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Two men swum the Niagara rapids
a few days ago. We have forgotten
their names.
If is a difficult task in this work
aday world of ours to preserve the
bloom of the peach.
A Cossack who asked for better
tfood has been shot dead. A Cossack
«bould know his place.
The $50,000 subscribed for Peary's
pole-hunting project may properly be
referred to as cold cash.
Foolish regrets are dreary relics of
the past and forgetfulness the junk
man that carries them away.
If Peary is successful, Canada will
be bounded on the north as well as on
the south by the United States.
Drastic reforms are to be Inaugu
rated by the
Look out for graft scandals over there.
Chinese government.
The boat rocker has just succeeded
in drowning a party of three in New
Hampshire, fortunately including him
A famous football player has just
bought a seat on the New York Stock
Exchange. He is still looking for
In Newark, N, J., caterpillars are
bringing 10 cents a quart. Newark
must be the headquarters of the axle
grease industry.
"Are we to have a revival of hon
esty?" asks the Rutland (Mass.) Her
ald. Why not? It would be a most
delightful novelty.
Chicago and New Yxtfk continue to
talk about hejy Tilg they are, while
the rest
the country is talking
ow bad they are.
It is not known yet whether the de
cision of the treasury department that
camels' hair is wool will be pleasing
or displeasing to the camel.
"The Woman of To-morrow" is the
title of a book just announced, but it
Is all that most of us can do to keep
up with the woman of to-day.
Eighteen Boston tailors have gone
on strike, which recalls Queen Eliza
beth's salutation to another eighteen:
"Good morning gentlemen both."
A Japanese admiral has found that
the cruiser Izumrud, late of the Baltic
fleet, is a "complete wreck." There
is such a thing as doing work too well.
The New York Post refers to Scotty
of Death Valley as a golden calf. The
editor of the Post must have reasons
for believing that Scotty has pawned
his gun.
Why should anyone complain about
the heat when the telegraph tells us
that a large snow bank is still visible
on Mt. Jefferson, up in the White
Philadelphia is certainly getting
rapid, with fifty-four divorces granted
there in one hour this week. And
the recent raid had nothing at all to
do wltn it, either.
It is announced in London journals
that the Princess Anna de Karenga
Esterhazy desires to sell her titles.
We would advise her to advertise in
the Pittsburg papers.
Nicola Tesla hints that he has about
solved the problem of aerial naviga
tion. This may account for the fact
that he has not recently been in com
munication with Mars.
The season is here when you will
betray your social status, according
as you decide to slice it off with your
knife or just hold it up in both hands
and bite it off the cob.
Barber Henn of Kansas Pity has
asked the legislature to change his
name. If he will promise to quit cack
ling his customers will doubtless
warmly support the petition.
"The English are not considered a
pleasure-loving people," says the Lon
don Speaker. If they had been a pleas
ure-loving people, they would never
have got mixed up in that Boer war.
-- j
It must be annoying to ttie czar to j
have to go |Miking around the cPilar i
every time when he moves into a new I
palace to see how much dynamite the
energetic revolutionists have stowed
Secretary Taft says he was not |
angry when he wrote that letter to j
Wallace. Then it Is difficult to see !
how the secretary could fully express j
himself when angry without plaglariz- j
Word comes from New York that a |
wromar, who married a man there be
Ing Admirul Evans.
cause she thought he was a genius
has had him put in an insane asylum.
She isn't the first one. however, who
has had trouble in discovering the
An octogenarian v V n just died
in New York is said to hf-ve drunk
heavily all his life, except nine
months, during which he thought th"
city would be bombarded bv a Span
ish fleet. He evidently was reason
able in bis demands for excitement.
Recognition by College* of Importance
of American Story.
A little more than thirty years ago
a boy conld enter Harvard college and
after four years graduate with the
highest honora without knowing of
the existence of the declaration of In
dependence or when the constitution
of the United States was framed, says
Henry Cabot Lodge In the Reader
vard was true of other universities
and colleges,
not included in the scheme of the
hfrbcr education. Boys entering col
lege were required to know something
of the history of Greece and Rome,
but not of their own country. During
the four years of the college
they had opportunity to study the his
tory of England and Europe, but
to learn aught of the United States.
This condition of education
ly an Indication of an attitude of mind
then passing away, but which bad
been predominant. The usual opinion
seems to have been during the first
half of the nineteenth century that
there was no Amerioan history worth
telling, apart from the adventures of
the revolution, which were both con
nected so closely with the history of
Europe that they might be deemed of
What was true of Har
American history was
was mere
on ce
Sound as a Dollar.
Montlcello, Minn., Aug. 7th—Mr. J.
W. Moore of this place stands as a liv
ing proof of the fact that Bright's Dis
ease, even in the last stages, may be
perfectly and permanently cured by
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Mr. Moore says; "In 1898 three
reputable physicians after a careful
examination told me that I would die
with Bright's Disease inside of a year.
My feet and ankles and legs
badly swollen; I could hardly stand
on my feet and had given up all hopes
of getting cured when a traveling
salesman told me that he himself had
been cured of Bright's Disease two
years before.
"He said he had taken to his bed
and expected to die with it, but that
he had been cured by a remedy called
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"I commenced taking them at
and I am thankful to say that they
saved my life,
ment I was completely restored to
good health and I am now as sound as
a dollar."
After a short treat
Heat and Cold In Arabia.
Arabia has the reputation of being
one of the hottest and unhealthiest
regions on the globe, but all northern
Arabia has a winter season, with cold
rains and occasional frosts.
Here is Relief for Women.
Mother Gray, a nurse in New York, dis
covered a pleasant herb remedy for women's
111*, oslled AUSTRALIAN-DEAF. It is the
only certain monthly regulator. Cures
female weaknesses, Backache, Kidney and
Urinary troubles. At all Druggists or by
mail Mets. Kample mailed FREE. Address,
The Mother Gray Co., LeRoy, N. Y.
Scheme Worked Successfully by a Girl
Who Counterfeited Death.
A fraud scheme at the expense of
life insurance companies was carried
out three times successfully as long
ago as 1730. A young woman with an
extraordinary power of simulating
death had fer a confederate an elder
ly man, who passed for her une!e.
Twice in different parts of England
she insured her life in her uncle's fa
vor, went into convulsions and to all
appearances died. The third time the
game was played with an ingenious
variation. The uncle went to a life
insurance company, explained that he
was in financial straits and wished to
borrow money on his niece's estate.
To compensate for such a loan he
would have to Insure her life for its
value, but could not afford to have
this insurance become known, as it
would expose his financial condition
and ruin his credit,
therefore, agreed to write the insur
ance under a bond of secrecy. As
usual, the young woman went into
convulsions and died,
funeral she lay in state for all the
world to see. Her uncle was pros
He did not try to collect the Insur
ance for some months and when he
! did the company paid him in full with
expressions of real sympathy. So did
nine other companies, which lie had
silenced by the
joined bis niece on the continent with
a very impressive fortune.
The company.
Before her
same ruse, and ho
Shows He Knew What Food to Stick
Forwarding a photo of a splendidly
j handsome and healthy young boy. r.
j happy mother writes from an Ohio
i town:
"The enclosed picture shows my 4
year-old Grape-Nuts boy. I
Since he was 2 years old he has
eaten nothing but Grape Nuts. He
demands and gets this food three
times a day. This may seem rather |
j unusual, but he does not care for any- j
thing else after he has eaten his j
j Grape-Nuts, which he uses with milk j
j or cream, and then he is through wii't :
j his meal. Even on Thanksgiving day ■
j he refused turkey and all the good
| things that make up that great din
ner, and ate bis dish of Grape-Nuts
and cream with the best results and
none of the evils that the other fool
ish members of the family experi
"He is never sick, has a beautiful
complexion, and is considered
handsome boy. May the Postum Com
pany prosper and long continue to fu>*
nish their wholesome food!"
given by Postum Co.,
There's a reason.
a very
Battle Creek,
Read the little
book. "The Road to Wellville," In ev
•ry pkg.
Emaciated by Diabetea; Tortured
with Grave! and Kidney Pains.
Henry Soule, cobbler, of Ham
mondsport, N. Y„ says: "Since Doan's
Kidney Pills cured me eight yeais
ago, I've reached 70 and hope to live
many years long
er. But twenty
years ago I had
kidney trouble so
bad I could not
work. Backache
was persistent
and it was agony
to lift anything.
Gravel, whirling
headaches, dizzi
ness and terrible
urinary disorders ran me down from
168 to 100 pounds. Doctors told me I
had diabetes and could not live. 1
was w-retched and hopeless when 1
began using Doan's Kidney Pills, but
they cured me eight years ago and
I've been well ever since."
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y
For sale by all dealers. Price, 60
cents per box.
• jjL** •
Different Now.
The years seemed very long to me,
and life was but a bore; all sights
were tiresome to see. and I had the
blues galore. All jokes were ancient
here below, good songs wee never
sung; but that, alas! was years ago—
when I was very young.
Ask Your Dealer for Allen's Foot-Ease
A powder. It rests the feet. Cures Swollen,
Sore, Hot, Callous, Aching, Sweating Feet
ami Ingrowing Nails. At all Druggists and
Shoe stores, 26 cents. Accept no substitute.
Sample mailed FREE. Address, Allen S.
Olmsted, De Roy, N. Y.
Old Inns in England.
The Ostrich Inn at Colnbrook, Mid
dlesex, England, has had an uninter
rupted existence since the far-away
days of King John. It was doing a
thriving business before magna Char
ta was signed and had qualified as a
veteran before Crecy was fought. The
Seven Stars in Manchester was a li
censed house in the year of Poictievs.
1356, two-thirds of a century before
the cathedral was founded, and it
boasts to-day a staircase clock which
began to tick ever so long before Dr.
Johnson was born—nearly two
turies ago.
Piso's Cure cannot be too highly spoken or as
a cough cure.—J. W. O'IIrikn, 322 Third Ave.
N., Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 6.1200.
Find Isaiah XL.VII, 7.
Our remark of a few days ago that
the phrase "I shall be a lady"
curred in Isaiah has sent many cor
respondents to a search of the Scrip
tures. This was, of course, our deep
design. But many of them cannot see
six inches before their noses. One of
them, after a course of Isaiah, writes:
"I have read it through without tracing
it, and on the strength of the state
ment I went so far as to wager a box
at the theater on the accuracy of the
Daily Chronicle."—Tendon Chronicle.
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA,
a safe and eure remedy for infam, aud children,
and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Uao For 0
'er 30 Veil IK.
é"iit v„ n ... Always Bought.
Modern Hercules.
Louis de Bon fliers, surnamed th»
"Robust," who lived in 1534, was not
ed for his strength and agility. When
he placed his feet together, one
against the other, he could find no
one able to disturb them. He could
easily bend and break a horseshoe
»■'rii his hands and could seize an
ox bj the tail and drag it against its
will. He more than once carried a
horse upon his shoulders.
The cost of a cup of good
tea is about three-tenths of
a cent.
ickage *»f
booklet; How to Make
"til 111 rip'» Bent T»a Is »
Ape Wears Spectacles.
An ape of the Breslau zoological
gardens has been successfully operat
ed on for cataract, and is the first o!
her kind to wear spectacles.
Most people drink poor
tea; don't know any better.
if you doo t
Y "I
like he
Webster Objected to Starving.
During my boyhood i resided in th
district in which Daniel Wehster
I made his home in
summer or when
through with his duties at Washing
ton savs a wrUef ln the Boston Her
a ],j Once a butcher sued him for a
| meat bilI He was frequently negli
j Kont al)OUt pa yj nK small bills. The
j butcher refused to deliver any more
j meat j,is bill was settled. Meet
: h)m severa i da)9 ] a ter. Webster
■ (0 bim:
"Sue me as many times
as you like, but don* 'riarve me."
A good deal depends on
the brewing; go by the book
you find in the package.
Your irroc«r return» your money If you don't
Ilk« Schilling» Best.
A man loves a woman because he
does not understand her; a woman
loves a man in spite of the fact that
she can re- . -*m like a book.
Estates of Fallen Favorites Invar) aWy
It Is a custom In Morocco that all
the property of an official reverts at
(his death to the crown. The logic
which leads to such results is simple,
for the government argues that all
fortunes thus accumulated consist ot
moneys illegally retained by the au
thorities. A governor when appoint
ed is probably possessed of no con
siderable fortune. When he dies he
may be a millionaire. Whence came
this wealth? Squeezed most certain
ly from the tribes under his authority,
and therefore amassed only by the
prerogatives of the position in which
the Sultan had placed him.
It has never struck the Moorish
government that these great fortunes
might more honorably be returned to
the people from whom they were stol
en. The result is entire confiscation
to the crowr^ including often such pri
vate property as the governor may
have been possessor of before his ap
When the mighty fall in Morocco
the crash brings down with them
their families, even uncles and cous
ins, and all connected with them, and
It is not seldom that the sons of great
governors, who have been brought up
in the luxury of slaves and horses and
retinues of mounted men, have to go
begging in the streets.
Unusual Phenomenon Reported to the
Scientific American.
A curious and unusual phenomenon,
in the form of a rainbow for which the
moon instead of the sun furnished the
'light, was observed here on the night
of June 19.
A heavy rainstorm, accompanied by
considerable thunder, occurred just
before moonrise.
tired to the west the luminary
and the bow was first observed, only
the extremities for about 25 degrees
being visible, the moon at that time
being concealed behind a small cloud
For about twenty minutes the bow in
creased in brightness, and at the end
of that time could be clearly traced
throughout its entire length. At each
end the red and blue colors could be
plainly distinguished, but the
mainder of the arc showed only as a
light streak across the clouds.
The conditions for the phenomenon
were almost ideal, the moon being but
a few days past full, the cloud screen
occupying the proper position, and, as
it occurred just at moonrise, the bow
was seen well up in the heavens.
After the clouds had almost entirely
melted away, leaving only a slight
haze through which the stars shone,
portions of the bow could still be
clearly discerned.—Poulan correspon
dence Scientific American.
As the clouds re
Turkish Coffee Seller.
W' >»
., i

v ♦
— Ä
A familiar figure in Turkish cities.
He wears a yoke, one end of which
supports a furnace, the other a coffee
urn, cups, etc. The broken statue
means that the photograph was taken
in Angora, "w-here the cats come
from," in Asia Minor. Under the name
of Angora it was a flourishing city in
the time of Julius Caesar. It has only
recently been connected with Con
stantinople by a railway.
Accident Restored Speech.
A remarkable case of a bicycle acci
dent restoring the power of speech to
a man who has been dumb for five
years, has occurred at Brockhurst,
near Portsmouth, England. Jack
Moore served with the 16th Lancers in
the South African war, and was in
valided home after an attack of en
teric fever, which deprived him of his
power of speech. When returning
from work the other night, his bicycle
skidded, and in the excitement of the
mishap, he was astonished to find him
self able to make an ejaculation. His
recovery of speech is now perfect,
though four operations to restore it
had failed.
Ladies' Hats a la Hamburg.
An nnusualy brilliant bird in a
young lady's hat attracted attention
in a street car in Hamburg. Some
spectators denounced the cruelty of
killing ihese innocent creatures. Oth
ers critclsed the pose and the ar
rangement of the plumage as unnat
ural. On reaching home the intelligent
fowl (which happened to be a real
one, and had settled on the hat ab
sent-mindedly) flew off and roosted
on the furniture.
The girl had
trained it to come ln to her whistle.
As it suits her complexion charmingly
she intends wearing it with each of
her hats In turn.—London Globe.
Made Pets of Partridges.
A partridge and her ten children
are attracting many to drive along a
certain road at Otis, Me..IT where she
with her family may be found at any
time. There is no shyness in the
brood. One baby partridge
caught, petted and named and let
to come again when Its name is called.
Making I
Commercial Enterpriaea
Oram« on Thta Famous Show
Power the Inducement.
T remendoua
August 7:—The j
volume of
the historic Niagara Fall* is j
the I
proportions that
reaching such
people of the State are trying to pass |
law* which will prevent the possibil
ity of a practical wiping out of this
sublime natural spectacle.
Water sufficient to develop nearly
five hundred thousand horse-power
twenty-four hours per
day, for industrial purposes, is now
being taken from the river above the
Falls, and further developments re
largest user of the
quiring more water are
Probably the
electricity produced by the waters of
the mighty river Is the concern which
by the five or six thousand degree
heat of the electric furnace brings
lime and coke Into unwilling union,
thereby producing what is known as
Calcium Carbide.
Dry calcium carbide is lifeless as
much broken rock, but in contact
with water It springs into activity and
begets abundantly the gas Acetylene.
The light resulting from the ignition
of acetylene is the nearest approach
to sunlight known.
though of compara
These facts,
tively recent discovery, were
seized by men with an eye to the com
mercial possibilities and to-day eal
etum carbide is being shipped every
where and used for dispelling dark
in buildings of all descriptions,
from the ordinary barn of the farmer
to the country villa of the wealthy, as
web as for lighting the streets of a
laree number of towns,
can be easily and cheaply installed,
and the manufacture and sale of
acetylene generators haB become a
business of recognized standing, has
assumed large proportions and is
steadily growing.
Lincoln Objected to Profanity.
Abraham Lincoln said to a person
sent to him by one of the senators
and who in conversation with him ut
ter an oath: "I thought the senator
ha(l sent me a gentleman. 1 see I am
bid you good day."
There is the door, and 1
bid you good day."
Good tea costs no more
than poor, as a rule.
It is strange.
Your grocer return» your money If yon don't
like Schilling'» Best.
Removing Nicotine from Tobacco.
Poisonous nicotine in tobacco is re
moved by steeping the leaves in a
solution of tannic acid.
This is the
method adopted by a German chemist.
Every person thinking of visiting; the
Uintah Indian reservation in eastern Utah,
to be opened for settlement August 28th,
»kers* Guide and
everything. Sent
Address W. H. Km
should have
sectional map. It t
postpaid for 50e»
mons, 700 17th St.. Denver. Colorado.
First Use of City.
The word city was not used in
England until after the Reformation;
before which time the metropolis
was known as T nndon burgh.
Who sells the best tea
Who sells the best tea
Who sells the best tea
Who sells the best tea
Yotir prooer return» your money if you don't
like Schilling'» Best.
Domestics Are in Demand.
The demand for girls for general
housework in Chicago is much larger
than the supply,
number of the large employment bu
reaus, including the three conducted
by the state, say that they are receiv
ing every week more calls for domes
tics than it is possible for them to
fill. The Swedish and Norwegian girl
of ail work still holds her place in the
popular demand.
Managers of a
Red Cross Hall Blue.
Larne 2-0 z. package 5
The Kuss Company. South iiexuL lad.
School Teacher's Treat.
A Hamburg school teacher treated
her pupils to a dinner in a restaurant
and then found she had forgotten her
So she and they were locked
in the nearest prison.
pit rse.
Baby Covered With Sores and Scaies
—Could Not Tell What She
Looked Like—Marvelous
Cure by Cuticura.
"At four months old my baby's face
and body were so covered with sores
and large scales you could not tell
what she looked like. No child ever
had a worse case. Her face was being
eaten away, and even her finger nails
fell off. It Itched so she could not
sleep, and for many weary rights we
could get no rest. At last we got
Cuticura Soap and Ointment. The
sores began to heal at once, and she
could sleep at night, and ln one month
she had not one sore on her face or
body.—Mrs. Mary Sanders, 709 Spring
St., Camden, N. J."
Nightcaps to Cure Insomnia.
It has been suggested that night
caps should be revived, the idea being
that insomnia is avoided if the head :
is kept sufficiently warm.
You be the Judge
try a can of
three crown
It will cost you nothing
If It isn't the "Best of the
good ones.''
Hewlett Bros. Co.
Believe the Earth I* Flat.
of the theory that the
earth is fiat contiuue to increase Id
numbers in England. They hav*
formed the Universal Zetetic society.
of title. l ady Belmont, ir
A woman
one of the lead"
There is good tea besides
ours, but not better; and ours
is safe; no other is safe; no
no other is moneyback.
Go by the book.
like Schilling's Best.
returns your money If you don't
Coloring Antique Furniture.
On the tin roof of an eight-story
double building-in New York, occupied
by a firm making a specialty of an
tique furniture, a familiar sight is fur
nished to occupants of neighobring
structures. Dozens of unstained rock
ing chairs stand on the roof. These
rattan and wicker rockers gradually
take on the right "antique" complex
ion by beine o- • r-«-' 1 several days.
I)r. David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy fs
adapted to both sexes anti &II Hire*, ('urea Kidney and.
Liver complaint, and purifie» the blood. II all druggist«.
Liver complaint, and purifie» the blood. II all druggist«.
Cat as a Retriever.
A farmer at Ballina, New South
Wales, trained a black cat to act as a
retriever. The animal was also fond
of diving in the sea for fish, and re
cently it brought out a two-pound
mullet. Its career was ended by its
being swallowed by a shark.
With Schilling's Best,
mistake is impossible.
Moneyback fixes that.
Write for our Knowledge Bonk. A. Schilling ft
Company, Ban Francisco.
Man's daily diet is a spoonful of
hope and buckets, of dope.
Do It Now.
If you are about to make a trip any
where. let me know. Pleased to giv4
you lull Information as to low rates—
plenty of 'em ihis summer—train ser
vice, etc. "The Santa Fe" trade mark
is the sign of safety, speed and ease.
Gcnl. Agt., A. T. & S. F. Ry.. Salt Lake
City. Utah.
Singeing the Hair.
The practice of singeing the hair is
based on three articles of belief: That
when hair is cut the juices drain
away; that by singeing the cut ends
are blocked up; that by singeing,
splinting is prevented. The real utili
ty of hair s'n, i s —non existent.
T he tea of this country is,
on the average, trash.
The waste is great.
money If ycu don't
like Suhl
Wisdom is only crystallized exper
Schill ing's Best applies to
the dealing between your
grocer and you, as well as to
tea and baking-powder.
ary If yon don't like I».
A philosopher Is a man who ha»
quit being a f
Schilling's Best is sold as
you like to buy everything.
^ ou can t buy everything
so; it wouldn't pay to sell
everything so.
Your growr i
like Schtlllux'e Beet.
return» yo Ur money if you don*«
American Turn Verein*. '
The first turner
United States were founded ln Phila
delphia and Cincinnati, in 1848, and
shortly after the New York Turnverein
had its start in Hoboken, says Ralph
n Paine, in Outing. Two years later
ten societies
societies in th*
flourishing, and
formed into a national
turner union.

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