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C. S. Watson the St. Anthony Drug-o-ist.
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.-. j .. " --_ -- -------- ------- ----- ----—---------
NO. 52
between the
m. and 7 p.
iets, and be
o'clock and
Republican County
Convention, j
Ity authority of the Republi'.-an
County Central Connnittee, notice
is hereby given that a Rep-.ibE m
County Convention will he held
at St. Anthony, Idaho, on Satur
day, May 7th, 1901, at ]() o'clock
of aid day, for the purpose of elect
delegates to lb Republican
Si ate Convention, at 1', u. Mo, May
•• ; h, called for the purt ofelect
: delegates to lie Republican
>. tional Convention held at
Chicago, June Cl, 1904.
Primaries for 1,. am of dele
aves to said County Convention
will he held in the various precincts
on Monday, Mav :
)ttrs of 2 o'clock •
in. in tile town prêt
tween the hours of
o p. in. in the country precincts.
Fach precinct is entitled to dele
tes as follows :
All electors who have affiliated
ith the Republican party or who
endorse its principles, are cordially
invited to attend the primaries;
ml it is also earnestly desired that
ach and every precinct be fully
represented at this convention.
The County Central Committee
is hereby called to meet at St. An
thony on Friday May (ith, at 7 :30,
p. in. for the purpose of transacting
uch business as may be brought
before it.
John Donaldson, Chairman
County Central Committee.
II. 0. Fuller, Secretary.
The Republican executive com
mittee at their meeting on the 18th
inst. fixed the apportionment of
delegates from the various precincts
in the county as follows:
Arrange............................... 3
Birch Creek
Fall River
Grant ......
Highland.......................... 5 j
Howe................................ 3)
Independence......................... 14
Island Ward........................ 6
Kilgore................................ 5
LaBelle.............................. 8
Leigh................................. 6
Lewisville...................... 8
Lyman............................... O'
Market Lake......................... 7
Marysville........................ 8
Medicine Lodge..................... 4
Menan................................ D2
Ora................................... 3
Parker.............................. 8
Rice.................................. *
Rigby............................... ~
Rudy................................. "
Salem............... D
Spencer............ ^
St. Anthony........................ 10
Teton....*.......................... 11
Vernon............................. 5
Wilford............................. 8
i j
' ;
!, i
Bill to Repeal Deseret
Land Law Defeated.
Washington, April ».-By a !
vote of s to 3 the house on îrriga
lands today defeated!
the desert land !
laws Those voting against the
bill were Chairman Mondell of
W vom ing and Representatives
Terrill. (Mass.); Dwight, (N. V);
tion of arid
the bill to repeal
Marshall, (N. D. Williams
(Ore. ); Cooper, Penn. i;_ Hu
cock (Neb.), and Bell (Cai. )
Those in favor of the repeal were |
Representative-: Reeder. • Kan. ) ;.
Van Duzen. V- 1
wood, (Ala.) The vete was taken;
after protracted near
L-.st Friday at the Methodist
Rev. Adams united in ,
George Fredrick of j
Lovina Bahner, '
marriage Mr
Shelly and Mi
of Market Lake. __
$5. Reward
«-ill lead
to the conviction
mutilating, defacing
down any signs
belonging to A.
or advertisements
M. Boylen, the
for the information
■ • Iverson or persons of
æTÂ" " O ''"*"""™' 5
destroyed. A M . Boylen.
Hu a (Receives
Terrible Blow.
St- Lrfcburg, April 13.- While
go in: aitf to meet the Japanese
fleet Po« Arthur, the "Petro
pavl< k" struck a mine in the
outei instead, heeled over, turned
turtf uid sank. Practically the
whol reiv was lost. Only four
office were saved, among them
beim ie Grand Duke Cvril. The
ult of the
to the
relia authoriy, was in progrès
at th last reports, has not bee
recei 1. Grand Duk
are said to be slight,
her report says the "Petro
]ia\'h k'' was blown up by strik
ing Russian mine, and that
tweii nen escaped. The. latest
estim e of the number who lost
their ves is eight hundred. The
deal 1 > Vice Admiral MakarofT
has ( -t a gloom over the entire
city. It is generally believed he
will : succeeded by Rear Admiral
Rojt- ,-ciisky.
,, , , •_ . , ,
Fet >avh.v-E was fly mg the at
tg Vice Vdmiral Makaroff..
battle I
Cyril s ;
NO. 22.
Teton City, Idaho.
An ordinance entitled an ordi
nan«-to repeal Sec. 1 and Sec.
2 i
of or mince No. 14 and to provide
for til-, time, place and manner of
holding regular meetings.
Bt :t ordained by the Chairman
and Foard of Trustees of the Vil
lage : Teton City, Idaho, that:
Section. 1. Sec. 1. and Sec. 2 of
Ordinance No. 14 be and are here
by repealed.
So. 2. That the regular meet
ings of the Board of Trustees of the
Village of Teton Citv shall be,
held in the Teton Merc. Co's place !
of bminess upon the first Tuesday j
in each month at 7 p. m. until such !
time as the city shall be provided
with a suitable building that lias j
been meciallv provided for such !
meetings. ' :
All " ordinances or parts of
j ordinances in conflict with this j
; ordinance are hereby repealed.
Passed at an adjourned meeting :
i of the Board of Trustees held April
James Siddoi
B. F
ay, Chairman.
Gillett, Clerk.
>otice to Creditors.
, T , , . ,, , (
In he Probate Court of Fremont
County, State of Ida .
I" tte matter of the estate of \l il- j
ham J. Adams, deceased. Notice
to Creditors. .
Nmcem hereby given by the un-,
dersijued, W illiam J. N Adams,
execttdr of the estate of \\ llliam J
Adani deceased, to 'he creditors
of and! all persons having claims
against said deceased, to exhibit
them, with the necessary vouchers,
within tour months after the first
publication of this notice to the
said executor at his residence in
Market Lake, Fremont County,
Idaho, the same toeing the place for
the transaction of said estate in the
county of Fremont, State of Idaho.
William J. N. Adams, Executor.
Rated April 8, 1904.
Hamer & McConnell,
Attorneys for Executor. t21
Attorneys for Executor.
The Highland Ranch Improve
C.J W Limited. St. An
thnny, Idaho, April 1. ( 4.
The annual meeting ofthe stock
holders of the Highland Ranch Un
E :-e-s
!>■ ••
, hr
j Ir
' h»
p V nient Company, Limited, will
p e 1 ,, Id at the principal office of the
tv, -.anv in St. Anthony, Idaho, on
ne dav, April 20th, 1904, at
lo k p. in. for the election of ;
■to s for the ensuing year and j
:e transaction of such other j
mav properly come I
_• the meeting,
order of the directors.
\\. H. Dudley.
.......: meeting of the stock
ders of the Harrigfeld Canal &
.ation Company, Ltd., will be
,1 on Saturday, May 7, 1904. at
- \lock p. m. at the office of
v re Harrigfeld at Squirrel.
L- ho, for the purpose of electing
i fiv directors and the transaction
| q{ ; uch other business as may law
full- come before tbe meeting.
3v order of the President.
H. D. Kelly, Secy.
toys or girls to do folding and
binding at the Peak office.
Cot Tangled up With
Some Land Proofs.
Washington, March 23.—
time sincevr complaint was
and chan
la-ad office
wao was :
- meet m th
gainst Janies 1
United State
. Wallis,
made ;
su nier of Bear Lake county, regard- '
ing a homestead entry and later a 1
desert entry. Wallis has been
here several days. He is a mem-;
be- of the Budge faction, who are
at enmitj with the Rich-Bagle;
faction. Wallis alleges that Editoi
Harrisof the Montpelier Examiner, :
a Democratic paper, had tried to i
discredit him, but that the late story ,
originated with the Rich-Bagley , tor
crowd. Wallis today succeeded in j
satisfying the land office and was \
vindicated of the charges.
The above appeared in the Boise
Statesman last week as a special
from Washington.
We know nothing of the desert
entry business, but the homestead
proposition we are perfectly familiar
with, and since Wallis has brought |
us into the cotroversy, we give
below the facts that caused him, in
part, to be summoned to Washing- j G
In 1 .900 George Moore filed a
homestead entry on what is known
as Giveout ranch. After living
there for a couple of years or more
he, in August, 1902, made applica
tion to commute his entry and prove
up. The proof was made before
Jas. H. Wallis, United States Com
missioner, and Chas E. Harris,
the writer of this, and John S.
Heggie, appeared as Mr. Moore's
After being asked a few
questions, the entryman and his
witnesses signed some papers, and
Wallis went away on the train.
Both Harris and Heggie stated
absolutely that Moore had only
hved on the ranch about two years,
and all present understood that it
! was a commuted proof that Mr.
Moore was making. Before leay
j mg the office (Bagiev s) \\ al is told
! the writer that Moore could send
: h '- s t0 bim at Rexburg, and
then he would send the paper,-, to
j the land office. Mr. Moore was
1,ns >' looking alter the , tar va e>
: Mage line, so he left the $- ( )0 with
the writer, and tue latter sent it to
Goe. A. Robethan, receiver of the
land office.
A short time after the writer
received a letter from Mr. Robethan
saying that the Geo. Moore proof
had been filed and that Wallis had
iusmicted the laild uffici;ils t0 take
$ 7.25 (the fee on a regular five year
j ' ^ q{ the $20()|and hold the
1 ^ alance jp 19 2. 7 5, to his, (Wallis)
| credit, to be checked against with
f ut u Te land proofs . This didn't
k)ok right lo Mr Robethan, so he
l 4-<"\ T-Iorric wVlQt \\7n11i<* IlflH
j itnesses
j wrote to Harris what Wallis had
said, and he further asked if Moore
knew that under the proof submitted
his land office fee was only $7.25.
Then it became known to Moore
and his two witnesses, for tbe first
time, that Wallis had submitted a
five year proof instead of a com
muted proof, as the entryman and
had intended
swear to.
Tbe rfriter immediately answered
the receiver of the land office, that
the Moore proof was a commuted
one and that the $200 belonged 10
the government; that Moore didn't
owe Wallis anything, as lie had
paid the commissioner his fees at ;
the time the proof was taken.
Things were beginning to get
pretty well tangled up, for shortly
after Wallis arranged to take a new
proof for Mr. Moore, coming all the
way from Rexburg to Montpelier,
and charging the entryman nothing
for bis work. This proof was sub
mitted by Walk > as a ' 'commuted
In the meantime thé
five -ear proof" had gone into the
ir,<l vhen, four months
followed by a "com
later, it wa
muted proof," by the same man on
the same piece of land, the land
departmentdeuia: .let. some explan
ation, and h evidently looked to
Moore and his witnesses to do the
explaining. Thereupon, on behalf
of these three parties,
Attorney Chalmers, at Elackfoot
to take the matter up. This he
wrote to
did and Mr. Moore and his wit
nesses made affidavit to the facts 111
tbe case, and when this reached the
department in Washington, it was
up to Wallis to do the explaining.
What he told Commissioner Rich
ds to secure his • -vindication
we do not know or do we care. •
know the matter has been hanging
ear and a half,
fire for nearly a .
and Mr. Moore was only this week,
notified that he could now obtain
his patent.
The above are the facts as the
writer knows them, and if, in at
tempting to get th.*e . angle straight
ened out we have '"discredited"
Wallis lie will have to U at it!
that way. We are frank to say
that the nn-.v r, '-.figment,
ought to h. a : -ui '.la Ittvtl to a
United 7 g> ; 1
Id In
of County
session this
explain); :
that would have counted
thing. M-mi'' -aw Warn
1 J" U '
1'he Cauiolie 1 ! vs arc preparing
tor a gram promenade at die ope:-.-.
house on May 1 :f.
Insurance Co.
G- Puller,
There will b
The \V. C. T. I . will meet on
Wednesday, April 20th, with Mrs.
O. A. Guinn. AI ladies cordially
. , ,
Mi,-., bannie Gnmii, -"v-c. .sec. ,
C. B. Wheeler, Idaho inspector |
of Agencies for the Equitable Life!
n the city a |
week doing i
it, H.
couple of days
business with
octal dance at 1
the opera house tomorrow evening. '
(Friday April 14 ) given by McBees' !
orchestra. This is the best music j
we have ever had here and lovers
of the light fantastic should avail
themselves of this opportunity to
have a real good time.
Dr. M. M. Harsh! -arger returned
yesterday from Salt Lake City,
where he went last week with Mrs.
J. C. Lambert for the purpose of hav
iugjjan abdominal operation per
formed. The Doctor reports Mrs.
Lambert doing nicely considering
tbe very difficult operation.
tbe very difficult operation.
W. A. Scott, a prominent mill
mail of Duluth, Minn., is in the
city looking up the location for a
flouring mill. He proposes to build
a 75 barrel mill if the citizens will
give him a bonus ot $2,000 which
is now being raised,
that the deal will
tomorrow evening.
Wm. Anderson of Salmon City,
spent several days in St. Anthony
last week, returning home Monday
morning. Mr. Anderson was look
ing for a suitable location to erect
! a large hotel and after sizing up
! the situation at this point was
favorably impressed and he will in
all probability return in the near
future and purchase lots and begin
Hon. Frank Pyke came over from
Dubois yesterday on business con
nected with the Dubois school
district. He reports everything
moving along nicely in that part
of the county. Mr. Pyke says the
movement which is on foot to throw
several sections of their best grazing
land into the forest reserve, if per
mitted, will hurt that section of the
country materially. Every effort
is being put forth by the citizens
It is expected
be closed by
there to prevent the movement.
Messrs. Hart, .Smith and Poole
Menan, were before the board of
county commissioners yesterday
with a petition signed by three
hundred tax payers asking for a
bridge across the "dry beds" on
the South Fork of the Snake river
between Menan and Lewisville.
It was proposed the three hundred
s jg llers l )e taxed additionally five
pg r ce nt which is to he used for the
construction of the bridge. This
construction ot tiie Dringe,
is something that is badly needed
by the people in that locality and
the commissioners should grant the
Snow is going very
is grazing on the hill:
has commenced.
The big Highland ranch is
rounding things up preparatory to
commencing spring work.
W. L. Campbell, mpnager of the
Highland Rancit Improvement Co.,
is in Pocatello on the H demi Grand
Sou irr el
tage 1
c j ear through, m v.-heeis.
Pete Wilson is preparing to move
his mill about three miles up the
river .
Quarterlv Conference.
Rexburg, Idaho, April 13, 1904.
' the Fre
( Quarterly conference^ ^ ^ ^
1 moiiLSta -eo u ^ 10
cx « 7 ' a- t u and
o clock Saturday April
Sunday, May 1st
Thos. K. Bassett,
T W Webster,
C H Woodmansee,
Stake Presidency,
County Gossip.
the Peak
'< ponJent.s.
April 12. Land
numerous these days.
Mr. Boylan is :
Brown this spring
Robert Helm hr
Campbell's place <
Edwin Alvon
arrived from Cud
on the tovnsite ii
d Mr.
-, the town: ite.
family has
and are settled
Hvrum Brown's
but at
some da;
oraevhat better.
Brown came home
View, Utah, last
ooking nappy and
eriously ill i'o
his writing is
Miss Helen
trom Pleasant
week, and is
Lost or -toleu somewhere on
Louant creek, a pail of rubber over
shoes, any one finding anie, will
please return to the Burgess store
at .Chester,
We understand E. \\
has filed a homestead
Louant creek.
1 lunnicutt
ntry up on
The Green family held a reunion
in the school house March 24. All
of tbe immediate family were
present, but owing to the storm
several of the more distant relatives
were hindered from coming. 'Plie
da >' "'as spent in feasting, program
and dance for the children. I 11 the
evening ;t public dance was given
at which there was a large atten
dance. A good time was reported.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Newby were
given a wedding dance April 4tli.
A number from Chester and Marys
ville were present, filling tbe house.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Newby gave
a dance at their home last week.
Mrs. Silas Green was quite ill with
the grip last week, but is much
La Grippe is having quite a run
i i n ()Ur .settlement. Among those
| w j 10 have had it are Ar\ id Ander -
j sou, John Van Sickle and Mrs.
The young men are returning
from their winter work for spring
work on their farms. Joe and
•Hyden Rankin, John Freesell and
James Cook have come already.
Others will be here soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Hendrickson were
gladdened by the advent of a baby
girl March 25. This is the fifth
little girl born in Farnum in tli
last two months. Tbe young
ladies will not be so scarce in a few
Mr. and Mrs. Dont Hammond
are living with G. \V. Green for a
Mr. N. C. Hanson made a visit
home last week.
Plowing has already begun and
the farmers are beginning to feel
Judge Kelly, of Fremont, was a
visitor for two days last week.
Mrs. Francis Ferrin's father is
visiting her.
The Squirrel school district pro
poses to cut a slice off of our district
a nd add to theirs. Our people ob
ject, as it will make the number of
children so much less as to lower
our appropriation too much.
s going fa st
cutting wind
April 6. Snow
here with a warm
blowing. Farmers
with the prospects
able to get to work.
The little three-year-old baby of
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roskellev
was buried Monday .11 the village
cemetery. Appropriate remarks
were made at the meeting house by
Elders Cunningham of Lodi, !
are jubilant!
of soon being j
icks and Crouch of Marys
The ward
house was very
draped in w
hite muslin and
were sitxec
n little girls as
die rul
is. Twelve
escorted the
to the statu
1, then four took
A, " cham
up their positions at each corner of.
the coffin and twelve stood in a line
at the front of the stand with this,
motto in the center "One Link from j
These were represen-,
tat i ves of the Primary Association
and were dressed in white and
had little wreaths of white flowers.
Miss McKendriçks sang a very
beautiful solo "Your Little Rose
bud has Left Us." Miss Nell
_______________ ________
• voice resounding through the hall
I "Oh, Grave, Where is Thy Victory;
1 '
Oh. Death, Where is Thy Sting."
A large cortege of vehicles followed
to the grave where little Lucille
was laid to rest until the Morn of
the Resurrection. The sympathy
of the entire community goes out
to Mr. and Mrs. Roskellev in this
the loss of their only little comfort.
The village election passed off
very quietly eu the 5th of April.
The citizen's ticket elected four of
their number and one from the
Independent ticket. James H.
Wilson, Simeon C. Drolling, r and
Will Hobson were tbe peoples
choice. All was quiet and liar- .
uuu'.ious throughout the entire day.
The saloon was closed and v oi
the boys were disappointed in not
being able to wet their whistle as
the;.- \veiv not aware that the saloon
would be closed.
Mr. William A. Barrett took
advantage of the conference rates
and is now spending a few days in
Zion away from so much snow .
There is quite a few complaints
about wwvdust floating down the
river of late. Is there 110 law on
the matter? Of course it may not
be wilful but it should be kept out
if we are to preserve the fish. We
pay licenses to catch a few of them
and if they are killed with sawdust
we can't even do that.
Miss Shaw, niece of.Dr. Young,
lias opened an independent school
hen and if she can get enough
students, it will run fer three
! >r. Win. E. Young went to Boise
City to be examined in medicine as
he expects to practice medicine
here. The doctor is an experienced
druggist and has a large drug store
in our little town.
James H. Wilson is quite sick at
this time but we hope to see him
nut in a few days again.
La Grippe has a pretty good hold
011 quite a few here but all are im
proving fast.
Sam Smith lias sold all of his
property here except his real estate
to the Golding boys, and has leased
them his farm for a number of
years. Sam lias gone to Shoshone
for the summer and probably
longer. He and Charley McPher
son came here together two or three
years ago and Sam purchased a
farm but Charley has been working
for wages and last year he worked
Mr. Van Tyle's place and is work
ing at the same place this summer.
Mr. Van Tyle's farm is the old
Charley Miller place. Mr. Van
Tyle is in Michigan attending to
his barber shop while Charley
McPherson attends to this end of
the line.
at Pc
as a
! just
April 13.— A bright new girl
arrived at the home of Bishop orme
on Friday, the sith inst. The
Bishop is all enthused, and filled
with enterprise. Why shouldn't
he be?
Born to the wife of Stephen Mc
Arthur, Tuesday morning, the 12th,
a fine girl. All are reported doing
Joseph R. Meservy is visiting
Cache valley and Bear Lake points
011 business.
James R. Sharp and Mr. Wales
left Tuesday for the sheep shearing
corrals of Wyoming to be gone all
James E. Stewart and family,
also Wm. Ashcraft and family
have moved to their homesteads
beyond the river.
Janies T. Birch has sold his
house here to Archie McKinley and
moved onto his ranch.
John Robb has rented 73 acres
of bis farm to the Sugar company
and the alfalfa is now being tun cd
David McArthur is he. Bug
heep for Nathan Ricks.
Eric Johnson is attendin'.; court
vxxello, having been sun? '."iieil
juryman. His son ]-' k who
returned - nturdav from ■ lh-<-e
at Logan, U
tall, is attend'!:
the farm and
putting in the v
j acre patch of
sugar beets v 7.
h El
; the skill of a
professional a; r
; turalEt..
Architect C
. M. Squires 0 :
burg, : ex pa '
operations or.
here, v.kich,
j lie second to noi »
1 daily to h- - hi
• .ring house
t .Ieted, will
in the stak -. It
is to be finished by Oct. 1st.
Lor in Higbee of Weston, is locat
ing in our town purchasing the
Worell place on the townsite.
Anton Pedersen is. busily engaged
; in moving the ruins of the o'd hall
; and transforming them into useful
i Mark Bigler has been selected as
! drill master for the Sugar Beet
company and is now prepared to
drill on short notice.
The final assessment on the
j Farmers' Friend Canal is being
pushed vigorously.

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