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V (JL 22
?, IDAHO, FRIDAY. OCT. 11, 1918
Locals and Personals.
For Sale.—Kitchen cabinet, good
as new. Will sell at half price. In
quire at this office, adv,
Two cows for aale, or trade for
young stock.— Earl Whiteley. adv.
Anyone desiring beet work, noti
fy Earl Wliiteley.—ad. 42-2
The Republican leaders had a
meeting in the basement of the Rank
of Commerce at Hurley last Satur
* day. Hon. George A. Day, John
Me Murray, B. P. Howells of Oak
ley were present.
Elmer Mecham of Oakley was in
Burley last Tuesday. Mr. Mecham
expects to purchase a heme in that
thriving city.
Henry W. Tucker. Sr. is in Salt
Lake visiting relatives.
Judge B P- Howells was called to
Burley on court business Friday.
Hon. John McMurray was in Bur
iey on Tuesday on business.
Commissioner L. A. Critchfield
returned from Omaha on Monday.
John \V. Neymnn, the piano man
was in Oakley, Thursday.
to I
There is a!
Three Kimball Pianos in use
one of any other make.
Ask John W, Nejman Mu
sic Co. .Burley
When you buy a Kimball Piano , of
you get a piano with a lifetime
John W. Neyman Music Co. Dis
tributor of Kimball Pianos, Player
Pianos, Phonographs, Rolls & Re
cords, Burley, Idaho.
Dr. and Mrs. Aaron ot Twin
Falls were Oakley visitors Wed
nesday eyening.
Mrs. S. E. Hale left Ty
for Logan, Utah, where she will
speud the winter .
On account of the State Board
of Health order prohibiting pub
lic assemblages, during the
Spanish influenza epidemic, the
splendid Liberty Day program,
arranged for Oakley on Satur
day, has been cancelled.
Mr. and Mrs. W. w. Quillian
ot Rupert were visiting friends
in Oakley Thursday.
Fred H. Critchfield and wife mo
tored to Burley on Wednesday.
A good interest is being taken
in the Oakley Correspondence
Club. At least one letter has been
sent to practically all the hoys
from Oakley.
I dim Bailey, who has leased a
r inch at Churchill is moving
from Oakley this week.
C. C. Baker and Albert Ploe
ger of Burley were in the city
Jns. Devine was a business vis
itor at Burley from Sunday to
Mrs. H, F. Allen has been ill j
with a severe attack of lagrippe.
Last Saturday Mr. and Mrs
Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Sudweeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Burmingliam. Mr.
Price and Miss Mortenson.
hers of the Cassia Academy fac
ulty visited the Citv of Rocks
and returned full of enthusiasm
for this place of scenic wonders.
R. D. Jolley
of Churchill
Charles Uhiig of Golden Valley
in Oakley Wednesd
Mrs. 'V, T. Jack, who for the
past month has been visiting her
parents in southern Utah,
turned to the citv Wednesd
Most of the Conference visitors
have returned.
In the honor roll of new subscrip
tions and renewals this veek are the
following names J. A. Johntz. T.
J. Helms, John Railey, E. J. Hanze'
of Oakley; D. W. Davis of Boise.
nd daughter Iva
n the citv
Ano ther Attempt.
The Huns have made another
desperate attempt to get peace.
Piince Maximilian, the new
Chancellor has made overtures
to President Wilson. We be
lieve the prince is sincere in his
desire for peace, and we also
believe him to he a mere cats
paw of the Kaiser and militants
to draw out the Allies , and at
tempt to hoodwink the Allies
witn the idea that Germany is
becoming democratic. The Kai
ser and Junkers are still in con
trol of the government; and
the Allies k now this. Unfor
tunately, we cannot believe
part of the Prussians,
dent Wilson insists that lie
will not consider peace as pro
posed by the German militarists.
The message sent to the German
government plainly and un
equivocally places before them
the requirements ot the Allies.
They are evacuation of all
ns pre
sincerity of the move on
conquered territory
requisite to negotiations.
alone shows good faith on the
part of a proffer of peace.
president has put the question
of P ewce squarely' up to the
German Government and the
German people.
Notice to Subscribers.
The government lias order
ed all publishers to discon
inue seuding newspapers to
subscribers who are in arrears.
tïï common with otker period
icals. the, Herald must enforce
this ruling, and require sub
scriptions to be paid in ad
vance. •
If you are in arrears, send
us your check
ley Publishing Company in
tends to make the Herald a
live paper. Boost for the
home paper and your home
The Oak
Mrs, Leland Holcomb return
ed Sunday from Twin
where she had been visiting her
Mr. and Mrs. Walter South
worth and Mr. and Mrs, yohn
Soutliworth were in Burley Sun
Miss Mary Jackson was the
guest of Mrs. Charles Johnson
at Goose Creek this week,
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Harper
have returned from a visit at
Lewis R, Critchfield, who has
been on a mission in the central
states for three years, is at home
this week. After a few weeks
visit he will return to his mis
H. E. King of Almo was in the
city Monday on his way home
from Omaha.
Sure enough, fuel ia high.
Save coal by burning
Siiearsand Saw buck catalogs.
Many a football game won
because the crowd knew
how to root - Remember
that your town needs boost
ing as much as a football
team needs rooting. Boost
for Oakley!
James Walker on his way
to Montello, Nev,. encoun
tered bad weather and upset
his car near Wm. R, Grey's
W. L. Burton and T. L.
errin of Hurley were in
he city Friday
' son
^}])|flJJ ||jl|MR
Burleys dim
From TIi* Burley Bulletin. ipîSj
Albion is without IMP
county lost. This
by an article publish«
"Albioin Nugget" last "w
author of the article tast Ik* 0 ' 111 * 1 }'
no regard for tha truth. *nd his
work in attempting to n^i#epre»ent
the facts is so coarse
argument is ridicnlo
the entire article helm
Burley seems to be'very much
afraid that the camouflage they
expect to blindfold th^ Voters of
Cassia County with witt be s»en
through. Why should fhi" people
of this county give any Credence to
what Burley sees fit to call their
''good faith in preelection prom
ises"? Hhvb they kept this good
faith in the past?
What are the preelection promises?
First.- Burley promises to give to
the county the south -half of the
block on which the city hall stands.
Is this any great gift? Is it suffi
cient? The people of Cassia cpuntv
know, and Burley does not deny
that if the county seat is moved to
Burley, in two or fou* years the
voters will be asked fto pass a
$200,000.00 bond to bui^ a
court house. W ho wants ( a #200,000
court house built on a nieasley half
block? Burley knows the half block
would be given back and a full
b ock or two blocks purchased for
the site. Even though the county
saw fit to keep this half |>loçk, is it
such a gift? Wouldn'
■Vov **alta err «rty^n
Cassia County be
half a block or 160 acre field for
that matter for the county seat,
with the assured fact that in k few
years a $200,000.00 building would
be constructed. ,
Second. Burley offers the free
use of the city building for a term
of five years or longer. Isn't it a
fact that the part of this building
which Burley offers the free use of
is not completed? All there is, is
the four walls of the building, no
petitions, not finished in any way.
it would cost the taxpayers $5,000
or more to put this part of the
building in a condition to hold the
county offices. There is not ade
quate vault space in the Burley
building to hold the county records,
another cost of #10,000.00 to build
vaults. The peopie of Cassia county
are not going to have the records
pertaining to their property where
there can ba any chance of fire. By
the time the tax payers of Cassia
county finish the Burley building
and build these vaults, which would
undoubtly be given to Burley upon
vacating the building, wouldn't they
have paid an exhorbitant rent for
the use of the nail? Any town in
Cassia county will * give the same
proposition. Besides the preseent
council might make this arrange
ment and the council elected next
year could tell the county officers
to move on, for one council has no
right to make contracts of this na
ture for a longer period than their
term of office
pose to appraise and sell the present
county property locatad at Albion.
Seems to me the people of Burley
are assuming a great deal of au
thority to presume that they have
the right to appraise and sell prop
erty belonging to all the people of
Cassia county.
At this time when our govern
ment's life depends upon its man
power and money, and Uncle Sam
is urging every man to giAe to the
utmost of his ability, to the great
causes that sre necessary to carry
on the war. W e read that citi
zens of Burley are voluntarily giv
ing money to wage a county seat
fight, what are theY?
We expect to raise funds to car
rY on the educational work of the
campaign but we mill have to do
it bY an assessment and everY per
to the
in the
>k. The
illik whole
'• print
a>, Dee
The citizens of Burley pro
son called upon to paY to this
fuhd will feel that some boY in
r'rapce who is fighting for him
is being cheated out of a pleasure,
luxury, oi^ tnaYbe aneeessitA.
paYer of this tax feels himself to | key
be a ^lacker to a certain extent, !
but not so much as though he was d
pushing the fight and giving his|
money voluntarily.
The above statement does not
attempt to give one reason why
Albion should retain the county
seat, and every reason given a
gainst removing it to Burley is
false and reacts in Burley's fa
vor. The half-block ot ground
oflered by Burley as a site for
the courthouse is the most de
sirable vacant lot in the city.
While its value does not enter
into the question, it is wortli
more money than any four va
cant blocks in any other town
in the countv, and it is large e
nough for the courthouse and
any other buildings the county
may desire to erect. No one
who is honest with himself will
deny the fact,
courthouse would look well
there, but let us not forget that
two-thirds of the people of the
county would have to he in fa
vor of the bonds before such a
building could be erected. Bur
ley alone could not do it any
mote than the people of Albion
candrond the countv to erect a
courthouse in Albion.
Trua th* HurleY citY hall is not
completed, but contracts will be let
for its completion before the peo
ple vote upon the removal of the
county seat here, and Cassia county
will have the best quarters for its
offices and the. court and the most
; secoté pine* far its records and
prisoners it hai over enjoyed, and
that free of charge for fivo years.
This is guaranteed by the people
of Burley, and that guarantee will
be put in a binding form before
election day, just as the city coun
cil was authorized to turn the half
block of ground over to the city
for the site for the courthouse.
In order to further secure the
county against loss the people of
Burley have offered^ to buv the
shack now used as a courthouse
and auarters for our officers at its
appraised value, if it does not-bring
that at public auction after the
countv seat is removed to Burley.
Burley has raised no slush
fund to carry on a campaign
for the removal ot the county
seat. What little money is
spent will lie more than saveb
to the people of the county ev
ery year by having the county
seat in a convenient and acces
A $200,000.00
sible place. The move is an e
conomical one lor the county to I
make, and should be taken as
war measuie in conserving time
and money spent in unnecessary
travel by our people if for no
other reason.
But the reasons why the coun
ty seat should be moved to
Burley are that Bu-iley is the
centerof trade and the more
accessible point for nine-tenths
of the people of Cassia county .
No one will say that it should
remain permenently iu Albion,
or that it can be moved to any
place other than Burley. The
time is ripe for the move and if it
will icmaim in Albion for an-I
is not made now the county sea 1 1
other six years.
A d v«niiement.
Mrs . W. C 'McMtll'ray is slow
ly recovoring from an attack
ot neutritis, which for sever
al week» has rendered her
hands helpless.
Misa Verness Nelson has
been quite ill for a few days
but is now improving.
A Lively^ Time.
| key and Austria Hungary had
! surrendered, every noise-making
d cv j cc in the community was!
cal)ed ; nto service and soon the
populace had gathered about
huge bonfires in the street, sing-]
mg and shouting,
paid to a drenching
hung, then
burned. The dummy,
Early last Sunday morning I
when the report came that Tur- j
No heed was
of the kaiser was
shot down,
with paper donated by the Oak
ley Publishing Company, bore a
7 6 j , far
remarkable resemblance to Mr.
Bill Hwhenzollern except that it
However, when
was headless,
our boys get through with the
abovementioued Mr. Hohenzol
will look even more
lern he
chewed up than did tue effigy.
Oakley Items.
Noral Mnrtindale has returned
to Oakley after two months of
globe trotting.
baby fell
Eugene Palmer's
from his carriage Thursday of
last week and cut a gash in his
forehead which required three
Tuesday afternoon Mrs.
hert H. Hale. Jr., entertained
fir her little daughter Verla, in
of the child's seventh
and the same evening
Mr. and Mrs. Hale celebrated
their tenth wedding .anniversary
Both occasions were highly en
joyed by all present.
informal reception.
Miss Leona Fairchild returned
Sunday from a three weeks'
visit to her friend, Miss Clara
Cruvell, at Burley.
Mrs. Julius Fairchild left Tues
day for a visit to her parents at
Bear Lake,
Game Warden Joe Fitzsim
j mom was in town on official
business Monday.
Dr. Rains was called upon
Monday to set a badly dislo
cated shoulder for Carl Haag.
The injury was sustained in try
ing to control a team which had
taken fright.
Lewis Rains met with an un
fortunate accident while play
ing at home Monday. Both
! bones of the left forearm were
e _jhioken near the wrist,
to I People of the Churchill and
Moulton neighborhoods turned
their clocks up to the old time
again the first of the month.
Nelson Allen of Burley was in
Oakley Monday.
The shoe shop, formerly own
ed hv J. H, Jenkins, has been j
bought by Douglas McBride.
last week for Buhl, where she ;
Miss Nardissa Dahlquist left
will attend high school.
The family of J. H. Bethel of
Churchill have moved to Lewis- i
Thos. Clark and family left
last week. After at
an-I tending the Salt Lake Confer.
1 1 nur c jf v
ence, they went to California for
the winter.
Miss Ina Campbell of Mary
ville, Missouri, is here to spend |
th e»tUumn and winter months
™ ,th her s,st<rr ' Mrs ' A ' W '
has Burley.
„ , . , _ .
E. A- Wilson was at Twin
Fa! |, Friday and Saturdar .
Good wages.
Phone 35,
Kaiser's Forces
Badly Defeated in
Belgium, Removing Guns in Read
ineae for Retreat Back to
German Soil.
tria-Hungary are clamoring for pence
* ntent * lllUed governments thus
far are paying scant heed to the pro
posais, but their unities are pressing
forward to further victories on all
Over a wide extent of territory, out
lined by burning villages, the Ger
mans are retreating rapidly before
General Oouraud's troops. They aro
crowded by General Berthelot's force«
from the west and In danger of being
cut off by the Franco-Americans, who
have crossed the Arnes river.
On the battlefront the Germans
everywhere are being forced to give
ground to the allied troops,
glum the enemy Is gradually being
pushed eastward, and In anticipation
of a forced Anal withdrawal Is con
tinuing to make ready for that even
tuality by removing hts guns and
otherwise lessening the value of his
defensive works in the territory upon
and adjacent to the North sea coast.
The past week has seen one victory
after another by the allies.
To the south from Arras to the Ver
dun sector the Germans are being
hard pressed by the British, Ameri
can, Italian and French forces, and,
although on numerous sectors they
are still offering desperate resis
tance, they seemingly are unable to
do more than retard the advance of
Germany and An»
In Rel
their foes.
Douai, south of Lens, Is almost en
veloped, and Oamhrai has been fur
ther endangered through the capture
of the village of Aubencheul-aux-Bois.
five, mtlea to the ''southeast, whore
more than 1000 Germans were made
prisoner. Hard fighting has taken
place around Montbrelmin aud Beau
revotr, In the Immediate vicinity,
where the Germans have brought up
fresh reserves In an endeavor to keep
Field Marshal Haig's men from cut
ting the highly Important St. Quentln
Le Caterni road, from which they now
are but a step. Both Beaurevolr an A
•Montbrelmin are now In British
With the Germnns being defeated
over wide areas by the French and
Americans, from Rheims to the Ar
gonne forest, the Italians south of
Laon have begun an offensive, which
seemingly has as its objective the fin
ishing of the work previously begun
py the French for the obliteration of
La Fere and Laon.
In the Macedonian theater the al
lied troops have compelled the Aus
trians to withdraw from the Hi Basan
Sector and other positions, while near
Vranje, central Serbia, the French
find Serbian troops have captured
Austro-Gennan held positions. In the
latter region the enemy Is retiring
northward In disorder.
Unconditional Surrender of Central
Powers la Official Sentiment.
Washington.—The outline of terms
which Prince Maxlmillian is said to be
ready to discuss aud the report that
he is ready to consider President Wil
son's fourteen points In no way af
fects the situation.
The United States government is
not going to enter Into discussion of
terms with the German government no
I matter how Ingeniously the Teuton
j diplomats approach the subject of
! peace, Persklent Wilson In hhsalast
1 speech made It very clear, It Is point
; 0 d out, that this government was not
! interested in terms.
j Officials therefore do not care par
of tleularly what sort of terms Prince
i Maxtmllllan wants to discuss. The
j fact of the matter, according to the
best available information here, Is that
1 the United States is now too busy
bringing real peace nearer through
prosecution of the war to be side
tracked Into useless consideration of.
"Made in Germany" terms of any sort.
Germany obviously is trying to keep
the peace talk going because It is all
to her advantage to do so.
It Is admitted here that the first of
| these ingenious peace feelers Is bound
ünUed State8 and in ° entente* coun
' t'-ies but it is believed that the pu h
lie will soon become used to these ef
Russian Fleet Manned by Huns.
Amsterdam.—All the ships formerly
constituting Russia's Black sea fleet
sre now manned by Germans, It Is
learned from Russian sources. j

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