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THE index
9B.OO Annul
Il U oot the question, can you afford It.
out can you afford to do without it?
Not wi a ch td by any other mm papa.
Cmn you afford am to adrertlaa la ft?
NO. 17.
C*IRST M E. church of Emmett. Regular aor
■ rice* on the flr«t Sunday In each mouth at
II a. m. and 7:10 p. m.; aloo aerrloei* on the Ird
Sundays at 7.90 p. œ Sunday school every Sun
day morning at 10 o'clock. Prayer meeting
crerj Wxlnesday evening.
CIRST BAPTIST church of Emmett. Rcgu
■ lar service« at 11 a. m. and 7:90 p. m. on the
fourth Sunday of each month In M. E. church.
Riv. I. O. Pkrkins. Pastor.
L. Yotnto Pastor
Meets on Ut and 3rd Saturday night* of
«aont-b. All Odd Fellows In good standing
cordially invited to attend.
Findlet Munbo*.
Chas. Oakbs.
N. O.
Will be In Emmett on Friday and Saturday of
each week. All work strictly Qrst-claas.
£)K. E. C'LYMER.
Fhyalolan «As Surgeon
Emmet. Idaho.
I>sy or night calls promptly answered.
Attorney sat law
Notary PuDllo.
Emmett. lilabo.
Will practice in all court*
Collecting a *|>e
Attorney At law
Will practice In all courts,
trusted to my care will receive prompt attention.
All matter« rn
Attornoya At Iaw
Will practice In all court* and before the U
S. Laud Other. Offline. Tuft Main Ht., cor. 7lh.
Will practice in all court* of Idaho. Addrex*.
Fayette. Idaho.
Locate* ranches; »urvry* ditches and town
slles; make* man*, plan*, estimate*. Kpeclflca
tlon* ami blue print*, beside* doing ail kind* of
engineering and surveying. City Engineer.
Caldwell. Idaho.
Emmett. Idaho.
Doe* all kind* of IXAm<
Saddle Zlopalrlxig.
vrork Ntrictly flrut-cla** and the patronahe of
every one in thi* part of the country l* nollcited.
Hoase # Sign
Paper hanging a speciality.
H. C. RIGGS, Jr.
Keep» a »trictly flr»l-cla**
i S S t Q Q H k
Emmett, Idaho.
Where you can get the choicest and the best
No. i Billiard and Pool Table.
All the leading papers and periodicals on Ole.
A share of your patronage Is nolleited.
« S ji Ë 0 0 ß
Emmett, Idaho,
I» a quiet, respectable place where you can get
Auci Clears.
; o s ; ; r e
Dave will always treat you right royally but
.toes not want to be understood as trying to
.werre you trom the straight and narrow path.
* patron!« him all right, and If
If you
not It Is all right.
Stage Line.
grant barlett
Frelitht snd express carried at the lowest pos
sible rates. St»«» leaves Boise and Emmett
even' mornlntt except .Sunday.
,S W I raus». One »ay «; round Hip ».SO.
* ^taJeOIBces Postmaster. Emmett: Post
Hiar; Fletcher Stein Oo.. Boise.
For Sale.
c'Jrirvi* ni ' ©I land oo»* half milr from F.ni
all in a ,* 0*1 of c«;(ivaUon. AU
There is no "spider and the fly" busi
ness about this proposition. Money re
funded if goods are not as represented.
ir any
Hut that the Index is here to stay and
should be in even 7 home in the upper
Payette valley. It has done more to -
bring this section to the favorable at
tention of the outside world during
the few short months of its existence
than all other agencies during the
past ten years. The Index seeks to
harmonize and blend together any and
all neighborhood factions and discords
which may have heretofore existed.
It has no enemies to persecute or
wrongs to avenge and is a clean local
paper meriting the support of every
body. Sj>eak a kind word for the In
dex whenever you can; subscribe for
it and send it to your friends in the
east Stand by the INDEX and it
will stand by you.

Fifty-two doses of the Index for $2.00.
Constantly on Hands,
Warranted to cure the very worst case of
I-want-to-leave-the-country fever." Try it
D. W. C. Brown,
Undertaker and Embalmed:
Complet« 1 Assortment of
fWCan flu any order within one hour« time. Funeral« promptly attended to.
Hardy Phillips
T Jo L '•unirai biockvniHbln? bu-ln«***. repair «agon* and farm nmcblucry and mike hor>t*
Latest Happenings in Canyon
Newt that Everybody Ought to Know.
A Little of Everything,
—Bill Nye is reported dying at Niag
ara Falls.
—This is an elegant opportunity to
pay yor subscription to the Index in
—Chris Evans, the notorious Califor
nia out-law was re-captured by a sheriff's
fiosse on the 19th inat.
—Miss Maggie Murray has gone to
Boise to attend the Sisters of the Holy
Cross Ceminary for young ladies.
—Neil month the U. P. railway com
pany will begin running monthly excur
sion trains from the East to Idaho.
—Almost the entire male population
of the Willow creek neighborhood were
In Emmett attending the law-suit the
first of the week.
—The Pilai assessed valuation of prop
er!.« in the State of Idaho for 18WI was
»XI, 481,891. IL The state tax was 85
cents on the 1100.
—What with county-seat, county
division and politics (he people of Can
yon county ought not to run short of
something to talk about.
—Our winter, though a little tardy,
seems determined to squeeze in on the
lap of spring and be a very cold corpse
for a night or two at least.
—Rev. Perkins has rented a place of
John Carter in the suburbs of the city
and is erecting a barn for his atage
stock when he takes charge of the Cald
well flyer.
—Warden Campbell, of the State peni
tentiary. shows in his report that the
cost per day for the meals, including the
officers' tables, is a Iritte over 15 cents
per capita.
— Malad City, Oneida county, is to
have a new Democratic paper in April.
The editor is an able writer and a news
paper man of 20 years experience.—
Blackfoot News.
—An old farmer says every time he
comes to town, he hears nothing but
••the Wilson bill, the Wilson bill." and
he adds; "I don't see why they don't
pay it und quit talking about it."
—The business men of Emmett raised
»25 in cash again this week to refiair a
had place in the Marsh road, the enter
prising people of that place contributing
a similar sum for the same purpose.
—Secretary of agriculture, Morton,
and his son were hung in effigy at Ne
braska city on the 16th. The outrage
was occasioned by dissatisfaction over
appointments recently made by the Sec
—The Populists of Kansas will enter
the campaign supplemented by a theatri
cal company which will depict the woes
of the working classes in plays written
for the purpose,
the season.
—Miss Rebecca t'ordner requests the
Index to announce that all who desire
to take short hand lessons will please
meet at the M. E. church Monday night
February 26, 1801. and to bring pen and
ink and tablets.
—A new counterfeit $10 note has
turned up. It Is on the National Bank
of Vergennes, Vt. Editors of our ex
changes should go carefully over their
• ID notes to ascertain how many coun
terfeits they have.— Weiser Signal.
It will be the hit of
—Milton O. Cage, a bright young
attorney of Hoise has been appointed
Receiver of the IT. 8. I .and Office in that
city, in the place of Joe Parrault. It Is
to be regretted that Kingsley was not
removed in the place of Mr. Parrault.
—The editor of the Murray Sun was
j attacked by the sheriff of Shoshone
j county last week and abused in a shame
i ful manner by language only, however.
( The Sun will have both the sheriff and
I his deputy arrested upon a charge of an
j assault with deadly weajions.
—when thieves fall out honest men
get their dues. Perhaps this will be
I the case in Ada county. The commit
j sioners have split up over a new job
I contemplated in a grave yard fence and
I some ripraping along Boise river. Poor
j OM Ads is getting gouged on all sides
—At s meeting held at Payette re
cently, the project of building a railroad
from that place to Emmett was con
sidered. A preliminary survey was order
ed and it now looks as though the hustl
ing little town of Emmett would soon be
connected with the outside world by
rail. Success to Hie enterprise.—Nam
pa I.'Uhr. ,, .
—A daring train robbery took place
at Roacoe, California, at midnight on
the Ulth Inst. The engine was derailed
by opening a switch and In overturning
killed the fireman. The express car
was blown opon with dynamite and a
large amount of money secured.
—A party of eastern capitalists are pre
paring to put in extensive manofatnr
ing plants at Shoshone Fails and also to
build an electric railroad from Shoshone
to that place. They propose to bridle
the falls so as to secure power for run
ning the road and the machinery of the
different plants to be erected.
—Hank Williams was down from his
Dry Buck taw-mill during the week and
reports four feel of snow in his vicinity.
A terrific snow and sand storm swept
over that section recently. It Is suppos
ed the sand came from some point In
It whs precipitated from the
clouds, the same as rain or snow.
—Captain Gunn, of the Sentinel, Is
taking time by the forelock, and is
making a tour of Bannock, Bear Lake,
Fremont and Oneida counties, and has
also included Lemhi in his circuit.
The Captain is an able speaker and no
doubt will receive an ovation from the
converts of populism In this county.—
Salmon City Recorder.
—It will be remembered that last
summer Governor McKinley, of Ohio,
father of the famous McKinley Bill,
made an assignment on account of ob
ligations he had assumed fur friends.
It is now learned with much pleasure
that other friends have raised sufficient
money to meet all his obligations, and
his property—which was placed in the
hands of trustees—has been returned
to him. •
—Near Bennington, in Bear Lake
county, a man named Booth was caught
in a snow slide recently, carried about
thirty yards and completely burled. His
comrades, who were close by concluded
that they knew about where he landed
and going there, by placing their ears to
♦.he snow could hear him groan. They
set to work with shovels and soon dug
him out. He was black in the face and
nearly dead, but soon revived.
—One of the most importand business
transactions that has probably ever
taken place in Nampa was consummat
ed last Thursday wheu the well known
firm of Cottingham 4 Nettlelon. lumber
and coal dealers, purchased the entire
stock of the Central Lumber Company
at this place. The puchase price could
not be learned, but it is known that sev
eral thousand dallars changed hands in
the transaction.—Ix-ader.
—Jim Cross, a desperado who was
under arrest lor burglary near Bliss,
killed Wilson and Baker, witnesses for
the state, while left in a room with
them by the officers in charge while he
went out for fuel to make a fire. Cross
escaped and is in hiding. If apperhend
ed it is thought he will pay the penelty
of his awful crimes without further ex
pense to the state. He has been cap
—A story is told, though we wouldn't
vouch for its truthfulness, that there is
only one newspaper man in heaven. It
is not known how he got there but pre
sumsbly passed himself off ss s minister
and stepped in unexpectedly. As soon
as it was found out who hr was s search
was made all over heaven, for a lawyer,
as a writ of ejection was to be issued. but
none could be found, so the lucky, but
lonesome editor was given a seal.
—It is said that when Gov. McCon
nell was a United Stales Senator he
paraît ml the elder Hoar with his
breezy western whole-souled form of
salutation. Meeting the grave snd rev
erend Massachusetts Senator on the cap
itol steps one day McConnell slapped
him on the shoulder and cheerily sang
out; "How are they cornin', old son'"
Senator Hoar, who had never before met
the light-hearted Idahoan, fell in a faint
and had to be carried to the cloak room
—Hoise Democrat.
—Miners in the vicininty of Boise are
eagerly searching for a hidden fortune
of »40,000, claimed to have bean buried
by J. W. Wheeler, an outlaw of the
early days, and who recently died In
the California state prison,
death overlook Kim he made the fact
known and said the the buried gold was
about fire miles above Boise, near a
certain marked tree, only a short dis
lance from the Boise river. It is thought
that the tree has been located, but noth
ing has been seen of the gold.
—The death of W E. Reddington
which occurcd near Payette on the
nineteenth inst.. was learned with re
gret by the many friends of the doeased
at this place, where he resided for sever
al months during the construction of the
Payette Irrigation bitch in tHe capacity
of lumber inspector for that company,
He was highly esteemed by all. His
death was caused while digging a welt. |
It seems that he was at the bottom of a )
50 fool well and a barrel of dirt that 1
'•war >, lag Miytod -.a ♦.>„• tap was pr c,- 1
pi ta led upon fais head kilting him almost
instantly. The hook vhlch attached
the hoisting rope to the barrel became
fastened In the curbing near the top
of the well and althongh considered
perfectly strong suddenly broke and)
the barrel of rock and dirt fell with
great velocity upon Reddiogton, rrwwh
ing his head ands kail In a frightful man»
—Mrs. Pattiaon la visiting reli
lives on Squaw creek.
—Horn. To the wife of J. B. Mansell
on February 9, 1804, a nine pound son.
—Emmett is a mighty goodl flown to tie
Paste that In your hat and poflt
—A pleasant dance was given last
night at the John Smearage ranch east
of town.
—Womack A Son have closed there
blacksmith shop and are working In
Hardy Phillip's shop.
—Mr. and Mrs. John Ireton came
down from Marsh yesterday to lake
home their children who have been at
tending school at this place.
—The band boys will give a four-bit
dance on Wednesday night of next week
for the benefit of their treasury,
everybody turnout and give the boys a
—School is out and the children will
have a rest as well ss the teachers. The
closing exercises were attended by a
large number of patrons and were high
ly entertaining. This has been a very
successful term.
—Tom Wilkerson has sold his resi
dence, advertised In the Index, to Sum
Patlison; consideration not known.
The transfer will be made in a few days.
It begins to look sa though tha Index
would have to establish a real-estate
transfer column. So mout it be.
—J. W. Cook, one of the well to do
farmers and stock men of this vicinity
and who has considerable property in
Emmett, has contractors figuring on the
construction of a two-story business
house on his lot opposite Bllderback A
Cartwright. This begins to look like
— Dan Richards was up from Payette
during the week shaking hands with his
numerous friends. • He says the survey
ing party will be along in a few days
and would have been up before this had
it not been for this spell of extreme cold
weather which Caldwell imported for
the purpose.
— Probably the smallest judgement on
record in this stale has been rendered
in Justice Wilson's court. J. E. Rounse
velle sued Stephen Dempsey, of Era
melt, for »21. 63. Dempsey brought in
a counter claim for »22.15. The verdict
Q f the jury was that Rounsevelle owed
Dempsey 52 cents, and judgment was en
tered accordingly.—Statesman,
_j OUM w Brown has been appointed
gumrdlwi , or j B Oldham by Probate
Jpd)ye Kvall . Fur Mme Unje ^ Mr
Oldham has been mentally incapacitated
and a petition for a guardian was ap
plied for under the direction of the Mn
sonic order, of which the unfortunate
man it s member. Mr. Oldham it still
at the Hot springs and is receiving the
best of care. His friends entertain a
hope he will soon recover.—Statesman
—A rousing meeting wu held at Pay
ette last Saturday and it wax determin
ed to go right to work and build a rail
road to Emmett. The people of both
communities are enthused. It occurs
to us that the time has arrived when
the Index should apologise for puking
fun at thi* railroad boom.—Caldwell
Tribune. Our apology is hereby grant
ed. to save coal and to get off aa light aa
—A little flurry of excitement was
created in the west end of town Friday
morning by an alarm of fire,
The roof
of the old poet office building was dis
Attorney Meach
covered to be on fire,
en let out a couple of war whoops while
John Conners tossed a snow ball upon
the seething flames and the fire was over.
Losses, two shingles and Meachen was
cheated out of his morning snooze—a
total loss.
It was a narrow escape for
the whole town.
—Mr. Barter, a one armed gentleman
residing near Falk's Store, had a .must
| painful accident happen him a few da>s
since. It seems that he was going to a
! neighbor's with a team that was inclin
i d to be a little "balky" and to prevent
\ apprehended conduct of this nature on
j their part in crossing an irrigation ditch.
Mr. Barter started them into a fast
gallop just before reaching it. . The
ground being frozen on the opposite
bank the front wheels struck It with a
substantia) bump, smashing one of them
into smithreens and throwing the driver
violently upon the frozen ground,
face was lacerated in a painful mantjer
and he sustained many other bad bruises,
| A neighbor caught the team and took
) Mr. Barter in a semi-unconscious con
1 ditlon to his home, whore he is slowly
1 .»proving from iij hurt».

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