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Clearwater Republican
FRIDAY, APRIL 11. 1919.
Attention Motor Vehicle Owners.
Subscribe to the
Victory Loan
Uncle Sam Needs the Money.—
"Let's Finish the Job" and
Do It Right.
Victory Loan Campaign is now
and will open on Monday, April 21.
Let every american citizen in this coun
ty consider the conditions of our na
tion one year ago when the Third Lib
erty Bond sale was opened and with
conditions today, when our government
calls on us to assist in putting the Fifth
Liberty Bond over. The comparison ir»
then we were in darkness and doubt in
the greatest war that is known in his
tory in ans country. We have every- j c
thing to be thankful for, our country is
prosperous and our boys are returning
v not put this loan over easier j
than any other of the past. WE WILL,
for the terms are easier than any one
of the others and the life of the bond
will only be five years, with an increas
ed rate of interest.
The best investment in the world,
why not loan your credit to your gov
ernment when it needs it.
you will,
the Job."
Grangemont Highway F>election.
The election for the creation and or
ganization of the Grangemont Highway I
District, out of a portion of the present i
Orofino Highway District, resulted in
an almost unanimous vote for the es -
tablishment of the proposed new high-1
way district, the vote being 53 for and
2 against its creation. The resident ■
property owners of the new Grange- 1
mont Highway District are interested ;
in the improvement and completion, on
good grades, of the Whiskey Creek
route towards Quarte Creek. This I
would give an unusually good road
into Headouarters and would he n
inio neaaquariers ana would be a
scenic drive for autos to Rich Old
Pierce. A well built road into the i
timber belt would stimulate trade from I
I „„j .1 i
O.of no and would increase the value ,
of all farm property along the route.
I believe
Our slogan, "Let's F'inish
J. S. Hogue,
County Chairman.
flock together—and so also do men
of similar opinion and sentiment.
An individual is oftentimes
judged by the company he keeps.
A man's methods—as well as
his associates—frequently prove a
faithful index to character.
The person who maintains a
checking account in this institution
is more than likely to be found
progressive and modern.
Our officers invite checking
I I Bank of Orofino
5 Percent. On Savings and Certifhcates of Deposit.
— __ . _
2 > s
E g
Attention Motor Vehicle Owners.
Relative t<5 laws governing motor
vehicles, I wish to call attention to
those owning same, that they must
have a license or receipt for same be
fore they can lawfully run their cars on
I the streets or public highways. Those
operating public motor vehicles for
hire must acquire a chauffer's license
in addition to the motor vehicle tax.
The last legislature by the enactment
of House Bill No. 131 amended the mo
tor bus law. These amendments bring
taxicabs and automobiles operating
from garages uoon call within the defi
nition of the term of "common carrier" |
and require a bond of $2000 for any
person or concern operating five or less
cars and a bond of $50)0 for more than
fivevehicles and makes the violation of
this law a misdemeanor. Applications
are to he made through the assessor.
These amenements become effective
May 8, 1919.
Dealers in motor vehicles are requir
ed to take out dealer's license amount
ing to 135.00 where one make vehicle is
handled and an additional fee of $25 for
each additional make handled by one
establishment in each city, town or
village. Dealers cannot operate under
a dealer's lincense taken out in another
city, town or \ illage.
The sheriff, eputy sheriffs, consta
bles, police or marshall, game wardens
and deputy game wardens are interest
ed in the enforcement of the provisions
of the laws governing same. So do not
go up in the air if some one of these
officers should remind you that your j
outo license is due and should be taken j
John P. Harlan, Assessor.
North Fork Highway Dissolution.
It is reported that petitions are being
j c j rcu j a t e d for the dissolution of the
is North Fork Highway District. It is
very a p pare nt that the present High
way District organizations are not sat
j s factorv to the taxpayers, and they
are petitioning for transfer back to
county management. The pleas of the
citizens and tax payers for dissolution
of highway districts is an evidence of
dissatisfaction in highway administra- 1
tion methods, and, apparently, is al- !
most reasonable proof of the rejection
of any proposed bond issue under I
highway management.
Miss Agnes Read and Mr. Arthur
Frear were married in Orofino, Sun- !
day, April 0. Miss Read is a sister of
I Mrs. C. A. Krogh, wife of the Northern
i Pacific station agent. The groom is a
in well known young man of Orofino and
- vicinity. The happy couple are now i
spending their honeymoon at Falen's
mill, on Whiskey Creek. The Repub-,
■ Kean extends congratulations and wish
1 es the newlyweds a prosperous and hap
; py married life. i
Patronize Your Home Jeweler. ,
I The watch maker tells us, if we in-'
tend to buy a watch, it is best to get I
n one !" ade !" America, on account of
a repairs. All american watches
standardized and thousands of new i
i parts are made in the factories daily, !
I whic . h W Ü!, fi i without further adjust
ment, while the repairs to a swiss watch
, have t0 be fitted entailing an extra
charge. F. I. Lindgren. _
Married in Orofino.
are ;
Enthusiastic Fire
men's Meeting
Earnest Discussion of Better !
Fire Protection.—Selection
of Village Ticket.
new members, the organization entered the
pn?4 mefireTrotecLn a seS t0 The '"
,„v W ,
ptimp a few davs aoo was brought uS to
. P ' • was '»ought up,
tothl*ta??th?tn'i " le " f ace
t e safetv of the town from the tire !
emon. issatisfaction ot the handling j
have been divert T^.'r 'r "h*
instead of heimr ikpH f nr th > Tm. ' tw<
instead of being used for the improve
men o the water service, was fully
isctisse '! ' h firemen. The meet
ing tinaily decided to appoint a commit
tee of three to select five members
| thusiastic meeting was held Monday
evening, at the Village Hall, by the
members of ttie Orotino Volunteer Fire
Department. After the transaction of
general business and the election of
An unusally well attended and en-!
.. ..... , ....
from the firemen s membership list, to
be filed with the city clerk, as nominees
tor the village council, to be designated |
I as the Firemen s Ticket. Dr. J. M.
your j fairly, Prob R. R. Richmond and H. j
taken j " alrat h were appointed by chairman
of the meeting, Chief H. F\ Ripley, to 1
make the selection and refer the names
to the meeting for final approval. After
some little time the committe reported
and presented seven names for action
by the organization. Fred Luttropp,
W. A. Wellman, Benj. Schmid, Samson
Snyder, B. Lomax, Charles Portfors
and H. F. Ripley were suggested by
the committee and were then balloted
on and the following five firemen were
the elected as nominees of the Firemen's
Ticket: Fred I.uttrop, W. A. Welhnan, :
of Benj. R. Schmid, Samson Snyder and
1 B. F. Ripley. I
al- ! This ticket ^ as later f 'led with the
city clerl< - whi| e the ticket is com- j rii
under I P osed entirely offiretnen, it also fairly ! be
represents the business element of the
village. Every nominee is a man of j the
considerable business experience and ed
' s ac( l ua ' n ted with the proper handling
Sun- ! v '** age funds. The personnel of the I are
of ticket a ' s0 ver . v ever >ly represents the
"liferent sections of the village, and
is a we congratulate the committee in the
and lnte " 1 K ent selection of representative
now i cand,dates Afire department is one
°f the m °st important organizations of
Repub-, an '"corporated town. The rates of for
wish- Insurance are bused on the efficiency 000
hap- * ke fire department and the fire rates
i ° f ?!' ofino a , re atl indication of the
c0nf,dence P laced »' the ability and
, earnestness of our fire fighters,
in-' A volunteer fire department is, par
get I ticularly, to be commended. They
of work without pay. They don't hesi
new i H .. *
daily, ! , y suit ?"
adjust- j tuctance about crawling out of bed at
watch all times of the night to answer the call
extra 0 f the fire bell
are ; täte to rusli into a fire with their "Sun
There is no delay or re
There is no hesitancy
at rushing into danger to save life
property and all these inconveniences B
and risks without thought of rémunéra
tion. 1 he Republican has heard of no
other ticket having been filed, as the
citizens, generally, appear to be satis-1
or in
fied with the Firemen's ticket.
Later—The Citizens Ticket was nom
inated at a later meeting and after the
! Republican was ready to go to press.
' The nominees are, F\ A. Jones, B. J.
Kinne, Phil Canton, Nels Helgeson and
Fl. H. Atherton.
Orofino Highwav Injunction.
_ A complaint has been filed with the
S ; Clerk of the District court of Clearwater
_ I County, by Frank White, against Jul
g I ius Dobson, Patrick Griffin and James
= j W. Blake, Commissioners of the Oro
= ! fino Highway District, to stop all
5 : penditures, pending on the dissolution
S j of the district. Two expert account
5 ants, C. H. Fide, cashier of the Bank of
S j Orofino, and Benj. R. Schmid, cashier
S j of the Fidelity State Bank,
E , auditing the Orofino Highway Books to
= j ascertain the present financial status
5 of the above named highway. These td
S figures will be used in court in the dis
The Fifth Liberty Loan Special will
are now
solution proceedings.

Fifth Liberty Loan Special.
_, . . .
- ; arrive in Orofino at 4:30 p. m. and de
= j part at 5:30 p. m. on Tuesday, April 22. ty,
S| soldiers, as well as speakers will ac
It is planned to
company the train.
carry a few singers to lead in patriotic
_ songs at the meeting and inspiring mus
s 'ic will be provided for the entertain- 1
S j ment of the auditors Don't forget the ;
g date, and be sure tobe at the depot for
this patriotic occasion. 1
jMen Injured by
Speeder Wreck
1 land
! Car Jumped Track Near Lapwai
—Injured Men Taken
to Hospital.
The following Northern Pacific Hail
way employes, (.. A. Krogh, station
I agent, Orofino, J. A. Lewis section;
foreman, and D. W. Smith, section the
hand, of the Orofino section, w ere in-l of
jured last week by a speeder jumping was
the tracki near Lapwai. They were der
'" ki "" so,ne movie films t0 Lewiston J that
that had been, by mistake, transfered in
to the Clearwater line and put off at
Orotino. The were to be shown in
Lewiston Mondt-y night. They reached , the
! Arrow Junction in good season and i
j changed speeders. Harry Smith, sec- !
tlon foreman at Arrow Junction, and i one
' tw< * st ' etion * ian( *s j° ineti t,le speeder 1 lias
crew at that point . Near Lapwai the y , the
ran j nto a houlder, ditching the car,
and roughlv unloading the entire crew. 1 >'
Mr. Krogh was thrown into the Clear- one
water river and had a knee cap frac- 1 tr
tured and injuries to his head. D. \V.
Smith was cut about the head and jaw,
| an(t was U ncohscious when first picked are
j slightly injured. The injured men
were taken to Gurnev on the speeder
Harry Smith and J. A. Lewis were
and from there were taken to St. Jos
eph's hospital, Lewiston, by automo
bile. Mr. Krogh is now ai the N. P.
hospital at Missoula, and it will proba
bly be several weeks before lie can
resume work. D. W. Smith's injuries
required several stitches, but he is ex
pected home ill a few days.
State Has Money to Loan.
Boise, Idaho, April 3. 1919—The
: ment, which has takan over the invest
ment and duties formerly held by the
I State Land Board and Register of that
body, states that on the first day of Ap
j rii there was deposited to what might !
! be called the credit of the loan and in-1
vestment accounts about $300,000, which :
j the department is anxious to get invest
ed in mortgage loans,
farm lands and such school bonds
I are permissibly loaned
year and in January 1919, loaning on
farm lands wa's almost wholly discon-.
ber of loans were made aggregating
something like $100,'>00. Applications
for loans to the amount of possibly $75,- '
000 to $85,000 are now in process of ap
praiseinenl, and school bonds offerings,
will be made this month of possibly
During the last two months of last
In February and March a num
Regarding farm loans, the policy of
tlie department, whenever money is at
hand, will be to make speedy appraise
ment and determination, so that those
who ask for loans will not be sub- !
jected to wearisome delay.
Mamed at Methodist Parsonage.
B McNew and Bertha Maye Johnson,
both of Orofino, Rev. F. L. Moore offic
iating. The bride is the daughter of
Joseph P. Johnson and the groom is a
son of Wni. McNew, both of Eureka
Ridge. The Republican proffers con- j
gratulations and well wishes to tlie
young couple.
Married at the Methodist pargonage
in Orofino, April 3, at 3:30 p. m., Elbert
Senior Class Play.
The Senior Class play, "Jones,"'
which was rendered at the Rex Theatre
Thursday evening, April 10, was a well
acted production, displaying the unus
ual theatr^al abilities of the high school
students. Harry Mullikin, particularly,
scored a success as "Jones." All the ■
characters, however, were well ren
dered and much credit is due Miss Am
sel Green, who directed the play.
When the projected auditorium is
constructed the public may expect
many repetitions of last evening's en
joyable entertainment.
The Orofino Lyceum Guarantors are
td a d to announce that in spite of great
extra expense, the Midland Lyceum'
j Bereau will complete its course in full.
Sergt. Boyle will he here April IS,
and the Cambridge Players April 21,
both are excellent numbers.
Lyceum F.ntertainers.

Every :
man from this county and Lewis coun-;
ty, who presents himself in uniform,
alone or with lady friend, will receive
to free ticket and reserved seat to hear
Sergt. Boyle April 18. All holders of
season tickets are entitled to both
1 shows, except holders of tickets 121 to s
; 158, w hich were so'd at reduced price ! S
and are good for Cambridge Plavers.S
1 only.
Rose Carnival at Portland.
I Portland, Oregon, April 10.—Port
1 land school children are planning a
Children's Hero Parade as one of the
big events of the Victory Hose Festival
on June 11, 12 and 13, in which many
of the men who distinguished them
selves in the recent war will t>e hon
1 ored.
The plan is to have the children of
each grade in each school in Portland
to select a western man who has a re -1
cord of note while in service and then !
have tlie teacher of that respective |
grade arrange a parade display for this'
particular individual. I
A. M Orilley, physical director of
the V. M. (.'. A. is the director in charge j
of parades and when the suggestion
was presented recently, he took it un- ,
der consideration and it is expected!
J that the plan will be worked out with- ;
in the next few weeks. !
It is a novel suggestion for while the
great snow caps, the mountain ranges,
, the scenic monuments, the industrial
i features, the natural wonders of the ;
! Northwest have all been worked out at
i one festival or another, never before ]
1 lias there been suuh a tribute paid to ,
, the fighting men of the country.
Portland's Victory Rose Festival this
1 >' ear "'ill be novel in
more ways than j
one and it promises in addition to a!
1 tr *bute to returning heroes, a monster j
display of floral wealth, a huge street
carnival and numerous features that
are entirely new to the United States.
Men Wanted.
The Potlatch Lumber Co., at Fllk
River, are badly in need of men for
. , • , ..I
the various branches of the lumbering
Industry. Wages $3.75 and upward |
for eight hours work.
Dodge Brothers
Motor Car
r ra&Si

It has come to be known as a sub
stantial car, and naturally that has
attracted it to substantial people.
When a man comes in to buy, he is
thinking of the freedom from annoy
ance he will enjoy in its ownership.
It will pay you to visit us and
examine this car.
The gasoline consumption Is un
usually low. The tire mileage is un ■
usually high.
Place your order now for future de
livery or you may be disappointed.
Interest was due and pay
able on T hird Liberty Loan
Bonds on March 15th.
Interest will be due and
payable on your Fourth
Liberty Loan Bonds on
April 15th.
This bank will be pleased
to cash your interest cou
pons. Bring them in.
5 Geo. H. Waterman. President
E Dr. J. M. Fairly. Vice Presidet
Bet\i. B. Schmid. Cashier S
K. C. Wirtman. As't Cash. S
Orofino, Idaho
Base Ball Team
For Orofino
Organize for Effective Work.—
Officers Elected and Com
mittees Appointed.
assumed definite proportions Monday
evening, March 31, when a meetingjwas
held in the fire hall to take the first
steps in organizing a team for this
mLM -
Officers were elected consisting of
k. a. Hamilton, president; H. H. Rich
mond, vice president. R. \V. Merrill,
secretary-treasurer and S. R. Swantek,
manager. A committee was annointed
to make arrangements to secure the old
| la |i grounds across the track for the
CO ming season and to get them in shape
] f or immediate use. It is the intention
, Q f the association to use the grounds
Hopes of a base ball team for Orofino
for base ball for the benefit of the older
men and boys of the community and
j a i so t 0 ninke these grounds available
for use by the school children and such
j other use as may be advisable,
The ball team will give the big dance
of the season in the new garage of
llo-sly & Bryant when that buildin
in shape in conjunction with the
various committees were appointed
a " d are at w ° rk and U >e meeting
adjourned to meet again on Thursday
evening to receive reports from com
| mittes and take further action in mak
! ing the Orofino base ball team a reality.

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