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It's an
unusual week nowaday)
when a bomb isn't thrown somewhere
at somebody in Russia.
The prediction of a shortage of 10.
000,000 pounds in the California
crop will be comforting to some.
About twenty-seven cabmen were
killed by the bomb Intended for the
sultan, so the energy wasn't entirely
Pittsburg has decided to annex the
village of Bon Air. That certainly i*
what Pittsburg needs more than any
thing else.
That "famous football player" who
has started business on the New York
stock exchange is In a fair way to get
shorn at last.
European sovereigns that have
teriained the shah of Persia are quite
willing he should do all his visiting in
the United States.
< n
A New York woman wants a divorce
because her husband plays poker. She
must find it hard to discover
change In his pockets.
The assertion that Newport is
the decline was contradicted Imme
diately by the announcement of a big
jewel robbery down there.
Even if It does cost anywhere from
$1,600 to $40,000 a month to run an
up-to-date steam yacht, only think
what a lot of fun you have!
One of Holland's islands in the
East Indies Is in rebellion'. There
must be some fighting germ that has
atacked the world's Islands. ■
The Shah of Persia Is reported to be
suffering from melancholia,
foolish man.
has his coal all in and paid for.
He's a
We understand that he
New York's society swells now have
their giant minds centered upon the
important task of pulling off
between a coach dog and a bull pup.
Considering the result of efforts to
"dash" to the pole there may be
thing In the Idea of a Philadelphia
explorer who
a race
proposes to "drift"
The Sultan of Morocco has ordered
the building of n stone pier at Tan
gier, probably with a hope that his
next royal visitor will run Into It and
Cassie Chadwick's main trouble just
now is said to be a rat
matinee races round her cell,
will either get a trap or move out of
the prison.
who gives
The Atlantic oeean contains an area
of about 40,000.000 square miles, and
yet some people act as If they felt big
enough to make the tide rise when
they go In bathing.
The editor of
an Atlanta paper
whipped a member of the Georgia
legislature the other day. The edi
tor must have felt that his fist
mightier than his pen.
The spooners are grieved because
the man In the moon has left town,
says one of our bright young
Don't you believe it, sonny. On the
contrary. Quite the reverse.
u • h
Rojestvensky ascribes his defeat to
bad shells, Incompetent gunners, and
mutinous crews. A combination like
that was clearly no match for the vlr
tues of the mikado's ancestors.
of the mikado's ancestors.
There Is much argument just
on the question of who was the father
of the American navy. Why bother
over the father when we have the
child, and such a fine, healthy child,
T mt
Writing in an eastern
grouchy citizen says that patients who
fall In love with their nurses usually
do so merely because of "peripheral
propinquity." Those dreadful germs
paper, a
If the recording angel has kept
careful account of the remarks made
by the 80,000,1)00 of the American peo
ple about the weather recently, he
must have a busy set of shorthand
Of course we all know what ought
to have happened to the ailing small
boy whose mother gave him ten cents
to go to the drug store to get a dose
of castor oil and who spent it for
Ice cream soda.
For the first time In 200 years the
governor of St. Plerre-Miquclon Is vis
iting the governor of Newfoundland
for a couple of days. Of course it has
not been the same governor ail the
time, on either side.
Annie Resant's assertion that she
knows what becomes of ns when we
are asieep reminds us o* the widow
who said there was some Consolation
in the fact that, now she ead buried
her husband, she knew whr* he was
Massa tisi
from tramjis
food, and f
•täte last »ar
aeems to bj one of •'
for the tra-rp disers- •'
been dlscovere 1
rerulres voi*> ~
'he- g » to
ed t^e
i th*
May Sometimes Be
They are Laid.
nfected Before
"Fggs may be poisonous even before
they are laid," is the cheerful mate
rnent. made I, y Prof MetchnlkofT of the
I'asteur institute, In the witness box.
The whites may contain disease-breed
ing microbes.
These, when heated,
survive in a vegetative 6tate up to 60
degrees centigrade
140 degrees
Consequently a
even partly cooked
fresh, may
owing to the poisonous
lively bacilli In the white and contain
ed therein from the very beginning.
The professor's evidence, writes the
Paris correspondent
Telegraph, was given in a case be
fore the first chamber, in
pastry cook Is being sued by twenty
five persons who bad been made very
111 by eating some of his cream tarts,
and by the helrB of a twenty-sixth
who died of It.
ported by M. MetchnlkofT, stated at
the first hearings of the case that h
Is utterly impossible
sure that whipped cream containing
white of an egg unboiled shall be
Innocuous, however fresh the egg, for
the above ressors
raw or
egg, however
be poisonous
presence of
of the London
which a
Official experts, sup
ever to make
Gratitude Well Expressed.
Sau It ste. Marie, Mich., Aug. 14th.—
Mr. C. I. Smith, painter and decora
tor, whose home is at 309 Anne street,
this city, makes the following state
"I was laid up with some kind of
Some said it was Lumbago,
other Sciatica and others again Rheu
A few of my friends
gested that it was lead poison, but
whatever it was it
gave me a great
deal of pain; in fact, almost complete
ly crippled me.
I had to use two
canes to walk about., and even then it
was a very painful task.
"A friend advised me to try Dodd's
Kidney Pills and I began the treat
ment. After 1 had used the first box I
was able to throw away one of the
canes and was considerably improved.
The second box straightened
me up so
that I could go about free from pain
without any assistance, and very
after I was completely cured, well and
happy, without a pain or an ache.
Dodd's Kidney Pills seemed
to go
right to the spot in my case and they
will always have my greatest praise."
Mrs. Winkleton Regretted the Stern
Necessity, but
"Choose between us!"
Winkleton folded up his evening
newspaper and savagely threw It
the floor.
"Yes, madam," he continued, "I tell
you once for all that you can't have
both of us. The last time that dress
maker was In the house for a week I
vowed that I never would stand it
again, and I won't. As for being under
the same roof with two half-crazy and
absorbed women, and requiring a rake
every morning to get the odd pieces
of cloth out of my clothes; to hear the
rattle and whir of that confounded
sewing machine, and to sit at
meals and listen to a lot of cut bias,
ruffled and flounced, and pleated talk
—I've had all I'm ever going to have.
If I m to be turned out of my own
house, all right; but you can't have
both of us.
You'll have to make
quick. Come, madam, which shall it
be, the dressmaker or me?"
Mrs. Winkleton looked at her hus
band with a hopeless, half-despairing
look, In which were discernible some
traces of indignation and a sense of
"If you must go, dear," she said, soft
ly, "why, I have nothing
say ! "
I leave the day she comes.
your decision
more to
Boss Comes From Dutch.
The American word "boss," tot
master, is the modern form of the
Dutch "baas," of the same meaning.
It is descended from the original
settlers of New York.
When He Quit Coffee.
Llfe Insurance Companies will not
Insure a man suffering from heart
trouble. The reason Is obvious.
This is a serious matter to the hus
band or father who is solicitous for
the future of his dear ones. Often
the heart trouble Is caused by an
expected thing and can be corrected
If taken in time and properly treated.
A man In Colorado writes:
"I was a great coffee drinker for
many years, and was not aware of the
Injurious effects of the habit till I be
came a practical invalid, suffering
from heart trouble, indigestion and
nervousness to an extent that made
wretchedly miserable myself and
a nuisance to those who witnessed my
"I continued to drink Coffee, how
ever, not suspecting that It was the
cause of my 111 health, till, on applying
for life insurance I was rejected on i
account of the trouble with my heart.
Then I became alarmed. I found that
leaving off coffee helped me quickly,
so 1 quit It altogether and having
been attracted by the advertisements
of Postum Food Coffee I began its
"The change in my condition was
remarkable, aEd It was not locg till
was completely cured. All my ali
ments vanished,
completely restored, my nervousness
disappeared, and, most important of
all, my heart steadied down and be
came normal, and on a second exami
nation I was accepted by the life in
surance Co. Quitting Coffee and
Ing Postum worked the cure." Name
Siven by 1'ostum Co., Battle Creek
My digestion was
n s
There's a reason, and it is explained
In the little book, "The Hoad to Well
vllle." in each pkg.
Origin of Bird»' Name«.
Certain bird» set their name» from
F/t Petei According to a writer: "The
petrel (in German Petersvogel,' Pe
ter'» bird), a bird that »klm»
waves, is named after the apostle who
walked upon the waves of Galilee. But
the parrot's is a less simple ease.
Spain and in Portugal, as in Kranee.
the word corresponding to 'parrot' al
most certainly represents 'little Peter'
—a familiar name playfully applied
heraus» Peter was so common a Chris
t.an name Similarly a house sparrow
is nicknamed 'pierrot' in France."
Good tea is only a few top
leaves of the twig,
drinking the bottom ones?
Are you
rétama your money If you don't
trr.H er
uw« -s.il; .
First Cabbage In England.
Cabbages were introduced into Eng
land in the sixteenth century.
The way to buy tea is to
say to your grocer: "I want
Schilling's Best: lib Japan,
or Ceylon or English Break
fast or Oolong.
Bismarck's Love for Explorer.
Prince Bismarck had the greatest,
affection for the late MaJ. von Wiss
When he left for East Africa
as commander of the German Schutz
ruppe to suppress the Insurrection of
the Chief Bushiri, the chancellor took
his chubby face in both hands and
kissed him.
The American trade is not
very prosperous; so much
return* yo
trr ut
ilité SchUltlur'» H.--(
money If you don't
Tightness of Boots and Shoes.
This exceedingly uncomfortable feel
ing can be relieved by rubbing the
shoes, well with olive or castor oil
while they are on the feet and allow
ing it to dry in.
Cleanliness in the Dairy.
To have healthful milk and butter, abso
lute cleanliness in caring for it is
sary, as nothing will absorb impurities
quickly as milk. Many housekeepers who
are otherwise careful, overlook this whon
they wash milk utensils with cheap soap,
made from filthy fats. Use Ivory Soap and
thoroughly scald and air all pans and
Russians Not Cruel.
A Moscow writer, J. Novlcow, says
that Russians are among the least
cruel people of Europe, Instancing in
proof that no popular sports of a
brutal character, such as cock fights,
bull fights, even boxing or pugilism,
are ever observed among them; much
less Is lynch law to be met with.
What is cheating?
Hard to say.
\\ hat is not-cheating?
Tour grocer return» your mosey If you don't
like Schilling'» Heat
Warranted a Speedy Cure.
Dr. William Osier, in one of his Bah
tlmore lectures, recited a quaint old
cure for the gout—a cure, from a sev
enteenth century medical work, that
was designed to show gout's hopeless
ness. "First pick," said this odd cure,
"a handkerchief from the pocket of a
spinster who never wished to wed;
second, wash the handkerchief In
honest miller's pond; third, dry It
the hedge of a person who never was
covetous; fourth, send It to the shop
of a physician who never killed a
tient; fifth, mark It with a lawyer's
Ink who never cheated a client; and,
sixth, apply It, hot, to the gout-tor
mented part. A speedy cure must fol
Masqueraded as Criminals,
Original was the Idea of a Berlin
doctor who gave a ball at yhich ths
quests were obliged to masquerade
18 wo11 known criminals. Naturally
high-born malefactors of history, such
M tho Borglas, In that they afforded
What do you think of a
tea that returns your money
if you don't like it?
Your grocer returns your money If you don't
Ilk# Schilling'» Best
scope for artistic costumes,
were chiefly in favor, though one of
the hits of the evening was made by
an Er 8 1| shman, who, got up as Charles |
,>oace ' the notorious burglar, mingled
with the aristocracy of crime.
Your grocer makes a fair
profit on Schilling's Best;
and you can afford it.
He return# your money If you don't like lk
Coeu him nothin?.
Musicians Play Chess.
At a London theater, at which a
musical play Is having a long run, the
members of the orchestra play chess
on miniature boards during the waits
between acts.
Testing Device in Operation by an
Eastern Railroad.
An odd thing to be seen In the
. . .... oper '
New Hsv ", u 'V New York '
wh!) t ? ? ra ' Ir0ad 18
11 " n R blFd bOX "
lommnMi Ah* 6 " aD VP ? Powerful
ocomo Ive of the compound type, and
t Is given the appearance shown in
IrecHen , PaDJ w K . P r'° KraPh b> ' ,ho
of the - c * 1 ° 3 a r !!* * 00<1 over one I
snector J iT- '' rB j n ° 1 aff:,ir an ln ' ;
.P , s . 8 «ml makes a record of
th v, °u' ln "t ° f i. 1 " 5 mach!ner y about ;
the head end of the engine while it is
n motion and while the train is speed- !
ing on the run between New York and.
Boston. The operation Is being car
ried on for the purpose of making a,
comparative test of the compound
«P*." •
* i ' -I
-Mr '
- «
, »... >
• ■
with the new type of "ten wheeled"
single cylinder engines which have
been put into use on this road.
"Billing," Writer Thinks, Corresponds
to Our Kissing.
An Englishman, Edmond Selous, has
been watching doves at play and in
combaL Of the habit of "billing," In
which so many birds engage when
they are nesting, he
birds now
says: "Where
merely 'bill,' they once, in
my opinion, fed each other—or the
male fed the female—but
came to be experienced In the contact
alone and the
passage of food, which
was never
necessary, gradually be
came obsolete. I think It by no means
improbable that our own kissing may
have originated in much the
same way
and that birds, when thus 'billing,' ex
perience the
same sort of pleasure
that we do when we kiss must be
quite obvious to any one who has
watched them."
Of a peculiarity of the stock dove
Mr. Selous writes: "When these birds
fight they constantly interrupt the
flow of the :ombat by bowing in the
most absurd way, not to one another,
but, generally, so to speak, for no
object or purpose whatever, apparent
ly, but only because they must do so.
The fact is, the bow has become a for
mula of courtship and as courting and
fighting are intimately connected the
one suggests the other in the mind of
the bird, who bows, all at once, under
a misconception."
Chinese Burial Customs.
When a rich and important China
man dies, his funeral
with much pomp and splendor,
friends and relations, instead of
ing wreaths, send innumerable ban
is conducted
These are made of white silk,
with inscriptions beautifully worked
In black velvet, and express the send
ers' good wlsjies to the deceased him
self or to the members of his family
for many generations. On the day of
the funeral these banners are carried
by hired men who are all dressed
alike for the occasion. After the
funeral, which lasts several hours at
the cemetery, is over, the banners
all brought back, and eventually grace
the rooms of the late Chinaman's
Hen a Hard Worker.
James A. Edwards of Apponaug, R.
L, has a pet hen which has the free
dom of the house.
In a corner of the woodbox which does
away with the possibility of any other
hen sharing her honors,
time this remarkable hen
double-yoked eggs, but last Thursday
she surpassed all records by laying
three eggs in one day.
She has her nest
For a long
has laid
Public Reading Room in 1616.

rv . x:.
V, A
7 m
is ■ a pb
■ * zu-
| [3—
(■ I
--X "
. j»
Books were so valuable 300
ago that they were kept chained to
desks in public reading rooms.
Threw Rock Too Far.
As John Jones of Goshpn. Vt., at
tempted to remove a rock from hi
yard with dynamite recently, the rock ^
was thrown to the roof of a eow stable
near by, crushing through the roof to
the floor and nearly killing som« I
ealvee which were in the stable
Predatory Roast Killed by Blow o*
Rifle Butt.
"An exciting adventure with a tiger
occurred at Sabi recently." says a
African paper "The beast
was seen going from L. Banger's
pia.ee. dragging a calf toward a dense
bush , whlcb lav clc(SC by Mr „an
gor CO uld not leave the store until
1 sundo.n and by that time the
tiger had eaten nearly half the calf,
On coming up to him Mr. Banger fired
and managed to break the animal's
left shoulder, but it was too dark to
follow Next morning he set out with
a couple of dogs and a few boys. As
soon as the dogs bayed him the tiger
commenced growling, but he could
not be seen for the dense bush. All
of a sudden he dashed out. passed Mr.
Banger and caught one of the boys,
whose flesh was very badly torn and
had to be sewed up by a doctor. Mr.
Banger, being afraid of shooting the
boy, ran up to the tiger and broke his
neck with the gun. The animal meas
ured from nose to tail seven feet six
Savage Wild Buffalo.
A Ceylon newspaper prints the fol
lowing regarding the head of a wild
buffalo, which was shot in that island
recently: "Both the horns were bad
ly worn off. This was probably caused
by the animal's constantly digging up
the ground with its huge horns at the
least excitement or on seeing an en
emy at a distance. It is said that the
animal was a savage and dangerous
brute, and the mere appearance of the
huge head clearly shows it to have
been so. A bullet was found Imbedded
an Inch deep in the neck of the buf
falo, close behind the left ear, it hav
ing been previously shot at by
one, evidently at a very long distance."
Author Not Well Known.
When Thackeray was a candidate
for parliament from the city of Ox
ford some one remarked to him that
he must be well known to most of
those whose votes he sought. "Now,"
said Thackeray, laying down his knife
and fork
and holding up a finger,
"there was only one man among all
that I went to see who had heard
name before and he was a circulating
librarian. Such is mortal fame!" That
was in 1867 and "Vanity Fair" bad
been published ten years.
Tea is the cheapest of
drinks; you'd drink more if
you knew how good good
tea is.
fnrocer returns your money If you don't
■«fee Kchllllnpr's Best. «
The Lover's Preference.
"Your every tooth Is a milk-white
pearl," tenderly whispered the lover
fond. And softly laughed the win
some girl when the moonlight caught
In her tresses blonde. His lips neared
hers, but before they met In a kiss,
the rest of the world forgetting, "You
like pearls, then?" said the small co
quette. "Not so much," he replied,
"as I like the setting."
Body Mass of Sores—Could not Sleep
—Spent Hundreds of Dollars
Doctors, but Grew Worse—
Cured by Cuticura for $8.
"Cuticura saved the life
mother, Mrs. Wm. F. Davis, of Stony
Creek, Conn.
of my
Hers was the worst
eczema I ever saw.
able to eat or sleep,
body was a mass of sores, and she de
spaired of
She was hardly
Her head and
recovery. Finally, after
spending hundreds of dollars on doc
tors, growing worse all the time, liv
ing in misery for years, with hair
hitened from suffering and body ter
ribly disfigured, she was completely
cured by two cakes of Cuticura Soap,
five boxes of Cuticura, and three bot
tles of Cuticura Resolvent.—Geo. C.
Davis. 161 W. 36th St., N. Y."

Even after Charity has covered a
multitude of sins a good many of them
are still In the open.—Puck.
We sell tons of poor stiff;
but our name isn't on it. Go
by the name.
Schilling's Bent is » goed foot-rule to mowart
four grocer with.
Boys' Strange Duty.
The following note reached
schoolmaster from a boy's father, in
forming him of the cause of his
absence from school the previous day
It naturally caused some merriment
and, judging from the way he signs
the epistle, it In no way flatters him
The note ran as follows: "Please ek
scuse Tommy not being at school
terday as he was kept at home
wash—his father."—I.on don Answers"
your grocer what
moneyback means,
He return» your money If
Un* . Best.
you don't ilk# ichii
r™.* u—. -r- „ -T
— ender Heart,
Leonardo d » Vinci, a man great In
" 8 klndness t0 birds and animals,
* reat as an arc hitect, a military en
® rineer - a Philosopher and an artist,
* as accus,om<?d to buy birds In cages
for the P ur P° se °f restoring them to
Lydia Em Plnkham's
Vegetable Compound
The wonderful power of Lydia E.
Pinkhum's Vegetable Compound over
the diseases of womankind is not be
cause it is a stimulant, not because it
is a palliative, hut simply because it ia
the most wonderful tonic ami
structor ever discovered to act directly
upon the generative organs, positively
curing disease and restoring health and
Marvelous cures are reported from
ail parts of the country by women who
have been cured, trained nurses who
have witnessed cutes and physicians
who have recognized the virtue of
Lydia E. Pink ham's Vegetable Com
pound, and are fair enough to give
credit where it is due.
If physicians dared to he frank and
open, hundreds of them would acknowl
edge that they constantly prescribe
Lydia E. Pinkhatn's Vegetable Com
pound in severe cases of female ills,
they know by experience it can be
lied upon to effect a cure. The follow*
ing letter proves it.
Dr. S. C. Brigham, of 4 Brigham
Park, Fitchburg, Mass., writes :
"It gives me great pleasure to say that, I
have found Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound very efficacious, and often pre
seriiie it in my practice for female difficulties.
"My oldest (laughter found it very benefi
cial for uterine trouble some time ago, and mr
youngest daughter is now taking it for a ti
male weakness, and is surely gaining in health
and strength.
" I freely advocate it as a most reliable spe
cific in all diseases to which
omen are sub
ject, and give it honest endorsement."
Women v.'ho are troubled with pain
ful or irregular menstruation, bloating
(or flatulence), leucorrhœa. falling, in
flammation or ulceration of the uterus,
ovarian troubles, that bearing-down
feeling, dizziness, faintness, indiges
tion, nervous prostration or the blues,
should take immediate action to ward
off the serious consequences, and lie
restored to perfect health and strength
by taking Lydia E. Pin kb am 's Vegeta
ble Compound, and then write to Mrs.
Pinkham, at Lynn. Mass., for further
free advice. No living person has had
the beneijt of a wider experience in
treating female ills. She has guided
thousands to health. Every suffering
woman should ask for and follow her
advice if she wants to be strong and
well. •
Keep Out of Ruts.
Don't get into a rut. Look to the
right and the left, and always upward.
Grow upward to the light, like the
plants and flowers. You stand a plant
In a dark corner, and what does It
tendrils to God's beautiful light. The
flowers turn their faces to the sun ; al
ways looking upward!
Don't sit in darkness,
out, and join the children of light
It stretches out Its leaves and
It is progress.
Come up and
Money back makes it safe
Moneyback makes it safe
Moneyback makes it safe
Moneyback makes it safe
uey if you don't
Your grocer returns your
like Schilling'll BettU
First English Windmills.
Windmills were introduced in Eng
land by the Crusaders, who had seen
them In use among the Saracens.
Good tea for a third
ot a
cent a cup: a cent-and-a-half
for breakfast, five in the
Yonr grocer return»
like Schilling'! Betti.
your money if yom don't
Flowering Evergreen.
The flowering evergreen, camellia,
was brought from Japan by a Spanish
Jesuit named Kamel; hence the
Do It Now.
If you are about to make a trip any
where, let me know. Pleased to give
jou full Information as to low rates—*
plenty of 'em this summe.— train ser
et ?' '"? he Santa f, e" trade mark
the sign of safety, speed and
, . c. F. WARREN.
SM '-* 1 "
Remarkable Heart Photograph.
Two Munich scientists have, '
means of the Roentgen ray, succeed
ed In photographing the human hear»
between beats.
Roentgen ray, succeed
ed In photographing the human hear»
between beats.
Such tea and such dealing
bring trade from a distance;
there is
no distance with
such tea and such dealing.
Tour trôner returns
Uke Schilling-« i lwit
your money If you don't
Reward for Finding Error,.
By the recent dinner of the London
Association of Correctors of the Pi-esa
attention was called to a queer
tom of the old time. Printers used
heir office° b0Oks ^tsi.ie
their offices, and if any passing scbol
ar detected an error he was rewarde '
according to its magnitude
wine for a broken letter,
and a plate of beef for '
and the like.
' 'IS
-a cup of
a cup of wine
a turned letter
kÆ"*'""" .
Tbe Kubs Company. South bend. IndT
■Ife does give some people bene
Phen she whirls around and
euchres them out of the profit.

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