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Vegetable Préparation for As
tinfi the Stomachs and Dowels of
Promotes Digestion:Cheerful
ness ;uul Rest .Contains neitlier
Opium, Morphine nor Mineral.
yot Narcotic.
//tr^e of Old DrSAMUELPtTCHKR
Mx.Sennet <■
noth'll.; Sollt -
slniw < Steel +
fbmepnmi - _
Hi Ciirùi/futfpSoda +
WonpSttJ -
hïntrryrpr* Flavor.
Aperfecl Remedy forConslipa
Ron, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Sig nnlure o f
For Infants^ndJl hDHrpn
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
fi U AT
■ ^■11 l'l^
l Air
For Over
Thirty Years
Assessment Notice.
Canal Go., Squirrel, Idaho
ilfc.oui Cr
il _4th, \m,
■ is hereby given that at
■dors held on Monday
I, w :i. e.n assessment of -f'
dun the capital sock or ine t
rial < o . payable along th<* line of
s canal under the direction of
'.in ten dent in labor, or in cash to the
r. Max Fran/.. Saiu assessment
and after May 15th. 1903. and unies
on or before June 10. 1003, will be delin
l advertised for stile according to law
an/.. \V L. Campbell,
meeting of
tith day of
lier share
the Hoorn
line of saitl
Assessment Notice
Assessment. Notice.
ïli" fill
tu tV Market
Luke <an
ll CO.
I'M!;- I| i
place of bvmim
ss. Market
Miilio. s
r ret ary 's oliiee,
May - . I!*i
!. No
by given Hint li
e regular .
Hu rt Hit:
f the KtorkhoU!
ers of the
MMliinl r.
mi.any will be
mid on Tuesday,
Juin* '21 n 1
l'.H«, at the oliiee
of the sec
HI InoYlo.
k a. m . for the p
irpose of e
"I'l.vrs In
1 lie ensuing yea
and the t
i ."li Of Ml
li other business
as may pi
H. S.
\\ K K i m F. 1
I il
April 39,1903.
it is hereby given that at a n
hr din 'Hors of Ike Teton Irrigation & Mann
ar luring Cm., he ld rin April 2i>, I!««, a labor
mi ni of I» cents per share of the capital
tori; of slid company was let io.l Said ax.css
lit is now duo nod will become delinquent
May go. unlit, and unless payment is made
or before above dale, said delinquent stock
1 be sold in pay said assessment together
licosis of advertising and sale of said stock
drill assessment is payable to watermasler on
• of said company's canal.
J. u. Wim.iAMR,S ecy.
Assessment Notice.
anyon Creek Irrigating & Mfg Co
Notice is hereby Riven that at a meeting or
tlie directors held on March 23rd, 1903, an as
sessment of >4.iHi per share was levied on the
capital stock of the corporation, payable in la
bor to the superintendent on the canal, or in
rash to the secretary at his otïlce in Teton City,
between May 4th and June 6th, 1903.
Any stock upon which this assessment re
mains unpaid on Jum* oth, 1903, will bo delin
quent and advertised for sale at public auction
and unless payment is made before, will be sold
on a day appointed, to pay delinquent assess
ment together with costs of advertising and
expenses of sale.
Dated March 24,1903.
Fred Hchwendiman, Secy.
Assessment Notice.
Wllfnrd Irrigation and Manufacturing Co.,
hl'l Principal place of business, W Ilford,
I rciaoul county. Idaho.
Nuttco is hereby given that at a meeting of
tlii;illicit,,rs held on the ;;ntli day of April,
. iUI assessment of $1.20 per share was lov
i*ii upon I be capital stock of the corpora t ion,
; "'which may 1)0 paid in labor if paid to
, 1,1 '''»inpany s forcimu). Geo. McArthur, bo
Hvt'i'ii the 30th day of miiv and the 1 st day <>f
,lu, !L l'ia (4ilKM-wi.se to la* paid in cash. All
nisi, to he paid to the secretary.
Anj^tiicl, upon which this assessment rc
.^VVmimidoi. the llrst day of .lime. 1903,
li'lliiquent and advertised for sale at
tlnn, and unless payment Is made
t date, will lie, sold on the noth day
"'■I'll: 1 ', to puy I he delinquent ussess
togeUicr with the cost or advertising
'penses of sole.
s. w. ohm R, secretary.
April 111), ltHM,
l'Ubll, ...
'«'fore II
st ,.i
Assessment Notice.
f , Frit nil Canal Co., Wilforü, Fremont
*,"• • I'lHho, May li, 1903.
lhP,n^7 sh( ; n ' l, y Kiven that at a meeting of
nt directors held on Monday. May II, 1903, a
Ä a ^ nieul Wils Evicti on the subscribed
' k ot fio per share, payable along the line of
. uc« ,, np? ulN * s can;ll un(lor the direction of
du.î Ml l ,t ' , ' l, it'*ndcnt. Said assessment will be
0 , un.l after May is, 1903, and unless paid
■niv! ,wl ; e .lune <1, p.)03, will be delinquent and
' rlisui for sale according to law.
1. E. Houghton. Secy.
Notice to Creditors.
j 11 tin Probate court of Fremont county, Idaho
!' hi« 1 matter of the )
,| S ( al <-' () f John Mahn- -Notice to creditors,
un, deceased. f
adiiUnTsfiil. Iu ' r i' by R iv( ' n b y th0 undersigned
, i r itor °f the estate of John Mahnkin.
t..,. i' lSt 1 V t0 tlu* creditors of. and all persons
htiii* 1 ?, 1 ' 'udms against, the said deceased, to ex
in f , 1< U1, Nvit h the necessary vouchers, witli
thk „ l ' r t. ,uon, hs after the first publication of
,1 ,'V? Sft hl administrator, at bis resi
»1,. . Marysville, Freuiout county, Idaho,
u [-"no being the place for the Iransaet ion of
"k " K ' l : ss f "*' «»id estate.
Duted tilts lith day of May. 1903.
James E. Johnston,
, Boise, Idaho, March 26,1903.
Mar h? .I s l!( ' r "l'y given that on Uni 18th day of
Wrd r.f o Ui , u "bderstgr.cd will apply
relo-V. ! urdotii, of the Stale of Idaho
liu!in,!:. from Ike penitentiary on the charge of
t'Tm 'i"?,' t'favlcleü and ncntencccl at the April
"<,U , 1 district court, hold m Fremont
heS-"hike 12th day of April, I1K12. At which
tun a, r,'i ie "hdersignod will present his writ
alte....,i. diving a lull history of the offense
"'.liiiiL.s 1 ! ke™ kWh committed, the legal pro
sotsfnï H V u d thereon, together with other rea
'Ms nofi emenc >'> and a proof of publication of
notice. Milton UHEVAI.1BB.
Notice is he
ing manure, \
composed or
causing the same
the village, v
extent of Lie la a .
Hy order of Vi 11:
y given that any person dump
v vaults, detid animals or de
fuse matter of any kind or
• to he dumped within l 1 ,* miles
will he prosecuted to the full
iion, Chairman.
Notice for Bids.
»t ice is hereby
given that
bills will
be re
>d for the c
of a new
m* m District
No. 33, of
1- reinont
plans ami spot
ideations 1
>r which
mav be
i hy applying t
) Nelson K
iss. of East W11
. Fremont con
itV. Idaho.
ie right to reji
ct any and
ail bids is
\ Ionzo Dti
rst date of pul
March 2d
Notice t Taxpayers.
Any property wilfully c
transferred <>r misrcpresei
or agent thereof to evade
eovery. must he assessed at
times its value and the a;
must not he reduced by the
sinners . (Section 51 of an
venue. Session Laws 1 î *« • 1 )
ncealed, re moved,
ted by the owner
ixation, upon dis
not exceeding ten
.essuient so made
board of coramis
ct relating to rc
ssor and Collector.
To whom it n::ty concern: Notice is hereby
given 1 bat 1. Charh-s Cox son. will sell or cause
to i><' sold, by William Hoops, constable of St.
Anthony precinct. Fremont county, state of
Idaho, one roan mare, about eight years ot age,
weight, about IMS pounds, branded
quarter circle T, t
the property of one II. J. Glidden, who on the
r'th dav of February, 1903, left said animal at
my id very and Feed stable, in the said town of
St \nthonv, Idaho, with instructions to care
for said animal until called for by one Frank
Itipgan. That 1 kept said animal for four days
thereafter, and charged the regular rate for hay.
irruin und care, to-wit; titty cents per day. That
there is now due me two dollars, tor such care
and keeping, together with 5) cents per day for
the keeping and feeding of said animal from the
Pith of February, 1903, to the 30th day of April,
1903, no part of which has been paid
Therefore, 1 will cause to be sold as aforesaid
„lithe 10th day of May, 1903, at public auction
to the highest bidder for cash, at 3 o clock p. m.
of said day in front of my said livery and feed
stable, the said animal in
t ion
1 kited U
onlnnce with See
. .......... .. Statutes ot Idaho
amended in Session I. iws of Idaho, of
Estray Notice.
The following described stock was taken up
in tile CUV of St. A nthony on April -4, 1903
Une mill ami white milch cow, right ear
cropped, under bit in left ear. and branded njR
Also one red milch cow. upper bit and lower
bit ill left ear. under bit m right ear, and
branded the-gB},JED» right side.
uter the eSlfaüon of two weeks from Ihe
date of the posting of litis notice the above
described stock will he sold at public auction
within the city of st. Anthon "
Estray Notice.
i it i
1 ,iwh' , ni,r viViugu fimrshiuor 'ih^Ä of
ll'lld fmlsr'' 1 'ilDoinVl'iM»' iî'-'. !'î» l rivyuî.-a tUus
ou left sit-ulder nnd thus und H on left
p On-jj Drown hone, star in forehead,
I,,,ui mm lbs, and branded V on left
and thus on left thigh; ono brown
yearlitiß colt star in forehead and branded thus
l> ''wdif sell the-same at publie auction to
El 5 .' M V.'„or V Soti-9 Iverv and feed stable
Ää ou Mild, Ä. Of {H,v'";:fiaâo 8 t'ô
» » ÄS
Village Marshal.
thigh; î
Notice to Creditors
In the Probate Court Fremont County, Idaho.
Ä.Ä Ä- j- Notice to Creditors.
U v';,i 1 o5Vs S herebv given by tne undersigned.
Dor if PÄ administratrix of the estate
„f Martin de-'
ceased 1> U) exldbit mein with the necessary
the transaction o'r'the business of said
US Datcd Ibis 28th day ot April, 1901.
F. S. Dietrich,
Attorney for the Administratrix. ^ patr , e

,i ll.SON II.IUUIS I IO/i.
- ,,f „// hours till!/ or nifjllt
of . .
Oowl bells.
(iooil SUtblim
' •
How to Circu:n\ent the Hessian Fly.
So l.ttle complaint of tho Hessian
Ily lias boon heard at I'no Ohio Expt;rl
ment Station this season that there
is ground for the hope I' -t there will
bo no more trouble fro.a it lor a few
years to come, but it will be wiser for
farmers to be on their guard lest it
may reappear suddenly as it did ill
It. i:; possible for every farmer to de
termine for himself \v t'.icr the fly Is
likely to appear in deductive num
ber.: in his wheat each season. To ac
complish this, let a small strip of
wheat be sown along cue side of the
intended win at field about two weeks
before the time when the main crop is
usually sown in that particular local
ity. As soon as the wheat comes above
the ground examine the ^oung shoots
carefully every day with a magnifying
glass. A cheap lens, magnifying about
three diameters, which can be bought
of any optician or department store
for a dollar or less, i:; sufficient. If
tlie fly is present its minute, reddish
eggs, one fiftieth of an inch long, will
ho found in the creases of the young
wheat blades. Once seen under a glass
these eggs can easily he seen by the
unaided eye as red specks. Often two
or more are found together, lying end
to end.
Usually egg laying occupies about a
week, and if ;; e fly, on her appear
ance, finds a little wheat : ady for her,
she will soon deposit all her eggs,
after which the main crop may safely
be .own in the assurance that by the
time it appears above ground the eggs
will all have been laid on the earlier
sown wheat.
Many farmers suppose that the so
called "flax-seeds," which are found In
October and November at tne base of
the wheat stalk, are the eggs of the
fly, but this is a mistake; these "flax
seeds" are the full grown larvae of the
fly, which undergo their transforma
tion into the winged insect within the
brown cases called "flax seed3."—Chas.
E. Thorne, Director Ohio Experiment
Giant Spurry.
We illustrate Giant Spurry, a plant
that is being tried on some of our
sandy soils. It is a lev growing an
nual, forming a tangled mass. Under
fair conditions it makes a good growth
on sandy land, hut is otherwise of lit
tle value. Its place in the agricul
tural system of the country is yet to
be determined.
Canada Thistle.
In all the history of weeds In Amer
ica none has been more complained of
than the Canada thistle. A century
ago it was regarded by the, farmers of
New England as the greatest pest of
their fields. When the sons of these
farmers moved West the Canada this
tie went with them. It grows vigor
ously. sometimes spreads rapidly, and
is always difficult to kill by ordinary
cultivation. It forms dense patches,
sometimes to the complete exclusion
of other plants, and its abundant sharp
spines make it disagreeable to handle
To these characters are due its tradi
tionnl reputation in the Northeastern
United States as the worst of all
weeds. With little doubt, however, It
causes in the aggregate less real in
jury to farm products than does hull
thistle, ragweed, or pigeon grass, and
its distribution is confined to a smaller
area than that of any of these weeds.
Rotating Crops to Escape Potato Scab.
When the soil has become badly In
tested with the scab fungus it is usual
ly cheaper to abandon potato growing
upon it for a time at least than to con
tinue the practice. The best system
of croping to purify such a soil and
the length of time which should elapse
before potatoes may be grown again
with safety is not fully determined.
The evidence indicates that root crops
should he avoided, and that grains, in
cluding corn, grasses, and especially
clover, are the best cleaning crops.
The turning under of a green crop,
like clover, jußt before potatoes are
again planted is especially commended
Farmers that go into the growing
sugar beets have a good many things
to look after if they expect to be suc
cessful. fhe cost of growing Is great
compared with other crops, and the
sugar factory Is the only place where
beets so grown can be disposed of "
a profit
j Pierce in his large practice as a Specialist in
women's diseases, which is not like the many
"patent medicines" on the market, as it contains
neither alcohol nor any narcotic. It is purely
I)r. Pierce's Favorite Prescription establishes
regularity, dries weakening drains, heals inflam
mation and ulceration, and cures female weak
ness. It cures headache, backache, nervousness,
sleeplessness and other consequences of womanly
disease. " Favorite Prescription " makes weak
women strong, sick women well. Accept no
substitute for the medicine which works wonders
for weak w-omen.
New Life and Strength Came to Her.
A Massachusetts woman, Mrs. CARRIE P. HANNA
FORD, of No. 69 Hale St., Beverly, Mass., who is well
known socially there, being Treasurer of the Order of the
EASTERN STAR, wrote her experience as follozvs:
Backed up by over a third of a century of remarkable
and uniform cures, a record such as no other remedy for
the diseases and weaknesses peculiar to women ever
attained, the proprietors and makers of Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription now feel fully warranted in offering to
pay $500 in legal money of the United States, for any
case of Leucorrliea, Female Weakness, Prolapsus, or Fall
ing of Womb which they can not cure. All they ask is a
fair and reasonable trial of their means of cure.
Their financial responsibility is well known to every
newspaper publisher and druggist in the United States,
with most of whom they have done business for over a
third of a century. From this fact it will readily he seen
how utterly foolish it would be for them to make the
above unprecedented and remarkable offer if they were
not basing their offer on curative means having an un
" Your 'Favorite Prescription' is, without a doubt, the paralleled record. No other medicine titan Dr. Pierce's
finest remedy on the market to-day, for female difficul- Favorite Prescription could possibly "win out," as the
ties. I suffered for four years with pains every period, and I saying goes, on such a proposition. But they know
I dreaded the approach of the time as I knew it meant j whereof they speak. They nave the most remarkable
two or three days' misery. Tried several different ! record of cures made hy this world-famed remedy ever
widely-advertised remedies, and found that they did me placed to the credit of any preparation especially de
no good whatever. One day a friend called, who had signed for the cure of woman's peculiar ailments, This
suffered as I was suffering, and who told me that she had | wonderful remedy, therefore, stands absolutely alone as
been cured through the use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription, so I purchased a package. I found that the
real value of your medicine was greater even than my
expectations, and the next month I had hardly any pains.
The following month had none at all, and found that my
general health was much better and new life and strength
had come to me.
"These are the actual facts, and I feel that it is due you
that I should write you. Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Carrie P. Hannaford."
To Hon. R. V. Pierce, M. D.
Young women or matrons should not allow
themselves to look sallow and wrinkled because
of those pains and weaknesses which become
chronic and are the result of colds, tight lacing,
and imprudent care of the womanly system.
Many a woman would look beautiful, have a
healthy color and bright eyes if it v.ere not for
those drains on her strength and those weak
nesses which come all too frequently and make
her life miserable. There is a ready-to-use Pre
scription, used a great many years by Dr. R. V.
the only one possessed of such remarkable curative prop
erties as would warrant its makers in publishing such a
marvelous offer as is above made in the utmost good faith.
66j Main Street, BUFFALO, N. V.
"I want to tell you of the great improvement in my health
since taking your 'Favorite Prescription,'" says Mrs. H. S.
Jones, of Forest, N. C. "When I began its use I was a phys
ical wreck and had despaired of ever having good health
again. Could not sit up all day. I noted a great improve
ment before the first hottlc was all used. Was suffering
with almost every pain that a woman is subject to ; had
inflammation of ovaries, painful and suppressed periods, and
other symptoms of female disease. After taking six bottles
of ' Favorite Prescription,' I felt like a new person. Can ride
horseback and take all kinds of exercise and not feel tired."
£END ta Dr. R. V. PIERCE , Buffalo , N. Y., for a
FREE Copy of the " People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser." For paper-covered copy enclose 21 one-cent
stamps to cover mailing only. Cloth-bound ji stamps.
Physician and Surgeon,
Office...................Opposite Post Olllee Building
Bell 'Phone No. 66.
St. Anthony, Idaho
Dr. j. H. mcpherson.
St. Anthony
Opposite Post Office.
10—11 A. M.
1-2:30 P. M.
Sundays 2—3 P. M
In office nights. Phono No. CD.
St. Anthony, - - - Idaho,
St. Anthony.
St. Anthony
St. Anthony,
Practice in all State
ami Federal Courts.
Rooms 14 and 15 Ross Hamer Building.
St. Anthonyidaho.
w.o. w.
Meets in M. W4
A. Hail the first
and third Tuesdays of each month.
J. G. Lewis, Clerk.
E. E. Caret, C. C.
|. O O F.
rrRI-'.MiINT LODGE, No. 00. meet
F Friday evening in Woodmen H
Odd Fellows are welcome
L. J
Fred W. Risiko. Bee. Sec.
meets every
Methodist Episcopal Church.......St. Anthony.
Morning Service.................11 ;0() a. m.
Sabbath School ................12:00 m
Epworth League.........(Sunday) 7:00p. m
Junior League.......... " 4 ;oo p. in.
Evening Service.................*L00 p. in.
Prayer Meeting Wed. eve........7:30 p. m.
All arc cordially invited to attend.
Geo. P. Pemberton,
First Presbyterian Church..........St. Anthony
Morning Service.................11:00 a. in.
Sabbath School ................12:00 m.
Junior Endeavor ............... 3:30p. in,
Senior Endeavor ............... 6:45 p.m.
Evening Service............... 7:30p. m.
Prayer Meeting Wed. eve....... 7:30 p. m.
To any and all of these services the public is
cordially invited. This means you friend.
Will Stuart Wilson.
L. D. S.
Latter Day Saints hold regular meet
ngs at the opera house every Sunday
evening at 6 .30 o'clock Everybody is
cordially invited to attend.
In the District Court of the Sixtli Judicial Dis
trict, County of Fremont, State of
W. G. Childs, )
II. P. Hetlinger, ]
Defendant. J
The State of Idaho sends Greeting:
Toil!. P. Henlnger, defendant.
You are hereby summoned and required to ap
pear in an action brought against yon by the
above named plaintiff in the district court of
the sixth judicial district of the State of Idaho,
in and for the County of Fremont, and to ans
wer the complaint tiled therein, within ten days
(exclusive of the day of service) after the ser
vice on you of this summons, if served within
this County; or if served out of this county, but
in this district, within twenty days; or if served
elsewhere, within forty days.
The said action is brought to obtain on ac
counting in relation to a partnership entered
into pursuant to a contract made at St. An
thony, Idaho, between you and the plaintiff, and
one j. C. Daubenspeck, on October H, 19(H), and
a decree for any balance found due plaintiff,
and to obtain an order for an Injunction to re
strain you from selling or encumbering certain
real estate in your name, situated in the village
of St. Anthony. Fremont county. Idaho, and
more particularly described in plaintiffs
complaint on lilo herein. All of which will
more fully appear in the complaint on lue In
mv office to which you are hereby referred .
And you are hereby not ilied that if you fail to
appear'and answer the said complaint,as above
required, the said plaintiffs will apply for the
relief demanded in the complaint on file herein.
« Witness my hand and the seal
the District court of the Sixth
J seal ( Judicial District of the State of
* Idaho, in and for the County of
Fremont, this 23ril day ° vq lTIj/i'h F G ST F D
Bv Ernest Bramwcll, Deputy. Clerk.
King & Mill.saps, Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
Probate Notice.
- Fstale of Elizabeth Kan
Probate Court, I.
Fremont county. Idain
in the Matter of the Es
Now oh Vhe lilth day of April, !903, came
Carl F. Lenz, executor of said estate and
nravs for leave to render his final account ns
such executorund to be discharged, and for a
decree of tills court finding that said deceased
left survivingher no husband, nor children
under the ageof twenty-one years, nor other
nelson or persons dependent upon or rcsid
[„g With lier at the time ot her death, and no
one to succeed to lier homestead interests m
the lands described in said last will except
Fred Lenz, legatee, and that an orderte
made distributing said lands to said lired
Ij It is therefore ordered that the 2nd day of
June, 1I«H, at li o'clock am. at my oliiee in
St. Anthony, Idaho, lie fixed a- the time niul
place for examining and allowing snub ac
count and making tin* decree above prayed,
and the heirs of said deceased and all persons
interested in said estate are required to ap
pear at the time and place so designated and
show cause if snob exists, why said account
should not he allowed and said dt eree made
and the lands described in .-aid last u l11
testament be distributed and assigned to said
Fred Lenz by decree of this court.
11 is further ordered that said Carl b . Lenz
executor, give notice to all persons interest
ed in said estate by causing a copy of tins
order to be published in the Teton I euk, a
newspaper printed and in general eireulution
in said county for four
I prior to tlie day set for said hearing.
First date of Pub May
ticc of Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue nr an execution in my hands, issued
out of the District Court of the Sixth ludielal
District, state of Idaho, in anti tor Fremont
county. In the suit ot Jens Anderson against
O. Armstrong, dul y attested the 22nd day ot
April, 1903. 1 have levied upon all tho
right, title and interest ot the said
O. Armstrong, in and to the following described
property, situated in said Fremont county,
stale ot Idaho, viz:
East 'i of the nw '1 or sec 7, In tpd n, r 39 e I)
nt. In Idaho, containing eighty acres.
Notice is hereby given, that on Saturday tho
Pith day or May, 19U3, at 10 o'clock a. m. of »aid
day, at the front tloor of the Court House in St.
Anthony, Fremont county, Idaho, I will sell all
the right, title and interest ot the said O. Arm
strong. in and lo the above-described property,
at public auction, lo the highest bidder for cush
lawful money of the United States, to satisfy
said execution and all costs.
(Jiven under my hand this day of April. 190.1.
Samuel Barrop, sheriff.
Notice of Sale of School Bonds.
Notice is hereby given, that the Board of
School Trustees of school Dlst. No. 39, of Fre
mont county, Idaho, will on Saturday, the 23rd
lav of May. A. D. 1903, at 1 o'clock p. m. at the
office of King s Mills.-yis, Attorneys at I,aw. In
st. Anthony, Idaho, offer for sale to the highest
bidder for cash, lawful money of the U. s ,
Coupon Bonds of said school Dist. In the sum of
8X25.00. said bonds to he dated May23, 1903, and
draw interest at the rate of 0 per cent per
annum, interest payable seml-unnually, and to
I be due and payable in 10 years from the date
of same. The board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids.
Dated at st. Anthony, Idaho, this 20th day of
April, A. D. 1903.
James Byrne, F. H. Winters,
Chairman. clerk.
King A Millsaps, Attorneys. M21
Assessment Notice.
Twin Grove Canal Company.
Principal place of business, Wilford, Fremont
county, Idaho. ,
Notice is hereby given, that at a meeting of
the directors, held on the 0th day of May,
1903, an assessment of *2 50 per share was levied
upon the capital stock of the corporation, *2.00 of
which may he paid in labor, if paid to tho com
pany's foreman. VVelrose Parker, between tho
istli day of May and the 30th day of May, 1903,
and 50c to be paid in cash. All cush to be
paid to the secretary.
Any stock upon which this assessment re.
mains unpaid on tho fJOtli day of May, 1903, wl 11
be delinquent and advertised for sale at public
auction and unless payment is made before that
date will be sold June:») 1903 to pay delinquent
assessment: together with the cost of adver
tising and expenses of sale.
Henry Wright, Sec.,
St. Anthony, Idaho.
First date of Pub. May 7.
Notice to Creditors.
Estate of Harvey Brooke, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,
F A- Pyko, administrator of the Estate of
Harvey Brooke, deceased, to the creditors of
and all persons having claims against, the
said deceased, to present them, with the
necessary vouchers, within 4 months after
the first publication of this notice to said ad
ministrator, at Dubois, Idaho, the same be
lli-' tlie place fertile transaction of the busi
ness of said Estate in tlie comity of Fremont,
state of Idaho.
Haled at Dubois, Idaho, tills 4th day of May,
A. D. 1903, F. A. Pyke,
King & Millsaps, Administrator.
Attorneys for Administrator.
Oregon Short Line
St. Anthony Branch & Connection
T I ME T A li L E
North Bound No. 23 South Bound
Leave dnily.
DEC. 14, 1902. Arr. daily
NO. 51.
11:15 a m
11:40 a in
12:01 p m
12:15 p m
12:25 pm
12:55 p m
1:25 p m
1:45 p m
____ Rexburg ----
No. 52.
5:30 p m
5 00 p m
4:35 p ni
4:23 p m
4:15 p m
3:58 p m
3 :35 p m
3:15 p m
D. E. Burley,
Gen. Pass&Tkt. Agt.
.-salt Lake City.
D. S. Spencer,
Ass t Gen. Pass,
and Tkt.Agt.
For further information regarding
time and connection with all trains call
on R. T. DrollinGER, Agt.

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