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Special rates made known on application
Entered March 28, 1912, as second
class mail matter at the. postoffice at
Orofino, Idaho, under the Act of Con
gress ot March 3, 1879.
For an independent journal the
Tribune takes a strong stand in
support of the present democratic
administration in its last issue.
Well its just as we expected. A
paper owned by sixteen demo
crats can't be independent long,
and its show down had to come
A collection of the Tribune's
Red Hot Taft editorials under Jim
and Joe would now make mighty
interesting reading to the Roose
velt republicans throughout the
country. Of course the paper
has changed hands and policies
so often since becoming an "inde
pendent" journal that one is quite
bewildered in following it's antics.
In the selection of J. M. Haines
as standard bearer for the repub
lican party of Idaho, a wise choice
has no doubt been made. The
state has suffered much in the
past from theorists, who dream
unpractical dreams which they
attempt to foist upon the public
through their advocacy of half
baked laws through the state leg
islature. It will indeed be re
freshing, to once again get the
reins of power within the state in
practical hands. Mr. Haines' chief
characteristic has been practica
bility in all things and should the
people of the state elect him in
November, as we feel sure they
will, this same characteristic will
insure a wise and economical ad
ministration, free from sophistry
and cant and one which in the fu
ture can be pointed to as a land
mark in the progress of our state.
In reading the press dispatches
we find it stated that progressive
republicans in Juiiaetta are pro
foundly distressed over Mr. Bor
ah's alleged attitude toward the
Taft campaign and that he will tie
bitterly fought if he persists in
supporting the regular republican
nominee, &C. This is indeed tile
variest rot at this time as Mr.
Borah has been recently on rec
ord as saying he would not make
speeches supporting the Taft ad
ministration. We would ask such
publicans to forbear until Mr.
Borah declares himself on state
anil national issues. We would
ask both Taft and Roosevelt ad
Itérants what they could hope
gain by Mr. Borah's defeat? Would
not the inevitable result be the}
election to the senate of a Heidfelt,
a Tannahill or a Hawley? A little
political animosity might he grat
ified hut would this overbalance
the loss to the state? Let us then
lie charitable to the senator, his
election means more to the state
than his presidential preference
mithin the republican party.
Holsclaw Says He Never Talked
Bull Moose Ticket.
We were interviewed this week
by Mr. Holsclaw, democratic nom
inee for county attorney, for
Clearwater county. Mr. Holsclaw
was loud in his denials of any con
nection with an alleged Bull Moose
movement in Clearwater county
or the state of Idaho, as alleged
in our editorial of last week, lu
this interview Mr. Holsclaw made
it clear to our satisfaction that he
did not participate in any such
meeting as we referred to and
characterized such polities, as low
down and dirty, and said he
did not have to resort to such
methods to secure his election.
Mr. Holsclaw said he realized that
he must get republican votes
to secure his election, as there
were not sufficient democratic
votes in sight to accomplish the
result. Mr. Holsclaw made a
straight forward, manly declara
I upon llis brother democrats now
1 , Aimr thr. mm»..
engaged 111 forwarding til ill
me nt Mr. Holsclaw and myself
• i„ in this mit
are ill hearty accord 111 lins mu
1er not that either of US have any
i H ill
geiiumt ouii
Mooser every one should have a
. ... , •, n „, n r , n ; n i fl n« hut
right to his own opinions, out
when it comes to assuming to be
. . -
something, in order to deceive anti
| mislead we both stand squarely |
! V , .. ,,,
against suen practices, we art
heartilv edad to make this state
' , », ,, 1 I 1 »
ment for Mr. Holsclaw and Correa
anv wrong impression that might 1
any wi it, I .
have been created by our previous j
itous about our expense account,
, , U» I „i„„„
and no doubt when alone, the ,
management sheds briny tears,
k -ii • _ i r . r .p
If the public Will just take a lo )k
at our columns, size up our ad
When your merchant tells you he
flour Ms cood as Princess he does
SO because he can buy inferior flour
hi interior
mucn cinapc . _
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at Lewiston, Idaho, August
14th, 1912. I
Notice is hereby given that |
turn us to bis attitude toward the
Bull Moose movement, and bis re
marks were a severe reflection
thing against a
The Tribune is extremely solic
vertising and legal matter, it will
be instantly evident why theTrib
management weeps, and why
so solicitous
Manager Crow is
about his job shop in Spokanm
Notice for Publication.
Teakean, Idaho, who on
July 18th, 1910, made homestead entry ;
No. 03215, for Lots 1, 2, 5 and 6, Section
9, township 37 north, range 1 East Boise ;
Meridian, has filed notice of intention
to make five year proof, to establish j
claim to the land above described, be -\
fore J. \V. Merrill, U. S. Commissioner, j
at Orofino, Idaho, on the 2Sth day of
September, 1912.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Ed Del.ane, of Ahsahka, Idaho, Edith
Kirby, of Peck, Idaho, Bates Snyder
and William Cary, both of Teakean,
T. FI. BARTLETT, Register.
Notice to the Public
Notice is hereby given that there
will be a meeting of the members of
the First Methodist Episcopal Church
of Orofino on the 7st day of September,
1912 at 2 o'clock of said day at the
Merrill House in said village of Orofino,
Clearwater County, Idaho.
The object of said meeting is for the
purpose of taking a vote of said mem
bers present at such meeting on the
proposition ot selling Lot 6 in Block 10
m Days Addition to Orotino Idaho,
together with the improvements
Trust», Insurance, Surety

he ;
lMnrth Idaho Title Co
rNOrtn latino l me V^u.
Capital Stock $25,000.
J. W. Merrill
A. E. Holmberg
H. Noble
Maps and Plats
Continental of New York
Germania of New York
Milwaukee M e c h a n ics of
Northwestern National of
Prussian National of Stettin
Lowest Rates
Prompt payment of losses
W. M. Chandler
Pioneer Insurance Agent
1.0.0. F. Bid's
Department of the Interior. United
States Land Office, Lewiston, Idaho,
July 25, 1912.
To Lmma H. Anderson, of Kussel!,
Idaho, Contestée:
You are hereby notified that Sanford
A. Dobson, who gives Gilbert, Idaho, as
his postoffice address, did on July 25, V
1912, file in this office his duly corrob- 7
ori ded application to contest and secure
the cancellation of your homestead en
try No. 12225, Serial No. 02081, made
February 25th, 1907, for se 1-4 se 1-4,
Section 27, N 1-4 ne 1-4, Section 34 and of
nw 1-4 nw 1-4, Section 35, township 36 to
north, range 1, E. B. Meriidan, and as of
grounds for his contest he alleges that of
entrywoman never established a resi
dence on the land: that; that she has
never cultivated any part of the land;
that the entrywoman has been gone
out of the country for aoout two years,
Vou arc, therefore, further notified
that the said allegations will be taken 0
by this ottice as having been confessed
|,ÿ y OUi and your said entry will be or
cancelled thereunder without your fur
I ther right tobe heard therein, either
before this office or on appeal, if you
fail to file in this office within twenty C
days after the fourth publication of this y
notice, as shown below, your answer
, under ' onthi specifically meetingandre
spending to these allegations of contest, al
or f you fail within that time to file in
t b j s 0 ffj ce d ue p roo f that you have
served a copy of your answer on the
said contestant either in person or by
registered mail. If this service is
made by the delivery of a copy of your 0
answer to the contestant in person,
proof of such service must be either
the said contestant's written acknowl
edgment of his receipt of the copy,
showing the date of its receipt, or the j
affidavit of the person by whom the
delivery was made stating when and
where the copy was delivered; it made
by registered mail, proof of such ser
vice must consist of the affidavit of the
person by whom the copy was mailed
: stating when and the postoffice to
which it was mailed, and this affidavit
must he accompanied by the postmas
I ter's receipt for the letter.
| You should state in your answer the
1 name of the postoffice to which you de
1 sire future notices to be sent you.
j Department of the Interior,
Land Office at Lewiston, Idaho, August
j 7th, 1912.
of Fraser, Idaho, who, on October 10,
1907, made homestead entry No. 12426,
serial No. 02190, for Se 1-4 Sw 1-4, sec
tion 6, Ne 1-4 Nw 1-4; w 1-2 Ne 1-4 sec
tion 7, township 35, range 3, E. B. Mer
idian, has filed notice of intention to
make final five year proof, to estab
lish claim to the land above described,
before U. S. Commissioner, at Orofino,
Idaho, on the 26th day of October, 1912,
Claimant names as witnesses:
Charles E. Long, Gipson Dorthy, H.
Eller, all of Fraser, Idaho and Ed ßall
of Greer, Idaho.
Notice For Publication.
U. S.
Notice is hereby given that
Department of the Interion. U. S.
Land office at Lewiston, Idaho, Au
12nc j 4912.
Notice is hereby given that
T. H. Bartlett, Register.
Notice For Publication
linal three-year proof, to establish
claim to the land above described, be
M ,T ! ' ^
at Orotino, Idaho, on the 14th day ot
September, i91- !
Claimant names as witnesses.
Fred Baner Peter Vanairsdale, F rank
Carey, Jacob Crabb allot Lenore, Idaho, j
1. H. BAR 'LETT,
Kegisti_r. ,
of Cavendish, Idaho, who, on August
25th, 1908, made homestead entry No.
0478, for S 1-2 Nw 1-4, section 29, town
ship 37 north, range 1, E. B. Meridian,
J las fj] e( j notice ot intention to make
Notice For Publication.
Department of the Interior. U. S. j
Land Office at Lewiston, Idaho, August
7, 1912.
Notice is hereby given that
of Ahsahka, Idaho, who on December ;
27, 1907, made homestead entry No.
11657, serial No. 01822 lor Lot 13, and
Se 1-4 Sw 1-4, section 2, township 36 ;
north, range 1, E. B. Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make final five
year proof, to establish claim to the
land above described, before U. S.
Commissioner, at Orofino, Idaho on the
t 21st day of September, 1912.
Claimant names as witnesses:
William Dillow and Charles Lister of
Orofino, Idaho and Charles FI. Tomiln
son and Frank Surprise, of Ahsahka,
T. H. BARTLETT, Register.
When your merchant tells you he has flour
as good as Princess he does so because he
can buy inferior flour much cheaper.
G. F. Hardy. Proprietor.
Good Service. Everything New and First Class.
Orofino Meat & Cold Storage Co.
Fresh and Cured Meats, Poultry, Etc.
All Meats
Prepared in our new, SANITARY Packing Plant.
Real Estate
DeCourcey & Walrath
Farm and Timber Lands, City
Money to Loan on Improved Farms
Orofino, Idaho
Forfeiture Notice
To Fred Veach and the heirs at law
of A. T. Spottswood, deceased, and
their administrators and assigns.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended during the years 1909, 1910
and 1911, the sum of eleven hundeed
dollars in labor and improvements upon
the Black Lead group of quartz claims.
sitnate in Clearwater countv,_ Idaho,
V iz: the Iron Cap, recorded in book
7 a 't page 598; the Copper Queen,
corded in book 7 at page 400; the Black
Lead, recorded in book 8 at page 39
and the Black Quartz Lead recorded in
book 8 at page 40 of the mining records
of Clearwater county, Idaho, in order
to hold said claims under the provisions
of section 2324 of the revised statutes
of the United States, and the amend
me nt thereto approved July 22, 1880,
concerning annual labor upon mining
claims, being the amount required to
hold said lode claims for the period end
ing December 31, 1911. And ;f within
ninety days from the personal service
0 f this notice or within ninety days
after the publication thereot, you tail
or refuse to contribute your propor
tion of such expenditure, to-wit: four
hundred and fifty i$450i as a co-owner,
your interest in the said claims will be
C ome the property of the subscriber,
y 0Ur co-owner who has made the re
nuired exDenditure by the terms of
said section
al , r 4 L. F. WILLIAMS.
j n the Probate Court of the County
0 f Clearwater, State of Idaho,
j n the matter of the estate of John
\y. Johnson, deceased,
Notice is hereby given by the under
sioned administratrix of the estate of
j 0 'h n W. Johnson, deceased, to the
creditors of, and all persons having
claims against the said deceased, to ex
hibit them with the necessary vouchers,
within ten months after the first publi
cation of this notice, to the said ad
ministratrix at Weippe, Idaho, the same
being the place for the transaction of
the business of said estate, in the
C0U nty of Clearwater, state of Idaho.
Signed and dated at Orofino, Idaho,
this 22nd day of July, A. D. 1912.
Administratrix of the estate of John
w. Johnson, deceased.
Notice to Creditors
Notice of Time Appointed For Proving Will.
In the Probate Court of the County of
Clearwater, State of Idaho.
In the matter of the estate of Francis
Carle, deceased.
Pursuant to an order of said Probate
Court, made on the 27th day of July
1912, notice is hereby given that Fn
<j a y, the 23rd day of August, 19i2,
a t 10 o'clock a. m. of said day, at
the court room of said court, in the
Village of Orofino, in the county
Clearwater and state of Idaho,, has been
appointed as the time and place for
proving the will of said Francis Carle,
deceased, and for hearing the applica
tion of John Gaffney for the issuance to
himself of letters testamentatory, when
an j where
appear and
Dated this 27th
any person interested may
contest the same.
day of July, 1912.
Notice for Publication
Department of the Interior
U. S. Land Office at Lewiston, Idaho,
July 30, i9i2.
Notice is hereby given that Ethelbert
W. Miller, of Gilbert, Idaho, who, on
November 26, i907, made homestead
entry No. i2477 serial, No. 02228, for
-4 sw i-4 section 14, twp 36 n,
range 1 e, B meridian, has filed notice
0 ^. Mention t 0 m ake final three-year
f> tQ cstablish claim to the land
»hove described, before J. W. Merrill,
^ g Commissioner, a t Orofino, Idaho,
! on the 7th day of September, i9i2.
Claimant names as witnesses: Victor
M R ic ) la rdson, J. Ben Dickson, William i
j s Cunni „g ham> Charles Plank, all of,
Gilberti Idaho.
, Clearwater Republican.
i Coal Lands (Elec. Filed July 30)
1 Proof made under Act June 6, i9t2.
S. j
u. s.
Department of the Interior,
; Land office at Lewiston, Idaho, July 22,
Notice is hereby given that
0 f Orofino, Idaho, who on May 16th,
190^ ma de homestead entry No. 11817,
Serial number 01893, for S 1-2 Sw 1-4,
S. s 1-2 and W 1-2 of N 1-2 of lot 10, section
l township 36 north, range 1, E. B.
Meridian, has filed notice of intention
to make final five year proof, to estab
of ]j s h claim to the land above described,
before J. W. Merrill, U. S. Commis
i sioner, at Orofino, Idaho, on the 30th
! day of August, 1912.
Claimant names as witnesses:
J. M. Holt, Gus Grube, Charley Brad
T. H. BARTLETT, Register.
and Harry \\ alrath all of
he Idaho,
General Office, Orofino, Idaho
Buys White and Yellow Pine
Palace Meat Market
John Wells, Proprietor
Sausage Our Specialty
During the Spring and Summer months we Intend
to keep on hand a full line of Fancy Sausage, of all
kinds. Also cooked meats in connection with our
other Fresh and Cured meats.
Our Sausage Season Opens April 1st. Come and See.
Owl Drug Co
Orofino Steam Laundry
L. M. Cochran, Proprietor
All Classes of Laundry work skillfully handled. We
guarantee Satisfaction in work and prices.
Telephone Main 63
Jeweler and Engraver
Watch Repairing a Specialty
Full Line of Rodgers' 1847 Silver Ware
Next door to the White Pine Building.
Just One Little Omission
Just one little failure to include an unpaid tax or to note an un
satisfied judgment, lurking secret in the background. Or a lien not
clear rn the surface, and escaping the attention of the superficial
searcher. And many other things of like nature—the omission of
just one of them makes your Abstract worthless and worse than
worthless a traitor to your pocketbook, leading you to calamity by
its false assurance of safety. Don't take chances when you need
an Abstract. Go to people who make abstracting of title a specialty,
and stake their whole reputation on furnishing the infallible record
you need. Come in and learn the details of our service.
Clearwater Abstract Co.
Bonded Abstractors.
Orofino, Idaho.
Hotel Orofino
Horace Noble, Proprietor
Finest Equipped Hotel in Clearwater County
Everything New and Strictly Up-to-date White
Help only Employed.
Clearwater Telephone Line
Connects with Pacific Telephone and Telegraph
Company, giving direct Communication with all
outside as well as all local points. Quick, prompt
service a specialty. I respectfully solicit your
business. — — — —
Samson Snyder, Proprietor, Orofino, Idaho.

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