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The Teton peak-chronicle. (St. Anthony, Idaho) 1904-1952, November 17, 1904, Image 6

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Thompson Mer. Co. Price Quotations:
—Salt bacon 10c.
—Swift's hams 12 c.
—Provo yarns and blankets.
—Best California oveaalls 65c.
—Men's fleece-lined underwear 7c5.
—20 lbs California prunes $1.
—Arbuckle's coffee 15c.
—Buttermilk toilet soap 10c box.
—Alabama sorghum 75c a kit.
—None such mince meat 10c per
—Kirk's white Russian soap^3 bars
10 cents.
—Swift's breakfast bacon 14c.
Twenty pounds California prunes
for $1.
—Skirt linings 6 cents.
—Best 16 07 .. seeded raisins 10 cts.
—Best 3 crown raisins 8 cents.
—L. L. Muslin 5 cents.
—New packed Tomatoes 10 cts. a
Silk Soap 3 bar for cents.
—Three crown raisins 12 pounds $1.
—All sizes of nails at 4cts. per lb.
—Banner oats 25 cents.
—Six quart milk pans three for 25c,
—Best Utah keg pickels 85 c f s.
—Celuloid starch 10 cents
-—All wool winter suit of under
wear for $2.
—Pure Sugar Stick Candy 10 cts.
per pound.
Twenty lbs Rice for $1.
-—New Iowa Sweet Corn 10 cts. per
—L- D. S. garments, approved by
the proper authorities.
—An elegant line of silk waist pat
The finest line of Ladies, Men's
Boys and little folks sweaters
Fremont county.
Payette, Idaho, apples.
The Thompson Mercantile com
pany are in favor of settling Fre
mont county and will give a White
Bed Spread to each newly wedded
couple who will apply at the store
and make a purchase, no matter
how small.
J. H. McPherson, Dentist.
ASHCRAFT, the jeweler.
Free, $250 in prizes at Ashcrafts.
J. E. Fogg left Tuesday for St.
Chas. Mackert returned Monday
from the Fair.
Buy your collar and cuff buttons
of Aschraft.
Sheepmen's blankets at St. Anthony
Harness Co. Call and inspect them.
Pay up your subscription to The
Teton Peak before the first of the
W. E. Whittington shipped four
cars of sheep Tuesday to Kansas
Miss Griffiths, one of Rexburg's
popular schoolmam's, was in town
Will Joues, cashier of the bank
at Malad, is visiting his brother,
Caleb, this week.
G. E. Bhwerman was a visitor
to Salt Lake Saturday last, return
ing Tuesday night.
Beef by the quarter at Andy
Stone's meat market only cents
per pound, cut up if desired.
Mrs. Bramfield, mother of Miss
Bramfield, arrived from Kentucky
last week, and is keeping house for
the schoolmams.
Rev. Adams and Geo. and Jim
Ferney left Tuesday for a big game
hunt in the hills back of the Squir
rel creek country.
Guy Duffs, of the Falls, has
bought the Saratoga Buffett recent
ly opened by E. Frok. Mr. Duffs
is a brother-in-law of Mr. Frok.
Louis D. Elburn, of Sugar City,
and Laura E. Shaw, of Seldou,
Kansas, were married Monday
night at the Methodist parsonage.
Levi Strauss &Cgs
C opper Riveted
made in our own factories
where only women and girts
are employed.
—A good cotton towel, 5 cents
—Amoskeag standard check ging
hams, 7 cents.
A large line of colored velvet
The largest line of waist sets,
belt buckles and tortoise sheW hair
—A good line standard prints in
cluding indigo blues, 5 cents.
New patterns in outing flannel,
5 cents.
All the new popular shades in
dress goods.
A new and exclusive line of jet
and fancy beaded ladies' collars.
-—Maryland packed String Beans
10 cts. per can.
—Latest designs in wool plaids.
Regular 10 cent cotton sox,
heavy ribbed tops, sale price 5 cts.
—Silver gloss starch 10 cents.
Don't fail to see those French
flannel waist.
—Wild Rose toilet soap 3 bars for
25 cents.
—A large line of double width
goods for ladies' tailor made suits
in new and desirable shades and
Special sale of sofa pillow tops,
pillow ribbons, embroidery silks
and linens and embroidery hoops.
— M. J.B. Coffee 3 pounds for $1.
The largest lot of shoes. Men's
heavy, men's light, men's sporting,
men's slippers, cow boy boots,
lace boots, boy's boots. Dancing
pumps for $1.25. Ladies' low
heel, common sense. Ladies' pat
ent with French heels. Ladies' fur
trimmed slippers, Ladies patent
tips, Ladies' turned shoes, and the
largest line Boys shoes, Little
Gents' shoes, Misses' dress shoes,
School shoes, Toe slippers and
shoes for ljttle ones at Thompsons.
The Thompson Mercantile com
pany believes in partonizing home
industry and will give to each baby
born in Fremont county, after this
date, its first pair of shoes, provid
ed it is brought into the store an<J
it's mother makes a purchase no
matter how small, free.
Souvenir spoons at Ashcrafts.
Only buckskin gloves in town at St.
Anthony Harness Co.
Mr. and Mrs. John Pitt of Bates,
were in town Tuesday.
Obediah Armstrong and wife of
Rigby, were attending court Tues
Handkerchiefs of all kinds, either
to show or to blow at the Handker
chief Bazar, December 6 and 7.
25 and 35 per cent off on mens'
and bovs' suits and overcoats at the
Miss Johnson secretary to Chair
man Brady at the Boise headquar
ters, is visiting Mrs. M. J. Gray.
Horse blankets, best grades, less
than elsewhere. Largest stock in the
county at St. Anthony Harness Co.
M. J. Kerr, the prosperous ranch
er and stock raiser of Ora, was a
pleasant Peak caller yesterday
The Fremont county Teachers'
Association holds its first meeting
of this school year in Rexburg,
beginning at ten a. m., Saturday,
November 26, 1904.
The state industrial school is
ready for opening as soon as the
furniture arrives. Prof. Humphries
visited Pocatello Tuesday to see
about getting some furniture from
^ lerei
The detailed vote of the county 1
cannot be given this week, as the
canvass was not completed in time.
It will appear next week and will
be a good thing to file away for
future reference.
Richard Humphries, formerly of
Chester, but now of Lake View,
Mont., was in the city Monday af
ter winter supplies. Mr. Humph
ries dropped in and renewed his
allegience to the official paper of
the county before leaving town.
C. Hansen, E. G. and H. P.
Spratling of Lodi were down Tues
day before the commissioners with
a petition asking for a bridge
across Snake river at the Spratling
ford. The commissioners have
advertised for bids. The notice will
be found elsewhere in this issue.
J. P. Nelson of Jackson, was a
business visitor to the city the first
of the week, having come down
after a couple of wagon loads of
winter supplies. Mr. Nelson re
cently purchased the Anderson
hotel at Jackson, where he will
expect to see his St. Anthony
friends when they go to the Hole.
Low rates on Farms, Ranches
and Canal Stock. Pay back any
part any day and stop interest. Do
you fully appreciate the value of
this privilege? We invest Idaho
Utah money only. That signifies
something too.
The Salisbury Company,
L. M. Earl, Agt.
Ross-Hamer Blk. St. Anthony,Ida.
Everything in Horse furnishing!
St. A nthony Harness Co.
WANTED.—Butter and Eggs.
Have you seen that $1.50 j
fleeced lined men's underwear at the
Hub for 95 cents?
Don't buy your Christmas pres
ents until you have attended, the
Handkerchief Bazar to be given by
the women of St. Katherine's Guild,
December 6th and 7th.
—Take your hides, pelts and
furs to the Big Boston Store, where
the highest prices are paid.
Handkerchiefs ! Handkerchiefs ! !
Handkerchiefs!!! All kinds, col
ors, shapes and sizes at the Hand
kerchief Bazar to be given by the
women of St. Katherine's Giuld
December 6th and 7th.
We make our.own harness, select
the material with care, and guarantee
them. If you want full value and a
little more call on us. St. Anthony
Harness Co.
Frank S. Wood, a prominent
cattle man of the Hole, was pur
chasing winter goods and groceries
of the St. Anthony merchants, last
Chester Walker, who has been
superintending the construction of
the State Industrial School, finished
his work and left for Boise Tues
day morning.
—Closing out sale, $15,000
worth of merchandise must be
closed out by the first of January.
Big Boston Store.
W. E. Kirk, of Kirk and How
ard, left last Friday for New York
City, where he will remain about a
year. Thos. Whitten and Miss
Susie Fletcher will have charge of
the business.
Mrs. O. H. Barber and daughters
arrived in St. Anthony from Salt
Lake City Monday night, to join
her husband. They are occupying
the Combs property in the north
of town.
west part of town.
Tom Brandon, who was in Salt
Lake last week in attendance upon
his brother, who was seriously ill
with typhoid fever, is home
again, and reports his brother some
what improved.
25 per cent off on ladies' misses'
and childrens' coats, waists and
skirts at the
Burglars entered Murphy &
Bartlett's saloon Tuesday night
and broke open the slot machines,
but got nothing for their trouble.
Nothing is missing and it is pre
sumed they were frightened away.
Mr. Mowray who was burned
out in the second-hand business a
few weeks ago, has erected a new
building, and is ready for business
again next door to the old ruined
Harry Applebaum, who has been
in New York for a couple of months
on a visit, has returned to St. An
thony, and is behind the counters
for Harry Gesas again. His many
friends are glad to welcome him
A. H. Dahle, a prominent cattle
man of Teton city, returned the
first of the week from an extended
visit to Salt Lake City, Denver
and other points along the line.
He reports having an excellent
time while
time while away.
Mrs. L. C. Rice entertained in
honor of her mother, Mrs. D. H.
jTaj;r, Saturday, by giveing a pat
r *°*' c luncheon. Decorations were
national colors
and cut flowers. Roosevelt baskets
were given as souvenirs. Luncheon
was served in three courses.
i Walt Green, who moved in from
his Island Park ranch last week, is
dispensing "wet goods" at Murphy
and Bartlett's. Walt says his alli
gator crop was not as good as he
expected on account of the prevail
ing frosts during the season. He
says he will be better prepared
another season, having made ar
rangements with Ed. Sheffield to
erect hot houses for the young
''gators. "
John J. Williams of Sugar City
was in the city yesterday and by
accident was compelled to stay
over night. John made a very hard
run to catch the afternoon train but
his efforts were unheeded by the
train crew who watched him from
the rear of the coach. However,
John came back to town and made
us a visit leaving for Sugar City
on this morning's train.
Highest cash price paid for
hides pelts and furs at the Big Bos
ton Store.
j surprising that people
lauds, as well as at home, esteem
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
No one who is acquainted with
its good qualities can be surprised
at the great popularity of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. It not only
cures colds and grip effectually and
permanently, but prevents these
diseases from resulting in pneumo
nia. It also is a certain cure for
croup. Whooping cough is not
dangerous when this remedy is
given. It contains no opium or
other harmful substance and may
be given as confidently to a baby as
to an adult. It is also pleasant to
take. When all of these facts are
taken into consideration it is not
in foreign
this remedy very highly and very
few are willing to take any other
after having once used it. For sale
by all druggists.
W. A. Denecke, of Lincoln,
Nebraska, was in our city Tuesday
looking up the farming and stock
interests of this section of Idaho.
He is representing several interests
and if this country proves to be
what he is looking for, alarge num
ber of people whom he represents,
are coming to this part of Idaho.
Mr. Denecke is thoroughly infatu
ated with what he has seen of the
country and thinks it is almost
useless to look further, although
he will continue his trip of inves
tigation to the coast.
Ladies and Childrens Hats for
Dress and Street wear in all the
newest styles.
Miss Maud Parry, Milliner.
Bay horse, branded D B on left
hind quarter, fistula on right shoul
der, owner can have same by prov
ing property and paying for board
and advertisement. Address
E. F. F., Box 575,
Pocatello, Idaho.
—Andv Stone, proprietor of the
Metropolitan Market, makes the
announcement that he will sell
quarter of beef at the low rate of
4]4 cents per pound and cut it up
if desired by the purchaser.
if desired by the purchaser.
Notice to teamsters:—All teams
hauling lumber from the Snake
River Lumber Co., saw mill at
Island Park must have an order
issued since the first day of Novem
ber, 1904.
C. C. f BOWERMAN, Manager.
No matter how unimportant you
may think your business favors
might be to us we shall be pleased
to have you deal with us.
Commercial Nat'l Bank,
The new Nat'l Bank,
St. Anthony, Ida.
—M. Levy,proprietor of the"Big
Boston Store" is having a clearing
out sale. He desires to dispose of
his stock by January 1.
SALE.—A good work
—lhe entire stock of the Big
Boston store will be sold between
now and January,regardless of cost.
Everything must go.
Full line of Blankets
and Robes at prices
never before equalled
in this county :: ::
Drag Inn
Best of Work Guaranteed.
Shop in basement of Ross
Hamer block on
Bridge St.
Will taste much better if you have
a new Table Cloth and New Napkins.
Let us show you our line for the
Quality and Prices are right.
Linen Napkins from $1 to $2.50 per doz.
Pure Linen Damask from 50cto $1 ; 25 per yd.
Dress Goods, Hosiery, Underwear, Blankets, u om .
forts, Hats, Caps and Notions, Always
at the Lowest Figures.
Closing Out Entire Stock.
Ribbons almost given away. The greatest cut ever
offered. Best grades of Silk and Satin Taffeta sold
way below cost.
A box of odds and ends, all kinds, from 5c to 30c,
too good to keep.
Get your Dress Trimmings and Braids here where
you can get the best and cheapest.
Fine Cotton Waistings, fall and winter weights,
pretty patterns, oh sale for 18c.
Children's Outing Flannel Night Gowns, 4 to 14
years, 50 and 65c
Men's heavy fleeced and Kersey working shirts 75c.
Those interested in Ladies' Belts, Hose Supporters,
Turnover Collars and Combs should give us a call.
If you want to save money you'll have to hurry.
The Ternes Furnishing Store.
Were defeated, but we are still manufacturing that
nice 6 and 8 inch White Pine Rustic.
Before you place your order elsewhere, why don't
you call a^our planing mill and yard and let us show
you what we have and what we are manufacturing in
the line of Rustic, Shiplap, Flooring, Ceiling, Mold
ings and in fact everything that goes to make up a
finished house. "Our prices are right and our goods
the best. " If you'll give us an order we'll do the rest.
Snake River Lumber Co.
Yard and Planing Mill near R. R. Track. 'Phone, 10
We Sell as Cheap a» Anybody.
&/>e Man and the
Mr. Alexander T. Brown,
inventor of the Smith Premier
Typewriter, is unquestionably
the foremost writing machine expert of the
world. Besides, he is a practical and successful
business man. He built the first
Smith Premier
not only for handsome and speedy work, but to endure under
the severest demands of actual business. The Smith Premier
is free from the weaknesses of eccentric, impractical con
struction, and to-day embodies the latest denonstrattd
improvements ot this typewriter expert. Mr. Brown, as
A ice-Presidcnt of this Company, will continue to devote his
entire time and inventive genius to maintain the Smith Premier
where it now stands as the
World's Best Typewriter
Send to-day for our little book ex
plaining exactly why the Smith Premier
it but.
The Smith Premier
Typewriter Company
Salt Lake City,

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