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The Teton Peak
Official Raff* of Fremont County
WOOD D. PARKER. Publish«
THURSDAY, MAY 12. 1904.
Entered at the Postoffiee at St. An
thony, for transmission through the
mails, as second-class matter.
One Year OO
Six Months
Three Months
Advertising Rates on applicatn
1 OO
Who says Ben K. Rich
misses a county convention?
Secretary of State Will II. Gibson,
came over from Boise Saturday on
business and pleasure combined.
Mr! Gibson is also looking after
his political interests this fall. Mr.
Gibson has made a very capable and
efficient secretary of state, and will
in all probability receive the en
dorsement of Fremont county for
The old courthouse (? ) is being
renovated and repainted inside.
This is a very good thing from a
sanitary point, but it looks like a
shame and disgrace for a wealthy
county like Fremont to lie patching
up and overhauling their old
"shacks." books like we might
be expected to put tip with them
for another ten rears.
The sheepmen of this section are
elated over the early spring, and,
although the weather has not been
very warm, there has been no cold
rain and snow to interfere with the
flocks on the range. The clip this
year will be very large, and those
who lost large bands of sheep last
year from "big bead," will have
a chance to even up this spring.
Many large flock masters have re
ported to us that the lambing season
with them is practically over, and
their loss has not been worthy of
mention. One gentleman informed
us that out of one band he had
2,000 la mbs without
single one.
the loss of a

" 1 he Marysville Republican" is
the latest venture in Newspaper-1
dom, the first issue of which will
make its appearance on Tuesday oi
next week. Marysville is to be
congratulated upon having a news
paper to champion its cause and
bring that wealthy agricultural
district in touch with the outside
world. 1 he name of the paper;
would indicate that it will the Re
publican in politics. O. II. Cusick
is the "star actor and will control
the destiny of the new venture.
We heartily welcome The Marc
Republican and wish its
management abundant success.
Arrangements have been made fur |
the mechanical work to be done at ;
the Peak office.
' .......................*
Idaho stock men will be greatly
pleased at the happy outcome of
the long course of negotiations j
looking to the _ restoration of the,
return-pass privilege to attendants
of live-stock on shipments to
east. ^ i be Rock Island, the Chicago :
& Northwestern and the Short !
Line having restored the privilege,
the othei interested roads are almost
sure to follow. I he cutting off of !
the return passes was due to a
claim made by some of the railroad j
people that attendants who had no
intention of returning sometimes
secured the^ fiasses and sold them to
scalpers. I he stock men feel that
they have been subjected to a great
injustice, and their business to a
considerable loss. Considering the
long haul which they have to
overcome, Idaho live stock men
need e\er\ facility for the trails-j
portation of their output to the
eastern markets. Mountain Home
Republican. _
_ . -
he . Paul I ' lel " er V ress sa >: s:
Inc Mohn solos of little Miss
I orgersen savored of more and she
was repeatedly called before the
footlights. She simply charmed
the audience last evening.
-At the opera house, Satur-1
day. May 21, under the auspices
of the St. Anthony band.
Read the
Bank's ad.
Commercial National
Levi Strauss&C q: \
r Riveted
made in our own factories
where only women and otris
______are employed.
Of Interest to Idahoans
From our Washington Correspondent
Idaho has reason to be satisfied
with the work of her new senator
and congressman this term. The
legislation of importance to Idaho
which they have been successful in
securing this session compares very
favorably indeed with the results
obtained by other western members.
Senator Heyburn has been an
active force in the Senate since tak
ing his seat, and contrary to pre
cedent has been able to secure re
cognition on many occasions. He
has improved his opportunities and
has created a good impression on
the leaders of his party. His deep
legal knowledge, his wide and
varied reading, ami his broad and
intelligent conception of the needs
not only of the people of his own
state, but of the whole country,'fit
him to fill his present high position
with grace and distinction,. He
enjoys the fullest confidence of the
President, who has been pleased to
give evidence of his regard on
numerous occasions.
During the past session Senator
Heyburn introduced and secured
the passage in the Senate of the
following important bills: Enlarg
Boise barracks and expendn
$30(1,000 thereon ; establishing a fish
hatchery and station in Idaho, $25,
000: for the survey of the Coeur
d'Alene Indian reservation $25,
000 : for investigating Kootenai rivet
in northern Idaho, $10,000: for
survey to determine the feasibility
of opening Salmon river to naviga
tion, $25,000; granting certain pro
perty to the town of Coeur d'Alene
for park and cemetery, twenty acres
for each ; limiting tight of selec
tion of lands in lieu of surrendered
grant lands, omitting Idaho lands;
i amending section 232(1 R. S. relat
ing to mining claims, providing
that suits brought in support of an
adverse claim filed in any U. S.
land office against any application
for patent for a mining claim shall
be deemed actions at law, to be tried
as other actions at law in the
courts having jurisdiction of the
subject matter. He also introduced
\ the following bills which are pend
| ing in committee; for the relief of
: the Nez Perce tribe of Indians,
| directing the payment of $17,500
due them under treaty of June 11,
1855, and June 9, 1803 ; directing
stay of proceedings now pending
j upon any application to enter or
patent even numbered sections of
' the public lands in lieu of odd
■ numbered sections surrendered by
; any vii'road company, within the
limits of anv forest
reserve : to
, deposit models of naval vessels in
j state capitols and cities; for the
annexation of Santa Domingo,
Congressman French lias been
j one of the busiest members of the
House and, notwithstanding the
; early pronouncement of Speaker
| Cannon that new appropriation bills
; would get it in the neck this session,
very ably championed and was
successful in securing the passage
of the following bills: Appropriat
ing $25,000 for the survey of Coeur
j d'Alene reservation: bill creating
permanent cavalry post at Boise,
with expenditures oi $306,000 for
the!new buildings 'and improvements, i
: He also secured the passage of bills
! donating twenty acres each for park
and cemetery purposes to the citv ;
of Coeur d'Alene; validating oaths
! taken in making land proofs out-j
! side the districts in which the land i
j is located,
Perhaps the most successful piece
| of work performed by Mr. French
( this session was the pa-sage of the
Ft. Hall bill, which met with such
vigorous opposition at tile start,
! and which seemed fated to go down
to defeat several times on account
of errors made by the Department
in drawing it up. This bill really
passed the House several times. 1
j Congressman French appeared be-1
: fore the committees on Public Land
land Irrigation several times and
i was in no small measure responsible
1 for the defeat of the vigorous effort
made to repeal the various land
I laws. In operation he secured the
I passage of {»elision bills to the
I following citizens of Idaho : Levi
1 Roberts, $30; Jonathan Hites $24 ;
Charles Reed, $30; Henrv C. Riggs,
: $lf, ; George Sullivan, $24 ; Mary
Gilroy. $12, and numerous others.
The Idaho delegation has been
very earnest in presenting the
claims of the state to the Secretary
of the Interior, and the result has
been the setting aside of $2,600,000
of the Reclamation fund for the
early construction of the Minidoka
irrigation project on Snake river,
which will reclaim 120,000 acres of
land and will result in the material
development of this section of the
Much of the success in growing
large crops depends upon the abun
dance of available plant food In the
soil. It must be well decayed and
! thoroughly mixed with the soil. With
; fresh, coarse manure only a small per
i cent is available at first, the balance
: gradually becoming so as It decav
j and becomes soluble.
The next quarterly examination j
of applicants for Second and Third
Grade certificates will be held in I
St. Anthony and in Rexburg May 1
27 and 2.8, 1904.
As only two days are allowed, I
the sessions will begin at X a. m.
each day.
"Theory and Art" is based up
on White's "Art of Teaching,"
price one dollar. This book, also
School Law and State Constitution
may be obtained at this office.
Grace M. Taylor,
Supt. of Schools.
St. Anthony, Idaho, May 11, 11(04.
t 20
Notice is hereby giv n that the
annual stockholders meeting of the
Butte & Market Lake Canal com- ■
pany will be held at Hotel Patrie •
in Market Lake, Idaho, on the 7th j
day of June, 1904, at the hour of 9 j
o'clock a. m., for the. purpose of !
electing officers and transacting 1
such business as may legally come I
before the meeting.
By order of the Board of Directors.
Z, , S. \V. Lavthe, Secy, j
Date of pub. 5-12.
Butte to St. Louis and return $47.50
Butte to Chicago and return 52. 50
Butte to St. Louis, returning via
Chicago or vice versa 53.75
Tickets on sale every Tuesday.
May to October inclusive, and June
9, 10 and 11, final limit three
months. Stopovers allowed in both
directions. See Salt Lake City,
Denver and the famous scenery of
Colorado. Denver & Rio Grande
City Ticket Office, 51 East Bread
way, Butte.
G. V Fitzgerald,
General Agent.
Expert Lager Beer brewed bv -
the St. Anthony Brewing Co. equal
in quality to such brands as j
Anheyser Bush or Budweiser and )
soldat the Brewery in >/., 1 and
Is gallon kegs. Each keg bears a
guarantee that nothing but the
finest Idaho barley and Bohemien
hops are used in its manufacture, I
such as is used in the renowned
breweries of this country at a con
siderably increased cost over the
ordinary beer.
Orders by mail will receive
prompt attention.
St. Anthony Brewery Co.,
Louis Baiser, Solicitor.
Chas. C. Hoffmann, Mgr.
Camping Parlies Call at
For your
Wines, Whiskies, Beer and Cigars
Domestic i Importe.
The Largest Stock in
Fremont County.
St. Anthony, Idaho.
SSil Painters
pfgljPaper Hangers
gil Decorators
Artistic Sign
Carriage Work
a Specialty.
All orders for Job Work
promptly attended to.
Shop in rear of Curran & Co's.
Drue Store.
St. Anthony.
Read The PEAK and you Get the News
$ 50 , 000.00
Ostsh Given Away to Users of
We are going to be more liberal than ever in 1904 to users of Lion Coffee. Not only will the
Lion-Heads, cut from the packages, be good, as heretofore, for the valuable premiums we
have always given our customers, but
Isi Addition ft the Regular Free Premiums
the same Lion-Heads will entitle you to estimates in our $ 50 , 000.00 Grand Prize Contestft, which will
make seme of our patrons iici. men and women. Von can sand in as many estimates as desired. There will be
Q 1R LI AT G Ü&1TE 8T3
The first contest veil; I t on
Vote For f\. . '
$ 40 , 000.00 ou t; c
1th attends
at the Cl- Lem's World's Pair; the second relates to Total
0 , 000.0 1 '„ il! ! distributed in each of these contests, making
V 'V-» r i.
~r r - •.
-, ,—,
r rve
cist f
Coffee Packr:;;
3 cent star -id ;
(in additC. ..
u!ar free
to one vote
either contest"
mari mteresrsur, ■; addition *.;> this amount, wc will give r.
'■ P to the cue who is nearest correct on both
eÿndlvtj» contest s, and thus your estimates have two
...Tffe .r.JäK'Ltssts epportunitirsof winning» big cash prize.
.. <>&.■ an» .
V':-- - . : a"*; ?<
; '-xv .•
« *
What will be the total .Tui
m- tv - ! dir? At Chio.-.VL. .1 .i
r nearest; tA
Rive first pri/.o lor in. nearest c
rr.ir.ir.t, t :: , er , , ;■
1 First Pr*3c
Second 1 : .?e . ..
î? ? vises :• ■ 1 '• o o o . v
•'< .»»rise:»--- 'jOO.OO
red in \V<
' re J-.-ne
Printed blanks to
yote on found in
I every Lion Coffee Pack
- ge. The a cent stamp
covers the expense of
our acknowledgment to
you that your es
timate is recorded.
;v- '
will be ilio total Popular Vote cast for President (voteo
>ud prize to t! e j
l e 0. r W'O.GA \
. • 0 !
... 1 . 000.00
...1,000.00 I
iulates combined) at th<( election November 8, 1904? I i
" « . Vi . n. j; .-.fy9,6$3 people voted for President. For nearest cor
re ? v, limâtes received in Won'son Solve Co.'s, office, Toledo. O ,
5 i or : r: Nov. 190-1, we will give first prize for the nearest cor
rcv ■ e-.tim.ate, second pri/c to the next nea est, etc., etc., as follows:
First Prisse
Second Prize .......
Prises - 5500.00 each
;! îiiôô
. 1 000.00
-Id >00.00
. 2 . 000.00
- L ,000.00
"O Prize g —
r:o Prises—
50 Prize r -
20, C 00.00
1605 Pnzer. -
. :. > piïzs s.
200 I
mo on
no to
■so oo
l 0.00
.*2,500.00 '
. . 1 . 000.00 1
l.ooo.GO :
. 1 , 000.00 1
. ] .ooo.oo
. 1.000.00
. .2,500.00
. t),000.00
TOTAL, Î20, 000.00
ivip ins .fa
Ci oiïii:
' 5 —segregating S45<c3*k00—In &r.r,5^SR fa which m shall gives $5,900 Î
" id Wr; in UCLIQ 67/EE ca m! n tela! cf $1* 5,000.00, {
. 'sisSTBmBttntsss&SiiBsxi * 11 , i .. j ■
m mm
' ' - .CBratSSKBé'
Murphy & Bartlett
History repeats itself. We intended
going to Canada but thought better of
it. We are at the old stand again. Will
receive our old-time friends and treat
them as of yore.
"Rip Van Winkle Was a Lucky Man/ r
So the song says: Never had to pay
any rent, never worried about his elec
tric light bill and never had to wait for
the St. Anthony branch line train.
"He was not so lucky after all."
Just imagine he was "living high, '' in
the_ mountains for 20 years without
tasting a drop of our
"John G. Fremont"
V\ H *8ki, the only drink for High Altitudes.
~ °* SALg By ,. rm H. D. BRAINARD.
B\ a majority of the people of the county
as the
Best Place to Buy FURNITURE
But like every one else we want more
have the latest designs in everything
in the Furniture line. Drap
eries a Specialtv.
An Ad. m the Peak brings quick returns.

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