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Clearwater Republican
Do You Have
Bank Account
Financial success depends to a great
extent upon having money to invest at
the proper time. No doubt you have
seen the time when you might have
doubled your money if you had been
able to raise a tew' hundred dollars.
Start now by saving a part of your earn
ings and depositing them in the
Bank of Orofino
Orofino, Idaho
J. W. Merrill, Proprietor
New House
Clean Rooms
Sample Rooms
There Is a Good Position open For You.
If you take our personal-help plan of study in short
hand, bookkeeping, typewnting and penmanship.
Students may enter any time. School opens September
9. Write for booklet "Picture Stories of Success."
Lewiston Business College, Lewiston, Idaho.
Local News
"Princess flour is the best."
Editor Crow was a Spokane visitor
this week.
Priants Flour is the Best.
TO RENT—Six room house—Enquire
of Samson Snyder.
Baz. Hibbs and wife were arrivals on
Tuesday's train.
Samson Snyder.
James Blake made a business trip to
Lewiston Tuesday.
Wm. Foresman Sr. of Lewiston is
here this week visiting his son, William
and family.
House to Rent—Enquire of «Wellman
& McRoberts.
Wm. Dwyer and Alfred Kettenbach
passed through Orofino Wendesday
route to the Pierce country.
Private money to loan on improved
real estate. See Chandler.
The Misses Thiele, Edna and Mary
of Washington, Kansas, visited their
brother Alfred here Saturday.
Princess flour is a hard wheat flour,
absolutely guaranteed.
Martin N. Thomas, president of the
Kendrick State Bank, was an Orofino
visitor Wednesday.
Princess flour is a nard wheat flour,
absolutely guaranteed.
Carl Nelson and wife were here Sat
j „ , , I
urday_ Mr. Nelson proved up on a
valuable homestead while here.
Oscar Swikert has his new residence
finished so that he can move. It is
quite an ornament to our village.
Mrs. Ada Holmberg visited Lewiston
Wednesday, where sne purchased her
fall and winter stock of millinery.
Fred Friebe, was down from the
He re- (
North Fork country Friday,
ports things quiet in this locality.
Floyd Bartlett returned home Mon-1
day from a two months employment
with the Fire Protective Association.
P. H. Blake and John Molioy returned
t end ed t he' m ee t Imrof the ' StatÂîd ,
of Equalization.
.lohn Gorman returned Snturda)
from a month's employment with Wm.
Harris, at his placer mines on Quartz
S. H. Wann of Spalding, agent of the
Holland bank, is here this week look
ing after matters connected with his
M. A. Lewis and son C. P. Lewis
were visitors here Wednesday and in
cidentnlly purchased a fine saddle
horse from Dr. Fairly.
Jack Crabb and Ed. Patterson
hauling brick from Bartlett's brick
yards Monday, to Mr. Crabb's ranch
northwest of Ahsahka.
Mrs. Jones nnd daughter Marguerite
accompanied by Zelma Culbertson were ■
trip to the Sound country. of
Editor Crow is in Sookane this week
Kumor has it that the'old gentleman is
not considered frst enough for the pres
ent company, and a change is being
considered. We understand that the
heavy losses »hat the Tribune has suf
"wati red" stocxholders is the cause of j
the contemplated change.
Eat at the Home Cafe.
Eva Steinerson, Hanna Hockel and
Simon Johnson vuited Lewiston Mon
day and made final proof on their home
s.eads in the Loseth neighborhood.
"Priants flour is the best."
Every School District should install
the Waterbury System of heating_
ventilating. For prices and particulars
write W. M. Chandler. Orofino, Idaho.
Mayor Perkins and Austin Justice
were Orofino visitors Saturday. They
visited Mr. Perkins ranch property on
the hill, returning to Lewiston Monday
"If you are not using Princess flour
you are not using the best."
Walter Ott, son of Mr. William Ott,
who has been spending a few days in
Spokane, returned home Wednesday.
He reports a good time and thinks Spo
kane a sure lively town.
. FOR SALE. Eighty acre farm well
improved, 18 acres orchard in bearing;
convenient to school and postoffice.
Price *65.00 per acre. Easy terms. W.
M. Chandler, Orofino, Idaho.
P. E. McRoberts returned Saturday
from a visit to his old home at Oberlin,
Ohio. He reports the middle states
enjoying a revival of business and all
prospects pointing to a continued pros
perity such as followed the first elec
tion of McKinley.
The best grocers handle Princess
I Mr. and Mrs. Wellman, Mr. and Mrs
a John Ml and Mrs j M Fair| mad '
up a fishing party whjch wjl , sp y nd "
days or two weeks on Washington
j . K
c e . , de P ar » ed Wednesday
morning for their destination.
E. Nat Brown, wife and baby, accom
panied by Wm. Dwyer and wife had
" narrow escape from death on the
( » e,lcss °e hill last Monday. Mr. Brown
j was driving his automobile betw
Genesee and Moscow when the ncci
ent oecured. The
entire party
thrown into n ravine, the machine turn
ing over twice, but fortunately injuring
no one seriously.
"If you are not using Princess flour
you are not using the best."
The premium list for the Lewiston 1
Clarkston Fair Association for its 1912
exhibition is just issued. It is a well i
prepared pamplet of 100 pages and has!
some unusual offerings, amongst the I
more important being *200 cosh for
, T"*?' exh ! bitB . nnd the P'oduct |
Kernels ot corn. It announces a I
cordial welcome to all visitors at the
Fair and makes statement that anyone a
not receiving a list should request one !
from the secretary of the association.
The best grocers handle Princess
Colonel Todd, of Pierce City,
county seat visitor Tuesday, where he
had business before the probate court.
Colonel says the season for mining has
■ »'"■ r »y tf°° d the past year. The
of gold during the past fortnight and
are P re P arin (4 to make another ship
S T8"co&nff3» «M*tlTthS
Seberrv cmn in the ldeinitv ni
pierce wns'the largest in the hütnpv nf
the country More than h ?nÄt »«den!
have been gathered in the re int of
Pie™,hep.,,,™™. >
j "
was a
If you are nor usins Princess flour you
are not usina the best.
6 i
Village Fathers in Session.
Pass Revenue Ordinance for Fiscal Year
Fixing Levy—Accepts Resignation
of Wheelock and Fleets Noble.
The Village Board met Monday night
in adjourned session, with all members
After the usual routine work had
been disposed of a petition was pre
sented by Miles Cochran, representing
property owners on the hill in the east
ern part of town, asking that a hydrant
be placed at the junction of Main and
5th streets.
It appears that some two blocks of
residence property in that vicinity is
t without fire protection and the petition
presented by Mr. Cochran set forth
fully this fact.
After due consideration, all agreeing
as to the merits and justice of the peti
tion it was agreed to table the same un
til such time as the extensions to the
water system proposed, could be inaug
The resignation of Trustee Wheelock
was presented and read, and accepted,
after an explanation by Mr. Wheelock
to the effect that he intended to leave
the Village for the time being at least.
A discussion then arose as to a suc
cessor to Mr. Wheelock, with the re
sult that the name of Horace Noble
presented and agreed to unanimously
by the board.
The annual appropriation bill was
then taken up and an ordinance
ing the same read for the first time
and under the suspension of rules
passed to its third reading, and ordered
The matter of establishing a public
drinking fountain and watering trough
was then taken up and after a thorough
discussion it was decided to instal the
point b.
selected by the water committee. In is
the discussion the point most favored or<
for the drinking fountain was at the in- ît)
tri-.. rtjnn .
tersection of Johnson Avenue and First
street, alongside the Buescher building,
The watering trough to be located at a
point just west of the Chandler proper- P.
tv r F
A general discussion was then en
tered into by all as to the proposed ex
tensions to the water system and it
was airreed hv all th.t tho k m lts
Kl t il ! ?
be taken up at once and pushed to a
speedy conclusion. The board then ad
journed to meet Monday, September 2nd at
_ J F
Breaks i^
Mrs. S. H. Rodgers had the misfor
tune to break her right lee iust above
the knee last Tuesday She was en
wie Knee last luesaay. bne was en
gaged in handling an unruly cow, will
when in some manner the animal came
in contact with her «.-ith ihe
m contact with her with the above re
^ ! Wa j Ca Cd and re ' th,n
duced the fracture and the patient is ; yet
resting as well as could be expected
for one of her advanced mre h ,
or one or ner advanced age. the
Will B eans Be I njured?
E W Miller ITTour nrominent co
i ÄlTrll.7
raneners rrom the Gilbert section gave ot
us a pleasant call Tuesday. Mr. Miller ' thr
states that the rainy spell on at pres
ent is causing some uneasiness to the he
farmers in his section who are engaged
in bean culture.
The dancer to the I
bean crop from a protracted spell of
stock to upon before host, rainy tract
wen her causing it to grow continuously by
until the frost mp s it in an immature ing
condition, this producing n sott bean |
unfit for market.
....... . , „„
Mr. Millet is a close 1
ïnTd "V'"'"" 18 f in «
. ^ uu ^ cts t "° iraum ot proiits and
1 I'T kn ®J vl ^ d «f ac 'l uired al " n 8
ÜleTdiho soil lnd thT rm"'.! ?- !
i jn d ' L " e,t sectl0n
" __
I One Itnllar C i lt i !'•
ar ror tacit Kernel ;
Com. Hnm
" ;
Tbe Lewiston '^ larks »on Fair Associ
a *'/ m tkis ytar is of f erin E a premium of ^
casb » or the most corn, any vari
ety ra ' sed » rom kernels. The stocks hers,
must be exhibited at the fair, which
opens October 7th for the week, and the
must have sufficient roots to show the j
product is from one kernel and with '
the corn attached. It will be seen that ;
this offer is on the basis of *1.(X)'
tor each kernel and no one is barred, »hat
It is not expected that certain kernels
should be planted but the selections bors,
may be made trom the matured fields.
It is said Orofino nnd the Lapwai sec- scene
tions are each expecting this prize as ■
the former captured the prize last fall
at the Spokane show by exhibiting lonely
will produce one of the most remarka
in., „,.ui :* . . .. ,
hie exhibits ever seen in the Northwest,
Important Waterways Convention at
One of the most important water
ways conventions ever held
pacific northwest will
Lewiston, Friday and Saturday, Oct
ober, 4th and 5th, 1912.
inn will be known as the Second An
nual Convention of the Columbia River
Waterways Association, the organiza
tion and first session of which was
held at Pasco. Washington, April 15,
1912, at which time a definite campaign
was launched for the improvement of
the Columbia waterway.
The Lewiston convention has adopt- ;
ed as its Slogan: "Adequate Con
gressional appropriation for the imme
diate completion of the Celilo canal
and the opening of the Columbia and
Snake rivers to free navigation.
Among the prominent men who have
been invited to speak at the Lewiston
meeting and the topics Assigned are
the following:
Hon. M. E. Hay, Governor of Wash
ington, "The Waterways of the State
of Washington; Hon. James H. Hawley,
Governor of Idaho, "How the open
river will benefit my State;"
J. N. Teal, of Portland, "Benefits of
the Panama and Dalles Celilo Canal;
Major J. J. Morrow and Capt. H. H.
Robert, U. S. Engineers, "The Work
at Celilo;" Judge S. A. Lowell, Pendle
ton Oregon, "Benefits of the Open
River to the Interior Communities;"
R. C. Beach, Lewiston, Adequate Con
gressional appropriation for the Col
umbia Snake Waterway;" Captain
Fred McDermott, Kettle Falls, Wash.,
"Open River to the Canadian Boundary
Dr. D. W. King, Wenatchee, Wash.,
Upper Columbia Navigation.
in the
convene at
The gather
c i • • u
Explaining the Record
the Tlw , ™. .._ ... . , .
b. d.ÄÄ'ÄÄ SnS»'
In is busy these days explaining the Rec
or< * as they call the asessment roll of
in- ît) e """y- J h< 7 carefully go over
. the records and select certain items to
First ,u:t their case, and place these before
the people and say, "look at
a now ', see what we have done for the
P. oor taxpayer." The land selected by
them to show up their extreme solicita
tion for the
en- and neither
ex- «gricultural purposes and should by
it Ç°mmon justice have been reduced to
m lts proper value. There is no justice in a
comparison of values under the old
a blanket system and the present inspec- j
ad- tion and segregation with the land here
2nd at °" r own «foors Under the old
county with its vast area the assessor
Lewiston had not the time or means
tion and forced to the blanket assess
"^"f^ith its consequent inequalities,
en nîli *k Cpub ,C j " ls prepared to state
en- that the record in the assessors office
will be gone into thoroughly and
enou 8»> has already been unearthed by
casually going through the records to
re- show favoritism, or incapacity or some
re ' th,n g worse. Mr. Molioy has never
is ; yet explained to the taxpayers why he
assessd a certain 5 acres of land in the
h , eart of Orofino at *100 per acre, when
the owner asked the board of com miss
sioners *3750 for a strip in its worst
^'^uhL^ 'Zt
co ™ s the contest™ the record, and
premistis the people su Ificient evidence
ot incapacity and favoritism to more*
' thr n overbalance a few items carefully L
fj-lected by an officia! in the employ
the he COUn,y to su,t ,hc case in hand ' :
Hon. !
taxpayer is all poor land
valuable for its timber or
the I School Board Lets Sewer Contract. !
of - |
tract tor excavating the school sewer : of
by the board of trustees, at their meet
ing last Saturday. Two bids were of
| fered, one for *441 and one for * 214.20
„„ , , ,
1 he board also opened bids for furnish
in « «h e district with 40 cords of wood, j,
and atter due consideration rejected all.
8 ---.
! Dem0CralS 0r « amze '
The democratic county central com-!
mittee met on last Saturday and elected ; of
!'• H. Blake, county chairman, Frank
; Shrieve secretary and treasurer. Wil
Hnm Betrand was elected state central
; committeeman. An executive com
mittee composed of Chas. Long, J. M.
of ^ Bartlett, Emil Schuessler, William
Hunter, James McGuire, E. J. Cham
hers, John Bryant, P. H. Blake and "
Frank Shrieves was chosen to assist in ,a
the campaign,
Found Dead In Cabin.
Word reached town this
»hat Charley McCarty, who resides on
Crrahy place, about seven miles ,
bors, who happencïto'visiUhc^vicinily. j)
Coroner Frank Zelenka has gone to the
scene and as the cabin is almost inac
■ CfssuWe, being one half tnne from the
cirfums'tances were surround,ng hif '
lonely death. Deceased formerely l
M"ä a .ä^ , « i ä. , ss
d^ceast'lT had' a no d 'rcluUvcs lC< in aS this
ueceasea nan no leiutivcs in this
country. lutely
Home Restaurant
Small & Breckenridge, Props
First Class Management
Give us a Trial
Clearwater Livery, Feed & Sale
Dunlap & Mooers Proprietors.
Good Saddle Horses Always on Hand. The
finest of teams and the most experienced of
drivers can be obtained at all times.
Orofino Feed Store
Carries a General Stock of
Flour, Feed, Hay, Grain and Poultry Foods
Grass and Garden Seeds.
by n «■ . . . .. D
to Orofino s patriotic Boy Scout organ
a *»tion, took a "hike last Saturday
evening and returned to their homes
j n time for breakfast Mnnrfav mnrn i n <r
Ô .. , . 0 day morn >ng.
Some time during the night an imagin
"cy enemy attacked their camp but the
spirit of our forefathers arose in the
t h , earts k of r r ng u Americans and
shouldered muskets and took
out after the villianous foe. It is need
less to say that the malefactruous gang
-beat it" We understand that
. 1 . . " nderstand that two
swlmmln K contests were features of
to »he maneuvers. Next Saturday night
the boys will take another "hike" uo
Well's" Bench and the camn will re
main tn thf n..siie r P /
a " open to the P ubllc »or inspection
al > da >' Sunday.
Sunday School Convention
Mr. E. C. Knapp, who is connected
with the Inland Empire Sunday School
Association, will be at Orofino and hold
, ., , .. ,, ,, .
L . h d " convention in the Methodist
Lpjscopal Church, Thursday Sept, 5th.
: Th ', S Ü C ° Unty convent,on and
includes all denominations and Uuion
Republicans Organize
The republican county committee
met here last Saturday and chose John
R. Becker county chairman for the en
suing two years. A. E. Hinkley was
chosen state central committeeman.
An executive committee was chosen,
composed of W. B. Kinne, Archie Bon
ner, A. E. Patterson, J. R. Becker and
W. D. Hannah,
chosen secretary and Dick Noftsger
W. B. Kinne was
Enemy Made Clat-ta-wa
! Sunday Schoo,s - Mr - Knapp has the
| reputation of being not only an enter
: of great help to the Sunday Schools
throughout the Inland Empire An in
citation is extended to ill to attend
Those who miss it will miss a rare treat.
Because of the all day's session oi
j, he Sunday School convention at this
point on September 5th the re«m mi
meeting of the W. C. T. 1. will be
' postponed until September 6th. The
meeting will be held at the usual place
; of meeting.
" r,n - Kinne of Orofino paid
,a st week, returning Sunday,
Dent Items
I Chas. Peters attended to post office
duties during Mr. Schuessler's absence
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Bed Kinne and Mrs.
us a visit
I Mr. Simmons nnd Mr. Hartweg have
! oeen quite busy of late looking for
their horses that seem to have strayed
I away.
j) en t a call last Sunday
1 da>
0° careful investigation we fail to
unearth the (Non-Partizan League of
' Dent) " is ^ i,her a mytl' or else some 19
l ,oor com rude looking for wisdom.
,,ir ^
Princes* -hTTT- il
Princess flour is a hard wheat Itour. abso
lutely guaranteed.
Mrs. Dent was quite sick last week
hut is reported better.
Mr. Thos. Howard of Anoka made
, ,, . .
uo owns some valuab le mining property
there ke P» a record of the weather and
reported but 13 fine clear days from
j , j t August 15 Rain hail and
y . " ; Kaln ' na " ana
snow tilled in the storm program for
»he P er ' od - Oil one occasion, hail
J 0 "" ' "JJ* we . re 'hree quarters
° f " "J thlck and several ,nches
c ' rcumf '™«'.
Wells Bench
More rain, more rest, say the farm
ers, but they do not appreciate the
rest just at this time.
Haying is about completed on the
bench, several ranchers contemplate
going harvesting this week.
I suppose everyone knows now
whether the new school house is cen
trally located or not, If they do not,
let them consult the plot of the district,
the nearest pupils come from another
Maud Saunders came home Wednes
day of last week from Silcott, Wash
W. H. Foust has gone on his annual
fishing trip on the little North Fork.
The Republican Circulates Widely
John Welch and John Welch Jr. who
have spent the past sixty days in the
vicinity of the Black Lead mining camp
were arrivals in Orofino Sunday.
Welch states that in his stay in that
locality much bad weather was encount
ered. Lafe Williams of Lewiston who
It snowed in July
and again on August 17th. On this
latter date. Mr. Welch Jr. was return
; ing from Lo Lo hot springs, Montana
with provisions when the storm
took him and lie was forced to walk
to keep from freezing and upon his
arrival at camp he was so cold and
austed that be could not unpack his
horses. While at Black Lead he
Gus Grube, Will Harris, Bert Kauffman
nnd Dock Noftsger and at Lo Lo he
■net Mell Small, Will Walch and Bill
Neitscher all the boys were well and
bad sponl a fine summer in the moun
ta,ns * Welch states that the only
"''"'s received by him on his trip
Republican, which he picked
"P on ,he t,ad > more than eighty miles
mm )ro * ,no -
"Princess flour is the best."
Attention 1. O. O. F.
Oro Fino Lodge No. 64, I. Q. o. p.
will elect representatives to the Grand
All niem
Lodge, at the next regular
Tuesday September 3, 1912.
hers are requested to attend.
. M. Chandler, Secretary
Good Business—For Sale or Trade
For Ranch Property.
Mrs. Wm. Ott entert-, (
19 guests at her home in GlenwooJ o°n
August 2. > th, in honor of her brother's
evening received" many ^srfuf ^Ind
valu iliC, ...... in A useiui ana
joyed the P even'' A t ' lorou K h| y
A good business, centrally located in
tke ^ es t *' a - v Boll towns in Idaho
toi sale or trade tor ranch. For full
Fdaho UlarS ' address Box 747 > Elk River,

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