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BOUT once in a decade a new
fleet of ocean liners Is launch
ed, setting a new standard for
6ize. luxury and safety at sea.
the great ships which are
thought to express the last word In
boat building are suddenly found
dwarfed by their new sisters and rele
gated to a second place. The new
fleet now under construction, in turn,
surpasses all the great ships which
have gone before.
The world has scarcely become ac
customed to using the Mauretania aa
a synonym for large objects, when
two great ships, the Olympic and the
Titanic, were designed to surpass all
of her dimensions. No sooner was one
of these liners launched than the own
era of the Mauretania planned a new
■hip of even greater length. Now,
In turn, comes the greatest of all
ocean liners, the Europa, which Is still
larger. With the increase In length,
beam and tonnage, comes a corre
sponding development in the luxury
of equipment One may no longer
call the great ocean liners floating ho
tels, since the new boats offer many
more attractive and novel features not
yet attempted by the builder of hotels.
The new liners have all, even more
than the comforts of a palatial
The supremacy of the seas In black
and white is as follows:
Mauretania ..
Olympic .
Europa .
...790 ft.
Statistics are likely to be Btupid
things and the mere recital of dimen
sions, however large, give little Idea
of the overpowering bulk of such a
ship as the Europa. The new liner
will have a displacement of about
70,000 tons,
terlal used In this construction will
weigh 140,000,000 pounds. It would,
therefore, require 1,400,000 men,
about the population of Philadelphia,
each carrying 100 pounds, to handle
this material. If this material was
loaded upon the largest American
freight cars, it would All a train 40
miles in length, which, by the way,
would extend all the way across the
Panama canal. The combined
paclty of the three largest hotels In
.900 ft
In other words, the ma
Pretty Thin.
The tall-of-the-season reform that
•wept over Coney island might well
have considered the welfare of
wretched horses which afe used for
the "dlme-rlde" business. When the
season closes they are auctioned off,
and are knocked down to the bidders
at next to nothing. Generally they
are so skeleton like that they are
practically useless.
At the end of this Beason a buyer
bought an exceptionally attenuated
specimen after he had been coaxed to
bid on him by
made by the auctioneer, who wound
up by saying:
"Now, look a'here, boss. If you buy
this hawse an' you ain't pleased with
the anlmlle, you just bring him back
and get your money—see?"
"Yes," retorted the buyer; "but this
la the last day of the sale, and the
beast la so blamed thin he may die
on my hands. Then, supposing I did
bring him back, you probably wouldn't
he here to receive him."
"Oh, well," blandly replied the auo
ttoneer. "If you do bring him bank
numerous promises
New York city Is 3,236 persons, while
the Europa carries 4,250 passengers.
Ship With Nine Decks.
The Europa will have a beam of
96 feet, so that her deck will be
wide aa Broadway In New York city
at its widest point. She will have
nine decks above the water line, thus
making her literally a skyacraper
afloat. The population of a small
city will be luxuriously accommodated
aboard without crowding, since her
capacity will slightly exceed 6,000.
The old familiar standard of compari
son, Buch aB the height of the Statue
of Liberty or the Washington
ment, Is completely outclassed.
Some idea of the enormous size of
the Europa may be had from the
der which has been given for 2,000,000
--— HAi/mriktmA — -
Ship Dimensions Compared.
feet of Oregon flr to be used for the
decks alone. For months this lum
ber has been lying near Portland,
Ore., before being sblppsd to Ger
many. Special care has been taken
to provide only clear, vertical grain
wood, which has been selected with
the greatest care.
With the unprecedented amount of
cabin and deck space available on the
Europa, a number of unique features
become possible which have
before been attempted on a ship. None
of the staterooms will be cramped,
on the early boats. For those who
care to travel with all the comforts
of home, there will be complete suites
available. There will be a choice of
dining rooms for those who do not
care for the main dining salon; there
will be a Ritz-Carlton restaurant, a
grill room, tea garden and even a
rathskeller. Spacious palm gardens,
which In winter may be converted
Into aun parlors, will occupy the up
and we ain't here, you Kin Just above
It under the door."—Lipplncott's.
Puzzled Flnnlgan.
Casey decided to go into business,
so he bought out a small livery stable
and had a painter make a sign for
him showing him astride a mule, says
the National Monthly. He had this
sign placed In front of It Hla friend
Flnnlgan happened along and stood
gaslng at the sign. "That's a good plo
ture of me, ain't it?" asked Casey.
"Sure It looks something like you,"
said Flnnlgan, "but who the devil is
the man on your back?"
How to Mend an Egg-Beater.
Don't throw away your Dover egg
beater Just because It "skips" if It Is
otherwise good. Take some soft
twine and twist tightly around under
the head of the screw In the center of
the wheel, until you have enough on
to make it run firmly. It may wear
off In a week or two, but la easily re
placed, and I have found that It pro
longs the working life of the egg
beater Indefinitely.—Woman's Home
per deck. Several ladles' salons fln
Isbed In different decorative perlodi
will appeal to the tastes of different
nationalities. All of these salons will
be connected by telephone to the pri
vate staterooms, so that those whosf
cabins are perhaps two or three elt>
blocks apart may talk with one an
The gymnasium on the Europa will
be much larger and more completelj
equipped than any heretofore Install
In addition to the regular appar..t
us, there will be a running track, sc
that au athlete could actually cros
the ocean without breaking training
The mechanical exercising devices a.
ready introduced on some ships wil
be very complete, enabling one to
erciso any set of muscles without e;
0 ( 1 .
lort or enjoy a mechanical camel or
horseback ride.
An experiyncod at
tendant will be In charge of the gym
naslum to offer intelligent advice tc
those seeking exercise,
To Have Many Luxuries.
A special squash court will he buiil
in connection wlib the
Nearby will be found a large swim
ming pool and completely equipped
Turkish and Roman baths
over by skillful attendants.
The Europa will be ventilated thor
oughly by a new system,
She has nc
rising above her decks
which is so familiar a feature of
liners, and her long, unbroken deck
Incidentally gives her a very trim
shipshape appearance,
forced to the lowermost decks b)
powerful air pumps,
the great ship will thus be supplied
with currents of pure air to the
Air will b<
Every part oi
This system Insures
er temperature,
pure air and equitable temperature
throughout the ship.
The most powerful telegraph
paratus ever carried to sea will be
set up on the Europa,
height of her masts will make It
slble to transmit or receive messages
over the entire width of the Atlantic
ocean, so that the Europa will always
be In direct communication with land
The unusual
Brethern Church.
Mr. W. Howard Blshrp of Crystal
City, Tex., Is one of a colony of Dunk
ards who lately acquired landed prop
erty In the Lone Star State. At the
Eutaw House, where the visitor is
stopping, he said:
"There are four different secta call
ed by the world Dunkards, but
call ourselves the Brethren Church.
There is a paid ministry and
paid one, and every member has a
right to exhort and take part in the
religious work. Most all Dunkards
own their homes and delight In beau
tifying them. They are for the most
part a farming people, and prefer the
quiet life of the country to the bustle
and temptations of the towns. There
Is private ownership of property
among us, but the community plan is
practised to the extent of all tender
ing aid when help is needed, and
our poorest adherents never become
a charge on the charity of the public.
"The biggest branch of the Breth
ren Church (the conservative wing)
has nearly 900 churches and between
80,000 and 90,000 communicants; It
maintains homes for old folks and
orphana, and has missionaries
China, India and Europe."
an un
Paris Hero Meets Tragic Death.
Jean Georges, the Parisian cab dri
ver who received the legion of honor
for his heroism at the charity bazaar
fire, on May 16, 1897, when he Baved
the lives of 15 women, lost his life
by drowning early last month
Bordeaux. For some years after his
exploit he and his carriage were In
constant demand on the boulevards of
Paris, especially by English and Amer
ican tourists, but the advent of the
tomobile ultimately forced him out.
He then came to this country to seek
his fortune, but failed utterly, his
turn home being paid for him by pri
Georges took up
his old trade In Bordeaux after that
and became lost to sight until his
tragic death, which was purely acci
vate subscription.
Bird Killed on Golf Link»
In the window of a well known taxi
dermist In Edinburgh, Scotland, Is to
be seen
the figure of a starling
perched on a golf ball, and Inclosed
In a neat glass case. The poor bird Is
mounted on the sphere that caused Its
death. The incident happened on the
golf course at Elle. The bird
struck while In flight, and instantly
Germ of Happiness.
"He was happy on a pint measure,"
says a Bill ville philosopher, "but
never objected to a gallon Jug. If he
had to dwell In the valley be
tented himself with the thought that
there was nothing but storm and thun
der on the hilltop, anyway, and that
all have to get back to the simple life
in the end. Thus, on the rugged path
way of life he preserved
soul.''—Atlanta Constitution.
an even
Transparent Device»
1 can easily see through my wife*!
C hrist mas present to me."
"What was It?''
"A pair of lace curtains."
Cleansing Hints That, 8om* Tims « r
Another, Ars Sure to Be Pound
of Value.
Cover marble with a paste made by
nixing French chalk with alcohol,
md allow the figure to become per
ectly dry.
Then brush the powder
If the result Is not satisfactory
'■ lpo over with a rag dipped In Javelle
vater. This Is a mild bleach.
In cleaning oil cloth little water
hould be used, because If any gets
nderneatb each time It Is washed
he oil cloth will rot.
A little kerosene added to the wa
er will brighten oil cloth unless it is
nuch worn or has been washed with
ater so hot that the varnish has
.een removed during the process.
In this case, only a thin transpar
nt varnish will remedy matters.
remove the green from brass
nix one teaspoonful of oxalic acid
vith one cupful of water, and with a 1
dean rag rub the article to be clean- j
■d thoroughly.
Wash off with hot soap and water,
•emoving all the oxalic acid, and then
lolish with any of the good prépara
ions that are on the market for deali
ng brass.
Simple Improvement That Is Said to
Produce the Best of
By a very simple improvement in
the familiar cooker, it is claimed that
the preparation of food Is greatly facil
pans, one nested within the other, and
he Improvement referred to lies slm
The cooker consists of two
ply In the making of a number of per
forations along the edge of the Inner
receptacle, which is the one designed
to contain the food to be treated. The
lid fits over both pans In such a way
that the steam from the water In the
lower receptacle passes up to the In
terior of the chamber containing the
food. Because of t^e additional heat
the cooking Is accomplished in less
time and the moisture supplied by the
3team prevents the food from becom
ing too dry.
Chocolate Chips.
Place in a saucepan one cupful of
brown sugar and one cupful of Or
leans molasses, and one tablespoonful
of butter. Boil until It spins a thread
or forms a hard ball when dropped
Into co*ld water; then removed from
the lire and flavor with one teaspoon
ful of vanilla. Pull into long thin
sheets, then cut into small pieces.
When cold dip Into melted chocolate
flavored with vanilla.
Quick Broth.
One cup of chicken or turkey stock
made by using bits of left-over meat
and breaking the bones and cooking
them until all the juice is extracted,
... . « , , .
one-half cup of cooked rice one cup !
of vegetable puree, one-half carrot, I
one-half onion, minced. Add a pint
and a half of boiling water, one tea- >
spoon of salt or less. Let boil and
skim well. Simmer for about an hour
Season, strain and serve.
New Dish For Luncheon.
An attractive way of serving chick
en salad is to place It In a ring of ham
jelly. Two cupfuls of the salad should
be poured In the hole of the ring after
the jelly Is turned out on the platter.
To make the dish attractive the Jelly
Bhould rest on lettuce or watercress.
To make the ham jelly, while one-half
pint of thick cream until stiff, stir In
a cupful of aspic jelly, cool, not, set,
and add a jar of potted ham. A few
drops of fruit syrup will make the jel
ly pink.
Beefsteak Roll.
Have a piece of round steak cut
evenly, make a dressing as for poul
try, spread It over the beef, roll it up
and tie. Lay this into a round bot
tom kettle, In which a few pieces of
fat pork have been tried out, turn
over until browned on all sides, add
a little salt and boiling water. Cow
closely and Btew two hours.
Eclair shells Oiled with chicken sal
ad, liberally dressed with mayonalsse,
are a favorite dish at Sunday teas la
aa old Nsw York home.
Wire Clips Instantly Engage Neck of
Bottle and Can Be Releaaed
Almost Instantly.
▲ bottle-carrier particularly design
ed for milk bottles, but useful for oth
ers vlth large mouths or for jars, has*
been patented by a Maryland man.,
Two pieces of wire are bent Into»
square form at one end and semi-cir
cular form at the other. When con
nected the square ends form clips to
engage the neck of the bottle. When
these handles are spread apart the«
circle formed by the two clips Is at
Its widest circumference and will ean-
Milk Bottle Carrier.
Ily encircle a bottle. When the han
dles are pressed together the circle 1»
compressed and grips the bottle, ma
king It easy to carry. By setting the*
bottle down and releasing the grlp<
the Improvise^ handle can be released;
In an instant. The milkman will flndi
plenty of use for this device.
Illustration Given, Together With Di
rections for Making Convenient
Little Farm Device.
A good latch for farm gates may
be made as shown In the accompany
ing sketch. The slide A Is suspend
ed by the hangers BB, which are*
placed on each side of the gate. The*
back end of thè latch works between«
the guides C and the front end be
tween the end pieces of the gate. Th»
Bilde engages with a slot in the gate*
post when the gate is shut.
The hangers BB are made In any
convenient length. The holes
one-fourth Inch in diameter and tire
boita are used as fasteners. The
holes for the hangers should be
drilled one-third of the width of the*
latch from Its top to make the largest'
15— V
Hj, --i
liill 1 *"' 1 '
Latch for Swinging Gate.
part of the weight fall below th»
fastenings of the supports, write»
Willard H. Elder in Popular Meehan
. les. The slide being in a horizontal
! position, it works better between the.
I guides
When the Bilde is In the
gatepost slot, the hangers should b»
at the angle shown, so that the*
weight of the slide helps to hold It lia
Condition for Calving Cow.
Some experiments which have been
conducted by the Missouri station with*
milk cows during the few weeks Im
mediately following calving show thta
cows that are fat at calving time give
richer milk In the interval following
than do cows that are thin, and richer
than they themselves will give after
three or four weeks. By an Interest
ing process the fat on their bodies 1»
reabsorbed and converted Into butter
fat in the palll.
Protect From Files.
Remember that it takes as much
energy and feed to fight flies as it
does to grow a calf. Then will It not
pay to cut out the flies by giving tb»
oalves access to a dark stable or shed,
and also apply a little "fly dope."
You may rest assured that they will
grow and lay on flesh twice as fast
from now on If they are afforded a.
means of thus protecting themselvea
than they otherwise could possible do.
The Farm Separator.
The farm separator la too good a
stepmother for the calf to get alone:

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