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Clearwater Republican
FRIDAY, MAY 23. 1919.
Victory Loan
Idaho Goes over Quota of $11
, - A AAA ~ .
150,000—State Committee
Commends Workers.
"Idaho has again registered un
"The state Victory Loan commit
tee desires to express particular ap
preriation foi the invaluable sup
port given in the fifth bond issue
bv returned soldiers, sauors and
marines. These true sons of Idaho,
many of them fresh nom the
trenches of Europe where so recent
ly they endured the danagers, prl- :
rations and horrors of the battle
field. volunteered their services and
without compensation save the con
. ,,
scloi'sness of duty well performed,
, . , ,, ' , ,
worked faithfully to assist Idaho In
-eachlng the state s quota of Vic
tory notes and thus maintain a
, . , , .
perfect record In war activities.
„„ ...
Much Is due also to the countv
, J
chairman and their co-workers.
.... . .
i\ itliout their loyal cooperation
Idaho could not have made her Vic
tory Loan allotment. Many of
these patriotic workers made tie
mendous personal sacrifices that
, ... .
they might devote their time and
energy to the Victory Loan cam
paign. State headquarters desires
to credit county and precienct
. , , . 1
chairman wUh full honor for ser
, , ,
vices in the great task we have
, ..... .
just finished.
"Especial mention should also be
made of the fine support of the fi
nancial institutions and their em
ployes and upon whom a vast
amount of clerical work devolved.
With scarcely an exception these
made their own affairs secondary
< otsidei atio'is and gave first atten
wavering loyalty and
The state haas subscribed its quota,
$11,150,000 and
This splendid
more of Victory
i «suit was
made possible only by the untiring
efforts of all workers in the Vie tory
Loan campaign and the
response of Idahoans to the appeals
of duty.
tlon to the demands of the Victory
To their help is due in a
'arge nieasife thr
success of the
"It would not be fair to withhold
a brief word of tribute to the patri
otic newspapers of the state. No
other agency contributed more In
vetting the message of the Victory
'sian to the poople than has the al- j
wavs loyal press of Idaho. Thous- '
and? of columns of news and edi
torjai space have been freely given :
by 'them to assist Idaho in making
cood In this great war demand.
Without exception every asssltance,
possible has been rendered by the
newspapers of the state and this 1
service is er titled to honorable re
State !
cognltion ard commendation.
1 1 I Bank of Orofino [
Released From War Work
With the closing of the
Llberty I->otin campaign, the Officers
ol' this Institution are now able to
devote -their full time to the up
building of personal service to
To each and ull we extend sincere
thanks for hearty cooperation dur
ing the strain of the past two years.
In returning to normal conditions
to peace, one policy of
war-times we will not change.
mutual succe s and community pro
gress we shell continue to encour
age the practice of thrift a war
time necessity
peace-time virtue.
5 P^tcent. On Savings and Certitiicates of Deposit.
= I
O R O F I N O ,
I \ ictory Loan headquarters
I ledges
I magnificent
papers of Idaho.
of lût ho.
with profound gratitude
support of
are due to the
Again you have
maintained the high ideals
ional duty and loyalty and it Is a ,
pleasure lucked to have served such
people in an official capacity in the'
of na
have we doubted the result,
ilways make; good.
Lo m
Idaho I
The satisfac- |
tlon of seeing the state respond as !
it has responded to the rail of the
Victory Loan and recorded faithful
performance of duty on our allot
ment of Victory notes compensates
fully for the toll, the
heavv responsibilities and
of hardship-, were attendant upon
Lie administ : ntlon and direction of
the campaign
Idaho has moved herself faithful
to her sons who sleep in Flanders'
fields, worthy of the
honor of the nation,
finest traditions of
and all is weU.
(Signed) "MONTIE B. GWINN,
Chairman Idaho Victory
Loan Committee,"
<- . 7 /~>i p -J
: .. ACIlOOiS UOSe hr Ida).
. Ne ^ * M " y 3 ,°.' Ule 1>Ubl I 10
schoolh close for U ' e year ' hl
" P ° f . f lon e vacation, caused ;
by the influenza, the pupils wHl be
,, . , , . . ,
able to finish their work in fairly
. , ... . 1
good shape. Of course, me work
, , , , .
has not been as thorough as In or
,. , . , , ,, ..
dinary years, but by following the
,, . ,
cramming process, the teachers
, , , , , , .
have been able to get most of the
., . ..
pupils ready for promotion.
There are ten graduates this
Nellie Chase, Blanche Simp
gon M 0 ,Hara. Ruby Wahl,
Beatr(ce Rogers> winnlfred Well .
.. _* r»_~ ,
man. Mary Blegart, Dorothy Gal
, ah Mavlg Aiken and Julia Brown
Rey Lowry _ of Asotin . Wash „
... „ 0 „
will preach the class sermon, Sun
, . -, «... . ..
day evening, May 2oth, at the
Methodist church. The class day
_. . v .. . ... _
exercises will be held at the Rex
respect and
true to
Iheatre, Wednesday evening, May
2 8th, and the commencement exer
cises, Thursday evening, May 29th.
Prof. H. T Lewis, head or the De
partment of Sociology
noinics, at the State University, will
and Eco
make the class address.
The following teachers have been
employed for the coming year.
High School— R. R. ivicnmond,
j Superintendent; I. R. Morrison,
High School Principal; Amsel
Grades—Miss Feeney, 8th grade.
Miss Pratt, 7tli giade; Miss Loseth.
5th' and 6th grades, Miss Ross, 3rd
and 4 th grades.
Three positions are not hilled,—
Domestic Science, primary and
music teacher.
McEachron Gets Discharge.
Charles W. McEachron, son of
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. McEachron, of
Orofino, arrived Monday afternoon,
He was a member of Co. B. 18th
1 Regiment of Engineers and was In
the service 21 months in France.
! He was discharged at Camp Lewis.
Orofino Chautauqua Association
Organizes for Joyous Week
Ellison-White Company to Be Here June 20 to 25 with I
Best Features Obtainable.-Local Association
Members Launch Arrangements.
0 j

The Orofino Chautauqua Associ
ât. ..n, and boosters, met on Tuesday!
Kauffman, advertising manager
This will be the fourth visit of
,t '° world-wide renowned Ellt
«'-White loyous v/eek to Orofino
10 -a 1 '' 1 tlie l 0 ™ 1 a.-oclation is plan
ning to make it the biggest suc
; of any one vet held here. The
4 „ ine i..,.,
ar.ieiusing mattei na.,
1 1

of Giis week, elected and appointed!
officers, and started arrangements,
ir general, for the
big Ellison-White Company
tauqua. to be held here on
20th to 25th. The
fie-es were elected or appointed.
H D. Britan. Chairman; Mrs.
Maude Noftsger vice chairman;
staging of the
following of
the!-' - s Ross, secretary; U. R. Schmid,
t'insurer and ticket sales manager;
l'. G. Warden, grounds
J. W. 'Merrill, hospitality; and Jos.
arrived and
um now on you will see in the
street, on the roadsides, in the
st' re windows and newspapers, ad
vertlsing that wil convince you tlvat
the Ellison-White company, this
ycar, will he here with the best
m-uical, educational and entertain
ment features that can be procured
anywhere. The association
beir and officers are full of enthus-week
iasm and have started the
with a bang that will bring the
la gest crowds to Orofino ever
gathered together in previous
is now au es
The Chautauqua
Forest Service Crew Sent Out.
R. A. Hamilton, Supervisor of the
Clearwater Forest Service, Is mak
ing preliminary arrangements for
H. F. Ripley
took out eleven men and about fif
the 1919 fire season.
teen hundred pounds of supplies, to
The U. S.
Pierce on Wednesday,
pack train, of forty-four
in charge of Cully Mooers, took the
supplies from Pierce to the Oxford.
Considerable snow was found be
tween these points,
intends to commence work soon on
Mr. Hamilton
trail from the Bungalow down the
His forest service
North Fork.
crew will be considerably Increased
about June first when trail clean
ing and telephone repairs will be
Memorial Services.
Next Sunday, May 25th,
Sundio. the
Church will have services In Iiar-l
with the purpose of the day.
memorial ser
Special music und a
will be the attractions, 11 a.
trying to
invitation to each soldier!
in., the hour,
nisil an
or sailor In the county, that Is, to
We are
•'to get every name, so if you fail to
,. ..
invitation, accept
Civil War. Spanish war or German
War veterans. We may not be able!
got a persoal
tills Instead.
You will honor us by attending,
and also honor the noble men,
your comrades, who paid
prenie sacrifice for their country.
F. L. Moore, Pastor.
the su
Another Orofino Boy Home. |
Willard Merrill, a Clearwater boy
who joined the naval branch of the
service w hile attending college at
Madison, Win., reached home Friday
Willard was discharged
at Quantico, Va.. May 12th.
visited Washington D. C. and Madi
Wis., on his return.
Hosely Sells Dort.
H. Hoesly.
of the Orofino Auto
Co. left for Seattle Wednesday
Hoesly n
On his return,
rill drive a new Doit from
This energetic firm sold
one of these popular cars in Peck
The Dort is going
i few days ago.
like hot cakes.
~IFOR RENT,—For the summer,
= I 7-room furnished house.
E. A. Randall Bank of Orofino
nbUshed institution in Orofino and |
ith something doing every minute | $
9 a. m.;
a will i, Elk
.il consist of a daily program,
(l 'om 9 a. m. till 10 p. in., tor each
the six days. 1 he daily program |
« 'tl h* 1 as follows;
hour (Junior Chautauqua)
afternoon concert, 2:30 p. in.;
ti i noon lecture, 3 :00 p. m. ; evening
i hildren
7:30 p.ni.: and evenin';
lee'nre at S : m) p. m. In the eien
ing. on Friday. Ma> 20, the firsi
day. the Junior ''hautauq
org t ;.ed and opening annoucc
mi nts for tile entire week will o
made in the afternoon. oaiur i i,
been net aside as ' n tory Da.'
(all men in unifrrm aom iied fr ■
in afiernon and event g) ad a,.'
consists of a strong patriotic pro
l OUI'CI (.
On Sunday morning regu.ar ser
vices will be held in all the
churches and a sacred conceit in
the afternoon with a lecture fitting
the day in the evening. Monday Is
"band day." Tuesday and Wednes
day the regular program will be
carried out.
The local association has just be
work on the plans for the big
and is not able, at present, to
a detailed outline of the entire
program and individual numbers, as
they will actually be given.
ab soon as the final arrange
will keep the publie Informed of
meats are made.
Ladies' Club Organized.
An auxiliary to the Orofino Civic
and Social Club was organized Wed
nesday afternoon, last, oy me ladles
2 !
of the county seat. Mrs. ur. J. M.
Fairly was chosen chairnlan and
committees will be named later.
Each Wednesday afternoon, at
p. in. has been selected as the time I lie
for regular weekly meetings. Cards a
and sewing will lie the principal
up club rooms will now be shared
jointly by the ladies and gentlemen ■
and will be headquarters lor bust-l
The comfortably fitted
ness and pleasure.
Ball and Banquet for Soldiers.
There will be a grand ball and
banquet in honor of the returned
soldiers and sailors, in Odd Fellows
hall. Friday night. May 23.
boys who have been in the service ! /
of Uncle Sam will be welcome to!
the ball room and banquet hall I P
without charge. Tickets for civil- A
iaus $1.50, including supper. There t0
; will be f ood music furnished by a P
live piece orchestra. No trouble
and expense has been spared to
make thi" gathering the most en
The '
ioyable uflair of the year, and the s
occasion is one that should appeal
to all admirers of our boys in sol
Give the
hoys wli' have returned a hearty
welcome and extend to those that
i-rt again intending to reenlist, o. —
I " " , , I—
else wit re, « .'lea.tfelv gccJhye. • 3
dier and sailor uniform.
Johanson Gets Second Place.
At the track meet ,in Moscow,
last week, Orofiuo won second high
est point, individual winner, and
third highest iu schools.
R. Johanson was Orofino's star
athlete and made the following en
viable record.
Tied on 1st for 100 yards, won S
i gt f or 2 20 ya"dr. won 1 st for 1-4 j 5
j mile, won 2nd for high jump, won |
2nd f or d i* C us, won 3rd for putting (
Ctjbley of Boise, was nigh point =
j winner with 24 points. Johanson iS
j second, with 2 1 points. Carl Fisk j S
and Melivu Fuller also took part in 5
the meet. 5
What's the matter with Johanson 3
and Orofino? X
On account of the illness of Mr
j C. H. Ede, School Trustee of Dis- S
bids for S
auditorium and as-sen - —
w hteh was S
P"st- j S
1 trict No. 2 2. opening of
rtly room, at Orofino,
advertised for May 19. was
toned until Monday, May 26:1'.
Victory Loan Closed.
Subscriptions ti
' closed last week
I $71,250.00
(water County deficit was
is a list of
I Bhrt * i,lK l,Mf un, '
! subscribed.
AhHa,,ka ,250 "-°°- >"> - rii,.d
$1000.00; Cuvpndisli and Toakean
$7000 00 subscribed «ixoo.u«;
j Dent $500.00, subscribed $550.00;
I Elk lllver $25.000,00, subscribed
($30,200.00; Emeka $1000.00 sub
the Victory Loan
The quota for
County was $80,000.00.
$>750.0 0 .
w a-s
Follow inc

| scribed $1000.01' Fraser $3500.00.
(subscribed $2400.00, Fords Creek
| $ 1000.00, no subscriptions; Gilbert
subscribed $ 2000 . 00 ;
subscribed $2050.
00; Orangeinont $1000.00 sub-1
(scribed $900.00; Orofino $27,000.00.
subscribed $24,250.00; Fierce $2000
subscribed $2600.00; Weippe $2500,1
subscribed $2500.00.
Those going over the top are
Dent. Elk River, Greer and Pierce,
Elk River is certainly entitled to
the honor flag and ail credits due
| 'freer $2000.00
for liberal response to government
part icularly
River's enviable record.
Captain Andrew Bloom Is
responsible for Elk
Possible Creamery at Orofino.
F. E. Welssenfluh, of Stites, was
In Orofino Wednesday, looking for
a location to establish a creamery.
Mr. Welssenfluh is a practical
creamery man an:l should he locate
here, will manufacture tee
and Ice as well as butter.
cream j
A con
cern of this kind would be quite a |
asset to the
town as it '
would make the county seat a dis
trihuting point for the
above named commodities.
Welssenfluh appears to be encour
aged with the prospects.
Miss Roberts Gets Good Position.
The Misses Nell Roberts and Ag
nes Gillespie made the round
to Ahsahka, Sunday. Miss Roberts ;
has accepted the principalshlp ot j
for the next (
Miss Veda
After the
the Ahsahka school,
term, and her sister,
will he her assistant.
school house had been Inspected by
the two young lady
camped on the banks of the beautl
fill North Fork and partook of a
2 ! bountiful lunch, in true Weary Wil
visitors, they
I lie and Dusty Roads style—Coffee
a la tomato can and welnies a la
pointed stick.

No Game Last Sunday.
The ball game scheduled for last
Sunday between Orofino and Cam
eron'-Leland did not take place on
account of the failure of the oppo
nents to keep the date. No notice
was given to the local manager
that the Cameron-Leland nine was
not coming and at 4 o'clock, the
i time the game was to be called,
! / ount * a lar £e number of Impatient
to! hi the grandstand, with no
I P r °Kram for their entertainment,
A miscellaneous nine was chosen
t0 p,a} ' against the regulars for
a P rac t>ce purposes and to furnish
amusement for those present.
to ^ le event "f good weather the
local team will return the Peck
s anie Sunday afternoon at the lat
ter place. „
The Fidelity State Bank service Is
helpful for the reason that it is
planned to care for all your finan
cial and business needs, wnatever
they may be—the ordinary daily re
quirements and also those unusual
in nature. This year and during
the coming years, you will find
the service dependable.
(ieo. H. Waterman. President
Dr. J. Af. Fairly. 1 ice Presidet
Hen). R. Schmid. Cashier 5
K. C. Wittman. Ks't Cash. *
Orofino, Idaho
Mrs. Chandler
Gets Sad Letter
Fred Kennedy, Former Orofinc
Boy, Tells of Brother's Death.
Was Wounded Himself.
\V M. Chandler is in receipt ot
Kennedy, or
Wheatland, North Dakota, a neph
Chandler, who served
with the Canadians in France. Ia
incidents of the war
speaking of
f ,'niii
ew of Mrs.
V'\ Kennedy says:
"Brother Charley was killed at
Gouzacourt May 12, 1917.
broadcast by a
lie was
9-point two
1 saw his grave before leav
There were twelve of
ing France.
•them killed together with llio one
They are buried side by side
just outside the village of Gouza
court where there was some of the
most desperate fighting of the war.
l'he> got tnto close quarters and
used the bayonet and clubs. When
Charley got killed they had been
fighting for four days without a
stop until the 3rd Division Canad
ians rushed up to help out his fa
mous battalion, the Sherwood Fores
ters. There are only sixteen men
j who were not killed or w ounded in
He got a great
| record from his commanding officer,
('hurley's battalion.
' Mother has the different letters put
I away. Well such is war. I suffer
from my wound in the right foot;
a piece of high explosive shrapnel
pierced my boot and sort of put my
right toe on the bum. Lucky at
that; many times did not know if 1
ever would see U. S. again. I was
mad to go over, and crazy to get
buck again, so it must be hard to
It was no picnic; prob
; l >leasP nie '
j R bl. v if I was
( would not be able to hold me back
with a tug of war rope.
! Maggie's husband is in a very bad
condition; he iias a wouna in his
called again you
; He W *H not live longer than a few
i months more; he is also paralyzed
spine that my fist would go into.
from his stomach down ana has to
be wheeled around in a chair."
who wrote the
Fred Kennedy,
above letter, was in Orotino with
hts mother, in 1913, and declared
his intention to become a U. S. citl
The Misses Kathryn and Martha
\ Wittman, two of Orofino's most
I popular young ladies, departed for
while here, on Mar. i < th of
He had
the above m< ntioned year,
formerly been in the British army
I and seen serv'ce in the Boer war.
Misses Witman Leave.
j Clarkston, on Saturday's
j keeper with the Orofino Trading
Co., and Miss Kathryn held the
position of assistant cashier with
! the Fidelity State Bank. Both
i young ladies are qualified and com
! petent accountants and society fav
Miss Martha has been book
orites. Their many business and
social friends will regret their pei
i manent departure from Orofino.

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