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The Emmett Index.
I'lT.I.IHnit) AT
Bmmott, Idaho.
one Year
Six Months
12 •■)
The In nsx Is dr voted to the Interests und u
building of Kmuvtt. Canyon oounly and t
State of Idaho. Indcpfmdent In all things, neu
tral In nothing
Kntrr.d st the Emmett Post Offle« as second
class mall matter
O. ». L. TIME ('AUll.
Trains arrive at f 'aldwell at follows
No. I. Passenger
Vo. 21. Tin«' freight.
No, 23. I.oenl freight
. 12 25 p. m
. I :tS p. ra
5 15 p m
kamt norm»
4:45 p. ta
. 7:66 p. tn
Il 25 ». in.
2 Passenger .. .
NO Si Time freight
No 24 M' ma J freight
The farmer is a crank because he
«ants to borrow money at 2 per cent.
Instead of 12 lo 10 per cent. Because
he wants the government to deal with
him on the same basis that it deals with
other men. Because ho wauls more
than 4.7 rents a bushel for wheat and
seven rents a pound for rotten. Because
lie kirks against paying 7A per Cent, of
the taxes whun hr owns 25 per rent of
the properly and half of that mortgaged.
Ileeause he protests against a condition
wliii h condemns the real wealth produrer
loa life of toil, while tlie ipnoulaler lives
in luxurious esse. Benins« he hns dis
covered that l*e lias been deceived by
his (««lineal friends < Tv a»d ira» rvmelud*
ed to vole liidu,H*iideiilly. Beraose he
bus assumed to know' any thing at all
shout (Milllirs. Because he refuses tn be
robbed and I lien vole for the robber,
tteacause he lias made up his mind to
ipiil being a fool. Oh, yes, the farmer
Is u crank! He was all, he was every
tiling, as long us he done Just what
the |m. 11 tlrlixus told him tn do lint
whun he derided Ip heroine something
of a politician himself it was "Just too
awfully awful!" Because he wanted to
.to his own thinking and acting he is
tlie crankiest kind of a crank, lb' ought
to go on and support the bosses infill
ortlces ss of old; allow them to steal him
|ioor and then go to the poor house,
wouldn't he a crank then.—Boise Dein
er rat.
In the St. faillis Republic appears a
telegram from Camden county, Mix
souri. In which Is the following curious
Announcement, which may (oslhlyhe
of interest lo some:
••When the twentieth century opens
Manhstlen Island and live whole of
New York City will lie nuhnwrged In the
waters of (he Hudson, F.ust River and
the hay. Cuba will break In two and
the west half and live city of Havana
lind a watery resting place. Florida
und lower California are to break loose
from Ihi' main land and carry their load
of human freight tetbe bottom of the
United Stales Presidents Ireland Is lo
lie a kingdom slid K.iigland a republic
by the end of the century. The United
Stales is to he divided and San Fran
The 28lh I« to l«* the last of Ihe
Cisco, Sail Lake City, New Orleans, St.
l.oiiis, Washington City and Ikisuni are
to Ive made canpitols. There should lie
some consolation to the Mormons in
this if not for live other parts of our
great Union. The end of the century
will not find either Italy or France u|hui
lh" m«|ia and Berlin will have been
totally destroyed Ivy an earthquake.
Somk ulsrncre gives lie* following
receipt f»»r making s political Ik »hm;
"Obliterate ihe co dr nee. abolish Ihe
desire to do ri^ht, chain the instinct of
common honesty: despise the weakness
of hin» who scruples: acorn Ihe reluct
alio© which hesitate# at crime; rejoice
on sdnim 1 which ensures success; value
»(»•«eh cliieDS us an Instrument of ilè
Ception: Ivarn Ihe Ifnçilage of injuiv
oOHlion sinl thus promise nil things to
all men. hale yourself when you Mush
:A any «hàroe; Haller yourself
, . .
your divorce from rrmorw Is complete;
«lo evil that good that may come of it, iu
the s!m|H> of (Hvlitical isiltsge sneer at
hive of conntrv ; ileriile tiw existance of
purity of motive; hit hrlow the hell
when It will downvour adversary: be
. , , , ... .
fool bis nam- will, slanders *hkh re
», -el neither him nor h.s wife; forget
that li«Ml live# and rules, cultivate a
haallhy fAnl*»mpl f»»r the |*ople wluaw
taxes aupport x ou; think of law only as
a uoMdble weapon u» hit the «»Hier fellow
' !• -Itifnale sjioil for the political pirate;
—do ai*, this HU your head is a mere
niM'lHW. y.mr hrxxl n MM ol vulture—
greed*, your tongue a weaver of guile,
and you will mount higher in honor as ]
a political bn»» "
The capital of Ihe l : nil©d Stales has :
Keen Inealed at different 'times at the !
following plsces At HiVdeJphl». from
S. i temher A..1771. until Drcemt».r iTJU;
at Baltimore, from Der era be r 20, 1 1Jit,
lo Marrh. 1777; at Philadelphia, from
Marrh ■
lauirsslc*. IV, from September 27, 1777.
«•> Seid.-mW-r Jo. 1777; at York. Pa.,
from September .10. 1777. to July 1778.
i. to September IT77: at
— at Philadelphia, from July 2, 1778, to
.t»«» TH. I7KT at Princeton. N. 1 . from
iher *2«». USA: at |
I7W te N
June ;i
Annapolis.- MU., from November 17811,
to November. 1784; at Trenton, N. J.,
from November, 1784, to January, 178-'>:
at New York from January 11, 178îî, to
1790, when the seat of government was
changed to Philadelphia, where it re
mained until 1800, since which time
it has been at Washington.
Ik 1885. in roweqiiHioc of a »trike
among the hoot and stun* manu far to
ries, invention wuh Mtimulnted and a
machine produced for "lasting** shoes
that made it fiosidble for one man to do
the work of five under the old process.
ÏT Ib eat i mated that the labor of nix
men, with improved machinery, will
grow, grind and make and bake into
bread 5,500 bushels of wheal—enough to
bread one thousand men one year.
OjfK hundred years ago it was con
sidered a good day's work for ten men
lo produce 48,000 pins. To-day three
men with improved machinery can
make 7,500.000 pins in ten ho« ira.
Tint railroad employe« of the United
Hlales number over 700,000 persons, and
thune engaged in other induNtrie«, ul
nio«t entirely dependent on railroad»,
number about 2,000,000 more.
Tbe number of people In the United
Slate« Interested in railroad« in the
way of holding «luck«, bond« and like
securitlea, I« over one million.
Regular Correspondence.
Fai.it'a Mtokk, Febtiary. 21, 1804.—
Ml«« Kttle, Alma and fleorge Anderson
«r>enl the evening at Mr. Youitler last
Hume of the large boys have 8top)>ed
school on aecount of work.
Bohn —To Mr. and Mrs. Nlchol« a
line boy.
The literary society have concluded
to appoint editors for tliu the Trumpeter
every meeting They a|>|N>lnted M. rtle
Youstler and Alma Anderson the last
Delia Nichols started lo sclxsd Inst
The singing met at Mr. Anderson's
again last) Wednesday; lind u grand turn
out of over fifty.
Itotfular rormpcKkiM
Cai.dwki.i., February,
Bros, have moved their store I« the
room formerly occupied by Brown Bros.
There was a big snow storm here Mon
day ; many say ll reminds them of tin
Tlie members of the Christian Bn
deavor Society and tlie students of the
College sjient a very pleasant evening ul
the residence of H. K. Hurtly. on
the 14th.
—The Cullus club gave another of
their Interesting programmes Monday
evening in spite of of the Inclemency of
Die weather: the house was tilled.
Mrs. Aildie KlleuwiMsI, formerly
Boise, has been appointed librarian of
the College.
The M ,i Jutiie and Lillie Dorman
thinkVug of »(s'liiug a milliner and
d-css-making shop.
The entertainment w hli h was given ou
Ihe 12th hist, was sucewful in every
way. It was given fur Die Isuiellt of
Ihe College.
The Indies of Ihe Baptist churc will
give a supper this evening.
Lust night it was so cold the ther
mometer stood at I degrees below xero.
\\ oiu«*n mul Weafl»#r.
fit ftoino parta of Now KngbimT, and
|H*rhtxps elnewhero, when Home com
iuon ini pulse heemn to have led all the
women to go shopping or visiting, It
is customary for old people to say:
'•Well, well,
At sea. as might be expected, the
rule does not hohl. Thus an ex
change reports a nervous lady passen*
gcr as saying to a deck-hand;
"Have you ever seen any worse
weather than this, Mr. Sailor?"
•'Take a word from an old salt,
tab tun/* says the deck-hand; "the weath
er's never very bad while there's any
females on deck a-mukin* henquiries
»1 m>u t it."
guess it will rain to
On lh* Ma*la MurU
1 ion Alonao IVnaon -And your father
wft|> a wool ^ omber , Christopher?
rhrUtopher I'olumbus- Yes, ami ray
mother whs also a wixtl-ooraher, Don
l'on Alonzo Penxon — ludeedî 1 nerev
beard that.
« Ixri-.toivber t olumbus— Tes, she fro*
u f ., horB WO( .,,
A»! V'OWiae Don Alonzo did not
Inugh, a ooulneM sprang up between
then«* two distinguished inarinera.
which lasteii until a sudden lurch«»!
the caravel# threw them once m«.rc
.nto each other's arms.—Brooklyn Life.
Areo«»t*.i ~or.
• \\ by, yes. I have seen a great deal
of Torn Robinson recently. Fact is,
he'» one of the most entertaining men
I ever met. Really, 1 didn't know there
was ho much In him. He's positively
j brilliant when you get him talking.
Moat delightful companion, and ao hos
: pitaWc and—"
! Which of Robinson'» siktera
j U ** b '" CW h * ir
.. (v . the , utlp one wllh the WmU
bmI p.''—B oston Glob©.
Nf»ff Ost *»f It.
'Papa uyi she did it ont of curios
"Must be a mistake.'*
••How's that?"
- Know'd her fur forty year* on'
never bean! o' her bein' ooto*eurio»ity
• mlntr*e dnrio* the hull time.**—Hut
Firry yearn ago an expel operative
could turn out in an eastern cottcn mill
9,000 yard« of cotton sheeting: to-day
with improved machinery, a good work
man can turn out 150,000 yards.
—The mill« of Justice have boon
grinding in Kmmett pretty steady all
The first case on the docket in
Judge Phillips' court was a cane of burg
lary. About the fifteenth of the present
month a great many little depredations
were committed around the neighbor
hood and suspicion centered on Frank
Keel, r. Sutton and Hill f#owe, of Wil
low creek, who were in Kmmett about
il»* um*- mM of ibis petty thieving
was committed.
Accordingly Park
Wardwell, whow barn was looted, had
_ _
ises of the HilNpiciotied parties and found I
a search warrant isatied and a aber iffa
party went out and searched the prem
the misai ng arfltdea.
waa being made Keel and Sutton skip
ped out and the officer* were unable to
find them.
While the search
Lowe waa brought to town
ami after a two day*' examination be
fore Judge Phillip« wo« hound over lo
the grand Jury under bond« in the «um
of I2U0.
As yet he lias been unable lo
give bonds and is still in the custody of
Constable Stuart. He will have another
hearing tomorrow before Judge Fulton
on a charge of having looted the Gill
school house. Public opinion is some
what against him but the other fellows
«land a much belter chance of being In
dited by the grand jury. About the
lime Park's barn was gone through J
M. Martin missed some garden tools,
Stephen Dempsey was short u few curl
ing irons, Allen A Stanley's cabin was
broken into, u bridle tukcu from Murray's
ham and one from IVm. Parish 's. horse,
which was hitched on the street, and a
few days before these depiodntionx were
committed the residence of J. M. Big
ham was also looted und everything in
it taken except a bible, and Biglmm says
he would send that to the thieves If he
knew who they were. This pilfering
business 1« somewhat new in Kmmett
and a desperate effort will be made to
break it up in its infancy.
Caldwell to Sun Francisco and return
via Portland and steamer At?. 10. Cald
well lo Han Francisco and return via Port
land and Shasta route 2.72 IK). These
tickets are limited to continuous passage
in each direction and have a llnal limit
of III) days from date of sale. Kales via
steamer include meals and berths on
steamer, rail rates include live admis
sions lo the fair. For any further in
formation call on or write.
O. !.. Alley,
Agent, Caldwell Idaho.
Nolle© lu hereby jrlvrn that th© following fie
ser I bod *t«»ok came Into my premUcN 7 miles be
low Kmmett. Idaho, and If owner does nut come
forward, pay charge* anti take Halit stock away.
It will be Hold uceortliiiK to l.-.w a* oh trays, to
wll; ZT IG
while face und Ibrcc white loirs; brande«! on
left nhouldor but
Deeemlier 15. IHW.
One bay mar«* about 14 bauds hltfh:
l toll what it Is*, has a coll.
H. C. Hire*, nr.
Fire, Lift* and Accident
Addnss John 1*. Tatk,
Hoisc. Idaho.
For Sale.
hop mill equipments. Will l*c sold >.< p
arulcly or together. Lveryihlng Is free from on
cumbiance and can Ik* luul for a nominal price,
coimhlcrubly lew* than cost. Satisfactory rea
mm* for selling. This is a bargain.
MKT. W il . k
A dwelling house ami lot In Kmmett.
Kmmett Idaho.
Take Notice.
The public will please take notice
that anyone riding or driving over the
new bridge across the Payette river at \
Emmett, faster than a walk, will be
prosecuted to the fullest extent of the
Pof SlDS Wfltsb. Glück
Caldwell, Idaho,
(Post Offle* lluildiiig)
and dewelerg Repairing.'
(}f~All work la »ruarantcod for one year. A.
M'-ux-hcu In autb«>rix*-tl lo nvelrc wt»rk in Km
to tCHsl *h;tp*'
ojkT ENTs
I » ^errJ l J *7711 W
^ C AV t A14.1 rwut MAKKS ^
nv lojxTAllt i rxnxTi
MHKivnc« in th* p»i©nt tuunm. t
1*0 A cntAla»»»
writ« to
mum. ».
k of In
r to oU
teal .M MtaattOe bonk, »di ro».
™rU u W. u " > T' k Soon * Co. reooiTe
ul notic lb tb. SeloatlAr Ao..rlra». ana
w Ivwifk wlttoly bafnrs the pwbllc with,
pw c*mx to tb« lu ▼«« tor Thi« atkodM puper.
U«Md»MkH. 9bmm***Xf il'MtmkJWbT farlhw
t»rr«st rtrculwtDva of mur *ci«rU0c work In tb«
w • J«**- wr cop»«« p«oi f©««.
'fei aÄÄaataaffttÄ.'K
Our Great Clearing Sale
of Our Ijari« * ntl .
Complete Line of Hamens, Saddles, Bridles, Collars, Whips, Robes, Horse Blankets and Fur Goods.
lootas fltioo«, ©to, Wltli tlx© Addltlo:
. 66 els 76 Gent lemon's shoo« in ull price*, bu» ©c will
75 1 quoi«« a few leader*:. so
50 Mod s Cordovan shoos, latest style». zL
1 25 Men's calf congress.-.
I 60 Men's heavy, «olid grain. t ™
l 25 Men's calf shoes. . 1
Our complote lin» of Lilly nHAc'mrrr &
; Co'8 1 jKK Shoch at. . .
Boys and girls' school shoes are on© Une in
which we lead. S«a our shoes for 66 II oo «
lo, full ©tool*, boot, for o#
Horse collars formerly Double Uram harness reduced from
20 to 10 00 sold at M.60. #4 anti $3.50. Double team harness **
14 to 10 00 reduced lo f3.50. |5. 42.50 I «adles' saddles.
JO to 8 00 and |2. Blankets reduced Ladies'saddles.
«0 to 45 00 from #6. 45 and #4.50 to I«adles' saddles
85 to 27 50 |«.Wi. 12 75. 12 ond 11.28. Men's saddles...
25 to 17 50 Men's fur over coots at Men's saddles...
45 to 40 U) cost, from #10 to f 15
f 1 '*" * rwbbers.
mi**«h rtibbers.
Men'* lined Alaska«overshoe*.
J" 4 *!!®*! Jer,, *y Alaska»...
Gents snow excluders. «...
Feftboot. wSh overshoes! "
6 50 Gorman and lumberman's socks
40 Lined gloves and mittens. 25. 50. 66.
. 35 126 dozen
. 35 Ladies' g
. 75 lAulies heavy glove-gr
75 readies' all felt and felt
I oo Wc hove a complete line of French kid shoes
fl.25 1 5o In all styles and prices. Sec our new line
. I 00 of Juliets snd 5 button boots ....
. 2 00 Men's heavy lap soled boots.
pairs fine wool socks. 8 pair for.. »
love-grained calf shoes.
afned calf shoes
t lined shoes
♦ IVCen'© lioAiry, t #tp>
Single harness, fine trimmings, reduced from. 425 to fis oo
Mingle harness, nickel
Single harness nickel ** *
Slagle harness. X. C. " *
Double buggy harness
Double buggy harness nickel **
Doubl» buggy harness X. C. **
Double loam harness
|85 to #30 00
30 to 26 60
. 3010 » 50
20 to 16 00
1610 12 OO
40 U) 3K 50
» to 22 60
20 to 15 00
Men's saddles
Boise City IDAHO SADDLERY CO.: Caldwell.
Our stock is complete in every de
partment and is not surpassed for
quality anywhere in the state,
will pay you to trade with us and
incidentally it will benefit us. #
We keep a com
plete assortment
of Dry Goods, Gro
ceries, Clothing,
Farm Implements.
All persons knowing themselves indebt ed to the undersigned
are requested to call and settle on or before January 1st,
jus we intend to do a strictly cash or exchange business af
ter that date, believing the change will be beneficial to oui
patrons as well as ourselves, as it will enable ns to sell alf
kinds of goods at strictly bed rock prices. Let's try it for
one year and be happy.
# 0 #
Bilderback <& Cartwright,
Hardsars. Stovss Tinware.
Tin Work of
(th! Vaili/.cd I TOO FlllCS.
All Descriptions
■xsi rxiTmis or
Everythin«: at
Boise City Prices.
When you are in F.mm«*it do not fail to call on
•'Tinker. ' 11© will trr%t you white.
Monlie B. Gvinn Mercantile Company
Caldwell, Idaho. Jobbers and Dealers in General Merchandise.
mm I All AI I A ■■ I mm m
I 1 1 H If I PS flB HA A HA AI
Clearance Sale for Sent 30 DAYS.
Isidor Mayer,
Caldwell, Idaho.
--- -
Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Pro
visions, Furnishing Goods, Cigars and Tobac
co, Boots. Shoes, Clothing, Notions etc. The
patronage of the Emmett people is solicited.
Central Limber Company
Manufacturei*s of and Dealers in
Rough and Dressed
Doors, Windows, Blinds. Shingles, Fruit boxs etc.
Mills at Emmett, Idaho.
For Fine Jewelry
& W. E DOTY, S5
and Spec
east;'be i
Don't send your
will duplicate say «a» tern
Everything gvarantkzx».
Satisfaction Guaranteed_
moved to nppnHtte IMnney H .
!•! le
M»lt» st.

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