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Davis Stands For Efficient State Government
Of, For and By ALL the People of Idaho.
Not for One Special Class of the People.
Daviß will give Idaho a plain, hon
est business administration. His
acknowledged business ability will
be felt in the various departments
of the state, and his sound judgment
and honest methods, his impartial
attitude toward all classes, will es
tablish confidence and be a guaran
tee that Idaho is a safe state in
which to invest one's money.
Idaho is undeveloped. It would
be a CALAMITY at this time to do
a lot of experimenting with untried
Socialistic doctrines that would
drive every dollar of capital out of
our state.
He is not a political crook, therefore
he knows he cannot reduce state
taxes $1,000,000 a year, and is too
honest to steal votes by deceiving
the people.
Davis is not making promises he
cannot fulfill. He is not in favor of
freak legislation, nor will he, as
governor, be the governor of one
special class against all other classes
of citizens of Idaho. He will be
the people's governor.
-, ÿ -<*
jV. /-'• %
: ■ •
A Vote For Davis is a Vote for
Honest, Sane State Government
A vote for Samuels is a vote for Socialistic Theories
The following poem was written
hy R. Mill Oliver, a late lieutenant
In the Australian Imperial forces,
■who was wounded at Passchendaele
In October, 1917, and has just been
discharged by reason of his wounds
end 1 b now in San Francisco en
route to his home in Australia.
Each mother's son, who has given
his life.
In freedom's fight over there,
Each wooden cross, that points to
the sky.
Demands that you do your share.
Each Belgian babe, that has lost
it's home.
The fatherless, motherless too.
Cry for succour, but not in vain
For their cries are heard by you.
Your sons, waiting the word to go. °
the barrage thunders! 1
Each tender nurse, who mothers us
Back to health and strength again,
Can't work alone, she needs your
Though far from the field of pain.
Each dawn that rises, sees on the
They have never faltered or gone!
too slow.
So each over here can do a share.
Though not in an active way.
Just buy a bond, and help to drive ,
To his den. the ■ world's beast of
Drive him to his den and across the
The stone of Liberty roll,
And blot out the name that has
blood stained
Civilization's sacred scroll.
Under date of October 8, 1918.
the Clearwater County Council ot
Defense was advised by the Nation
al Council of Defense and War In
dustries Board, through the State
Defense Council, of the necessity of
immediately appointing a commit
tee of live men to he known as the
Non-war construction committee for
Clearwater county, and accordingly
at its meeting on October 12 the
following were named to serve on
this committee—
Chas. A. Fisher, Oroflnn, chairman. !
Joseph B. Dickson, Gilbert.
Robert G. Hamilton. Weippe.
Joseph Myers, Tekean.
The duties and purposes of this j
Andrew Bloom, Elk River.
committee are to receive and act
upon all applications for building
construction within the county, In
cluding sidewalks, but not street
paving or highway coil&tructlon,
and to forward the applications
with the appropriate recommenda
tions to the state defense council at
Boise, each member of the commit
tee having been furnished with a
limited number of the regulation
form of application.
Notice is hereby given to all
those desiring to do any kind of
building, " including sidewalks, but
not street paving,, or highway con
struction. tha
structlon was
y^upless actual con
need between
September 3rd and September 20th,
1918, you must first make applica
tion for and receive building per
mit before commencing work.
It should not be assumed from
i lhe above, however, tliqt there is
any intention on the part of the
national government to place an
embargo on all construction, but
simply to restrict It to what seems
necessary in view of the necessity
° r conserving both material and la
1 ""' f '"' ,,lp " sp of ,hp government
In the present war crisis.
Truly yours,
CHAS. FISHER. Chairman.
Non-War Construction Committee.
Owing to the order of the State |
Hoard of Health prohibiting Indoor
meetings, the first numeber of the
Lyceum Course to be held at Oroft-1
no on October 10. was postponed to j
a later and at present undelermtn-.
ed date.
If. for any reason,
: he allowed to present
1 numbers of this course sometime
during this season, we will refund
! the money to the ticket holders.
In the meantime
e should not ;
the three j
anyone, owing ;
to leaving the county, or for some ,
unavoidable cause being unable to
attend, can have their money re
turned by applying to Mrs. H. D.
Britan or Mr. Ede at the Bank of
Thanking the people of Oroflno
and vicinity for the courtesy and
,ood will that they have shown in
j this matter, we are. sincerely yours.
Oroflno Red Cross Lyceum Com
I mittee.
The Salvation Army has added ;
-lie to its coffee and doughnut menu
close to the front line trenches.
Supplementing orders Nos. 4 2. 4 2
and 44 have been issued by the
Idaho State Board of Health, in co
operation with the United States
Health Service, in the control of
Spanlsl^ Influenza,
they a Ce as follows.
Thorough sterilization by wash
ing and rinsing In warm water and
then complete Immersion in boiling
water of all equipment. Including
dishes, knives, forks, spoons, glass
es, etc., used in the serving to the
public of foods and drinks, imme
diately after each individual use.
The use of public or common
drinking cups and towels in any
place whatsoever, and the m e of
broken or chipped drinking cups or
glasses is positively prohibited. a
Inspectors of this department and
all local health officers will enforce
this order, and are directed to pre- ls
emptorily close any and all places
falling to observe this order, or re
fusing to comply with these pro
visions, making report of their ac
tion to this office.
On the spirit in which this order I
is accepted and observed depends
whether or not it will be modified !
er strengthened, in order to get the
required results. I
J. B. LOOMIS. Village\Clerk.
' I
In substance
Families of men in thelservtse
abroad are eager to make ChVtstmas j
overseas as merry as conditUais will j
j permit. The war department has j as
decided that each man may
; from his family a Christmas
; ase a f standard size and ap^oxi
j mutely standard contents. \
j The Red Cross will prepare these
I parcels for mailing, an arrangeaient
i having*been completed between
each man. To avoid duplication an4
to make sure that each parcel is V
correctly addressed, a "Christmas \
Parcel Label" is now being Issued
to every man abroad who will mail |
; \v a r Department, the Postofflce Dte
, par tment and the Red Cross. \
Only one parcel can be sent t
his "Christmas Parcel Label"
some relative or friend who will be
entitled to send hlin a parcel by
complying with the conditions.
The weight of the parcel must
; not exceed two pounds and fifteen
ounces unwrapped.
Call at your nearest Red Cross
headquarters for instructions and
mailing facilities. Thepostage will
be 12 cents for each pound or frac
tion thereof.
The StarB and StrlpeB ' the offlc -
,al newspaper published by the sol
dlcr8 of lhe American expeditionary
force8 tn France ' says editorially
abou . t the eneiny peace offensive—
" het the weak hearte, J who are
dreaming of a compromise; let the
paclfl8ts who are talking a peace by
agreement; let the sidelines who
have had enough of war; let the
spcretly f rimed pro-Germans who
think this war phould pnd w,thout
a decision ~l pt tbe "> one and »11
know once and for a11 that for the
American expeditionary force there
ls no 8Uch word as '' Peacp " wlth
the Huns unbeaton ' The man who
talks of . peace today ' esce P' by a
victory ' a tralt&l -
Thp pnpmy ppacp offensive is lik
pned to the act,on of German ma '
tllinp « un crews in the Vesle flsht '
tng ' wben then fought and kUled '
Africans until they were sur
,ounded ' thpn ahoutpd 'Kamerad.'
" Thp mothers of the American
aoldler8 ,n France want the same
peace their sons demand. All the
'courage of the ancient .Spartant
mother is in the hearts of the wo
men of America."
jf. y OU wan t to hit the Blake
sang a knockout blow, vote against
Nugent for U. S. Senator,
as Senator means that Jim Blake is
able to pull the strings at Washing
the Blake machine a fatal punch.
Vote for Gooding and you hit
Statement of Ownership.
Statement of ownership, manage
ment, circulation, etc., required by
the Act of Congress of August 24,
1912, of the Clearwater Republican.
PubHshpd weekly at ° roflno ' Idaho '
V or October, 1918.
\ nder oath ' declares that hp ,B tbe
^ p owner of tbe Clearwater Re
pJ £ Ucttn; * hat he ,8 edU ° r and PUb '
lisller: that the Bank of Oroflno ls
the \iolder of a 1650 mortgage on
P. L. Orcutt,
if the equipment; that the
®e Corporation of San Fran
jklif., holds a contract of sale
wd. 1 Linotype.
part V
cisco, <
on the
Bonds bukd
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the moBt refreshing, cool drinks,
and the latest trimmings in Sun
daes at our parlors. Make Affleck's
your first stop after the show, or
when you come in from the auto
Always welcome,
try hard to serve you to your sat
isfaction and pleasure.
And we
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