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• ' .
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• 'Railroad Out-] '
:: let for the \\
• ■ Greet < >
; : Star Valley JJ
< » Country . .
A Progressive Independent Newspaper Devoted to All the Interests of
The Scout program which was
scheduled for Washington's birthday
but postponed on account of deep
snow, was pulled off on Mata street
Saturday afternoon beginning at 1
o'clock. Many out of town people
were here and witnessed the excel
lent program, and Mata street was
lined with, people all afternoon.
At 1:30 the sports commenced
with the Single Dog races, which
was run in four heats, due to the
number of dogB entered. The race
was close, Walter Gertsch's dog
leading most of the way, except when
near the finish, when the Gertsch
dog stopped for a fight and "Lady"
a trained dog belonging to Baird
Lemmon of Gokeville drove straight
through the crowd to the finish. The
honors were equally divided be
tween the tyro.
The final heat of the double team
race was hard fought from the
start. Donald Cruiksh&nk, driving
a bulldog and a large black wolf
hound, crossed the tape but a few
feet ahead of Charles Wells, with a
team of collie dogB.
Donald Cruikshank also finished
first, for the $25 cash prize, in the
three dog team race, without much
competition. Three dog teams start
ed, but two teams nao considerable
trouble <Jpe to strange dogs being
hooked together. The distance cov
ered was about two and one-half
miles. Time 42.50. It was well
demonstrated that success in the dog
team races was due to careful train
ing of the dogs.
The Ski race was won by Reed
Hansen with Sherman Dunn, second.
The archery contest drew a large
crowd with numerous entries. First
prize for target shooting was award
ed to Sherman Dunn, it being a 6 Mi
foot Maple bow. First prize for dis
tance was won by Harvey Bateman.
Directly after the races, the boys
hi ked u p the canon, where « mulli
gatfr*TfflSTttdtag, weiners, buns, cocoa,
and apples were served.
A big Scout meeting at the Pavi
lion and a picture show at the First
ward hall completed the Scout rally,
with everyone well satisfied, and ev
erybody looking forward for the big
next year's event.
(Miss Virginia Brough. Editor.)
Miss Kyle's Sunday School enter
tained Mr. McClave's class at a party
Wednesday evening of last week at
the Methodist Church. The hostess
was assisted by Miss Georgia Hol
brook, and Mrs. Camas Nelson. Re
freshments were served to about
twenty-five children.
• • • •
The Chapter of American War
Mothers held a business and social
meeting at the home of Mrs. Charles
Gaskins Wednesday afternoon of last
week. Red, white and blue carried
out the decorative scheme. Lunch
eon was served during the afternoon.
Place cards and favors also were car
ried out in the national colors. The
next meeting will toe held on March
the 8th at the home of Mrs, J. W.
Wedelt. -
■ * • «• - -
"" Mrs. Tom Sneddon entertained the
Kensington, club Wednesday after
noon ot last week at he r home,. .
Lu rich eonwasServedTo THY folFo'w
iug ones present: Mrs. W. E. Christ
an. Mrs. H. G. Nuckols, Mrs. G. Fj
Ashley, Mrs, W. F. Stevens, Mrs. R.
H. Ferguson, Mrs. E. A Brough, Mr?,
John Barrett, and Mrs. Charles Hess,
Mrs. Horsley of Cokevllle was an out
of town guest.
* • *
Mrs. Lillian Schutt was guest of
honor at a Bhower given by a few
of her friends Wednesday evening of
last week. Refreshments and games
were enjoyed,
friends were present.
. î -*—— 1 1 —
About twenty-fouF
Mrs. G. S. Owens entertained at a
party Frida y ^afternoon g f
at her horngjA hmcneon was served
\UrTtrb following ones present: Mrs.
Lambert, Mrs. Lqewright, Mrs. Rine
hart. Mrs Sanford, Mrs, Bchoper, and
Mrs. Mulica,
Star gave a George Washing
' • • • '
Mrs. N. W. Booth entertained the
Rotation Five Hundred club Friday
afternoon of last week. Mrs. Fred
Chapin was awarded high score. A
luncheon was served to the following
members present. Mrs. Fred Cha
pin, Mrs. W. P. Carlyle, Mrs. Joe
Bagley, Mrs. N. W. Booth, Mrs. Dur
ham, Mrs. J. E. MacClure, and Mrs.
. ^ ' E. Christman,
• *
Following their regular meeting
Thursday evening of last week, the
Chairman of the International
Harvester company, who, In a recent
address, declared that farmers need
cash returns, not added land values
to revive prosperity.
"" Mrs. J. W. Arnold attended the,
wedding of her son Gervasse Arnold
and Miss Maxime Price, which took
place in McCammon last Sun day. - -
, •*. . . . ... • ...».-«.x .,.'i :
The Benefit dance which was to
be given on Friday evening, March
3rd, has been postponed, on account
of the "flu." The date of the dance
wilt be announced later.
The ladies of the Maccabees will
give a stork shower for the twin ba
bies of Mrs. Bessie Maxwell at the
Gome of Mrs. William Bedell Satur
day aftérnoon,
Attorney be Meade Austin left
this morntag for Salt Lake where he
will spend a few days prior to going
to St. George, in southern Utah to
remaii^for a few weeks,
Information has Just been re
ceived that the grazing fees on the
National Forests for the season 1922
may be paid in two equal Install
ments. The first half of the tees
must be paid on or before the date
the stock enter * the forest and the
second installment may be paid at
any time up to December 1, 1922.
There will be no interest on the de
ferred payment.
The above information, given out
by Supervisor Earl C. Sanford of the
Caribou forest, will be good news to
the cattlemen in this district.
Tha Grand C^fe, ndxt door to
Crockett Mercantile Co., has been
undergoing many worthy Improve
ments during the past two weeks,
and now the interior of that popular
restaurant presents a neat, home-like
appearance. The interior wood work
has been repainted, white being sub
stituted for the dark oak as hereto
fore, and new Hnoleum has been in
stalled, all of which gives the cafe a
fine, refreshing appearance,
s. Manager F. G. Takahashi, who is
associated with Mr, Ishimaru. states
Drat the cafe has Just employed ex
pert chefs, and are giving the best
service in the history of that insti
- „
ton party, the decorations and lunch
eon carried out the decorative
scheme. About twenty-five mem-/
ber9 sere present ■
T he Cha racter Ball given by tH
Mutual Improvement of the Secon
Ward, Friday evening, of last wee)
any charactei
Wife rëprêsériteif and a large crowd
was in attendance.
was a big success.
j The Gem of the Mountain club
held a business meeting at the home
of Mrs. .Richard Groo, Thursday af
ternoon of last week.
* * *
Mra M. Stauffer, formerly Mira Ina
Stock was guest of nonor at a show
er given by Mrs. Holmes, Mrs.
Stocks and Mrs. Richards, Monday
evening of last week. Refresh
ments were served to about twenty
five guests. Mr. and Mrs, Stauffer
left Tuesday for Nounan, Idaho
where they will make their home.
* • •
Miss Maxine Price of McCammon,
Idaho and Gervaee Arnold son of Mr.
and Mrs, Joseph Arnold of this city
were united in marriage at McCam
mon Sunday afternoon of last week.
Mr. and Mra. Arnold are here vialt
tag with Mr. Arnold's parents.
Examiner Big Cash
Do yon want $40 in cash to
place to the credit of your fav
orite club, lodge, religious or
gainzation, city library, or to
any other worthy public orga
nization! Do you want $40 to
place to the credit of your per
sonal bank account! If so, get
busy today and ask your mer
chants to give you votes at the
rate of one vote for every pen
ny cash purchase yon make
during the term of the contest
being conducted by the
Examiner in conjunction with
the business men of the city.
The firms advertised on
page three of the Examiner
will give you votes on your
cash purchases. Write in the
name of the organization or
person you wish to vote for,
and deposit the ballots at the
Examiner office. At the end
Nomination Coupon
Editor, Merchants Befand Bargain to the party securing ...the
Yon are hereby authorised to file ; dûmes during the period of this
my name (organization) as a candi
I number of cash votes for cash
It is understood that I, (We) »ay
date, for the rash awards that your
withdraw from this
pape.- ami the Merchants advertising tlm „ upon wr1 tten notice
in the Special Feature, are offering
(We) not obliged to any way.
Signed _
Address _
Geraint Humpherys, a young Bear
Lake county man, and a graduate of
Northwestern Law College, Chicago
has come to Montpelier to practice
law, and has opened an office lag^thcP'
Ijumpherys W'HFWlTj' a local pro
duct, having resided in Parts for
many years before entering the Uni
versity of Utah, He is a graduate of
Fielding Academy in Parts, from
where he went to the University of
Utah for a number of years, and fin
ishlng his education and study of (
law at the renowned "Northwestern" j
in Chicago.
Mr. Humpherys Is a young man of j
pleasing personality, and Is well up j
in the latest details of his profession. I
Being well acquainted in Bear Lake'day
county, success will unquestionably
The Nounan basket ball tossers in
the M. I. A., league, went down to
defeat before the hoopsters of the
Third ward in a spirited game in the
Pavilion last Saturday evening. The !
score waa 7 to 68. The local play
ers put up fast ball and while the
Nounan team had some good players
they were simply overwhelmed by
the Third warders.
xÇ. Montpelier
be his.
V 1 ° . C< ^® v # il,e **** week Miss Aman
J*, form , y ot t ® 1 * city and
lCal »mo » former resident
ot Montpelier, were united in mar
riage, the ceremony being performed
by Bishop Frank Hasen of the Coke
ville ward of the L. D. S., church.
The M. I. A., workers of the Sec
ond ward staged a novel event last
Friday evening in the ward amuse
ment hall when scores of people at
tended a well arranged and succès*
ful character ball. Much amuse
make-ups represented in the ball.
Some of the most conspicuous
characters were "Martha Washing
ton." by Poly Roghaar; a typical
created by the varions
old maid by Mra. A. I. Ashley; the
Eiglish Dade by. Mat Einginger. Per
hap# the brat of all was the portray
al of the "Damm Family," by Mr,
and Mra, Leoy Jones, with Margar
et Tueller. Leona Baker, Verda Van
Oman, Irene Knuttl, Minnie Schick,
and Lovilla Loveland, as the "Damm
The party was a
worth while the effort«.
of each week or two, the votes
will be counted, and eaoh orga
nization will be credited with
the number of votes cast in its
It is a very easy matter for
any organization to win one of
the three cash awards offered
by this paper in the campaign.
Just simplv «et organized and
ask your friends to save their
votes* for you or vote in your
favor. The second award is
$25 and the thin! $10 in cash.
Get busy today. Following is
the standing of the candidates
to date:
Montpelier City Library —
Montpelier Stake. M. I. A.
Presbyterian Ladles Aid
Montpelier War Mothers
First Ward Relief Society
M. E. Ladies Aid __
Poet 63, American Legion
. 0.710
. 5,340
. 5,400
. 3,400
. 1,300
. 1.370
Having reached the ripe old age of
70 years, O. H. Groo, for thirty
years employed by the Oregon Short
Line, this weak was honorably dis
charged from the service of the rail
road, and will be placed on the oom
pany's old-age pension list Just as
soon as alt the details in connection
with Mr, Groo's servie« can be ad
tag the pension, but reconciles hlm
self with the knowledge that a rall
( road pensioner is a man who has rett
j dered service of a highly ntlsfac
j The retirement was
j oh Mr. Groo's 70th birthday but un
I fortunately Mr. Groo has no birth
this year; nor next year being
born on February 2$, in the year
1862. However, Mr. Groo Is 70
years of age even though February
this year has but 28 days.
During the 80 fears of continuons
service with the Oregon Short Line,
Mr. Groo has been in the bridge and
building department for many years,
Mr. Groo Is hale and hearty drapfte
his advanced years, and will live to
! enjoy many years of the comforts to
be bestowed upon him by the ratt
road company.
Mr. Groo Is very reluctant concern
tory nature for a good many years.
to be effective
Last Monday's party by the mar-
affair was wall attended by
berg of the d
at were in costume, and
lira In make-up
• Dancers were f
some real novel
displayed. The
fa« of
ta having n good
that some clever idea« were worked
tained characters that to single ont
any one or two Individuals as
the best would require an expert so
suffice It to say that they were ell
good, and the married folks of Mont
pelier are deserving of
tlons for their good taete. The party
waa a
greatly enjoyed.
A regular meeting of the members
of Montpelier Antlers elnb will be
held in the Gem Hall on Monday
evening, March 6th, at 7:3« p. m.
Business will be di*. .j*s#vi. followed
by refreshments. It is desired to
Mia F. M. William» has returned
from a tea days' visit ta Boulber«
Th« meeting of farmers in the
Montpelier district held in the City
Hall last Thursday evening was at
tended up about twenty persons, all
eft whom showed much Interest in
the program of activity, outlined
by County Agent Chaee Kearl, who
gave a comprehensive report of the
achievements of the county farm bu
reau for the year 1811.
Bishop W. L. Perkins, chairman of
the local farm bureau unit, presided
at the meeting, and many Items, of
interest were discussed, such as a
couny fair, crop pest control and
wheat verification. The discussion
was freely participated in by those
present, and the following commit
teemen were named for the coming
season's campaign; Fred Nofling
er, potato Improvements; Waltsr
Hancock, wheat verification, and
Tom N. Sneddon, post control:. W.
Louis Perkins was re-elected chair
man of the local unit.
The farmers were urged to get ac*
Uon on the various things discussed,
and all pledged their support of the.
program. . <

Loral physicians report that there
la n great deal of sickness in Bear
Lake county at the preeent time, but
that there era no rani severe rases,
This condition is not confined to
Bear Lake couuty, by any means.
Newspaper reports from practically
every part of the country bear simi
lar news, and It seems to hea na
tion-wide plague. The malady seems
to be a peculiar form of grip, and
when properly handed the victims
are all over the spell In two to five
days, and no ill effects remain.
However, the physicians are urg
ing the people to handle the disease
with dae precaution, and not he too
confident that the malady, when it
strikes you, is going to be a mild
Today la Paris the special road
Lake county in Boiae some weeks
ago, is reporting its investigations ns
to available Mate and federal aid to
the county commissioner*. Many in
terested ettisens of the couuty attend
ed the meeting. The general senti
ment in the county is favorable to
isenlng bonds in order to eeenre for
this county approximately $100, «00
of state and federal aid, provided
the county will advance $65.000.
The second annual mask ball to be
In the Montpelier Pavilion on
the evening of March 3 let will be
an extraordinary event, and prepar
ations are being made to bandle one
of the largest crowds that has ever
assembled ander the roof of that
popular bail. Prise« will be given
for the brat lady's make-up and o»«
brat gentleman's make-up, and the
best sustained character will also be
rewarded for the effort.
A cofttumor will He in M«ntp©H«r
from Balt Lake City on the day of
the tell with a complete line of the
at a reasonable fee. Prices of art
mission wilt be 76 rants for gentle
and 60 rants for la
dies In costume, and 60 cents for
spectators. Unmasking will take
Place between 11 and 11:60 p. m.
after which everybwry win dance
uatn 1 a. m.
Funeral Services For Worthy
St. Charles Woman
St. Charles.—Funeral servie«« for
Mra. Anna Mattson Olsen were held
hère on February 20 in the St.
Charles chapel. The services were
presided over by Bishop J. A. Hunt
and (he invocation was offered by
Wn. H. Micbelson and the benedic
tion by J. W. Linford The speakers
ail of whom paid a glowing tribute
to the life and character of the de
ceased, were B. M. Allred Wm. C. A,
Keeteh, Mra, Nancy B, Pugmlre.
Pres. Ola Transtram and Bishop
Hant. nil Hfe-iong friends of Mra. 01
When word of the death of Mrs.
Olsen, which Occurred on Feb. 17th,
community. Her father, Ola Matt
eon, «2 yearn of age, paraed away
suddenly on Jnn 36, 1821. Mra. Ol
drat to the death of bra father. She
wan Ube wife of Parley Olsen, both
Besides a husband, Mra. Olsen is sur
Viced by the tallowing brothers and
sisters: Andrew and Ola Mattson of
Maadowrflle, Utah; Victor Mattson
of California; Mrs. 5 W. Joans of
Bingham, Utah; Mra. George Wall
.strom of (PraiMi and Mrs. La
'Stewart of 8t. Charles.
The Oregon Short Une haa had
cud tees trouble during the past tew
weeks on account of deep snow in
the «rat and second districts. The I
company haa employed as high as I
«fly men in the local yards the past /
ten days in removing the snow from
the parts where the moat switching f
is done. Along the road between Mc
Cammon and Kemmerer, crews off
men have been kept at work almost/
constantly in an effort to keep traf-
flo on the move with the least de
lay. Keeping ail the switches free!
from snow and Ice along the one \
hundred and fifty mites of track \
throuh the snow belt, has been a
tedious one end required hundreds î
of men. In windy sections it has
almost Impossible to keep the j
Uhfik*..o|>en,_. ______ J
A »O rnlle wind ta the vicinity of
Beckwith, between Gokevttle «ad
Sage, held on truffle many hours on
Tuesday. For several hours ae high
«s five passenger trams were either
tied up in the drifted enow or held
back on account of the blockade in
that vicinity. The engine of one
of the westbound trains left the rails
at one point in trying to plow
through hut as the train was moving
slowly, only the front trucks got off.
and the locomotive was easily pulled
onto the tracks again by a train in
the rear.
■now on the part of tbs railroad dur
ing the past few weeks on secouât
of excessive snowfall.
The recital given lent night by A.
C. and J. B. Tueller la the tabernacle
in which their pupita in piano and
violin were featured, proved to he
a moat delightful and entertaining
affair. The recital waa fairly well
pminmîmû., û rnp m tit? f$8Mi
weather, and the number* rendered
by the pupils wen delightful.
The winning orchestra selection
was "English »anting Scene" by the
High School Orchestra, assisted by
Harold Toomar, trombone, W il tard
Tueller, cornet, and Charles O'Con
nor, drums.
Piano solos were well executed by
Miss isola Dunn, Mias Tanner and
Miss Edna Rich.
Charles Locks and Mias Blaine Stu
art, Prof. A. C. Tueller and Rus
sen Welker rendered a violin duel.
Violin solos by
Jndga Robert M, Terrell of the
Fifth district court, opened the Feb
ruary term of court In the county
seat yesterday. Owing to bad train
schedule« on account of now and tee
the court official# did not reach Par
is in the morning as planned. In the
afternoon, however, the Judge «
of a number of regular wart
Rev. J, H. Barton will preach In
the Presbyterian church next ___
day, March », morning. An offering
ohurcb wig be received. All an
invited to thee# servira«.
Georgetown Notes
William Hoff came up from Soda
Springs Saturday and remained over
Sunday to visit with his family.
Oraon Hart returned the other
day from Star Valley where he
« two weeks visit with relatives and
Frank T. Roberta left Monday
with a carload of furnltura, live
stock and supplies for Lower Cal!
for nia where he accepted e
■ time ago. His family preced
ed to Salt Lake on Sunday,
A large delegation of Boy
and their parents attended the
doings in Montpelier last Saturday.
A large crowd attended the monthly
priesthood meeting at the tabernacle.
trip to Soda Springs Monday.
been laboring here as a missionary
for the last two weeks, finished his
vistts and left for home lata Friday.
Elders Oliver Williams and Robert
Ludwig of Nounan were the home
Miss Ladle Larsen entertained a
few of her class at a party Friday
evening in boner Bolivar Roberts,
who left Sunday Ira Salt Lake.
Some Utile interest has
two. On Thursday a team from
Garden City played the town
and wer* .Wealed 36 to 16, Then
on Saturday night two teams came
Dorn Bern, however, only one game
waa played and another

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