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• J#
There Has Been Good Attenpance at Community
Meetings-Over Twelve Tons of Squirrel
Bait Distributed in the. County«
In order to carry out the «work 1»
each of the projects undertaken by
the Farm Bureau, It ia necessary to
hare men and women in each commu
nity to act as leaders and to be a me
dium through which the Farm Bu
reau may reach the people. Begin
ning April 10th, a scries of meetings
were held throughout the county by
the Farm Bureau officials for the pur
pose of adopting In each community
the propects or lines of work to be
taken up, and to organise the local
committees. The meetings were held
according to the following schedule
and with the following results :
The table shows the date, commu
nities, attendance at meetings, com
mitteemen appointed and ounces of
strychnine mixed.
April 10—Pegram._
April 11—iLberty_
April it—Lanark_
April IS—Ward boro
April 16—Bennington.40
April 17— Georgetown
April 18—Nouns*._
They own considerable acreage near
Waterfall, part of which Is being
drilled now^y the Ltaeotn-Idaho Oil
Co The well I* down 769 foot, end
the drillers mre confident of getting
s good oil-bearing sand around 1509
feet. One oil sand has already been
b. ttMd rtekt out ot the welt Ute
60 6 10
.64 9 300
.49 7 46
.40 7 100
7 100
35 <7 300
.26 6 240
...20 7 146
April 21—Bloomington_15 8 90
April 22^-tL Charles_36 7 65
April 23—Flan Havén _38 7 to
April 24—Dingle--15 6 90
April 26.—Raymond_16 6 ®36
April 26—Geneva—_44 6 226
April 28—Bern (preliminary tq first
organization) 28 present.
April 30—Bern
May 1—Ovid_
May 6—Montpelier
-56 7 76
7 120
610 109 2066
As the shove figures show, there
have been 2065 ounces of strychnine
mixed into squirrel belt. This means
that there are in the hands of the
farmers for distribution on their own
farms twelve; and one third tons of
poison oats.
Last season farmers reported n sav
ing of 6160,760.00 ns s result of us
ing 1660 ounces of strychnine. With
the use of about 600 more ounces
Lovers ot a good scrap Inside thi
24-toot ring will have thefr Jaded fis
tic aipstites satiqfied the evening oj
July 6 If the present plans of the box
ing committee for, Montpelier's cele
bration of tbs Glorious Fourth culmi
nat« successfully.
The committee, composed of Sam
Tunks, J. J. Hillier, Chris Olson and
Bob Sneddon are now In correspon
dence with five ot the classiest fight
ers in the inter-mountain region and
the Manhattan Athletic elite of Salt
Lake in an effort to line np two fast,
hard-hitting battlers for the night of
tbs fifth. First choice for the boat
now lies between Al Yoaug of Salt
Lake, Pat Gilbert ot Salt Lake, and
Lee Morrison of Idaho Falla, mil
crackerjack lightweghta. If two of
the lightweights cannot be matched!
arrangements are tinder way to get
Fighting George of Salt Lake and
Abie, the kid, of New York, two of
the fastest and cleverest feather
weights that ever stepped into n ring.
The match will be held in th* op
era boose and is scheduled to go 16
rounds. The Scrapper* finally chosen
will be given * (food guarantee by
tbe committee, and they in return
to .put on an honeat
If they don't, it will
be a repetition of the propoaed ''No
Beer, No Work" slogan—"No Fight,
No Pay."
Arrangements are being made for
s number of boxing tens to come
must g
here for Ute boat from Kemmerer,
Soda Spring, Afton, CokevlUe and
several other nearby eitle*.
local people are
of any In th* United Btatea, and con
The last unfiled on tend In the
Sage oil field waa filed, on the past
week by Montpelier and Ovid people.
The oil tend is star miles from Sage.
Wyo., and Just on* mile from the
well now being drilled by th* Bear
River OU and Development Co., fi
nanced by eastern capital.
Tanks. Mike Melone, Mike Knott!
and Win Staley of this city, and
o4teg« Nelson. James A. Olson. Or
sod Olson end L. A. Olson of Ovid.
euch Hied os twenty aer®*. All iot
erement tend In close proxlmltv to
tbe new oil fields has sow bean filed
this year, and there will be more than
this, there should be a saving this
season of 6196,420.0«.
' In addition to this work the Farm
Bureau has been successful in getting
enough support from the state and
federal governments to mtee it paj£
sible to have squirrel bait distribute
over all government lands in this
county. This is certainly a benefit to
the county, and we are sorry to report
that every community is not getting
all out ef this opportunity that is pos
The aim of the Farm Bureau ia to
bring farmers closer together; to
have them work to the advantage of
each other. The squirrel Is sn enemy
to every farmer, whether on the bor
der or protected by his less fortunate
neighbor. And we ask that every/
farmer In or out of reach of squirrel*
migrating from government tends, td
get out on the days set go with the
crowd and exterminate the squirrel/
There la absolutely no need for far
mers to be fighting squirrels year af
ter year. Make a Job of It this year;
do the Job now.
Mr. Crouch will follow the sched
ule below In completing bis work
lighting squirrels on government
lands In this county;
Friday, May 23—Georgetown.
Saturday, May 24—Dingle.
Monday, May 26—Antelope Flat.
County agent will also mix halt for
farmers on flat Monday.
«Tuesday, May 27—Pegram.
County agent will also mix belt for
farmers at Pegram Tuesday.
Wednesday, May 26—Raymond.
Thursday, May'29—Geneva.
Friday, May 30—Montpelier.
On Saturday, May 1, County Agent
Sargent will hold a meeting of the
Montpelier fanners in the eity hall to
perfect a community committee or
ganization and to mix squirrel belt.
All farmers In this district are urged
to attend.
Commencement exercises for the
graduating class of the Montpelier
high school werelield in the stake
tabernacle test Friday night before a
crowd of relatives of the graduates
and admirers of the school that tax
the edifice.
j „ .. R* 8« Budge of Po
catello, delivered the annual address
to the graduates in a splendid talk,
teeming with wholesome advice to
Jhe members of the clam. He voiced
the needs of this country for a clti
senshlp alive to all its problems, men
(fad women of education, who could
malst in the solving of the recon-*
structlon riddle, Bolshevism, end
other great 'problems facing the
tinier lean people, st the same time
dvtogsound counsel how nil could be
sfelxed-Jn-sJjxgad, geparst way.
BudgeTïtRmÜ TU önTTSTTtr«
delivered before s graduating
f the local high school.
Rich delivered
the invocation after the ctaaa had
marched to thoir seats surrounding
the rostrum to a march by the Junior
orchestra. Following a vocal duet by
Mr®. J. W. and Mia® Tiena Arnold
5c«l" «uiï
Ä'Ä%s*assr s"Si
present administration cam* in for
her scathing dsnuMteâoîf^
Yarn Dunn as Mimtùnri.. a.
liverto s stronc Dle^în^hehsi?ÂV mT"
leagae receired the fnit IDDDOrt
the American neonle Hr^Dsnn-!
address was wSS^hooght out^ïto
splendidly delivered ** *
Two renditions by th* Junior High
school orchestra conducted by Arnold
Tneller, a chorus by the pnplte of
ît"lïï>to ""aÄ T.iîîr'VÏÏ,'!
pleted the program *°"
ed the capacity pf
Attorney Jesse
President Bd C.
vhluam hohen
ml irnr
(qvernor Dsvia has aet aside May if
*to® date when all Idaho will hon
vate Thomas C. Nefltour, Bear
L*ke born boy, who alngle-hnnded
killed and captured two dosen Ger
mans after being painfully wounded
near Landresret-St. Georges, France/
October 16, 1918.
^BJhliuignrplHns ate being made to
celebrate the event which will be
held at Sugar City, where the Nel
baurs now make their home. Oov
ernor Davis and his entire staff will
be at the home-coming of the boy
hero, end commercial clubs through
put southern Idaho are making plans
to be represented.
v Amon * people from Neibaur's
home county who will go to Sugar
City for the celebration are his grand
father, Joseph W. Nelbsur of Paris
*M" sister, Mrs. J. W. Lyons of Sha
hl ; J» U «>L Mrs. William O. Hay
ward of Parla, and his uncle and aunt
M'« d M~. w c - Nye Of thla city.
«r. Nye has received word that young
Nelbaur will go through Montpelier
the morning of the 27th. and hjfa re»
nuves are planning on making the
C ! ty ® n 'he same train.
^Nelbsur wss born In Sharon twenty
y ** r * **o. About seven yeers ago
Je family moved to Teton, later go
H J° 8u **r City, where he wws
working on a farm when he was the
flrtt to enlist In that section when
war was declared.
with M company,
M7th infantry In France Neibaur
was sent out with an automatfc rifle
"quad to enfiladn enemy machine gun
nests. As he gained the ridge he was
wounded In both legs by maéhlnn
OT» bullete. The remainder of the
detachment were either killed or
wounded, but Neibaur kept his au
tomatlc going to such effect, accord
fa* to the official citation, that bjwhls
°Wn efforts the entire German attack
w« checked. Four of the enemy at
'»eked him at close quarters These
P« killed. Then he captured eleven
a ' the point of his pistol and al
hough seriously wounded broueht
hem Into the American lines The
'n'tre exploit took place against the
»ne In full view of his entire bst
/ For this heroic test Nelbsur was
thirty-six soldiers In th*
American army awarded the congre*-'
medal for distinguished brT
ver Y- y
. 0o ' of 'bree million brave dongh
b° T * oversea* one son of Bear Lake
k * c * B * 'be bravest of the breve.

of Montpelier , pioneers, last Monday
t>esth w«. ^*.A S V 1 °* .'*•* April,
oHh^ I-?« fro ® benxorrhag.
®*, **■
mJu' , Z "™ br ® n " Bn w *s born In
3 »SV-Ss "JÜm. s
y. . JL*! nc 2 ded.
, > ° d . 8®®brunnen were
Sriîom su^fivi the« >d T?' , of
th **!'. Tfcw * aM a,ao
and it [n»tmnadLllîïï?* ChtîArmU 1
FunrSTsoS^? . .w l?
Third wd^eettag^ou^ I
mI n®.
-i£S:£Âg E
ly la any other ehsnssls. Iwu
be I
Thl " dispatch was confirmed Wed
"®® da J r by a telegram from Governor
Da J* a "» J« «. Holmes of this city.
If tho regiment does not meet with
* ny delay en route the Montpelier
hoys will no doubt be home by the
flrat °* J"'y.
„ - f
On Saturday evening. May 17, thi
♦"gel of Death called from our tnldsï
Mri William Irving. On May 7th she
"offered a stroke of apoplexy. wtScb
coni P'e'«lr paralyxed her right side
* n ' 1 rendered her speechless Sh«
r » ,,, *d from the stroke to some ex
'® nt and hopes were entertained for
k ® r r ® COT ®ry, but test Friday she suf
fered ano ' h *r stroke end gradually
* rBW wora ® until Saturday evening, I
wh * n dea,h relieved her suffering.
M . rr Irv,n * wa " « most kind and '
* entl ® woman and her death Is a deep I
,OM ' not on,}r t0 her family but to all J
wko knew k * r - |
. H,r ® a,d " n »»»« wa# Christina i
k* r 5 en ' 8he waa born at Hyrum, ,
, lah ' M yaara a *° 'be 22nd of
*"* r ebruary When 14 years of
,l l® c ®"® 10 ®®® r Lak « aad hsd
ever since she made her home her*.
. 8b « was msrrled to Wip Irving on '
* 6 ^ 1 ? $7- J* 0 i h ® ,r un,0,, thr ®®
Ï2"® ? nd . lwo da ««bl*rs were hors.
, to Ur ,r
*"** • two small, motherless sons. |
5?* ' , hl ^^ ,Ted ky h ® r husband, her
c Hl dr *x and two step children,
Pocatello - ^ ot
roetlwlo, Samuel J., Washington;
A Ion to C., Mil. A. É. Bowcutt and
dsy afternoon st 2 o^ftock t£
"P'««"- »»"ssas !
tton end her ever faithful devotion to
religious faith. The Weaver Bros
"ang a beautiful quartet and three
hymns were rendered by the choir. 11
mLîm — — -
The first annual biTToT fEa aew or
gaalito Brotherhood of Railway
h u* M ** l,> ® paTlllon bmt Fri
day B, «bt wss * delightful enceess
1 tai^juî W ° Hi"." h dr ® d * nd Ä,ly e «°P*ce '
l? fc ..w '-l W ®® ho »rs, end
I orek ^ tra ««did Itaslf In jj*
« k ® Brotherhood wa* repress« ted by
Iwu LjL.^ gb * rrmU Had ®®° "8 Brntl^mburg
l J j**
The 146th field artillery, which has
been stationed near Coblenx, Germs
py, since the first of last January,
brill leave for home next Sunday. This
(regiment Is composed entirely of Ida
ho boys, who wore members of the
old Second Idaho Infantry. Battery
B of the regiment ^composed almost
entirely of Nampa and Bear Lake
boya. The news of the regiment's
home-coming was received here Tues
Si'ssSr '•** "äS" 1
-Ä attar îssr
th® 146 th field artlllerv rBBinmnt
j,«r , .ÏÂ , SÂ , XÏÏ? 7 SÎ
n" Othe^tosho'unlta^ta 1 'th?." M *, y
ment°« h rô thow from alndnoîî
N.mpa and Ä ^Alene.^ ^ 1, !
Robert Birch Declines Office of City Engineer
Expert to Audit Sewer Accounts-Consid
erable Sidewalk Ordered Constructed«
The city council met In regular
! session Wednesday night with the
mayor and all couucilmeu lu atten
j dance
Fred G. Bateman and Kaatou Kel
I say submitted bids tor sprinkling the
I streets, both being at tbs rata of 70
cents an hour. As Mr. Kelsey hu
done the work tor the past two years
and given the city good servies, on
motion he was again awarded the
Herman Hoff, who has piaaa under
way for erecting a saultary slaughter
house Just west of the Continental
Oil Co.'s property, was given permis
sion to connect with the sewer and to
; extend a main from the water system
I to the slaughter bouse
Mayer Hoff announced the follow
ing appointments:
Chief of Police -John Hllller,
Night Folios—Chaa. Burk
Water Hupt.— J. H. Holmes.
City Treasurer Harold Hull.
City Attorney—W J. itysn.
City Physician <J r. Ashley.
Boston of Cemetery— Kniest Bla«
-_ —■ -
T*r®® 'he Montpelier boys to
h?"® * ro ® oversees this west U
, Tarde Barkdull. Hans Larson
J* 8 "* Brown, alias "Skinny,"
/ •» engineering units Barkdull anfe
L * r * on were In the 14th Euglneeri
f ,r * 1 Arn * y cor P". Bark <!all ss a con
ductor, and Lar*on as an «iiglnenc.#«
nerrow gunge rail rued. HrTlteAr
>J onn ® "oodÛL- -—— 1
TTöhductor Barkdull say* railroad
Ing In France Is s cinch, except for
sidetracking. 9
"Our rails were only about two feet
wide, and our cars twenty f«et Ions
and six feet wide We'd take two
cars of ammuniton each trip. Ca
I booses were sn unknown laxarv_
we'd ride between the cars or on too
' of a bunch of ammunition. » No tlck
I eta to take, no hot boxes to bother
J about—nothing but get out and make
| 'be time. Ammunition trains on the
i way to the front had the right of
, wsy. Coming beck with s string of
empiles wss where we were stuck
Vorde was stationed Just three miles
from his brother. r*y, but ddn'?«««
him sntll both werelnBorde.u*
' their way home Fav Is In the 401»
'•'««»'»Pb battalion, due to arrive In
New York tomorrow,
Hsn. L*m was promotto
| "hoghnad" on the IS '/ 7 A c' n>.,
row. Zig, Zag and Crookm^Kv ) and
occupied the cab of an ix-tnn
* ,n * H ® P«»M Barkdull on a num
ber of trine to the front witn
riitlon Outaid^ of mäkln® tho timn

°f tr * ck W ®®M ev^porste Into thin
--rrss äts.
or 49 ■ulss" train* on
tk ® 11 . V ® rda " lro *' trsnsportlsg mes.
«mmsaltlon and aappliee to the front
11 De AU faro# men were within «1°*
5 srw?*;
'J7* D ? Eraenatlon Hmplh! J
*** "tat Urn to at
g**' 1 * 1 ?.', 8*; "Iblelsad ta
•ooda during the fierce
to^^lutak î5S!leto?tee 0 Atta!îïta*^'
th 2, 00
jj* R»^n '
_ »... ' » _ ' «M
5 S'i i 35 S ! iï
Brntl^mburg sn route to Oermaar There
j** R» u> g* ta a ho*Rtud
«Ä ssgssT,
•n*ln®«r l for th® r«*®oa that h® did
y ■ *" ««couutant to asdlt the
I accourtU of th * "yxtem. tor the
! purpo ®® of -Natals. ' b ® fa
debt «dures of sewerage funds.
John Black and nine other rest
dents, who live Just outside the dtp
on Bouth Ninth street, petitioned
council to extend the boundary south
so ss to Include their properties The
petition was referred back lo (he para
ties, tor amendment, as It was uol
explicit enough In stating the amount
of territory to be taken Into the city.
A petition, asking for the construe
tlou of s new bridge serose MontpeP
1er crock end one scrocs South See.
enth street, wss referred to the street
committee, with lustruetlous ts ru*
Dort si the next meeting.
Cement sldswslks were ordered
constructed ss tollows;
From Second werd Meeting hones,
north lo reeldense of D. A. Krogupt
on Main street, onf block east on
Fourth streut; on Fourth street,
north one block;, on Bleventh at root
lo connect from the Tayeom property
to Sneddon's ooul office.
The coast ruction of s walk ou .
north side of Jefferson street from
Ed French's residence oust wss din*
cussed but the metier wss laid over
until the next meeting
A petition asking for Ibo widening
of s len« in "bfofftown'* wss referred
to the street committee for consid
Owing to tho season being morn
advanced then usual the sound! de
cided that It was best to observe
Memorial Day on tbs regster date—
May IP.
■aversl other questions wars Is*
formally discussed, after which the
yaa ' a ^® : Marie Clark, Rumsll
CJsrB, Clark. sad Maurin"
Cterk of Georgetown; Amos Hite*
«1°* Bloomington ; Delta Roberta Urn
J lr ^ Paaaey of Ufeirk; , -
Teussher sad Merlyn Evans of Otar*
aad »taeford Rich NR.
nsmiM- :
DBö »'*R «MfFK*
' JtlOOB
«M of IhsBsuat* ciuaetL^S!«^
ÄS -**' ■ " ■
t« moot June 6. -
-\ T . b V COB,Bl ® nc * B, ® n ' toerstess of
FVI4I0I academy wtU to held to th*
Faria tabernacle tomorrow
at ten o'clock.
Thor# are tweaty
•tfit graduates this year, slue of
wpom ar* from the norms! dspsrt
men t. . ~ ~ ^
r -into Fesrl Hpenrer of Farts, has
the honor of being th* vntedtetortea.
Following her Closely for tbs honor
wsr® Merlyn Evans of Raymond,
Maurice Clark of Oeorgstowa sad
Adolph Tsellor of Parte.
Tonight the Aiamal association
which, with the present graduates
number III, will (1rs its annual >*»■» -
qust at tbs academy. Thla will bs
followed by s grand ball st th* pa
Next Monday tbs summer _
slon work will hegte st Um sisdsmr.
,u 1 ,® h,cb * ffoodly aamber of stndenta
Will (she part. This work has bees
so arranged ns to grant srtoR to
wards graduation.
Following to tbs program to b*
rendered st tbs tsbernscls tomorrow
America." by coagrs«*
Prayer.by Alfred W. Hart.
Principal's report by Roy A. WeL
Violin solo by Arnold Tueltor.
Valedictory eddr
by Pssri
I - ad '®"' eborua. ''Rosebud." dire«
•n of Myrtlo Hite
Educational add
reus by David O.
Presentation of diplomas bv Pm.
Idest Wm L. Rlcb ^
quîrtiî: , '* 9ria * ***■ ' 89 Asadsmy
Benedict tan
* rB ? d ***** kwilift) kuw.»
to the IS lad AmmuâTuâm
,ra fa< Y7'8 division, sad -—nr baton

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