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61.60 Per Year In Advance.
Entered March 12, 1912, as sec
ond class mall matter in the post
jfflee at Orofino, Idaho, under the
Act of Congress of March 3, 1879.
There must be no sagging back
in the fight for Americanism mere'y
because the war is over.
, . .
There are plenty of persons who
. , , K
have already made the assertion
. , ,, . ,
that they believe the American peo
pie have n short memory, and that
they intend to revive all the foreign
associations which most directly in
terfere with the complete American
ization of our people. Our principle
in this matter should be absolutely
In the first place, we should in
sist that if the immigrant who
comes here does in good faith be
come an American and assimilates
himself to us he shall be treated on
an exact equality with every one
else, for it is an outrage to discrim
inate against any such man because
of creed or birthplace or origin.
But this is predicated upon the
man's becoming In very fact an
American, and nothing but an
If he tries to keep segregated
with men of his own origin and sep
arated from the rest of America,
then he isn't doing liis part as an
American. There can be no divided
allegiance at all.
We have room for one flag, the
American flag, and this excludes the
red flag, which symbolizes all wars
against liberty and civilization just
us much as it excludes any foreign
flag of a nation to which we are
hostile. We have room for but one
language here, and that is the Eng
lish language, for we intend that
the crucible turns our people out as
Americans, of Amercan nationality
and not as dwellers in a polyglot
boarding house, and we have room
for but one soul loyalty, and that is
loyalty to the American people.—
Theodore Roosevelt.
Jack and Jim, with highway vim,
Went up the Gilbert hill.
To remove highway objections,
And road Vigor to instill,
They endeavored, by persuasion,
To dispel the charge of grafter,
Then Jim came rambling down the
And Jack came tumbling after.
When Jack went down to Pot Hand,
For to sell his crop of beans.
He bought a highway tractor
Quite beyond the district's means;
As his time was thus apportioned,
We now ask without orrense,
If his labors were divided,
Why not divy the expense?
When the interested public
Met on Tuesday at the Rex, '
To hear good roads discussions
Of a needful highway tax,
They were treated to a picture.
Not u|K>n the highway screen.
When Fred Butler threw a monkey
Into the Blake machine.
Will arrive at the depot in
Orofino, Tuesday, April 22
at 4:30 p. m. and remain here one
hour before returning to Lewiston.
The train is composed of six cars.
Come and see the tanks and big guns
captured by American boys in France. ;
Mn«ir hv tho Orofino Rand
IrlUOlV J t-llC VyMJlIliVl lVUlIU
-- " " T"ï
Ä" 'S»
Mass Meeting
Prof. H. J. Lewis
of the University of Idaho will speak
at the Odd Fellow's Hall at 2:30 p. m. !
Immediately following the speaking
there will be a parade, led by boys
who have been in the U. S. service
to the depot to meet the trophy train..

Victory Trophy Train
J. S. HOGUE, County Chairman,

, 1 he cogs ali tlew to pieces,
Fred sprung the main line shaft;
There were pleas for resignations.
And charge of highway graft;
And later, Jack decided,
That the people's voice he'd heed.
And resign as highway president,
If Jim would take the lead.
And thus the high« ay matter stands;
The P ubHc a11 wel1 Know
That Jack win do ah Jim «»n»®»»«!*
Ko1 ' Jatk is Jin, ' B echo '
If Jim will drop the highway,
, ... , ,_.
: As is the public s choice,
, , ... . . „
Then Jack will surely follow;
,, ...... „
Heed his highway master's voice,
Skeptics Have at All Times Failed
to Disprove the Resurrection of
Easter Morning.
The lesson of Easter involves the
question of- the divinity of Christ
There are two great miracles upon
which Christianity rests. The mir
aculous birth and the resurrection
go together. If we believe one we
can believe the other. The former
is not subject to historical proof.
The latter has been proved and is
one of the best-established facts in
Those who imagine themselves to
be too "modern" to accept the resur
rection as a literal fact, are delud
ing no one but themselves. There is
nothing new in the effort to explain
away the great event. Men have
been trying out explanations ever
since the guards who went to sleep
on duty around the tomb excused
themselves by saying the disciples
stole his body away while they
slept. Explainers have risen and
fallen as the ages have come and
gone and the deeper the explainers
have gone into the piatter, the more
apparent has become the fact. The
simple Gospel narratives gave
enough of the physical details of the
event to make It convincing; the
fact that the diciples themselves did
not expect the resurrection and were
slow' to believe it until they were
forced to believe it by his presence
among them; by exhibition of his
sacred wounds and the fact that it
became the burden of then- preach
ing in the future all go to make up
the indisputable collateral evidence
literal fact. Every one of
the disciples is said to have died a
martyr and his resurrection was |
their "testimony to martyrdom."
H. Lee .Mills in Houston Post.
i lie
j I
There appears to be a shortage of
°f the
Seed Wheat Wanted.
seed wheat in Idaho.
The Farm
Markets Department of this stdte
is endeavoring to relieve this situa
tion, and rquest that any one hav
ing seed wheat for sale or wishing i la
to purchase seed wheat, should
make their wants known to H. A. n
Ljon, Director Bureau of Markets, |
! Boise, Idaho.
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committee. These men are going to
control the fortunes of the party in
the next Congress, and the Republi
can National Chairman has a very
vital interest in whether themen who
with changing
are selected have the capacity
the vision to deal
Pary solidarity is what Mr. Hays
is trying suavely and quietly to
bring about and there is much sig
nificance in his trip to Washington,
for with a special session beginning
toward the end of May or
abouts, there is little
Republicans to get together and
time for the
agree upon programmes of legisla
In the meantime, Mr. Hays
himself is losing no time in making
a systematic study through a body
of experts of the various questions
which the Republicans wll endeavor
to solve in the next Congress, for
every practical politician knows that
the country in 1920 will judge the
Republican party not by what it did
in the days of Cannon or Aldrich
but what it did in the two trying
years of r econstruction which are
As for the League of Nations as
an issue, Republicans are not dis
turbed Mr. Taft's warm espousal
of the League and the stand taken
by men like Wikersham and Root
will, they contend, prevent the Dem
ocrats from making it a party Issue.
Much satisfaction is derived epecial
ly from the letter sent by Elihu
Root. Press dispatches from Paris
saying the Root amendments are
meeting with favor there will tend
to strengthen the impression that
the Republicans have, in a measure,
assisted in making the League of
Nations a vital international body.
As for the signers of the "round
robin," ratificaton of the treaty it
self will be the answer to that, and
no Republican of prominence is to
day prdicating the failure of the
Senate to ratify the compact that
may be eventually presented to the
upper house. This is largely due to
the cables from abroad saying that
the covenant is being rewritten to
meet Republican objection.
Mr. Hays reveals on the whole,
therefore, an optimism about the
outlook of the Republican party.
His talks with the various leaders
there have been earnest and persua
sive.. His plans of campaign organ
ization are meeting with favor. His
hand is on the political pulse of the
country constantly, and if the Re
publican leaders in Congress are ln
|different to his observations of pub
I hought
brought to him through thousands
Political eyes and ears In various
parts of the country, then they will
court di feat.
two years because time will be lost I
in bickerings and squabbles. Unless -
there is harmony the Democratic
party, which Is united, will take ad
rry f u t pL^yT^»sul di r.m
Republicans are inclined to be
pleased with themselves. Tho\
claim to have been the real war .
mrty during the war, not withstand
ing that the Democratic part;, con- *
about more vigorous prosecution of.
the war and cm rgmont of th,
army they blazed the way to victory |
an . it the pace for the dominai!
wrou";" the ''sugg-tTims of'In
Kr.o'. jjr.d Mr. Root for compulsory
im an n and a preservation of
the Monroe Doctrine are looked up
" i,"
not far distant days of pointing with
|piide come to pass.
Dress making in the Osterhout build
FOR SALE—cheap, one second hand
car l hone i M Andean
Mr. Dairyman, who is the para
claims butter'has no substitute?
mutual creamery compaiiy
River, are badly in need of men for
the various branches of the lumbering
Industry. Wages 63.75 and upward |
for eight hours work.
sentiment and the trend of
of the nation as it is
The Republican
man doesn't talk
national chair
candidates. He
la * k " P al 'ty solidarity,
Unless the
Republican party is a unit it will
n ° l be a,)le to put through a con
structive programme in the next
Office in the Bums Block.
Orofino, Idaho.
Physician & Surgeon
Office and Residence
Bueschar residence
to eat when in Weippe.
Mrs. Hazel Gardner, Prop.
Rates $1.50 to $2.50.
Sanitary Kitchen. Clean Beds
American Plan. Quick Service
Outside Rooms. Sample Room
OUR MOTTO- "Courtesy to all Guests'*
N. O. Halgeson. Proprietors.
Orofino. Idaoh.
GoodRoads Honestly Acquired, Honestly Administered
Believing, unreservedly, in the general proposition
of good roads and desiring to aid and cooperate, in
every way possible, in the construction and mainten
ance of same, in Clearwater county, and particularly
in the Orofino Highway District; and further, feeling
the necessity and realizing the wisdom of raising suf
ficient funds, by bonding or otherwise, to make pos
sible the construction of standard highways on an ex
tensive scale, it is felt by a vast majority of the voters
and tax payers of the said Orofino Highway District,
that they are not opposed to carrying on this work
- , . . „ -, tt* l , ,
Dy the CXlStlllg OrOfinO HlgllWay DlStOCt, if COIldUCt
ec * under the following general conditions, towit:
•* rrs, , . j 1111 1 , < • . . _
X* i liât tlierC Shall DC a CleaT-CUt 311(1 amiCable ad
justment between the newly created Grancremont
* ^ 1
Highway District and the Orofino Highway District,
, « , . ill* •
m order that expensive and delaying litigation may
2. .That the present Boai*d of Commissioners of
- ^ -, T * • 1 rx • • , ,, . . .
the Orofino Highway District shall resign in order
that a Board of Highway Commissioners may be
chosen by trie majority ot the voters of the said
Orofino Highway District.
Among other reasons for our refusal to support the
proposed measures under the present administration, we
cite the facts that too large an expense isTjeing incurred for
j,., ... . , ,
clerical or administrative work; that payment is refused
on warrants taken in good faith and to all appearances
valid and technically correct; that the books of the dis
... . , 1 , • ,1 re- • , „
tnct are not kept in the efficient and orderly
>•*» «*• °< >•- ***. demand.
Committee fora Square Deal
Also 9 head
FOR SALE— 7 5 head of sheep in
! eluding weathers, ewes with lambs
, and two fine rams,
i shoats.
S. M. Craig, phone 9215.
6 1 - 2 1
on Farm Loans
Mix-Walrath- Realty Co.
Fer Sale by £. T. Chapin Co.
Eight head of good farm horses.
Weight from 1400 to 1600 pound?.
Ages 7 to 10 years old. Located 3
miles east of Greer.

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