. A. Victory Loan dance
at the pavilion Wednesday night
I draw a verv good crowd. The pro
ceeds will be used to pnrehaae one
*50 Victory bond to help put Bear
[Lake county over the to». |
0 [
Conflicting Thoughts
% w/m
i m m
f mm
a Mm,
\ WHt« «P
THE swpe?
.. „ . „
°! d . c cohncil held its flna
i * a,t night. Mayo
! counclmeu wer
pres ^ nt- Minutes of the precedlni
I ar * nd meetings wer
.f n< *. *u P ï ove A' The report o
i i" e C '* I 'N for the months of Feb
I ruary, March and April were approv
;ed F rank Miles was granted a par
m i t to erec t a fire proof elevator am
warehouse at the corner of Nortl
Tenth , nd j„ ffer ,on streets,
There be ing no further butines
for the council's consideration, th<
retiring mayor thanked the council
men for tlle f*Rl>ful manner In whlcl
t be y hfd worked with him durlni
paBt ,our y® ,r * He also thsnkA
„d the appointive officers for thelA
efficient services. ^
All the offlcers-elect being present,
retiring Mayor Sneddon called May
or-elect Hoff to the chair and admin
letered the oath of office to him. May
°r HofT then administered the oath
to Councilman George. Clark, Frenek,
Ferguson, Davis and McClavc.
Mayor Hoff, In a short talk,* said
tae hoped the council would endeavor
to work In harmony, and for the best
Interests of the city. He advised them
i to consider well all propositions that
; might come before them and then act
*■ their beet Judgment dictated. He
reminded them that the admlnfstra
tlon would be criticised for some
things It might do, bat as long as
U **T acted fairly, openly and h on «st
j with the people, such criticisms
might be made need cause up wor
i r ?- The council then adjourned to
' meet In Its first regular session on
j Wednesday night,
Pursuant to
council met Wednesday night with
Mayor Hoff and all councilman pres
adjournment the
ot A er °*d appointive officers Would
: retained for the present.
The standing committees of the
The council organized by electing
Joseph Davis president,
thus he acting mayor at any time
Mayor Hoff may be absent from the
He will
Mayor Hoff announced the appoint
ment of Harry Hull
treasurer, and stated that all of the
I council were announced as follows,
■ Ibb first named " being chairman of
' ihe committee, except In the case of
i the board of health, as the law pro
vides that the city physician shall be
chairman of the health board.
Finance—Ferguaon, McClave and
j George.
Water Work
-Davis, French and
i George and Davis,
I General
I French and McClave.
Law snd Order—McClave. Clark
and Ferguson.
j Ordnance and Printing—George,
| Ferguson and Davis,
. Public Buildings and Grounds—
McClave, French and George,
ot Health—Clark, Oeorge
As there was no business for the
: council to pass on, some time was
discussing prposed mat
,UC *J ** opening 8outh Tenth
•* reet ' cleaning up the triangle,
; ° ew »Jdrwalks where
on the
^ ^
tb p roper committees with In
the next meeting on May 21. to which
date the conncU ad j gurn rd
, _..._ !
Forest Supervisor Simpson inform«
(«8 that the forest reserve has ap
nropriated *600 for Improving the
: Heme canyon road aad thatüj" maF
1ST. »• now available. Sln atldlt'on to
TEî f Wd U i r m u wurfh of work as.
-promised snd Mr Simpson says
, h8t h „ expect, other, to donate their
,orT«ee. It la th* Intention to do
the work on th's road during the
"' n "' b ot J«»® a " d th«** who intend
^ donate their services should ar
' range to do it next month
Mr. Simpson says that *3.250 hav,.
been appropriated for repair work
rh«s summer on other roads to the
Caribou reserve.
| The Examiner I1M par p».
, . ...
■•»pok 1
hands with everybody In sight when
"TIP" wss ,
n Co. B 381st Infantry and fought;fork
In every battle the Wild West divls- 1
Ion was In from the Bt Mlhlel drive
to the terrific light In the Argonim
Wnnria mnA tKaa ih. • " . 4 , ,
Scheldi sector, in Belgium.
He went through the entire fight-I
^ n hoBt u ■ • cr ? , ? h *»*ry t me
the bullets began flying too fast he'd
curl up unitor his thi helmet* and he
fays he never knew before how cloeo*
a man could hug the ground.
"Tip" says Montpelier never look
ed so good to him as wheu he stepped
off the train Sunday and It Is Mont
Delier and Bear Lake for h'm un»i| *
^he sands of the desert grow col«flTe
the action that the regiment partiel
patod in on the western front. Bom -1
mers says his traveling days are all
over—that he's seen more of France '
and Belgium than he ever want, to i
see again, and that Montpeilor and '
Hear Lake county will be his Stamp
Ing ground from now on.
"Rud" was wounded in the leg by !
shrapnel during the fighting In the
Argonne woods and wears s wound '
stripe In addition to his other Insig
nls. He says it's a miracle that ev
ery Bear Lake boy didn't get wound
od at least once—there were bullets
Corporal Arnold Zumbrunnen came !
HO Mfl kllOH O K
- »... -— ...... ™ vxroo
ft Toomer's garage in the near fu-1
Wm, .Sorensen of Ovid,
and ;
Phauncy Wilks of St Charles, also :
arrived home Sunday. We did not get
to talk with them, but understand
that they participated In aevaral of!
the big drives which put the Huns !
on the run. Like the other loeal boys,
they era "tickled to death" to be at i
R. Sommers returned home laon-1
day. He was s member of the fa- 1
mous 381st infantry also and saw all !
home Tuesday with s smile s mile
wide on his face. Arnold served over
Seas nine month, with Co A, 382nd
Infantry In the Argonne-Meuse. Bt.
Mlhlel drives, and In the Lys and
Scheldt sector* In Flanders, snd says '
be was so tickled to see the Statue of
Liberty he almost jumped overboard
and swam into land.
The hardest scrap he wss in was
the battle of Oesnes which his comps
ny took on September 29 Two hun -1
dred and forty men went over the top
to take the village, snd 44 came
thick. Only twelve of the originel I
company returned to the United I
States with the Wild West division i
Arnold won the wrestling champion
ship of his compahy overseas snd 1
had the opportunity of Joining the
athletic circuit of wrestlers and box
era which i. now louring \rmy
be wss too anxious to get home.
. Arnold returned to the United
States on the transport Ed Luckau
back snd wss mustered ont st Fort
Seymour end Orlando Kunz of
Hern. returned last Sunday. Sey
mour wss in the 361st M P.'s of the
Wild West division, and Orlando was
a member of fleadqaartsrs company
382nd Infantry, and participated In
every big drive the famous Wild
Westerners mad# in France and in
Belgium. Both Kuna boys wouldn't
lake a million dollars to forget thetr
experiences, snd neither would go
through the same thing again tor *
million dollars And they were sure
glad to get back to old Bear Lake
\ • . -
, Chris Call of Aftoa. has purchased
.A b « ztock of the/tndebaker Bros' Co
lt*h. and wiy ran the bus ne«#
ond,,r ,h " ®Y the Call Hardwxr»
Co. In the future. Mr Call slr edy
***• * large Implement house 'n Aft on
and <• pomlble that he w II handle
œpl-m*nU In addlfon ta tha Bin
deb.ker line here Mr D O Hyde,
of th- Afton high sflhool.
w'il he the local manager for the
Cali people, and Mr. M Ä Maughaa.
formerly county agricultural agent of
t rron r<M,n,jr ' w ,n **r Hyde
8 T Olaon. auditor for the Btudeba
j k**r company, was to the city tost Sat
urday completing arrangements for
^the transfer of tha stock.
Bait Being Distributed in the County by Federal
Agent-Government Paying Costs-Farmers
Urged to Co-operate,
(By County Agent Sergent)
The Farm Bureau bus succeeded In
getting alb.atanc« for the fermera
I of Bear Lake county (lorn the gov
I eminent in eradicating (he squirrel
j pest, t Mr. Crouch, a federal employe.
Is now here and doing work lu south
ern parts of the county, and we hope
j to be aille to keep him here long
enough to cover all the government
lands near farms The tlnto which
j he will spend here will be determ n
jed by the amount of Interest and sup
port which he gets from the farmers
j The government I* furnishing all
I materials for bslt. Including osts
: Mr. Crouch ylll prepare the bait at
Jsome central point and supply each
1 community with quantities sufficient
Vo cover s hilf mils strip of govern
, Ment lands bordering farms where
is being done to control squlr
1 T ' 1
I Farmers who „„h. in
J, U |rrX^ n thaîr Zwn tend
, HVUirrfll Oll UlOir OWI1 IftlNl Will l)Ot
«Aery man who Is fighting squirrels
fkitbfully on bls'land to make h s
wants known to us. end we shall do
411 we can to «aalet him. Below la a
I st of men to whom you should apply
for nss'atanre In your various com
[ Fish Haven—J A Hutton,
I Hi Charles —Hay Rich
* Bloomington F 8 I'ayna.
Peris —Charles Wyler
I,anark- Ben Kobens
Liberty— W. K Poulsnn.
Sharon—Bert Orr.
Ovid—Lorenzo Shurtllff.
Bern—Alms Kuna
Nounan—Nsphl Skinner
Georgetown - F T. Roberts.
Bennington—Isaac ChrlstoVerson
Montpelier—W A. Hancock
Wardboro—Frunk Dalrympla.
Dingle—-Wm Lindsay.
Pegram—Levi Aland
Raymond— F. C. Evans.
Geneva- Ed Rlschoff.
Now. farmers, notify the commit
" j cQWmRto—tl. take
[now wh«*to e.hTi« Ur * *T*
' J".*-* "* qu ' r .'
i fÆ.. ÎÏ?, u « OT * rT,m,, " t
' " Y *
.Mlr-hl- laZT tZ* .'ou* h " r f * eo 5l
c .^"!îî r . to
! lrfa,#<1
'*! "** r ^ Br * order to secure
' Y " tt w,,, , r J*
fl ? h""** " r r, *L n
"I*1! h * h * . t £T* r . " ! ,h *
,' h ,J * ,b * land cannot he treat
I«* *" < b * near futurs In or«ler to
! ?5T?i5f l< !k H ! , *i/* an **' Yhm wl11
realise that If one or two
to be used,
. „ .. . ,
1 «h" o*«r all
Ca !" , °î * ob
!" , ,*"** •J?.!' 1 * , " n '* cannot
n rM
~ ~
u ,. • ■ u ____ „ . , .
1 D Mr *' *' ot Randolph,
w< * brought to the Montpelier boa
men sre
The plan w# propose la
One, two or more days.
If necessary, w'll be set to do work in
each conrmunltv On these days we
nsk that men tarn out In mas* suppli
ed with saddle horses and one extra
for Mr Crondh, who will go
with you and supervise the distribu
Verle, the 14-year-old son of Mr
P<U1 last Monday to undergo tbs
.mpuutlon of hl. M, Je«, on account '
* a c * nc#r * l knee. Th# laps
»»*•»>" we« made a few inchee below '
,B ® blt *- little Jellow withstood
th " °P*r*tlon nlcelf. and take* his ,
misfortune In a mont rheerfnl man
"•* *• • *»rl*rt»t lad s=d
hM uk ®H • «••«'P interest in tbs war
H * h"* 1 * number of relatives over
Bnd •»" *e»I<2 his nurse all about
,h " •»»«•*• «*^1 *«• l" and how
ot ,h ® m * M ^ly wounded
About a year ago the lad was laid up
■ or •»**»«« ®»e of the
! > °_ n 7 •* rt *bl badly abat
* J
All farmers of Bear I^xhe county
will soon be able to get money st
W cent from tbs federal land bank
of Hpoksn*. through the _ __
organized at Momipeller known as
the Montpelier Farm Loan Assorti
•■o». which doe# buskiees for the
whM* coantrv tin to th, .t_.
nppltcetloaa fw mrly m».M*
h-ve been sent for approval A aor
«mment repr-wn-stW. m exaaZtJd
here Boon tTlook ower thi
and complete tbeorttimUol
Info™tloB^£5i"ZX govern
aent's ptaa of loaning mooev can be
s*cnr«d P from G Douglas Ream of
Dingle phona 41R 4 Cha« Hem W
l^,n*a Perkins and T N Hi. nbZl, ut
M*nn»el1*r «raün. th. ZÎÏÜÜJ.
rt .k* amor-at'an •»*-- „ .TIT 8 * *
win »iso he rtad to ,i r . ... ..,*7* n
itJ ^ *' * " T Utor ~
lion of belt. Now, let's get busy,
farmers, and finish the Job properly.
W» want and you want community
action in this matter, and everybody
ehould support this Important
Below la printed s portion of the
lew which will hendla the few whe
might not teke part In equlrrel con*
trol. It will not be Improper from
uiyy reasonable standpoint for far»
tuera to advise those bevlng power to
control this matter tof delinquents:
Boctlou S. Tbs board of county
commissioners of any county engag
ing iu the destruction of injurious
rodents under the provisions of this
uat may compensate for or provide
poisons, or other supplies and au
thorise s person or persons, employ
ed as provided In Beotlns I of this
act or other wise to poison, kill and
exterminate injurious rodents within
such county end any person or per
sons so authorised la hereby empow
ered and directed to enter upon any
farm, railroad right of way. grounds,
or premises where there are ground
squirrels, pocket gophers or other In
jur.ous rodents to ascertain condi
tions and to poison, kill and «itsb
mlnata such Injurious rodunta (here
on when the owner or occupant shall
neglect or refuse to do no.
Sec 4. R shall be thu duty
of the pereon or persons
authorised to glvo anyone
whose premises are found ground
squirrels, pocket gophers or oth
er Injurious rodents ten days' no
tice In writing, to poison, kill or sffir
tegmlnate the same, or If such land
In unoccupied and owned by n noa
reeldent, such notice shell be mnlldd
to the owner's address, or If the nA>
Is unknown, posted upon tkn
lend or premise# where such Injtu^
ous rodents nre to be estermlnatedl
end If upon the lend or right of wap
of any railroad company auch notice
may he served upon IU agent at the
elation nearest to such land or H(M
of way : and If the work of estermtn
ating name is not done wftMR swdB
time the person or persons so autbor
Ised by the county commissioner«
shall proceed to poison, kill or ester
minste suck Injurious rodents A)
land or premises «Provided, that
such person or persons, skall, when
poison Is laid out. use every precai
• Ion to prevent the destruction of dm
•noetic fowl or anlmsl
Hec S
authorised under the provisions of
this act shell make s sworn state
ment lo the county of the tlma put
in end the poisons, or other supplies
used an each tract of land end the
chargee for exterminating tnjnrlo
rodents shall be rberged as uses
against each tract of land on which
• he »spend#a were Incurred, and shall
be collected the same sa other t«*e#
provided, that the maximum charge
against any tract of land sot he great
er in any one year then nt the rate of
sixteen dollars per one hundred end
sixty seres, and the minimum charge
shall not be lean than one dollar
sgatnat any tract of tead.
Any person or peraoas so
Ezras«« arising from war lime
Igenetea having bwosi* InaeeeptaMe.
prosecutions for violations Of the
state ssnltnrv laws will he - _
oa cJTdliton, J they «T« ÎL
time Inspestions are completed, as
' cording to s reseat annonnsement
, . ... „
of P uh,le v *Hurs
.. been brought to my latea
«ja, oars f ommlasioner Whits,
l"»P«^«»ru of this depanmeat
Br ® makiog an aUasanl «Umber of
prosecution, based principally apoa
lb * melntenance of public nuisances
made by J K White, comm Isa toe or
within etty and village limits and «p.
unsanitary road It tone M aad
about place# of business whlefc
come ander onr Jartedtet'oa.
"it is not the potter of ibis depart
ment to conduct s campaign of proe
ecstton. but it «est be «anirally __
J demi nod that these inspectors will
take "isditiona as they dad them at
th* tlmS of the Inspection If
Ittons are discovered to h.
th, ^
" . . f>l at da
—■ - b .*T* " ?.°* — >»•
_ „ 'J raaaat pw
. rlBrt î , * d î^f**"* °*
tZ^T,Z* d . bl
tu? **, ***? Wl
r V.!" h £'
"'".f .
** r * T
*** i*. Sf*** M »IRPIII Will
*Ï!u lo 1»
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