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Enemies Now.
Mrs. Slush—I don't believe Miss
Chatz is a true friend of yours.
Mrs. Mush—Why?
Mrs. Slush—She tried to get me to
say something about you. She pressed
me to tell my reul opinion of you—
but not I !
j/leartiieSKliiJ; '
U/_ Dt»i^ W0etMtT.lfZ5t .Mck \)\
For 200 years GOLD MEDAL Haar
lem OU baa enabled suffering human
ity to withstand attacks of kidney,
liver, bladder and stomach troubles
and aU diseases connected with the
urinary organs, and to build up and
restore to health organs weakened by
disease. These most important organs
must be watched, because they filter
and purify the blood: unless they do
their work you are doomed.
Weariness, sleeplessness, nervous
ness, deepondenoy, backache, stomach
trouble, pains in the loins and lower
abdomen, gravel, rheumatism, sciatica
and lumbago all warn you of trouble
with your kidneys. GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem OU Capsules are the remedy
Missourian Has Made Success of the
Work, Despite Handicap Wrich
Would Seem Insurmountable.
Blind Edward Jones of Jefferson
City, Mo., has made a record In keep
ing poultry which many who have
eyes have not equaled. Moving among
his birds, which seem to understand
how he Is hnndlcnpped, and guided
only by his sense of touch, he per
forms his dally work. He has built
his own poultry house and brood
coops, and has hatched and raised all
his chicks. Blindness does not pre
vent him from culling his flock. The
birds not Intended to be kept are mar
keted as broilers, ond the others are
kept for the production of winter
Mr. Jones attended every poultry
meeting held In his section last fall.
He Is now trying to organize a poultry
club for blind people, and the home
demonstration agent In the county
has volunteered to read to the mem
bers the publications on poultry sent
from the United States department of
'What's your notion of an Ideal hus
"A man who lets his wife have the
last word In hats, gowns and argu
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The Pleasures of Travel.
"Wn-nl-p'tu—no," said the ancient
Arkansawyer, "I haln't never did much
of what you'd call traveling. I was 97
years old last grass ; born nnd raised
right here ln Shagbark township, and
hain't been outside of the county but
once. That wns when I was about 3C
years old. I went over to Torpldvllle,
and they Just, nncher'ly took and start
ed to lynch me the minute I got to
town, for something or nuther, I never
did find out what. One foot wns al
ready In the air and the other barely
touching the ground when some feller
came running and hollered that they
were making a mistake—I wasn't the
guilty party u-tnll. As soon as they
turned ine liose I lit out for home as
the crow flies, and I haln't done no
traveling to speak of since. I always
flggered that on the next occuslon the
feller that knowed It was a mistake
might not get there In time to do me
any good."—Judge.
The Result.
"The police suspected a blind tiger
In the building, so they raided a sus
picions photograph gallery."
"Ah! a case of arrested develop
Quite Acceptable.
"This star says she cannot bear any
thing gross to come near her."
"She does, does she? How about the
gross receipts?"
Four new livestock barns, costing
$5400, and 200 feet of bleachers cost
ing $2000, will be built at the state
fair grounds.
June 11 has been named as com
mencement day for Gooding college, ;
aud the summer school will begin thl
following Monday.
In Madison couuty efforts are being
made to get the minimum for all
teachers in both rural aud town schools
fixes! at $100 a month.
Saving $1000 monthly in one state
department is among the first fruits
of the cabinet form of state govern
ment recently launched in Idaho.
Caldwell citizens approved the bond
issue for paving 33 blocks of more
frequented residential district streets,
by a vote of 520 for the issue and an
opposing vote of 130.
At a rodent control demonstration
conducted on n farm at Melba by \V. K.
Crouch, state rodent control expert,
practically every squirrel on the place
succumbed to the poisoned oats.
A clubhouse of big proportions is
the plan of Individuals residing In the
towns of the south fork of the Snake
river. The plan Is to establish a sum
mer camp either on the south fork or
nt the Palisade lakes.
E. II. Hitchcock, extension soil spe
cialist, who recently planted 200 young
prune and apple trees on the state
experiment farm at Caldwell, lias
fenced rabbits away front the trees
by enclosing each with a piece of fly
A rousing welcome was given to four
overseas heroes who arrived '
mon last week, returning after nearly
eighteen months of service in France,
where they gave a good account of
themselves in numerous strenuous
Salaries paid teachers In the public
schools of Idaho nre being Increased,
according to Miss Ethel E. Kedfield,
state superintendent of public Instruc
tion. who Is compiling data showing
how much, each town and county pays
for Instructors.
That the Caldwell Traction company
has not provided sufficient trackage at
Wilder and Greenlenf for the accomo
dation of the enormous crops which
will be produced in that section this
fall, was the subject of a complaint
filed last week.
Means of saving the hass which are
being lost each year In the meadows
of Washington below Hauser lake In
Idaho, are being sought by Otto M.
Jones, stute game warden, who met
officials of the Washington state game
department In conference last week.
Because of congested condition of
the Nninpu schools during the present
year and a probable increase in the
number of children who are enrolled
In the graded buildings, the Nampa
school board tins authorized tin* con
struction of three temporary frame
The Idaho delegation whleli attended
the St. Louis caucus of the American
Legion, at which was represented every
state and territory, has announced that,
pursuant t
al chairman, II. 11. Llndsley,
convention for Idaho will be held ut
Boise (ni .»une 25.
Preliminary steps have been taken
at Blackfoot toward the biggest single
public Improvement undertaken by that
city In several years. It Is the crea
tion of an improvement district by
which about sixty-five blocks of city
streets will be paved at an estimated
cost of $150,000.
At a recent meeting of the city coun
cil measures were adopted to remodel
the Nampa fire department station and
make It modern. The building was
constructed for the days when horses
were used with the depart ment «ntl
has never been remodeled to Meet tlie
gasoline equipment leqiilrnieiitv.
The attorney general of Idaho has
Interpreted the law passed liy the last
legislature, appropriating $1000 to each
comity in the stute for tin.* erection of
a soldier's memorial, to mean that the
memorial must he uniform in every
county, according to the design devised
by the commission provided by the
ut Sul
authority from the imtlAii
hc state
Announcement has been made by the
officials of the Wilson Orchard com
trees on Eagle Heights north of Nam
pa. of their Intention to greatly in
crease the packing and storage facili
ties of their plant to handle the list
per ceDt fruit crop which the tract will
produce thin season.
While the Idaho fight against In
creasing the differential was
ful, Lite efforts to retuiri the southern
markets to Idaho shippers is not
tirely won. for the railroad administra
tion purposes to Increase the rates
potatoes, us well as other commodities,
and the shipper* and commission are
bitterly opismed to the act.
who own 470 acres of young
An Increase <>f OO cents a day. from
became effective in
$4.25 to $4.76,
mines of the Coeur d'Alenes district
on May 20. according to bulletins post
ed in the principal mines.
The Oregon Short Line has inaugu
rated mixed train service on the Yel
lowstone branch, and the schedule In
cludes a mixed passenger and freight
train each Sunday until June 15. when
the regular Salt
special will be put on.
That Inmates of the Idaho peniten
tiary should he given greater consi<>
eratlon and extended a helping hand
rather than condemned at every turn,
is the opinion of Judge Charles l*. Mc
Carthy of the Third judicial district
court, as expressed in an address given
at Boise lest Art.
I atke-Yellowstone
r 4
Guaranteed bv
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Durham tobacco.
Good old reliable "Bull". Always genuine;
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i'rudence Is the wing plu< kt-d from
some past folly.
II You Need a Medicine
You Should Have the Best
Have yon ever stopped to reason why
it is that
tenwvrly advertised, *11 at oner drop out
many producta that are r*
of tight and are soon forgotten' Thr
reason is plain—the article did not fulfill
the promises of the manufacturer Ties
applies more partsenlsrly to a medicine.
A medicinal preparation that ha. re,,
curative value almost sells itself, as Ilka
on endlesa chain system the remedy is
recommended by those who have been
benefited, to those who are in need oi it.
A prominent druggist says "Take for
example Dr. Kilmer's HwampRoot. a
preparation I have sold for many yeara
and never hesitate to recommend, for in
almost every ease it shows excellent re
suits, as many of asy customers testify.
No other kidney rrmndy bas so Urge a
According to sworn statements and
verified testimony of thousand* who have
need the preparation, the sucesae of Dr
Kilmer's flwamp-Root is due to the fact,
•o many people claim, that it fulfills al
most every wish in overcoming kidney,
liver and bladder ailments; correct» uri
nary troubles and neutralizes the uric
acid which causes rheumatism.
. You may receive a sample bottle of
Swamp-Root by Parrels Post. Address
Dr. Kilmer A Co., Binghamton. N. Y.,
ind enclose ten rents; also mention this
ha per. I -arge and medium ail# bottles
for aale at aU drug stores—Adv.
The comforter'* head never ache*.—
"tgllan Proverb.
When Your Eves Need Cart
„ Tr» Marine Eve Remedy
"J** 5 wT*b. 0 Tr , YL. VTSX
Warbler* AM Kinds
Not diking lut» account the human
being» wh» nre so met line* referred to
ns warbler*
Into the bird bonk that there
you will find on looking
are many
of warblers dinging alphabet j
Ically all the way from bay-brcusled
warblers to yellow-romped warblers. |
suys the American Forestry a«
tint), Washington, which Is
Uidtn t
lug tin* national bird house building
contest. If you boil a collection of i
i them all together they would take In j
„(„.ul nil the colors of the rainbow 1
' . ..
;>* »**-tl.wt, black, w hit,.,
j kr»>. brown and other colora
j ■'••b numerous ahndca entering Ini
their ton ml ful pltirnugr
_ . ,
Dubious Indignation
A« American motorist, stop,s-d by
u Scotch constable for speeding hint -
e.| hr. mi] I y that he might is, y t„ to
' "»hat. *!r!" cried the
"Thtr ye suggest that I
hrltie? Dae ye dared
wit] take a
isswull me, sir''
excuse me." said the Atnerl- !
•T really-"
"But, now." put in the constable,
"supposin' I was that kin'
>' a man
how much »Id ye be Inclined to gle?"
"What's bogle nt your golf rltlbV' j
"The dues."—Boston Evening Traft- >
Information bureau
■Sf» »«• Off
' «.
Of Course.
"Ilere In a speaking likeness of
T*"*** It speak In »reachr—Bo»
ton Transcript.
Tbs man or woman wnb wank kid
tiey* is half crippled A lame, toff
Iwrk. with its constant, dull acht and
sharp, shouting twin«*«, makes the sim
plest task a burden Headaches, dizzy
apelie, urinary disorder# sad an "ail
Worn out" feeling are daily »ouvras of
dial rasa Jhm't naglect kidney weak
*>•— #nd riak gravel, dropsy or Bright's
disease. Gel s ho I o| Js^n'e Kidney
l'dla today. They have helped people
the work] over.
An Idaho Cam
Mrs J W Wahster.
•U«. Fight h at Lewie
ton liiel.o,
had trois «la
kidneys, nt a dropsical
nature Mornings mv Re A r
h-.nds » 1 rs swollen
toidly I rots id hardly
rio»« them and my oyMI
feet wer« swollen, too. V *»4
Tie tic*l> o>.<lev my L lI t
*>*» waa potted up and piffY
ooyln* • 'Tl K
kidney *<Vt M
1 TJ&
MM *'I
from my
I find other an
symptom* of
' r.pUlnl
I -
doey pitta
•y> 4 they fUfful mm u p
la good a hap*.
flafcsgi a $ap l aw
•U y
. ■- -.»-i
*S Af*K ou. ULUIL nah,
** Twwurrv rtri nh.u*»
SO* tat* will be ike Mas.a, ,
rta|4 hBewa A. ... walk, Sme ll
•f •*"••• *ft*v«aee* tr*me*4.,-Miy
■»I MWM »»aeat lea.
r«v« ts.i.tjrSs
theosaan. .f 4« I Ur. per sar. Mm».«, wsw
ever nUrht u Vas <W! a -« tmnwlui.tv
lot i a I o I *w V llnoa'.An SI Kl w.rlh. Tet.
■ i
T •$•«
Mât r*«r B.«» Ptm
Mf. N. U . Salt Lake City. No.

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