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mme ———
OCT. 18, 1918
VOL 22
N UM K KH 43
Locals and Personals.
Misa Mabel Mabey was in Bur
ley Tuesday.
Job Adams ot Altrio is in the
city today.
Sheriff Pratt is in the city today
on official business.
F. A. Reator and wife were guest*
of friends at Kimberly, Tuesday.
Frank Kramer and wife are in
the city visiting Mrs. Kramer's
mother, Mrs. R. C
Lyle Whittle, who has been up
in the mountains tor the past
month, has returned to the ciry.
Over one hundred quarts ot
truit were stolen from the cellar
of Henry Tanner this week.
W. S. Parkhurst
was in Oskley Tuesday in the in
terest of tne Republican campaign.
Mrs. Clifford Adams of Twin Falls
has been the guest of her mother,
Mrs. Ida Dahlquist, since Sunday.
J. W. Durfee of Almo was in the
city Sunday on his way home from
Twin Falls.
H. A. Snyder of Silver City is
Oakley today on his way to
the Vipont mine.
□ Many of our younger boys
have received notice to appear
for examination on the 2 2 nd,
Olin Baker returned last week
from a visit with old-time friends in
Kansas. He was accompanied by
Claude Critchfield.
Eldon Meehan is working in the
Orpheum Barber Shop this week,
while Mr- Croft is taking a vaca
of Richfield ;
The boys of the manual tran
departmenf ot the Academy
will make ten hospital bedside
tables for the Junior Red Cross.
O.B. Wilson, who has been
visiting in Sait Lake and Den
, . _ . ,
ver, return««! to Oakley ^'* ttl
Miss Pearl Critchfield is en
two weeks vacation
joying a
from her work at the Oakley
State Bank.
Wanted—Cook and Compet
ent Housekeeper, Good wages.
Phone 35 Burley.
FOR SALE—New Sanitary
couch at one-half cost. Inquire
at this office.
Mrs. E, B. Jackson and family
hare moved into the Walker
house formerly occupied by
Omer Baker.
The' Misses Ella and Amelia
Matthews were week end guests
of Miss Clara Ramsey at Burley,
and while gone visited the Arte
swimming pool.
While Aaron Avery was driv
ing his Ford through the streets
of our city Saturday evening, the
wheel rolled off of the car.
Luckily no one was injured.
]. F. Tatro, who for severa
months has been visiting in Mon
tana, Colorado, and numerous
other western states, returned
to the city this week.
F0R SALE.—We have a few re
gistered pure blood Duroc Jersey
Male pigs for Sale. These pigs are
from the finest herds in the county.
them at Clarks Bros. Lann
Ranch, Oakley.
Wm. Nanttey aitd wile, and
Miss Helen Manley motored to
Rupert Monday evening to meet
Mrs. Ula Pettengill, a sister of
Mrs. Nanney's. Mrs. Pettengill
will make her home for the win
ter witli Mrs. Nan ne y .
J. C. De La Mare lett today for
Salt Lake City to attend the fun
erql of his daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Robert De La Mare, who
died ot Spanish influenza,
sympathy ot the city goes out
to the family iu their bereave
mg nt.
Pre*' w. T. Jack returned to the
city last Friday, after having beeu
delayed several days in Salt Lake
City on account of automobile
Albert Ploeger, president of the
Burley Bank of Commerce, and Al
bert Ploeger, junior, were Oakley
visitors Tuesday.
On account of the Spanish influ
enza epidemic at Salt Lake, Fred
Halverson and Adonis Neilson are
home from the University of Utah.
Edward Wilson left Monday after
spending a four days' furlough with
his parents. His brother Gene is
expected home this week.
The following births were reported
for September: to Lewis Elison and
wife, a son: to Joseph Bell and wife,
a son: to Rhy Curtiss and wife, a
daughter; to Ray Boren and wife,
a daughter; to James Whitby and
wife, of Marion, a son; to Frank
Lynch and wife, of Island, a son.
School Notes.
The following students have
been awarded diplomas for Jun
ior Four Minute addresses on
the Fourth Liberty Loan: Dovv
Puckett of seventh grade; Emma
Hardy of sixth grade; and Vera
Mills of fifth grade.
I The lantern slide lecture, 'The
American Navy', which was
held iu the Public School byiild
ing last Thursday, was very ed
ucational t$s well as interesting.
It was quite well patronized,
especially by the students.
The fourth, fifth and sixth
grades combined and had a
very excellent program. Each
of the other grades had a nice
program. All the exercises were
to commemorate Columbus Day
and Liberty Day.
The school work is proceeding
nicely. All the students seem to
, ^ .. ,
realize that more is required o(
*Vthem, in thdr srurtt«, than «er
before; «ncl they are chterfully
doing their part.
Our enrollment for the first
month was 336, which is some
what larger than last year at
this time. Our percentage of at
tendance was 94-—a little under
that of last year.
Teachers Joint Institute sched
uled to have taken place at Po
catello the week ot 21—25 has
been postponed indefinitely on
account of the quarantine regu
lations of State Board of
Health. School will be in oper
ation as usual.
County Seat Question.
When you go to the County
Seat, do you like to stop Ht a
good hotel? Burley has excel
lent hotels. Help to move the
court house to Burley.—Adv.
Six years Hgo the people ot
Cassia County voted to leave the
court houst; at Albion. What
have the people of Albion done
since that time to make it desir
able to leave the county seat
there? —Adv.
W« have no lamp to guide us ex
Cassia should vote to leave the coun
® eHt where it is, we have no rea
son to believe that Albion would do
any more to improve local conditions
than in the läst six years,
dern hotels would spring up, and
railroad would be built to take care
of travel. Burley is the logical lo
cation for Cassia's Capitol.—Adv.
cept the lamp of experience. If
No mo
FOR SALE.—One 19 15 Model
7-passenger Buick. All new tires
and top, and new Willard .Storage
Batteries just installed. In excellent
running condition. Also one Ford
touring car in good running order
and goog tires Will trade either
for cattle or sheep. Phone 2 9 R 2
Albert Bray and family went to
Burley Tnesday to attend the fu
neral of Mr. Bray 's brother, Willis,
who has been a sufferer from heart'
trouble for several years.
Mrs. Mary Allen served a nice lun
cheon to the ladies of the Relief So
ciety who were hs' "g a quilting #fc
at her home, last 1 wvsday, Oct, 8.
Miss Iva Jolley and sister Bessif
are spending a few days at Twin
Falls visiting friends. f
Several members of the Loosely
family are on the sick list.
Irene Oldham, who has been ser
iously ill, is well on the road to
Roy Durk is having a well drill
on his place.
Mrs. John Hill and family have
turned home after spending twjf
weeks at Salt Lake City.
Two babies arrived at ChureWwl'
last week. One at the home of M|>
and Mrs. Jex, and the other at Mfc
and Mrs. Loosely's.
Several of the farmers are bugy
putting up thrir third crop of hi|
Mrs. Stella Hatch and baby M»X
spent a couple of days visiting at
the home of Mrs. W. H. West Iftt
View of an Oakley Busing
Man on County Sea^j\
items referring to the PotäJKf
' " " •
In the next issue will be I
situation as to the nioveiitcl
place the County Seat at Bä#feV.,
Deetls have been duly deposited,
. . , , * ' ■ j
subjsct to delivery on tm oat
of the ejection, and the
faith of Burley is fully shown,
Her cards are upon the table.
The husthng, hustlin
I jf%4
of Burley, where" atTis i
endeavor, is exactly so sit^ptri.
as to have many points to j*i
fa Vo r— r a il rofirt, s tig a riaeto r v,
uation in Oakley is not alarm
ing, as there are not more than
large possibilities ahead , ol it,
and Hinple accomodations for
the public need of a county as
large and as important as Cassia
County. There is no argument
against moving the county scat
but tlie, one of expense—which
hag been fully met. Within five
years the move will have been
seen to have been a wise one
To vote a County Seat on the
railroad, vote for Burley for the
County Seat.—Adv.
As we go to press, one hun
dred and twenty cases of Span
ish influenza are reported in Cas
sia County. A hundred of these
are in Burley. It is
that a man died of the disease
at C le arc ret; r last night.
Dr. Neilson, tlie County Health
Officer, says that so far the sit
three cases in our city.
However, we cannot he too
careful in guarding against the
spread of this epidemic.
Bl«t il
Injured in Auto Accident.
J I' Johnson, formerly of
but now of Falla,
dangerous accident
last Sunday night. On bis
way home from our city, his
car ran off a bnpge, and, it
is aaid, turned over "three
times. Mr. Johnson sustain
ed serious injuries, his jaws
and one arm being broken,'|
but a daughter who was in
the oar with him escaped
comparatively unhurt. Mr
Johnson is now in a Salt
Lake hospital, and it is hop
ed that he may speed,|y rec
-iKEaS- * .
ÄVfcnts Leading Up to Break Be
tween Huns and the Powers
. r ;V of Europe.
A*•> —- j
Bj^rGeorge Sent Appeals for Peace, US
■»ut Kaiser Decided That Sword
Had Been Forced Into His Hand,
and Hostilities Began.
reH''*-On June 28, 1911, Archduke Frank
lÉIipf n<i , heir
Hungry, was i
apparent to Austria
isassi uated
the Duchess of Hohenberg,
by ibitmlan conspirators at Sarajevo,
the capital of Bosnia, where l'an-Slavtc
leelliP ran high.
with his
Ou .July 28 the
i*9i«U§ter at Belgrade presented to the
Berfj|«n government a drastic ultl- Bt
Statum. demanding punishment of the P°
alleged Serbian iustlgutors of the trag
edy and imposing, along with many
Other humiliating demands, the con
ditton that Serbia "accept the collub-'
oration of Austrian officials in the sup
pression of the Pan-Serbian
ment.'' and giving her weaker neigh
WOT forty-eight hours iu which to coin
C Tt was openly the aim of Austria, j
la accord with Germany,'' not only
to deprive Serbia of its political in-.
SgSfj&enjienee, but also to inflict u check j
Russia. From then on
events :
»»loved rapidly.
Serbia, on July :
KPye way to all the Austrian demands,
toit denied the right of Austria to ex-1
■fclse judicial authority iu Serbli
, Baly. before the expiration of Hie I
IttltlMutuin, made it known that she :
p-as not in sympathy with the Austro
Hftungurlun note to Serbia,
At once diplomatic exchanges be
6<* u between the various powers to
dvert the war that was impending;
but on JuIy 2T> Austrlu lssue(l n note
the powers stating that Serbia's uc-j
-fuieseetice to her demands was un- 1
S atisfactory and "filled with the spirit
f dishonesty," and on the following '
ay, July'28, Austria declared war on
blA. . I ....... .
tfiHslu at once began to mobilize,
Fhodfied the powers that she would
It the Invasion of Serbia. The
Ijllrf.tflrHriird Urey, British
or foreign iîXalrs.
a general war was inevitable.
The kaiser sent an ultimatum in
German to King Albert of Belgium on
August 2, demanding free passage for
his armies. The same day German
forces crossed the frontiers of Luxem- :
| burg an(] France, and on August 3 ;
Germany declared war on France. j
On the morning of August 4 the
German army Invaded Belgium, which
hud already appealed to England lo
preserve her neutrality, and the Brit- j
Ish ambassador in Berlin demanded
of die
obtain satisfaction. England de- :
peace proposals for a council of Eu
rope to both the kaiser and the czar.
His action was supported by France
and Italy.
The kaiser's reply was a general or
der of mobilization and an ultimatum
with a twelve-hour limit, to Russia to
stop mobilizing. Of France, Germany
demanded to be Informed of lier atti
tude In case of a Russo-German war.
This was on July 80, and on the same
day Austria invaded Serbia.
On July 31 military law
•as pro
claimed throughout Germany, and ltus
sia ordered a general naiblllzation.
Personal messages were exchanged
between the czar and the kaiser, to
both of whom King George sent ap
peals for peace, but oil August 1 Ger
many suddenly decided
sword had been forced into lier hand"
and declared war on Russia, while
Austria was still actually negotiating
that "tlie
with tlie czar.
France at once ordered a
mobilization and Italy formally
clured lier neutrality. It was plain that
general I
the immediate
kaiser's forces from Belgium, and. un
aille t
■ar cm Germany tlie same even
Ing. to the unaffected dismay of the
chancellor, who could not be
"just for a scrap of paper
lieve that
England was going to make war."

in any

Does Not Please Lodge.
degree of tlie German reply to i'resi
means the loss of
dent Wilson's note
the war for the allies. Senator Lodge
of Massachusetts, minority leader and
ranking Republican of tlie foreign re
! ig,ions committee of the senate, de
No Peace Short of Surrender.
•a ip be no peace
short of unconditional surrender. Go?
ernor Frank O. Louden of
averred in u speech at the dedk-nUbpi.T
of the Illinois Centennial monument
Notice to Subscribers.
Tlia government lias order
, .... , i
cd all publishers to disco..- j
Hum sending newspapers to i y
subsoriberswlio are iu arrears. 11lie
In common with other period- it
irais, the Herald must enforce
this ruling, and require sub
script ions to be paid in ad-i
cars send
'ley Publishing Company in- n
, " ,, , . ,, ,, iii
tends to make the Herald a
If you are in air
US vonr clmck
The Oak- i
live paper. Boost for tlm
home, paper ami your home
Owing to the prevalence of Spanish
Influenza the Child Welfare campaign
Bt Caldwell has Keen indefinitely post
P° np< *
the thirty-second annual convention of
the Woman's Christian Temperance
union October 8, 9 and 10.
attendance was large and the attrac
entertained the delegates to
The big rouud-up at Bluckfoot lust
week was a success iu every way. The
lions were well patronized.
Insurance men of Canyon county
j met at Caldwell last week and per
footed the Canyon county division of
the State Insurance federation.
Potato growers have been called to
: attend a Conference in Boise in the im
mediate future to learn further details
i^t' the methods to be inaugurated tills
fall in handling the potato harvest,
I from France, telling of the death of
: private Floyd iteuvls from pneumonia.
Word Ims heim received at Midvale
Mr. Iteuvls was In the June call and
was in training less than a mouth be
fore being sent overseas.
A new course of training has been
added to tlie list in Boise high school.
gymnasium classes will be held
regularly euch Friday. There will be |
a class each period, so that all the
glrls nlav be accommodated,
Brig. Gen. Noble of the hospital divi
sion, war department, will soon visit
Botse to inspect rim buildings ut Boise
barracks and determine the feasibil- I
An order of the board of health
made public October 10 calls for the
closing of all theatres, churches and
assembly hulls, including also dunces,
Liberty loan gatherings and all gather
: logs of a public character, but does not
3 ; include the public or private schools of
j the state.
The county food administrators re
duced the maximum price of a 16
ounce loaf of bread in the state to 9
j cents wholesale and 10 cents retail,,
unwrapped, and recommended an in
crease of $2 per ton to farmers for
sugar beets, making a price of .$L
: ton, ut their meeting held at Boise.
lily of establishing u ^construction and
educational Uospltul camp there.
Officiais 'have been successful in
running d >wn »«other bunch of nh
lcged cattle riiSflers tn the Halley 5
district. Three men were arrested last
week. They are Jesse Scohle, \\'. L.
West and Harry Burnell. Scoble and
West are ex-convicts.
The Idaho Master Bakers' associa
tion, through its officers, J. W. Wilsen,
president, and A. J. Stephan, secre
tary, have entered a protest to the
state food administration against the
price of bread announced by Food Ad
ministrator R. F. Bfcknell.
The Red Cross drive for Belgian re
lief was responded to with a donation
of 800 pounds of clothing by New Ply
mouth citizens.
hospital linen
shower was also a success and 113
new garments have been finished and
sent iu by tlie New Plymouth unit.
The hotly of Jack Howard, known
in the Warren mining district as
"Miner Jack," was found in tlie Sal
near the Riggins
I Howard is the man for whom search
was made after he had attempted to
commit suicide by cutting his throat.
■ per
Students who desire to enter the
«ollegiate section of
army training corps at Moscow who
I have at least 13 units of credit 111 a
I standard high school and who have
■ registered and who have not been clan
I sifted in class 1 A liy registration
prior to September 12 are eligible.

A campaign will soon be sturted by
the Canyon county bureau to poison
tlie farms in Canyon
While gophers have not be
come u serious menace to the farmers
gophers on
iu Canyon county, there are a great
many iu some districts, and a general
cleanup will lie started to exterml
nate them before they increase.
through I >nrector
, . The government,
, Jlaga, recently called for a report from
liUilio manufacturers us to the capacity
of their plunts and for
: to how much work each manufacturer
j can handle over ami above his regular
I trade.
1 large orders are expected for this
state In the future.
statement ns
Tlie report lias been made, and
üakley Over the Top
Our city ha-a more than
rJliM , ri it8 quota uf Fourt]l
y berty Loan Honds. while
11lie allotment is $ 5 0, U 0 0
it is estimated by the Com
niitt.ee that the amount a!
ready in the banks is about
jids.oo o.
the district as a whole, in
lauding Marion, Island, and
Basin, as well as Oakley, is
n °t doing so well, ihn quota
for the district is $7 4, 0 0 0
, , „ . J _ ',
and only £fi 9, 2 5 0 of this
is in the banks.
Let's put 'er over' and
make Itir. bill hohenzollern
look more than ever like
thirty cents,
Additional Locals.
Howells was
Atty. B. P.
in Albon Sunday.
Mrs. Frank Beckwith re
turned Tuesday from Salt
Lake City.
Eldon Dalilquiet was over
from Rupert the first of the
T. 1). Yea man, of Burley,
is the Democratic candidate
for Sheriff. —Adv.
Frank Cummins bought
theA. G. Nelson ranch, Wed
nesday .
Judge B. P. Howells left
Wednesday for a short busi
ness visitât the Gem Elate
| *
J. Lyman Smith returned
from Salt Lake because of
the S»anihil influenza quai
Dean Larson of Island left
Tuesday to enter the mech
anical aeroplane department
the Vancouver Barracks -
. O. Plummer, tli« Rex
all druggist, is spending a
short vacation hunting deer
in jVevada.
Fred Halverson mois taken
seriously ill with Spanish in
fluenza Monday evening, but
is rapidly improving.
Miss Vilate Benin,on of
Vernal, Utah, is spending a
few weeks with Miss Pearl
Critch field.
J. T. Kidd, who was con
fined in the Burley jail es
caped Tuesday night, leav.
ing his bondsmen to pay fif
teen hundred dollars.
I Thomas I). Yea in 811
j _ . ,. , , .. _
<lfi * *ltlC ca HO iflate IOl oIlMllIl
of Cat-sia County, and F. P.
Dotsoll Republican candi —
. , , ' p , 1 , , ,
oatH lor 1 ronate J ung«, were
Oakley visitors Wednesday.
j Hooding, weift
j Wednesday, working ill the
Captain W. T, Stafford
and W. G. Bissel, both of
; interest of tlie Republican
, ! state ticket.
a j
Save Seeds.
A nation-wide campaign is being
made for certain fruit pits and nut
Two hundred peach seeds contain
enough carbon to s«ve the life of
one soldier who has been gassed,
Save the following and send to
the Red Cross rooms. Tlie Red
Cross, if notified, will call for
j Peach. Cherry, Apricot, Prune.
plum and Olive Pits.
rained on may be used,
Brazil, Walnut, Hickory nut and
ns | n t See( ,
The pits niURt be thoroughly
old pits that have been

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