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5 When you want t he best 1 i;ggy
^ or harness cal! at our store.
, vscgen,
We also
carry a nice line of hardware, hardwood, jg -
granite, tin and enamel ware with prices ►
i -
•i the very best 21 qt granite dish pan 85c
5 6 qt granite milk pan 20c &c.
*3 and see and satisfy yourselves that we
are headquarters for these goods,
* nMvmwwvw&fownwww'i'nwww
Quirle y and Burley pn
Published Thursday of eaeli week
1 I) A II O
O A K L E Y .
Entered at the Post Office at Oakley, Idaho,
for transmission through the mails
Second Class Matter.

- 5
, 0 «
One year.
-tx Month» ...
-liiKle copy —
i© m m v ii t i m s
Wood wanted on subscription.
Pres. W. T. Jack is iu Boise this
Oleen Worthington is gradually
im proving.
Several new students have enroll
I-] at tin- C. 8. A. during the week.
For sale cheap: A fine home.
Close in. Location ideal, Lot 7)x
sj ro-1*. Inquire of E Tinsley.
Cash paid for hides, pi Its and wool
at W Levin's.
Representative L. II. Sweets« r
announces his change of residence
from Yale, Idaho to Burl y Idaho.
11 -tf
Cash paid for wheat and barley at
Oakley Roller Mills.
The Pioneer Tin Shop will receive
a second consignm nt of stoves,
ranges, etc. the latter part o' the
Postmaster Haight cf Burley was
in town several days the latter part
of the wei k.
G rover Cleveland has had exper
ience enough to know wheu he spoke
that the woman would have the last
Well, we shall not put many hour
worrying in this country us to what
to do with our ex-life-insurance
Comity auditor Haight, Probate
Judge Harper, and Assessor and col
lector John L. Smith were over from
the county seat on Saturday last.
In the coming election Philadelphia
should cart-full}' distinguish between
tbe fortes that make for good and
the forces mane for a good thing.
E der Gibson Condie gave a very
interesting talk to the Academy
students at chapel on Monday morn
ing last.
E. Tinsley has been confined to
his bed for the past t -u days with
congestion of the lungs. We are
glad to report that he is now im
proving and is able lu sit up.
For the benefit of such places as
Peoria, Milwaukee and G rand Rapds,
some inventor will yet conn'
with a complicated m ichlne that will
grind out indictm *nts to order while
the grand jury awaits.
The Thomas Duyley residence is
now nearing completion. The roof
is on and has received a warm coal
of red during the week. It is a pity
that everybody does not know that
a coat of uaint-or tar on the roof is,
in the long run, a great saving.
United States Judge Barker of
Ind,is in trouble for paying campaign
contributions direct
following the established custom of
sending them through the life in
surance companies.
Dr. O R Dibblee and T.
instead of
if'us Farr
e. rexauder
Optical company of Sui* Lake City,
have been
several days this
nng business in Ouklau
week. They left
for Twin Falls on yesterday s stage.
They will
will make Oakley
three times a year hereafter.
return here shortly, and
regular visits
Oakley will vet- hav
e a band,
ors Merrill and Otte of. the
academy will order shortly
piete set of medium priced instru
ments, and sell them at cost to
students of ibe academy. Regular
practices from 4 to 5 will be held
a com
Mondays and Wednesdays of each
week. If any on the
outside desire
join this Organization they may
do so by paying the academy reg
istration fee—six dollars.
When you get married have your
cards printed at the Eagle Office.
We can please you. Call and see
our samples.
The singing of the Tabernacle
choir at the recent conference at
traded considerable attention and
much favorable comment.
The new piano at the Cassia stake
academy is a beauty, not only in ap
pearanee, but also in tone and the
students are very |troud of it.
Axel Erickson has resigned his
position with the O. S. L. railroad
company and will spend the winter
at or near Oakley.
One insurance ermpany has been
paying an agent $35,000 a year o
keep quiet. That seems more like a
punishment than a reward.
Dr. N. Ray Mecham and wife gave
a reception anniversary of their wed
ding—on Wednesday evening last.
.Members of the family and a few in
vited friends regaled themselves of a
bounteous repast and otherwise en
joyed tie evenings entertainment.
They hope that Ray will keep up the
pace, and show them a good time on
very anniversary—the first Wed
nesday in every mon 111 .
k|A wide-awake, aggressive newspaper is a
ii? more valuable asset to any town than a£
v bank, postoffice, commercial club, business
f-bouse or any other material thing.
Logan Republican.
All accounts due me will be re
ceipted during my absence by Bp,
H. C. Haight.
Dr. A. F. O. Nielson.
Beer and whiskey are not the only
things for which Milwaukee and
Peoria are becoming respectively
famous just now.
As he went down the chute Mr
Ramsey of the Wabash railroad did
not even have time "to explain" that
he was i esigning.
Good For Locust.
The Locust people are to be con
gratulated on the completion of their
new scii ) illiouse, and the installation
of their new beating plant. This is
the first district in the county, it is
said, to establish an up to date heat
ing plant, and to provide a good
system of ventilation. The trustees
of this district Messrs. Wilson, Sain
uelson and Port are deserving of
great credit for their foresight and
wisdom, as well as for the energy,
zeal and oerseverence they have
manifested in the erection and com
pletion of this comfortable school
The heating plant was furnished
and installed by Oakley's skilled
plumber Mr. West, and is said to
work like a charm. The ventilation
is said to be weilnigh perfect us
absolutely fresh air is insured a
least every thirty miuntes. We
hope that other districts will follow
Locusts'example, and even surpass
her if they can.
The Snake River Implement Com
puny—Successors to L. W. Robbins'
Implement House— purchased
ideal business lots and a building in
Twin Fails City on Friday last,
They have secured, it is said, one of
the most desirable business sites in
the city, and then the purchasing
terms were such as bear evidence o'
the business acumen of the members
of this new firm.
The company now
at Hurley, Oakley and
has houses
Twin Falls and
expects to capture
a larg-t portion of the trade iu th
new irrigation pr-.j-vt
wish them unbounded success
Locust Items.
I From < fur Ungu t»r SorltM*.)
The room of the tv plioi.i patients
arc able to sit up but J. J. McBrides
little girl is still quit*- sick.
Mr.-. Annie Carry revived a letter j
from h.-r brother that b varne <!*''-!
satisfied un.l went tw -k to N . 1
years ugo, saving he and lus wile
had made a great mistake by go ng I
. . ... ,, ...
back and they would be glad to re- [
turn at any time. j
Word comps from Charley Jen
kins t hat, he has been operated upon
it the h ispital and is doing well.
M I. A, meetings are held in the
new school house unlit the meeting
house is completed We invite all
to come at 7 oclock .sharp and help
to make them a success.
Francis Samuelson is quite sick.
Aaron McBride is over the moun
tain at A lino putting ud a rock
house for Mr. Trac-y.
The school teachers are boarding
at the home of James Walker.
Chicago he purchased a good phou
While Bishop Pickett
vs a s I »
Hallow e'en Party.
A delightful hallow e'en party was
givin by Mrs. J. W. S. Emerson at
her home au Tuesday evening. Ac
cording to custom the guests were
met at the gate by Mr. Ghost and
conducted to the parlors which were
tastefully decorated with autumn
fruits and vegetables, and were
'lighted, of course, by the traditional
Jack o' lanterns. The usual games
were played, a few ghost stories
were told, the candles were blown as
of old. the inquisitive girls (which
means all, of course) took their peep
into the future, and promptly at
twelve al! walked home backwards,
tovfk their pinch of salt and went to
bed to dream of their future Inn
bands Whether they did or not we
are not sure, as the few we savj yes
terday were still sleeping. There
were present, the hostess assisted
by Mrs. Howell and Miss L ssl
Dummer, Misses Edyth Worthing
ton, Sadie Elison, Lillian R oCscv,
Marion Ram- ' y. M ml Snow, YUuiie
Bates, Maggie Funk, Edna Lewis,
Cora Day ley, Annie Millard, Sarah
Bates, Emma Worthington, Emma
Mecham, N'an Dummer, and Mrs,
Laura Ridges. Tb
tii men adorned this august
blage, Henry Otte, Roy Price, ,J< e
Martin and John Millard,
If th«* kind hearted hostess had
only sent a good-sized piece of that
pumpkin pie to the Eagle office her
party would have hud a write up
worth reading.
A Paris writer claims that Miss
Alice Roosevelt is violating the
constitution. Possibly, but she can
not claim to be a "pioneer" in that
following gen
Mutual Life policy holders feel
hat reference to the "Whole
Jam family" means the Mc
Another "infallahle cure" for
consumption has been discovered.
These cures have been discovered
by everybody except sufferers
from consumption.
Newport society belles attended
a ball disguised as farm grils but the
farm girls are modest too attend
ball disguised as Newport belles.
Music Lessons.
Miss Nora Dummer, instrumental
music teacher, will gfvo I
niano and organ Terms reasonable.
Inquire at Oakley Pharmacy. 17-tf
ssons on
j >Vhat Woman Wants:
To love.
To be love.
To lie told so sometimes.
To have something to do.
To be dealt with sincerely.
To be praised once in awhile.
To have her judgment respect
To be sympathetically under
To have a great, big-hearted
boss who will let her have herj
own way.
for Nuvur
Sake Hiver Valley
On account of late rains the
Nebraska sugar beets started a
second growth, which reduced
j their saccharine quality 30 per
It came very near ruining
j the entire crop and will cut
, ,,
I down the profus of sugar lac.
I " , ... . .
torv more than half. It is now
()iiii.e thoroughly demonstrated
that the only place to raise sugar
beets successfully is in arid belt,
where the water supply is under
i control.
A CassiH County Product.
Dr. A. F. O. Ntpl-on, of Oakley, i
Cassia county product of which we
may all feel proud. He came to Cas
sia county as a mere hoy whose only
resources were a stout, heart and
rugged body, accompanied by a
moral çbaracter always in good run
ning order. That is the sort of cap
ital that will always win in any
community but in Idaho and Cassi
-ountv the coiuii tiens are more fav
orable than in most other places.
Mr. Neil son set to work out his des
tiny by working at anything hi
could find to do that would keep the
wolf f. om the door. In the course
of time i *; became a school teacher
was elected two or three terms coun
ty superintendent. By teaching
school during the winter months aid
attending medical school during the
winter months and attending medi
cal .school during the summer time
he finally graduated in medicine. He
immediately began practice in the
neighborhood where he had so .val
iantly fought his way to recognition
and at once was honored with an
immense practice. The Oakley peo
ple knew him and had confidence in
lii .il. Lust Tue-dav the doctor call
ed to visit the Bulletin office and in
formed us that he was on ins wav
to Chicago to take a post graduate
course in medicine.
He expects to
specialize along the line of surgery.
—Burley Bullet in.
Marion Notes.
(From our Regular Correspondent )
Brick being scarce'the Smith boys
have taken to the woods. John says
'•I must get the house.".
Mr. Ezekiel Briggs came home
from his school Saturday for a short
The many friends and relatives of
Elder Moses Smith, who is at pres
ent in the mission office at Chatta
nooga, Tenu. , are jubilant in the ex
treme from the fact that he wi'l
be home to eat Xmas dinner with
his near kinsmen.
Wedding bells, wedding bells,
what a song of pleasure their music
tells; with flushed faces and trem
bling hands Miss Esther Nelson and
Ed. Olsen appeared before a select
party pt friends and relatives at the
home of the former, and answered
the fatal ''I will" to a marriage com
pact. They are both highly respect
ed young people and we hope for
them a long life of pleasure and use
fulness. Ere the ectstacy had readi
ed the normal, a carriage and four
was halted at the gate and a cere
monial officer promptly escorted to a
second scene of astounding propensi
ties. The Whitby's cottage was the
occasion of mingled anxiety and joy.
Mr. Frank De La Mur, Oakley's ton
sorial artist, had made his last visit
to procure the object of his love, the
idol of his fife, Miss Primrose Whit
by. To solemnize the marriage was
of little consequence compared with
the worry and labor of courtship, so
Frank said, and the composure of
both evinced its truth. They are
well-known to most of the readers
of the Eagle and we wish for them
unbounded happine-s and prosperity.
Notice for Publication.
'United State» Lund Office,
Halley, Idaho, Oct. 19, 1905
Notice Is hereby given that the (oliowing
named settlor has filed notice of his Inten
ttton to make fin tl proof in support of his
oli-ini, mid that said proof will he ruade be
fore Jor.'eph Y. Haight. Clerk of the District
Court, at Albion Idaho, on Iter. 25th. 1905
viz: .IaMKSO. Mt IHODK, H, K. No. 1891 for
the W 1 ;. NF.'t. K , NVV't, Sec. 2 «, Tn. 12, S.
Hange k i K.. 1!. M .
tie names t he following wltne-ses to prove
his continuons residence itixin ander: It I vat Ion
of said land, viz: HughM Moon, Alexander
Klvottx of Albion,Idaho, William B. 1'oulton,
John J. M'-Rrlde of Oakley, Idaho,
N. .7. Sharp,
Promptly obtained or no fee. Write for our
applying for patent; it w worth money. Wefl !
ana help inventors to success.
Send model, photo or sketch, and we send
ENTABILITY. 20 years' practice Kegis-H
tered Patent Lawyers, write or cerne toL
us at 606-507, 7th St.. W/SSHLSGTOh, 0. C.
apam pattekson
P rent dent
I he Oakley State Bank
Tram tact a General Hauling Bnstnes*.
11 < Solicit yuui jmtroma(/•
Huilii tip your V
Soring» Deposits rrceiveil.
HV pay mt< rest oil Time Deposits
Honk ing Honrs from 10:00 a m to 0:00 p. tu.
■I by supporting Home Instil
Palace Meat Market
E. TINSLEY, Manager •
Carry Choice Line of Fresh and Cured Meats, Fresh Lard and Bologna
Flour and Feed in Connection
M *-:■ t Street
Drugs and Medicines
Druggists' Sundries, Stationery. Cigars and Tobaccos
Soda Fountain always in operation
■«fr- OTan 3 ***^. SB
: *™B5SSS^>- Ml
Carpets, Draperies, Wall Paper and Pictures.
Stoves, Steel Ranges, Pianos, Organs, Undertaking Goods,
Lumber and Shingles.
F u r n i t u r e
Just received a new line of Folding Beds,
Iron Bed, large
assortment of Ranges, Stoves and Heaters.
Anything you want in the Furniture line at Bedrock Prices.
Call and See Us.
Main Street, : : : :
Our Prices are Right.
:: O A K LEY, ID A H O
Burley is On the Boom
t T
If you don't believe it, call and
us and you will see the largest and
best assortment of general merchan
dise in the country-prices lowest
H . C . HAIGHT, Superintendent
I pco
^ Hit
i o it.
Regular Train Service in Cassia Co. from Sept. 1 0
Trains Going Wesi from »Krieg fô:50.
Fall and Winter goods--GASH PRICES,
Mens full Suits at from $8 00 to $13-50.
Youths ' *
Boys ' 4
Underwent' in la rye variety.
Domets and Outing Flannels
Cotton Batting and Quilt Linings.
Groceries at Bottom Prices.
The Famous "Sun Flower" Shoes.
Shot Guns i Rifles and 22s.
Heating Stoves and Ranges. $1.50 to $65
Stove Piping and Stove Furnishings.
People's Hnicn
. w M. T. JACK, Manage
4.00 to 10.00.
1.40 to 6-00.
$ *
i i
Sale on Ladies Coats, Hats, Dress Goods Wrap
pers, Gloves, Underwears, Skirts, Children Coats,
Caps, Shoes, Hats, M-.ns Boots, Shoes, Overcoats.
Suits of Clothes, Hats, Capes, Mittens, Gloves,
Underwear, Boys Overcoats, Sweaters. Cheap
bargains, commencing Saturday, Oct. 20, closing
Friday next, Oct. 27 %
Men's fine fleeced underwear $1,00
fleeced line underwear 65c a suit.

a Huit boys
X OAKLEY, t t t t IDAHO !
^c^000<>00< >0^0004>000000c»0<

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