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The Teton Peak
Official. Raff* of R a am ont County
21, 1903.
Entered nt the Postoffice at St. An
thony, for transmission through the
mails, as second-class matter.
One Year
Six Months
Three Months :
Advertising Hales on
' $2 OO
: 1 OO
J. A. Noggee,
of Soldier,
organize a stock company for
the purpose of puttin'? in a 70
barrel flouring mill at this point.
Mr. Nogyle is tile owner of a 65
barrel mill at Soldier, and is a
thorough mill man in every re
spect and is well qualified to
build up and conduct a success
ful business at this point if the
people of St. Anthony and the
surrounding country desire to
take advantage of this oppor
tunity. Mr. Noggle informed a
Peak representative yesterday
that the prospects for organiz
ing the company and raising the
necessary means looked very
favorable to him. This is one
of the many opportunities tliu?
lias come to St. Anthony in the
last three years and if the busi
ness men and farmers of this
section ever expect to obtain a
flour mill, they must necessarily
lend some assistance and co
operation. We need not expect
that anyone will thrust an enter
prise of this kind upon us,
neither will outside capital be
invested here in spite of hold-up
prices on mill sites and rights of
way for canals, etc., as past
experience proves. If a flouring
mill is a good thing for this
place, then our citizens should
encourage its location here by
seeing that a fair opportunity in
seeing tnai a iair opportunity in
the way of a desirable location
. ?
and rights of way for canals, at
reasonable prices, is tendered
the parties who are willing to
invest their capital for the good
and upbuilding of the commu
nity, and, furthermore we should
show our faith in our own'town
to the extent of taking as many
shares of the capital stock as
each for himself feels able to
take. If this is a good place
for a flouring mill, we must still
bear in mind that natural ad
vantages alone do not make a
prosperous, flourishing commu
nity, but the natural advantages
must be complemented by the
united efforts of an energetic
people, working in harmony for
the good of the whole community.
We have been taught by precept
and by experience that "the
Gods help those who help them
selves,''and if St. Anthony ever
expects to bask in the sunshine
of the Divine smile, now is the
time for a united effort to help
ourselves. If you "can not help
this very laudable enterprise,
for heaven's sake and for the
sake of the community in which
you live and the people off whom
you make your living, don't run
the price of your lots up to $1,0()0
per front foot (if you happen to
be one of those who were lucky
enough to drift inhere when lots
could be bought for about one
dollar each,) and then hang
around like a Chinese boxer with
a knife up your sleeve for the
"foreign devils."
Let us get
together, by all means, and not
only make 't possible, but invit
ingly pleasant for this nroDosed
7 F . , tins proposed
enterprise, and the Peak will
---------— 4.U-4
guarantee that within a year
from now we will all be willing
to pat ourselves on the back and
quietly and modestly admit
that "we did it."
Governor Morrison has
named James Russel Harrison
for lumber inspector of district
No. 2, which includes Coeur
D'Alene lake and all streams
tributary thereto or flowing into
tributary streams. Mr. Harri
son is a resident of Kootenai
Wool, sales in Idaho have
in Weiser the past two weeks,
and there has been a great hus
tling among them to see who
could get the largest portion of
the clip. Joe Streng, represent
ing Eisemann Bros, of Boston,
appears to have been the most
successful. He secured 1,250,
000 pounds for his firm. The
ruling price was 13 cents, al
though some sales are reported
to have been made at 14 cents.
The wool clip of Washington
county, it is estimated, will
make nearly 3,000,000 pounds.
Sales so far will make nearly
2,000,000 pounds.
It seems to be quite fashion
able these days for governors
who are attorneys to follow the
pursuits of their profession.
Gov. Chamberlain of Oregon and
other western governors are us
ing this method of making a
little money on the side. Gov.
Morrison of Idaho, has recently
formed a partnership with Jos.
T. Pense foi' the purpose of
practicing law in Boise. With
the influence of his official posi
tion in his favor, His Excellency
should have considerable influ
ence with His Honor, the judge,
and the very presence of -'Dread
Majesty" would no doubt have a
hypnotic influence on the aver
age juror. However, it is well
enough for governors to keep in
touch with some method of mak
ing a living as a private citizen,
for they are invariably sent back
to private life at the expiration
of their term of office, the good
that they have done being
straightway forgotten and their
sins becoming a part of the his
tory of their state. Why don't
Mr. Carnagie build a home for
ex-governors and quit "foolin"
away his money on libraries?
Ordinance No. 85.
umaiitc mu. on,
A ? n L< r nf\'uw?s >viding for th 5 'l 06 -" 8 '
"H? ot \ Iliade Scavengers anil fixing
the amount thereof ; and the maximum
charge for such work.
Be it ordained by the Chairman and
Board of Trustees of the village of St
Section 1. That there is hereby
levied, and there shall be collected as
other village licenses ate collected, a
license tax of $0.00 per quarter, from
all persons following the vocation of
scaavengers within the village of St.
Sec 2. That in the cleaning and re
moval of the offal from all privies or
closets, the maximum charge shall be
$2.00 for a single box, and $3 00 for a
double box.
Sec. 3. That any person who shall
follow the vocation of scavenger, with
in the limits of the village of St. An
thony, without first procuring a license
from the \ illage Clerk, shall be deemed
guilty of a misdemeanor, and fined in
any sum not less than ten noi more than
twenty-five dollars for each offense, re
coverable with costs, together '■'with
.ptdgment of imprisonment at the'' rate
of $1.50 per day until the amount of
such judgment and costs shall be paid;
and any seavenger who shall charge
more than the maximum price herein
set forth, shall be deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor, and subjected to the
same penalty above set forth.
Passed and approved this 12th day of
May, 1003.
Attest: m. E. Jamison,
( has. C. Bowkrman, Chairmuu.
Take Notice.
1 hat the stock of the Fremont County
Oil, Gas & Coal Company, Limited,
now on tlie market for 10c per share
after June 1st. 1003, will be sold for
20e. Operations will actively begin
June 1, 1003.
All persons desiring- to..buy stock, can
secure the same by calling in person or
by sending check to the office of the
company in King & Millsaps' law office
Koss-Hamer building, St. Anthony,
Idaho, or at the office of Probate .1 udgé
John Donaldson, in the court house
Business" promptly attended to, and
stock forwarded at once upon receipt of
money or check. VV. E. McDonald.
The Wastes of the Body.
Every seven days the blood, muscles
bones of a man of average size
ti"?! " orn . °. n î * i88Ue
This waste cannot be replenished and
the health and strength kept up without
pe ü fe i : - t: < ^? P8Lion w *'en the stomach
and digestive organs fail to perform
lheir functions, the strength lets down
health gives way, and disease sets up,
T . J , n ..... y Sees lip,
Kodal Dyspepsia Cure enables the stom
ach aud digestive organs to digest and
assimilate all the wholesome food that
may be eaten into the kind of blood that
rebuilds the tissues and protects the
health and strength of the mind and
body. Kodol cures Indigestion, Dys
pepsia and all stomach troubles. It is
an ideal spring tonic. Sold by Watson
& Moore.
Notice for Bids.
Nolice Is hereby Riven that sealed bids will
be received for the construction of certain
, '"Jm VII, ;*X" Of St. Anthony, bj-the
°t the V illage Hoard. Said bids to he bv
width Vsonw Ut! è V 't- lk i U ' ,>e 4 feet s inches in
width. ,1 sit Ingers Jxt, plans, to be c,r No. I one
meh lumber to be used, all boards lo be nailed
" ithI two ter. d. nails to the stringer. All bids
must be in by the 12th day of June The rieht Is
reserved to reject any and all bids, utils will
Stank' th '' UUders,snea tbe
Village Clerk,
IT '
County Auditor of Fremont County,
State of Idaho, foi the Fiscal
Year Beginning Janu
ary, 1902, and Elid
ing January.
Assessed valuation of all property for the fiscal year 1902.
Original assessment roll - total valuat.on 1902
Subsequent assessment roll total valuation 1902 oo
Grand total #2.971,101 H;i
Hevenues from property taxes for the fiscal year 1902.
Total taxes due from original assessment roll 19 >2 $105.r>9^ •>.
Total taxes due from subsequent assessment roll 1902 -Oy- •*
Poll taxes. 1081 (ft $2.00 3 ,' 36 l tAl
Grand total of gross revenues from property taxes 1902 $109,443 39
Deductions to be made from gross property tax revenues.
Double assessments, errors, etc , I 67
Double assessments, error. 36 polls (ft $2.00
Uncollected taxes (delinquent roll 1902) 10,249 .y
Uncollected taxes (delinquent roll 1902)498 polls at (ft $2 00 990 09
Grand total of deductions tobe made from property tax revenues $18,175 40
enues, expenditures
Levies classified.
wagon road
County current expense
" road
" bridge
" sinking
Total levy
$ 3 60
Net revenue from property taxes
Ktate (general) $ 754 94
814,589 75
*• wagon road
1.454 00
Polls 1147 (ft $2.00
2.291 00
County current exp 5,788 11
11.859 5!
school 17.319 39
24.373 32
" road
2.720 93
" bridge
5,386 52
3.603 49
" redemption
12.756 23
Schools and villages
12.224 77
Total net revenues from
property taxes
$91,268 43
Expenditures okcisMed.
State (general
$15,138 72
wagon road
1,359 10
County current expense
26,015 12
" school
40.870 85
" road
3,209 76
" bridge
5,195 41
3.252 00
" redemption
12,110 28
Schools and villages
12,234 87
Total expenditures
$119,446 H
Estimated value of property l
Court house
Court house site
Jail and cells
lioad implements
48 State (general) $15,371 90
05 •• wagon road l 001 24
Schools and villages, special 22,810 90
70 County current exp $22,417 37
1ÜS1 polls 3,302 00 25,779 37
Of: " school 20.816 13
10 " road 3.202 49
20 " bridge 6,404 97
30 " redemption 9.007 35
12 " sinking 3.842 98
Total gross property tax
revenue from all other
sources classified,
general $ 705
County current expen
** school
Cash on hand In each fund.
•• wagon road
County current exp
" school
** road
•* bridge
911 04
94 90
101 52
18.290 Ot
70S 17
257 30
Total cash on hand
elonging to the county.
Total value of property belonging to the county
$ 2.300 00
500 00
92,700 00
2,100 IX)
4,402 00
500 00
$102,502 00
Current expense
Warrants drawn.
April $0,175 76
July 6,010 12
October 4,953 72
November 2.803 19
January 5,570 56
April #559 13
July 951 11)
October 555 55
November 65s 88
January 773 61
April $ 320 90
July 2,566 16
October 1,169 83
November 848 2s
January 798 71
Current expense -all paid.
Road — All paid.
Warrants paid.
Warrants drawn but not paid.
( 'urrenl expense
varrant indebtedness.
$12,911 3.*
7,395 37
5.653 68
1.038 59
Total outstanding warrant indebtedness
Amounts due various funds from delinquent roll of 1902.
State, general $3,359 73
County Current expense 3,411 27
Bridge 983 23
" Redemption 1.474 83
" Special School 2,838 91
Wagon road $ 215 82
School 3,195 47
Road 491 62
Sinking 589 93
Villages 628 95
$2,005 55
0,636 74
1,474 85
2.064 70
3,467 89
Total amount due from various funds from delinquent roll of 1902 $16,249 79
Araouut and character of county Indebtedness.
Floating debt #26,998 96
Bonded debt—First series llleoo U>
Second series 72!900 00
Total indebtedness of the county $111,498 96
Description of each bond issue.
July 1st, 19.K), $11,600.00, 4 per cent, 10 years.
July 1st, 1901, $72,900.00, 4 per cent, 10 20 years.
Complete detailed statement of expenditures chargeable to the
expeose fund, itemized.
District court Items
Hall rent $ wo 00
Drayage of court furuiture g 00
Stenographer's note books ■* •> 50
Juror's certificates 557 00 I
Justice courts
Justices of the peace lyq «q
Juror's certificates 125 50
Constables i*S2 85
Counly commissioners.
John E. Pincock, salary $7>00 00, livery $8 50 508 50
Marion J. Kerr, ** 500 00, stationery 3 00 f»03 00
Eli McEutire, " 500 00, expenses 16 05 516 05
Auditor and recorder.
Freight, etc., paid from fees $293 48
Salary 2,900 00
Deputy salary 11,080 00, special help$60 00 J,J40 ou
Blanks 340 40, records 70 50, stamps, etc. 21 40 438 30
Book writer and ribbons lyj 3q
Expenses paid from fees 215 05
Salary , 1,500 00
Deputy salary 9Ö0 00. special help 52 00 1 012 00
Board prisoners, clothing, etc. 121 00
Livery 61 00, supplies 14 25, laundry 16 00 w 25
£ ul 'y sou 00
Stationery l0 qq
Office rent qq
Assessor and tax collector.
Salary l>,4uo 00
Telephone, postage and express 105 «j
Team hire 485 O0, records 171 50, trip to Boise 35 60 692 10
Probate judge.
Salary 900 oo
Juror's certificates 5350
Constables 2 95
Blanks, etc. 33 50
County Attorney.
Salary «00 00
Office rent 22 50
Livery and horse feed 26 25
Car fare 120 15, stationery 12 00, box rent 2 00 134 15
Stamps 9 IX). sign 2 50, book case 4 50 10 00
Superintendent of schools.
Salary *00 00
Express 2 05, stamps 39 05, car fare .75, livery 39 90 72 75
Blanks and records 244 36, hectograph 7 00 251 35
Institute 193 UU, examiner 12 00 205 UÜ
Salary loo 00
Court house.
Janitor qqo 00
Telephone rental 72 00, electric wiring 33 70 194 70
Light rental 12 00, jail repair 93 00, linoleum 35 25 140 85
Wood 61 75, coal 92 14, oil 22 50, ice 14 60, gas'ne 2 40 193 39
Sundry supplies, pens, etc. 1U7 40
Salary 2u0 00, expenses 9 00 209 00
Quarantine marshals 1,081 25
Indigent—temporary aid 859 38
County physician 687 00
County livery 413 22
1,329 10
loo 00
209 00
1,081 25
859 38
496 77
on „'"'"'J HI. delinquent INI I"- •«
ÄS EminvsB .-o. premium bonds lia .....
Polling places rent. u*p ii«-.
ft« I'll'Vtl»"
ilnimt tot ul oimtyeuble to current expens
IteonpUillation of curron
t court expenses
:W2 if»
507 7»
302 73
129 2o
137 19
770 7<>
046 00
703 0 .»
153 75
xpen '
Bv l» -ti
Bv Justice
Bv County 1
Bv Auditor anu remi-ut-. -
By Sheriff'* expenses
^^r;ram,, V .llcct ;; rNcvpensei
By Probate judge s exp« um s
Bv s u pc r in ten Î \ « * n t '« > f school's exp.ue
B\ Coroner's expense*.
By Surveyor's
By Miscellaneous "
General récapitulait
Bv loial receipts from all sources of rcxen.i
To total expenditures for all purposes
By deficiency »should there ho a deficiency)
Deduct revenues other than property taxes I
Lev> necessary to meet total expenditures for ye:
Levy " after applying rev other than prop ta xe
s. Dr.
$ 667 5o
O' »8 15
1.527 55
.3.709 0 »
3.721 85
U3o 0o
3,197 91
989 9.5
998 9.1
1.339 lo
lo.) 00
2o9 00
8,460 21
$2.\ 519 35
119,446 II
3 .»,592 o l
$150,088 14 •150,011
58,759 61
$91,278 53 ( drawi
r lo lo- oui ba
-----I last v
#91. *368 43
State of Idaho. ^
Fremont county. S
Victor llegsted. being first duly sworn ilep 1* •< and ,says tbit lie j.
the county auditor of sa:d From ml county and that th * foregoing is ,
full statement of the financial condition of said county for Hi*» llsea
vear beginning *m the second Monday in Jauuay, A I). 1902. and eadlu
on the second Monday in Jauuary, A. I>. 1903. Vioroii FIeigted.
t'oimty Auditor of Fremont countv
Subscribed in my presence by the said Victor Hegst ed, ami by bin
sa mi to l.fioie me this isih day of April, VP. I9.G.
Funkst Buamvvij.i .
Notorv Public
WIN ES & 1
In Splendid Variety and the Lowest
Prices, in Bottles, Flasks, Demijohns
or Kegs We eater in particular to
those who want a drop of something
pure for home use.
Fine Sample Room in Connection
The Largest stock in the County
W. H. Bueland
Williams Building.
Riverside <=>
J. \V Mooiie. Proprietor.
Äas!= Liquors &
The Celebrated John C. Fremont]
Whiskey, Anhenaer Husch, Pul.st and
Schlitz Uecr. Fine Imported ana Do
Uuestic Cigars on Hand.......
.lain Street,
St. Anthony......... Muh«
♦A. A. A
jSt. Anthony il|
j Harnes s Gompan y.
4 1 (J})l/1 iu and look ;it our Harness. k
4 g We manufacture everything. \
j ÿ Till! best Saies in the Market ! \
^ Bridles, Collars, Sweat Pads, Whips, Bits etc. ^
magnificent line of
Ever Shown in the County.
1 1 your Easy payment plan for
Wipp Fürnitüre Co.

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