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The Teton Peak
TFIL'RSDAV, SEPT. 15. 1904.
Entered at the Postoffie© at St. An
thony, for transmission through the
mails, us aeconci-class matter.
One Year
$2 OO
Six Months
; 1 OO
Three Months :
Advertising Ratos on .
For President,
Theodore Roosevelt.
For Vice President.
Charles W. Fairbanks.
Republican State Ticket:
Supreme Judge
Lieut. Governor
Secretary of State
Attorney General
Supt. of Pub. Instruction
Inspector of Mines
Presidential Electors:
As a condensed form of Parker's
speech of acceptance the following
is about as good as any yet issued :
"I am for Tariff reform, but I
couldn't do anything to reform it
during the single term I should
remain in office, because the Re
publican Senate wouldn't let me.
I am against the trusts, but I think
that there are enough of anti-trust
laws now and the common law is
sufficient to meet any new require
ments; therefore, don't worry over
the idea that I would disturb busi
ness conditions. As for labor dis
turbances, they are all right in one
place and wrong in another; capital
is also right and wrong; therefore,
capital and labor have no reason to
worry over my election. In regard
to the money question, I sent a tel
egram, and really that's all there
is to say about it. "
We understand that J. H. Wal
lis has published the first issue of
his Sugar City Times. We were
not fortunate enough to be consid
ered among the "elite" who re
ceived the initial number.
The way it looks at present
there is a large bunch of candidates
for each county office to he filled
at the fall election. They are all
confident of the npmination, which
of course means election this year.
The Nampa Herald says: "The
anti-Mormon resolutions, as origi
nally reported to the Democratic
convention at Lewiston, condemned
the crime of adultery, as well as
that of polygamy. During the
night Dubois, Flenner and others
got together and decided to strike
out the word "adultery" and thus
the "high moral plane" was
reached. "jj
Preventing Rust of Machinery.
For preventing the rusting of
machinery take one ounce of cam
phor and dissolve it in one pound
of melted lard ; remove the scum ;
then mix with the camphor and
lard as much fine graphite as will
give it an iron color; clean the
machinery well and smear with the
mixture. After 24 hours rub off :
then clea n with a soft clo th.
170 Head of Hogs. Call on or
St. Anthony Ida.
intcr-P4ountain Fair Association.
The Managers of the Idaho Inter
Mountain Fair are out with their
announcements for the coming
fair which will commence October
17th and last to October 22nd in
This sixth annual exhibition
will he the greatest ever held under
the auspices of the association and
by far the best ever held in Idaho.
No pains or expense will be spared
to make this fair the most entertain
ing and instructive and also the
i most profitable from the standpoint
I of advertising the resources of the
■>tate that has been held,
j Special attention and prominence
has been given to the matter of
I exhibits in all of the departments,
j In all $1.7.01)0 will be given away
I for premiums and purses.
Broken China.
If your house wife breaks a plate
or cup don't let her erv hut give
lier the following receipt:
"A capital cement for broken
china and bric-a-brac that can be
made at home is obtained by mix
ing half an ounce of gum arahic
with half a teacupful of boiling
milk and adding enough plaster
of paris to produce a creamy paste.
To use successfully have the pieces
that are to be mended warm and
apply the cement warm with a
small brush. Objects repaired with
this cement have 'to be set aside
for a week before they can be used,
hut after that they can he washed
in either warm or cold water with
asfety. Soaking, however, they
will not stand. "
The Idaho Inter-Mouuntain Fair
Association has signed for the
appearance of the Nat Reese Car
nival company in Boise during
Fair wee 1 '.. It is said to be the
greatest aggregation of fun makers
in the world and will furnish
harmless and rip-roaring fun the
entire week.
An effort is being made by prom
inent citizens of the county to have
a court house erected. Fremont
county is one of the largest and
richest counties in the state and
our court house buildings are a
frost to the stranger who comes in
to our country looking for a loca
tion. To look upon those "shacks"
is enough to disgust the average
man looking for investment. This
county can afford a $50,000 court
house a<>d the bonds should he
voted this fall to erect it. Should
fire get into those old wooden
buildings and destroy the county
records no estimate could he put
upon the loss to the county. There
are many records that money could
not replace.
Two Boxing Matches.
Last Friday evening a boxing
match came off at the St. Anthony
opera house between P. J. Summers
and Rube Oakey of this place.
The contest lasted only five rounds
but was a hot one from start to
finish. Rube was outclassed in
the fifth which ended the fun.
About 200 people witnessed the
"bout." On Saturday evening
another contest came off between
Mr. Summers and "Tug" Wilson
of Rexhurg. This was a little
more interesting owing to the fact
that Wilson was in much better
shape to box than was Mr. Oakev.
This contest lasted six rounds,
Wilson getting his "dues" in the
seventh. The hall was crowded
and everyone one was satisfied
with the contest. Summers is un
der the management of Wm. S.
Ayers and is in very good training
for light weight work. He is neat
and handy and the way he puts in
those left uppers was no trouble to
anyone but the other fellow. Sum
mers works easy and takes his time
sparing for the weak points of his
opponent and he is not long in
finding them.
These are the only two real box
ing matches we have had in the
county iii late years.
Another contest is being "fixed"
for next Saturday evening.
240 acres, 77 in cultivation,
good water right, proved up on,
20,1 acres of tillabIe la ud. 'J head j
of cattle, .'> head horses, hogs and ;
all farming machinery, fair build-!
ing. Enquire at the Peak office. 1
"The fact that the fat tilings the
j highest price in the market does
not make it the most valuable part
of the milk. That part can be re
placed in cheaper form and with
equal value as a food. ' The skim
milk is made by and with the con
sent of the cow, foi the wobbly
fragment of the cow species that is
represented by the new born calf.
! As the calf lias neither strength,
i vigor nor robustness, weak in its
I stomach as well as its legs, its food
must he correspondingly suitable.
It must he warm, that the new calf
J be not chilled easily assimilated
i and digested, to give strength and
j rapid growth ; also containing the
proper nutriments in the propel
I proportions. All this is found in
warm skim milk, and it would
j continue to be there if the average
! man in his wisdom and by an un
expected display of ignorance and
neglect did not allow the ideal
food to change into an equally ideal
poison, with which to shorten the
lives of the young stock.
"The place for the utilization of
skim milk is the one where it is
produced, namely, on the farm.
It finds there all the conveniences
for its handling and its conversion
into concentrated products, that
have none of the objections of the
original skim milk. If this is done
on the farm, then all the objections
to skim milk as a commercial pro
duct are done away with, but be
fore it can he done there must be
more or less provision made and
foresight exercised in the methods
of handling and feeding milk.
' 'The one great foe to the success
flu use of skim milk is dirt, in all
its forms and varieties. From a
strictly chemical standpoint, there
is but little difference between pure
milk and dirty milk. The milk
contains the same amount of protein
nearly as much milk sugar, and
the same amount of fat and ash as
when it was fresh and sweet, but it
also contains what the chemist's
tests do not show, except after a
long and tedious examination and
then but imperfectly. These are
the products of the growth of the
various forms of bacteria. It is
these products of bacterial growth
that play the mischief with the
digestion and health of the calf.
Fortunately most of them are
harmless, as in case of lactic acid,
which comes from bacteria of the
same name, but there are others,
each producing after its kind that
takes but a short time to generate
enough poison to quickly destroy
the strongest animal. It is useless
to inquire where they come from;
sufficient to know that every milk
utensil that has been allowed to
become dirty contains bacteria in
numbers beyond the power of fig
ures, and that every one of them is
busy reproducing its kind. Over
the door of every calf farm should
he the motto: "Leave dirt behind,
all ye who enter here," and the
legend should he enforced to the
utmost, if a profit is desired."
The San Francisco Call says:
The most important discovery
that has ever been made for the
benefit of horticulture is announced.
The parasite that destroys the cod
1 in moth has been found in South
America by George Compere, who
is employed jointly by the state of
California through Horticultural
Commissioner Cooper and by West
Australia to find beneficial insects
that are born to'prey ujipii those
that are injurious.
The genuinness of the discovery
is vouched for by the fact that the
apple orchards that are the habitat
of the newly found parasite bring
95 per cent of their fruit to matur
ity. In California and in all other
j portions of the world hitherto the
! product of the world's apple and
j paer orchards has not been more
j than JO to 35 per cent of the prom
j ise at setting. Mr. Compere has
(sailed from West Australia, acting
.under the direction of Flwood
j Cooper, to forward to this city the
j first colonies of the eodlin moth's
j tiny but invincible foes.
Drawing Notice.
No. 17 won the silverware at Hie
drawing at Felix Burgess' store at
Chester, Ida. I he person holding
abo\ e number call anti get prize
Oregon Short Line
st. anthony Branch & Connection
T l M /•; T A K />
ist Second
ass Class
No. 53
No. 51
0. 32 No. 31
a. in p.an
15 . 1
DA Ht > F \ LLS
.8:30 4:10
23 .
S: 10 .4:80
. 8.10.4:15
. ..7:55 ..3:50
7:43 3:38
7:37 3:30
.......7:15 2:50
7:00 .2:30
■>:! iincr:
mixed, daily except Sunday.
D. E.
D. S.
Gen. Pass &
Tkt. Act. As>
11 îcn* Pass.
salt Lake City. am
Tkt. Agi.
further information
tiiiu* «
nd connection with nil
trains call
;. T. Dkollini
nu. Af<t.
T R F A S U R F R ' vS R K r O R T.
St. Anthony, Idaho.
Sept. 1. 1904
Victor Hcgsted, Auditor:
I have the holier of reporting to
you the following receipts and dis
bursements for the month of Aug
ust, 1904. .
Cash on hand last mo. $15671.33
Reed on acet Z. T. Clay 3773.41
...... fees 1276.05
...... State of Ida. 360.00
and G;
'04 155.00
Fines 45.00
......Institute fund 29.00
" " " Red. tax sales 482.91
Total receipts 51806.20
Paid on act. school dist. 1606.56
" " " Court orders 3.75
" " " Bounty fund '03. 1.50
" Citv of Rexhurg
......Village of St.
Anthony 712.00
" " " Ind Sell No. 2 512.50
" " " Fish & Game '04 117.80
" " " Fees 44.00
Cash on hand 48636.09
Total Disbursements 51806.20
Respectfully submitted.
Lee S. Borrows, Treasurer.
The Butte and Market Lake
j Canal Co., Principal place of busi
ness, Market Lake, Fremont Co.,
i Idaho.
Notice is hereby given that there
I is delinquent upon the following
; described stock of the Butte and
Market Lake Canal Co., on account
of an assessment levied on the 15th
day of June, 1904, the several
amounts set opposite the names of
the respective shareholders as fol
lows :
Cert No No Shares
6 88
Lavina Cucshaw
70 IX
N. J. N. Adams
18 25
Chas Schmidt
51 87
Louifc Linenmnn
26 87
D. D. Chidester
41 80-100
104 50
s. Hart
53 12
Wm, Hayden
1 ?*»
37 5ll
P. H. Moreland
55 00
F. E. Ere id a y
35 00
C. S. Smith
53 42
VV. A. P.vke
li 9-10
29 75
Geo. A. Green
53 42
Hudson Cattle Co. 208
70 Ot)
E. F. Holmes
29 75
J. P. Mallett Estate 38-46*154
25 31
N. Miller
8 7 fl
9 02
John L. Wegner
160 00
l 171-219-235
M. Patrie Estate - 123-124-125
1 76-77-78-79 51V, U6 26
And in accordance with law so
many shares of each parcel of such
stock as may he necessary will be
sold at public auction in the Patrie
Hotel, at Market Lake, Idaho on
the 15th day of September, 1904,
at 2 o'clock, p. m. of said day to
pay the delinquent assessment
thereon together with the cost of
advertising and expense of sale.
S. W. Laythe, Secy.
First date Pub. Aug. 25, 1904.
No. 7230.
Report of the Condition of the Commercial Nat'I.
Bank, St. Anthony, Idaho, at the Close
of Business Sept, ith, 1904.
Loans anti discounts ...................*50.017 17
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured 1.507 69
r. S. Bonds to secure circulation 6500 00
Premiums on TJ. s. Bonds 355 g;}
Furniture and fixtures ............... 770 00
Expenses pa id.............................. l .986 57
Duo from National banks (not reserve
agents)..........*.................... 359 60
Due from state banks and bankers 219 10
Due from approved reserve agents 3,165 52
Checks and othej cash items........ 201 12
Notes qf other Natioual Banks oßtj 00
Fractional paper currency, nickels
;lU(î ...................... 50 65
Legal-Tender notes ............... 15.00 2,960 00
Redemption fund with U. S. Treas.
(5 per cent of circulation).......' 325 0U
TotuI ..... #69.558 K6
Capital stock paid in $25,000 00
Undivided profits, ..................... t 421 23
Due to other National Bunks.......... |,S6s 5o
Individual deposits suhjeet to check lT.mso 58
Time certificates of deposit........... (8,694 fir,
Circulation......... 0,500 00
Total ................ «60.55:1 8«
Statk ok Ida ho. ,
County of Fremont. 1 K - s -
I. John D. C. Kruger, cashier or the above
named hank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief.
JolIN D. C. KHUGEtt, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 13th
day of Sept . 1004.
U. C. Uaker. Notary Public.
Correct—A ttest:
M. J. tiRAY. I
Thoh. K Hamkk. - Directors
__Frank U r . Rons. \
25,000 good brick for sale. In
quire of C. S. Walker, Reform
School building, or Riverside
An ordinance relating to the laying
ot a plank side-walk on Wash
ington Avenue and Seventh
streets; also relating to making
and establishing crossings at all
places where said sidewalk may
intersect streets; and relating to
the levy of an assessment against
the lots and owners of lots in
front of w hich said sidewalk may
be laid, to pay for said side
walks; also providing for the
width and material to be used in
the construction of said side
walks and crossings.
Chairman and Board of Trustees of
the Village of St. Anthony, county
I of Fremont, State of Idaho.
Section 1. There shall be laid
I and constructed a plank sidewalk
S commencing at a point and being
the Northeast corner of Block 60
thence running West on the South
of Washington Avenue, to the
Northwest corner of Block 77, and
from the Northeast corner of Block
77, thence North on the West
side of Seventh street to the North
east corner of Block No. 27, in
accordance with the Plat of said
Village now on file with the county
recorder of Fremont county, State
of Idaho.
Section 2. The sidewalk as
herein provided for and as above
described on said Wsahington
Avenue and Seventh streets, shall
be 6 feet wide to the Opera House
on said Washington Avenue, and
said side walk to said point, the
Opera House, shall be constructed
of two inch plank, laid on three
stringers two by six inches, with
necessary mud sills and securely
nailed. After said saidewalk is
built to said Opera House, accord
ing to the specifications mentioned,
beyond this point mentioned, on
said Washington Avenue and
Seventh streets, the sidewalk shall
he constructed of inch hoards laid
on three stringers, with necessary
mud sills, and securely nailed.
Said sidewalk from said Opera
House to be four feet eight inches
wide, on said Avenue and streets,
as above described.
Section 3. There shall he laid
and constructed plank crossings at
all the places where the above de
scribed sidewalk shall intersect or
cross any of the streets, alleys, or
avenues of the Village of St. An
thony, at the expense of said vil
lage, and said crossings shall he
constructed three feet wide, with
two inch plank, with necessary
cross stringers and securely nailed.
Siction 4. The owner of lots in
front of which said sidewalks shall
be laid and constructed are hereby
required to build and construct said
sidewalk in conformity with this
ordinance, and have the same com
pleted not later than the 15th day
of October, 1904, and they are
hereby notified that upon failure so
to do, the Village Board will cause
the same to be laid and constructed
and levy a special tax upon the lots
in front of which said sidewalk will
be built to pay for said- sidewalks.
Adopted at an adjourned meeting
called for the purpose of passing
this ordinance, by the Board of
Village Trustees of said Village
held on the 12th day of September,
All ordinances or parts of ordi
nances in conflict wi>h this ordi
nance are hereby repealed.
W. W. Youmans, Chairman.
Wm. D. Yager, Clerk Pro Tem.
\ \ n n V \ \ \ \ v:x vfvatt,
? iMiTErs
. \ N VL.V N ,v... v: \ \ \ /
I onsorial
j P arlors
' Clean eas >' Shave : ; Good Hair Cutting
X Bathroom in Connection
^ X X V S - N \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ , V \ x X \ \ \
SALT ti wt- ji
"> ^
Scenio Line of the World."
The Direct Through Route to the
World's Fair
Via Salt Lake City, Colorado Sprigs,!
Denver, aijd tl)e Ma^ificept Scenery ol j
Stopovers Allowed. Cheap Rates. Fast Tim 1
1 or full particulars, call upon or address
General Agent, 51 E. Broadway, Butte, Montana
An ordinance relating to the
ing of a plank sidewalk on [. jj;.
Fast Street, and Riverside Avenu!
Also relating to making and i iq,
lishing crossings at all p],
where said sidewalks may intersect
streets; and relating to the levy
an assessment against the lots ail(
owners of lots in front of wfij,
said sidewalk may be laid, to ,.
for said sidewalks ; also providing
for the width and material to
used in the construction of
sidewalks and crossings.
BE IT ORDAINED: ]; v i!k
Chairman and Board of Trust'
the Village of St. Anthony, (j,, Un
ty of Fremont, State of Idaho
Section 1. There shall he Lj,]
and constructed a plank sidev,ail
beginning at the Southwest .
of Block No. 86; thence mania'
North on the East side of 1 i,,(.
Street to the Northwest corn. ■
Block No. 8; thence running \\',
on the South side of Riverside Av
enue, to the Northwest cornu
Block No. 7, in accordance with
the plat of said Village now on ill.,
with the County Recorder of i' K
mont County, Idaho.
Section 2. The sidewalk
herein provided for and as above
described on said First East Street
and Riverside Avenue, shall be
made and constructed four feet
eight inches wide, of one inch lum
ber, laid on three stringers two In
six inches, with necessary mud
sills, and all securely nailed.
Section 3. There shall be laid
and constructed plank crossings
all the places where the above de
scribed sidewalk shall intersect or
cross any of the streets, alleys or
avenues of the Village of St. Anth
ony, at the expense of said Villege,
and said crossings shall be made
and constructed three feet wide, of
two inch plank with necessary
cross stringers all being securely
Section 4. The owners of lots
in front of which said sidewalks
Shall be laid and constructed are
hereby required to build and con
struct said sidewalks in conformity
with this ordinance and have tile
same completed not later than the
15th day of October 1904 and they
are hereby notified that upon their
failure so to do the Village Hoard
will cause the same to be laid and
constructed, and levy a special tax
upon the lots in front of which said
sidewalk will be built to pay for
said sidewalks.
Adopted at an adjourned meet
ing called for the purpose of pas
sing this ordinance, by the Board
of Village Trustees of said Village
held on the 12th day of September,
All ordinances or parts of ordi
nances in conflict with this ordi
nance are hereby repealed.
W. W. Youmans, Chairman.
Wm. D. Yager, Clerk, Pro Tem.
Guaranteed at Cut Prices
We promptly obtain U. S. and
foreign Patents, Trade-Marks, Etc.
We report free on patentability,
immediately on receipt of model,
drawing or photo of invention.
We return entire attorney's fee
we fail to get patent. Best bank
Opposite U. S. Patent Office, Washington, D.

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