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THE index«*
—I» tnU'T—
W'ÖO pof. ^s^num. §
H U not the <|ue*tlon. can von iifford II jè
**>' can you uflorri u> dn «rlrimnf Ht ft
is rsau pr
Not reached
Can you afford
any other ooe paper
to advertise ta It?
NO. 11.

li 0 \ f
Items q( Interest From Many
What They ate Doing—General Nt-V**
From all Parts pf Id^hp,
Ijrgr(p|ai j» fgging jq tigltibfia lH«d
Hlntind pvgfy ot|iMf place ip Ul»hn
Thfae hundred taxpayers are on 'he
delilH|uen| list in Wash|ngt<in county.
home hiaallums came near Hiding an
Old man jn halmop City with a shot
from an air uun, recently
A r'dttan Willed a m»n in )Mj»rn»r by
Ihc name uf Harris, last week, over a
tun dollar accouqt and t|u|»tly skip|ied.
The farmers of Oneida county have or
ganized a farmer's league for the pur
pose of studying th« irrigation question.
The htate Normal ach«a»l. located at
Albion, Cassia county, opened for busi
»<11 last Monday with Chag. Lyles, a
fortner Washington county teacher, as
Oscar Young,a son uf President Brig
ham Young, has been adjudged Insane
In halt Lake, a guardian will be ap
|a>ltip<d to look after his business a (fairs.
Rexburg Hammer,
The farmers uf Idaho county have pe
titioned the commissioners for a bounty
on gruund squirrels, A few ounces »f
rough on rats, judiciously apiairtioped.
ffuuld be a better exterminator.
Two Nampa cha|>a stole a barrel of
whiskey front Ute de|ad at Dial place
and carted It off to Caldwell where «hay
aold II tu Brown Bros, for ♦ , 4i. They
were bound over tu the grand Jury.
A republleau p»|kt called the Busy
Bee has been launched at Aiblofl wBh
Asa Abbult, formerly of the Mi. Home
Mall, as publisher. Oovernor McCon
nell is said to be assisting the project.
It Is a close race between Ik-Lnmar
and Salmon City In the number of pugi
listic encounters this winter. The Nug
get has established a lighter's column
to meet the requirements of the limes
and as an offset for the Caldwell Tri
bune's kicker's ciiiiimn.
Engineer Heilden, in charge of a sur
veying party, left Caldwell Thursday
to make surveys in connection with a
pro|siseil irrigating canal on the North
Payette river bench. This is another
farmers movement and much interest
is being taken in it. If the result dues
nut show that Ihe enterprise is loo ex
(H-nsIve tu be undertaken by the farm
ers' It is ex|a*el«d that work will be be
gun mi tbe new ditch in Ihe early future.
The Tribune takes great pleasure in see
ing the people take hold of Miose pro|*>
»Uiuiis and sincerely hu|a>s success will
follow. Many Caldwell |>eople are en
couraging the movement and may give
it substantial support. The bench prie
pueed m be covered is a *pl»n<u<l body of
some acres, Should the under
taking prove practicable, excellent oj*
■rluultles will be oiauted up for new
Tile more farmer's ditches the
better amt we hope th« Payne and Boise
river canal* will move on rapidly,—Tri
int« uf th« moat useful organUatlims
In this age of organization |s (he one
among the farmers In the neighborhood
of Boise. An effort Is being mad« to
lake a canal from th<- Boise river, about
five miles above (he city, aad extend it
the country fur a distance of So
mile», whereby U la claim'd, thousands
of acres of laud that I» now perfectly
worthless will become homes for the
homeless. The farmers will taka shares
jit th< ditch and will be allowed tin
privilege of working it out.
arrangement HIU a long felt want, no
cajjlal will be required, and the ditch
when completed wil bel o ng U> the farmer.
Republic rejoices
Such an
to six* that in one
a|a>t. al least, on our globe. Ihe farmer*
realize their own need* »uffirtenlly to
their effort*, and Ihu* debar some
shark Iront reaping all the benefits
beneficent scheme.—Montpelier Re
■so»«. 1 '
\I1 the contracts for constructing the
' wn(tu „ f„ad have been lei. |irmci
S Ulv to outside bidders, who hap|»*ned
* I bid loxrer than home canlraclot«,
■ilh one or two exceptions. The slate
* ,. .„jaUv liave ins'll ahead insome
wotliu P«s . LmI F.atnsi.
***"?"* *?-- 2 Vhe mt.n.v d
a ml. kept at home, where as It is.
mile of it will get into Ihe chan
' r u nljhere but «.!! f..w in.» the
l # «f* >f <ujr arifhbon. nua I hl* hrn.
(■offen O |),fatale akuiild have ,1t riv.
thus put Into circula
( o
from \h* ******
that, will be enjoy *d by .*h*m.
(.nlv wav lo have prevented this would
uuUidrr% ihc i»rlvi«
Iwfià d»A)
luge to bid by engrafting such a rlanae
(nto the law making the appropriation
apd guvemltm the. aetpms of the cpra
Although every Itcynblican l-apef in |
thjs lam) districtpublished Mr King.ly'» I
rypiy Iq t|ie 1 'pafting k|ck" which a(e j
|Hiarell ill the Emmett ISUK* recently,
nut one iff them niters a word In behalf !
of (>ur re«later, who see.ms to be breqlh
jpg h(s last |K,l|tical breath.—trader
Mark \V Musgiuve arrived from Oqmr
d'Alciu- last Friday evening. Mr.
went fq CVurd'Alen« city over a I sail
on horseback from a point within twenty
miles of where Colgate was abandoned.
!{<• say* Ibe people qf tliat section are
indignant over the planner in which tip*
Carlin party left Colgate.—Cold Miner,
Commissioner Paul estimates the. gqld
bearing sands on the Snake, river in
Canyon county will yield a million dol
lars annually for the next fifty year*.
That will give every man.Avmnan and
child a re v »nue «f ♦ 2 <J 0 per annum in
dependent of regular business. This is
not held nut as an inducement *<» immi
gration h;i| a glittering hope to old
Chris, Rvana, Ihu notorious California
bandit, made h|a escape from the count)
jail al Fresno California on th« «veiling
of Dec. 2811). with the Msiataucn of his
wife and the waller *
supiiep to the pristoner,
state* that th« deputy sheriif in charge
locked III» waiter ami Mrs. Evans it) the
Cell with K'-ans while supl**» was eaten,
and u|ait| aliening the cell he was con
fronted «Uh a six-shooter and obljdged
to lead the prisoner out and show hint
the way of escape,
l,a«l Fpii)ay afternoon Harry |vo», the
twelve year old soli of Deputy Recorder
Ives, met with one of those accidents
which sometimes happen, and in this
case caused h|s death, He »'»■ playing
with an old ï2-ca|il)re revolver which
had been among the family belongings
for years, when he haiked down the bar
rel and for some unaccountable reason
it was discharged and the hall entered
his face at the corner of the left eye bi
side the nose and passed through the
brain and lodged against the skull. The
accident happened at about 4 o'clock
and he lived until after 4 o'clock Satur
day morning.
Mike Hanley, while splitting rails
last weeks near Mr, Met linn's, says the
Lewiston Teller, got caught by a falling
tree and had his leg crushed between
the foot and the knee. The accident oc
cured wain after noon. He was pinned
ho carried (hr
The account
to the earth and cried in vain for assist
ance. It was not until sundown that
he whs rescued. Will Mviiinn, coming
home, heard bis cries, and came to his
aid. Tin- Injured man had worked he
roically during the lung afternoon,
had worked the log from off his leg niai
had made a pair of crutches, but could
not use them on occounl of the snow
and soft ground. He had crawled about
three hundred yards through the snow.
His foot was badly swollen and his
Ungers frozen severely . He was taken
at once to Mr. Mettion s and l>r. Turner
was called. The exposure and suffering
will make his recovery doubtful.
The reason why some towns grow is
because there are some men of push ami
energy in them, who ate not afraid to
s|>eml their money to boom their town,
says an exchange. They erect substan
tial buildings, organize slock companies
am) establish factories; secure railroads,
work for the public improvements ami
us-every means In their power to induce
people to locate in their town,
evi-r they go they tell of the advantages
of their city, they write about it in every
letter.they send circulars and newspajiers
to all whom they think they can induce
to visit the city; and when anyone visit*
them they treat him
falls in with them and their city at once.
It is enterprise and everyone's pulling
together that makes a progressive city,
and don't let ibe fact eacai* your mem
kindly that he
We notice Oregon paliers continually
blowing sbuul having shown the largest
apple al the World's Fair. Now the
apple rooster of those Oregon folks is
out In Ihe damp, cold weather. The
Oregon apple on which they lav claims
weighed IS 3-4 ounces and was the sec
und largest al the fair, but Idaho leavls
with a monster of 27 S-4 ounce*.
liiere Is uo comparison la'lwwn them;
al all! Idaho could have given an Oregon
man a chunk of her apple and and still
be in the lead, we could have made s
gvsal sized pie off our apple and still
have enough left to make a* many pies
as vinnilH t »... i > r ,-.„J. we could
har« pored ' .. -, ■•
I with "hern" and uia.k* enough ci.ler
from Ihe surplus I» treat h-r commis
.loner on. we .. M I
««aMiidfoftlia» «ik«, «m »mnnlown
(*., 1 :.n. i md *.f the remnants mad**
etnaigh apjde bullit to have spread
Thet,«wany slice of Ortqtuo bread! Go way
make u> Urol.—Weix-r
H e yylH Adtire« ti(6 Pbftpld
j -
| trflmett
Pj U
populists Preparing to Orgam^A -,
j Call for a Convention
The following letter from (k,v«mg
McConnel! dated al fh'isc, Japuatv 5ll, t
)k!l4. u».plains itm-lf::
51 u. ft A. (owukx,
Emmett. Idaho,
Dear dir:—I have, concluded to visit
Emmett on Saturday, the IHlh la-avmg
here in the morning, I wdl arrive there
some tjme in the afternoon, and will
address th» f>eoj»le on general subjects
pertaining to the welfare of the Slate,
that same night Please notify the. peie
pie of my coming. Wishing you a hap
py Neye Ye r, I am
Verv jdneerely y ours
IV. .1 Mi-ConnK i i
Tin: in*-».ling will be held in the Ward
well hall and extensive preparations
have been math- for the Govern« if 's re
Attendance )s-rfect the last month In
School Diairjci, No, 3.
Samuel Klgg
J«*.« Ktltptt
l*Sul Killeit
May Rigg»
1 Mamie KllloM.
Mis- Katie Clark, Teacher.
Thlr« will be a people's party meeting
al the court house )n Caldwell, Canyon
county. Idaho, on Saturday, January
27, 1801. at one o'clock P. M., for the
purpose of perfecting a county organiza
tion. and the transaction of such other
business as may come before the conven
tion. Members of the party an- request
ed to hold precinct meeting*on taturday
January 20. 1*14. in their respective pre
cincts and select at least two delegates
to attend the county convention. How
ever. it is desired that each precinct be
represented, whelhere primaries are held
or nul.
By order uf State Central Committee.
\V. B. Reynolds, M. D.. writes to the
New York Sun: I send to the Sun a re.
ci|a* fur rabies—less properly ralliai hy
drophobia—which I have nut seen in
any medical books, but which I have
used for twenty years in my practice.
In no case has it ever failed to do all
that is claimed for It. The preparation
is aim I •)•■ and harmless, and any one can
obtain the ingredients at any drug store
or from any physician. It is useful in
cases of bites of |s>isonous insects, as
well as in caw of rabies.
Chloroform and concent rated ammo
nia. equal portions: mix and apply with
a s|K»llgv or piece of soft cloth to the
bitten parts for six or ten minutes. The
latrts bitten, if swollen or inflamed, may
b<- rubles) with equal purtiousuf ammo
nia and spirits of turpentine for a day
or two, to relieve soreness.
The above mixture acts mechanically,
causing almost instantly a How of blood
from the parts bitten. Also Ihe ammo
nia, I claim, neutralizes the |ioison left
in the jairts. I have a record of several
eases on hand, and intend publishing
them Main in the Atlanta Medical Jour
Falk s Store, although not a (adnl of ;
immense material inqiortance from a I
buis ness point of view, yet its situation
almosl forces the conclusion, that al no
distant day. it will make strides toward j
Importance and development pleasing
to predict. leicated as it is, about half
way Iw* I Wien Ihe cities of Payette and
Emmett, the only two towns of imimrl
ance in the fertile Pav.-tte valley: sur
. , , . . . . .
rouniled bv |>*rha|>s the best irrigated
.... . I
land in Ihe vallev. and in the immediate,
, , ... . 1
victnilv of the only pnalucltve placer
mines on the Payette, would justify •
Ibe conclusion that a prosperous town
s '"fe
known Boise merchant of lhal name
w, «> b*' 1 •wlnhlisiied a trading |»v*l men*
. v, * Iir> «*""■ 1 •>« business is now
dueled by 5lr t ave a careful and sreom
mialaling btisin.sis man who is also the
' " . > ' ' " "
Ibe future growth..» the place Which
manages .. under
the Coolroi of Mr Un Xelwo ..
k»»wfi tuill lhfold tW^
A: G'l' i.aot l» the s'ily
them.inly of lKeik*j*arl«*.l Grangermove
meal, la the *ha|ie of ■ two-.iory hall
built in the day- • hen that organisation
h Id a working interest in the mind.- of
must Mam spring up in and around Falk's
It receives its name from the
I -H
the farming j e > | >,t I a t ion in this vicinity
|t is now devoted to school purposes
where th* children of the school district
receive the cugfomary elementary in -1
st tuet ion
ft became the pxujierly uf
Il)' well known "Gov' 1 Stuart who Jedi
lalud it to if»« educational interests of!
the. loCitljty Mr Ntuart's residence is
the mi>»t prêtent (ous residence in the
place and can be m-n for miles «s
approach«* this central trading post.
Falk s at"fu is not * candidate for county
»«at, Of apy other distinction ju.t at
pruse-nt. but is patiently awaiting davel
opmente, and im«)»-.rity and growth that
should necessarily "turn up" to its ad
vantage when (>t*e lake« |nto conside»
alion i(s many favorable »urpiundipfs.
FALK'» h'fORB IfttaS
Regular Conrsspoiuleace.
Miss Hi,/.elline, Ilf Pqyette. i
nied by her brother, has returned I»
finish her term of school in |he Ander
son district,
There |s a movement under wav to
, t
th** mMil n»utr c«ii)ttniiF > «l fr*»m r alk §
wtoj* to Pn^tUi rniid hmve m ndtfv im»sI
office ••stahlishisl on the bench about
eight miles from Patelle,
. . . .. .
A new irrigating d(tch, to be chpgl«.
ed the Columbia, whjch will be 4*>thapa
five miles king, will be taken out q( the
bjg Payette river in the spring,
tap the river out far from the Masfield
It will
The last meeting of the literary aocie
ty at the Anderaon school house was
rather sparsely attended, on account of
A few of the bot s.
inclement weather,
however, keep up lh< - ir interest in the
boxing gloves.
The present term of the district schod
will continue about three months longer.
Some contemptible sneak thief entered
ihe school house recently and appropri
ate one of 4h*' lamps belonging to the
this community has been disgraced, by
petty pilfering of this character.
B has seldom ha|>peDed that
The irrepressible Miky Morton divides
his lime between looking after sbR-k.
talking county-seat, recounting the do
ing* of divisionisu of last election, and
the chances for men and measures about
Mickey recently had the hon
to come.
or, as constable, uf being made custodi
an over some attached pM|>erly In this
vicinity, but when the cost bill
made up, his claim was forgotten or got
luat in the shuffle. Miky does n<>| take
kindly to working for glory. «
The affairs of tbe Enterprise ditch
seem to be the source of some legal
discussion. Some of the stock-holders
apjiear to have done more than their al
lotted share of labor upon the ditch,
without the authority of the trustees,
and by some, this laboy is considered to
be of a voluntary nature, and hence they
cannot exiled to be remunerated for it.
If voluntary labor is I« be paid for, the
question would arise how far would it
be permitted to go or when- would it
Regular t'orropondencr.
School has commenced again after a
vacation of two weeks, with Mias Pal
mer as teacher.
Dr. Armstrong of Caldwell, has re
turned to Middleton once more,
comes this time to slay.
The singing is progressing finely
meets every Monday and Thursday even
ing of each week as heretofore.
Mrs. Mace, formerly of Eagle Island,
but at present from latgrand, Oregon,
is here visiting IHm Masterson's family.
The ball given at Middleton last 51011
evening was a grand success, twenty
five numbers being sold,
was excellent.
The music
«n<l A. N. Shearer have traded
their band of mules lo Mr. Shimmer born
f, lr a fine lot of bnaal man-s.
We understand that Messrs. P. A.
Last Wednesday evening the young
folks uf this vieiuitv gave another one
(>f lht , jr d .., i(rhlful sur ,, ris .. |iar ,ies „
rv „ ( ,,. nCl . ,. f Mr . , ml Mrj> , Brewbrar.
Then* are some stray horses al the
Fahy ranch belonging lo Messrs. Ward-1
All retain a good lime.
„ Siilii
well, fuller aud others on the Pavelte:
. . .... !
also three head of rattle belonging to
.,, _ ...
Albert WUha.n. Owners will please
come ami get them.
The literary is booming with the foi
luwing officers duly enstalied: A.
rs. vic«^
pirsidenl: A. S. Rixby, Secretary; Jake
Alchenlierger. tresurer; D. S. Master
by the somewhat tardy arris al of a fea
' !1 ' i '"' ,h * ... . .
happy l-rnis of laughter ami the
jlagle of sleigh bells.
"...ngli the young f.-ik. »er.* .I--.tied
U* ««kt* tin* %»f n whil« h mn»m»
- - aut been ■
in-, 'be b*—i vf hi*sllb thi. ps-l fall and
winter, but we believe the climate of
|||in»ise or Ihe World s Fair are to bla«ie
f v , r Ihhu.vtok.
Hoover, president.
Mr 5b
*hi. jmiitor.
Once more our hearts are gladdened
it would
Latest Happening*, (p Canyon
I hjews tha, Everybody Ought to Know
. . ._. . _ .
A Little of t,erything
—Drugs in exchange tor country pro
duce at Dr. McCahey'*
—Dt McOshey received another con
signment of drugs last week.
Hen*—To the wife of Jacob Hatpm on
Jaquary 5, 181*1 a nine and a half pound
—A plca.aul dance and Caadv-pull
. .. . , .. . . , _ '
Shv MH^nei «if J C. sb«j>
M * , . . _ .
parti Rv^rvb«h' h^d
| oU 0 f f lln
' U< *' c *J u ada,
mera of this section W*« (It VOWU laal
TuwUy eVf .ning
| 5l(lcW iD thr Col|ntv
of the pio
Ha (a ofceuf »kt- iurg«
r—J, P, Tate, If-«« wpll known maumnve
man of Boise, and I, y>. Watson, the
sia-ciai insurance agent from tan Fran
i isco, paid a flying boat Haas visit p,
IC milieu I»») w««<k.
—<4wiqg to the laega tohimwof money
in circulation Ihe subscription priceof
I the Ixokx is likely to be increased at
Now I*
anytime. |
and gel the benefit of low rales
lime to subscribe
—tlrandma find has handed in the
considerably more
Hof Pay ette than
The IKifliun
will print next week
or sometime in the near future, will re
late to Ibe early settlement uf illinoiae.
—The Inde* t* ind-bl-d to Prof. H
w Wiley, chief chemist at Washington.
D. 0„ and L. M, Axltne. editor Medicine
laidge. (Kansas) t'reaW't.
data concerning Ihe beet sugar culture.
—Rev, I. (1, pi-rklus and family
up from Payette, attending the religious
revival and visiting relativen, Mr. Per
kins says there it
snow in the vicinity
reminiscences of pioneers,
which ihe Index
fur valuable
—A rubber stamp with your name will
mark your lineu, booka. Dads and mant
other article« thereby saving you many
times its coal. You
can |K auch a
stamp of S. J. Griffeu, Ogden. I'lah, for
J-' r. lit
—Dr. Clymer reporta that Mr. Degen is
convalescing fast. Dr. Davenport. Ihe
dentist, was of materia) assistance with
his plaster uf Paris In reducing this frac
ture. The |uttient is doing well and will
Mam be around again.
— T. D. Babbitt, county surveyor of
tion to the board of county commission
ers, and asks that the name be accept
ed al once, and his bondsmen released
from further obligations.—Ig-ader.
—Pendergasl. the murderer of Carter
H. Harrison, of Chicago, will hang for
his crime. The jury. after being out
one hour, brought in a verdict of murder
in the first degree. When Ibe verdict
was read P*-iidergasl turned pale, and
was half led ami halt carried back to
his o-ll.
| this county, has tendered his
i>. Port lock Is able to be around
again after a disastrous fracas with a
bucking cayuse ou the Srnvarage ranch.
He was riding Ihe animal when it fell
with him and in attempting to hold it
tnsirge received several bad kicks. One
on the chin fractured the lower jaw bone
in a painful manner.
—Th<- M-th'xhst revival U awakening
so much interest that all social enter
j prise* are placed ou a back shelf for the
present at least,
There is nothing tu
(the world that awakens more interest or
doe* more universal good in a little com
| munitv like Emmett than an old-faaiomd
(religious revival.
—The Caldwell stage came near being
capsized coming down Freezeoul grade
j Monday night. The road had drifted
full of snow and both horse* lost their
'S.* . ®
flailing and the stage being slot.i<ed »ud
• . „ . 11
' dealt was thrown over and would have
. .
gone down the mountain side had it
. , .
not been for the ratling,
—W 51 Woodv c,me lo town ■». Mmt
M.iilay morning with his we(|-f>sl team of
j blacks and hitched them in front of the
post office while he went iu after his
mail. The team broke kaee from Ihe
hitching (>■*! and went thundering dow
"*'' K ''
owner. URCoudittoMlIy.
—Th«* I* gripf* «ibI tijnhufihobtt
-ne wriv Hand
*-'. in by t* : ,l ( z Mowlt.vn, and are said
to be sure cur», every pop. The hvdt«*
phobia cure i- perhaps a little out of
sewaoo. but ini» -enatonal eWuou'
j through the lumber y ard: struck a big
w agi >n and mashed a front wheel on Ule
No! Mo? iIjIf t«> do m« mon
'«nup* iHf;. quietly Mirrv»nd«*r»Hi t*»th«ir
year and Jog» begin to bite earlier thaq
in ordinary years Wts would rocomt
mend that yon cut these Util« receipt^
put and keep them » her« (h«j will bn
—The Independent, with the assist
ance qf other enterprising |«joplc of
Payette, has established a (sec reading
room The Index will furnish news
pafairs and magazines if some one will
furnish the count and we will baye a
similar institution here. But in the
meantime our office can be used for that
purpose, so come in and get your good
fresh reading mallet free
—Harry J. Hedge*, has riled un I (Ht
acres of land in the black canyon above
Knimett and will make Anal proof oq
February 1st H« is the gentleman wbq
represent# a New York ditch company
and who visited Knimett recently, What
he. wants with that mountain of rock l
remains to be fuuna out It likely hag
something to do with a water right oa
ditch project.
fine stallion belonging to iHanly A
Allen came near being drowned in the
Payette at the new bridge one day dan
ing the wick K. M liewail was uving
him tq pull out the old piles when the
ice broke, through and he went down un-,
til nothing but his h-usd was out of the.
water It »sa vimetime before help
could be secured to gel him out and he.
was pretty nearly frozen to death.
—The heaviest snow storm in many
years swept over tbe upper Payette v al
le! eight or ten days ago hi,«» fell ta
the immense (in this mciki-i) depth of
lime and an eighth inches deep and it
is not quite. al> gone yet. Nil live* were,
lost that we have heard of, but rescuing
partie* are going out evurday with cun»,
ami dug* So kill al the rabbit« and othef.
vicious animals that may have escaped..
— in regard to th<> re)«irt that the tab
mon Meadow, and IcuiacU valley null
carrier was robbed recently, Jim Krlg
bäum ha« arrived |n Emmett a»d saya
it was not I he carrier who *«» rubbed
but another i^srty, who» name we with,
hold on account of the report uf |ieculiar
circumstance« of the pibbecy Even at
this distance Innocent parités might bn
injured The party who i. said to hav»
beer, robbed met the mall carrier abort
ly before the robbery. which petbapa
account* for the Aral report having
staled ihai it was the carrier who w*a
—Mr. and Mr*. 1). T. flraham went
over to Star to attend * dance week be
fore last and while I hep- Mrs, Graham
look Violently ill with pneumonia. Sh«
was able to be mm ed home Thursday
and was accompanied by Mr. Mrs. Has
el ton. Graham also attended the Odd
Fellows dedicatory rxerritea and ball
at Meridian. He says he never saw
such a crowd at a similar affair in his
life. He thinks there were over flv*
hundred people |iresent and there wa*
over two hundred dance licke.* gold.
The new ball i»a fine structure.
—In the case uf Judd Kounsfvella*
against I>r Kouasiv alle and Ster.- Dwmp
***y. an appeal bond was filed t>, which
Dem|«ey objected, but his co-defendant
cam-- in and atl-mpted to withdraw all
objections and subscribed tbe firm name.
surette* to which abjection was
made, are rx-attomey Gen. Roberts and
Dr. C. U Bttetly of Boise city
getting Complicated wkt-o défendant*
disagree a* to the merits of a coni roversy.
The Ductor want* more legal complica
tions than Mr l^mpsey. and seems dé
It la
sirotts uf helping keep
aw associate in court
himself and for
A gentleman iu a letter to Dr. Keeler
of Dwight. III., staled be bad been suffer
ing several wvek* with Ibe grippa, I* bis
reply Dr. Keeley says; "I would like to
suggest a treatment for the grippe, which
I know Is nearly a specific a* well aa
innocent, U is simply avialoHida- given
in four grain pilla, one pill four tunes a
day. So man need be sick of the grippe
these days, who will taka it. For the
past two years, with ail the | alien is here
subject, ot course, b such aa epidemic,
I have not ball -as» uvsngrsto. beii faun tbe
disease, 1 break it up v«e. quickly- and
in fact, cur g. It th* twatraeiM was
generally known it would saws sufferer*
much expense aad wretchedness aadi
many useful aad valuable live»."
-»HaSRBglW.* <»* -
waatr- ■««■ "■ O j» w»w«<l»S^Î Æ uü»~
j w.i tr ^ ***
«-TZTTTI —^ [ !*
l *®»«ÏTxîrNTÏ 1 7,£î 0 |«ï aLÜ'ï;».
r sat awo ah. >an'
*r~und hUr»U aad Ww to
fr*A Abo I fhteim of nd

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