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One year -
Six months
Local lines, first insertion
Subsequent insertions
Special rates made known on application
Entered March 28, 1912, as seconc
class mail matter at the postoffice at
Orofino, Idaho, under the Act of Con
gress of March 3, 1879.
Orofino, Idaho, July 4, 1912
- .10
The republican state platform
passes the local option issue up
with a two line recommendation,
while the democrats give it five.
Pretty hot endorsements for a
question that has split both po
litical parties of late from Bear
Lake to Bonner. But then what's
the use, let her rest.
Clearwater county is to have
its first annual fair during th»
month of October. This Fair As
sociation has now been in exist
en^e^omC months. A committee
bas been selected to furthei
the interests of the association
and to collect an exhibit that will
be a credit to the magnificent re
sources of the Clearwater country.
This committee is working dili
gently and effectively, but they
cannot succeed alone. Even
citizen of Clearwater count}
should subscribe his or her dollai
and become a member of this as
sociation, and aid in every pos
sible manner this committee in
. preparing an exhibit of our re
sources to place before the out
side world, that will reflect credit
and bring returns in the shape ot
investors who will help us build
up and develop our magnificent
And now comes up the story
written by one James Ford, a
special writer for the Review, to
the effect that the timber compan
ies are after Senator Borah and
have selected James Hawley, now
leader of the Idaho democracy, to
encompass his defeat. As further
evidence of the fact the Elk River
Sentinel, controlled by the Pot
latch Lumber company, is out in
a column editorial belaboring tht
senator for his attitude in Chicago
and his alleged inattention to
business during late years. 11
this be really so, it must force an
alliance with the Octopus and the
Orofino Tribune. Just think ol
it. And what would become of
the taxpayer that the Tribune is
attempting to flimflam into the be
lief that the Republican and the
timber companies are setting up
nights in an endeavor to force
him to pay all the taxes? Think
of this, Mr. Republican Farmer,
Governor Hawley is acceptable to
the big timber interests and Mr.
Borah is not. Mr. Hawley is the
leader of the Idaho democracy
and the demi-god of the faithful.
Mr. Borah, the author of the three
year homestead bill, the child
labor law, the constitutional
amendment to elect senators by
the people, the bill securing $20
000,000 to Idaho for irrigation, is
to be succeeded by a man whose
only claim to distinction is the
fact that he is the only Idaho ex
ecutive since statehood who has
called an extra session of the
legislature to cure the palpable
blunders of the first six months
of his administration. ■ This legis
lature squandered thousands of
dollars of the taxpayers' money
and accomplished nothing. This
is the map that the big timber
companies will ask you to elect in
the place of William E. Borah,
whose one term in the senate is
crowded with more brilliant
achievement for his fellowman
than usually falls to the lot of one
to accomplish who has spent
life time in public service.
Borah may have wandered after
strange gods and kept counsel
with those who would ultimately
be his undoing, but his balance,
mainly made up of legislation to
lighten the burden of him who
toils, should entitle him to first
place in the affection of the citi
zenry of Idaho.
Did Borah and Roosevelt Quarrel?
The following of a purported split
between Senator Borah and ex-Presi
deut Roosevelt during the Chicago con
vention ia related by Nebraskans who
were in attendance at Chicago, to the
Lincoln, Nebraska, Star, and published
in that paper:
Many newspaper readers were
mystified last Sunday by the reports of
the presidential ballot taken in the re
publican national convention, which
snowed the Idaho delegation voting 1 j
for Taft and 7 for Cummins. The Idaho j
representatives were led by Senator
Borah, who had been one of Colonel
Roosevelt's most nctive lieutenants in
the fight during the week. The vote
of that state had been given solidly to !
Roosevelt in all of the estimates made
in advance.
"Why the Idaho delegates insisted on
voting for president, despite the re
quest from Roosevelt that his friends
decline to do so, and why none of the
votes were cast for the third term
candidate are explained by one or two
of the Nebraska visitors to Chicago who
h ive returned home.
From a man who got the "Inside" of
the matter, the story comes as follows:
"Senator Borah had been on the
ground for a week before the conven
tion opened, taking part in the national
committee sessions and making the
best fight he could ft>r the seating of
Roosevelt delegates in contest cases
where any merit was shown.
Roosevelt himself came to Chicago
Borah was one of the leaders who ad
v sed with him and carried out the
moves decided upon in conference.
"Borah doubted the expediency of
some of the things that were proposed
by the colonel. On one occasion he
expressed his opinion that a certain
line of procedure as suggested would
not bring the desired result. Previous
to this Borah had publicly stated that
he did not intend to bolt the convention
if Taft were nominated.
"When the Idaho Senator ventured
to differ with Roosevelt on the tactics to
he pursued, it is reported that the latter
flew into a rage and delivered this out
" 'You-, either be for me or
against me.'
"After that Senator Borah took no
part in any of the Roosevelt activities,
and his delegates on several roll calls
voted on the presidential ballot, in
dirept defiance of the colonel's personal
request to his delegates, and gave him
not a single vote.
"It was currently reported at Chicago
that Governor Hadley of Missouri had
had a falling out with Roosevelt. Had
ley admitted, after leaving Chicago,
that he and the colonel had indulged in
"a very plain talk."
Would Ruin Farmers
As for the tariff Colonel Roosevelt
said the democratic party had gone on
record in favor of free entry of the nec
essities of life.
"Of course the first person that such
a policy would harm would be the
farmer," he continued.
"The democratic party could do only
one of two things. It might wink at its
tariff plank and admit that it was writ
ten for campaign purposes only, or it
might attempt to enforce it, which
would mean ruin to the country."
Free trade, he said, would be so dis
astrous that the country would soon
come bark to the principle of protec
"I am not sure," he continued, "that
the tariff is the chief factor in the high
cost of living. So far as I can see the
articles that have gone up in price
most are butter, eggs and meat. Butter
and eggs, of course, are not affected
by the tariff. In regard to the meat I
think that it is less the tariff than the
trusts that have caused high prices."
The above interview from Col
onel Roosevelt should show the
American farmer—who so implic
itly trusts him—the danger of the
proposed democratic legislation
as outlined in the national plat
form. With a portion of the re
publican party blindly following
Roosevelt it will be an easy matter
for the democratic party, united
as it is, to elect sufficient members
to control both branches of the
national government and inflict
upon the country "a tariff for
revenue only," a measure so dis
astrous in 1893. Will the Ameri
can farmer blindly follow Roose
velt, who at best can carry but
two or three states and has no
hopes of controlling either branch
of congress, and help make his
ruin complete, as Mr. Roosevelt
puts it, or will he see his danger
and support the Taft ticket, which
promises a continuance of his
present prosperous condition?
Fire Report.
In that part of district 1 of the forest
service, covering Montana and north
ern Idaho, weather conditions
generally favorable, although the fire
hazard is increasing daily,
throughout the district on June 27
ended a very dry condition, occasioned
by hot winds, which on the northern
forests, threatened bad results in case
a fire started.. Reports for end of week,
however, indicate a lessened risk, with
cooler weather.
Fires occured to the number of 25,
but four of which, on the Pend Oreille,
Blackfoot, St. Joe and Beartooth,
of any importance,
about 175 acres, and dantfcged or de
stroyed 40 acres of merchantable tim
These covered
4*; men were employed, at a cost
It is probable that the number and
ber. 4'
0 f $«75.
magnitude of fires will increase through
July, since the late rains have been
light, and the season of electric storms
i s here.
! in high altitudes the conditions are
more favorable than for several years,
since snow still lies on the ground, and
the vegetation and undergrowth will
remain green for some time.
Cumulative Report to Oatc
No. of fires
Acres burned
Acres merchantable timber
No. fire fighters
Caused by railroads
" ' campers
" " slashing
" incendiary
" " lightning
" " unknown
Every person who travels in the
forest, whether as an individual or
fire in the woods that he would use in
his own home. Every dollar's worth
of Timber destroyed represents at least
75 cents lost to the community. The
northwest's most valuable resource is ;
timber. It can only be saved from '
destruction by gett ng the assistance of
... V *7 , ,
every citizen to use these simple rules i
for care with fires in the woods. j
member of a corporation, or whether
for pleasure or profit should realize
his direct responsibility for the safety
of public resources and private prop
erty, and use the same care to prevent
1. Be sure your match is out before
you throw it away.
, .
— " noc * out y° ur pipe ashes or
throw your cigar or cigarette stump !
where there is nothing to catch fire.
3. Don't build a camp fire any larger
Hotel Orofino
Horace Noble, ProprietoJ
Finest Equipped Hotel in Clearwater County
Everything New and Strictly Up-to-date White
Help only Employed.
Clearwater Telephone Line
Connects with Pacific Telephone and Telegraph
Company, giving direct Communication with all
outside as well as all local points. Quick, prompt
service a specialty. I respectfully solicit your
business. — — — —
Samson Snyder, Proprietor, Orofino, Idaho.
Not Boasting
When we say that you can secure from us an indisputable accurate abstract of
title quicker, cheaper and surer than from any individual, or from any firm that
merely does abstracting as an appendage to a general law or real estate
We are not arrogating to ourselves any superhuman ability. We merely assert
that we can perform our work with our machinery quicker and better than any
others can perform the same work without it. We have a system of machinery
for compiling, filing, systematizing, checking, verifying information about titles
which does the work of abstracting as infallibly and durably as the steel hammer
drives home the red-hot rivets in a steel beam. Such machinery is NOT avail
able to the man who nlistracts titles "oh the side."
Flay safe. Consult people who have not merely the WILL to serve you, but
the equipment as well. Come in and we'il show you.
Clearwater Abstract Co.
Bonded Abstractors.
Orofino, Idaho.
G. F. Huril y , Proprietor.
Good Service. Everything New and First Class.
Orofino Meat & Cold Storage Co.
Fresh and Cured Meats, Poultry, Etc.
All Meats
Prepared in our new, SANITARY Packing Plant.
The Standard
Fire Extinguisher
Gives Reliable Fire Protection
Approved by the Board of
Fire Tnderwriters
Chenical Fire Engines
For Towns and Villages
Prices that will attract you. If
interested, write to
Orofino, Ida.
than is absolutely necessary.
leave it, even for a short time, withoot ;
putting it out with water or dirt.
4. Don't build a camp fire against a
Build a small one where
tree or a log.
you can scrape away the needles, grass
5. Don't build bonfires. The wind
may come up at any time and start a
fire you cannot control,
6. If you discover a fire, put it out if
possible, if you can't, get word of it to
the nearest forest ranger or state fire
warden just as quickly as vou possibly
or leaves from all sides of it.
Forfeiture Notice
To Fred Veach and the heirs at law
of A. T. Spottswood, deceased, and
their administrators and assigns.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended during the years 1909, 1910 j
and 1911, the sum of eleven hundeed
dollars in labor and improvements upon
the Black Lead group of quartz claims,
sitnate in Clearwater county, Idaho,
v ' z: The Iron Cap, recorded in book
7 at page 598; the Copper Queen, re
corded in hook 7 at page 400; the Black
Lead, recorded in hook 8 at page 39
and the Black Quartz Lead recorded in
book 8 at page 40 of the mining records 1
of Clearwater county, Idaho, in order
to hold said claims under the provisions ;
of section 2324 of the revised statutes
of the United States, and the amend
ment th ? reto approved July 22, 1880,
concerning annual labor upon mining
claims> be f n „ the amount 'required to
; hold said lode claims for the period end
' ing December 31, 1911. And
n j n f£T days from the personal service
ot this notice or within ninety days
i a f( er the publication thereof, you fail
j or refuse to contribute your prop
! tion of such expenditure, to-wit: four
and fifty ($450) as a co-owner,
if within
your interest in the said claims will be
come the property of the subscriber,
! your co-owner who has made the re
i quired expenditure by the terms of
j said section.
apr 4
General Office, Orofino, Idaho
Buys White and Yellow Pine
Palace Meat Market
John Wells, Proprietor
Sausage Our Specialty
During the Spring and Summer months we Intend
to keep on hand a full line of Fancy Sausage, of all
kinds. Also cooked meats in connection with our
other Fresh and Cured meats.
Our Sausage Season Opens April 1st. Come and See.
Cigars, Confectionery, Ice Cream,
Pool and Billiard Parlors
Elk River
Orofino Livery and Feed Stable
J. D. Fairly, Proprietor
Driving Teams, Light Hauling, Saddle
and Pack Horses
Mountain Transportation a Specialty
Real Estate
DeCourcey 8c Walrath
Farm and Timber Lands, City
Money to Loan on Improved Farms
Orofino, Idaho
Jeweler and Engraver
Watch Repairing a Specialty.
Full Line of Rodgers' 1847 Silver Ware
Nexr door to the White Pin e Building.
for the Pro
of Letters
of Administration with the Will
annexed thereon. j
In the Probate Court of the County '
of Clearwater, state of Idaho. I
la the matter of the estate of George
Morris, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that a petition
for the probate of the will of George
Morris deceased, and for the issuance
to Geo. E. Erb, of Letters of Adminis
tration with the will annexed, thereon
SÄ K?y?Æy S3SÄ5
ten o'clock in the forenoon of said day
at the court room of said court iu said
county and state have been set is the
time and place for the hearing of said
petition, when and where any person
interested, may appear and contest the
same and show cause if any they have,
why said petition should not be granted
Said will is a foreign will, heretofore
submitted to probate before the Su
preme court of British Columbia.
Probute Judge.
Notice of Time Appointed
bate of Will and Issuance
Dated June JOth, 1912.
the probate court of the county of
^ earwatei-, state of Idaho
p , " i „ . r of ', he es,ate ° r Emma
o. Marian, deceased.
j Cl iîi S . *! l T l 'by given hv the under
u a .'.' a (" d | îÎJî-V.f.V a , lt>r ul estate i»r
" mma Harlan deceased, to the cred
l ' ors °' u,, d all persons having claims
against the said deceased to exhibit
ÏS. XLÏS. T'Z', ■ V T I T'
" n months after the Brst publi
ca * lon this notice, to the said John
H- Harlan at room 9 of the Burns build
ing in the village of Orofino the
i,.,:,,,, , , , '
|,lui ' e for tlle transaction of
t,le business of said estate, in the
county nf Clearwater, state of Idaho
Notice to Creditors
Signed and dated at Orofino, Idaho,
this 21st day of May, A. D. 1912.
Administrator of the Estate of Emma
C. Harlan, deceased.

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